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The Roswell Conspiracy: Tyler Locke 3 (An International Thriller)

by Boyd Morrison

For fans of Dan Brown and Clive Cussler, THE ROSWELL CONSPIRACY is a “masterful thriller” (James Rollins) “full of smart, intense action” (Patrick Lee).

After the 1908 Tunguska blast levels a Siberian forest the size of London, a Russian scientist makes an amazing discovery amongst the debris.

In 1947, ten-year-old Fay Allen of Roswell, New Mexico, witnesses the fiery crash of an extraordinary craft unlike anything she’s ever seen.

More than sixty years later, former Army combat engineer Tyler Locke rescues Fay from gunmen who are after a piece of wreckage she claims is from the Roswell incident. Incredulous of her tale, Tyler believes the attack on Fay is nothing more than a burglary gone wrong. But when he finds himself locked in the back of a truck carrying a hundred tons of explosives and heading for a top secret American base, Tyler knows that he has stumbled onto the opening gambit of something more sinister than he ever imagined.

Because disgraced Russian spy Vladimir Colchev is after an Air Force prototype code-named Killswitch, an electromagnetic pulse weapon of unprecedented power. Although Tyler is able to avert catastrophe at the US facility, Colchev gets away with the bomb and plans to turn it on America itself. To complete his mission, he needs only one other key component, a mysterious object recovered from the Roswell crash.

In a desperate race against time, Tyler must unmask a conspiracy a century in the making to rescue the United States from electronic Armageddon.

*** Tyler Locke’s first two adventures are also available!
Book 1: THE ARK (“Mach-speed mayhem” — Steve Berry)
Book 2: THE VAULT (“An electrifying blend of history, myth, and science” — Publishers Weekly starred review)

And check out Boyd’s standalone thrillers:
ROGUE WAVE (“Top-notch suspense” — Douglas Preston)
THE CATALYST (“Frighteningly smart” — Jason Frost, RubiconReader)

“I’ve been a fan of Boyd Morrison since before he was published. In The Roswell Conspiracy, he shows his talent has not stopped growing. Here is a masterful thriller wrought with historical weight, technological prowess, and gut-twisting action, with an ending that left me breathless.”
â??James Rollins, NY Times bestselling author of The Devil Colony

“Sky-high stakes and relentless pacing from beginning to end. A thrill ride full of smart, intense action.”
â??Patrick Lee, NY Times bestselling author of Deep Sky

“Figuring out where fact ends and fiction begins is nearly impossible with Boyd Morrison’s books. The Roswell Conspiracy is a fast paced thrill-ride with enough layers to give the book depth way beyond the frighteningly realistic plot. A perfect blend of historical fact and modern day threats that will keep you guessing late into the night.”
â??Brad Taylor, NY Times bestselling author of All Necessary Force

“Boyd Morrison has done it again! Relentless pace, intricate plotting, and an ending that ratchets up the tension to dizzying heights and keeps it thereâ??seemingly forever. What more could anyone want?”
â??Douglas Richards, NY Times bestselling author of Amped


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Pennsylvania’s Finest

by Michael Banas

Philip Drummer is a newly crowned physician fresh out of medical school. His surgical internship takes him to the prestigious Philadelphia General Hospital where he begins training under the famous Dr. Richard Knight. Dr. Knight is an old school cardiac surgeon whose interests include fast cars and beautiful women. Phil and his fellow classmates soon begin to experience the raw brutality of a one-year surgical internship. They quickly discover that the elder Dr. Knight is obsessed with a surgical mortality ranking that is published in the Philadelphia Chronicle every other year. This ranking compares Dr. Knight to all of the other cardiac surgeons in the region, and fuels his larger than life persona. Unfortunately for all, Dr. Knight’s patients begin to die at an alarming rate, causing his local aura to suffer. To complicate the matter Phil becomes intimately involved with the current mistress of Dr. Knight. A mistress who lives in an opulent world funded by the wealthy and distinguished Doctor Knight. Phil Drummer soon finds himself fighting for survival in the midst of his powerful mentor’s suddenly confused life. A mentor, who once swore to a Hippocratic oath, yet is inexplicably trying to cope with a series of deaths amid a crumbling reputation. For everyone involved at the Philadelphia General Hospital the situation rapidly becomes a matter of life and death – amid rising suspicions as to the exact cause of each fatal event.

Eyes of the Hammer (The Green Beret Series)

by Bob Mayer

From NY Times Bestselling Author, former Green Beret and West Point Graduate, Bob Mayer.

What if US Army Green Berets led by Dave Riley must take on not only criminal drug traffickers but also betray their own government?

A US Army Special Forces team carrying sterilized weapons and unmarked uniforms is on its way to Colombia. The mission: conduct covert, unilateral raids to destroy cocaine processing laboratories.

Of course nothing is as it seems especially once the CIA gets involved. Throw in an Israeli mercenary, betrayal and double-dealing in Washington and the team soon finds itself wondering what the real mission is.

“A scorcher of a novel. Mayer had me hooked from the very first page.” Stephen Coonts

“Exciting and authentic! Author Mayer, a Green Beret himself, gave me a vivid look at the world of the Army’s Special Forces. His portrayal of Green Beret operations and techniques takes you deep into the world of Special Operations.” W.E.B. Griffin.

“If you want action, you’ve got it.” NY Times.

“A thriller that delivers in all areasâ??plot, suspense, authenticity and pace. A masterpiece of technology and suspense. The climax will have the reader yearning for more nails to bite. Not to be missed by fans of the genre.” Library Journal.

“Sizzling, first-rate, war fiction.” Macon Beacon.

“This one will leave you spell-bound.” Books News

The Green Beret Series:

Eyes of the Hammer

Dragon Sim-13


Eternity Base


And Introducing Horace Chase:

Chasing the Ghost

Chasing the Lost

Tahoe Chase (An Owen McKenna Mystery Thriller)

by Todd Borg

Simone Bonnaire, a young French woman who lives in Tahoe, has a sadistic boyfriend who abuses her. Simone’s only friend is Cynthia Rorvik, an older woman who provides comfort.

When Cynthia falls from her deck and ends up in a coma, her 92-year-old, former Olympic ski racer husband Joe Rorvik calls Tahoe Detective Owen McKenna and asks him to investigate.

McKenna discovers a string of deaths that look like accidents. But he can find no other connection between them until he learns that all of the victims opposed a new, proposed ski resort development in Tahoe.

As McKenna gets closer to a devious killer, he realizes that Simone is to be the next victim. But McKenna can’t save her because she has left on a solo ski trek into the Desolation Wilderness, and she is unreachable except by the killer who has been following her and has already begun his final chase…

Bye Bye Baby (a Detective Frank Collins police thriller)

by Allan Guthrie

“A quick, taut thriller … not a word is wasted.” — Ian Rankin

An Amazon top ten bestseller with sales of over 50,000 copies, BYE BYE BABY is a short novella that packs a big punch.

When a seven-year-old boy disappears after school, the case is handed to Detective Frank Collins. He’s been looking to lead a high-profile case for a while, and sets out determined to prove his worth. But the missing schoolboy is only a trigger for another crime. Someone is intent on exploiting the boy’s grief-stricken mother. And they have plans for Frank Collins too.

Praise for BYE BYE BABY

“A terrific read and a great premise from an excellent writer.” — Stuart MacBride

“The approach is so fresh that it makes the whole thing feel like the first time I’ve read a police story.” — Do Some Damage

“a purely original, funny, sharp piece of writing. It has a plot that develops in an unorthodox, non-linear fashion — hardly resembling many of the police procedurals I’ve read. It’s often noted that Guthrie is one of the top working mystery writers, and he certainly lives up to that reputation …” — Death By Killing

“A story that moves quickly, in short chapters of crisp prose, with plenty of plot turns to hold the attention, and characters you can love and others you can hate… Like Guthrie’s full-length novels, Bye Bye Baby is sly, noir as all hell (more noir than some, actually), and it just might bring a tear of pity to your eyes. It’s a police procedural filled with incident and back story, and man, what an ending.” — Detectives Beyond Borders

“a dark, clever, funny and sad story which races along to reach a smart conclusion. A tough and lovely slice of the hard side of life.” — You Would Say That, Wouldn’t You?

Praise for SLAMMER

“SLAMMER is the most relentlessly page-turning novel this reviewer has come across in a long, long time, but Guthrie does so much more than just throw visceral action and sharp banter at the reader, teasing and cajoling us with red herrings and subtle foreshadowing, delving deep inside a mind that is quickly unravelling into psychotic madness. At SLAMMER’s core is a surprisingly subtle examination of what it means to be good or evil, and how easily that distinction can become blurred. Guthrie creates empathy for all his characters — there are no faceless monsters here — and in portraying the prisoners and their guards as two sides of the same human coin, he nails a universal truth about the nature of life and about the way we differentiate good and bad, sanity and madness.” — The Scotsman

“This is Guthrie’s masterpiece to date, grim and brutal in tone, cunning in design and flawless in the telling. Guthrie keeps the numerous plot turns both exciting and believable. There is a surprise twist in the middle of the novel that stuns the reader and makes the pace even faster … SLAMMER is not only artful, it’s real art.” — Bookgasm

“an absolute masterpiece, really should be at the top of everyone’s “must-read” list” — Eurocrime

“Guthrie’s prose is a series of short, sharp shocks, reeking of the visceral brutality of the toughest contemporary noir … those who enjoy the darker side of the genre are in for some serious thrills.” — The Guardian


Allan Guthrie is an award-winning Scottish crime writer. His debut novel, TWO-WAY SPLIT, was shortlisted for the CWA Debut Dagger award and went on to win the Theakston’s Crime Novel Of The Year. He is the author of four other novels: KISS HER GOODBYE (nominated for an Edgar), BAD MEN (aka HARD MAN), SAVAGE NIGHT and SLAMMER and three novellas: KILL CLOCK , KILLING MUM and BYE BYE BABY. He’s also co-founder of digital publishing company, Blasted Heath, and a literary agent with Jenny Brown Associates.

Quinn Checks In (Liam Quinn Mysteries)

by LH Thomson

Action, adventure and an old-school detective mystery!
Liam Quinn is back in his old Philly neighborhood, trying to make amends for the mistakes that landed the ex-boxer, ex-forger a three-year jail stint. It’s tough to go home again, even when the ones you love are looking out for you. Crooks are knocking over galleries and leaving paintings behind; Quinn’s extended family is a quarreling mess; his true love Nora thinks he’s just a swell buddy, and an aging mobster wants his head. But when trouble comes calling? That’s when Quinn Checks In.

What others are saying about kindle mystery books from LH Thomson:

“Just the right balance of wit, action and backstory.” – J. Mike Orenduff, author of The Pot Thief mystery series.

“LH Thomson has hit the jackpot with his main character, Liam Quinn. A major aspect of this book which I greatly enjoyed was the feeling of energy which pulsated through the writing.” – Diana Hockley

Get this 99 cent kindle book introduction to the Liam Quinn series! And check out the array of other detective books from LH Thomson!

Grind Their Bones

by Drew Cross

The original â??Gray Man’ was Albert Fish – serial killer, rapist and cannibal – who was executed in New York’s Sing Sing prison in January 1936 for the murder of Grace Budd, but was believed to have been responsible for the deaths of up to one hundred people.

Some tricks are worth repeating and some tastes never die, so enter the new â??Grey Man’, a gourmet serial killer, who is itching to get his teeth into his next victim.

And if the gruesome results of the killer’s classic cuisine are not chilling enough for Detective Chief Inspector Zara Wade who is leading the investigation, he claims to know her, and that she knows him.

Car Wash Blues (A Mick Murphy Key West Mystery)

by Michael Haskins

Mick Murphy is drawn into a war with the Tijuana, Mexico drug cartel and when he discovers who set it in motion, his life takes a drastic turn to save Tita and himself. A pawn in a game that his black ops friend Norm has set to bring the cartel out of Mexico, Murphy turns to an ex-drug-smuggler and the cartel lawyer, distancing himself from Norm.When things turn from dangerous to deadly for Murphy, he is prepared to go head-to-head with the cartel in Mallory Square, the famous Key West sunset celebration location. Before the sunsets, the celebration looks more like the interior of hell.

Broken: Stories of Damaged Psyches

by Weldon Burge

This is a collection of five horror/suspense stories by Weldon Burge, including:

SIZZLE — A philandering doctor meets a hill man who wants the “sizzle” cut out of his brain

ANOTHER HIGHWAY FATALITY — A college girl, driving alone late at night during a heavy storm, is stalked by a car with a missing headlight

WHITE HELL, WISCONSIN — A snow plow driver, plowing back roads in rural Wisconsin during a blizzard, fights for his life against elusive assailants

PERMANENT DETENTION — A stressed-out teenager believes his History teacher is actually one of the living dead

BLUE EYE BURN — A Vietnam veteran is haunted by a terrifying incident involving a young Vietnamese girl

The Gypsy Hill Murders (The Ralph Chalmers Mysteries)

by P. J. Thurbin

The Gypsy Hill Murders is the work of P. J. Thurbin, a new writer to the fictional crime scene. He has a unique and fast moving style that will appeal to the reader who likes mysteries that are in the genre of those by John Grisham and M.C. Beaton.
His book has all the ingredients that one would expect to find in a classic murder mystery. It is centered on an ivy covered Victorian house set within the campus of a modern University just outside London. A group of five academics find themselves embroiled in a series of vicious attacks that are linked to incidents that took place 100 years earlier.
The main character, Ralph Chalmers, a Professor of International Business, attempts to unravel the links between a 100 year old skeleton found on the site and a series of recent attacks in the University, while at the same time courting an old flame from his days as a student at Cambridge University. Inspector Linham and his Sergeant Wilson also strive to apprehend the villains and lend an air of authenticity to the investigations.
As the plot thickens, various members of the academic staff are seen to have motives that would also implicate them in the events that unfold. The atmosphere of jealousy and mistrust is stimulated by the character of the head caretaker, Jack Welsh, a retired army Master at Arms who has compelling reasons for wanting to unravel the mystery.
The book is fast moving in that the plot moves to Australia, France, Monte Carlo, and the world of diamond trading, while delving into the backgrounds and lives of the main characters. A final twist will leave the reader surprised at how greed and desperation can result in tragedy.
Thurbin manages to entertain by depicting the frailties of his main characters in all too familiar ways, while at the same time adding just enough intrigue to keep the reader turning the pages. This novel is for anyone who likes the thrill of a good mystery with plenty of action coupled with the element of surprise.

