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There’s No Such Thing As Monsters (A Gorgeous Illustrated Children’s Picture Book)

by Michael Yu

Our little sleepy head sees monsters everywhere in his house. He sees them under his bed, in the closet, and under the house. His mother tries to reassure him that there is no such thing as monsters and it’s all in his imagination, but then…OH! What rotten luck!!! Well, you’ll just have to read the book to find out what happens.

The gorgeous illustrations will captivate your child’s imagination and bring them back to read it over again and again.

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School Is A Nightmare #1 First Week, Worst Week

by Raymond Bean

Justin’s last few days of summer are quickly vanishing. His mom is in full blown back to school mode, and he can’t do anything to stop it. Over the final forty eight hours of summer he’s been dragged shopping for shoes, clothes, and worst all, school supplies.

Oh, and he has the meanest teacher in the whole school, Mrs. Cliff. She’s been around so long she taught his dad when he was a kid. The thought of spending a whole school year in her class makes him want to hop the first bus to Canada. Unfortunately, he can’t afford a bus ticket to Canada, so he’ll just have to suck it up.

Grandma’s Secret

by Parrish Worrell

Fourteen-year old Madeline, whose family has recently been stationed in Germany, sets out to find out a family secret that no one wants to talk about, one that involves an unusual symbol and a photo of a mysterious young manâ?¦the same photo that brings her grandma to tears. Accompanied by her friend Molly, the girls use the Internet, journals, and clues found along the way to solve Grandma’s secret. Madeline realizes that she might not like the answer she finds, but is determined to discover the identity of the man and his connection to Grandma. As their adventure unfolds, Madeline learns the history of her grandmother’s village, the horrible consequences of the Holocaust, and how World War II changed her family forever.

This edition replaces early edition.

Lindy On the Oregon Trail (The Oregon Series)

by Jacqueline Kimball

Spring 1847. Jeff and Sarah Sanders have left their comfortable home in Missouri. The Sanders family and five other families in the community are headed west on the Oregon Trail. Whether it’s crossing deep rivers, enduring tornadoes, or facing grave illness , the families find remarkable strength and courage to press on. You’ll get to know them all,but especially thirteen year old Lindy Sanders who learns some hard lessons on the journey.When all is said and done,it’s family that really matters.

If you like books like Little House On the Prairie, Anne of Greene Gables, and similar series, you’ll probably like LINDY ON THE OREGON TRAIL, book one in the Oregon series.AGES 11 and  UP.

Children’s book: Don’t Let Rocky Get Away! (How to Parent Library Collection)

by Yuval Harpaz

What would you do if you were completely covered by a rolling pile of mess and toys?

Join Tommy on his adventurous and fun journey through the lost toys world.

Discover what it takes to catch Rocky, the naughty runaway spider monkey,

which holds the secret path back home.

By reading this book you can let your kids realize the benefits of keeping their room

organized and tidy
. The story can help overcome the common struggle between

parents and children about organizing the child’s room.

This children’s book is a great introduction to “chapter books” for children at the age of 6-8.

With 23K words and 18 charming illustrations, the story encourages children to

improve reading proficiency.

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  • An Audio Book – 12:34 minutes narration of the story (MP3 format)
  • A Parent’s Guide – 8 indispensable tips on organizing messy children’s rooms (PDF format)
  • A Coloring Booklet – 17 illustrations for fun and creative times (PDF format)

Grab your copy today and enjoy the reading!

Sandra Claus… : A South Pole Santa Adventure

by JingleBelle Jackson

After 17-year-old Cassandra Penelope Clausmonetsiamlydelaterraâ?¦ pulled off the win of the century by landing the new position of South Pole Santa, she thought her life would launch into constant good times. After all, being Santa Claus is just about the best job ever. Sandra doesn’t get much time to celebrate though before people everywhere – adults and children â?? start objecting to her selection. The Protest has been launched across the globe and if she can’t change their minds – and fast – her new position may be gone as quickly as it came! Not-to-mention, she has to learn all there is to know about being Santa, get the new village underway at the South Pole, decide on her transportation, help Santa prepare for Christmas, tour the world, organize elves – her to-do list is longer than her last name! On top of everything else, there’s dark magic lurking about just waiting for her to turn eighteen, worrying everyone who loves her. Like JingleBelle Jackson’s first book in the South Pole Santa series, The Search for South Pole Santa, this is a book full of magic and mayhem. You’ll find old and new friends, surprises, romance, small and large adventures and one really big dragon. Christmas lovers of all ages will enjoy this fun-filled romp that travels from pole-to-pole and all around the world. It’s a tale filled with twists and turns that capture our traditional Christmas stories and gives them a new sense of wonder.

The Moon Coin (The Moon Realm Series, Book One)

by Richard Due

The Moon Coin is a fine and adventurous read for young adults, highly recommended.”–Midwest Book Review

“A great middle grade fantasy.” –ForeWord Reviews

The Moon Coin is middle-grade fantasy at its best! When I was a kid, I would have annihilated this book, slept with it under my pillow, and carried it with me at school.” –Sizzling Reads

Gold Medal winner of the Moonbeam Children’s Book Award.

“For a feel of the beginning of The Moon Coin, picture what might come into being if you took C.S. Lewis and Dr. Seuss and locked them in a room until they wrote a book together. Got that? And then Dr. Seuss gets kicked out and the whole thing takes a rather J.R.R. Tolkien turn.”–V.K. Finnish, author of The Society’s Traitor, The Discoveries of Arthur Grey

“For anyone who hasn’t read The Moon Coin or The Dragondain, they are children’s classics in the making, beautifully written, fabulous imagery with a breakneck plot and intrigue. This series is a favourite in our house and we cannot wait for the next instalment.” –Christine Stanley

“So begins a beautifully descriptive, cleverly written, intricate story, full of adventure and captivating characters, who draw you into their very lives and worlds. The wider adult reading population will no doubt be entranced by the skill of the author, Richard Due. I just cannot believe that this maturity and skill with the written word comes from a debut author.” –Fiction Books

“Mr. Due’s world building is phenomenal. The idea of the Moon Realm, a place where nine moons orbit each other (though the natives of each moon insist that their world is a planet and the other moons orbit around it) and get close enough to touch, was completely original.” –Howling TurtleBook


Inquisitive 13-year-old Lily Winter finds herself in the Moon Realm, the setting of her uncle’s long-ago bedtime tales. Separated from her brother Jasper, armed with only her wits and the Moon Coin, Lily must find her way through worlds much darker than any tales Uncle Ebb ever told. Illus by Carolyn Arcabascio.

Children’s books: Mischief Grandpa (Early readers age 4-8)

by Achiya Zallayet

Let’s have fun!  Be ready to the most hilarious, funniest and moving book you will ever read.Mischief Grandpa is a story about wonderful and unique Grandfather.
Grandpa that could be yours and can be mine.
Fun story for the whole family, funny and a bit sentimental.
An adventure for every child and parents.
Book that as a parent you enjoy reading it and as a child would be happy to hear.

Wonderful gift for children (parents) or grandchildren!

The Book of Faeyore (Bitter Frost #0.5: Frost Series)

by Kailin Gow


“Loved this book and am so excited to see what happens in the next one. I have a feeling that Mrs. Gow will be the next it author.” – Amanda Drost, Broken Arrow

“This is my first novel by Kailin Gow and I promise it won’t be the last! She has a wonderful way of capturing the reader from the start and easily transports them to an interesting and fascinating world of Feyland where fairies, pixies and werewolves exist – a beautiful place where magic is normal and necessary, and a place where humans normally cannot survive.” – Theresa, Just One More Paragraph

“OMG…this series just keeps getting better! I absolutely love this series. I love reading Kailin’s books.” – Jamie Johnson, Fantasy Book Chick blog

“I love Kailin Gows books and Frost Kisses is no exception. She is an amazing author who can weave her magic so throughly that you feel as if you are there.” – Jessica Bolton, Book Rock Goddess

“I have to give the author credit – Love Triangle – very different. What I mean by that – not typical. The author makes it where it will just shock the sh*t out of you. I can’t really explain it with out giving it away. The only hint I can give is that it doesn’t go down the way traditional love triangles go. I think the author was very bold and for that, she made me a fan.” – Sunny

“This needs to be a TV or movie series. I love books and this one effected me so much! The story makes you feel like your in the series. I would watch this any day!” – Christina Rossner

DESCRIPTION Exclusive – The Book of Faeyore (Frost #0.5). Meet Breena Malloy from the Frost Series at age 12 and her unexpected and brief brush with the fey before her adventures began in Bitter Frost.

This is the prequel novella before Bitter Frost, and takes place five years before Bitter Frost.


All her life, Breena had always dreamed about fairies as though she lived among them…beautiful fairies living among mortals and living in Feyland. In her dreams, he was always there the breathtakingly handsome but dangerous Winter Prince, Kian, who is her intended. When Breena turns sixteen, she begins seeing fairies and other creatures mortals don t see. Her best friend Logan, suddenly acts very protective. Then she sees Kian, who seems intent on finding her and carrying her off to Feyland. That’s fine and all, but for the fact that humans rarely survive a trip to Feyland, a kiss from a fairy generally means death to the human unless that human has fairy blood in them or is very strong, and although Kian seemed to be her intended, he seems to hate her and wants her dead.

