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by Laing J. Eric

A family and community become swept-up in a tempest of violence and tragedy.

After John Sayre starts slipping off at odd hours from the family farm, his wife Frances begins to suspect that he’s joined a newly-revived chapter of the Ku Klux Klan. By the time their young son discovers the corpse of a lynched black man along the side of a nearby dirt road, Frances Sayre has had enough. But John hasn’t joined the ranks of the murderous KKK as his wife fears. Just the same, John’s secret has the potential to destroy their marriage, if not so much more.

What comes to pass over those heated days of summer, none on any side could have imagined, or wanted.

Kirkus Reviews named CICADA among 2012â?²s new and notable, calling it a beautifully crafted tale with well-drawn characters, adding, “Be sure to read this steamy Southern noir in the AC.”

Assumptions, a Short Story

by James Mulhern

“Assumptions” is a short story/memoir about the relationship between a young boy and an alcoholic woman in the latter years of her life. In September of 2013, the author was selected as a Finalist for the Tuscany Prize in Fiction for this short story.

Regrets and Promises

by Dennis McGarry

Ken Malone, a streetwise city boy of fourteen, isn’t at all surprised when his alcoholic father sends him three thousand miles away to live with his older sister, Cindy. But when Cindy can’t take him in after he arrives, even Ken is shocked to find himself on his own in the foreign land of rural Michigan. With nowhere else to go, he sticks out his thumb and begins the seemingly insurmountable and futile task of hitchhiking back to California, back to the father who had never wanted him in the first place.
Set against that chaotic decade of the 1970’s, Regrets and Promises is a quiet, simple story of an unwanted boy, an old man who felt he had lived too long, and the everlasting impact they had on each other’s lives.

Brian’s Wish

by G. M. Frazier

A poignant tale of love and devotion, Brian’s Wish introduces us to Brian McAlester and Charles Vos, two people who would likely  never meet barring extraordinary circumstances, but fate has a way of increasing the odds.  Brian is an eleven-year-old in foster  care who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.  Vos is a jaded billionaire businessman who established a charitable foundation  that grants the wishes of dying children. Normally, his involvement in granting wishes is limited to writing a check to the foundation each year. All that changes when they receive Brian’s wish.

Pride – Seven Literary Flash Fiction Stories (The Seven Deadly Sins)

by A.S. Anand

A writer reflects on a moment he cannot escape, a secret circle in Hell is revealed while an ostentatious wedding verges on collapse.

Pride is the second in a series of collected stories entitled The Seven Deadly Sins. There are seven flash fiction stories for each one of the seven sins.

So delve into the imagination of this exciting new writer as he explores pride in its various guises.



What happens when three fifty-year old women are blindsided by divorce? They start their own business, that’s what.

After battling their wealthy husbands in court, they are left struggling to pull their lives back together and devise a way to get back on her feet.

Meeting, by chance, at a local group for recently divorced women, they become best friends and business partners. They start an underground sex business, with one specialty.

Fifty-one year old Simone Mills, Fifty-five year old Luna Fiore, and Fifty-year-old Gigi Marcel are out to live life on the edge and on their terms.

They learn that divorce is not the end of their life, it is just the beginning.

**Adult Content**Explicit Content**Mature Audience**

Jo Minus Amy

by Glenis Stott

Come with Jo on an emotional journey. Experience unexpected drops into vivid flashbacks. Look with Jo’s eyes through the lens of a camera. Find out if Jo can ever be happy without Amy

Secret Cages

by Barry Hale

“Beneath the waters of the river, trapped in the chains of the dancing weed, I listened to the rumble of my own escaping breath….”

Reality disintegrates on the riot-torn streets of Paris. Hallucinations and distorted memories collide with the fractured present as the end of a turbulent l’Amour Fou is mirrored in the city’s self-destruction. The Snow Girl wakes from centuries of sleep beneath Arctic ice to lead two lovers to their spectacular demise.

A surrealist descent into dreamspace, a Modern Gothic fairytale.

What readers are saying about Barry Hale’s first novel, Secret Cages

Exquisite and entrancing. Secret Cages reads like a dream, a magical, surreal love story…

Poetry in motion – an air of transcendence.

Ethereal, poetic, abstract… there’s a lot of density here, and obvious delight in the creation of haunting imagery.

You capture your readers in those underwater weeds at the beginning and the text was so beautiful I wanted to stay there.

a tour-de-force of the imagination.

This book has everything. The energy and the passion, the richness of colour and the haunting floating feeling it conjures. Absolutely brilliant.

Watching Faith

by Alasdair Kay

Abruptly cast out of Heaven, Eric awaits the architect who allowed him to enter even after the sins he committed. Eric can return by repenting, but in Heaven there was no memory and how can you repent for something you don’t remember doing?

So the architect must tell Eric’s life story; of an infatuation with Faith and her misunderstood plea that led to Eric’s vigil outside her deserted house; of Seth, Eric’s friend, orphaned and alone in the empty house of his parents; of his own parent’s guilt over Eric’s brother who could have been saved but instead is dying and bitter; and of the neighbourhood, desperate to believe that anything, even Eric’s confused devotion, is a sign that God still knows they exist.

And he must also hear of a very dangerous man who has come in search of revenge and to find his wife, the lovely Faith.

A Man’s Promise

by Michelle Anderson- Picarella

Protection. Love. Vengeance. Secrecy. Each man is worth nothing more than his word. His promise. 7DS Books debuts another thought-provoking theme for this multi-genre short story collection expressing the root of man. Discover the force behind each man in seven different tales of death, deceit, devotion and beyond as they keep their word, no matter the consequences.

