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274 printed paperback pages of action from BEGINNING TO THE VERY END!!!

Destiny Love and her son Jayonne are thrown into turmoil when a home invasion goes terribly wrong. Caught in the middle of snakes greed and decietful conspiracy, Destiny and her son are forced to go on the run from one of the most notoriously feared gangsters in Brooklyn.

It was 2:30 in the morning and she had finally pacified her two year old son Jayonne to sleep. Musiq
Soulchild’s CD was spinning on her stereo system and teach me how to love was playing at a low volume.
As Dez sat on the side of her bed finishing off the last of her blunt, she heard voices whispering outside of her
bedroom window.

She looked over at Jayonne sleeping quietly in his crib as she put out her blunt, reached over and
grabbed the AK47 propped on the wall next to her bed. She knew the day that she unwillingly inherited her
cousin Hova’s enterprise that this day would soon come. She grabbed the remote and turned up the stereo.

When she turned off the light in the bedroom she sat on the floor next to the bed facing the bedroom
door and braced the stock of the assault rifle against the wall to cushion the recoil. It had been three months
since the Feds had arrested Hova and left her holding 3 kilo’s and $47,000 in her house where he kept his
stash. Dez was well known as Hova’s favorite Cousin and felt obligated to hold him down because he’d
done so much for her and Jayonne.

Mainly moving her out of the hood

. Well now the hood had come to her safe haven and it was time to teach motherfuckers a lesson. Don’t
Fuck with Destiny! Dez figured that they’d probably got into the front door easily enough because she
always kept it unlocked when she was home. She felt that if you couldn’t feel safe at home, you couldn’t
feel safe anywhere. The two masked gunmen approaching her bedroom door were caught off guard by the
music and too stupid to realize there was something strange about the front door being unlocked.

“I didn’t hear music when we passed by the window, but I did smell weed smoke. You think she is in
there getting some dick?” questioned BG.

“I don’t know but I’d like to fuck that fine ass bitch! After we take her money, I might take that pussy
too!” said Jake.

“But what if she is in there with somebody?”

“Then we’ll just have to smoke whoever the fuck it is!”

As they made their way to the bedroom door the light in the hallway alerted Dez to exactly how close
they were to the door by the shadows of their feet. Her heart hammered in her chest as she loaded a round
into the chamber anticipating her bedroom door being kicked in. As her eyes narrowed in anger she was
thinking these bastards want to violate my home and threaten me and my baby’s life? Time for them to die!
She looked over at Jayonne sleeping in his crib and said “mommy loves you” as the bedroom door came
crashing in.

TEACH ME HOW TO LOVE show me the way to surrender my heart-Girl I’m So lost-Blared on the

The light from the hallway filled one side of the room, but Destiny was off to the side of the empty bed in
the shadows unseen. They stood with guns pointed at the empty bed confused looking like target practice
dummies. Destiny pulled the trigger and the small room turned into Vietnam.

“Brrrraat! Braat! Brrrrraat!” screamed the chopper ripping both men literally in half with two sweeps.

The shorter of the two went the quickest and was dead before he hit the ground. As he lay on the
carpeted floor his eyes were stuck open from shock beneath the black ski mask. There were large smoking

holes and splattered blood stains on the wall where BG had been standing. As Dez slowly walked forward
and stood over BG holding the assault rifle pointed at his head, she noticed his eyes were still open. She
removed the .380 from her double D honey complexion tits and put 2 slugs between his eyes.

The new face of Urban Lit- Treasure Blue National Bestselling Author

Corrupted Volume 5-8 : Huge sexy photo book

This massive collected edition of volumes 5, 6, 7 and 8 of the hit Corrupted series offer you dozens of beautiful women, all eager to strip off for you!

Striptease with Ganna #5

by Teen Berry

Skinny college teen Ganna shows of her hot legs in a series of sexy poses. She loves sexy lingerie and knows she has sexy legs and bare feet. (Contains nudity)

Mistaken Identity

by Whisper Lowe

Nurse Rhonda West hardly knows High School Science teacher Dave North when she agrees to accompany him on a weeklong backpacking trip into the rugged terrain of Ventana Wilderness in California’s Los Padres National Forest. Hoping to use the natural beauty and solitude of the backcountry to help her make decisions about career changes, Rhonda is also hoping for a bit of romance.

The trip goes terribly wrong when a raging wildfire threatens to engulf them. Fleeing for their lives, they encounter one obstacle after another. Will Rhonda and Dave survive their ordeal, and what will happen with their relationship?


by Cynthia Tyler

Trip out 60s-style as the super-tough bodyguard known as Kane, famous for his protection skills with celebrities, and beautiful lesbian addiction counselor Helen Carlson, just as famous for her drug interventions with the most challenging rock stars, plug their smartphones into a rad, red ’65 Mustang named Loretta, and attempt to rearrange history while meeting with the universe’s perverse consequences for trying. The mission: keep Brian Jones from drowning in his pool, convince Jimi Hendrix to turn his life around, keep the needle away from Janice, and don’t let Jim Morrison anywhere near a bathtub! Time is of the essence because the military are on the way to confiscate Get Back for their nefarious purposes. Is time on their side? Or is it too late, baby?