This edgy tale about beautiful and dangerous fairies, based on Dutch lore, will leave you breathless…

*** Bitter Frost Series ***

(Epic Fantasy about the Battle to Unite All of the Fey)

Bitter Frost

Forever Frost

Silver Frost

Frost Kisses

Midnight Frost

Frost Fire

Spring Frost

Enchanted Frost

*** The Wolf Fey Series ***

(About the Rise of Logan, the Wolf Prince)

The Wolf Fey

The Red Wolf

Wolf Magic

*** The Fairy Rose Chronicles ***

(About Feyland, 5 years before the events in Bitter Frost)

The Fairy Rose

The Fairy Fair

Fairies vs. Pixies

*** Beyond Crystal River ***

(When the Magic of Feyland converges Beyond the Crystal River)

Coming Spring 2014

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If I had a Little Boat

by Calee M. Lee

If you had a little red boat, what would you do with it?

Where would it go?

Who would it meet?

Great for bedtime or beginning readers, this rhyming picture book features mesmerizing images and simple, rhythmic text.

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Ray the T/A ( Trans Am )

by Bruce Maglio

Ray The T/A

A Story of Loyalty, Frienship and Commitment.

Ray an old and once popular brand of car (Trans Am) abandoned in a field left to rot. Ray the car with its human emotion is sad, alone and forgotten. Memories and dreams of better days fill its heart fear of oblivion fills its mind. Ray is located by chance, experiences the joy of reunion with its former owner. Both owner and car are charged with hope of reclaiming health and driving adventures.

” This is a Great story for Children. ” MA

The Fall of Larkesong: Thrice Born Chronicles

by Summer Hanford

From the world of Summer Hanford, author of Hawks of Sorga and Gift of the Aluien, comes a short story of momentous times. Join the legendary bard Larkesong for the tragic finale to his life as a mortal, and glimpse the mighty Sir Cadwel in his youth, in this dramatic tale of music, romance, heartbreak and war.

My Great-grandfather Turns 12 Today

by Bill Dodds

Michael Farrell thought he was going to a birthday party . . . not back in time eighty-eight years. Michael has always had to share his birthday with his great-grandfather. Michael was born in 1974. His great-grandfather in 1886. Now, on the day Michael turns twelve and his great-grandfather turns one hundred, Michael finds himself on the family farm in the year 1898 and, he discovers, he and his great-grandfather are both twelve! As Michael learns more about this strange new â?? old! â?? world, he discovers he’s going to play an important role in saving the family from a disaster. It’s all up to him.

Night Night

by C. S. Munson

An action filled bedtime story, set in rhythm, rhyme and song, that will captivate readers of all ages. It lovingly depicts the special relationship between a little boy, named Nicholas (Nick) and his mother, as he pursues his goal of reading his favorite bedtime story, while slyly dodging his nighttime tasks.

Chuck and the Ice-cream Truck

by Shai Netta

All the children in town know Chuck and his ice cream truck.

One day, Chuck’s truck won’t start.

How will he get to the kids who are waiting?

How will the children get their favorite flavors today?

Unique illustrations accompany this fun, rhyming children book which teaches a special lesson in creative thinking – thinking outside of the box.

â?¦Because sometimes there is more than one way to solve a problem!

“Creative thinking skills are essential for children development. It can help children improve their learning and problem solving abilities and also increase levels of self-esteem.

This Its simple story is wonderful for parents who wish to help their children develop problem solving and creative thinking skills.”

Eithan Schwartz, Creative Thinking Coach

The Hunt for the Well Hidden Treasure (K.I.D.S. Adventure Series)

by Timothy Taylor

In 1820 a notorious Spanish pirate was caught in a fierce battle along the California coastline, narrowly escaping into the foothills with a priceless treasure. Now, almost 200 years later, the legendary pirate’s skeletal remains are discovered in the quiet coastal town of Knightsbridge, California, along with a tantalizing clue to the treasure’s whereabouts. As news of the discovery spreads, the town is swamped with thousands of amateur treasure seekers as well as Treasure Finders Incorporated, a powerful organization with an impressive track record of discoveries.

When classmates Will, Mikey, Susan, and Evelyn learn of the discovery, they are unable to resist the urge to join in the hunt. With Will’s knowledge of the outdoors, Mikey’s electronics expertise, Susan’s computer wizardry, and Evelyn’s photography skills, they are certain they can unravel the pirate’s secret. Facing long odds, the seventh-graders embark on an adventure of a lifetime, discovering that the mystery deepens as they desperately hunt for clues, decipher historical landmarks, and match wits with their ruthless competitors.

The Shadow of Atlantis (Shadows from the Past)

by Wendy Leighton-Porter

Ten-year-old twins Joe and Jemima Lancelot have no idea why their parents have disappeared, but a mysterious old book which had belonged to their father holds the answerâ?¦ and so begins an unusual quest to discover the truth.

Together with Max, their remarkable Tonkinese cat, and Charlie from next door, the children embark on an epic adventure, travelling back in time to the lost city of Atlantis. Once there, however, they soon run into problems.

Can they save the people of Atlantis from the disaster which is about to destroy their land forever?

And will they find their way back to the safety of their own time before it’s too late?

Chris’ Mess

by Lily Flowers

Chris was a good boy. Chris had only one big problem. He was very messy.

He was so messy that the day before Christmas he could not find the presents he bought.

“Oh, dear! Where did my presents for Mom, Dad and Annie go?” Chris asked, worried.

Read the book and find out what happens at the end…

Jack MacFadden and the Faerie Realm

by D.M. Andrews

Since he was a young boy, Jack MacFadden’s imaginary friend, Puck, has always been around, but now Jack’s thirteen, and Puck’s still shown no sign of leaving.
And, if that wasn’t enough, Jack’s also been targeted for assassination by a faerie death squad…

Audience/Genre: Middle-grade-through-early-young-adult contemporary fantasy
Word count: 25,000 words (novella)

Tags: books about england, books about fairies, books about fae, fablehaven, artemis fowl, fantasy, middle grade, children’s books, somerset, west country, oberon, titania, midsummer nights dream, changeling, switched, faerie, fairy, celtic folklore, british folklore, brownies, catherine cooper, the golden acorn, dm andrews

Once Upon a Haunted Moon (The Keeper Saga)

by K.R. Thompson

Magic, legend and ghosts link the past to the present in this second installment of the Keeper Saga.

The year is 1765, when eight-year old Eleanor Brown begins the fatal journey that leaves her orphaned. Befriended by a wolf and adopted by an Indian tribe, Ella soon learns to believe in the magic around her. Though she grows up to find a love that will endure all time, she must also find the courage within herself to live without it as she prepares her people for the return of the Fire Witch.

When history falls into legends nearly forgotten, the Keepers must search for the truth and find the answers before the same evil that nearly destroyed their people comes back for her revenge.

Will the power of The Wolf be enough to save them, or will the fate of their ancestors be their own destiny?

Secret Agent Josephine in Paris

by Brenda Ponnay

There’s a new super spy in town!

Secret Agent Josephine may not look like a super mom, but when she goes to work, bad guys better watch out for her crafty tricks.

In this Secret Agent Josephine adventure, our heroine travels to Paris to scope out some new craft supplies and stop an infamous art thief. Donning disguising and stocking up on the tools of her trade, Secret Agent Josephine tracks the thief through the streets of Paris. But when she’s spotted, will her crafting skills be able to get her out of a jam?

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Adventures of Ulvik the Troll: Complete

by Bark Mason

This book contains all eight of Ulvik’s adventures.

Ulvik is wise according to the low standards of his kind. In fact, he is the only troll that knows which colour of cow is best for chopping into sausages or why a Saxon is tastier than a Celt when stewed with dumplings.

In his adventures, which are set in tenth century England, he meets a variety of characters including a couple of Saxons who want to roast him for dinner, a scary Viking chieftain who wants to punish him for burgling the local mill and a neurotic shepherd, anxious to understand his sheep.

The book also includes an account of the epic Battle at Rock Hill and his subsequent meeting with Erik Bloodaxe, the very pompous king of the Vikings.

Drawing upon his reserves of ignorance, greed and sheer blind luck, Ulvik manages to win through against the odds and each adventure provides the troll with a little more misguided wisdom to impart to his neighbours.

This book contains the following tales:

1 Searching for Saxons

2 The Sign

3 Stocks and Sheep Sandwiches

4 The Battle at Rock Hill

5 An Honour too Far

6 Ogglthorpe Fair

7 The Mystery of the Missing Danegeld

8 At the End of the Day

Appendices, which includes the story of The Three Gruff Billy Goats


The book is about 32,000 words long, contains eight tales, a handful of pictures and even has a map!

It is suitable for children, teenagers and adults.

These tales have previously been published as three separate books: Adventures of Ulvik the Troll: Book One, Book Two and Book Three

Warning! This book contains a small number of hairy people, which some readers may find offensive.

Reviews from Authonomy

An extremely clever story here. I love Ulvik and his way of thinking. Fantastic characters here and I think one of the best things I’ve read for this target audience!


Ulvik the Troll is a delightful meandering story that its young readers will find engrossing and enchanting. It is also a veritable encyclopaedia on troll lore and contains the answers to all the questions you had about trolls but were afraid to ask. Just go away and reflect on the subject of Lake Trolls.

Robert Davidson.

I always felt sorry for the trolls in Tolkien but these ones are funny and entertaining. Didn’t spot any glaring typos etc. Will read some to the grandkids at the weekend.

Jim Darcy

This is both a funny and charming collection of short stories. I’m not from the UK so don’t know a lot about the history of trolls so I learned a lot as I read this along with just enjoying the read. I think these are stories children will enjoy reading and (a big plus) parents will enjoy reading to children. Burgio

Very entertaining stories. My ten year old daughter loved me reading them to her. Well written in a voice that children will love to hear.

Best, Robert

“That is strange, because I think I like eating them with sausages.” This book is very, very funny.


