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Gold! There is Gold in Alabama.

by Thomas Green

Gold! There is Gold in Alabama

Alabama Gold was first discovered in the 1800’s and many locations that were mined then still contain Gold today.

The Alabama Counties were Gold was Discovered

  • Where to look for Gold
  • The Old Mining locations
  • Prospecting
  • Placer Gold

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How to Find Bigfoot Vol.3

by Randy Scott

Let’s be honest, whenever the subject of Bigfoot comes up, somebody always asks – what do you think Bigfoot is? How do you answer that question? What was the process used to derive your answer? If you have ever wondered about this question, or wondered how to help somebody else with this question; then this volume is for you.

Next, in order to find Bigfoot, we need to determine a location where they can indeed be found. But, how do we do that? Do we need to move to the Pacific Northwest or British Columbia, and go many miles into the deepest darkest forest where no man has gone before? No, there are more Bigfoots then many think, and in more places than many may realize. Therefore, in this volume, we will learn how to find, not just any location, but the one that is best for you.

The Wisdom of the Crowd: 65 Views of the NHS at 65

On 5 July 2013, the NHS reached รข??retirement age’. To mark 65 years of the health service, the Nuffield Trust presents this compendium of essays featuring the views of 65 key people from the health sector and elsewhere on the current state of the NHS and social care system, and its future prospects.

The Ultimate Acne Cure – A foolproof guide to getting rid of acne for good!

by Anna Everitt

The Ultimate Acne Cure – A foolproof guide to getting rid of acne for good!

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You’re about to discover how to find the cause of your acne, work out what the best treatment will be, and begin your journey to better skin!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The truth about Acne
  • How to target oily skin
  • How to target dead skin cells
  • How to target bacteria
  • How to find the best treatment for you
  • The future of your skin
  • Much, much more!

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Children’s Book About Dragons: A Kids Picture Book About Dragons with Photos and Fun Facts

by Jessica Lopez

Children’s Author, Jessica Lopez, is pleased to present her new picture book for kids. Children’s Book About Dragons is a fascinating, educational book for children which contains many colorful images and interesting facts about dragons. Kids will learn all about the specifics of these giant reptiles and what makes them so special. The information is broken up into 8 different, short sections that will encourage your child to explore, read and learn on their own. Each chapter contains its own set of facts and cool pictures.

The writing is fun and lively as well as educational. The vivid images of the dragons will draw your child into this mythical world and will keep them coming back for more.

At the end of each chapter there is another fun fact or a question posed to encourage your child to think about the information that was just presented. This invites further learning and allows your child to gain even a higher level of understanding. Children’s Book About Dragonscontains vivid images for each chapter so your child can visit up close with these giant serpents in a fun and educational format. The images are highly detailed providing you with a fantastic, educational opportunity, giving your child a clear look at some of these fascinating beasts.

This book is truly a great way for children to explore, learn and to have fun while they dive into the world of dragons. It is educational and a great way to have fun.

Managing Pneumonia-A Patient Perspective

by Dr Joseph S Maresca

Managing Pneumonia-A Patient Perspective by Dr.Joseph S Maresca is a helpful treatise on the known causes of pneumonia, the diagnosis, treatments, preventive measures, the role of the Pulmonologist, helpful vitamins like D3 and many other disease dynamics that many patients and perhaps some physicians are either not aware of or only tangentially aware of.Thousands die yearly from pneumonia.A number of these deaths can be avoided once patients become aware of how the disease develops, as well as, the classic prevention strategies.The physical therapy dynamic is discussed as an important complement to other treatments like antibiotics and rest.This book would be extremely helpful for children, the elderly and other vulnerable groups of people who have particular trouble in dealing with pneumonia.Chronic pneumonia can be a very expensive disease to treat and the outcome for patients is not always favorable.In this case, an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.

Dr.Joseph S Maresca is an Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer with over 1560 reviews and more than 11,000 votes+.

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