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12 Steps To A Lighter Pack

by Steven Lowe

Offering some realistic tips on how to lighten the load you carry into the woods.

12 Steps to a Lighter Pack is written by an avid outdoorsman, for those interested in lightweight, as well as ultralight backpacking and trying to shave some weight from their packs. Steven, who has been camping since he was a child, offers real-world tips on how to look at your gear from a different point of view from what you might be used to.

Inside, are some tips on how to pack a little bit lighter. The tips here can help you to relieve at least three pounds from your pack – and maybe more. The tips listed here are not tips he simply recommends; they are tips that he himself practices within his own pack.

While learning how to pack a lighter pack, you need to be mindful of one simple fact:
There are 16 ounces in a pound.

There are 12 steps within this book. If you can shave just four tiny little ounces in each of the 12 steps, you can shave 48 ounces from your pack. 48 ounces divided by 16 ounces in a pound is THREE POUNDS of weight that you will have shaved from your pack.

Whether you are planning a multiple day backpacking trip, or packing your day pack because you are planning on hiking for just a few hours one day, you still need to be aware of the items you are carrying as well as the weight of those items.

Since no one book can get you as light as you can, this book is to help the newbie get started down the path to a lighter pack. To get your pack to its lightest possible weight, you have to gather information from a lot of resources. 12 Steps to A Lighter Pack is just one resource that can get you started down the right path.

Steven offers tips on how to cull some weight from several areas of your pack but here are just four:

  • your pack
  • your kitchen
  • your shelter system
  • and even your pockets

Yes, Steven even looks into your pockets to help you pack light.

For a closer look at the full list of steps, scroll up and click on the cover to look inside.

Ask yourself one question: When on the trail, do you want to lug around a heavier pack, or a lighter pack? The tips listed here will help with packing a lighter pack. Even if your goal is to trek over to the ultralight backpacking, these tips may help.

Either way, your back, hips, knees and feet will thank you for buying this book.

Exploring With GPS: A Practical Field Guide for Satellite Navigation

by Bruce Grubbs

Exploring With GPS presents a practical approach to using the Global Positioning System in the outdoors using mapping GPS receivers, digital topographic maps, and satellite imagery. The book uses realistic scenarios and plenty of screen shots and photos to show you how to find your way in the backcountry quickly and easily. This book is for hunters, rescue teams, hikers, mountain bikers, anglers, geocachers, backpackers, cross-country skiers, snowshoers, boaters, and everyone who uses recreational GPS in the outdoors.

Using GPS, anyone, anywhere on Earth, can find their position within a few feet using an inexpensive hand-held GPS receiver. That simple ability has completely revolutionized every field that uses positioning, navigation, and timing information, including outdoor recreation. Not only can you find your way through the wilderness with unerring precision regardless of weather, location, or time of day, you can work with computers and the World Wide Web to plan your outdoor adventures from home. You can record our trip in the field, download it to a computer, attach labels, graphics, elevation profiles, comments and photos, and then share it with friends or publish it for all to see on the Internet. As a result there is a rapidly growing amount of free trip and backcountry information on the Web. This book shows you how to tap into this remarkable capability to make your own outdooradventures safer and more enjoyable.               Contents:IntroductionFirst Things FirstGetting BackPlan AheadOn the RoadHitting the TrailSnow BoundOn the WaterShare Your TripTreasure HuntingThe Complete NavigatorPitfallsWhat to BuyGet SetHow It WorksInto the FutureAbout the Author

Crowley’s Rival

by Alex Roddie

Long before he became the Great Beast 666, a young Aleister Crowley met his match in the mountains of Britain.

At the age of seventeen, ‘Alick’ Crowley is impatient to begin life on his own terms. He bursts with energy but his strict religious education crushes every original impulse. He would do anything to have a real adventure.

When he visits the Lake District in the summer of 1893, he attempts to climb the crags of Scawfell. He has no climbing experience and no gear, but fortunately he meets some of the extraordinary men who have made a sport out of climbing these cliffs. One of them is O.G. Jones, the self-proclaimed best climber in England … but Crowley believes that Jones is a liar after being humiliated and criticised by the more experienced man. He wants to prove that Jones is not what he claims to be, but who would believe him?

This is a short story, length approximately 10,000 words.


“… a very fine piece of writing. Your description of the climbing scenes was very vivid and, of course, well researched. I also thought that you sustained the tension very well and that the insights into Crowley’s character were particularly good.”
— John D Burns, author and performer of “Aleister Crowley: A Passion for Evil”


“A smooth read … the author’s passion for his subject matter is abundant on every page.”
— TGO Magazine official review

“Read [it] as a novel and it’s a real page turner, building up a flawed but believable hero in parallel with a villain that manages to elicit feelings of sympathy at times. Read it as a mountaineering book and you’ll start questioning your own knowledge of history. Either way you’ll be left wanting more.”
— MyOutdoors official review

“This is extraordinarily accomplished storytelling – tense, taut and deeply atmospheric… The thrill of climbing is tangible, as is the sense of human frailty. This is an adventure story, a love story, a historical fantasy – but above all, this is a book in praise of the awesomeness of Nature and the men who risked their lives to be amongst it.”
— Susan Fletcher, award-winning author of Corrag, The Silver Dark Sea, and others

“It was all enormous fun. Add to that Aleister Crowley, the north face of the Eiger, murder and mayhem; really, what’s not to love? It’s a fine winter read. I cannot recommend this book enough.”
— Mike Hogan, author of Sherlock Holmes and Young Winston and others

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