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NAPOLEON HILL: The Rare Teachings of Napoleon Hill – Volume 1

by Patrick Doucette

***BONUS: Volume 2 Now Included!!***
To introduce this magnificent work of motivation and inspiration I would like to paraphrase a quote from Napoleon Hill himself:

“You can have confidence in your ability to use your mind and make that mind create the circumstances that you want created; and that’s the condition and the operation of the mind of any successful person. And that’s going to be the condition of your mind when you get through this information!”

This transcription has been meticulously prepared from speeches that Napoleon Hill gave to groups of students almost 100 years ago and yet the powerful and inspirational messages are as relevant today as they ever have been.
This rare reproduction will allow you to absorb the life transforming training at your own pace through the written words of Napoleon Hill as he taught them in a live personal setting with attentive students many of whom were inspired to go on and achieve great financial success. You now have the opportunity to accomplish anything with the help of this superb instruction.
This training is timeless and powerful and is a must read for anyone that wants to move forward towards success using principles that have inspired more millionaires than any other training in recorded history! Enjoy and prosper!
Topics covered in Volume 1 include:
Chapter 1 – Purpose & Plan
Chapter 2 – Programming the Subconscious
Chapter 3 – How Nature Works
Chapter 4 – Broadcasting
Chapter 5 – Benefits of Definiteness of Purpose
Chapter 6 – Prayer
Chapter 7 – Attack!
Chapter 8 – Detailed Instructions for Your Definite Major Purpose
Chapter 9 – Programming the Conscious and Subconscious
Chapter 10 – The Greatest Purpose and The Greatest Crime
Chapter 11 – Relationships
Chapter 12 – Examples From Nature

Topics covered in Volume 2 include:

Chapter 1 – The First Premise

Chapter 2 – The Second Premise

Chapter 3 – The Third Premise

Chapter 4 – The Fourth Premise

Chapter 5 – The Fifth Premise

Chapter 6 – Thinking Positive During a Great Depression

Chapter 7 – Types of Alliances

Chapter 8 – General Instructions – Qualities for Master Mind

Chapter 9 – Supporting Principles

Chapter 10 – Infinite Intelligence

Chapter 11 – Overcoming Adversity

Chapter 12 – Self-Respect

Chapter 13 – Burning Desire

Chapter 14 – Faith & How to Pray Effectively

Chapter 15 – How to Be Success Conscious

How to Twitter: Getting Started with 30 Daily Do-ables

by Stacey Myers

â??How to Twitter’ is your guide to getting started on Twitter. Follow the easy step by step Do-ables and you will be mastering Twitter in no time.

As a small business owner, author or entrepreneur, Twitter can give you just what you need to success:

– visibility
– authority
– sales.

BUT only if you know how..

â??I just finished reading your How to Twitter book. It is really easy to read and taught me so much about Twitter. Needless to say I have made numerous changes to my Twitter settings – added a private list, tweeted an image and added a widget to my blog. All things that I had no idea how to before I read your book.’ Kendall Mead

Stacey has helped over 5000 business owners achieve results on Twitter through her various courses, training and one to one coaching.

Included in this book is a link to additional templates and videos to support your learning.

How to Save More Money: 349 Tips to Help You Keep Your Hard Earned Cash

by Brian Carr

#1 Best Seller for Amazon Kindle in Budgeting
#1 Best Seller for Amazon Kindle in Money Management

Here’s what other readers are saying:

“When I bought this book I was afraid it would be the same old rehashed
money saving tips and if this were the case I was going to return it.
Thankfully, the book isn’t full of the same stuff you can find on any
money saving website. Sure, there were some common sense ones, but
there were also a lot of tips regarding things you wouldn’t normally
think of or find on sites like Wise Bread of Simple Dollar.  As
the description said, all I did was pay a penny for each tip and I’m
sure I’ll save a lot more than what I spent on this book. Highly

“I may have purchased this book because of the title and a funny cover
(we’re all guilty of that sometimes), but what I found within far
exceeded my expectations. The tips are succinct and easy to follow.
Instead of listing a bunch of chore-like tasks I’ll never get around to,
the items contained in this book are easy, simple changes, which means
I’ll be far more likely to implement them. And that’s all that matters
in the end.”

Product Description:

The reason “349 Ways to Save” looks at pretty much every conceivable way to save money (without being redundant like most money saving books) is simple:

What does it matter if you save $1,000 once or $1 one thousand times? Either way you’re saving $1,000!

In “349 Ways to Save” you’ll learn about money saving tips both big and small that won’t affect your lifestyle and, over time, will save you an incredible amount of money. By purchasing this book you can find out about:

* an unusual way you can slash your air conditioning costs by up to 20% with just a simple coat of paint

* where to look online to score tons of free items (both large items as well as samples)

* how to save tons of money while still going out to your favorite restaurants

* where to get inexpensive clothes but still look like a million bucks

* lots more – well, 345 ways more!