Learn about Animals A to Z (Children’s Books Collection)

by Yael Aharoni

In â??Learn about Animals A to Z’, children can discover an amazing alphabet of animals, from ants to zebras!

With twenty-six spectacular cartoon letters and real photos of the animals, children will delight in the visual aids in this book.

Each letter symbolizes the beginning of the name of the animal to help your child learn their alphabet as well as animals from a to z. Each animal is represented with a short explanation of the special features of the animal itself as well as a photo of the animal as it appears in nature.

Off Kilter

by Joanne Dekker

There’s something wrong at the Glenwood County Animal Shelter and fourteen-year old Nell Lyons is determined to find out what it is. Ordered by the court to perform community service for something she didn’t even do, Nell spends her time at the animal shelter filing papers and cleaning bird cages. In the meantime, she’s missing her riding lessons at Wishing Well Farm and she’s lost her babysitting jobs. All because she and her friends were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Things change when Nell uncovers a plot to steal dogs from the shelter – and with the arrival of a neglected horse.

A Cat Named Angel

by Moe Zilla

Meet Angel, a loving cat who nestles against your tummy – when she’s not curling up on your bookshelf or stealing your chair! This fun “picture scrapbook” collects sweet photos of the colorful cat, sharing glimpses into her life and all the fun and funny moments that are part of life with a pet. Whether she’s tucking in her paws or just snuggling up to the edge of your laptop computer, this short ebook captures all the warmth and magic that happen when you open up your heart to a cat. Especially a cat named Angel.

The Hidden Fortune

by Bill Dodds

Everything is going just fine in Jeannette’s lifeâ??except for having to put up with her little brother, Pat. (What a pest!) But then Mom’s weird Uncle Jackie shows up, and not just for dinner but to stay. That’s where the mystery begins. It’s one she and her best friend Regina are sure they can solve.
Uncle Jackie dresses like a bum but could he really have a hidden fortune? And if they find out that he does, he’ll be willing to share it with them, won’t he?

Alfie the Baby Elephant (Children’s Books Collection)

by Yael Aharoni

In “Alfie the baby elephant”, children follow a baby elephant’s story in his search to find friends to play with.

As the baby elephant walks through the forest looking for animals to be his friend, he comes across a variety of species, from a panda to a snake, and a giraffe to a frog, all beautifully illustrated on each page of the story.

Will the baby elephant find a friend in the forest to play with? Follow the baby elephant’s journey in his pursuit of friendship.

Captive at Kangaroo Springs (Adventures Down Under #2)

by Robert Elmer

Book 2 in a series of 8

Time is running out for the McWaidsâ?¦

Patrick McWaid and his family have safely reached Echuca, Victoria, where they hope to find his missing father, who was sent to Australia on a prison ship. But there’s a reward out for the capture of escaped prisoner John McWaid. And some of the worried townspeople are forming a search partyâ??with dogs!

When Conrad Burke, Mr. McWaid’s old enemy, shows up, Patrick knows his father is in even greater danger. Hoping to hide from unfriendly eyes, Mrs. McWaid quickly accepts an offer to let the family use a shanty outside town until things quiet down. But they’ve barely settled in before a gang of bushrangers, or outlaws, takes them hostage. Can Patrick find a way to rescue his family?

The Stone That Grew

by Enid Richemont

Is it magic? Is it an alien? Katie’s got a stone that grows!

It’s one of a pair of stones in an old box in the loft, and, digging in the garden, Katie’s found a key that will open it. She was hoping for treasure – money or jewels – but soon the stones become precious to Katie, and she’s not going to share them, like she has to share her mum with her little step-brother, Jake. They might even be a way of getting in with Sarah and her gang.

Then one of the stones begins to grow…

Baby Animals 2 (Discover Series)

by Xist Publishing

Discover Series Books for Babies & Toddlers

It’s time for more cuteness! Meet baby rhinos, tadpoles, puppies, kittens and more.Designed to promote interaction with children, BABY ANIMALS 2 features one brilliantly photographed animal on each page with the species name beneath. Babies and toddlers will love the brightly colored animals and older children will enjoy learning the proper terms for baby animals from around the world. Used as a jumpstart for interaction, Discover Series Picture Books are a great way to introduce baby animals, their sounds and colors to kids.

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Diary of a Christmas Elf

by Mineola Drake

Sherman T. Hooper really wants to be a Christmas elf. He’s wanted to be one since he was a kid. Now he’s gotten called for a job at Santa Headquarters and he couldn’t be more excited. Sherman really wants to meet Santa Claus. He’s never been friends with a human before. He hopes Santa will be his friend.

But what if he’s no good at being a Christmas elf? What if he can’t make toys? Sherman has always wanted to help Santa spread Christmas cheer, but what if he can’t do the job he’s always wanted?

The Great Rosette Robbery and other stories

by Karen Bush

A pony that won’t jump: a talented horse loses his nerve: prizes that mysteriously go missing, while a missed show results in a dream coming true, and a lost rosette leads to the opportunity of a lifetime. These are just a few of the exciting stories in this collection of horse and pony tales written by Karen Bush: there is also an excerpt from her forthcoming full-length novel.

Cats Are Best (Grandma Bubbles Books for New Readers)

by Marianne McKnight

“Mom, I can read!” Early readers, armed with a basic understanding of short-vowel sounds and a few sight words, will be delighted to be able to read “Cats Are Best,” one of the many books in the Grandma Bubbles Books for New Readers series. Glug thinks cats are best. Kit thinks bugs are best. Which is best? Sid, the frog, comes up with the perfect solution. This simple but captivating story, combined with colorful illustrations, will appeal to early readers, ages 3 to 6. What a fun way to discover the magic of reading!

Redonkulously Funny Knock Knock Jokes For Kids

by T.E. Chuckles

“Redonkulously Funny Knock Knock Jokes For Kids” is a hilarious collection of knock knock jokes that’ll have your friends rolling on the floor laughing (or rolling their eyes – take your pick!)

Filled with silly, goofy, funny, and ridiculous knock knock jokes for kids, this collection is good for some laughs with friends, or just to read by yourself when you need a good chuckle.

If you love knock knock jokes, this is the collection for you!

The Little Engine That Couldn’t: A Parody

by Crispin Cleaver

What if the little blue engine didn’t make it to the children over the mountain? In this deranged parody of the classic children’s story, expect the unexpected!

Phantom Horse 1: Phantom Horse

by Christine Pullein-Thompson

I gazed in wonder at the view. Suddenly I saw something moving below us. It was a horse, riderless and alone. He moved beautifully and with tremendous grace. It was a wild palomino.

After Jean’s family moves to America, her life is soon changed forever when she encounters the wild horse, Phantom.

The Magic Jewellery Shop – The Jade Ring

by Kate Spencer

What if you discovered you were half-fairy?

Emma and Becky are shocked when their mother reveals she’s really a fairy – but their adventures are only just beginning…..

Dreams are coming true in our world, but in the Fairysphere it’s more like a nightmare. Join the sisters as they begin their fairy-training at the mysterious Magic Jewellery Shop. Can they find the stolen Jade Ring and save the Fairysphere from chaos?

Magic, fairies and jewellery combine with greed and generosity in this exciting new adventure for girls aged 6 to 11.

When you’ve enjoyed the book, try The Magic Jewellery Shop Colouring Book! 27 large pages of colouring fun, featuring illustrations from The Magic Jewellery Shop – also available from Amazon. Or why not give alongside the kindle download so there’s something to unwrap?

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This book is also available in paperback.

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The Spider and the Princess: a Children’s Folktale

by Nathanael Green

When Princess Charlotte is scared by a spider, the princess pardons the spider from being squished. When her pet pig is taken by a dysfunctional Ogre couple, the spider joins her in a daring quest to rescue her beloved piglet.

Jack’s Isle

by Nathanael Green

When a hot air balloon at a fair takes off unexpectedly, a little boy is caught flying above the ocean all alone. When Jack’s balloon crash lands on a mysterious island filled with prehistoric creatures, Jack must muster his cunning and courage to survive. Jack soon encounters terrifying enemies as well as some unlikely friends: a vine with a mind of its own, and an allosaurus hatchling that was supposed to be an omelet. As Jack struggles for survival, he must protect his companions while he searches for the strength to keep going, and a way to return home.

Truth and Dare (The Boyhood Adventures Collection)

by Nathanael Green

A lonely Simon endures embarrassing encounters with a girl at camp. When his friends pressure him into a game of truth or dare, Simon must decide whether to risk exposing his feelings for the girl, or accept a dare that may get him kicked out of camp.

Eco Billy is Happy When… (How to teach your children to care for the Environment)

by Sebastian Whiteman

Do you care for the environment? Would you like to teach your children to do the same?

Then this is certainly the book for you!

Angola: Picture Book (Educational Children’s Books Collection) – Level 2 (Planet Collection)

by Planet Collection

Are you interested in expanding your child’s vocabulary?

As a part of the updated Planet Collection, “ANGOLA” offers facts, descriptions and thought inspiring questions alongside amazing photographs of Angola.

Toddlers and babies will love looking at the large photos, while the older children will be able to grow their minds through reading the fun fact filled passages.

Early education sets up your child for success.

We are a green company and a portion of each sale is donated to charity.

The Missing Piece

by Alex Williams

At last, this classic story is available in the kindle store.

A dark and beautiful tale about a pie’s struggle to come to terms with a missing piece. Join the Pie on his journey of adventure and discovery, where he finds out so much about life and the world.

See what happens when he sees a doctor, a hypnotherapist and a photographer. Will an unexpected windfall of money help? Will Cracked Pot’s powder do the trick? What will the police do about it all?