Pea Green Renault Dauphine

by G. M. Fahey

A chronicle of a dying man’s secret life prior to raising the family gathered at his deathbed. In related stories we look behind the curtain and follow his evolution. A reckless act of his father’s with the girl he loved scarred him emotionally, caused him to sever ties entirely and begin a new life. We see him become a rigid, laconic husband and father and witness the legacy of a past he’s arduously and completely kept from his family. A few unrelated, amusing stories follow and variously enrich the experience.

Medium Rare Boxed Set

by Kevin Michael


I’ve been a busboy, dishwasher, baker, barista, cashier, and pizza delivery driver. I’ve lived through the highs and lows of the restaurant business. I’ve cleaned up dead rats, watched cooks screw with people’s food, heard tales of walk in cooler blow jobs, and delivered pizzas to S&M parlors. I’ve also seen far too many man boobs for any one delivery driver to stomach.

Main Course

Surly starlets, hot-headed hunks, and demanding divas. That isn’t a page ripped from the tabloids, rather just another day in Jon Timmins life as a server in the famous Hollywood Hills Hotel. But during award weekend, the misbehavior reaches a fever pitch. And finally, Jon snaps. But luckily, he has a plan to get out of hotel purgatory. And it’s going to make for one hell of a weekend.

Note: This boxed set features both the nonfiction account of my life working in the hospitality industry and the fictionalized account of life working at a luxury hotel.

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by Andrew M. Bartlett

When Matthias Bates decided he would attend the University of Education he had no idea it would mean a head first dive into attention deficit drugs. Meanwhile, Phillip is a rising star in the youth soccer scene, until he has his face smashed in. What do they have in common? A small half-white, half-orange pill.

From the author:

When I was a senior in high school we were given a questionnaire to fill out. The questions were about the future. Things such as- “Who do you think will be president in 2020?” and “When you have kids what will you name them?” The only question, out of all of them, I decided to answer was, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” I replied, “Probably dead.” When the year book came out, the only record it had of me was my smiling senior picture and underneath were written the words, “Probably dead.”

And I Shall Be Healed

by Julia Lee Dean

A first-person, fictional account of the experiences of a young British army chaplain both at home in Sussex and with the British Expeditionary Force on the Western Front 1916-7.

Aqua – Mediterranean Nights (Romance Travel Series, Vol. 1, Book 2) (Aqua Romance Travel Series)

by Amanda S. Jones

Step aboard the Aqua as it sails from Venice to the Greek islands and immerse yourself in true love, exotic locations, seduction and sumptuous foods.

Mediterranean Nights is the second book in this series where you’ll meet Agata Sjöberg, who has a difficult time trusting her husband since his affair. You’ll also meet her husband, Bodil Sjöberg, who has felt guilty for his daughter’s withdrawal from her education ever since the affair. After their daughter’s ultimatum, Agata and Bodil find themselves on the cruise ship, Aqua, rekindling lost love. With the help of the ship’s crew, a Greek island and a leap of faith, maybe their daughter’s wish will come true.

The Aqua series, an intimate experience of food, travel and love. In each book, you will journey on the cruise ship Aqua, each story bringing new characters, destinations and experiences, each interwoven with the last. You will also spend time in Chef Amber’s kitchen, at her food workshops or her chef’s table for a sensual and sumptuous food experience – taste the meals, test her methods in your own kitchen or even try some of the character’s moves in your own bedroom!

Love happens on the Aquaâ?¦

Gallery 013

by Jonah Rye

The collected short stories of Jonah Rye.

Sketches about bad divorce and a temple in the jungle, stories about bad education and meeting the parents. And unrequited love.

Tales of encountering the other, in his place, on her terms. Stories of hope and despair, love and loss, of enduring.

Truth and corruption, betrayal and courage. Exploitation, impunity, and nobility.

On and off the road to redemption.

The Rooster Before Dawn

by A. M. Martinez

Like most other 19-year-olds, Emo-rocker Seth Walston struggles to identify his greater purpose in the world until he finds himself writing and distributing his own independent newspaper on the city streets.

The Rooster Before Dawn begins six years after Seth lost his father, a news reporter, in an earthquake disaster. Seth moves into a downtown apartment near the vacant lot where the building his father died in once stood. His dark and harrowing view of the modern world moves along with the rebuilding city of Santa Cruz and the passing seasons in the year of 1995.

As Seth draws attention to the issues that no one else bothers to notice, he finds himself passing through the tribulations of his pot smoking mother & brother, his estranged best friend, a reporter, his uninterested girlfriend, and the Hardcore scene. Seth finally comes to realize his actions were effective when one of his stories gains the attention of a crooked real estate developer and his hired group of thugs.

Vincent (Babylon)

by E L Sinclair

Nestled among the peaceful hills of the countryside, cradled by the gray branches of a fragile wood is a town called Babylon. This is not a place easily found on a map, and there is no highway that passes through it. This is a town of salvation, refuge, revelation, and tragedy. Every story shares in the continued cycle of life, death and rebirth.

In this story, we find a young man named Vincent and his mother at the cemetery. They’re only there for that day, but Vincent meets a young girl from the town. Together they explore the town and its secrets. As the day turns into night, their friendship transforms Vincent, she guides him out of the fog of childhood, and reveals a new edge of existence that had remained hidden to him.

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