Rough Justice In Academia (The Ralph Chalmers Mysteries)

by P.J. Thurbin

Rough Justice in Academia is the work of P.J. Thurbin, a relatively new writer to the fictional crime scene. His fast moving style will delight the reader who enjoys a likeable cast of characters while at the same time is challenged with having to unravel a mystery. This is the second in a series of books featuring Ralph Chalmers, full time university professor and part – time sleuth. It is centered on a modern University campus situated near the town of Kingston upon Thames just 12 miles from London. A group of academics find themselves embroiled in the murder of a retired colleague as he and his wife leave a local theatre. Professor Ralph Chalmers attempts to unravel the links between an incident involving suspected cheating by two students while taking their final University examinations some 20 years earlier and the murder.
While Inspector Linham and his Sergeant Wilson attempt to apprehend the perpetrator of the crime, Ralph has his own views, aided by his friend and former colleague Katie Eggerton midst suggestions of KGB and mafia involvement. When Ralph asks Sir George Rainton, one of the students involved in the long ago cheating incident, to be the keynote speaker at the spring conference, things begin to go decidedly awry.
The fast paced action moves between inmates at Holloway Prison, investigators working for MI6, germ warfare at government research establishments and the seemingly tranquil campus of the university which are all woven into the plot. It culminates with a banquet that the University hosts at Henry VIII’s historic palace at Hampton Court which provides an exciting setting for further mayhem. The dénouement demonstrates how greed and revenge can result in tragedy for villain and innocent bystander alike. This novel is a must for anyone who enjoys the thrill of a good murder mystery coupled with characters who become familiar friends.

Star Power (Terror Trails)

by Ed Schweizer

A Los Angeles police officer retires to a small town in Arizona only to find evidence of a serial killer the town is trying to hide lest it scare off tourists. He eventually joins a small, mostly Apache police force, to track down the “Ghost” who kills in the old, gruesome Apache ways.

Murder Goes to Church

by C.D. Jarmola

It’s amazing how many thoughts can go through your head when someone is dying in your arms. Kool-Aid and kids. Will the stains on the carpet ever come out? Is it contagious? But the most desperate thought churning through Chrissy Chronister’s mind was a hysterical mantra of “Please, don’t die. Please, don’t die. Please, don’t die.” But she did anyway.

When Chrissy Chronister agrees to help in her small community church’s vacation Bible school she knows that it will be a hectic week of making crafts, telling stories and singing songs. However, she never expects it to land her in the middle of a murder investigation with her friends, fellow church members and possibly even herself being the prime suspects.
Chrissy is a spunky, petite blonde (all adjectives she hates) mother of eleven-month-old, Lukas, along with her husband, Luke, living in south Georgia.
As the newest church member Chrissy is stuck with the team teacher from hell, Ramona Snyder, a self-centered thorn in the flesh at United Community Church. However, she also is the richest woman around and her tithe is all that keeps the church solvent.
The theme for the week is “God’s Beautiful World,” emphasizing saving our ecology. Thus, everyone has his/her own labeled eco-cup to be used each day during snack time. Day one Chrissy is already hearing Ramona making threats that she will be withholding her money from family members and causes if things do not change to her specifications.
By the end of the second day Chrissy is holding a dying Ramona in her arms.
The evidence shows that Ramona’s eco-cup has been poisoned. The only people with access are fellow members of UCC including Bro. Michael, the pastor accused of embezzling, his wife Melanie, John, whose farm Ramona foreclosed on, his pregnant teenage daughter Peggy, who Ramona disdained, Scott the youth minister, who Ramona had accused of having inappropriate relations, Emilie Anne the church secretary, Deacon Melvin, Ramona’s own children, Suzanne and Rick, and her husband Max.
Chrissy is unwillingly drawn into the investigation. She tries to distance herself, but motherhood forces her back where she unintentionally finds clues through the help of her mischievous son. Due to Lukas’ baby monitor, blankie, tipping over trash cans, getting into ladies’ purses, crawling places he shouldn’t and destroying the story of Abraham and Isaac from his storybook, Chrissy finds skeletons that her fellow parishioners thought were deeply buried.
Will Chrissy and baby Lukas solve the crime before the uncovered secrets tear their little church apart?

Murder at High Tide (The Ralph Chalmers Mysteries)

by P. J. Thurbin

Thurbin does not disappoint in this, his fourth book in the Ralph Chalmers mystery series. When Ralph finds himself the beneficiary of a rather sizeable inheritance from his Uncle Harry, he decides to throw his usual caution to the wind and uses it to buy a yacht and a cottage on the North Devon coast. The discovery of an abandoned fishing trawler in a rocky cove soon sets the scene for his involvement in gang warfare, smuggling and possibly murder. Not surprisingly, the feisty Katie Eggerton, his friend and assistant, joins him in applying his sleuthing skills to investigate a series of mysterious happenings near the sleepy seaside village of Clovelly. Katie indulges her passion for horse riding on the moors while Ralph takes time from his work to join a watercolour painting workshop. Their summer idyll is shattered when it becomes clear that the death of an Olympic Show jumper from what was thought to be a riding accident has more sinister implications.

The Devon police and Europol investigate an International smuggling operation linked to Al Qaeda and grudgingly accept help from Ralph and Katie. A pair of eccentric antiques dealers, a flamboyant restaurant owner, a wealthy retired industrialist and the stressed out local doctor are just some of the many characters that our adventurous pair get to know at the Vicar’s garden party.

The story culminates with our intrepid duo setting a trap for the mastermind behind an international smuggling gang and as usual adding an exciting twist that will engross and delight the reader.

Thurbin’s characters are, as always, engaging, and his research impeccable. This book is a must for the reader who likes to unravel a mystery and at the same time be transported into the classic English countryside and a local culture that has hardly changed over the past 100 years. You can almost smell the salt breeze and hear the seagulls wheeling overhead as Thurbin’s stalwart hero does his part to keep the wheels of justice turning. A must for current Ralph Chalmers fans and for mystery enthusiasts searching for a thoroughly enjoyable read.

Nothing Save the Bones Inside Her

by Clayton Lindemuth

“It’s hard to turn the other cheek with a rifle barrel in your mouth.”

In 1957 rural Pennsylvania, Angus Hardgrave works an oil rig, fights dogs, distills Walnut Whiskey… and murders wives, friends, anybody.

The presence in the walnut tree on a spur called Devil’s Elbow instructs Angus what to do, and so far, following the visions has led Angus to a simple country bounty.

But Angus wants more.

Alone when her father dies, eighteen-year-old Emeline Margulies decides to follow the voice of God in all things. When she hears that she is to escape the clutches of a violent Korean War vet by marrying Angus Hardgrave–a man rumored to have pitiable luck with wives–she humbles herself and follows God’s will.

And finds herself trapped between a stalking rapist and a serial killer. As each decision leads her closer to destruction, Emeline must choose between following the faith that got her into trouble…

Or the moxie, resolve, and evil within that promise to get her out.

Who Killed My Boss? (a Sam Darling mystery)

by Jerilyn Dufresne

A few minutes after he hires Samantha Darling as a therapist, Dr. Burns is murdered. Stunned by his sudden death and desperate to keep the job she just got, Sam vows to find the killer.

She has two things going for her. The first is that her brother Rob is a cop, and she figures the crime-solving thing has to be genetic. The second is that Sam is a little bit psychicâ??a trait she’s come to accept, though it can be inconvenient at times.

With the help of her landlord and her dog, Sam sets out to solve the murder. Along the way, she spends time with the hot new guy in town and tries NOT to spend time with her old beau.

Using her “psychic vibes,” her wit, and her charm, Sam bumbles along and finally solves the mystery, but not before going in the wrong direction more than once.

The Last Will and Testament of Ernie Politics

by Brad Grusnick

Ernie Politics, a schizophrenic albino with a penchant for political rants and crackpot conspiracy theories, has been murdered. The LAPD has no interest in wasting time and manpower on the random death of one homeless man, so Ray Cobb, Ernie’s best friend, decides to investigate the murder for himself.

Finding a cryptic note Ernie scrawled days before his death, Ray realizes that Ernie’s crazy ravings and irrational writings may contain hidden clues about the identity of his killer. Ray’s investigation pulls him deep into the dangerous underworld of the Los Angeles streets, leading him to discover a vagrant underground railroad, a poker game where the stakes are one’s life, and a political conspiracy that entangles him with a LAPD cold case detective.

Ray uncovers more about Ernie than he expects to and learns that when you live on the streets, the only person you can trust is yourself.

I Will Come for You (An Isaac Marquette Novel)

by Suzanne Phillips

Graham Marquette is chief of police of the small coastal town of King’s Ferry, but his need to apprehend the serial killer who shattered his youth is far more personal than professional.

A man who has lost too much already, Graham struggles to understand and protect his son, resist a seducative involvement with the killer’s only survivor, and find justice for the brother who never had a chance.

Praise for Phillips’ earlier work:

Phillips’ writes “in precise, excruciating details. . .” Her writing is “thought-provoking and incisive” and has “staying power.” Publisher’s Weekly

Phillips’ writing is “chillingly real” and “horrifies and disturbs.” Kirkus Review

Formerly titled After Dead.

The Dorich House Mystery (The Ralph Chalmers Mysteries)

by P. J. Thurbin

Professor Ralph Chalmers is on the sleuthing trail again in Thurbin’s third book in the series. This time he is teamed up with the indomitable Katie Eggerton, friend, and former inmate of Holloway Women’s prison. This is yet another cracking yarn of murder and intrigue involving international art dealers, petty criminals and the world of underworld fraudsters.
When an art valuer in London is found murdered shortly after assessing the University’s collection at Dorich House, it doesn’t take long for Ralph and his new sidekick to get in on the action.
On the home front, Inspector Linham and his faithful Sergeant Wilson play by the book and tow a fine line to solve the murder while at the same time accepting any help they can get from Chalmers.
Ralph and Katie become embroiled in the murky dealings that underpin the shadier side of the multi-billion dollar world of art when they travel to Paris and St Petersburg as part of Ralph’s fund raising efforts for the University. It doesn’t take the pair long to link the murder to a plot to intercept a valuable collection of paintings that are to be shipped from the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg to Houghton Hall in the English countryside.
Although Ralph is on sabbatical, he still has time to join his pals at the University bar where they are in usual good form, ready to offer advice and good humour along with the occasional pint.
The story culminates with the murderer being confronted by Ralph while attempting to flee the country. But as usual there is an ironic twist to the ending that will surprise and delight the reader.
The book is topical as in the Spring of 2013 the Hermitage shipped the Sir Robert Walpole collection from St. Petersburg to the Marquess of Cholmondeley’s Houghton Hall in Norfolk for a major exhibition. Hopefully the fiction presented in this book will remain so.

The Institute (The Shadow Sweeper series)

by Thomas E. Montgomery

The Institute is a top-secret organization in Maryland near Washington DC. Its mission is obscure. Even its existence is known to but a few.
Outside the grounds, the Institute is thought to be an expensive, privately owned sanitarium. Their patients, who are their operatives, are availed the product of years of technical advancements in covert processes. Their minds are cleaned before a mission and then imprinted with only mission critical data. No need to pretend. They are their cover identities. They have no knowledge to leak to the enemy. Once back from the mission, their minds are returned to a pre-mission state. Fool proof.

Jackson Jethro Lanski, an operative, goes on missions for the Institute.
There is a mystery girl. Jackson is curious about her circumstances and investigates between assignments.

Mistaken Trust (The Jewels Trust Series)

by Shirley Spain

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Intended for brave readers not intimidated by strong language, violence, and sexual situations and the gasps and cringes they may induce throughout this novel. This is the first novel in the six-book series where trust spells MURDER.

Wealthy. Beautiful. Strong-willed. Widowed nearly eighteen months ago due to a freak accident that claimed her husband’s life, Jewels may be ready to seek companionship and love again.

But a murdering psychopathic stalker, known as the Commander, has other plans. He wants her and will stop at nothing to have her.

Ruthlessly kidnapped, she is held prisoner by a violent covert militia in their mountain hideout. Jewels is forced to do whatever is necessary to survive and avoid the hideous tortures of the demented Commander. Even if she must resort to trusting one of her captors. The right choice may lead to freedom. Perhaps even love. Mistaken trust, however, will almost guarantee horrible torment and a ghastly death.

Whom will she trust? Will her choice help her escape? Could she be falling in love with him, or is she a victim of Stockholm Syndrome? Or will stubbornness and mistaken trust lead to her demise?

If you dare … join the sexy and independent heroine, Jewels, in this heart-pounding suspenseful first episode of the six-book Jewels TRUST series by downloading Mistaken Trust now. THANK YOU and ENJOY!

Ratchet -COMPLETE SERIES *Books 1, 2, 3 and 4*

by Shon Cole Black

SPECIAL BONUS -Books 1, 2, 3 and 4

“RATCHET” is the story of Miss Rayqelle Davis; the stepdaughter of a Chicago police officer who grows up in a seriously dysfunctional home and turns to the streets as a means of escape.

Broken and torn apart by physical and psychological abuse at the hands of her alcoholic mother, Rayqelle leaves the safety of the suburbs to live with her grandmother on Chicago’s southside. There she quickly develops an insatiable fascination for the dangerous side of hood life.

That’s when she meets Chance, an extremely handsome, very intelligent, hugely talented artist from a wealthy family who turns her world upside down.

Project Lullaby

by T.L. Onyx

A killer walks among us. Raged by a corporate conspiracy, the assassin within Debra beckons with the fruitful temptation of revenge. Living in a world without boundaries, the lone murderess sets out to even a score and prevent future chaos caused by a nefarious clan known as the Left Group.

A second killer overwhelmed with the same predicament, takes a different path. Sizer, plagued by her bloody past, tries to live an inconspicuous life among the citizens in the sleepy town of Paramount. However, just when her recently-gained existence is starting to make sense, she learns of Debra’s trial and her past comes back to haunt her. Trapped between making a new life and fighting her old one, Sizer collides into one situation after the next before settling on a last resort.