A must for children and adults everywhere.

This book is around 1700 words long and contains 22 beautiful illustrations.

Apocalypse Cow – Short Story for Children

by Simon Smith-Wilson

Captain Zack is back in his third and funniest installment. Join Zack, Monkey Boy and The Blob on an exciting new adventure, as they face off against Daisy, the Apocalypse Cow. Daisy is a mean cow that is going around calling people names. Zack has to stop her before she makes everyone in the city cry and he knows just the person to help him. Zack teams up with the legendary Laughing Lemon and together they come up with a plan to make Daisy laugh. Apocalypse Cow is a really funny, very silly and highly entertaining children’s short story. It highlights bullying and explains why children shouldn’t call people names. Apocalypse Cow is part of the “The Great Banana Heist” collection.

Fish (Discover Series)

by Xist Publishing

Discover Series Books for Babies & Toddlers

Better than an aquarium at the doctor’s office, FISH features 25 full-color photographs of fish and other sea animals. Crisp, colorful photographs introduce children to fish from around the world and titles beneath each image make sure mom and dad can identify each little swimmer on their next trip to the aquarium.

Used as a jumpstart for interaction, Discover Series Picture Books are a
great way to introduce new words, images and ideas to kids.

Find More Great Options for Kindle Kids Books! Xist Publishing Children’s Books Choose from over 180 illustrated children’s books!

Through the Eyes of a Child

by Dana Rongione

Are rules just for children? Julie certainly thinks so until her mother teaches her about the Ten Commandments found in the Bible. Afterwards, Julie realizes that some rules are meant for everyone. . .even her dog, Muffin.

Hungry Little Honey Bear

by Michael Christopher

The Hungry Little Honey Bear is a children story for your e-book reader.

The Story

It was spring. The little honey bear woke up and became hunger. Join his search for some food in the forest.

Incl. 14 Illustrations.

Age rank: 0 – 5 years.

Q&A with the authors:

Who should read your book?

Everybody, regardless if you are young or old.

Is your book educational?

No! There is no moral in the book.

But the little bear does not give up! Ain’t that educational?

If you think so.

Is your book realistic?

No. Bears can’t speak.

Is your little honey bear cute?

Have you watched Werner Herzog’s Grizzly Man? To think of bears as cute can be disastrous!

Why should parents read your story to their children then?

Because reading educates!

Oh, so it is educational!


Mrs Trimble’s Magic Tea-Pot

by Steven Watson-Morris

Great stories for children aged 3+
Meet Mrs Trimble, Rose and the twins, follow their adventures as they discover new worlds in her Magic Tea-Pot. Dragon’s, monsters and even Father Christmas.

Twice Times Danger

by Enid Richemont


Becca and Daisie have been best friends for two years but their friendship has grown increasingly strained during the summer holidays before starting at different schools. Then Perdita turns up. Posh, bossy, rich Perdita, not Cornish like the others but a summer visitor, an emmet, and so identical to Daisie they could be twins, doubles – even Daisie’s dog Dracula has trouble telling them apart. And from the moment the two girls meet, Becca is an outsider, a stooge in their games of swapping identities. But what begins as a joke to fool Dita’s au pair, becomes deadly serious when Daisie goes missing.
Becca must solve this sinister mystery to prevent twice times danger turning into double death.

As Messy As I Want To Be

by Parrish Worrell

How much fun would you have if you could get as messy as you wanted? Follow Izzy as he enjoys his day. A fun picture book for children.

Trouble at the Crab Shack Café (Ellie Booton’s Journal)

by Flinty Maguire

Ellie is quirky, funny and sometimes a bit of a worrier. She’s also a thinker – and sometimes this gets her into a bit of bother.

Ellie is new in town. It’s not much fun to have to start over at any age, and making new friends is bit of a challenge, especially when you have to contend with boys like Gilby Flint. When Ellie meets Elsie things start to look up and the Crab Shack Café looks like it will be a haven, until things start to go horribly wrong. The weather is AWFUL – the wind is howling, seagulls are screeching and there’s TROUBLE in the air. And who is the boy in the blue jacket? There’s a mystery to solve, that’s for sure.

Oh, and there’s a school project for the summer holiday – it’s called ‘Helping Hands’ and you have to show you’ve made the WORLD a BETTER PLACE. Now that’s not much to ask, is it?

A girl like Ellie doesn’t panic. At least not in public!

A heart warming, funny story, told by Ellie, of life at its trickiest.

Suitable reading for children and adults who love a good story.

Words: approx 36,000

STOP PRESS! Ellie Booton’s Journal 2 has been published. It’s called The Lighthouse Code and is an exciting adventure mystery.

I hope you enjoy these books.

Love from Flinty

Any comments, questions – here’s my email address: [email protected]

Baz Barker and The Case Of The Stolen Trophy.

by William R. O’Brien

Join the young Baz Barker and his family as they travel to Australia where Baz and his school team are to take part in the new junior world cup football (soccer) tournament. Meet his best friends Monty and Scrags and the two hapless villains who steal the golden trophy only to come up against Baz and co.

A good read for all and sundry especially if your taste is for a simple, uncomplicated yet, exiting build up to a terrific rip roaring ending with a little humour and sadness thrown in along the way.

The Lost Broom (Wilhelmina the Witch)

by Wendy Cartmell

Wilhelmina the Witch is hurrying home to get ready for the Halloween Ball, but an accident means she loses her broom! Will Wilhelmina find her broom, remember her spell and collect the ingredients for it in time?

This is a book for parents and their children to share or as an independent reader for older children. Written by Wendy Cartmell, a former Primary School Teacher, for use in her classroom, it is now published on Kindle.

The Shadow of the Minotaur (Shadows from the Past)

by Wendy Leighton-Porter

Ten-year-old twins Joe and Jemima Lancelot continue the search for their missing parents who are trapped somewhere in the past. Together with their friend, Charlie, and their unusual talking cat, Max, they are whisked back in time to ancient Crete and the palace of Knossos, where the fearsome Minotaur resides in its labyrinth, feeding on human flesh. Can they help Prince Theseus of Athens overcome the terrifying monster before it devours them all? And will the children survive the terrible storm which threatens to wreck their ship as they attempt to flee the island?

Danyrogof Deep

by Ross Dinwiddy

Journey into The Deep

Britain is in the grip of a national emergency – people all over the country are bursting into flames and no one knows why. Twelve-year-old Jake Darrow has more reason than most to want to solve the mystery and stop the deadly fires. But nobody is taking him seriously and his investigation has only led to what seems like a dead end – a disused and derelict coalmine, the Danyrogof Deep.

Far below the surface of the earth, in a world ravaged by war and plagued by monsters, the cunning and brutal General Mercer Hext is weaving a complex plan, a plan to commit the most insane act of destruction ever devised.

Jake and Hext are heading for an incredible confrontation. Only one of them can win – an end to the life devouring fires or the whole world dying in flames.

Jake is just the hero to save us all – he just doesn’t know it yet.

The Greatest Gift of All

by Chandra Sparks Taylor

Ten-year-old Destini Daniels is so over foster care. After years of staying with an aunt she barely knows, she’s ready for a change. With a little help, Destini devises the perfect scheme to get her forever family, but when things don’t go according to plan, does she have to give up her dream, or is it a chance at a gift bigger than she ever imagined?

The Shadow of the Trojan Horse (Shadows from the Past)

by Wendy Leighton-Porter

The Trojan War is just a game for the gods and goddesses of ancient Greece, but it’s no laughing matter for Joe and Jemima Lancelot when they find themselves transported back to ancient Troy amidst all the horrors of the deadly conflict.

Still on the trail of their missing parents who are lost somewhere in the mists of time, the twins, together with their friend Charlie and their remarkable talking cat Max, try to prevent the destruction of the famous city.

Can the children persuade the Trojans to reject the Greeks’ gift of the Wooden Horse or will it prove impossible to change the course of history?

Go-For-It Gopher: Sidekick Wanted

by Brian Clopper

Go-For-It Gopher has a lot going for him these days. He’s foiled the time-travel plans of After-Awhile Crocodile and See-You-Later Alligator, won the heart of his gal pal, gained an impressive sidekick with Otter Catastrophe, and just foiled a gang of jet-pack giraffes from pulling off their oversized caper. Next on his list: join the newest West Coast superteam.

What could go wrong there? A lot.

Go-For-It Gopher is a witty animalistic send-up of the superhero genre. Our furry little hero’s high-tech Burrow puts the Batcave to shame.

Lizzie the Wizzie and the Big Black Seagulls

by Malcolm A. Lamb

This terrific sequel to “Lizzie the Wizzie and the Deadly Voodoo Tattoo takes the intrepid duo on a cruise holiday that crosses the Arctic Circle. Just when they thought they could relax, enjoying the views in the Norwegian Fjords, two devilish demons disguised as BIG, BLACK SEAGULLS make an attempt upon their lives.
Will they go to a watery grave or will their enemies have their wings clipped?
Join Lizzie, Grandpa and some new “friends” as once again they do battle with the powers of EVIL!
Lizzie the Wizzie stories are popular with all ages!

Dylan and the Croak Orleans Gang

by Rhonda Patton

Dylan has a dream of becoming a guitar player in Croak Orleans.  As he travels, he meets some new and talented friends.

