Free fiction Kindle books for 25 Dec 13

Secret Weekend With Big Brother (Secret Interludes)

by Lacy Lake

Jani has always had a crush on her handsome older step brother. She comes home one weekend from college to find Cullen staying at the parent’s place. His girlfriend dumped him–because of Jani! He wants her, all weekend! It’s just for the weekend, just a fling–or is it more?

This is a serialization –a year in the life of a college girl having secret interludes with her step-brother. Adult step-siblings

Christmas Town

by Shawn Inmon

Pete Kelly is preparing to leave everything he loves behind and move cross-country when he makes a fateful wish. Transported by one Christmas miracle, he looks desperately for another to find his way home.

Christmas Town is a 9,000 word short story that examines the redemptive powers of Christmas.

At First Sight: A Timber Wolves Companion

by Tammy Blackwell

When the Coles moved to Timber, Kentucky, and met Scout Donovan it changed the world of Shifters and Seers forever. You know Scout’s version of what happened. Now relive those first few weeks through the eyes of Liam, Alex, Talley, Charlie, and Jase in this collection of five chapter-length short stories.

Praise for the Timber Wolves Trilogy

“Really fantastic!”
-Ann Aguirre, USA Today Bestselling Author

“Great voice! I loved the spin on the shifter world!”
-Abbi Glines, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Well-written, entertaining and somewhat addictive.”
-Samantha Young, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Smart, fun and original.”
-Letters Inside Out

“Incredibly well written and addicting; action, danger and romance fill every page.”
-A Simple Love of Reading

“A little Joss Whedon mixed in with some Libba Bray.”

Finding Clarity: A Mom, A Dwarf and a Posh Private School in the People’s Republic of Berkeley

by Laura Novak

“Novak is as funny as Janet Evanovich, as clever a plotter
as Sue Grafton, and as deft in creating compelling characters as Laura

“Laura Novak may be the Erma Bombeck of mystery writers. The
pace and wit of her writing makes Finding Clarity a delight from cover to

Clari Drake was once a former hot shot TV reporter of ample
proportions who took San Francisco by storm. Now, Clari is a middle-aged,
misfit mom who tops 200 pounds and wears Birkenstocks with woolen socks in the
city everyone loves to laugh at, quirky Berkeley, California. The fur flies
when Clari takes on the ruling class at her son’s elite academy where the
beloved headmaster is let go and a loser from Las Vegas takes his place. Clari
suspects the wealthy folks running the school are up to financial malfeasance
and strange social shenanigans. So she teams up with an impossibly odd posse to
right some wrongs and reclaim her glory days with the biggest story of her
career. But in the process, Clari causes major problems for the rich power
brokers whom she loves to hate, while working in weekly visits to Weight
Watchers. Join Clari as she answers the questions: Who am I? Where do I belong?
And what’s in the new Ikea catalogue? 

“One part Carl Hiaasen, one part Lewis Grizzard, and a whole
lot of Susan Isaacs…Laura Novak hits a home run by finding clarity, and
hilarity, in Berkeley.”

Gratitude: A Thanksgiving Tale

by P. S. Power

Every year we celebrate Thanksgiving. The most boring of all the major holidays. For most it means a pleasant (or not so happy) night with the relatives. A full meal with all the trimmings, or at least an evening at a Chinese restaurant. For some though it means darker things…

Like having to leave the comforts of a very nice home in the suburbs to serve food to the homeless for an entire meal.

This is the story of one such family, and their new friends, working at a soup kitchen one Thanksgiving. It turns out to be a lot less then boring, and in the end, they’ll all understand what they have to truly be thankful for.

*Note: This story is a “quick read novella”. That means it’s about a quarter of the size of a regular novel. That means it’s the perfect story to get you into the holiday mood, and pass off to other family members!


Oh, and happy holidays, everybody.