Both women have a sordid history drowned in secrets, lies, and corpses. Two women raised the same, see life so differently. In exposing herself, Debra gains alliances and bonds, whereas Sizer would gain only scrutiny and doubt. Join these two women as tensions rise and knowledge of an experimental program that threatens countless numbers of lives comes to the surface – a program, most appropriately deemed, Project Lullaby.

Dying To Get Here: A Story of Coming to America

by Matt Lawrence

Dying to Get Here is set in a small barrio near Havana, Cuba in 1994. Paco Robaina, the son of a tobacco plantation owner in the 50s, was raised in a privileged lifestyle but, like many fellow Cubans, is now at his wit’s end trying to provide for his family. Since the overthrow of the government by Fidel Castro in 1959, he has been helpless in preventing his own demise.
Reduced to living on government rations, and occasional U.S. dollars earned by his lovely daughter Maslinda, he often sits on the steps in front of his four room concrete hovel on a dusty, pot-holed street. His soul hounds him to find a better way of life for his family and he reluctantly makes the decision to make an attempt at a passage to freedomâ?¦.,

Long Way Down (A Gus Dury crime thriller)

by Tony Black

Gus Dury is down on his luck and looking for distraction when Danny Murray asks him to find his old school friend, Barry Fulton. Fresh from jail, and attracting the attention of a new breed of Irish gangster, Barry is treading a fine line between his past and the activities of present-day Edinburgh crimelord, Boaby ‘Shakey’ Stevens.

Dury knows Barry has put a time-bomb round his neck and if he can’t defuse the situation the consequences for his old friend don’t bear thinking about. As the clock ticks Dury finds himself sliding the Long Way Down a winding spiral of tension and despair as he tries to save Barry from his own impending destruction at the hands of those who know brutality as a way of life.

Long Way Down is a 14,000-word novella from the author of the Random House UK Gus Dury series: Paying for It, Gutted, Loss, and Long Time Dead.

Praise for Long Way Down:

‘Black’s Gus Dury novels revelled in their hardcore authenticity and
this novella is both an update and a reminder of Dury’s intoxicating
-Daily Record

Praise for the Gus Dury series by Tony Black:

‘Tony Black is the latest of the seemingly unending stream of good Scottish
crime writers who have in common the ability to portray vividly the
underbelly of Scottish inner-city criminality … The dialogue fizzes
and the whole is suffused with black humour’
-The Times

‘Tony Black’s first novel hits the ground running, combining a sympathetic
ear for the surreal dialogue of the dispossessed with a portrait of the
belly of a city painted in the blackest of humour’
-The Guardian

‘If you’re a fan of the Ian Rankins, Denise Minas and Irvine Welshes of this world, this is most certainly one for you’
-The Scotsman

‘Ripping, gutsy prose and a witty wreck of a protaganist makes this another
exceptionally compelling, bright and even original thriller’
-Daily Mirror

‘Tony Black is my favourite British crime writer and Gus Dury the genre’s
most interesting protagonist. Like his previous books, Loss has the
power, style and street swagger that makes most of his contemporaries a
little bland by comparison’
-Irvine Welsh, author of Trainspotting

‘Tony Black has written two of the finest crime novels to come out of the UK
in the past twenty years and I’m willing to bet that in twenty years,
Paying for It and Gutted will be in the top ten of any crime list. But
now comes Loss … Phew-oh … It’s like having yer ass kicked and yer
heart shrived simultaneously. What a privilege to watch a master writer
achieve everything you’d hoped for and then some’
-Ken Bruen, author of London Boulevard

Serial Killers Incorporated

by Andy Remic

Meet Callaghan, a hard-drinking, drug-fuelled, womanising no-good son-of-a-bitch. He’s the amoral hardcore photographer for Black & White, the tabloid rag that tells it as it is. Or at least, how it should be.

Callaghan’s in way too deep with Mia, his Mexican stripper girlfriend… and even deeper with Sophie, estranged wife to Vladimir “Vodka” Katchevsy, infamous Romanian gun-runner and self-eulogising expert at human problem solving. People start to die. And Callaghan’s caught in the middle. A situation even his Porsche GT3, Canary Wharf Penthouse suite and corrupt politician contacts can’t solve.

At the nadir of his downward spiral, Callaghan is approached by a man: a serial killer who brings him a very unique and dangerous proposition…



SERIAL KILLERS INCORPORATED is an EBOOK original novel by ANDY REMIC, author of Spiral, Quake, Warhead, War Machine, Biohell, Hardcore, Cloneworld, Theme Planet, Kell’s Legend, Soul Stealers and Vampire Warlords.

“Who kills the killers?”


“Remic writes books that don’t hang about. His prose is solid and easy to read, it’s unlikely to win any literary awards but it’s perfectly suited to this kind of story. Violence, blood and sex are his forte and he uses them well… Did I enjoy it? Yes I did, the humour works, the violence is quite lovingly and inventively described and even the sex scenes are done well. If you like bastards doing bastardly things to each other with a smattering of sex and much use of profanity, then I think you’ll dig this.”
A Gathering of Opinions on Serial Killers Incorporated

“Serial Killers Inc is a fast paced, high octane, no holds barred rollercoaster of a story that twists and turns like a rattlesnake on speed. This is a story not for the faint of heart, or those who are easily offended, as we are shown the seedier side of life in all its unadulterated glory… Overall a great story and I love the fact that none of the central characters are safe which keeps you on the edge of your seat. Go out and buy this. It’s the closest you’ll get to an adrenalin rush sitting in your living room.”
Geek Syndicate on Serial Killers Incorporated

“This is a thoroughly enjoyable book, that is easy to read and relate to (not sure what that says about me). If you like fast paced action in a modern setting then this book will be right up your alley, and any book with a GSXR is off to a good start.”
Tony’s Views on Serial Killers Incorporated

“I’ve read all of Mr Remic’s work and this is without doubt one of the darkest things he has ever written. It is brutal and raw and I was immediately caught up in it. Characters suffer physically and psychologically, no-one walks away unscathed. The secrets that are exposed have lasting effects and repercussions. I think it’s fair to say I was totally unprepared for where the novel ended upâ?¦ A word of advice, this is not a novel for the faint of heart as it deals with some very adult themes. The violence is graphic and unrelenting, the sex is explicit and the language is enough to make my mother blush. I should point out that my mother has a mouth on her like a sailor on shore leave.”
The Eloquent Page on Serial Killers Incorporated

“Remic’s books are not read, they are experienced, and when you get out the other side you feel like you’ve just parachuted yourself out the back of a plane… Serial Killers Incorporated is a no-holds-barred novel; massively entertaining, scary, exciting and brutally nasty. I defy you to read it and not have a grin on your face when you’re finished.”
Morpheus Tales on Serial Killers Incorporated

The Case of Insuring Seduction: Book one in the Stacy McCray legal suspense series (THE STACY McCRAY SERIES)

by Beth Gray

This is the first story in the Stacy McCray Series.

The Stacy McCray series is based on the life of a red headed divorce lawyer who hunts for new clients by trolling the single bar scenes in Atlanta’s trendy north side.
The novellas and short novels are about divorce cases Stacy is involved in, much like a Perry Mason series, but with an open view of the erotic nature involved in a divorce situation. The stories are told from Stacy’s point of view and include a delicate balance of humor, seriousness and strong sexual tension.

In “The Case of Insuring Seduction”, an executive with an insurance company is seduced by the very agent he hired and trained the fine art of flirting. He never expected she would use this skill in blackmailing him and other executives where he worked. When Stacy discovers who the blackmailer’s father is, she has to uses her skills as a lawyer to have the case settled quietly. Brent, Stacy’s lover and a private detective has his work cut out for him as he arranges a trap and hopes for the best.

Lynch (Rider Book 2)

by Peter J Merrigan


Eighteen months after their ordeal in London, Kane Rider and Margaret Bernhard are secured in witness protection and moving on with their lives.

But Alberto Ramirez isn’t about to let them off so easily.


Ex-Spanish soldier turned hired-hitman Miguel Fernandez has a taste for blood. Employed by kingpin Ramirez, he’s now on the trail of a man and woman who disappeared a year and a half ago.


Interpol detective Ann Clark, responsible for getting Kane and Margaret into witness protection, is at a loose end. Suspended from the force for a careless mistake, but determined to protect her charges, the decisions she makes now will have consequences for them all.

This fast-paced sequel to the Number 1 bestselling RIDER will have you page-turning long into the night.

The Grey Lady of Havenridge

by A B King

For Carol Penner, a young, happily mannered school teacher it was even better than winning the lottery, right out of the blue she learns that she has suddenly inherited a fortune from an uncle she never even knew had existed, along with an ancient house set on an island off the coast of a particularly remote part of the British Isles. Along with her husband and two of her friends she visits the house called Havenridge, and here she meets a writer called Barry Ingram. But all is not as it seems, and danger appears to threaten her, and she hears of the legend of a family ghost known locally as the â??Grey lady’ which initially she treats as just an interesting story. But one strange event follows upon another, one by one the things that Carol has always held to be immutable in her life are destroyed or discarded, and there is the strange unknown figure that appears to be dogging her footsteps, yet nobody else can see. Reluctantly at first she has to accept that the legend of the Grey Lady is more than just a story, just as she has also to accept that her own life is in danger. But who or what is trying to destroy her? Who can she trust, who will help her? When, in a final culminating scene of horror the Grey Lady appears for the last time, who will be her final victim?


…….His eyes widened first in growing disbelief at what he was seeing and then, as the full enormity of what his eyes were telling him sank in, they bulged in ever growing horror and despair. He suddenly knew exactly what was happening; reason said that it couldn’t be, yet the fate he always instinctively knew would befall him in the end was now inexorably bearing down on him, a fate he knew he could never escape. His mouth opened as if to cry out, but no sound issued from his paralysed throat. He turned, and tottered desperately across the room, reaching out with claw- like fingers for the bell-rope, knowing even as he did so it was futile, for he accepted with unquestioned certainty that he was now past all human aid. …….

Behind the Blue Door: 230 Periwinkle Place

by Jayne Ormerod

Can you have a future if you can’t remember the past?

When Skye Crenshaw Whitmore is shown a picture of a house with a blue door, she recalls living there as a young girl. At first the memories are of the warm and fuzzy variety; little moments spent gardening or reading with her mother. Upon learning that the house on Periwinkle Lane is where her mother died, darker memories bubble to the surface but fail to assemble into a complete picture. With more questions than answers, she sets off to find out what exactly happened in that house thirty years ago.

Skye soon learns that old memories never die, they just waitâ?¦Behind the Blue Door.

(In the interest of full disclosure, the author would like to make it clear this book is a novella, which translates to about 1/3 the length of a traditional novel. It still has all the elements of a strong story, but without subplots and secondary characters. The product is a tight, strong, quick read.)

Shake the Trees

by Rod Helmers

This plot-driven thriller introduces Tillis – a Southern-fried sleuth with a slow drawl, a warped sense of humor, and a steel-trap mind. When $150 million goes missing, popular Governor Chuck Lord calls on Tillis to investigate. Vengeance and greed pervade a cast of co-conspirators that start dropping like flies. Tillis soon discovers that things aren’t as they seem, and matches his unconventional style against the psychotic genius of his adversary and a double cross by unseen hands.

At the Cabin

by Whisper Lowe

A family vacation goes terribly wrong when seven-year-old Teddy Gruber wanders away from a family picnic and stumbles into a marijuana farm. What is going to happen to the boy once he is taken captive? His father Hal Gruber, a special agent with Federal Bureau of Investigation, must act quickly to solve the drug case and save his little boy. This mystery/drama by best selling author, Whisper Lowe, takes the Gruber family on yet another harrowing adventure.

Gold Bug (Violet Spree Agency #1)

by Zelda Dante

Drones, surveillance, a government conspiracy… and online dating. The first novella in a genre-bending conspiracy series connected by the mysterious Violet Spree Agency, Gold Bug charms and chills in equal measure.

Oscar and Elizabeth meet on a blind date. Oscar stung by his previous relationship, Elizabeth an intoxicating force of nature who seems familiar to Oscar though he isn’t sure why… Both of them hopeful, both of them with secrets.
…Gold Bug will start a habit you won’t dare to break. An exciting new series.” – Leonard Lynch, author of CRIMINAL

By the same author:TELL TALE

The E-Book Murders (Global Crime Prevention Unit #1)

by A.D. Vates

Global Crime Prevention Unit – a new way of tackling mysteries and fighting crime.

Will Doyle had not spoken to his sister Chloe for five years. But after she invited him to her house in South London, he is asked to join the mysterious G.C.P.U. – an elite team who utilise the power of the internet and modern technology to solve complex mysteries and crimes.

Unsure if he will join, Will nevertheless shadows the team on a particularly unusual case…

The E-Book Murders is the first novella in an exciting new series of futuristic crime novellas called G.C.P.U.(Word Count: Approx. 30,000 words)


“Sorry to interrupt but can we backtrack here for a second – what is Foursquare – look, I do know about Facebook cos a few mates of mine made me sign up, but…”
“I’m prayin’ to God ya didn’t put all your info up there,” Nepthys interrupted. There was no mistaking her Californian accent when it was set against the others’ middle class London accents.
“I just filled in all the forms, like you would with any form.”
“Even your birthday and hometown?”
“Of course. Should I not have?”
“Facebook’s a bit like Hotel California – ‘You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave’.”
“What Nepthys means is that once you upload your details onto Facebook they’ll hold them forever – even if you eventually remove yourself from their site.” Chloe said. “How are the modifications to the MQ1 Predator coming along?”
“I’d rather talk about it when we know for sure if he’s on our side.” Nepthys replied, while glaring coldly at Will.

But it wasn’t just her dress sense, she had also mastered the art of moving with stealth in an urban environment. She found that if she walked at certain angles in different enclosed spaces and repeated these movements, most people would fail to notice the repetition of her movement. And this led to strange experiments, such as when she walked across the same crossing near Tottenham Court Road Station two hundred and twelve times before anyone noticed her and thought she was lost, or when she managed to walk around the dance-floor in the Ministry of Sound without being accosted by a single guy for the entire night.
Now, she decided that she needed to examine the men’s toilets to see if she could find any evidence there. She looked around the room to see how many men were sitting on the ground floor, she counted four and then she went to the first floor and saw seven men. As she walked round the first floor, giving the impression that she was looking for a friend, she examined each of their drinks to see how much was left. Half of the men though, had closed white cups for their coffees, so she tried to work out how much was left in these drinks by looking at how they lifted their drinks and to see if this gave away their drink’s weight and in turn how much was left in each cup. To her delight, when she looked at one of these cups after one of the men left the first floor, she learned that her guess for his cup was emphatically accurate.

