Free historical fiction Kindle books for 25 Dec 13

The Book of Thornhold

by Julie May Ruddock

The Book of Thornhold, forged by monks, traces the history of the Thornbury family through conquest, pestilence, tragedy and war. As the mystic pages turn, the legend of the house emerges, family secrets are revealed, and skeletons are released from long-sealed closets.

Journeying through British history from the dawn of Christianity to the twenty-first century, The Book of Thornhold is the fictional account of a family, a manor house and the survival of a precious historical treasure.

The Book of Thornhold is Julie May Ruddock’s second novel. Her first, A Daughter of Warwick tells the story of Anne Neville, Richard III’s queen, is also available on Kindle.

Warrior of the Dusk

by Tom Nelson

Warrior of the Dusk is a sweeping medieval adventure from Tom Nelson, author of The Paladin of Callendro.

Andre arrives at Oberlon to discover that his betrothed, Juliette, and her family have been taken prisoner by the conqueror Ullerick, who is transporting them to his mountain kingdom. Andre and a small group of knights take off in pursuit of Ullerick’s army, hoping to offer terms to the warrior king that will secure the families’ release. Along the way Andre and his men encounter an old knight named Alfred, travelling alone. Alfred knows the territory well and Andre enlists his help in tracking Ullerick’s hoard. To pass the the time during their journey, Alfred tells stories of his long and colorful life. From his early days with the raiders of the North Sea, to crusades in the holy land, the old knight weaves a tale of adventure, romance, brutality, and heroism through the middle ages.

From All Sides

by Chris Webster

A short story about a man in a war, told from different perspectives, through different eyes, thru different tones, and with different mediums. A life through snapshots, a story captured from many sides.

Benson Aramace is a soldier who is honorable, optimistic, and a man with a goal: to get home to his wife Rita.

This war is taking it’s toll on Benson. This conflict will push him to the limit, and this story is a glimpse of how this tour affects him, his wife, and others around him. From his perspective, the perspective of the other side, and beyond. What makes Benson a human? What makes him different? What makes him the same? What is he willing to give, to sacrifice to see his wife safe and happy?

An exercise in multi-faceted story telling, this short narrative should surprise, entertain, and hopefully be enjoyed.

The Ultimate Heresy

by Pat Smith

“What’s inside?” I touched the box with a single finger, tentatively as if it might bite.

“I can’t tell you. I’m forbidden. However, its importance to humanity is beyond words. It was smuggled to us from Béziers before the town fell to our enemies â?? we were charged with protecting it. Few are aware it exists though there are rumours. Even many Cathars would see it as heretical and cast it into the fires of Hell.

Those of our Catholic enemies who know of this call it The Ultimate Heresy and maintain if the secret was revealed Christianity would fall into dust. Yet we call it â?¦ God’s most precious gift. The salvation of mankind.”

My uncle whispered the words and looked lovingly at the box, caressing it again. “One small package. From Satan? Or God? Who knows?”

It’s France 1244. Montségur, stronghold of heretic Cathars, has been betrayed. Anton, desperate for glory, escapes the doomed Citadel smuggling a package.

Inside the small leather box lies a secret that many will torture or kill to possess.

Joined by Anna Marie, Anton sneaks away. Vulnerable and scared, they flee across a France tormented by fear, violence and the Inquisition. The shadow of a ruthless figure lies heavy around them, a man who would do anything to possess their secret.

Who can they trust? And how far can they trust each other?

This enthralling page-turner pulls readers into the dark world of medieval religion and hypocrisy where innocence is no protection and death lurks round every corner.

…Pain flickered in and out of my mind as the mob humiliated me. But death mattered less than a piece of dandelion fluff floating in the wind and I reached out bleeding, bruised arms to welcome it…

Swiftly He Rode, a Revolutionary War Thriller (Short Story)

by Nolan Yard

Previously published in a university journal: The American Revolution, a time of action and sacrifice. In the midst of war, masked men kidnap the cousin of Dalton, a stalwart agent working for General Washington. The rogues demand that Dalton’s uncle, a delegate of the Continental Congress, turn himself over to the Crown in exchange for his daughter’s release. Dalton has other plans to save his beloved kin.

Comes the Devil to Crooked Creek

by Val Edward Simone

In 1875, the Devil paid a visit to the town of Crooked Creek, Colorado.
The townsfolk didn’t think much of his visit then.
Now, ten years later, he’s back.
And he’s got one Hell of an agenda.

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