Little Music Lessons for Kids: Lesson 3: Learning the Line Notes – A Story about How Musical Notes Got their Apartments

by Tatiana Bandurina

This is the third lesson in the series of Little Music Lessons for Kids. Does your child know that, once upon a time, the musical notes were homeless? Once they read the ad placed by the lonely note “G”, and soon all the floors of the musical house were occupied. Your child will learn about how it all happened from this story.

Essential Elvis

by Peter Silverton

From That’s All Right to Way Down via Heartbreak Hotel, Jailhouse Rock, Mystery Train, Little Sister and American Trilogy among many others, Essential Elvis cuts through the myth and mess of the life and career of the 20th-century’s first and greatest rock â??n’ roll star.

Peter Silverton investigates and celebrates the stories and the people behind the greatest recordings of Elvis’ career. Part biography, part personal history and full of hip-shaking thrills, Essential Elvis will have you reaching for the music, the original sound of rock â??n’ roll.

Stuck Up A Tree (Produced Plays by Rachel Lynn Brody)

by Rachel Lynn Brody

In this hour-long children’s play, a two-headed traveler finds a baby bird who’s afraid to leave home and fly south for the winter, and tries to change its mind by telling stories.

Tales include: The Story of Lonely Goblin (A goblin finds a new friend, and forgets his true friend), Frog, Peacock & The Sniffly Witch (two friends use creative thinking to help a witch solve a problem), The Horrible Boy (a boy learns a lesson in kindness and empathy from a Valley Girl Fairy Princess) and The Tale of Heather & Thistle (everything in life, even friendship, must grow and change).

Will the baby bird be brave enough to fly south for the winter? Read STUCK UP A TREE with the child in your life to find out!


In 2005, eight drama students devised and produced STUCK UP A TREE in Edinburgh, Scotland. Aimed at children 4-7, the play is a collection of short fairytales for the stage, inspired by the cultures of Scotland, Sweden, Wales, England, Japan and America.

Now this delightful children’s play, which performed to sold-out crowds during the 2005 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, is available in Kindle Format. Read these plays about Froggy & Peacock, the Sniffley Witch, the Horrible Boy and more!

Available for production, inquire with the author at [email protected]


68 Photographs, captured on film in the streets of Shanghai during 2013 by photographer Hening Stepfield.

Ekawa I

by Martin Munoz

Many of us have had mornings, or afternoons, where we do not remember everything that happened the night prior, and maybe with a collaboration of stories from our friends, we could fill in some of the blanks: but have you ever awakened, and were not able to recall what the day should bring, at all? This is a tale of a man who starts his day thinking he has a horrid hangover; then, throughout the span of one day, wonders if his lack of memory is not from splurging, but is self-inflicted. He allows for the day to seize him as he holds on tight to the only thing that could not fail him in this life–his heart and inner strength. This day takes him down a path of unexpected events, as he “monkey-bars” through trusts crafted together in an exhilarating gambit.

Mousewings: a post-apocalyptic urban fairytale (Produced Plays by Rachel Lynn Brody)

by Rachel Lynn Brody

“If you were three mice in a cage, one of you would be the weakest mouse. When the other two mice got hungry enough they would eat the weakest mouse. Eat it until its tumors were lying exposed on its back, or till someone from the lab came in and gave it a shot. Put it out of its misery. We’d do it for a mouseâ?¦”

It’s the end of the world. A disease decimates the population. A cancer-researcher’s home is invaded by two escapees from a housing project, making their way to the coast. A giant bird-turned-man haunts her memories. Mice turn cannibal under pressure; are human beings any different?

First produced in 2007 at the Bedlam Theatre during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland.

How to Publish Your Book on Amazon

by Mark Hallaq

You can easily publish your book on the Amazon! Learn step by step how to do it.

How To Read Music – 7 Easy Steps to Read Music & 101 Musical Terms Dictionary with 4 Musical Charts (Piano & Guitar Players)

by Rosa Suen

Have you ever wanted to quickly learn how to read music? Today you will begin to read How to Read Music. This book will have you on your way to reading all types of music for guitar and piano.

Table of Contents:

Chapter I How To Read Music

Step 1. Start with Musical Staff

Step 2. Read Treble Clef Notes

Step 3. Fast Trick Method to Identify Notes

Step 4. Recognize White Keys & Black Keys

Step 5. Read Time Signature

Step 6. Read Rhythms and Note Durations

Step 7. Read the Rests

Chapter II Music Note Durations Chart

Chapter III Music Score Terms Illustrated

Chapter IV Music Note Terms

Chapter V Music Dynamics Chart

Chapter VI 101 Musical Terms


Inside the Walls of Life

by Alex Buturugeanu

Short stories. Ideas. Projects.

Mischief, Tales of a King

by Joana Acevedo Ocasio

Joana Acevedo Ocasio will transport you into her fantasy world where Kings and Queens reign. Through Amelia’s eyes you will experience innocence, betrayals and her undying love for Thomas. When trust is gone and all is uncertain. What would you do for love?

This week AKIHABARA 2013.WINTER Vol.1

Weekly ebook to introduce the sacred place of Japanese subculture, now of Akihabara town.

2013.WINTER Vol.1

ã?»Special Feature

Do you smoke? Go to [email protected]?

ã?»Gourmet in AKIHABARA

“Tera hot dog by VEGAS”

ã?»Town Sketch

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