Pink Lipstick & Pistols

by Pinky Dior

Take a ride with Milan, a gorgeous young woman with a pink pistol in her possession, and her boyfriend Stakkz, who knows what Milan is capable of. When a robbery goes wrong because of Milan, they end up fleeing the scene of a homicide. They have five bricks in their possession and a chance to sell them to the Cubans for $75,000 cash. Milan’s dreams of a nice house and better life for herself, Stakkz, and her family seem that much closer to coming true – if everything goes according to plan. But even the best-laid plans can go wrong. Does Milan have what it takes to come out on top?- Pink Lipstick & Pistols dropping 3-1-13

The PulpWork Christmas Special 2013

by Josh Reynolds

Four tales of yuletide murder and mayhem from the mighty pens of Josh Reynolds, Russ Anderson Jr, Percival Constantine, and Joel Jenkins.

The Third Death of Henry Antrim: Royal Occultist Charles St. Cyprian and his companion-in-arms, the lovely, gun-toting, and slightly bloodthirsty Ebe Gallowglass, discover murder most foul, a holy relic in the form of a Colt .45 pistol, and an evil sprung up from the wildlands of the weird west.

The Wild Hunt: When the vulpine changeling Asami encounters a restless spirit wandering the icy slopes of Kurodake, Japanese legend clashes with Norse mythology and she finds herself caught up in the midst of a mythic hunt.

Malcom Destroys Christmas: A seven-year-old boy swears vengeance upon Santa Claus and the malign menace known only as Krampus decides to enlist him in a dastardly plot against Father Christmas.

The Shadow Killers: Cold-hearted assassin Monica Killingsworth finds herself the reluctant, but extremely well paid, escort of a small child and becomes the target of merciless killers, some of which she has worked with before. But Killingsworth knows a thing or three about assassination and bullets, blood, and bombs fly on Christmas day.

The Last Generation of Chainsmokers

by Stephen Creagh Uys

The Last Generation of Chainsmokers is a dark and dazzling novel about doomed love in New York’s Lower East Side in the 1990s. When Crane King and Kimberly Anderson first meet in The Village Idiot, it is the middle of the day and both are drunk. The story of their besotted passion in a downward-spiraling world is at once tender — the exquisite pain of mad love — and menacing in its descent toward impending catastrophe.

Stephen Creagh Uys draws on shifting, often fragmentary points of view to tell the aching love story of a couple perfectly suited to each other, but not the world. They are Scott and Zelda caught in the crosshairs of a haywire romance with devastating consequences for all around them.

Uys takes no prisoners in this taut, harrowing book that moves seamlessly from Madison Avenue to the holding pens of The Tombs. Lives lived minimally loom large on every page, with brilliant, often savage wordplay, from a streetwise and savvy observer of the city that never sleeps.

The Tapestry of A. Taylor

by K. C. Mitchell

When young Brie Taylor must escape from her husband she flees to the most undesirable side of town to begin a new life in hiding but her struggle becomes exponentially more difficult than she could have ever expected.

As a single mother from a teen pregnancy, Brie is swept into a story-book marriage, only to find it is a façade for her husband’s secret life. After a fateful night of his abuse, Brie escapes with her daughter from their affluent, white neighborhood and finds herself on the opposite side of the city in a dangerous area where she is the minority. As she begins working for a local black woman, Brie learns to overcome insecurities and fears to create a new life for her family.

Brie’s life up to this point has been one of victimization. Now she must find the courage to live the life she purposely chooses despite the unexpected, colossal set-backs she faces along the way. Her struggle to succeed inspires others and exemplifies that the human spirit can triumph over incredible hardships with God’s grace, supportive friends, and a strong will.

The World’s Funniest Atheist

by Bill Dodds

Saul McNeil has made a successful career out of slamming Christianity because he’s found it to be easy, profitable . . . and a lot of fun. Then in an instantâ??and much to his horrorâ??the self-proclaimed “World’s Funniest Atheist” knows God exists. That’s when his fervent prayer becomes “leave me alone, leave me alone, leave me alone!” It seems God has other plans, including offering him a key role on a reality television show and suggesting he become the caregiver for his elderly father, someone he hasn’t spoken to in years.

I Am Become Death

by Rocco Ryg

Quarter-Finalist for the 2011 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award.