Swamp Animals


 To find out more
about Rhonda and her books go to

The Naphtali Chronicles (The secret of The Christmas Head)

by Kim Saynor-Lomas

Book 2 is The Naphtali Chronicles; it is a follow-on of the story of The Christmas Head. This book features Peter’s ghost and Hamish Mc.Tiddle (who was introduced in The Christmas Head).
The Naphtali Chronicles are about the guardian fairy Angel, Naphtali. In the begining of this book; it tells a short explanation of how Izzy has grown up and therefore Naphtali has to find herself a new calling in her role of guardian fairy Angel.
Lionel Saynelf and Hamish Mc.Tiddle call out to Naphtali for help… they find themselves at Withernsea on the East coast of Yorkshire; and enter in to the life of an old lady called Elizabeth who is very lonely…
Hamish is a psychic little dog and the ghost of Peter is introduced. This is not a frightening ghost story for children; it is thoroughly loving and caring in all aspects.
The O’Granary family also feature in this book as they were introduced in The Christmas Head; an old fashioned Irish family of Elves who speak in an old Irish accent.
This book is about fairies in need of love and care and protection; it teaches of right from wrong in a caring way. The end of this book will lead to my third book which will be out soon and is called The adventures of Lionel and Hamish… all three of my books are best read in order of publication as they are a ‘Trilogy’.
Towards the end of this book; Mr. O’Flea, the O’granary Irish Wolfhound goes missing… little do they know he will return in the third book; the adventures after finding himself on board the pirate ship of Captain Splints; who returns with avengeance…

Rosie and the Graliens

by Ruth Hector

When a group of grey (but rather sweet) aliens lands in the small English town of Chitterling, the first to find them is ten-year-old schoolgirl Rosie. Delighted by her visitors, and dreaming of the fame and riches her discovery will bring, Rosie takes on the task of their care. But the ‘graliens’ feed on colour, and their enormous appetites soon have the whole town in chaos! Struggling against her workaholic Mum, her laidback Dad, the incompetent Sir Loinsteak, the brawny Miss Issippi, her snobby friend Florence and many other colourful characters, how on earth is Rosie supposed to save the town, and the hungry little graliens, from each other?

A light-hearted comedy aimed at 8-12 year olds. This is my first novel so it would be great to hear feedback – good, bad or ugly!


by Kim Saynor-Lomas

Come Sit on my Rainbow, is the story of an Irish Leprechaun called Tommy O’Toole from Dublin. Tommy was introduced in book 2 of my series; which is called The Naphtali Chronicles. He then featured in a small way in my third book, which is called The Adventures of Lionel and Hamish Mc.Tiddle.
Tommy O’Toole has a wish to find himself a Leprechaun wife. Isaac Smudge is introduced in this book. Isaac is a puppy. This book which is the fourth in my series; features a Witch called Miss Lavender â??Smeltworthy’ O’Clack, a Pixie called Julie, and a pair of Donkey’s called Mabel and Abel. It also features, a magic wishing well. Tommy goes in search of the owner of Percy, the blue Manx cat; however, when he looks into his Emerald crystal of truth, all he sees is the sad face of a beautiful Leprechaun girl with violet eyes staring back at him.
Naphtali, the guardian fairy Angel who was introduced in my first book, The Christmas Head, makes her return towards the end of this book.
Christopher the last Unicorn is introduced in this book; ready for book 5, which will be called: WITH ME SHILLELLAGH OVER ME SHOULDER…

WITH ME SHILLELAGH OVER ME SHOULDER (The secret of The Christmas Head)

by Kim Saynor-Lomas

This is the story of Tommy O’Toole; the Elder Irish Leprechaun of Dublin. This book begins where my last book left off; which is called â??Come sit on my Rainbow’…
Tommy O’Toole has finally met, the Leprechaun girl with the beautiful violet eyes.
Victoria is the Mummy of Percy the blue Manx cat; who Tommy O’Toole has been caring for, since he shot over the double rainbow by mistake.
Tommy O’Toole got his wish returned to him; which he had sacrificed to the Unicorn, in order to heal Isaac Smudge of poison from the pink thistle berry.
Naphtali had sacrificed herself to the last Unicorn, Christopher; so that Tommy O’Toole could be given his wish back, of finding himself a wife.
However, although Tommy O’Toole fell in love at first sight with Victoria; it was not the same for her.
Victoria had a mind of her own…

The Christmas Head (The secret of The Christmas Head)

by Kim Saynor-Lomas

The Christmas Head is the story of a family of Elves called â??Saynelf’ who move from Whitby to Sheffield, in order that they can help with making the knives of their distant cousins the Saynor family of Humans.
The main character is a child with ADHD called Lionel, who cares about nothing and nobody except himself.
He has siblings who love him dearly; yet Lionel cannot see further than beyond his mischievous nose!
The grandparents of Lionel decide to move to Sheffield (which in my story is called Sheffielf by Elves) to live with their family because they miss them so much.
My book features a journey, which starts out as running away from home, because Lionel has lost the Christmas Head.
Because Lionel never listens to anything anyone tells him; he does not realise that The Christmas Head is a feeling all Elves feel at Christmas with love, and this feeling lights up the Christmas tree.
He and a friend, a little fairy called Izzy.
After a terrible fright in the Sheffield museum, Lionel and Izzy grow up too fast. They run away from home on Christmas Eve, without telling anyone.
The story leads to different countries searching for treasure. It features a pirate called Captain Splints who kidnaps Lionel and Izzy.
Many lessons are learned along the way, as Lionel and Izzy grow up.
Eventually after looking for treasure in many places and not finding it, Lionel and Izzy find themselves in Dublin, where they meet with a wonderful loving family called the O’Granary’s
The O’Granary’s help Lionel to realise that the pot of gold is the love of your family.
Hamish Mc.Tiddle is introduced towards the end of my book. Lionel finally takes responsibility for his life and that of Hamish, who is a King Charles spaniel.
Izzy returns to her parents under the guide of Naphtali, her Guardian fairy Angel.
Lionel returns to his family over the salty pond, where he meets with an amazing end to my story of him and his family, in The Christmas Head.
However the end is not the end; and The Christmas Head leads to my second book in my Trilogy about Lionel Saynelf; and furthermore the end of my second book which is called The Naphtali Chronicles leads to my third book which is called The adventures of Lionel and Hamish; who find themselves living at Loch Ness;
My fourth book is now underway, it is called Come sit on my rainbow; the story of Tommy O’Toole, an Irish Leprechaun from Dublin who is introduced in my second book, the Naphtali Chronicles.

Side by Side (book 6)

by Kim Saynor-Lomas

This is the second half of â??With me Shillelagh over me shoulder’. (The Flame Claw’) My set of 6 books began with â??The Christmas Head’ and the story of a family of Elves. The series progressed to â??The Naphtali Chronicles’ â??The adventures of Lionel and Hamish’ â??Come sit on my rainbow’ â??With me Shillelagh over me shoulder’ and finally this book in this set. This book now relates back to The Christmas Head’. A great war for the magic of our Earth takes place… and someone who has remained quiet since the beginning of book 1 – will now come forward. All profits from â??The Christmas Head’ of my own; will go to the RSPCA and PDSA hospital for animals. Any monies I obtain from the other 5 books will help to get printed; boxed sets of my current 6 books; to distribute to children in homes and â??special’ children with illnesses and disabilities.


by Kim Saynor-Lomas

This book; the third in my Trilogy continues on from The Christmas Head and The Naphtali Chronicles, telling the family story of Lionel Saynelf.

Lionel has inherited Periwinkle cottage and has moved to Withernsea on the coast of East Yorkshire… the story progresses on to Dublin once more where he visits The O’Granary family and has a surprise in store for them all…

He finally meets his new wife to be and they elope to Gretna Green and move to Scotland to live by Loch Ness… Lionel and Hamish have a task of looking after and protecting Nessie… The pirates return in these adventures.

At the end of the Trilogy… someone finds somebody who they thought they had lost forever…


by Ian Sands

Jirst Bluefin’s biggest problem is being ignored. Kacela Middleton is the one person in the world who is never ignored. Jirst is about to discover that sometimes it’s better to be ignored for no reason than to become popular over nothing at all.

Shellless is the story of Jirst Bluefin the First as he tries to overcome his biggest problem, being ignored. After befriending Kacelia Middleton, the one person in the world who is never ignored, Jirst discovers that it’s better to be ignored for no reason than to become popular for the wrong.

Jirst Bluefin is a quirky, loner who spends his afternoons talking to imaginary dinosaurs that swim in a pond. The dinosaurs look like turtles that lost their shells. He calls them the Shellless.

After a chance meeting, the intelligent and sophisticated Kacelia Middleton befriends Jirst. Taking note of Jirst’s major problem, being ignored, Kacelia encourages him to come out of his shell.

Jirst tries a few funny, yet failed attempts at gaining popularity. Desperate to acquire recognition, Jirst resorts to telling his classmates the tale of his make-believe, dinosaur friends. However, he inadvertently leaves the impression that the Shellless are real. Believing that extinct plesiosaur swim in the pond of the local park give Jirst the boost of popularity he covets.

Learn Spanish with Mimi: Mimi goes Shopping. A Picture Story in Spanish/English with Vocabulary.

by Dr. Howey

Learning a new language with Mimi is easy and fun. A picture story is an excellent way to immediately immerse you in a new language. By reading these simple stories with translations you will be surprised how quickly you pick things up! Following each story is a list of the new vocabulary used to help you memorize new words. There are no boring gamma rules contained in Mimi’s books, there are plenty other boring books for that. Have fun learning with Mimi!

The Metal Marble

by Ian Sands

Tucker’s Aunt Nyce is his mom’s little sister only she isn’t that little and she isn’t that nice. He has to get used to it though because he’s stuck working at her beach restaurant The Crab & Grab for the next two weeks.

While hauling boxes of stinky fish from the dock, Tucker and his 11-year-old cousin Trist discover a golf ball size, transparent metal “marble” floating in the sea.