So, ask yourself, are you willing to pay a penny for each money saving tip listed in this book in order to potentially save many thousands of dollars over your lifetime?

How to Get Tons of Stuff for Free

by Brian Carr

Everyone loves getting stuff for free. The problem is, until now, it’s been hard to know where to look or what to do in order to take advantage of all the freebies available to you.

That’s where How to Get Tons of Stuff for Free – the latest book in the best selling How to Guide to Money series – comes in.

In How to Get Tons of Stuff for Free you will learn:

* how to use online resources to slash your monthly entertainment budget
* how to get your favorite companies to send you free samples of products you already use all the time
* how to furnish a home for completely free




– What is accounting?

– Which accounting is for you?

– Financial accounting

– Management accounting

– Financial statement: what does it include?

– Which business structure is for you?

– Government bodies, registering and filing

– Record keeping for Corporation Tax


– Use your own money

– Family and friends

– Borrow from banks by creating a credible business plan

– Outside investors to finance your business

– Possible sources of finance available to you after the start-up period


– Keeping track of business cost

– Cash Flow Forecast

– Budgeting



– Corporate Tax


– How to use ratios analysis to identify financial performance

– How to Identify and implement your Key Performance Indicator

– Balanced scorecard and its usefulness


– Obtain Employer’s Liability Insurance

– Check the Legal Status to Work

– Terms and Conditions of the Employment


– What is Virtual Bookkeeping?

– How They Work?

– Benefits of switching to virtual accountants

– Is your confidentially being compromised?

– Benefits of Having Your Cloud CFO with Virtual Bookkeeping Services

Email Marketing: 101 Great Tips and Ideas Proven to Kick-Start Your Email Marketing

by Meir Liraz

In this book you’ll discover 101 great tips and ideas proven to kick-start your Email marketing.

Special Bonus included Within This Book:

The Simple Strategy That Made Me an Internet Millionaire

There is a special breed of Online-Millionaires that are making money on the internet like crazy. You’ve probably never heard of them. They keep themselves and their activities under the radar. Why? because they follow a certain simple strategy and they don’t want you or anyone else to discover it. This strategy has created more millionaires than you could ever think possible.

How do I know? I am one of those Millionaires, and I’m going to reveal to you in this special bonus guide each and every component of this incredible strategy.

My name is Meir Liraz. You may have stumble on my name on the internet, probably in relation to my activities as a writer and publisher of business guides. This is just one side of me, the visible one. There has been another side to my online presence, a concealed one, as a leading player in the internet marketing arena.

I’ve been an active internet marketer since the first days of the Internet, back then the reigning search engines where dinosaurs bearing names like Alta-Vista, Infoseek and Lycos, while Google was just a vague idea in the minds of two brilliant Stanford students.

As I don’t believe in theories and opinions, I’ve tested dozens of ways and strategies of making money online. Some proved to be successful while others bombed (and served me well as learning experiences). I must’ve been doing something right as I’ve managed to accumulate along the way a seven figure fortune. The bottom line is that I’ve come up with a simple most effective strategy of making money online, as a matter of fact this strategy made me a millionaire – in the bonus section included within this book I’ll show you exactly how it works so that you too will be able to make tons of money online.

Why reveal my methods now? Well, I’m semi retired and I’ve made enough money so that my kids do not have to work one more day in their lives (if they so desire). I’ve had my blessings and now I want to help others succeed as well, this is my way to give back.

Now look, 99% of the folks who try to make it on the Internet follow the same rout, the same set of activities. They all move in one big herd. Listen, In the highly competitive internet business arena, when you do the same things as anyone else you don’t stand a chance to succeed – you are doomed.

In order to make money online you must go off the beaten path, you need to do something different, you need a competitive edge – and that is where the strategy presented in this section bonus comes into play. This guide will give you that “unfair advantage” to boost your sales, pile up profits and leave your competitors in the dust.

The strategy I show you in this guide is the easiest, fastest, most effective way to make money online fast. While you are reading this hundreds of people on the Internet are making money like crazy. Why not you?

It doesn’t require “brains” or education, anyone can do it! As a matter of fact I know of a high school dropout that is making tons of money with this strategy.

All you have to do is follow my easy to understand step by step instructions. Once you complete the 4 easy to grasp steps you can just sit back and see the money keeps pouring into your bank account day in, day out, for years to come.

Are you ready to make loads of money online now? just click on the “Buy” button above!

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How to Be Frugal: New Ways to View Money & 100 Tips Reduce Your Expenses

by Brian Carr

There’s no way around it – money is tight for most families in America. It seems the cost of everything continues to rise, while our income stays flat, if we’re lucky.

Because of the current economic situation – which doesn’t appear as if it will be getting any better any time soon – we have to learn how to stretch our hard-earned dollars further so we can pay for day-to-day expenses groceries, gasoline, housing, and clothes all while being able to save for future expenses like buying a home, college educations, or retirement.

