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Billionaire$ and eGenie$ Are Selling You Out

by Jack Wedam

In June 2013 many people were surprised to learn the extent of the U.S. government’s program to collect telephone numbers and other information. Yet the government’s program looks tame compared to what commercial companies are doing. And the government’s program for collecting information looks lame compared to the technology already patent protected and just waiting to be rolled out by a few innovative profiteers.

Some have cunningly moved beyond George Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four.” For example, new technologies now allow others to remotely interrogate your subconscious without you being aware.

This book contains over 1,100 end notes with information collected from Carnegie Mellon University, The Library of Congress, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press, Harvard Business School, Nature, Reuters, Scientific American, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, United Nations documents, United States Patent and Trademark Office documents, United States Securities and Exchange Commission documents, and United States Congressional records, in addition to various other legal and United States government documents.

In Billionaire$ and eGenie$ Are Selling You Out, Dr. Jack Wedam presents a thorough examination of the unfathomable extent to which the Information Technology (IT) industry has violated your privacy with intrusive tools that can scrape your deepest secrets out of your subconscious.

This is a must read for conscientious citizens seeking to hold onto whatever shred of privacy remains.

Get to the Top of Google and Boost your Search Engine Rankings: Top 10 SEO & Traffic Quick Tips

by Shuaib Masoud

A how-to-guide and tutorial, Get to the Top of Google and Boost your Search Engine Rankings:Top 10 SEO & Traffic Quick Tips is the first edition in this series of how-to-guides.

This book is for those who are ready and want to break the search engine rankings! Whether it’s your first attempt to shake up competition or you want new tips and brushing up to keep your know-how and skills in check, this book is packed with the Top 10 SEO & Traffic Quick Tips that will, with effort and persistance, propel you to Get to the Top of Google and Boost your Search Engine Rankings.

We look at the key elements that every website needs in this fast moving internet age to make sure your website or blog is doing well in search engines.

Remember, we only say Google as it is the largest and busiest search engine, but our tips and tutorial can used on all search engines.

Search Engines
Viral and ‘buzz’ communities
Products and Services

Also included: How to use Youtube and Flickr for higher search engine rankings.


To gestroud:
Thank you so much for your review!
Book has been edited now, thank you for spotting the errors.
The reason it was $2.99 is because I was new to KDP and did not know how to set a lower price! I honestly wanted a lower prcies to start off with.
I also understand that you can find these tips easily anywhere on the internet, however I wanted as quick tips guide for beginners to get up and running without running into the many scams online and feel left puzzled. This ebook gives gives them the short instructions needed to get the ball rolling for their site.

To R. M. Smith:
Thank you so much for your review!
This is not an attempt to cover SEO in four pages, as the title clearly says ‘Top 10 Quick Tips’.
Also as mentioned above, I did not want this to be $3, especially not for four pages. I have looked into this and carefully priced it now. To add, If it does work for Google’s Algorithm as you said ‘does not necessarily work for Bing’s or Yahoo’s, etc’ but it can do. For example, the keyword ‘definition mobile technology’ is number 9 on page 1 on and its positioned on the same page, page 1, and same position, at number 9 too on However on Google it is not, instead it ranks one of my other keywords on page 1, ‘definition mobile technology’, which has a general position of 2 or 3. This keyword has been on page 1 of Google since 2011.

Fifty Shades of Pessimism

by Thom Barr

Fifty Shades of Pessimism is a funny, informative and frank collection of writing from twenty-something who is at odds with the world and its lack of embrace of modern technology.

Consisting of opinion articles, technology articles, essays, anecdotes, a short story and even a poem, the book gradually builds into an interesting insight into the mind of a teenage boy progressing through school, university and into a career.


Thom Barr is a twenty-something young professional with a love of technology and pretzel M&Ms and a distain towards inefficiency and those who dislike change.

Quite the opposite, yet somehow strangely similar, to the traditional â??grumpy young man’ character, Thom embraces 21st century urban life, complete with tablets, smartphones, social networking and streaming. His annoyance comes from those who don’t believe in such, the sort of people that still buy CDs and avoid self-service checkouts due to a fear of hearing â??unexpected item in bagging area’. Over the years he his written for blogs, websites and most recently for the benefit of the BBC as well as editing the Technology section of Leeds Student Newspaper and founding and editing the website yommwire.