Ignoring the warnings from salty dog Chef, Tucker and Trist leave the marble in the sunshine until it dries. The marble hatches into a half real, half robotic mechanical turtle.

From the moment the marble opens, Aunt Nyce places Tucker in charge of the turtle. He soon realizes the biggest threat comes from his aunt’s schemes to use the unique creature to draw customers.

Loki’s Wrath (The Chronos Series)

by Troy A. Carrington

Book 2 of The Chronos Series finds young Alex thrown into a battle between the old Norse gods, a battle to end all battles. It wasn’t exactly what Alex had planned; but if Egypt taught him anything, it was that nothing goes as planned.
This new place was indeed different, and to make matters worse, it may not be the first time he’d been there. Now, with the adventures of Egypt behind him and still far from home, Alex learns of Loki’s evil plan, and must once again rewrite history.

Christmas in the Desert

by Joseph Groth

A holiday bedtime story illustrating there is more to Christmas than toys. In doing so, it calls attention to preventing Sonoran Desert Bighorn Sheep from becoming extinct.

Leo Versus the Snowmonster

by Maxwell Weston

What happens when Leo does not listen to his friends, blasts off into space, and encounters a man-eating snowmonster? We’ll let’s just say that snowmonsters are tasty.

Maxwell Weston lives one mile from Mars, Pennsylvania. His other works include ONE LESS MEG and THE HOUSE OF THE MOUSE.

Spots (Grandma Bubbles Books for New Readers)

by Marianne McKnight

“Mom, I can read!” Early readers, armed with a basic understanding of short-vowel sounds and a few sight words, will be delighted to be able to read “Spots,” one of the many books in the Grandma Bubbles Books for New Readers series. Kit has chicken pox (itch itch). Bighearted Glug, Kit’s monster pal, goes beyond the call of duty to sympathize. This simple but captivating story, combined with colorful illustrations, will appeal to early readers, ages 3 to 6. What a fun way to discover the magic of reading!

Muff (Grandma Bubbles Books for New Readers)

by Marianne McKnight

“Mom, I can read!” Early readers, armed with a basic understanding of short-vowel sounds and a few sight words, will be tickled pink to be able to read “Muff,” one of the many books in the Grandma Bubbles Books for New Readers series. Jen’s pup, Muff, hates being dressed up in silly costumesâ??and he won’t put up with it for long! This simple but captivating story, combined with colorful illustrations, will appeal to early readers, ages 3 to 6. What a fun way to discover the magic of reading!

Sasana Gets Lost (Adventures of a Baby Dragon)

by Astral Blueaura

Sasana, a baby dragon is only 70 years old. She grew up in a cave high up in the mountains, where she lives there with her Grandma Ssssssana, who is over 2,000 years old.

There are only a very few dragons left in the world, and little Sasana is the only dragon baby born in the last 700 years. She is very special, precious, pampered, protected and spoiled by all the dragons who come to visit and admire her.

But she has never been allowed out of the cave into the wide world, because the world is full of the most dangerous creatures called people, who must never find out that dragons still exist.

When baby Sasana recently turned 70 and learned to fly, she decided that she was grown up enough to go out and see the wonders of the world for herself. Grandma says that Sasana is still too young for that, so she has to go on her adventures secretly, only when Grandma is sleeping.

Flumix the bat is her helper, who covers up for her, so that Grandma won’t ever find out.

Little Sasana has heard a lot of stories about the creatures of the world from her Grandma and the other dragons, but she will get many surprises when she starts meeting them.

Join Sasana on her adventures, and see how big and exciting the world really is.

Any of the stories in the Adventures of a Baby Dragon series can be enjoyed on their own merit.

The Ankulen

by Kendra E. Ardnek

Fifteen-year-old Jen can’t remember her imagination. She knows she had one once, though, and honestly, she’d like it back. It’s been eight years. One day she finds a young boy who claims to be one of her imaginary friends and that her imaginary world is being eaten by a hydra-like monster called the Polystoikhedron. He helps her find the Ankulen, a special bracelet that had given the ability to bring her imagination to life and together they embark on a quest to find friendship, healing, and perhaps even some family.

Alphabet and Early Reading Book

by Chris Eason

A book designed to help children identify the letters of the alphabet. Each page has a letter of the alphabet and a picture that starts with the letter shown. A short sentence under each letter helps young children start learning to read. Sentences such as “A is for Ant” help a child learn to read.


by Stephen Allsop

What would you do if you found a goblin hiding in your local nature reserve? Arthur made friends and called her Holly.

Being best friends with a goblin was definitely interesting. Holly’s family would kill Arthur if they found out about, whereas the beautiful elf-like Sidhe just wanted to put his eyes out. The troll wanted to eat everyone, as all trolls do, but the dragon just wanted to go back to sleep.

From Sutton Park’s woods and the caves and tunnels beneath it, to the Otherworld of the Sidhe, their friendship might just be the one thing that keeps Arthur and Holly alive.

Let’s Read (Grandma Bubbles Books for New Readers)

by Marianne McKnight

“Mom, I can read!” Early readers, armed with a basic understanding of short-vowel sounds and a few sight words, will be delighted to be able to read “Let’s Read,” one of the many books in the Grandma Bubbles Books for New Readers series. Looking for a fun family activity? Snuggle up and read a book together! This simple but captivating story, combined with colorful illustrations, will appeal to early readers, ages 3 to 6. What a fun way to discover the magic of reading!

Pass It Along (The Antics of Blimmy and Zook)

by Vee Jones

Blimmy, a gentle, young buffalo, and Zook, a feisty young moutain goat with an attitude, are just a little different from others of their kind. In Pass It Along, each gets into a predicament and must rely on the kindness of a stranger. Through these kind deeds, the two become inseparable friends.

The antics and adventures of Blimmy and Zook entertain and educate while teaching the importance of lending a hand to those in need, and other valuable lessons.

Books in “The Antics of Blimmy and Zook” series contain fewer words and have more pictures than those in the “adventure” series in order to keep the attention and interest of younger children.

Baylee’s Decadent Peanut Butter Pie (Easy Reader Recipes)

by A.L. Truslow

This book contains the recipe for a stir-together peanut butter pie with chocolate icing. It is very “rich” and delicious! The recipe is presented in both easy, photo-enhanced versions that people learning to read or who have problems reading can follow because of related photographs and simple language, as well as a version for people who don’t. In addition, Text-to-Speech is available for those units that can use it. People who are learning English or who have disabilities limiting their reading may enjoy this title, as well as young English-speaking children. A mom uses this series with her middle school daughter, a new cook, and adults use the recipes for food they can make very quickly.

These titles might also come in handy for bad weather days because I’ve tried to stay away from strange, expensive, or hard-to-find ingredients.

For more information on new releases or freebies, join me on Facebook at .

Children’s Book: The Gift of Happiness

by Michael Yu

This children’s book feature Kindle Text Pop-Up for reading text over vivid, full-color images (double tap on the text).

Christmas is coming! Oh joy, what cheer! For certainly, it is the best time of year.

As Christmas draws near, two lion cub brothers, Zout and Zappy, think they know the true happiness of this holiday: getting presents! But as the day goes by, they encounter many other animals who show them that there is more to Christmas than that.

Follow along with this merry story told in delightful rhymes, sure to fill the hearts of all any time of the year.

Another quality children picture book from the father and daughter team of Michael and Rachel Yu.


** Amazon Prime Members can download this book for FREE! **

The Complex: Winter’s Door

by Lucas Morris

The stunning conclusion to The Complex takes the reader on a whirlwind tour of the forces facing the companions. Lines are blurred as evil faces evil and realities shift, throwing Jack, Ninja, and Hobbs face first into a battle they may not be able to win.

Counting 20 Dragons – A Counting Picture Book for Children

by Brandon Fleming


Counting 20 Dragons – A Counting Picture book for Children

Young children will learn to count with the help of funny and friendly looking Dragons. It will sure keep your child’s attention while they learn to count with you. Have your child count out loud as more and more dragons pop onto the screen!

A counting book for children ages 0-5.

Practice basic counting concepts with your baby or toddler!

Children will have fun learning to count in this brightly illustrated counting Book.

Have Fun!


by Kim Saynor-Lomas

The book is about how evil is over come by good. It tells of how this main character originated ready for my own book 6 SIDE BY SIDE. It tells of how an Irish Leprechaun became a ‘Samporii’ warrior – the Leprechaun version of The Samurai warriors.The story of how evil entered a sword and how it controlled the Leprechaun Sampori owner of the sword known as THE KUSANAGI…

DragonZ Eye (DragonZ Freedom)

by J Clarke

Time is running out for humankind.

The world is beginning to tear itself apart.

Scientists explain the sudden climate changes

and violent weather on global warming.

How wrong they are.

Jem and Ray stumble upon the fantastical truth.

Have they the courage and strength to face

their personal fears and save the world?

Are they our heroes?

Emma and the Princess

by Peter Steinberg

Once upon a time there was a small girl called Emma. Every day she would put on her red cape, take her sword and shield and play outside in the castle in her village. She dreamed of being a real knight. The kind who spends his time rescuing princesses and fighting monsters. So one night Emma sets out on a journey hoping that she might find a real princess who needs her help.

An enchanting modern-day fairy tale adventure.

The Escapist

by Madoc Fox

In a tumultuous world of steam power and new fangled electro-art, Oscar is little more than a free source of labour for the war effort. His existence is bleak and there is nothing he can do to escape. Until, that is, he is pitched headfirst into the strange and twisted shadow-world of Etiainheim. Though disturbingly familiar, things here are not quite as they seem.