Japanese teenager Chikara Kaminari, while heartbroken by the death of her mother, inherits a strange black ring. Her mother’s will tells her to share it with her best friend, Renka, and a socialist student named Gen, so that they can save the world from political fanatics. Guided only by cryptic clues yet honor bound to obey her mother, Chikara does as she’s told. As the three develop extraordinary abilities, including emotional manipulation and control over darkness, they set out to uncover the origin of the ring and its connection to their mind-controlling school bully, Michiko.

Their destiny becomes clearer as Michiko’s power grows beyond her control, setting a classmate on a murderous rampage. As predicted, dangerous extremists appear, seeking to use the ring’s power to force their political views onto all of humanity. Chikara and her friends must put aside their partisanship and become the heroes they were destined to be.

ABNA Publishers Weekly Reviewer

This teens-acquire-superpowers thriller benefits from a couple of pluses: an exotic setting (Japan), protagonists who prove relatable despite the culture gap, and the choice of a cabal of Ayn Randian capitalist opportunists as the designated forces of evil. Dying of cancer, Chikara’s mother bequeaths her (via a video will) a mysterious ring and a mission. This feisty, modern high-school senior, a manga fan and budding martial artist, finds herself charged with no less a task than saving the world. The author is quite skillful in teasing out the backstory, which has a credible basis — a fateful mission of mercy that Chikara’s mother undertook in Africa during her own youth. Character development is strong, even if the language sometimes comes across as clunky. Chikara’s best friend, Renka, starts out submissive, in the traditional mode, but comes into her own when inspired by her love for a classmate. As each teen acquires special powers, all must wrestle with the attendant responsibility, as well as some debilitating side effects. As the book progresses, the teens continue to reason and act like kids. Working their way through their predicament, they’re impulsive, interdependent when not at odds, and persistently believable, even as the action segments spin into the fantastical. The book ends with a hint that the battle has scarcely begun. Expertly plotted and particularly fascinating is Renka’s power as an empath who can not only read others’ feelings but influence them.

This God, I (I Am Become Death)

by Rocco Ryg

Damian Chillingworth, a telekinetic Ayn Rand fanatic, has kidnapped his half-sister Michiko and plans to use her mind-controlling abilities to force his ideology on the world. Unfortunately for him, he crossed the electrokinetic Chikara Kaminari, and now it’s payback time. Joined by the empathic Renka and the dark-controlling Gen, Chikara journeys to the United States to rescue Michiko and foil Chillingworth’s diabolical plot.

Along the way, Chikara and her friends encounter a dangerous cell of homegrown terrorists called RAMPAGE (Revolutionary American Militant Patriots Against Government Enslavement). This militia of neo-nazis, white supremacists and anti-government extremists will stop at nothing to bring down the public sector, and only the three heroes can stop them before their war on the state claims innocent lives.

The world’s future hangs in the balance as Chillingworth gathers Earth’s most powerful leaders into his trap. The heroes race to stop him, but the conservative Chikara and the socialist Gen have very different definitions of the term “save the world.” The three must put aside their disagreements and work together before America’s most extreme ideologues tear the world apart.

A Tofu Festival

by Melissa Studdard

Imagine what would happen if a peace loving, highly educated, vegetarian, African American doctor came to a small, carnivorous, bigoted, homogenous Texas town and tried to establish a tofu festival in place of the annual Thanksgiving turkey shoot. This tragicomic story is a battle of wits and guns, complete with antics, high jinx, and bittersweet satire.

The Human Experiments

by Lisa Land

This Middle Grade fiction is written so that even teens and adults will enjoy the intriguing, fast-paced story. The Human Experiments is the first book of a trilogy.

The only place Charlie and his best friend, Gil, have ever known is their small, peaceful town of Paradise. They know others exist, and still, they have never wanted to leave. But one day, when they think they can become heroes by capturing a rabid cat in the nearby forest, the twelve year-old boys stumble across a hidden door that leads them to a secret military base. Suddenly, they realize that everything they have ever known is not what it seems to be.

Kemma, a twelve year-old who has been trained for military combat, captures the two boys easily. But as she listens to their story, she believes that the three of them have discovered something that they were never supposed to know about- each other. As she attempts to help the boys, she is forced to leave her home and the people she no longer trusts. In their search for the truth about their lives and families, the three begin a dangerous journey that leads them through the Nevada desert to Las Vegas, and eventually to the scientist who has been watching them.


by Guy Smith

After death, one soon discovers that every theologian was right. The afterlife offers too many inconvenient options including the chance at reincarnation, a boring existence as a ghost, the ultimate demise of oblivion or a short walk into the great unknown on the other side of The Light.