Saving more money certainly is not an easy task and can be frustrating if you don’t know where to start!

By reading 100 Easy Ways to Get Out of Debt and Save More Money you’ll learn:

* Simple things you can do right now to save a ton of money without affecting your family’s life style.

* How to reduce your monthly utility and transportation bills.

* Ways you can cut your weekly grocery bill by up to 40%.

* What websites and resources to check out for free or reduced cost entertainment.

* How you can get the rest of your family to embrace a frugal lifestyle.

* Much, much more.

How To Use Facebook and Google+ For Business – A Guide For Aspiring Marketers Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

by Matthew Watson

Facebook and Google+ is an absolute must for all sizes business in this day and age.

If you’re looking to boost your online presence, reach out to more potential customers and ultimately generate more profit you need to get on it asap!

It doesn’t matter if you’re ‘business to business’ or ‘business to customer’, Facebook and Google+ are a must have tool in your social media arsenal.

Sure signing up to a social media network is easy, simple and quickâ?¦but as a business you can’t just leave it at that. A sub par social media page will only do more harm than good for your business.

Imagine a potential customer lands on your Facebook or Google+ page and sees no effort made, or you haven’t responded to an other user’s comments or messages in days (or months)â?¦they would leave the page and forget about your brand without a second thought. Right?

This is not good for your brand’s image.

Did you know that Social Media is the only form of marketing that facilitates word of mouth marketing?

Reality is, people are comfortable using social media, and research shows that consumers use social media platforms, Such as Facebook to find more information about a business such as reviews, looking up your services and in most cases to interact and ask questions.

So you need to do it right.

The “How To Use Facebook And Google+ For Business” will teach you:

– The major advantages of using Facebook and Google+ for business

– How to get started

– Tips and techniques for using both platforms for your brand

– Posting strategy

– How to grow your page organically and through paid

– How to get more clients and customers

– How to use and build custom tabs for your Facebook page

– How to grow your business in under a month using Facebook advertising

– How Facebook and Google+ will impact your SEO

– How to expand your brand

– Creative ways to use Facebook and Google+

– How to increase your Likes/following

– Mistakes to avoid

– Which brands are doing a great job

– And much more…

Ultimately your customers are on Social Media and they are active. If you want to generate organic web traffic, build your digital presence as a business and attract new customers, you’d be crazy not to be on there. Seriously.

The “How To Use Facebook and Google+ For Business” guide will show you the right way of using these platforms to maximize your business potential and be seen as an industry leader!

You deserve the best and you’ve found it! This guide is quick, practical, to the point and is written by a Social Media Director who does this on a daily basis for his clients.

Advantage: Business Competition in the New Normal

by Bill Burnett

Advantage To achieve and hold the competitive advantage today you must repeatedly solve your customers’ problems better than your competition. This requires accurately defining their problems and inventing new knowledge-based solutions that cannot be easily copied. You’ll see how to break through outdated mindsets to create a work environment that allows even seemingly “crazy” solutions to prove themselves and flourish. This approach to innovation is one that will ensure your company is prospering long after others have folded up their tents and faded away. Advantage: Business Competition in the “New Normal,” by author and thought leader Bill Burnett, is about CEOs learning to build trust and empower their workforce, and linking their employees work to their sense of self and their drive to make the world a better place. Advantage presents the formula that enables companies to dominate their industries. With a wealth of examples and real-life stories, Advantage illustrates the paradigm shift required to thrive in the “new normal.” Read this book; then, drop it into inter-office mail to your CEO or a board-of-directors member.

Work From Home At Any Age Over 18: Top Ways To Make Money On The Net, Even Without A Job

by Seth Asare

Have you ever lain awake at night and wondered how you were going to pay those unexpected bills? Have you worried whether your job was secure, or worse yet, just been laid off? Have you considered what would happen if your marriage failed or you became seriously ill without an alternate source of income? Of course you have. Everyone has.

Want to end those worries?

Inside this book, you’ll learn some of the top ways to make money on the net, while you work at or from home now.

You’ll also learn about affiliate marketing and strategies, internet marketing strategies, social media, publishing your own book, organization and time management in your new home business, and much more.

This work at home source book is also jam packed with some amazing resources you can use to improve your business dramatically, and make more money on the net when you work from home now.

If you’re looking for an easy to read work from home book that is straight forward and teaches you some of the top ways to entrepreneurship on the net, some of the top ways to make money on the net, then “Work From Home At Any Age Over 18: Top Ways To Make Money On The Net, Even Without A Job” is a book you should get right now.