Guided by Vergil, an all-too-knowing rat, Oscar must traverse this world of souls, where the consequences of real-world occurrences are all too clear. As events unfold, Oscar must fight to fulfil the purpose for which he has been summoned: to challenge the dark and malformed Maere that stalk the world feeding on its last remaining hopes.

The Fairy Tale of Love and Absinth (A Fairy Tale Trilogy)

by Debey Sklenar

Long before the rise of any great cities, before the demise of dragons, lived Love at the heart of the forest. Absinth, an explorer from the Island of Eden, travels to the forest at the heart of the heart of the Continent to find Love.

In this fairy tale novella, told in a style similar to older, classical fairy tales, Absinth falls in love with Love and they exchange wedding rings. But these are magical rings that cannot be removed, even when Love’s spell is broken. Or can they?

Absinth vows to find a way to remove the rings. The Old Man on the Island of Eden created the rings; he must be able to undo the spell he cast on them. Together, Love and Absinth travel over land and sea, in search of the Old Man.

Will Love and Absinth survive the perilous way, fraught with danger? Can they find the Old Wizard? And, if they do, will he agree to remove the charm from the rings?

Join the journey in the tale of LOVE AND ABSINTH.

henry porter and the phablet of sire

by Raj Viswanadha

Young Henry takes upon himself the blame of his best friend’s ‘misdeed’. And in doing this he forces better and older souls to redefine the meaning of friendship.

Inside and Outside

by O. Katz

Teaches young toddlers about the difference between INSIDE and OUTSIDE.

Through a series of colorful, vivid pictures, the book helps develop toddlers’ perception of the world around them – and offers joyful, quality and educational time for both parents and toddlers!

Please read, enjoy and positively review 🙂

Keep the Book Open

by Tom Z. Mabe

“You’re not from around this place. If you were, you’d be here instead of looking at the page.”

A short silly rhyme with fun drawings that make children smile.

MAGIC WORDS – THE ISLAND OF RESPECT (HUGO THE HAPPY STARFISH – Island Adventures 4: Educational Children’s Book Collection)

by Suzy Liebermann

Come on a sea adventure with HUGO THE HAPPY STARFISH as he finds out that HAPPINESS begins with RESPECT.

MAGIC WORDS (THE ISLAND OF RESPECT) contains a great educational lesson about the power some few magic words like â??THANK YOU’ and â??PLEASE’ can have.

On the ISLAND OF REPSECT Hugo learns that some things can be paid with resect instead of money and gold. He learns how to be respectful and polite and that it is very important to treat others the way he wants to be treated by others: with respect!

Hugo is a little starfish whose home is at the bottom of the wide ocean. He longs to visit the real world, and one day he decides to go and find it. Hugo’s journey to happiness isn’t quite as straightforward as he hopes though. He is sent to a series of different islands where he is taught important character lessons.

By the end of his journey, Hugo has visited fourteen islands, made many more friends, and, most importantly, learned how to be a better starfish.

â??HUGO THE HAPPY STARFISH – ISLAND ADVENTURES’ is packed with life lessons for kids, showing them the importance of appreciation, patience, tolerance and optimism amongst others.

Teaching children life skills can be tricky, but with this exciting book your kids will come across some of the most important lessons there are to be learned. Like Hugo, their journey to the real world will be full of character lessons along the way.

In Hugo, children, parents, and educators will discover a lovable and engaging role model with whom they can identify.

The story consists of 29 gorgeous illustrations showing a colorful and magical underwater world.

Children will laugh at the delightful characters, hold their breaths in suspense and love to read this story over and over.

The book is suitable as a read aloud book for preschoolers or a self-read book for older children.

The book comes with a number of worksheets which are downloadable at no cost on our website.

The book is offered in two editions (a version with Spanish introductory vocabulary and an English only version) as well as in different languages such as German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese.

There are more HUGO THE HAPPY STARFISH stories waiting to be discovered. Make sure to read THE LAST BULLY and THE SECRET TO HAPPINESS, THE MAGIC OF THE MOMENT, ONE STEP AT ATIME and many more.

Through his adventures, Hugo learns many valuable lessons of character, life skills, and ecological alertness – all amid the backdrop of a magical underwater world and mystical islands.

The stories were developed in conjunction with the author’s teaching experience at an International Baccalaureate® School and they support the different learner profiles and attitudes of the IB PYP curriculum.

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Meet Sid (Grandma Bubbles Books for New Readers)

by Marianne McKnight

“Mom, I can read!” Early readers, armed with a basic understanding of short-vowel sounds and a few sight words, will be delighted to be able to read “Meet Sid,” one of the many books in the Grandma Bubbles Books for New Readers series. Sid is one clever frog, who can do many things. While entertaining his buddies with his goofy antics, however, Sid gets himself in an embarrassing situation. This simple but captivating story, combined with colorful illustrations, will appeal to early readers, ages 3 to 6. What a fun way to discover the magic of reading!

Moo and Baa Big Adventure no:11 (Moo and Baa Stories)

by Peter John King

This is the eleventh in the compilation of Moo and Baa stories. In this one the Big Adventure starts well but soon ends up in a right old mess. with miss direction and lost keys, Moo and Baa end up having a nice cup of tea in the end. Once they finally get back to the farmyard.

Moo and Baa FootBall Match Story. (1)

by Peter John King

This is the seventh in the compilation of Moo and Baa stories. In this one the whole farm join in as the Football match comes around. The Football Match starts well but soon turns into havoc. Moo and Baa play the game too their usual standard so it all makes for an interesting game with all the animals involved.

Moo and Baa stories Halloween no:22

by Peter John King

This tis the twenty second in the compilation of Moo and Baa stories. In this fun one, all the animals on the farm go Trick or Treating down the lane on the way to the village. As Mr Farmer dreams of the old days when sweets were everywhere. But on their journey sweets are less abundant, or none at all. A little scary story that’s not that scary for the young ones. !!BOO!!.


by Enyelber Muro Fajardo

Chris is forced to move out of town and thus breaks the routine format of the life he led, but this never imagine in this new city would find a hidden reality in the eyes of humanity for millennia, one an absolute break the form with which bore his old lifestyle. your life will be put at risk but managed to recover and begin to see the world from the deepest feeling wolfish.

Party! (Grandma Bubbles Books for New Readers)

by Marianne McKnight

“Mom, I can read!” Early readers, armed with a basic understanding of short-vowel sounds and a few sight words, will be tickled pink to be able to read “Party!” one of the many books in the Grandma Bubbles Books for New Readers series. Jen and Pam throw a pizza party for all of their friendsâ??and have the time of their lives! This simple but captivating story, combined with colorful illustrations, will appeal to early readers, ages 3 to 6. What a fun way to discover the magic of reading!

Peter John king Moo and Baaa stories On The Buses no;6 (Moo& Baa stories On The Buses)

by Peter john King

On The Buses is the sixth in the compilation of Moo and Baa stories. In this one Moo & Baa go on the bus to the town, well it’s to far to walk. With the Author having fun with their adventure, thing take a funny turn as Oink makes an appearances being piggish eating all the pies.

Samuel Visits the Farm: Winter Wonderland

by Sarah M. Matthias

Join young Samuel for more exciting adventures on Grandpa and Grandma’s farm. Winter brings an all new variety of experiences. High up in the mountains, there is always an abundance of snow and cold during the winter months. There is extra work to be done in order to stay warm and cozy. There are also many fun activities that can only be enjoyed in the snow.

Samuel spends winter days on the farm helping out with gathering firewood, shoveling snow, and clearing the roads. He has fun sledding, ice skating, building a snowman, riding a horse-drawn sleigh, and more.

Scary Scotland 1 Ghosts of Cammo

by Cecilia Peartree

This is the first book in the Scary Scotland series (suggested age range: 8-12).

Waverley didn’t really want to go for a walk that day. Either it would be boring, even more boring than watching his Dad watch the world tiddlywinks championship on the television, or he would meet lots of new people and they would all laugh at him. If they found out what his name was they would laugh even more.

He certainly didn’t feel like laughing when he fell into the maze of underground tunnels and met the Black Widow of Cammo.

Sea Turtles – Animals Explored in Pictures and Words

by Ann Lawrence

Sea Turtles is the first in what will hopefully be a series of books exploring some of the world’s wonderful animals in both pictures and words.

Designed for both the young and not quite so young, this book is best suited to boys and girls of about 8 years of age and older, although younger children will also benefit from the book, as long as their reading is guided.

This particular book takes a look into the life of 7 of the world’s oldest and most incredible creatures. With an ancestry dating back to the early days of the dinosaurs here on earth, the book looks at:

  • The king of the marine turtles – the leatherback.
  • The stunningly beautiful hawksbill sea turtle.
  • The big-headed loggerhead sea turtle.
  • The grazing green sea turtle.
  • The heart-shaped olive Ridley sea turtle.
  • The Australian sea turtle – the flatback.
  • The baby of the marine turtles – the Kemp’s Ridley.

After a lifetime spent studying the animal kingdom at first hand as she has traveled the globe, Ann Lawrence brings the world of these marine creatures to life with some of the most amazing pictures you will find anywhere.

Pick up this beautiful interesting and informative book today at the low price that you will find only for Kindle readers!

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Switches, Switches

by Teresa Mcloughlin

A story of Switches…

and of witches, and why a Switch can’t swap with a witch. Please leave a review after reading.

A modern tale of Switches and witches, based on the clouds over Stevenage

‘First they flatter

because then they will matter,

and what would you do without

their advice?

Then they make you unsure to

your very core,

so you are quiet as mice.