AFTERLIFE is a humorous yet tragic tale that forces everyone rethink their postmortem prejudices. If you think life is frustrating, try death.

“Afterlife delivers a story crawling with heart, humor and hope. Packed with a cast of characters who surprise with insights, integrity and insults, this book made me more curious about life’s after-party. We can all hope that Guy’s vision can light the way, because we’ll be laughing and learning on that path while we wait for our turn at care that’s critical.”
– Ron Seybold

“… imaginative, funny and smart.”
– HeidiSpringer

The Christmas Wish

by Linda Falkner

This short tells the story of a mentally retarded girl who has been placed in foster care and longs to return home to her family. Based on true events it is a heartwarming holiday story.

Out by the Trees – Short Dark Fiction

by Max Tomlinson

Short Dark Fiction…What does a child’s first memory have to do with an Indian girl whose brother has just joined a terrorist group?What does a man in a dark Midwestern house have in common with a teenager running from the Buenos Aires Police?A misplaced biker and a boy whose sister is about to die?A policewoman hanging onto her sanity and a faded British pop star?They are the people we are. They share the same hopes and fears that we do. They walk about us every day and stare back from the mirror.Welcome to OUT BY THE TREES – eleven short stories by the author of SENDERO, from one to thirty pages each, all with a dose of noir. Total word count: 18.5k – 72 printed pages.

When Dreams Come True

by Rebecca Emin

Charlie is happiest when biking with Max and Toby, or watching films with Allie. But when Charlie reaches year nine (age 13), everything begins to change.

As her friends develop new interests, Charlie’s dreams become more frequent and vivid, and a family crisis tears her away from her friends.

How will Charlie react when old family secrets are revealed? Will her life change completely when some of her dreams start to come true?

Fashionably Deceptive

by Tonia

From the outside looking in, Kayla has everything a girl could desire. She’s a semester away from graduating at the top of her class, dresses to kill, and is dating Dareon Anderson: All-American, wide receiver, destined to go pro. However, the façade quickly fades away when Dareon commits an act of unforgivable callousness. Dareon’s deception pushes Kayla into unfamiliar territory and into the arms of a man that will set off a series of unfortunate events. All is fair in love and war, and Kayla just hopes that she walks away with her sanity and her life in a world that is just so Fashionably Deceptive.

The Pirates of Lake Michigamme (The Boyhood Adventure)

by Nathanael Green

While camping on a small lake in Michigan, Jacob and his cousins play a prank to scare Jacob’s little brothers. When Jacob refuses to show remorse, his grandpa warns him that his deeds may come back to haunt him.

When Jacob finds a lost treasure map, his grandpa tells a tale of pirate children who once roamed the lake. He warns the boys that the pirates disappeared long ago while hiding their ill-gotten plunder. Jacob and his cousins set out to find the treasure and to discover the truth behind grandpa’s story.

The Fratellanza Contract

by Crozier Green

The Fratellanza Contract

A political thriller based on the true story of the 1978 conspiracy between the Vatican, The Mafia and Freemasonry.

At 26, Antonio Vizzini didn’t have troubles to seek. Since inheriting the family-run Venetian newspaper at 21, he had dealt with internecine squabbling – complicated by a doomed love affair with his first cousin – as well as the cornucopia of corruption and scandal that tainted 1970’s Italy. The Fratellanza (a seminal Mafia group), the Vatican, Freemasonry, the CIA and the Red Brigades, adorned Il Giornale di Venezia’s pages, as Antonio dispensed no-holds-barred editorial.

Antonio’s crusading journalism drove him into the arms of the Italian Secret Service – SISDE, but their protection had a price. He had to lead a dangerous double life: enmeshed in the Fratellanza whilst revealing their secrets. Inevitably, the crunch came when the Vatican/Mafia/Freemasonry scandal of 1978 was exposed. That led to the murder of Antonio’s personal friend, Pope John Paul 1st and, ultimately, of the man they called â??God’s Banker’: Roberto Calvi. Justice required more than column inches and Antonio became a key trial-witness for the State, where his testimony ripped the Fratellanza asunder.