The Next CEO: A Leadership Parable

by Dr. Tommy Shavers

What would you do differently if you were the one in charge? The Next CEO is a leadership parable that tells an engaging story of what can happen when different leadership styles are forced to come together for the success of one organization. This book will immerse readers into the unique challenges that leaders face when it comes to change and success. The Next CEO is a book for leaders at all levels who face daily the challenge of staying current in an ever-changing world. The Next CEO is a must read for anyone desiring to grow in their understanding of what it takes to be an effective leader of change. Once you begin reading, you won’t put it down!

How To Make $1 Million By Becoming A Fight Promoter (The Fight Promoter Series)

by Tony Shultz

Everything you need to know to become a Millionaire in the Fight Game is in this book!

From marketing, to press, to creating a championship fight atmosphere, you’ll find it here. If you’ve ever wanted to become a Millionaire Fight Promoter, this is your chance!

This book gets to the heart of marketing, branding, and positioning yourself in the fight game. From determining your “style”, to learning to let your persona shine through, everything you do in the fight game is PROMOTING.

Beyond the obvious, there are many small details that must be paid attention to. Making $1 Million in the fight game (or in ANY business) isn’t luck. It’s based on a simple plan, and executed with action that is focused on a specific set of tactics. We go over your plan, your business strategy, and how you are going to implement the core tactics necessary to become a Millionaire in the fight game.

Short, simple, and to the point. This book gives you the inside track to upping your game with immediate results.

Baby Budgeting: How to Save Money Before and After You Have a Baby

by Brian Carr

Becoming a parent is one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, however, it’s also one of the most expensive and stressful experiences, too.

Baby Budgeting: How to Save Money Before and After You Have a Baby walks through many of the expenses — many of which you didn’t even realize were coming — you can expect to incur as a parent, as well as simple ways you can save money on baby-related costs.

For example, you’ll learn:

* How to start saving on costs BEFORE the baby arrives
* How to reduce many of the most expensive baby-related costs (e.g. food, diapers, and daycare)
* How to think outside the box and figure out what hidden expenses will increase once you have a baby

ZZZZ: Quick Ways To Make Money: Eight Fast and Easy Ways To Put Cash in Your Bank Account This Week (How To Make Money 101)

by Bob Perry


If you need to make money fast, this book will put you on the right track. Discover some simple ways to make real money in the next seven days. Don’t make do without enough money..get all the cash you need now.


“Cool! Some awesome ideas in here that I intend to put into practice right away. This is the kind of stuff you can get on with easily and without any effort.”

“Overall a useful report that gives you some concise yet clearly effective information you can use to make some extra cash in a hurry.”


In this report, you will find a useful guide to easy ways of making money from home, without investing a fortune.

Copywriting Shortcut – Read Your Customer’s Mind And Write a Killer Sales Letter

by Paul Ried

The fanciest word play or catchiest heading is utterly worthless… if it doesn’t connect with your target audience.

Let me demystify the act of copywriting and give you the shortcut to entering any market and quickly being able to pump out compelling, convincing and high converting copy.

Discover how to use the Internet to quickly enter any market and easily find their emotional hot buttons, hopes, dreams, fears and frustrations.

The insights you get will literally be like “crawling inside your prospects head” and finding out exactly what makes them tick (this allows you to enter a totally new niche and instantly know it inside out like an old veteran).

Armed with this powerful knowledge just follow the step-by-step outline I give you and the copy you write will deliver exactly what the prospect wants to hear, it will sound like the conversations they have in their head every day.

The result? They won’t be able to find the “buy now” button quickly enough.

Inside Copywriting Shortcut you will discover:

– The only 4 reasons that people buy products, this peek inside human psychology will make “the angle” of your copy crystal clearâ?¦ get this right and sales are almost effortless (get it wrong and sales are like your chance of winning the lottery)

– “Ninja tactics” that allow you to literally “crawl inside the head of your prospects” and discover their true desires, dreams and emotional hot buttons. This gives you the power to communicate on a deeper level to your prospects instantly creating a bond which makes the process of selling a whole lot easier

– A case study example where I enter a market I was totally clueless about and with the tools I reveal to you was able to produce a powerful, accurate and emotional piece of copy (the funny thing is the copy almost wrote itself once I had the “covert insights” from the market)

– Let me make the sales letter process for you dead easy with my step-by-step sales letter formula you can have a sales letter up quicker and easier than you could imagine (this gives tips for the whole sales letter including headlines, bullet points, guarantees, the offer and the P.S.)

– I will give you a proven “testimonial template” that guides people in to giving you testimonials that actually make other customers want to buyâ?¦ and the 1 crucial mistake to avoid with testimonials that almost everyone makes (plus “testimonial tips” that allow you to get testimonials even if your product is brand new).

– The 2 motivating desires behind why people buy that are short cuts to buying hot buttonsâ?¦ without evening knowing it people will willing hand over money to satisfy these desires.