You will be their slave

as they tell you how to behave

and that..isn’t .,. very..nice.’

Things You Might See #4: A Rhyming Picture Book for Kids Learning to Read

by Steve Hodge

Every child will enjoy “Things You Might See #4” whether they’re learning to read or aren’t quite there yet.

Using simple, brightly-colored drawings and often funny rhymes, you’ll read the text accompanying the drawings and point out the last word in each rhyme at the same moment your child sees the word and guesses the rhyme, making the book a fun interactive experience for both you and your child each time you share the book together.

“Things You Might See” Volumes one through three all became #1 bestsellers within days of their publications and “More Things You Might See” was chosen #1 “Hot New Release” the month it was published.

Thousands of children all around the world have enjoyed these books and “Things You Might See #4” is destined to become a favorite of children and the people they love for generations to come.

WEIRD ANIMALS #5 – UNUSUAL – Amazing Pictures and Fun Facts about the World’s Strangest Animals

by Darwin Adams

“interesting” “remarkable” “astounding” “fantastic” “astonishing” “incredible” “amazing”

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You’re not going to believe some of these animals!

All across the world there are amazing creatures. Some are stunningly beautiful; some are incredibly scary and some are impressively weird.

The creatures in this book (#5 in a series of 5) have been selected because of their unique behavior, unusual characteristics, and/or the way they look — which some folks might describe as funny, strange, or weird.

However you characterize these animals, you have to admit that they are interesting. And that is precisely the reason this book exists:

1. to show kids something they’ve never seen before (adults, too!)

2. to give kids some information that is fresh, new and interesting

3. to spark curiosity in children and adults that will be inspiration to learn more about these “weird” animals and the other creatures that share our planet.

Just some of the 34 different animals you will find in this book (Volume 5 of a 5 book series from Darwin Adams) include:

Asian Sheepshead Wrasse – Blue Dragon – Bongo – Celebes Crested Macaque – Douroucouli – Dugong – Fossa – Gelada – Geoduck – Hagfish – Indian Purple Frog – Long-Wattled Umbrella Bird – Mantis Shrimp – Nautilus – Pink Fairy Armadillo – Satanic Leaf-Tailed Gecko – Tarsier – Viperfish – Whitemargin Unicornfish

Watch your child’s imagination take off as they explore this artfully designed book that opens the wonderful world of wacky, wild and weird animals … for each animal there is an up-close-and-personal photograph plus a simple block of text that will peak curiosity and make learning fun for children and adults alike.

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The full series includes:

Weird Animals Book 1 – INCREDIBLE

Weird Animals Book 2 – STRANGE

Weird Animals Book 3 – FANTASTIC

Weird Animals Book 4 – AMAZING

Weird Animals Book 5 – UNUSUAL

PLUS: Weird Birds – Funny Photos and Fun Facts About Some Unusual Feathered Friends


Even though he has traveled extensively and is well educated, adventurer Darwin Adams can still see the world through a child’s eyes. With the ability to direct his insatiable curiosity into focused writing, he is the ideal person to present the natural world he loves to young and old alike. Adams is currently traveling the world on his sailboat “Finch”.

Other Books by Darwin Adams Include:

“Alpha Animals” and “Toxic”

You will find Darwin Adams books listed in various categories including Animals, Science, Nature & How It Works, Zoology, Children’s eBooks, Children’s Books, Science Studies, Marine Life, Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Snakes, Amphibians, Biology, Education & Reference

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Facebook Stalker, Episode One (A Novella Series)

by John Meany

When bestselling romance novelist Scott Howard, meets a fan on Facebook, a playful online relationship develops.

The fan, twenty-five year old Lori Dalton, eventually, after chatting with the well-known author for six months, decides to leave her hometown in Seattle, to drive to Virginia Beach to be with her favorite writer. Lori shows up at Scott Howard’s doorstep, unannounced, excited to finally meet him in person.

At first, author and fan hit it off, but soon when Scott Howard starts having feelings for his ex girlfriend Trixie, jealousy arises and the deadly stalking begins.

Author’s Note: This story was previously released in eight episodes. It has now been condensed into three. Episode One is approximately 30,000 words.

Huzi Goes to Battle for the First Time, with No Gun! (Huzi: The True Story of a Boy Artist Growing Up in the Communist Army)

by Lanjing Zhou

The Kindle Huzi Collection consists of short stories taken from the book Huzi: The True Story of a Boy Artist Growing Up in the Communist Army. This volume tells the story of Huzi’s first few months as a child soldier. The book is a translation of the biography of Cao Zhenfeng (1926-2006), nicknamed Huzi, who was an authority on Chinese folk art, and a Deputy Director of China’s National Art Museum, covering his life up to 1953.
   Cao Zhenfeng’s parents were very poor; they just called him Huzi, meaning “Tiger.” At twelve years old, he joined the Chinese communist Eighth Route Army, and then served as a pictorial-journalist at the front lines of three wars — the Anti-Japanese War, the Liberation War, and the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea. His illustrated reports were widely distributed to educate and encourage the troops and civilians, most of whom were illiterate. Each volume of the Collection focuses upon a particular episode of Huzi’s life, and spans one to three chapters of the book. A synopsis of the book and the list of its chapters are also in each volume.
   These stories are being provided now by popular demand. English speaking children of Chinese parents living outside China especially like the ones about Huzi’s adventures and narrow escapes. Western scholars and students of modern China find in them a fresh, first-hand, eyewitness account of some very important events in China’s recent history. And just about everyone interested in today’s China learn something new — particularly those still engaged in the old debate, “Who Lost China?”; or its present corollary, “China: Friend or Foe?”

Millie Meets Bugger (Lynn’s Girls)

by Lynn Marie Lusch

Puppies, hamsters and Guinea pigs are the stars of this mystery.

Seven year old Lindsey can’t believe she did it AGAIN! She lost her 2nd grade class’s pet hamster, Millie, while she was babysitting her during Christmas break! Where is Millie hiding now? Will Lindsey find her? Who is Chloe and Lulu’s new friend?

Colorful Idioms – Learning Idioms and Phrases (Fun kid series – Idioms and phrases learning)

by Abhimanyu Rajarajan

Colorful idioms is a fun way to learn idioms and phrases . Written by Abhimanyu Rajarajan, the book uses a simple dialogue style between Jack and Jill to explain the idioms about color in English Language. From amber gambler to yellow belly the book throws at us lot of fun filled phrases and explains the usage with simple sentences. Part of the Fun Kid Series, a powerful yet simple book to learn.

This book “Colorful Idioms” , a book on English idioms and phrases, is ideally suited for children but adults too can brush up their idioms quickly. The book’s light and jovial style makes children learn Idioms in a fun way. Coming from the Fun kid Series, this book aims to teach in an interesting way. The dialogues have been framed well so that you never realize you are learning idioms. But as you read, you learn the idioms along the way.The exercises in the end make the idioms stick ton your mind so that you will never forget them.

A peep into one of the pages :

Jill : I still have my doubts if I have green fingers.

Jack : (Peeping and having a look at Jill’s hands ) No Jill, You don’t.

Jill : Oh my Poor Jack, to have green fingers means to be good at gardening.

Jack : I have always believed you are a far better gardener than I am.

Jill : Now Jack, Don’t get green with envy. Stop getting jealous and give me a hand in my gardening

Funny Bunny: Level 2 Reader (Discover Reading)

by Xist Publishing

Discover Reading Early Reader

Bunnies are funny! In this 28-page book, young readers will see bunnies do all sorts of funny things. Read the short sentences with your child and encourage him or her in their learning journey. Level 2 Readers in the Discover Reading series are designed for help children increase their reading vocabulary while still providing them with short sentences and visual cues.

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The Book of Snatcher

by Clotilda Jamcracker

Lewis Harvey is trapped in a world of madness of which there is no escape. After hearing a rumor that money can buy your way to freedom, he sets out on a quest to escape his miserable life. However, this impossible journey runs into some horrifying problems when the one eyed daughter of a voodoo practicing gypsy accidentally kills his mother and his best friend.

And though he walked through the alley of the shadow of lurches, he feared no evil eye, for the talisman of Snatcher was with him. This might not have been such a good thing, because that was what caused all the trouble in the first place.

This book is a hilarious and wildly exciting metaphorical tale about it’s like to be trapped in an insane

family. Escape seems hopeless, but anything is possible, so it goes.

Crushing Turtles

by Ian Sands

Tori crushes turtles. She crushes box turtles and painted turtles, sliders and musk turtles. She secretly wishes she could go to the beach and step on baby sea turtles as they leave the nest. The only turtle Tori hasn’t crushed; the only one she wants to crush, lives in that lake. It waits at the bottom buried in the mud. Tori has never seen it but she knows its there… and she hates it.

Firefighter (Discover Series)

by Xist Publishing

Discover Series Books for Babies & Toddlers

Is the most exciting time at your house when a fire truck rolls by?
FIREFIGHTER brings 25 full-color photos to your fingertips. Each photo has a title beneath it so you’ll never be stumped when your child points to a fire truck and asks for a detailed description. Used as a jumpstart for interaction, Discover Series Picture Books are a great way to introduce new words, images and ideas to kids.

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Kyler’s Tiny Friend

by Parrish Worrell

A cute rhyming book about a tiny spider. Inspired by the “tiny friend” looking over us all.

The Very Odd Sock

by Allison Pennington

Have you ever wondered where socks go? This Christmas story is the tale of one very odd sock who decides to find his lost other half. His adventures take him from washing line to runway! Follow Sock as he builds his business helping other odd socks to find their long lost matches, but when will Sock find his own true match?

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