Antonio disappears into SISDE’s witness protection program in 1986, but his new identity denies him the closure he needs to put the past behind him. The exposure of the Fratellanza Documents, Calvi’s intimate records of the Vatican conspiracy, becomes Antonio’s goal but the documents are concealed by the Fratellanza in an obscure Italian convent. Regardless of where they are hidden, violent deaths follow Calvi’s twisted legacies, and 20 years of obscurity can’t protect Antonio from the pain of each new murder.

The volatile secrets refuse to stay buried. The 2006 Roberto Calvi murder trial resurrects the scandal, but with the power to hurt the USA, whose uneasy relationship with the Fratellanza could be revealed. None of this should threaten the incognito Antonio Vizzini but fate intervenes, dragging him into a desperate and murderous chase for the errant copies of the Fratellanza Documents. He falls back on SISDE for help but, once again, there is a price. He simply has to stay out of it. This he cannot do: there is a debt to be paid; something he will not reveal.

The fight to retrieve the missing copies becomes a murderous maelstrom involving SISDE, the CIA and the Fratellanza. Antonio keeps himself at the eye of the storm and risks constant exposure by using any means to settle his personal score.
Antonio’s identity is revealed as the chase reaches its climax. He barely avoids assassination by the Fratellanza and the CIA, so he must return to the witness protection program; still without closure on his quest.

A new identity awaits Antonio, but can he go on? Almost suicidal with grief, he reads the last letter from his first and only love: Cora Vizzini, the cousin he was forcibly separated from at the age of 17. Only then do we understand the real reasons for Antonio’s tragic odyssey; only then are the incredible links in the chain of events driving this bloodthirsty vendetta finally exposed.

How My Life Became Chaos

by Victoria J. Brown

Kat is pregnant after only being with Max for 6 months. Running her own beauty salon, dealing with her depressed alcoholic father, fighting battles with Max’s mother and facing ex-girlfriends, Kat isn’t sure if having a baby is the right thing to do. Her life feels like one big mess, whatever decision she makes will change her life either way.


by Denise Kim Wy

Adam Wharton died on his birthday, and to make things worse, Kat feels partially responsible for it. But when Adam suddenly appears in the woods, she starts to wonder if she has finally lost her sanity – which she realize is a small price to pay if it meant spending more time with him. And if that’s not enough, Eric, Adam’s identical twin brother enters the picture, throwing Kat’s already dysfunctional life out of balance.

Eric has a dark secret himself and going home to a place where everybody seems to hate him doesn’t make things any easier. But Adam’s death forces him to do so, and as strange as it may sound, he feels it’s his duty to take care of Kat. That is, if she even allows him to get near her. Because for some reason unknown to Eric, Kate hates him with burning passion.

Understudy is a YA fiction novel dealing about two young people’s struggle to let go of the past and forgiving oneself. It’s a love story that transcends death as the living tries to cope with the uncertainties of life and the challenges of living it.

No Good Without You (Jason Of The Valley)

by Jason K. Melby

Friendship and love are tough bonds to break, and in this third entry in the Jason Of The Valley series, Jason and his friends test those bonds to the limit. Jason and Matt are trying to start their new lives together in a new town but things don’t go as planned when they meet the new neighbors. Mike is reeling from his recent break up and throws himself into his work, but soon he meets a younger man who energizes him; almost to death. Ken’s job future is at risk when a corporate shark is brought in to clean house, but if he can keep her busy and be her friend, he might just be saved. Ben Kollins is seeking an end to his porn career and hires Carl Bryman to help him crossover to the mainstream, but Carl may not be enough to get the job done. Cynthia and Douglas are enjoying wedded bliss, but when a certain need arises in Cynthia, they set out upon the greatest challenge of their marriage yet. This group of friends have been through a lot as the years have gone by and there’s no letting up as they continue to persevere and struggle against the challenges of life and love, both near and far.