Thom graduated in Law from the University of Leeds in June 2012 and currently works in the head office of a large retailer. His spare time consists of freelance website and app design, pitiful attempts at exercise and the excessive consumption of books, TV, movies, games and pointless trivia, and discovering yet more things and people that annoy him.

SEO: The Ultimate Hands Free SEO Guide for 2014 & Beyond – SEO eBooks – SEO for Beginners – SEO Google, SEO Made Simple, SEO Marketing, Marketing, Online Marketing, Web Marketing, Outsourcing

by Anthony Beckham

SEO – Search Engine Optimization – Website Marketing:

Would you like to improve your Search Engine Optimization?

Are you looking for new ways to further your SEO efforts?

Are you into Web Site Design?

If so instantly discover how to effortlessly rule Google at will using the best hands off SEO system designed to save all web masters time whilst making you loads of money at the same time.

Discover and learn how to easily outsource all of your SEO tasks for pennies and dominate Google, Yahoo and all top search engines with freshly created websites sites whilst having to do hardly anything yourself.

Within (The Ultimate Hands Free SEO Guide for 2014 & beyond) you will discover: Highly rated outsourcing sources that have been tried and tested to dominate Google.

You will find there are over 20 of them divided into 5 steps.

Also discover the main mishaps that most individuals usually make when outsourcing in sites like Fiverr.

Learn the 5 different steps to follow in order to build a website site from scratch and rank on top of Google.

Discover the technique top website marketers utilize to hire top outsourcing agents from websites like fiverr to do all my on page SEO work with the best quality you can demand.

The best back links I build with fiverr outsourcers in order to bullet proof my site from Google sandbox and whatever else they introduce.

This guide is suitable for advanced and Newbie web marketers and it can be put into use strait away.

How to Automate Everything You Do on the Web

by M. Eigh

As God is my witness, I will never have to manually handle those repetitive web tasks again!

This is a DIY guidebook. To take maximum advantage of the rich information in it, it’s recommended that you not only read through carefully, but also roll up your sleeves and do the exercises. When you reach the end of these walk-through exercises, you will already know how to say goodbye to the grunt works of your everyday web routines.

How to Get Unlimited Free Traffic Everyday

by M. Eigh

As God is my witness, I will never pay a penny for traffic again!

What’s your website’s daily pageview count like? Not completely satisfied, or not satisfied at all?

You’re not alone. Millions of quality websites out there are like spinsters sitting in the corners of singles’ party, pining for some attention. On the web, attention can only come in one form – traffic. That’s why a site is rated by search engines by its daily pageview count, among many other things.

This book teaches you how to roll up your sleeves and generate unlimited FREE traffic, with the help of a great bot you can download free, while many others are still dishing out their hard-earned money to pay for traffic.

You will be excited about the prospect of an improved search engine ranking after you read my book. But what’s revealed in this little book is just the tip of the iceberg. In the battlefield of web marking with web bots, what you learn in this book is a beginner’s game. If you are serious about web marketing and you mean it when you say you want to sell your books or other products on the web, you owe it to yourself to get a copy of my other book, [[ASIN:B00GEQ6JDQ Whispers, Contagion & Espionage: Web Marketing with Bots]].

Kindle Fire HDX User Guide From Novice to Master Expert in 1 Hour (Unleash the Mastery of Kindle Fire HDX: Getting Started, Apps, User tricks, Google play and Third-party games)

by Alfred May

Kindle Fire HDX User Guide From Novice to Super Expert in 1 Hour (Unleash the mastery of Kindle Fire HDX)

Now Released! The Kindle Fire HDX User’s Manual For You

Master your Fire HDX and unleash the ultimate potentials of your device

The #1 User Manual for the kindle fire HDX guides you in your quest to master the use of the device as it gives you a detailed illustration of everything you need to know about your Kindle Fire HDX.

Editorial Review

A candid advice: If you want to be a super expert at using Kindle Fire HDX, then you must use this guide. It is the road map to Amazon Kindle Fire HDX Success!

Tom Love

Author Comment

Use this guide for your happiness; become the master of your own entertainment.

Alfred May

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