– The 2 “sure-fail” factors that are sometimes mistakenly used to market productsâ?¦ making the act of selling about as easy as pushing a boulder up a mountain

– The essential 4 questions that you must be able to answer if you want to successfully sell your info product to your marketâ?¦ without knowing these you are just taking a stab in the dark and guessing as to why people want to buy from you

– How can you sell to someone if you don’t even know them? I give you 2 free tools that can quickly help you know every detail about your potential customerâ?¦ this is almost like “cheating” as you learn everything you need to know about your customer

– A “free map” that helps you paint a picture of your ideal prospect enabling you to always have lazer targeted communication that speaks their language and delivers them exactly what they want. Gaining you instant rapport, trust and likeability. Remember people buy from people they know like and trustâ?¦ I will show you how to instantly have this connection with prospects in your copy.

For less than the price of a fast food meal discover the market research tricks the top internet copywriters use and be confident you can write sizzling hot copy in any niche.

If you’re sick and tired of writing copy that doesn’t hit a home run then you owe it to yourself to at least check out Co

Living Cheaply in the U.K.

by Bill Ricardi

Living Cheaply teaches you how to survive in these harsh economic times. It teaches you to find the least expensive option when presented with life’s every day puzzles. If you want to pay less in rent, if you want to spend less on food, if you want to make technology work for you to decrease your cost of living, or if you want to make your hobbies pay for themselves (or more!), then this is a book that you need to read.

My goal is to save you at least £1,000 per year. No matter what your walk of life is, £1,000 is nothing to be sniffed at. It is my hope that with very little effort, you can make small changes to your life that will add up to a massive change in your lifestyle! Often times these changes are so minor, that you forget that the change has been made. Often times, a one time effort can, over time, yield a windfall of positive cash flow!

Many people who I’ve talked to think that saving money is a stodgy, boring activity. I’ve found that in my effort to save money, I discovered a plethora of wonderful activities that I wouldn’t give up for the world! You can save money by discovering the joys of cooking, gardening, exercising your creative mind, interacting with your friends and your family, and exploring the great outdoors. This book will explain how you can find a better life even while becoming better prepared for your future.

In the end, the specific examples that the book provides can be broken down into general rules. Rules to live by. Rules that I hope will become part of your mindset whenever you consider spending your hard earned money. In this way, Living Cheaply is as much a general guide as a list of specific examples. You’ll learn to look at every day economic decisions in an entirely new way.


by Raul Alfonso Camacho Rodríguez

Serving for Success!

Service is present in many activities of our lives. The search for “Me as the Server” is a challenge which Raúl Alfonso Camacho proposes in his first book which underscores that service is a value which becomes the art for achieving personal and communal success.

With this book, you will discover:

– Knowledge about service and “Me as the Server”

– Connection with the energy of service

– The beginning of the search for “Me as the Server”

– How to identify your learning allies

– Enthusiasm to succeed

– The formula for serving, connecting, transforming, and inspiring others to succeed

About The Author

RAUL ALFONSO CAMACHO R. An international speaker born in Venezuela, his work in the area of service management began when was 19 years old with the creation of his own company. He has directed countless workshops in the areas of personal and organizational development. A graduate in the area of tourism from Simón Bolívar University and with a bachelor degree in business administration from Fermín Toro University, he further earned postgraduate degrees as a university-level teacher and MA.

Currently, he is a Certified International Coach (c2717) with the ICC (International Coaching Community) founded by Joseph O’Conner, and organizational coach certified by the UNESCO Center for Formation in Human Rights, World Citizenship.

His conference “The Art of Serving for Success”, dictated in countries such as Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Mexico, and Venezuela served as the inspiration to write this book.

How To Keep Your Best Programmers

by Erik Dietrich

This piece is not about code or programming, it is about the fine art of How To Keep Your Best Programmers. In 2012 Erik Dietrich changed jobs and after some philosophical deliberation tells us why he made a change and what developers are looking for in a work environment.

Dietrich has over ten years of experience in software architecture, design, implementation, and stabilizing/sustaining. He has a BS Degree in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University and a MS degree in the same from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Erik is founder and principal of DaedTech LLC.

ZZZZ: How To Make Money Online: 7 Ways That Work (Make Money 101)

by Bob Perry


If you are looking for proven ways to make money online, then this book is for you. Here you will find everything you need to start making cash in a hurry.


“Good book with some straightforward ideas that you can implement right away and get results. I would recommend it to anyone.”

“I found some good tips in here about getting started in running your own home-based business. The information is good and useful.”


Great tips that you can implement today to start putting some easy extra cash in your pocket. This is the fast way to make more money.

Blogging for Beginners: Complete Guide to Getting Started with Your Blog

by Susan Beth

Complete guide on how to make a profitable blog without falling into common traps for new bloggers.

This guide explains the basics, while helping you get started with the tools and tactics you need to be prepared on day one of your new blog.

Learn which type of blog you are interested in making, depending on your goals.