The Hero’s Roar

by D.A. Thueson

After watching his father pay the ultimate sacrifice, Gabriel vowed to avenge his death. Gabriel trains relentlessly, learning all the necessary crafts from specialists in various countries to accomplish his father’s final objective.

Meanwhile, in a small Montana town, Aaron thought life was great; until the day his best friend died in his arms during a botched robbery. Ravaged by sorrow and vengeance, Aaron systematically tracks down those he blamed for the robbery to seek dark justice.

Once he eliminates the perpetrators of his friend’s murder, Aaron still tries to come to terms with his friend’s death. However, he learns that other friends are in mortal danger as they are being held hostage by Gabriel. Aaron rushes off to aid his friends in Memphis, Tennesse. Both Aaron and Gabriel are unaware that their lives and countless other lives will be affected by the collision of their paths and the staggering sound of the hero’s roar!

The Gunslinger’s Confession (The Gunslinger Series)

by R. K. Raker

David “Two Face” Johnstone, an outlaw gunslinger is enjoying a few shots of whiskey when a Federal Marshal enters the saloon in Silver City, New Mexico territories. It is September 1879, and the gunslinger knows there is a price on his head. He watches the Marshal carefully, considering his options. The Marshal spots the gunslinger in the shadows and approaches him with caution. They consider ending the confrontation, there and then, even before proper introductions are conducted. However, the gunslinger is in a contemplative mood and the Marshal is thirsty after many days on the trail. The gunslinger invites the Marshal to sit down and have a drink with him. Over the next couple of hours, in the corner of the hot and dusty saloon, the gunslinger tells his story.

The Boyfriend …and other tales of love and loss

by Conor Lynch

Following on from his first collection of short stories “Lonely Man”, Conor Lynch is proud to release a second collection in this highly popular genre.
“The Boyfriend….and other tales of love and loss”, examines the different types of loving relationships in today’s society. It also closes in on the heartbreak and conflict that embellishes the modern world.
In the main story of the title, The Boyfriend, we meet a stranger who arrives in a small Irish town and is instantly attracted to a local girl. However, the girl is committed to a struggling relationship and when the stranger tries to change things he is met with terrible consequences and decisions for all involved.
The Washing Machine is a humorous tale of what can go wrong when a husband and wife are not entirely honest with each other.
In Christmas with a Conscience, we have a festive tale of believing your dreams come through.
This set of stories is a charming collection re-invigorating the short story and allowing the reader the time to ponder on each tale.
The short story is alive and well!

Currently Untitled (The Darwinverse)

by Ian McLeod

Angus Anderson–an aging GenXer and narcissistic real-estate agent–wants to be important. Specifically, he wants to be an important writer, but he knows very little about it. But he’s bored with his life and wants to regain his youth and relevance by following in the footsteps of his favorite author, John M. Darwin. When his idol is ensnared into Angus’ cocktail party and turns out to be just as disagreeable in person as in prose, Angus sets out on a meandering quest for revenge.

Currently Untitled is a dry, dark, absurd comedy described as “gripping…from the very start” and “at least as good as the cola I’d have spent that pocket change on.”

Daniel’s Garden – a gay romance

by Alp Mortal

‘Daniel’s Garden’ is a short story about the love between Daniel and Sam.

Daniel, an author, employs a new gardener, Sam, a sad and lonely character who has suffered a few knocks on the journey of life. The pair hit it off almost immediately.

The discovery of Knotweed and the extra days that Daniel agrees pay for to remove the offending plant lead to an invitation for Sam to stay, to save him travelling to and fro home. There was no ulterior motive, but things move quickly nevertheless and the men start to fall in love. Their love making becomes increasingly rampant and feral.

Daniel is shining a light into all the dark and damp corners of Sam’s life and Sam is attempting to show Daniel that there are sometimes better ways to deal with your problems, especially those with your neighbours.

Though Sam always stood up to the bullies who taunted his best pal, Marshy, no one ever stood up for him; until now. An incident involving Sam’s dog, Maggie, leads Daniel to do something selfless and courageous for Sam, and it seals their union.

The sex between the two men is described reasonably graphically. There is frequent use of bad language.

No animals were harmed during the making of this feature.