CSI Effect: A Short Story

by Liberty Speidel

The CSI effect has made juries less likely to convict when faced with a circumstantial case. LT Dwayne Holligan faces this problem in his most recent case, the murder of Sarah Donovan, the girlfriend of a fellow officer. When the D.A. tells Holligan to cut the killer loose, the young officer decides to take matters into his own hands… Can he thwart the reviled CSI effect?

2300 words

SON OF A ITCH (A J.J. McCall Novel) (The FBI Espionage Series)

by S.D. Skye



On the lam from the FBI, the ICE PHANTOM continues with plans to defect to Moscow but not before seeking revenge on J.J. McCall. Meanwhile, the FBI commences Task Force PHANTOM HUNTER, a team ordered by Director Russell Freeman to track down suspected Russian illegals within the U.S. Intelligence Communityâ??and not a moment too soon. An agent of the Russian Intelligence Services is targeting the nerve center of U.S. national security, taking the lie-detecting FBI Agent and her cohorts’ next mole hunt to the highest echelons of the U.S. government.

J.J. and her co-case agent lead the motley crew of spy catchers while she struggles to deal with sobriety, conflicting feelings for Tony and Six, and an egotistical Secret Service agent whose jurisdictional stonewalling complicates her every effort to identify the culprit before he gets awayâ??with murder.

If you enjoy this book, you will love Book 1–The Seven Year Itch (A J.J. McCall Novel).

A Time Of Essence

by DL Kilcrease

The boundaries of time and reality can stretch in surprising ways. And, even those closest to you may not be what they appear to be.

Atrocity, deception, bravery, commitment… all combine in the small, southern town of Glendylan, awaiting Thomas MacLachlan. His colleague has been murdered, and he’s come to find out why. As he investigates the crime, Thomas finds an abiding darkness of intimidation, violence, and continuing vestiges of slave days thought long gone. But these entwine with a century-old mystery, shaping the cryptic mentality of the only people who can lead him to the answers he seeks. Help comes to Thomas from the past and present alike, as the town’s most hidden secret is brought to light, and a long-delayed judgment is brought to its people.

Once a Lover…

by Larry Townley

Former Dallas cop and Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew Chilton is in the middle of prosecuting the biggest case of his life, which could make or break his career, especially now that he is poised to be the next U.S. Attorney in Michigan when his boss, George Markham, the current U.S. Attorney, retires in the next few months.
To further complicate matters, Andy receives an unexpected Facebook friend request from an old girlfriend, Alexis Nelson, whom he hasn’t seen in more than 20 years, and decides to honor it as he had always wondered what had become of her. Their extremely hot romance had ended 20 years earlier in large part thanks to Alexis’ meddling mother.
Although it starts out innocently enough, Andy quickly realizes that he still has unresolved feelings for Alexis, and unbeknownst to him, she has the same feelings for him. He also realizes that they should have never broken up in the first place.
When they both have an unexpected opportunity to meet in Washington, DC, they realize that they must come to grips with their feelings. Will their meeting be strictly platonic, or will they rekindle their old flaming hot romance?

Warning: Mature Audiences Only. Explicit sexual content and adult language.

One For The Rook (Blake Hetherington Mysteries)

by D S Nelson

The second novella in the Blake Hetherington mysteries series and twice as long as the first, Blake is once more embroiled in a tale of deception, when a murder takes place on his beloved allotment.

It is said that an Englishman’s home is his castle. For Blake it is his beloved allotment. That is until he discovers a body in amongst the vegetables.

With the Rambleteers threatening the future of the allotments and an escaped prisoner on the loose, are any of the plots safe?

With the help of Delilah Delibes will Blake unravel the mystery before another death occurs?

More importantly, who will win first prize at the Tuesbury Autumn Show?

One For The Rook is the second novelette in the Blake Hetherington series and features murder, mystery and intrigue in the style of true British cosy crime.

Who is Blake Hetherington? A shrewd and sometimes intolerant widower; Blake has a big heart, a true sense of justice and weakness for the damsel in distress. Often finding himself on a ‘sea of assumptions without a paddle of truth’, he carefully and methodically gathers the evidence to solve the mystery. The odd glance, the chance meeting or a peculiar habit all lead him to the answer.

‘D.S. Nelson does everything a mystery writer should do: she entertains and informs. ‘ – J C Bernthal, – Amazon reviewer.

‘If you are a fan of the English mystery, add this to your want list.’ – Judith Catanzaro – Amazon reviewer.

‘A great little bundle of a read, loved D S Nelson’s turn of phrase…’ – D Lewry, Amazon reviewer

About The Author:

D S Nelson’s introduction to murder came from Agatha Christie. Her inquisitive Miss Marple, of St Mary Mead, and very Belgian Poirot, with his ‘little grey cells’, captured her imagination from a young age. The intellectual and astute Sherlock Holmes, of Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective fiction, is also a clear influence in her writing.

The Queensberry Rule

by Dave Cornford

The Queensberry Rule

Post it. Tweet it. Like it. Doesn’t make it true. Or Does it?

In a world where the truth can be manufactured in an instant with a post or a tweet, sometimes good intentions aren’t enough.

Jason has had his son, his security and now his job taken away from him. Consumed by bitterness at the injustice of it all, he needs to work out if he really wants to fight back – when someone offers to help him do just that. He has to decide for himself if the shadowy Queensberry Foundation believes the same things about justice that he does.

If The Queensberry Rule was a film, think The Firm meets Falling Down meets Fight Club.

What Readers Say

“The characters are completely believable, the dialogue is snappy when needed and thoughtful when called for, and the pacing is fabulous.”

“Was a difficult book to put down…loved it!”

“Fast moving storyline, I couldn’t put it down.”

“I loved this story. A great page-turner with plenty of twists and turns, strong characters and events that could be straight from the daily news.”

“Fast moving with plenty of twists. A great read.”

“At times I felt I was amidst a James Bond movie or a John le Carre tale with all the threat and paranoia..”

The Bromley Inheritance

by A B King

When Professor Stephen Brent, the widowed Managing Director of a major pharmaceutical company was driving home late one night down the lonely country road that was his normal route, the last thing he expected was that upon being momentarily dazzled by the headlights of an oncoming vehicle he would almost kill a young schoolgirl trudging along the road with an old suitcase. She is miles from anywhere, and obviously in the last stages of exhaustion, and her ankle is injured by the glancing blow he caught her as he had swung the car to avoid running right over her. With nowhere to go, no home to return to, and having expressed a strong dislike of being taken to a hospital or the police she finally accepts his offer of shelter for the night. It is the start of a mystery involving a lost fortune and a killer who is systematically eliminating the girl’s family one by one in an effort to recover the fortune.. Going against all the advice of his friends and advisers, Stephen is determined to protect the girl and recover for her that which is rightfully hers. But the killer is clever and deadly, and always one step ahead, and then the killer strikes for the last time, and Stephen has to gamble his own life in a desperate attempt to save the girl.


“I doubt he’ll, manage that, Dobkins is dead.”

“Oh, that’s a shame.”

“I expect Dobkins would agree with you on that score if you could but talk to him,” Harold said dryly, “It seems he was in the peak of health, talking about coming home to the UK, and then he died quite suddenly of natural causes.”

“You don’t mean..?”

“Let’s just say it is possible. He was found dead in his New York apartment, and I gather there were no suspicious circumstances. However, Dixon tells me that a neighbour mentioned to the police that Dobkins was associating with a woman for a few days prior to his death, and who hasn’t been seen since. The description of the woman fits Ruth Greenway.”

Death At Willows End

by A. B. King

Revised edition – June 2013

Neil Hammond is by profession a design engineer, and by his own admission a bit of a square, and destined to be one of life’s failures. Becoming a victim of the economic recession he very reluctantly accepts a temporary cash-in-hand job of looking after a friend’s detective agency for a week while the proprietor, a friend of his from school-days is away on a case. The work seems to consist in the main of such exciting cases as looking for lost cats or watching erring husbands, but matters take an unexpected twist when he rescues a young woman from a car that has been washed away in flood waters. ‘Danny’ as she prefers to be known, is a glamorous and a highly successful business woman who insists on retaining his services in solving a murder that common sense never happened. Knowing nothing whatever about being a detective, he is swept along by the whirlwind attitude to life of his client as he tries to prove that the whole business is nothing but a wild goose chase. And then there is another murder, and matters suddenly become a race to prevent a third and fourth.


(From the end of Chapter Four.)

“You want me to take you on as a client?” I echoed in disbelief, “Me? Me that doesn’t know the first thing about being a detective, and who wouldn’t know a clue if it jumped up and bit the end of my nose?”

“That’s right, only we are going to work on my case together. We are going to resolve my problem, you will be famous, and then you will make a fortune!”

“If I were you, I’d duck!”


“There’s a squadron of pigs flying over!

“Very funny. Will you take me up on my offer, or do I have to beat you into submission?”

I sighed in defeat. I’d never met anyone like Danny before, and with luck I would never meet another.

“Ok,” I said resignedly, “So, what’s the case? Not a stolen cat I hope, or an acne-ridden teenage peeping tom?”

“Its murder.”

Dead but not Buried

by Iain North

A student is found dead in the Scottish Highlands. Journalist Jim Buchan cuts short his holiday to investigate. He can’t afford not to. His career has been on a downward spiral ever since his nervous breakdown.
The following day the charred remains of a man are discovered in a burned out caravan. In both cases, the evidence points to a teenage runaway fleeing an abusive uncle. When she dies in a road accident, Jim wraps up his front page scoop and prepares to return to his holiday.
But another brutal murder forces him to reassess his original theory. It has all the hallmarks of a revenge killing. But Jim is not convinced and the discovery of an unlicensed drug takes his investigation in a whole new direction.
With his marriage on the rocks and a rebellious teenage daughter to contend with, Jim seeks solace in the arms of a much younger female journalist. But rather than offer him a shoulder to cry on, she forces him face up to some uncomfortable home truths about his own desires.
Drawn into a web of exploitation, manipulation and greed, by those closest to their victims and by others who should be beyond reproach, Jim discovers that it is only a matter of time before secrets long buried start to resurface.

Rare Earths (The Armegeddon Conspiracy)

by Burt Webb

Two stolen Pakistani nuclear bombs, a conspiracy to manipulate the global market in rare earths and a plot to assassinate the President of the United States. It’s going to be a busy week for Ali Monpour, special investigator for the National Security Advisor. Rare Earths is a fast-paced political thriller ripped from today’s headlines! Action and intrigue intertwine from the deserts of Balochistan to the halls of power in Washington, D.C.

Last Orders (a Gus Dury crime thriller)

by Tony Black

When he receives a mysterious letter on expensively embossed paper, reluctant investigator Gus Dury decides to take the case, if for no other reason than he needs the cash. But there’s something about his well-heeled client, Callum Urquhart, that doesn’t sit right with Dury.

Urquhart has travelled across the country to find his missing teenage daughter — who definitely doesn’t want to be found. As Dury gets closer to locating Caroline, what he uncovers is a web of lies and deceit and some painful realisations that lead back to his own tangled past.

Last Orders is a 14,000 word novella, first published in the Edinburgh Evening News, from the author of the Random House UK Gus Dury series: Paying for It, Gutted, Loss, and Long Time Dead – which is soon to be brought to the big screen by Richard Jobson.

Praise for the Gus Dury series by Tony Black:

‘Tony Black is the latest of the seemingly unending stream of good Scottish
crime writers who have in common the ability to portray vividly the
underbelly of Scottish inner-city criminality … The dialogue fizzes
and the whole is suffused with black humour’
-The Times

‘If you’re a fan of the Ian Rankins, Denise Minas and Irvine Welshes
of this world, this is most certainly one for you’
-The Scotsman

‘The enigmatic Dury continues to be the punk rocker of the Scottish
crime scene — anarchic, rebellious and never afraid to shove his
Doc Martens where they’re not wanted’
-Daily Record

‘As washed-up private detectives go, Gus Dury is compelling — he’s
as hard as any criminal and twice as self-destructive’
-London Evening Standard

‘Ripping, gutsy prose and a witty wreck of a protagonist makes this
another exceptionally compelling, bright and even original thriller’
-Daily Mirror

‘Tony Black is my favourite British crime writer and Gus Dury the
genre’s most interesting protagonist. Like his previous books, Loss
 has the power, style and street swagger that makes most of his
contemporaries a little bland by comparison’
-Irvine Welsh, author of Trainspotting

‘Tony Black has written two of the finest crime novels to come
out of the UK in the past twenty years and I’m willing to bet
that in twenty years, Paying for It and Gutted will be in the
top ten of any crime list. But now comes Loss … Phew-oh …
It’s like having yer ass kicked and yer heart shrived
simultaneously. What a privilege to watch a master
writer achieve everything you’d hoped for and then some’
-Ken Bruen, author of London Boulevard

‘Powerful, focused, and intense … and then it gets better.
Get your money down early on this young man — he’s
dead serious and deadly accurate’
-Andrew Vachss, author of Hard Candy

Digital Renaissance

by Jose Miguel Cansado

After joining a startup accelerator in Shanghai, Mike comes across an algorithm that can change music creation forever. But soon he finds he is working for the dark side. Things get worse when a colleague dies in strange circumstances.

Through the eyes of Mike, discover an emerging fast growing Asia and the world of startups. Set in Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur, the story uncovers how a new generation thinks about work, and about their dreams and ambitions to make a difference.

They are shaping tomorrow with their actions today. They dare to challenge the status quo, and in their own way, change the world. They’re unleashing a new era: The Digital Renaissance.

The People Who Came From Nowhere: A Paranormal Odyssey through America’s Most Ghostly Haunts

by Shilo Morlang

A Paranormal Odyssey through America’s Most Ghostly Haunts

Can Runyon Nestor trust his world?

Lies, love, and eternal unrest await our protagonist, Runyon Nestor as he battles divergent perceptual realities throughout this taut supernatural thriller BASED ON TRUE EVENTS. A spiritual medium on the popular TV series Ghostwatch! Runyon enjoys acclaim and celebrityâ??until the show’s producer, Clive McKinley, plants a mole in a jealousy-driven attempt to put Runyon’s paranormal abilities to the test.

