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Gothic Baroque: A Visionary Journey of Love, Lust, Rebellion and Social Unrest

by David Redshaw

â??Gothic Baroque’ ranges from love and lust, rebellion and social unrest, spiritual and personal growth in a visionary journey and metaphysical form. Please click “more info” in the description below to read some sample poems from the collection and take the time to leave a small review if you enjoy the work.

Ultimately I wanted this collection to be a ‘journal’ theme that explores the personal evolution of a person going through the tough experiences associated with life’s unfolding journey, the chaos of personal psycho-sexual self-discovery and the accompanying self-imposed social repression, but holding on to the belief that there will be progress along the way.

Each verse explores further life lessons being experienced and recorded. Like most journeys you have to stick with it to the end; there are dark parts, amusement, observation, self-doubt, love, positive affirmation and warmth. Also death is used as a metaphor for change and self improvement, this is a more darker with a sense of hope feel.

My writing style is such that I attempt to convey ideas and the plethora of emotions I experience in a way that remains personal, but is also accessible to the reader through the use of metaphor and visual imagery.


Breezes carry her hair through treadmill phases,

As she stands atop mountains where her deities hold her.

The moonlight sets her skin to marble,

Glass-eyed prayers echo through the valleys.

Sworn duty worn in silk and velvet,

Nurtured in the warmth of fate’s burning womb.

Rain that stings like swarming insects,

Carries tears to her fallen angels.

Forgive me,

For I cannot hold you to my bosom,

Or sing you to a gentle sleep,

Or cradle your tired soul.

Lilies fragrant the air and the waters,

She dives into nocturnal portals.

Petals fall lightly across her hair, as she bathes in the moonlight milk,

Trying endlessly to wash away her sins, in streaks of ashen mascara.

Inside her is an unsettling yearning,

She wonders if they are staring at the same starlit sky.

Hearts forged of the same template of God bleed into her river,

The chill separates her shiver.

The mother to the lost souls, in need of her children,

The mother to the lost souls, locked in self-loathing.

Climbing Inside Perfection

Falling whispers float like butterflies across cherished skin,

Curtains raise and fall in smooth, fluid motion.

In that moment I know you’re still breathing my name,

Across oceans draped in stars,

Sky pours crescent sunsets into the Earth’s horizon.

A shudder misplaced as the breeze,

Unknown spider fingerprints delicately sweeping across my naked skin,

Through the candlelit window a ghost nurses me to sleep,

A parallel distortion of one who feels dead inside.

A victim timid and shy,

Unaware of the sharpness of his fangs.

Laying naked upon the bed sheets,

Giving his body to the ghosts and the stars,

Turning butterfly wings into black rose petals,

Climbing inside perfection.

United Kingdom of America

Drugs kill and we get high on shooting,

Exploit the radical dreams of liberation and sell their slogan:

What may have once been ideal, is now a brainwashed opinion,

Fed to the motionless actors in the crucifixion theatrics:

Curtains fall, but blind eyes cannot deny the screams of justified judgemental.

Treat the symptom of the human condition,

Ignorance shields from individual interception,

Like-minded and idly grazing, their grass isn’t as green so we are above them.

Ask the dealer to deal us love, he replies, “That’s not something you can afford,”

Junkie trades his soul as Passion murders the Romantic.

Empires fall and empires rebuild, on the tail of an inferno, callous wind,

Dissect the leader and feed him to the starving and the poor,

Retrograde sets in, as revolution drums its beat through needy veins,

Submissive rebels spun on a corporate wheel,

Freedom is the frost on the breast of the decaying eagle

Affirmation: Everything Is Illegal And I Am Alien

by David Redshaw

“Affirmation” chronicles progress through means of inter-woven themes, to the liberation of personal demons also reflecting the shadow side of this liberation. It is ultimately a “Positive Affirmation” chronicling my life’s experiences, perhaps not so black and white as the transition between the greys. The darker moments are normally met with a resolve, or life lesson. Please click the “more info” in the description below to read samples from this collection and please take the time to write a small review if you enjoy my work.

I write about passion, politics, emotions and the human nature, at all extremes. While I chronicle this through my own experience I like to play with metaphor and imagery to showcase this to the reader, sometimes without being so obvious as to what I am going through, but instilling thoughts, imagery and emotions in a way I hope to connect to others. I am deeply passionate about my work and more importantly creating works that connect and resonate with others. I have a strong sense of ethics, morals and political views which you will find in each poetry volume.

Cathartic Liberation

Here comes the downer,

The falling from my pedestal,

Smashing my knees on the impact of the fall.

Thought I was so high and untouchable,

Now I’m a worm crawling across the floor.

Chewing at my skin to find the feeling,

Self-preservation in a tightly-wound cocoon.

Hollow on the inside,

The scream is nothing but a sigh,

Trying to hide the pain,

But this heart is shared and isn’t all mine to have.

A face painted with beauty that has no ego,

Is a watercolour that blurs in my mind.

I reach out and touch perfection,

It dissolves in ripples by my own hand

Here comes the upper,

The muscle tightens as I run on scarred limbs.

High on my cathartic liberation,

For the first time my reflection meets my gaze.

Burning the pedestal,

There’s more to myself than my selfish needs,

So much to live for,

Time has an infinite story.

I search to find the limit to my own evolution,

Hindsight comes with the regret of being too slow.

Pressure on the Wound

Put pressure on the wound,

Although it won’t stop bleeding,

Insecurity has a hold around my neck,

As reflexes punch and kick.