Alp Mortal

Energy follows intention

Wild Violets

by Trisha Sugarek

It’s the roaring twenties in San Francisco, a decade famous for hot jazz and bath tub gin.

Violet (The Guyer Girls) has grown into a beautiful woman with children of her own. She has left her small home town in the Pacific Northwest to pursue a successful basketball career and with her earnings, she bought a bar and grill. She is a â??flapper’ in every sense of the word; working all day and playing all night. While her teenage daughter raises her seven year old son, Violet is out on the town with her latest man de’jour. Dressed in her signature red dress, she is the toast of the town and owner of a speakeasy where she hosts the cream of San Francisco’s society, city politicians, bishops, and Hollywood celebrities.

But there is an underbelly of corruption, grifters, the mob, excess, and neglect in Violet’s life. Her two children are an afterthought and she chooses her men over their well being time and time again. Their childhood needs are always trumped by her self-indulgent desires. The two children are possessions that she can put down or pick up again on a whim, showing them off to her current beau or friends and then forgotten. And when they get in her way, she gets rid of them.

The Dark Side of Love

by Sheryn Douglas

Reneejah and Kammi have been best friends since middle school. Now, as adults, after a girls night each woman has a secret too devastating to share with the other. Once their secrets are revealed will it destroy a friendship or strengthen a bond? One this is for sure…someone will die.

Moon and Muldoon

by J.D. Buchanan

Casey Moon and Max Muldoon, out of Key West, are engaged in one of the most dangerous occupations imaginable – they repossess airplanes and occasionally, if the price is right, other things.

The wheels of justice grind slow, if at all, in countries south of the border and bribery is usually what makes those wheels turn if you’re holding the paper when a clients skips town.

Moon and Muldoon are cheaper. Their price is to ride the whirlwind.

Regents of the Deep ~ Book One ~ The Beginning

by Patrick James Blair

The Great God Poseidon called his beloved Regents of the Deep to gather. As he moved amongst them, he revealed the future and told of the many tasks he would undertake. He spoke of how and why Atlantis was to be no more, and gave hint of a great journey the Regents would embark upon â?¦

It was with a sorrow laden voice that Poseidon spoke: “I am to destroy this place you have called home for all of known time; for those who dwell therein have turned against me. But be not afraid, for I, your only God, will help you find the new world that is to be your new home.”

This is an epic tale of both fact and fiction woven in a history that has its beginnings at the birth of time, a story of great love and hardship that crosses the divide and yet endures: a story that will take the reader to the depths of despair where only the very hardened will be left with dry eyes. Then, in counterpoint, the author sweeps the sadness away with a brilliant flight of fantasy as he progressively draws the reader into the realms he has created. One page at a time, the story of a history that predates the books of the Bible, the Vedas, and the Koran is rewritten in a style that is so chilling it will call into question your very deepest beliefs â?? fact or fiction?

Only you can be the judge.

Keeping Private Idaho

by Rick Just

Coyote never seems to learn. Yet, he never fails to teach, mostly through the error of his ways. He taught the Nez Perce that they came from the Heart of the Monster. Now, he is teaching modern day Idahoans, they have a monster in their heart.

This is Private Idaho, a place that exists in the minds of accidental natives and territorial pranksters who take out their resentments on tourists and real estate speculators. They are anonymous and deadly.

In this tale of the New West, where the cowboys are women and the Indians wear Rollerblades, be alert for exploding potatoes, the allure of mineshafts and the terrible finesse of chainsaws.

Surviving the Not-Dead Undead: A Zombie Survival Guide

by Brandon Lowery

SURVIVING THE NOT-DEAD UNDEAD: A Zombie Survival Guide is a humorous preparedness manual for the beginning zombie prepper. This book examines the impending zombie apocalypse, but from a scientific standpoint where zombies are infected humans and not the undead. Real zombies pose a completely different problem than those silly Hollywood zombies. Knowing how you will survive in a quarantine or how to get the hell outta town is key to saving your own badunkadunk. Be prepared now so

you can be drinking a cold beer, or a

strawberry daiquiri when all hell

breaks loose. Don’t laugh, a man with

a gun, drinking a daiquiri is a scary


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