After Runyon is unjustly dismissed from the show as a charlatan and fraud, Ghostwatch! enjoys a brief stint at number one due to the controversy. But without its most bankable star, the show ultimately ends up canceled.

Enjoyment of early retirement is short lived, however, for Runyon knows all too well it’s only a matter of time before the dead come calling.

With the show greenlit by a new network, Runyon rekindles his relationship with the old crew, including the love of his life, the producer’s now ex-wife, Victoria Vignette.

The crew goes on to explore nine locales: the first, the iconic HOLLYWOOD sign, where Runyon speaks with Peg, a 1920’s Hollywood starlet who had her own unceremonious fall from grace.

From there they visit Charleston, South Carolina, where they investigate the old home of an eccentric millionaire cannibal, only to be led outside to the waterfront by Captain Stede Bonnet, commonly known as “The Gentleman Pirate.” Bonnet desperately wants Runyon to see the souls of the dead men still swinging from the trees, but some tortures belong solely to individuals for eternity.

The third stop is the Gadsden Hotel in Douglas, Arizona. Here the team discovers the troubled spirit of lawman turned train robber, Burt Alvord, whose hidden gold was dug up in 1928 to rebuild the magnificent hotel situated conspicuously in the middle of nowhere.

The fourth haunt takes the team to Old Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge. After touring the grounds, Runyon comes face to face with a terrifying and nameless killer.

Surviving their encounter in Montana, the crew meets their match in Cherryvale, Kansas at the Inn of the Bloody Benders. Locked in an underground vault for twenty-nine minutes, Clive captures footage of “missing time,” and his solipsistic beliefs are firmly put to the test.

At the sixth location, the Maggio house near the old French Quarter, the team battles the jazz loving axeman of New Orleans. Runyon pays dearly for the encounter and Clive considers cancelling the show. Tables turn as Runyon assumes the lead so that both crew and show can soldier on.

The seventh episode takes the team to the East coast where they explore the Devil’s Tree in New Jersey. Clive tells the macabre tale of how the tree became so cursed, the farmer who killed his wife and child at its base in the 17th century. Runyon sees a different horror, however, one more recent, a hanging victim of the Ku Klux Klan.

The eighth show sends Victoria to the hospital after the ghost of the demented Dr. Horace Wells attempts to unmask her for a monster. It’s a trip to Manhattan the team will never forget.

To regroup, Clive schedules a vacation at Sailors’ Snug Harbor on Staten Island. Cameraman Jon is nearly drowned in a sea of possessed theatre seats, Victoria is buried alive, and in the season finale, will Runyon’s ability alone be enough to save them?

LEFT Field

by Fergus Harrison

A Thriller

After a devastating childhood took her temporarily along the wrong path, Jolanda Adamcikova, or Jo Adams as she now prefers to be known, has managed to forge a new life for herself as an officer in the Metropolitan Police. But her promising career is threatened with derailment when she is suspended after assaulting a suspect during an arrest. Jo is thrown a lifeline in the form of an offer to join LEFT Field, a private investigator run by the charismatic and blue-blooded Peter Lampton. She is soon drawn into a complex case of political intrigue, child sex trafficking and, inevitably, money. It is the British Foreign Secretary who is under suspicion, so any investigation must be discreet, and discretion is something in which LEFT Field excels. Jo’s initial euphoria at being given another chance is soon dissipated by concerns about the motive behind her recruitment. Jo’s beauty and chequered past seem to make her ideally qualified to insinuate herself into the affections of the target of their investigation but this is precisely the sort of thing from which Jo has been trying to escape. Her woes are compounded by the growing attraction between her and Peter Lampton. Peter has his own tragic past, his wife and young child having disappeared without trace some years before, which prompts him to respond to his attraction to Jo with ambivalence.

Jo and Peter, each torn by conflicting emotions that threaten to break them both, must make some hard choices and the choices they make take them on a dangerous journey culminating in tragedy and death.

Only Shoot Once

by Patrick Sullivan

Only Shoot Once: A book of action and intrigue What if you woke up from a dream of being sent on a suicide mission, your family murdered and made to look like an accident and you left for dead to find out it was not a dream? Do that to a sniper and then you have a motivated killer who will find you, put a bullet in you and you’ll never hear it coming. Get a look at the drama from the snipers point of view without ever knowing who he is until the end. The sniper is hounded by Detective Damon O’Brian who was looking at the end of his career with a plan of rest, beach and fun. That is until a string of homicides are assigned to him by the governor for no apparent reason. Jurisdiction problems and agency involvement smell of a hit but ordered by whom? You add South American gold and an Inca priest into the mix and you have a mystery that leads nowhere. “Only Shoot Once” gives a glimpse of the snipers life and the betrayal of his country or was it someone else. The loss of his family coupled with the betrayal of what he thinks is his government brings him to revenge when he finds out his family was actually murdered. Then you find this lone sniper is killing people that have no connection or any traceable past. Detective O’Brian has to find out who the lone sniper is and stop him. Problem is the sniper is dead. Someone is helping in the investigation without anyone knowing who it is. Why? In the end where O’Brian has to decide to shot him or let him go. Clue driven with a twist or two, the book weaves lies of family murders into treachery and betrayal, leaving one person with the ultimate choice of the law or justice. I have recently completed this character drivensuspense thriller entitled Only Shoot Once.

The Brilliance of Matt White

by Edward L Lanner

Hollywood and commerce collide with the failure of a perfume launch. The action moves from Manhattan to London and on to Cornwall in the run-up to Christmas as a troubled actress confronts the stalker she couldn’t outrun.

Unwittingly, she’s made an enemy of a ruthless drugs baron. Is the strangest obsessive of her career — a man who dies at her feet — part of a plot against her or the only hope of survival?

(A layered, contemporary story in which trying to move forward in life, before confronting the past, has profound consequences. A 76,000 word novel.)

The Lost Generation

by Tony Black

A lonely ex-pat in Paris finds himself acting out of character when a beautiful but troubled young woman walks into his meaningless work-fuelled existence in The Lost Generation, whilst an ex-con takes matters into his own hands when a bullying boss targets his new inamorata in Take it Outside; both stories feature in this new collection of short fiction by Irvine Welsh’s ‘favourite British crime writer’, Tony Black. See a recent school-leaver react against the rigours of the workplace in First Day in the Job and witness the drug-addled descent into madness of a man forced to take the only job in a town peopled by junkies in Too Cool for School. These stories are collected here for the first time in an 8,000-word anthology. First Day in the Job originally appeared in Northwords Magazine whilst the rest of the collection featured in Demolition Magazine and the American anthology, Dicked.

Praise for Tony Black:

‘Tony Black is one of those excellent perpetrators of Scottish noir …
 a compelling and convincing portrayer of raw emotions in a vicious milieu.’
-The Times

‘If you’re a fan of the Ian Rankin, Denise Mina and Irvine Welsh this is
 most certainly one for you.’
-The Scotsman

‘Black renders his nicotine-stained domain in a hardboiled slang that
 fizzles with vicious verisimilitude.’
-The Guardian

‘Ripping, gutsy prose and a witty wreck of a protagonist makes this
 another exceptionally compelling, bright and even original thriller.’  
-The Mirror

‘This up-and-coming crime writer isn’t portraying the Edinburgh in
 the Visit Scotland tourism ads.’
-The Sun

‘Comparisons with Rebus will be obvious. But that would be too easy
 … Black has put his defiant, kick-ass stamp on his leading man, creating
 a character that deftly carries the story through every razor-sharp twist
 and harrowing turn.’
-Daily Record


by A. B. King

Barbara and Ann are sisters. Right from early childhood there has always been a strong invisible bond between them. Whenever Ann was in serious trouble, Barbara would know. Barbara is the older sister, and married to John, a Sussex farmer. Ann, is a highly successful fleet street journalist until she gives up her career to marry David, a geophysicist working for the National Physical Laboratory. Along with Norman, a highly skilled engineering toolmaker and his wife, and a young man called Barry and his widowed mother, and a schoolgirl called Mary they all become caught up in a developing holocaust of nature that has its origins in a field in John’s farm. As the tide of destruction sweeps over the land, these people are swept together under the shadow not only of the terrible powers of nature, but also into the path of a ruthless psychopathic killer who condemns them to a slow horrific death locked in an underground vault. Only Barbara can save them, and Barbara is far away, but in her final desperate hour of need, Ann calls her, and the invisible bond that holds the sisters together draws one against impossible odds to fight to save the other.

Revised edition


(from the end of the Chapter eight.)

At two minutes past one o’clock on June 1st, following a day of continuous earth tremors, with the storm still raging in all its fury right across the region, and the volcano now roaring and belching fire, lava, red-hot lava bombs and cinders at a prodigious rate, the ground shook with a violence that far exceeded anything that had happened before. In minutes buildings collapsed, shaken to pieces on their very foundations, gaping rents appeared in the heaving landscape which rolled like a sea heaving in a storm, and the earth contorted and shook itself like a sleeping dragon awakening to stalk the land with fresh terrors. For exactly three minutes the ground continued to shudder and heave as if possessed of a life of its own. Water-mains fractured, sending fountains high in the air alongside geysers of flame from ruptured gas-mains. Sewers collapsed, the last power lines gave way until the entire centre of the area was without mains power of any description.. The spire of Chichester cathedral swayed like a ship’s mast until at last it collapsed majestically in on itself, destroying a large part of the thousand year old building as it fell, and killing hundreds of people who had gathered within its precincts to prey for deliverance.

Gerard: Le Garçon Vampire

by G. M. Frazier

From the author of the award winning A Death on the Wolf comes a vampire tale unlike any other.

“G. M. Frazier packs an emotional punch with Gerard.”  — Michael P. Clutton, author of Juice: Revolution.

At the age of ten, Gerard de Vigors died in the fall of 1855 at “Ransom,” his family’s plantation just south of New Orleans. Or did he?

One-hundred and fifty years later, Jack Trask, facing a death sentence from cancer, is lured by the sales pitch of an online “vampire hunter” and has spent a small fortune traveling around the world in search of the one being he feels can save him. Now, in the ruins of Gerard’s ancestral home, Jack comes face to face with the creature he has been seeking for nearly a year. And it’s not what he was expecting.

School For Scumbags

by Danny King

Habitual teenage delinquent Wayne Banstead is expelled from yet another school and finds himself hauled off to Gafin School for Misdirected Boys: a special school for ‘special children’.

It plays host to the worst of the worst, the cream of teenage offending – thieves, bullies, arsonists and flashers. The teachers should have their work cut out, but far from rehabilitating the boys the teachers seem more intent on instructing their pupils how to get away with their misdeeds. The pros, the cons and the downfalls are all set out like an algebra equation. Even the school motto is ambiguous at best: ‘Pueri Auxilium Se’ or ‘Help Yourselves Boys’.

With careful tutoring Wayne and his classmates are about to take a step up into the big leagues. But in the big leagues the big boys play for keeps. With lots of action, swearing and a slam-bam robbery, Danny King’s latest is definitely not for kids.

‘Hogwarts this is not… A Just William for adults and all those sick of Potter’ – The Daily Mirror

‘Wayne is an engaging character; the set pieces, which include a rigged football match and an algebra lesson on the risk/reward ratios of various types of burglary, are first class, and the action sequences are fast, exciting and funny. Amoral, anarchic and un-PC, School for Scumbags is a lot of fun’ – Laura Wilson, The Guardian

‘Great swindling fun’ – Time Out

‘Great fun, but Danny King occupies the mind of a teenage boy all too accurately and Wayne does not make entirely congenial company’ – The Telegraph

‘The perfect antidote to Hogwarts’ – The Sport

‘Witty, pacy and definitely not for kids’ – Heat Magazine

‘One of the few writers to make me laugh out loud. Danny King is brilliant at making you love the characters who are essentially quite bad people’ – David Baddiel, comedian

Of Little Faith

by Thomas Eggert

Vincent Goss, wounded and bound, helplessly witnessed his wife’s rape and his only child’s torture and murder at the hands of a sadistic madman. Vincent, a once simple farmer and family man, becomes driven by rage and seeks his revenge–both on earth and after his death in hell. But the price for vengeance in hell is high and one’s path is easily lost. Guided on his unworldly journey by a motley assortment of mystics, sages, and enlightened beings, Vincent must unlock the secrets of heaven and hell and discover the ultimate truth that will save him â?¦ and he must do it quickly, before hell claims his soul forever.

A Well Kept Secret

by A B King

When Martin Scanforth, a successful and recently widowed businessman visits an old Victorian mansion left to him by an uncle he has had no contact with since childhood, with view to disposing of the place, he soon discovers that matters are nothing like as clear cut as he imagines. Set in the countryside outside the small country-town of Wellworthy he discovers that there is an aura of mystery surrounding the death of his uncle which unsettles him. The house is being cared for by a frosty-faced sharp tongued housekeeper who was devoted to his uncle, and the mystery seems to envelop her as well. The more he probes in an effort to unravel the mystery of â??Springwater House’ the more sinister it appears and it becomes clear that death is stalking the pair of them. But who is the killer, and what is the mystery that surrounds the old house?


…..With a cry of animal fury Burton launched himself from where he sat on the floor, but it was a futile gesture of defiance. Without moving his body, Edwards brought the gun up and fired once, and Burton sprawled lifeless at his feet………

Killing Time (The CIA International Thriller Series Part 2)

by R. Lawson

In this second novel of the series, Veteran CIA field officer Biff Roberts collaborates with Mossad in a clever, cyber-warfare attack designed to thwart Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

Iran has been stalling, buying time to develop a nuclear bomb, but targeted assassinations of key nuclear scientists critically hinder Iran’s efforts.

The assasinations trigger a vicious cycle of retaliation and “Killing Time” becomes a double entendre.

Fatal Shot

by James Laabs

One of the oldest and most respected sports organizations in the world experiences a series of mysterious deaths, and once again Jake Goodman finds himself in the middle of a murderous conspiracy.

Fatal Shot leads Jake Goodman and friends into the corrupt world of international soccer on a deadly path that takes them through New York City, Europe and the Mexican Riviera. Along the way they face the nearly impossible challenge of trying to untangle a complex criminal scheme – and if they don’t find the real criminals, it will be Jake and his friends who end up in prison.