Figure out the difference between free blogging platforms and the ones you need hosting for. Plus the following:

  • How to setup your blog to encourage visitors to subscribe and comment
  • Ways to increase your traffic that don’t rely on search engines bringing you visitors
  • Where and how you make money on blogs
  • How to advertise and sell correctly
  • Common reasons blogs fail
  • A list of helpful plugins and tools you will need

A Detroit Rebirth

by Dr Joseph S Maresca

In better times,Detroit was a city of over 2 million with bustling industries.Examples included steel, iron, freight cars, lumber, pharmaceuticals and cigars.

It was a leading industrial center in the Midwest.From the peak,Detroit has fallen. Now, the city has filed for a Ch.9 in the U.S.Bankruptcy Court for the E.District part of Michigan.Either a full bankruptcy proceeding or extensive negotiations outside the

supervision of the Court will occur in the coming months.

This is quite a fall. Hopefully,this phenomenon will be a temporary part of the present with a brighter future yet to come.This book explains how this happens.

The United States Bankruptcy Court is a good place to examine the reasons why Detroit fell in population from a peak of 2 million people to the current population of just 700 thousand.The unions are not the principal reason for the plunge from greatness to the current position.The real reason for the financial bankruptcy is the loss of 2/3 of the Detroit population and a large accompanying revenue plunge

mapped directly to the loss of the tax base.An aggravating accompanying factor in the plunge is the existence of interest rate swaps which carry very significant

termination fees to disengage the city.

This book examines how Detroit might regain its previous great stature as a Midwest center of business and culture.The author, Dr.Joseph S Maresca is a Hall of Fame Reviewer on Amazon with over 1560 reviews and 11,000+ votes from readers.He has published other works on Amazon like Consumption,Savings and the Public Debt, Village Pillars, Frederick Douglass Speaks Across The Centuries, Managing Pneumonia and others.

How to Book of eBook Promotion

by Sol Adoni

So you wrote an eBook and it’s not selling well.

That’s why you need to read this book, How to Book of eBook Promotion. Written by one of the founders of the eBook Industry, Sol Adoni, who has been creating and selling eBooks through a massive network of websites dedicated to promoting and selling eBooks for almost 20 years..

Sol Adoni explains the various techniques a self-published author or small Publishng Company can use to PROMOTE EBOOKS and compete with the big companies.

Sol Adoni explains the almost twenty year history of eBooks and chronicles how he used search engines, social media, print, radio and videos to promote and sell eBooks.

If you have written an eBook and want to self publish it and promote it, this is a MUST READ. It also has vital information to help smaller publishers compete in today’s world of social media, kindles, nooks and google.

A short read packed by vital knowledge by a founder of the digital revolution of eBooks.

Look for Sol Adoni’s other eBooks on eBook Publishng and Marketing on Amazon.

How to Make $1000 A Week with Your eBook

by Jamie McLennan

Have you ever dreamed about a life that you choose all by yourself? I have. Most of us have. Why not stop dreaming and do something about it?

We are always stuck in the present and live our lives almost exactly the same every day. We get up, make breakfast, go to work and spend between a third and half of our days there. Often we don ́t even like what we do for a living. That is sad. And hopefully we have the time to make us a decent dinner before it ́s time for bed. The next morning it all starts again.

My opinion is that a human being should do something she likes. Why don ́t I say work instead of do? Well, what I mean is that some of us maybe don ́t want to work at all. Maybe some of us just want to do whatever we like, and maybe it ́s not called working. You might like to travel and see endless beaches with clear and still blue water, or you might want to climb the highest mountains in the world. But whatever you want to do it often seems like you don ́t make any money of it. And that ́s a shame.

One day it struck me and I said to myself:

– Now it’s enough! I don’t want to live this monotonous life where days goes by and I never have the time or money to do what I really love.

Said and done, I decided to look for other opportunities. Sadly, and it’s a fact, you need money to do what you love. We live in a commercialized world and you’ll never be able to fulfill your dreams without “the cash”. I started thinking. I started to think outside the box.

What were the possibilities for me as a ordinary human to earn fast money in a healthy way? Before, I would have said that they didn’t exist, but I decided to kill that thought and see things in a different way.

I decided that the possibilities were huge! I could achieve how much money I wanted, I just needed to know where to look.

I’ve always been interested in the world wide web and decided to give it a chance. Very soon I realized that I could achieve whatever I wanted. There are many ways but I directly got hooked on ebooks. They cost nothing to create, only time, and if you have something interesting to say, people will by them from you.

As they say, the rest is history. These days I make good money from my ebooks and never have to think about going to a boring work doing something i dislike. It also seems like my customers like my books and that makes it even better. I make honest money and I love this way of living.

You can too.

Novel Roadkill 3 – Understanding Amazon – The Furai Compilation; Packet 10.

by Richard Skeet


In the near future the survivors of DAY ONE send a message to the past to raise an ARMY.