Trying to get to the surface of a crowded mind,

Paranoia whispers chaos formed when silent and alone.

Too scared to lose what was always wanted,

Grip so tight it breaks under the demand for an answer.

Submerged in the chemical breakdown,

Six feet underwater, lungs heavy and full,

Sinking below what you once knew was true,

Lost in the anxiety that comes with the withdrawal.

Love is a dangerous drug; intoxicating,

Always leaving you wanting more:

Too much will kill you,

Without it we’d never feel alone.

Walking into a reality that shatters all form of sanctuary,

The ugliness of a lover’s hold that once felt safe,

Leaves a bruise of an embrace turned restraint.

Fear is a cunning manipulator,

Planting seeds that grow the inevitable tumour:

Put pressure on the wound and hope it stops bleeding.

Escaping Into Reality

Caked in dust, absorbed in other people’s memories,

Breathing crisp air at the breaking of the wall.

Tapping into the potential of everything that could be,

Barbed adrenaline furiously pumping at the gears.

Winter’s song chills the breath of those who sing it,

Icicles form on the trail of captured breath,

On the tail end of disaster that greets all with a smile,

Escaping into reality, as pieces of the subconscious die.

Plucking away at the vitality of nature’s core,

Winds howl as trees writhe in agony,

Like old bones to youthful pressure,

How we wrap our skeletons to hold in the warmth when we feel alone,

Unique vibrations that resonate are seen as glitches of the soul.

Songs for Bernie

by Vic Smith

A modern narrative poem, this time in rhythm and rhyme. It tells the story of four young friends, with themes of friendship, love and fate.

Pleasures of the Unknown

by Jamila Gomez

Jamila Gomez’s new release, “Pleasure of the Unknown”, takes readers on an erotic journey, much different than that of her “Pure Confessions” series. “Pleasures” houses poems true to Jamila’s natural style, with poems of heartbreak added into the mix.

Detours, Discipleship and Dangling Participles (A Truck Driver’s Stories, Poems and Songs)

by Richard P. Ware

Then the master said to the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled (Luke 23:14)

“A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do!” I made that statement to my mother over 30 years ago. It was one of those times when I had a better idea to do a project I was working on. My mother who was watching as the intelligence light bulb flickered asked me why I was doing it that way. That’s when I uttered those words. Of course once I finished the project and it didn’t end up as I had planned, mom repeated those words back to meâ?¦ “Well I guess a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.” For the rest of her life when I would stumble down the road or end up stuck in the ditch of life, mom reminded me with those remarks so many years ago. Moms have such a remarkable sense of humor!

Being a truck driver, I often make detours from a planned route and end up on a street filled with ruts and potholes. The same goes for my life’s journey! I often wonder how many times my Lord and Savior watches me with His arms folded across His chest and wonder why I got off track. And there are times when I think He watches me mess up my life and I think maybe He speaks with the Father and says, “Father, look what Richard is doing now! I guess a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.”

Detours, Discipleship and Dangling Participles are stories, poems, and songs of my life’s journey. Some will make you cry, some will make you laugh and some will have you smiling through your tears.

Ain’t it fun to be human?

About the Author

Richard Ware was raised on a small family farm in North-central Missouri. As a youth he attended a small Baptist church on a semi-regular basis. Upon graduation from Bucklin R-II High School, Bucklin, Missouri in 1972 he enlisted in the US Army and headed for Basic Training in October of that same year. He served a 3-year tour of duty: Two years in Germany and he finished his enlistment at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Since those youthful years, he has also served in the Air National Guard, Great Falls, Montana, and the Army National Guard in Macon, Missouri.

In February of 1973, he married a young lady from Marceline, Missouri, and from that marriage four children were born: Shane, Brandie, Robert, and Kevin. All are grown now with their own families, and actually in spite of their dad, all have grown into really cool people.

After leaving home in 1972, he turned away from God and walked the more travelled roads for about 27 years. Actually, he ran down the hammer lanes of life as fast as he could run. He thought, as many men do, that he was the “big dog in the puppy pen” and preceded full steam ahead just having a lot of fun. In reality, he had so much fun; it led to bankruptcy in the mid 1980’s and divorce at the end of that same decade. As a note, that’s where the fast lane of life takes most men!

In 1999, he re-dedicated his life to Jesus and shifted lanes. Now he walks in the “right” or “slow” lane – the path less travelled which leads to the narrow gate where his Lord and Savior will be waiting at his journey’s end. Richard admits, “Though I am flawed, I am forgiven. And though I still mess up and fall down from time to time â?¦ my heavenly Father picks me up, dusts me off, and with a gentle swat on the backside He tells me to get back out there and do a little better.”

Djathë i Vërtetë

by Aida Bode

“Djathë i Vërtetë” është një përmbledhje ku poetizohet natyra, njeriu dhe dashuria. Aida Bode është larguar nga klishetë dhe rëndomtësitë duke sjellë një këndvështrim të veçantë ndaj këtyre elementëve që pasurojnë përditshmërinë.

Ode To The Job Seeker

by Nigel Ross

A poem to the lowly job seeker.

Touch My Soul

by Alex Wilson

Inspirational Poetry

True Cheese

by Aida Bode

True Cheese is a collection of poetic wanderings about nature, self-search and love. Aida Bode brings a unique perspective on such “cheesy” subjects and eliminates the cliches and the ordinary outlook of these elements that enrich our daily lives.

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