An inventive, roller coaster plot and fascinating characters combine to make Fatal Shot a top-notch thriller.

Caught Dead

by Will Palmer

Out of a job and money, ne’er-do-well Cole stumbles upon an opportunity to make a quick ten grand. There’s only one hitch: he has to kill his best friend.

Adapted from a screenplay, Caught Dead is a suspense novella that retains the beats, present tense and style of a screenplay while jettisoning the traditional screenplay format.

The Wise Child

by A B King

Lesley Jameson believes that she has everything in life that one could desire, loving parents, a great career, respect, money. But with the death of her parents she is shocked to discover that she is not their daughter, but an adopted child. She becomes obsessed with discovering her roots, even though she is warned that no good can come of delving into the past. Who is Marion? What did she fear to the point where death itself was preferable to facing it? Who is the shadowy figure that could be her father? What terrible secrets lay hidden by the unknown Mrs X who lived just long enough to bring her baby into the world? From being totally self sufficient and confident Lesley is slowly reduced to the state where she no longer believes in anything that she once valued so highly, and when the stark truth of her origins is finally brought home to her it all becomes too much to cope with. Simon, who has been helping her in her quest suddenly realises that there is only one way she can be saved, but can he possibly be in time?


by David Gill

Set in the future on Vennica, the central planet of a civilisation started originally by settlers from Earth, Declan, a former Justice Department investigator is hired to find out about events which happened on the Phasewave relay base, Bouron, after a young, female engineer, Jenna, returns to Vennica. She makes claims about the disappearance of crew members, destruction of installations and, maybe, the presence of an alien on the planet. Set against a background of colonial unrest, changing politics and interference by the giant Phasewave Company, the investigators struggle to make sense of what Jenna is saying, at the same time becoming involved in a power struggle which eventually threatens their own lives. Nobody believes stories about an alien – but what other explanation is there? If that were the case, where is the alien now? And what part did the Phasewave machine play?

Our Trespasses

by Steph Avery

An anonymous letter arrives at a South London Police Station. It contains the strange confession to the murder of a vagrant, found dead on the tracks of a nearby train station.

The story begins some forty-five years earlier in 1966 South East London, a time of cultural and sexual liberation. For two teenage sisters, Midge and Bridie Dolan, growing up in the Catholic community, the revolution couldn’t be further from their lives than if it was happening on Mars.

All the two Motown-mad girls want to do is get to the Friday night dance at the Palais Royale, and if their older, wayward cousin Jimmy can give them a lift in his taxi cab, it looks like they’ll get their chance to have their first night out at the popular nightclub – an infamous haunt for local gangs.

What begins as a rites-of-passage tale of two sisters soon takes a much darker tone, unaware this particular night will change their lives forever.

Set in an iconic period hailed as a golden era – for some, ‘Our Trespasses’ portrays how it might not have been so idyllic for those growing up in a harsher reality – and asks how far things have changed for those trying to navigate their path through tumultuous times. Whatever the decade, there will always be the good, the bad, and the rest of us.

A page-turning drama of redemption set in 1960’s London.

The Boyhood Adventures

by Nathanael Green

A collection of three short stories by Nathanael Green.

The Pirates of Lake Michigamme:

When their grandfather tells tales of pirates and monsters, three boys search for treasure on a small Michigan lake.

Truth and Dare:

A lonely Simon endures embarrassing encounters with a girl at camp. When his friends pressure him into a game of truth or dare, Simon must decide whether to risk exposing his feelings for the girl, or accept a dare that may get him kicked out of camp.

The Footprint:

Samuel follows the footprints of a dangerous creature that does not belong in Michigan. When his friends abandon him, Samuel must pursue his discovery on his own.

Death of a Socialite

by Isabel Saenz

Dianne Sincili knew that beginning her second year at Miriam University would be rough, but she could not foresee the events to come.

After stumbling upon a sight she was never meant to lay eyes on, Dianne now finds herself stuck in St. Julieta’s Hospital for the Mentally Reserved. As she tries to reason with not only herself, but the circumstances that put her in this situation, she places the blame on two of her former friends turned enemies. Devin Alexander, her ex-boyfriend, and Vicente Bynum, his roommate, fall upon the backing of Chi Psi, The Fraternity that seeks to control all aspects of life at Miriam. Due to their methods, Dianne’s credibility and reputation have been ruined. But when the Brotherhood threatens her sanity, she promises not to back down.

When the death of a fellow St. Julieta’s resident forces Dianne to put her theories concerning the Brotherhood to the test, she must venture, not only into the ghost of her past, but also consider the turbulent stories of the other residents. More than her own life is held in the balance as similarities in stories of the residents come to light. Friendships, loyalties, and love hangs in the balance as Dianne ventures into an abyss without the guarantee that she will ever see the freedom she desperately craves again.

undying (undying/crossing/fading)

by m m smits

Determined to not let terminal cancer end her life, Vicky builds herself a replacement body (she calls it a full-body prosthetic) and devises a method of transferring her memories and mannerisms to her new body upon her death. With the technical hurdles overcome, she is ready to let her human body die.

The ‘procedure’ goes well, but the philosophical hurdles are a different story. She even assumes a new name, but the discussion continues: is she the same person, or did she really die?

undying Is the first of three books about life and love, death and birth, soul and spirit.

Friar’s Bush Murder

by John Dowds

A killer searches Belfast for Joey Dickson, who is in hiding after he witnessed the man burning the body of one of his victim’s. In desperation Dickson turns to Private Detective, Danny Quinn, who, despite being deeply involved in the frantic pursuit of the people threatening the life of his fiancée, willingly agrees to help him. A decision, which has deadly consequences for all of those, involved.

An Ill-Wind

by A B King

Mark Asner, a bankrupt man with a permanent down on himself is offered one last chance in life; stacking shelves in a Supermarket, a prospect that he loathes. En-route to the country town of Cransberry to take up his new duties, his route takes him over a moor where he becomes stranded in a sudden blizzard. Fighting his way through the snow, he rescues a girl from a car, and they seek refuge in a small hotel that appears to be closed down for the winter. They are joined by other refugees of the storm as night draws on. He takes a liking to the girl, Cherise Adams, who insists on being called Cherry, But all is not as it seems, and it becomes apparent to Mark that somebody in that hotel wants Cherry dead, and when he discovers the hotelier and his wife bound and half frozen in the hotel garage he realises that somebody is very determined indeed that Cherry will never leave that hotel alive. But who is the would-be killer? How will he or she make their final attempt? Mark is determined to thwart the unknown person’s plans, but in a game of wits played out during that long frozen night he is always one step behind, and then, as dawn is breaking, he has one final desperate chance of saving Cherry, but only at the risk of his own life.


……He waited for several seconds, looking and listening, and Mark feared he would suddenly look up and see him before he could do anything. Finally the man took a cautious step inside the garage, and Mark knew this was the moment when he would have to take decisive action. He crouched down ready to spring on the unsuspecting gunman beneath. He hoped that by knocking him down he could get the gun away from him and turn the tables. His quarry suddenly moved to a point directly beneath him, and Mark knew the moment had come. The slight rustle he made as he moved alerted the gunman, and even as Mark came hurtling down the weapon fired, and something clouted his head like a hammer. He felt his senses swimming, but desperation lent him strength, and as the gun clattered from the man’s hand Mark struck him full on the chin with his closed fist. ……..

The Kiss of Life

by A B King

Whilst at the point of leaping to his death from a motorway bridge, Stephen Cheney meets a mysterious young woman who suddenly vanishes. He is intrigued, and following an unexplained impulse he goes to a sleepy little village ticked away in a forgotten corner of Sussex where he meets her again, yet once again she vanishes, leaving him wondering about his sanity. He feels compelled to find her, and in the process he recovers the memories of a forgotten childhood and realises that the mysterious girl is a part of that forgotten period. All the evidence points to her being the ghost of a childhood friend, and she is calling him to come to her. As he tries by every means he knows to find her, he uncovers a terrible secret, and it becomes a race against time to solve the mystery, even at the risk of his own life.

Excerpt (from Chapter 22)

……”I don’t care who is dying, just so long as you do!” he hissed, and the insane hatred shone from him like a beacon, “you thought you were being so clever, didn’t you? It was a bad day you tried to fool me, Cheney. I’ve discovered what you have done, and you are going to pay the full price! There’s not going to be a nice cosy cell for your exclusive use for a few years, oh no! I’m your judge, your jury, and I am going to be your executioner! People like you are the dregs of humanity, and like all vermin, need to be exterminated. If you have any prayers, you’d better say them now.”

He raised the gun, aiming it squarely between Stephen’s eyes, and he knew that he was staring death in the face. …….

The Progression Switch

by Brian Krogstad

What if the Internet and all data were eliminated at the hands of China?

Throughout the history of life on this planet there have only been a handful of brief evolutionary moments when creation radiantly bursts ahead, expressing itself in unique forms and sometimes complementing those already struggling to survive and dominate.

Humanity has been given a handful of powerful blessings by Mother Nature since we stood up and began to branch out into undiscovered territory. From opposable thumbs to abstract thought and enhanced central nervous systems capable of comprehending the potential future and recalling the distant past, bestowed upon the human animal are the attributes of gods.

Seeding our numbers throughout Africa, Europe, and Asia, over the Bearing Straight and onto every available landmass, we broadened our horizons and multiplied.

So did our technology, especially in the last hundred years or so. The species, riding on the back of innovative ways to harness energy and produce petrol-food, ballooned from less than one billion in number to more than seven.

In the contemporary era, and just as the progression switch was flipped, we stood upon the precipice of true artificial intelligence, the verge of sending off a self-sustaining greenhouse to Mars, and finally starting to discover some of the universe’s most coveted secrets.

We were about to initiate mining asteroids, genetically engineer our food supply, and get to distant planets with big solar blankets that collect protons from starlight. Robotics, augmented reality, and smart technology were taking over the role of living and working from mortals.

Life’s plan to reach out from Earth and evolve on distant destinations was immediately halted without warning by one suicidal factory worker from the heart of China.
In the end it wasn’t a doomsday comet, our planet wasn’t invaded by an advanced civilization, nuclear war didn’t break out, and we didn’t go back to the Stone Age because of a really nasty bug.

Nope, it was a lonely Chinese genius named Báo. Well, that’s how history records his name, anyway. The character stands for retribution, but the word doesn’t come draped in negativity like it would in English.

Instead, as defined in the Chinese language, it’s neutral and refers to the natural consequences of one’s actions. To understand, just tie in the idea of karma, or the Yin and Yang theory, and avoid preconceived judgments of good/bad and right/wrong.
One of our own threw the switch, and maybe, just maybe, it was that decision that ended up saving us.

The global reaction wasn’t as savory as some of our more romantic historians like to claim. While the brunt of modern civilization was still in shock, the machine halted and even the angels held their breath.

What would we do next?

Imagine an electromagnetic pulse going off that is so immense it takes out everything on the entire planet in the span of a few weeks. It explodes like a fusion bomb or a huge incoming object from space. The only difference, it just takes out the internet and anything attached to it.


No internet, folks. Sorry, nothing to see here, move along.

Once shock wore off, and people began to get a taste for how deeply connected everything was to the digital world, things got dicey fast.

That was the first round. While the net went down, mobile technology was failed at the same time.

Imagine that the world is encased in glass and anchored below water in a huge celestial fishbowl. Now, the water outside our protective shell is absolutely pristine. Ok, so the water, that’s mobile data streaming everywhere around the planet, but data will not make it inside the encasement.

If we could see it, and some forms of telescopes can with specialized types of infrared, it would look like a brilliant sweeping river of information. Our thoughts and those of our creations floating through the cosmos.

No Internet, no credit reports, no banks, a whole new world.

The Venting

by Will Palmer

George Doolittle wants nothing more than to settle down and start a family. Unfortunately, he’s well past his use-by date, and the girl of his dreams, Daisy, is already joined in holy matrimony to his arch-rival and underling, Howard, but that isn’t stopping George from stopping at nothing to win her affection.

After a vent repair at work, George discovers that everything Howard says in his office can be heard through the vent in George’s office, and he’s all ears – the problem is there isn’t much between his ears. He decides to listen in on all of Howard’s conversations, hoping he’ll hear something he can use to drive a wedge between Howard and Daisy and make her a free woman. George’s mother told him never to eavesdrop… he should have listened.

==What Others Say==

“This is a short story and for me personally a very good one…The story was good and the ending was great.. Does make you want to turn the pages to see what actually happens.. enjoyable from the start till the end.”

–Miss T (uk)

Murder in Mind

by Mark Symonds

First impressions of Lewis Chase gave nothing away about the abuse of his teenage years and the dark secret he was hiding from the outside world. The same could be said of Josh Nelson focused on his studies and strange obsession with crime shows. Both men have ulterior motives for what they have done and about to do but one thing is true they both have murder in mind.

Deadly Game

by Charles Bryan

Charles, an Ex CIA special agent and his partner Harry, a FBI agent are on a mission to save the world.

A formula invented by Professor James catches the eye of the enemy.

The question is: Will they get a hold of formula and What happens when they have it?

The enemy is willing to kill anyone who comes their way. Step by step, in a novel of dazzling suspense and excitement, Charles Bryan once again demonstrates the mastery of his craft that has made his books international bestsellers for years.

He presents the reader with a perplexing mystery, a puzzling question of identity, and a fascinating cast of charactersâ??one of whom may just be a ruthless killers . . .

The Last Days of Archibald Timothy

by Will Palmer

What if you could remember what you want to remember and forget what you want to forget at the touch of a button? Seeking a cure for his forgetfulness and past trauma, Archibald Timothy signs up for an “Extended Cognition” experiment at the College of Social and Behavioral Science at Orinda University, where he works as a night janitor, and gets more than he bargained for. This novelette, blending science fiction and suspense with a dose of humor, will grip you until the very end.


by Neil V. Taylor

Neil V. Taylor’s “Ouch!”.

A “Fastbook Series” title.

Bruce and “Cop One” need to stop the “Big Man” from selling faulty “Men’s balloons”.