Interviewer: “Tell me how you became Furai.”

Eric: “When Portland, Oregon was VAPORIZED: I lived in a suburb; I survived the first day, or, DAY ONE, as the Alien Grays call it.

After the round up, worldwide, all survivors of the Gray massacre, are placed in labor camps.

We, the survivors, feed THE CONVEYOR BELT.

You can place anything on THE BELT, trees, bodies, dirt, rocks, grassâ?¦

THE BELT leads to a giant furnace miles away, taking the material on THE BELT; converting it into what the Grays need:



Organic matter










Rail guns




I’ve been BRANDED on my forehead. I’m forbidden from speaking during working hours; surrounded by men, women, children.

My orders: feed THE BELT!

We: dig, chop, chainsaw, bulldoze, hoist, heave, haul, push, pull. Tons of raw material are placed on THE BELT every second. Ten hours a day we labor; 7 days a week.

When I have a question, I look up; the SCREEN tells me what to do.

When one of us passes out from exhaustion, or dies, they’re thrown on THE BELT, with the rest of the material.

In front of me LIFE: trees, grass, birds.

Behind me: THE BELT leading to the furnace; our mobile living quarters; DESOLATION.

Upon awakening, we look forward to the living horizon, ignoring the dead trenches behind us.

EARTH is being STRIP-MINED; converted into Gray raw material. Every: useful; living; or green thing, EVERYTHING that can be chopped, shoveled or ground is placed on THE BELT.

After 10 hours of labor, the doors to our living quarters open; we go inside, eat, socialize, fall asleep.

We live a SPARTAN existence.

We’re never cold or hungry.

It: never rains; is always 75 degrees and sunny. Rain and clouds are burned away, by an energy shield following our camp, along with our living quarters.

The Grays encourage BREEDING; all of the women, of child bearing age, are pregnant. Women who refuse to breed are thrown on THE BELT.

The SCREENS tell us: work! be happy; don’t ask questions; breed; we comply.

ROCK MUSIC is playing from the loudspeakers.

The Grays don’t talk to us; they communicate with one another telepathically. Our only communication with the Grays: the messages appearing on the SCREENS.

This is what has become of man: FEED THE BELT! BE HAPPY! DON’T ASK QUESTIONS! BREED! So we do.

I’m fast asleep on day 45; a man wakes me up, â??follow me if you want to LIVE.’ He jumps back through the hole in my floor; I follow. I crawl, in an underground tunnel, for 1 hour.

I march, with thousands of other branded men, women, children, briskly for 24 hours straight.

A large group gather in a huge cave, in the rain forests of Oregon, behind a waterfall; somewhere in the Columbia River Gorge.

Joe is a small man with a deep voice, a large scar across his face.

Joe: â??You are here because YOU HAVE BEEN SUMMONED. Right now you have a choice: you can go back to THE BELT, or, join the Furai.



We’ll teach you how to: FIGHT; acquire wealth; build an ARMY; organize; communicate in secret, gather intelligence; lead an army; send these evil fucking bastards back to hell!

We are NOT an army of FOLLOWERS, a hive mind of automatons.

We are a HYDRA, a multi-headed monster from greek mythology; if an attacker strikes one head, 4 heads attack the attacker.

If a head is cut off; two more grow in its place.

When GOD made man; He created a WEAPON.

This GALAXY belongs to MAN!






Organise your Email’s with GMAIL professionally


Is email killing your productivity? You’re not the only one. The biggest time management and technology problem, people facing today is How to manage their email (at Gmail Account)?

This book gives you the way using which you can take complete control over your email with anyone, anytime, anywhereâ??quickly and easily!

Spare some time to read this book and work effectively to

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And Much More…

Practical Blogging Skills

by Kazi Syras Al Mamun

This book aims to demonstrate technical skills to the new bloggers to develop a successful blog.Blogging helps you to express your passion consistently and in the long run you start making real money. The techniques and skills described here have been used by a blogger who has attracted millions of organic traffic and has set up two web-based companies in two different countries.

The skills you will learn in this book are:

1.How to plan for your blog.

2.Evergreen SEO that can stand out Google algorithm changes

3. How to engage people with your contents and become successful

in social media.

4.Blog design principles.

5.How to plan for webhosting.

6. How to customize your WordPress blog for SEO.

7. Setting Google webmaster tools to conform your

site with Google’s guidelines.

8.Making a SEO friendly Drupal site.

In simple words, this book is all about developing practical blogging skills that can help you start your own online venture including SEO service and online marketing.Besides, the skills you will learn here are saleable and in demand, which will help you find an employment in the SEO and digital marketing industry, if you are interested to do so.

Share the Wealth

by Robert Hatting

This short book describes a business bonus system used for years by a turn-around specialist. This is a non-fiction book and is not meant for entertainment but for growing or fixing existing businesses.