Neil V. Taylor’s “Ouch!” is part of his “Fastbook series” which are quick reads covering Action, Adventure, Sci Fi, Horror and more.
Current titles are :-

Neil V. Taylor’s “Alternate Cops” ©
Neil V. Taylor’s “Blood House” ©
Neil V. Taylor’s “Frocks!” ©
Neil V. Taylor’s “Goldie” ©
Neil V. Taylor’s “Ouch!” ©
Neil V. Taylor’s “The Ambition” ©
Neil V. Taylor’s “The Gunslinger” ©
Neil V. Taylor’s “The Parasite” ©
Neil V. Taylor’s “The Wanted Man” ©
Neil V. Taylor’s “The Warm Sun” ©

Check out more appearing in the future!

Shadows (The Helen Stone Series)

by Louise Roberts

Shadows-Helen Stone and The Case of the Missing Sceptre is the first in a series of novellas. Helen Stone is a British Egyptologist working at the Cairo Museum. In this first instalment, Helen becomes involved in an investigation into the theft of a royal sceptre from the museum. The sceptre came from the tomb of Tutankhamun, and Helen is involved because she is the assistant curator, responsible for the Tutankhamun collection. The lead curator, in effect her boss, Harry, asks for her help and together, they begin to realise that there is more to the case than simply the thieving of an antiquities dealer and could be involved in something a lot more dangerous. Their journey takes them deep in to the darkness of the Kom el Shoqafa Catacomb and in to a world they never dreamt existed.


by Samuel Parker Adams

Samuel Parker Adams has a secret. Most secrets are better kept secret; however, secrets kept bottled inside someone’s brain tend to bubble, fizz, and roil like hot lava in a volcano. Coping with the pressure they cause can become unbearable.
Many look for outlets, such as drugs, sex, and reckless behavior as way of coping. When those things fail to alleviate the symptoms, two things can happen, either it crests and boils over causing an explosion or the person stuffs it deeper and deeper until they experience an implosion.
What happens when young Parker begins to dabble in drugs, satanism, and exhibits reckless behavior? Will there be an explosion or implosion?
Darkling is an in depth look into the mind of a victim of sexual abuse.

Blueprint for Deceit

by Jim Clennett

Tom Cullimore is a man on a mission – mostly, it must be said, to avoid his publisher and the knotty problem of the book he hasn’t written yet. Ably assisted by his tireless (or tiresome?) fictional leading man Jack Rennie and an unfettered imagination, his attempts to evade real work soon find him enmeshed in a web of murder and treacherous intrigue…
Set in the 1930’s, this gently whimsical adventure mystery pits a man almost completely unsuited to the task against a cast of international criminal masterminds, alleged embezzlers and gun-wielding thugs; amongst others. Will the Bulgarians’ invasion plans come to pass? Who is the mysterious Mr Big behind the great biscuit fraud/caper? Are there really secret submarine pens hollowed out beneath the Devon cliffs? And will Tom be able to resist the temptation to strangle his fictional accomplice before the final chapter..?

Kyiv Rules – A Director Dudka Short Crime Thriller

by Alex Shaw

â??Kyiv Rules’ – Crime, corruption & the KGB.

Stubborn, sarcastic, witty and laconic, Gennady Dudka is the longest serving officer in the Ukrainian SBU (the post-independence name for the KGB) and the head of the Anti-Corruption & Organised Crime Directorate.

With a series of high-profile attacks on armoured cars threatening the Government’s reputation a week before it hosts an Interpol conference, Dudka is ordered to find those responsible or face the consequences.

Ignoring mounting pressure from the President of Ukraine to retire, Dudka has limited time to prove to both his boss and the bandits that he is still the man for the job. But who is really behind these attacks and is Dudka really meant to finish his investigation?

After appearing in the #1 Kindle bestselling thrillers â??HETMAN’ and â??COLD BLACK’ Director Dudka now has his own novella.

Gargoyle at the Door (A Short Story)

by Alan T. Luu

[A Short Story of 3,389 words]

Tsui is a simple man who spends most of his time in the countryside north of the port city of Kotong. He ventures into Kotong, a city filled to the brim with godless men, only to fetch the bitter root and sweet petals for his ailing mother. One day, he learns that Pei Woo, the girl that he loved before a tragic fire drove her family to the west, is coming to visit after eight long years. Tsui is excited about Pei’s arrival, but he is also terrified of what might happen if Zhang came home. Zhang was the gargoyle at their door, the hardened man who entered his family’s life after the death of Tsui’s father. Can Tsui finally confront the gargoyle and make things right again with his beloved Pei?

crossing (undying/crossing/fading)

by m m smits

“crossing” Is the second book in a series of three (the first one titled “undying” and the forthcoming last one titled “fading”. The three novels are a representation of the three parts of life: birth, life and death. While not required, “crossing” will be easier to understand if you have read “undying”, which introduces the characters.

In “crossing”, Matt struggles with depression. Even though he has everything he could possibly want: a great job, a beautiful partner and good health, he is unable to shake a cloud that follows him wherever he goes. As the cloud gets darker and his emotion more negative, Sandy does everything she can to help him, even though she herself is struggling with her own emotional plight: how to prove that she is alive.

The Wanted Man

by Neil V. Taylor

Neil V. Taylor’s “The Wanted Man”.

A “Fastbook Series” title.

Joe comes across the girl of his dreams. Joe starts to be involved with a series of crimes that he has no control over and needs to find out who wants to ruin the best days of his life.

Neil V. Taylor’s “The Wanted Man” is part of his “Fastbook series” which are quick reads covering Action, Adventure, Sci Fi, Horror and more. Current titles are :-

Neil V. Taylor’s “Alternate Cops” ©
Neil V. Taylor’s “Blood House” ©
Neil V. Taylor’s “Frocks!” ©
Neil V. Taylor’s “Goldie” ©
Neil V. Taylor’s “Ouch!” ©
Neil V. Taylor’s “The Ambition” ©
Neil V. Taylor’s “The Gunslinger” ©
Neil V. Taylor’s “The Parasite” ©
Neil V. Taylor’s “The Wanted Man” ©
Neil V. Taylor’s “The Warm Sun” ©

Check out more appearing in the future!

With and Without Class

by David Wallace Fleming

Short stories blending science fiction, fantasy and satire. Fourteen stories that refuse to be pigeon-holed. From the edges of the known universe, to the microscopic limits of a petri dish, to a yuppie’s post-apocalyptic bachelor pad, be prepared to imagine new worlds and new ideas.
S H O R T    S T O R I E S
H o r r o r
An Anniversary Concession* White Daddies  |  Zombie Clown Western
S c i e n c e   F i c t i o n
Fast Amnesia  |  Talent Police  |  EmbarkmentPerfection of the Mind**  |  Electric Comedian  |  Daughter ThievesThe Heat  |  A Blind Date for Bonkers
F a n t a s y
The Natural Celebrity  |  Soulmate DivorceThe Magic-Fiver

*first published in Out of the Gutter: The Hard Times Issue**first published in Escape Velocity: The Anthology

White Rabbit

by Alasdair Kay

“I am not a detective. My contract is based around a question or series of questions, to which I provide an answer or series of answers. When the questions are answered then the contract is complete, regardless of whether the answers are those you either desire or anticipate.”

When your new client (who paid in advance) gets randomly pushed in front of a train before he could tell you what he paid you for, your job gets much more difficult. But, thinks Victor Milton, was it really a random push? And what does this have to do with a 3D printer, a stage magician and a footballer’s wife? Behind closed doors, someone is trying to stop Victor from finding the truth, but he was paid in full and it will take more than an invisible killer and an intriguing rabbit to derail this train.

Meanwhile, stage magician Reece Blick is preparing for a televised stunt in the London Underground that will make Blick a household name. But the same killer has taken his escapism personally and is determined to see Reece be his next victim. Simple tricks won’t be enough to help him this time.

With an armload of cheap gadgets and a rabbit that likes crossword puzzles, Victor and Reece must beat the killer, stop the train and maybe even find an answer or two along the way.


by D.H. Edwards

Sitting by an open window with the cold metal of a gun pressed firmly into his temple, Charlie’s limbs grow heavy and his eyes close for only a second. Semblance travels deep beyond the scars and bruising and into the struggling mind of one dying man as he collects together the pieces of his shattered memory in the fight to bring meaning to his inevitable end.

Edwards’ neo-noir thriller is a deep and meaningful insight into the human condition; exploring grief, memory and the true meaning of sacrifice.

Driving Home

by Peter Gill

You pick up a hitch-hiker. He pulls a knife on you and says he’s taking your car. You know there are ways of handling a situation like this: things you should do and things you shouldn’t, to make sure everyone gets through it safely. Trouble is, doing the right thing usually means the car-jacker gets away with it…

This short story is set in England in the late summer. It follows two men on a journey. A journey that is to end in a way that neither of them planned.


by Tony Talbot

Alex has a problem. He’s been digging a hole in his garden for the past few hours.

And he can’t remember why…

Spiral of Doubt

by G. M. Fahey

Investigative reporter goes underground to unravel the fiery mystery of who poisoned a beautiful woman. Police discover that she’d had an affair with a privileged, young senator. The senator’s vote was central to the passage of a sweeping prescription drug bill that his renowned father-in-law designed and for which the senator’s wife was a passionate advocate. Turns out the murdered woman was in the employ of a powerful, sometimes shady, pharmaceutical lobby that was working to scuttle the bill.

She Pulls Off the Interstate

by Eugene Ahn

On an evening like any other, a mysterious woman moves into room Four-One-Three of an apartment building in a new city with the firm determination to start a fresh life here. Running away from a horrible past, she seeks the solace and peace she hopes to find through isolation, loneliness, and a self-imposed clean slate.

However, despite her best efforts, she soon finds herself surrounded by kind and good people, people who genuinely care about her. Her co-workers at the local diner. The man who lives downstairs. His young and ever-cheerful daughter. People who want to be let into her life, people who might need her protection from a cruel and uncaring world…

Quiet, deadly, and haunted by a violent past, she quickly finds herself pulled between the desire to connect with another human being and the desire to fall back into her darker side…even as fate begins to set in motion a series of events that will lead to a cataclysmic encounter with a familiar and vengeful figure, someone she wished she could forever forget…

“She Pulls Off the Interstate” is a thematically-driven novel that tackles the complex concepts of who are our heroes, who are our villains, and who are the ones hovering over the space in-between. Through its easy-to-read text and cynically-laced voice, the novel pushes its readers to ask themselves dark questions on the subjects of redemption, escape, family, and human nature, while all along whispering hints of even darker answers. Slow to start and disturbingly violent to the end, this first book by Eugene Ahn finds itself at once both standing on familiar ground and unafraid to spill fresh blood all over it. With a female protagonist in place of the traditional male role and enough twists throughout the plot to keep the readers on the sharpest edge of their minds, “She Pulls Off the Interstate” sets itself to the simple task of entertaining its audience while at the same time aspiring to the higher goal of making the same audience think long after the last words are read.

The Colombian Dope Smugglers — Rafe Velez Mystery 6 (The Rafe Velez Mysteries)

by AB Stonebridge

A case of petty theft turns into a convoluted plot to smuggle heroin into the US. A Mafia Don wants it to stop. A local electrician is pulled into the web of criminal enterprise. The question becomes: who is the spider weaving the web and will this mean war between the Mob and the Colombians? A pivotal story in this series, with far-reaching implications.

Rafe Velez is a fictional character, based on a real person alive today. One thing you can be sure of: you will never, ever guess who he actually is!

As a private investigator, Rafe dealt with decades of crime, divorce, death and depravity – and barely broke even. Pushing 50, he had a few extra pounds around the middle, a sprinkling of gray hair and a cynical view of life, relieved only by a deadpan sense of humor. All of that changed one day, thanks to a windfall he didn’t expect.

Enter the world of the Rafe Velez Mysteries: intrigue, suspense, mystery, crime and a cast of characters taken from real life (and changed just enough to protect their identities – at least, until the statute of limitations expires). Enter into the mind of a man whose life is an open book – that should be suppressed!

Meet his friends, frenemies and frequent locations for his adventures:

– Detectives Toole and Williams, Robbery/Homicide’s finest – said nobody, never.

– Harpo, a stray dog that wandered into his life and has a great sense of humor.

– Jean Smalls, the first woman in a long time who threatens to take his bachelor card.

– Keith Verdi, electrical contractor, who has other talents – and secrets.

– Momo Argento, the semi-retired Don of a crime family, who keeps a hand in the game.

– The Greasy Spoon restaurant, a real tribute to truth in advertising.

– The Shiny Penny, your soon-to-be-favorite dive bar.

…and a motley crew of clients and suspects. Expect surprises: not every client is on the right side of the law and not every suspect is guilty.

You won’t always know what’s going on in the minds of the supporting characters. You will always know exactly what Rafe is thinking – unless he’s not thinking at all!

Discover The Rafe Velez Mysteries. No, really, go ahead!

Key to Lawrence (Edward Ware Thriller Series)

by Linda Cargill

Want to read World War 1 books? World War 1 fiction? World War 1 novels? Try Key to Lawrence.

Who is that sinister-looking stranger who keeps eying Miss Dora Benley on the Lusitania pier on May 1, 1915 near the beginning of the First World War? At dinner that night in the grand dining room he sends her a threatening note. He orders her to hand over her father’s birthday package. She carried it aboard, a gift from Sir Adolphus Ware, the car magnate her Robber Baron father is sailing to England to meet over a tire deal. If she doesn’t obey, the stranger threatens to blow up the ship. There’s nothing inside the package except an empty humidor! Dora had better figure out what’s going on, or the saboteur will send her to the bottom of the Irish Sea.

Key to Lawrence is World War 1 history on a grand scale. It’s also Book 1 of the Edward Ware Thriller Series.

The Thought Killer (The Oscar Series)

by Hendrik Witmans

The Thought Killer

Yabul Kozak is the senior researcher at a facility where scientists are trying to cure diseases that have their origins in the human brain. Though he considers this a noble idea, Yabul has loftier plans. He wants to better the world by changing the way people think, eradicating their bad thoughts.

In this gargantuan task, Yabul has two tools at his disposal: a sharp, analytical mind with a photographic memory, and a Machiavellian ego to help him achieve what he wants. After six years of painstaking research, secretly using his employer’s resources, he creates a programmable virus that will selectively suppress destructive, negative human thinking.

Yabul doesn’t dare use his new drug on living subjects in the U.S., and he has set up a secret testing facility in China for that purpose. Before he can move there, he is betrayed by a suspicious colleague, and the authorities are closing in. He escapes with only his virus and the clothes on his back. Yabul’s respite is short-lived however, as the helicopter he has chartered crashes off the Californian coast. He is killed, his invention lost forever on the bottom of the ocean. Or is it?


by Myunique C. Green

7 Days. 1 Mistake. 3 Bodies

They were best friends. Keyword being were. The moment Cayne decided to sleep with Philip, Vivica’s boyfriend, was a moment she won’t soon forget.

Now, she struggles to stay alive after being kidnapped and tortured for seven days. Can she escape her captor and find her way to freedom before it’s too late?

The Armchair Detective At Christmas (Series Three)

by Ian Shimwell

This Christmas time,
  Things are not all fine.
For there’s trouble at Devlin’s Department Store,
  And it all seems to centre on the first floor.
Where strangely, one can hear a cuckoo chime…

T’is the season to be jolly.
And Old Tom must crack the case, before he can hang up his holly.

Beautiful Black Blondes

by Carrie Carr

THREE beautiful blondes – THREE Motives – ONE Murder

Tapping into the common wish to be someone else, if only for a short time, this suspense drama explores what happens when a black woman, bored with her humdrum existence bleaches her hair blonde and takes on the persona of her late sister.

After the murder of her beloved sister, a quiet and warmhearted legal secretary, Bianca Bell, is in search of an escape. A few sessions with her psychologist propel her to the realization that the excitement that she seeks is in a new life, the life of her late sister.

With a daring wish to continue the wild life of her late sister, she bleaches her hair blonde and dares to reinvent herself. And with this new persona comes a different type of experience, including becoming one of three black blonde suspects to a murder.

“This whodunit suspense drama will keep you guessing until the last page.”–Elance book editor

The Creatures of Chichester: The One About the Mystery Blaze

by Christopher Joyce

The Twolegs of Chichester are awoken by a blazing inferno just days before Christmas. Evil clowns are roaming the city’s streets, and they are not here to throw custard pies. Two adorable hamsters, Shandy and Mash from South Street, have been badly injured in the fire and desperately need help. It’s time for Button and Stitchley, the intrepid spiders from North Street, to once again call upon the creatures of Chichester to solve the mystery, and this time there is a sting in the tail.

The Death Ship

by J. D. Buchanan

If the inconspicuous tramp freighter Niagara reaches its destination, hundreds, perhaps thousands, women and children, will die. What is the secret of its cargo?

Those trying to find out, some risking their lives, are a Mississippi housewife, a fleeing South Korean spy, a veteran CIA agent, a six foot Lebanese beauty and the head of the Turkish National Security Service. Time is not their friend.

Friends and Family

by Devlin O’Neill

Darrel was not expecting Misty and her husband Adam to walk into his rather boring academic life and turn it upside down in the most delightful way. Furthermore, he never, ever expected Misty to tell him that the difference between friends and family is that friends don’t send friends to friends to get spanked, but that family sometimes send family to friends for just that purpose. And that he was just such a friend.

Enjoy this really long short story by Devlin O’Neill and find out exactly what Misty let herself in for.

Devlin O’Neill published a slightly less well-edited version of this longish short story at his web log.

Ghetto Tony and White Trash Tina (Microwave Fiction – Quick Hot Done)

by D T Pollard

Tony Kelly and Tina Watson were respectively known as Ghetto Tony and White Trash Tina when they attended a high school for academically gifted students years earlier because of their poor economic and social status compared to their classmates. Years later the two ex-classmates from opposite sides of life met at a high school reunion and found that they were both in the illegal drug business. Tony and Tina decided to join forces and try to boost each others drug influence by moving Tony’s urban oriented drugs into Tina’s rural area and Tina’s country cooked methamphetamine drugs into Tony’s city customer base. Together Big T and the Ice Queen were making more money than ever until a huge roadblock emerged in the forms of Tony’s main man Keyshawn and Tina’s 300 pound brother Jason. Keyshawn and Jason had dreams of a drug empire of their own. Would Tony and Tina survive the ruthless ambition of their most trusted confidants as they endured meth, molly and mayhem?

Grey Ghost

by Wesley Engel

Rowdy Yates, a big city private detective, accepts a job to investigate a modern day cattle rustling syndicate operating in the mountains of Idaho. Sandra Steele, his lady friend, a current ATF agent, vehemently opposes Rowdy going to Idaho. Upon his arrival in Idaho Rowdy finds his investigation compromised when thousands of wolf supporters and environmental groups converge on the state to protest the first ever legalized wolf hunt. Tensions between the outsider environmentalists and locals escalate when the bodies of two hunters are found in the backcountry, also a teenage boy disappears. Rowdy, an outsider himself, becomes entangled in this web of murder and mystery as the state moves forward with the first ever wolf hunt.

Just Murder (T14)

by Marcus Freestone

Does anyone ever deserve to be murdered? More than one person has to answer this question in the third book in the series about T14. It’s all change at the counter-terrorism agency but some things remain the same: members of the now disbanded CIA are still wreaking havoc in the UK, various people are still trying to blow up various things, and Jennifer is still craving coffee.

The Little finca

by Susan Robinson

George and Sophie are chasing the ‘Spanish Dream’, buying a piece of beautiful spanish countryside with its own enchanting little finca. But George soon finds that he cannot leave his past behind. The derelict little farmhouse seems to know all his secrets and the mysterious white cat that comes for breakfast and stays forever, reminds him of his troubled childhood. With Sophie gone, George tries to renovate the little finca and re-build his own life at the same time but instead he finds that he cannot escape the life he left behind. The spanish dream soon becomes a nightmare as the little finca draws him along on a journey of murder and self destruction with only a white cat for company.


by Bruce Allsman

After being rudely dumped by her boyfriend, Winnie Osler, an overworked corporate executive, received an unusual invitation from an office colleague, Tara Winston, to attend a ten-day meditation retreat. Thinking that it might help her get over the devastating breakup and get back on track with her life, she agreed to join Tara. However, things are not as expected. Guided by Michael Eastman, a charming and charismatic meditation teacher, both young women had to face their own feelings in an emotionally charged situation, an ordeal for Winnie but a redeeming chance to make a life changing decision.

This short story drama (of approximately 6,800 words) explores and reveals the chaotic emotions that burden most ordinary people where love relationships often fail or succeed not according to fate but to the unfettered vagaries of the human mind where lust, and rivalry takes center stage with mindfulness and serenity.

The Monopoly Law

by Craig McNish

In the year 2018, the UK is in a very deep recession. Voted into power the previous year, the ‘People’s UK Reclamation Party’, with their leader Paul Proctor at the helm, are looking to cut the budgets of every Government department; now it is the turn of the Justice and Prisons Dept., and Proctor announces live on television the implementation of an amazing new law, brought into being to help meet current financial constraints.

‘How often has someone said ‘just give me fifteen minutes alone in a room with them?”, Proctor says in reference to a public’s desire to hand out its own justice before outlining what the media quickly term ‘The Monopoly Law’. In an unprecedented legal move, victims are now able to file applications to meet with their aggressors, the end result of which is the convict’s immediate release from jail and back into society. There’s only one rule – no one gets killed during the hour-long meeting.

So with the removal of the prime motivation to try and exact revenge, why would anyone choose to utilise such a law and believe it could work to their advantage? Six people believed that it might…

Ross Flynn, a quiet and mild-mannered therapist, saw the man who abducted and attacked his four year-old daughter jailed for fifteen years. Why would he willingly want to see him set free after just a few months? What is his plan, and will there be unexpected repercussions? John William Russell, jailed for manslaughter after the death of a young man, finds himself face to face with the man’s sister, then subsequently freed. What does she stand to gain, or lose, by wanting him released? And does the drug-dealing Russell have a conscience, making him act in a way that nobody would ever expect, especially Russell himself?

Tommy O’ Neill is sentenced to nineteen years in jail for the rape of Karen Cole and her twelve year-old daughter, Stacey. Cole believes O’ Neill is hiding something, and the only way to get the answers she needs is to speak to the man himself and hope she asks the right questions, knowing he will be set free no matter what the outcome. Will sixty minutes be enough time for the truth to be heard, or will her attacker walk free, able to strike again at any time? All she can do is pray that the opportunity The Monopoly Law has afforded her will work out…

Six hardened convicts, six hopeful visitors; the crimes that were committed, the visits that followed, and the subsequent outcome. Just how far-reaching can the consequences possibly be? Prime Minister Paul Proctor is about to find out. And the proof is definitive that some things are better left unsaid…

** Please note that this book contains frequent strong language throughout **

Runaway (Girl To Die For)

by Clyde McCall

A dark and bitter cup of coffee, justice, and moral ambiguity in River City, a new novella

Urban cowboy, loner, unlicensed bounty hunter making his living off the fringe of River Cityâ??Jack Bowman is big and tough and unencumbered with loveâ?? that is until the letter arrives.

Now there’s a special someone out there in trouble,

and she’s already become his Girl to Die For.

This is a pulp noir novella, the first in the new crime genre series.

The Things Which Matter (Wherever The Light Ends)

by Peter O’Kelly

Wherever The Light Ends is a book of gritty, yet emotive short stories which follows the intertwined lives of homeless people and petty criminals around the streets of Dublin, Ireland’s capital city. The Things Which Matter is a complete, single story from the book, provided on Kindle as a free sample.

Tips: A Tale of Redemption

by Owen Carlysle

A man who’s lost all that matters to him seeks solace in the arms of a call girl. What happens when he realizes the solace he seeks is what life has robbed of the girl who arrives at his hotel room? This tale of post-prison consequence is at once dark, poignant, and somehow uplifting.

Warning: This ebook deals with mature themes and should be reviewed carefully by adults before allowing a child in their care to read it.

Here is a preview:

She smiled, warming up now and feeling familiar with the situation if not with me. “Of course, Honey.” She pulled her phone out of her pocket. “I have to check in and let them know, okay?” I nodded and made a drink for her as she called and talked about time and assured the person on the other line I’d paid. When she finished, I handed her a cup with orange juice and vodka and ice left in the plastic bucket. She thanked me and took a sip.

“I want to call you Kelly,” I said softly.

“You can call me whatever you’d like,” she said. She noticed the look on my face and said a little more tenderly, “Kelly was important to you, wasn’t she?”

“My wife,” I said and then felt the familiar sting of reality. “My ex-wife.”

“Do I look like her? Is that why you chose me?”

I shook my head. “Not really. It was the tee-shirt you wore in the pictureâ?¦well, in the picture where you weren’t undressed. She really liked that band when we were in college. Her hair is black, jet black.”

She smiled softly. “Is there anything she doesâ?¦did that makes youâ?¦wellâ?¦” she trailed off and took another sip of her drink. Fortified, she said, “Do you want me to pretend to be her?”


by Jack Fiske

For the past eleven years Jim Turner had enjoyed a quiet life with his wife and daughter in the New Forest. Only two people knew anything of his previous identity or his life as an undercover agent in North Belfast – his wife Susan and his father-in-law Stephen Reid. Or that’s what he had thought.

Michael O’Hara, the man Jim saw spying on their house from the bottom of his garden was certainly Irish but who did he work for? An old friend in MI5 is convinced he’s a member of the IRA and that he’s a killer – but is he right?

O’Hara’s claim to be with Irish Intelligence and working with the UK authorities doesn’t ring true. However, he does seem to be part of some joint operation. Could MI5 really be working hand in hand with the IRA? If so why and what are the implications for the British Government and the Irish Assembly if it all goes wrong?

When Turner’s wife and daughter are snatched, it is suddenly vital that he finds the answer to the key question – what is the relationship between Mohammed Musa, a reputable Middle-Eastern businessman and Colin Walker, a ruthless London crime boss? Why do they threaten the political stability of Northern Ireland and why do the IRA and apparently MI5 want them both dead?

Winner Takes All (Dr. Rick Parker–Bountyhunter)

by Daniel Clarke Smith

Bounty hunter and ex-physician Rick Parker drives into the small town of Mountain Lakes in Eastern Washington hoping for a quick turnaround.His quarry, career criminal and bail fugitive Bruce Levin has been found murdered in a motel room. Parker thinks he only needs to ID the corpse and collect the bail premium. Complications arise with the arrival of LA private investigator Jessica Monroe, who insists the body is that of Jack Mann, who charmed a wealthy woman into marriage and walked away with a fortune in bearer bonds plus her bank account.

The antagonists become allies after a nasty turn of events leaves them framed for murder and puts them on the road to locate Mann’s kidnapped wife and travel into the wilderness to a millionaire doctor’s exclusive health spa.

What awaits them there is a trek through the most horrific waking nightmare imaginable. Parker’s strength and mental fortitude will be tested in ways he couldn’t anticipate when he turned his back on a career as a doctor.

Words They Could Understand

by Phil Redhead

Lee is just a kid like any other. He has a couple of good friends and loving parents who want him to be happy. But he’s not happy. If only he could find the words to tell them all how much he hates their guts; how much he cannot stand this rotten world. Maybe there’s a way for him to show them. A way for him to make them understand.

Maybe an act of senseless, cathartic violence is what he needs. Maybe that will give him a tiny glint of happiness.

Or maybe it will make him feel much worse.


City of Brotherly Sins

by Nate House

City of Brotherly Sins follows a Philadelphia cop turned cab driver as he tries to navigate the thin line between good and evil in the city he both loves and hates. He teams up with a former cocaine dealer and falsely accused rapist in their search for a one-armed strangler who is targeting prostitutes along Kensington Avenue. They discover that the strangler is linked to the Philadelphia Police Department and the narrator’s past in ways they never imagined.

Cooper Selections (Five Short Stories)

by Bill Bernico

Here are five selected Cooper stories combined in one package, soon to be available in audio format on, iTunes and ACX.

My Ivory Summer

by Philip Henry

Marcus Tully has problems; he’s in love with a girl he’s never spoken to, he’s overweight, he’s about to finish high school and has no idea what to do with his life, his best friends are slowly drifting away, he hasn’t seen his mother in years, and he doesn’t trust his step-mother’s motives for marrying his father.

And then there’s the dead girl in the woodsâ?¦.

In the next few days truths will be revealed and secrets unearthedâ?¦ and Marcus’s life will never be the same again.

Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.