Facebook Advertising for Nightclubs and Bars – The Step by Step Guide on Targeting Your Social Media Audience

by Louie La Vella

This is the ultimate guide to advertising your nightclub or bar on Facebook.

A ‘no fluff / no filler’ 20 page handbook that gets right to the point and brings you through each step of creating an ad with the secret tools to fine tuning your ad target audience.

When you focus your potential audience demographic you take advantage of better click and impression prices and also make sure that you are getting through to the Facebook users that will actually come to your events!

From Promoter of the Year winner and Nightlife Consultant Louie La Vella, with just under 20 years of nightclub and bar marketing and branding experience. A digital marketing expert specifically in the Nightlife scene and also author of the upcoming book: Nightclub + Bar Promoter Manifesto.

The Perpetual Economy

by Pro-Truth League

At this time in history the world economy is in crisis, millions of jobs around the world have been lost, millions of people are suffering due to lack of essential needs such as food, clean water, healthcare and housing.

These problems in today’s economy seem insurmountable and under this present economic system they are, because there is no way to tax or cut your way out of the mountain of world debt without crippling society as we know it today, yet there is a simple solution to solve many of these problems.

There is no doubt that in the near future for the world to prosper and for Democracy to survive this simple solution will need to be implemented. The question is how long will we wait, and how many more people will have to needlessly suffer before it is implemented? The other question is will we wait to long?

What is the solution? The solution is to implement the “Perpetual Economy System”! What is it?

The Perpetual Economy System is an economic plan centered around a World Virtual Bank that lends money to democratic member countries to finance their needs such as Infrastructure Projects, Healthcare, Education and Social Security needs, and the good news is that under this system they will not have to pay the money back.

There is nothing complicated about this economic system, it is that simple and its time has come, for it is the next evolution of Democracy that must be implemented.

The world has out grown the old economic system and a new economic paradigm shift is needed.

All over the world the infrastructure of countries are in need of serious repair, people are suffering from lack of jobs, basic healthcare and many children and elderly are living in poverty; all over the world the pollution of our air, water and land is growing, and the only thing preventing these problems from beginning to be fixed is Money.

Yes Money is the problem, the lack of it!

It is not due to a lack of talented workers, architects and engineers willing and able to solve these problems, it is the lack of a little thing we call Money.

Think of all the problems we could solve in the world if we just had the Money to do so?

Well the truth is “We have all the Money we need to solve most of the world’s problems if we just have the imagination to will it into existence”.

The solution is the “Perpetual Economy System”!

7 Myths and Seven Tricks in Nine Steps:The truth & tricks about learning course product creation that THEY don’t know

by Paul Benson

NEW EDITION – Includes a BONUS chapter

The gurus are lying to you.

Myths aren’t just for the ancient Romans and Greeks. In the age of the internet, there are many myths associated with creating and selling self-help and similar learning content products. Many of these myths are repeated by major ‘gurus’ of the industry – despite the eventual destruction they can cause to your business.

Don’t let myths sink your online business

Let’s face some facts here. Running an online business is not easy. An online business startup will fail 99% of the time. Do you want to succeed? It’s hard enough to survive without people telling you to try things that won’t work. Or worse, myths that will actually cause you to fail. If your business is based on writing a book or any form of training design and presentation, you will hear these myths repeated over and over by gurus that don’t actually do the work.

Do you want to know the truth?

Revealed – the myths and the truth

In this book, you’ll discover

  • seven of the major myths that could sink your efforts at creating and selling information products such as seminars, webinars, podcasts, blogs, keynote speeches, and yes, books and eBooks on Kindle and Amazon.
  • You’ll also discover seven important tricks that you need to understand in order to succeed in creating and selling self-help products.
  • And you’ll be introduced to a system that will help you create training courses, books and other learning content products that you can sell.

Whether your business is based on selling seminars, or writing nonfiction books for Kindle and Amazon, you need the information in this book.  If you are going to be writing a book you need to read this book first.


includes a bonus chapter on the myths of eBook publishing on the Kindle and other platforms


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The Executive’s Bathroom Companion (Bathroom Companion Series)

From Thomas Patterson…

The idea for this book first struck me whilst sitting in a place one might consider quite appropriate to the topic. Of course, the idea being: to provide worthwhile reading material for those most in need of it, during those moments when they are most in need.

At first, the idea seemed strange. But after the initial wave of discomfort, I was astounded by the nuggets of information that sprung forth from the innermost of my being, dropping into the pool of knowledge and leaving ripples of enlightenment as they drifted slowly to the bottom of my consciousness.

Over a long period of struggle, I compiled a collection of tidbits that I am certain will entertain, enlighten and educate the reader. Whether it is motivation, inspiration, humor, or just idle entertainment you are seeking, you will find it in these pages.

It is my fondest hope that I am able to make the time spent reading this book well worth your while. As my dear father constantly reminded me, “The only real human waste is a waste of time.”



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