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Food Inflation: Gardening Just Makes Sense

by I Plantain

The value of the dollar is falling. What is this doing to food prices?

Food prices are rising at a rate faster than the official inflation rate (CPI), squeezing the finances of many American families in the Great Recession (or long slow recovery if you prefer!).

Food Inflation: Gardening Just Makes Sense describes the roots of food inflation and why growing your own fresh fruits and vegetables can make you healthier, wealthier and wiser!

What is causing food price inflation?

  • Increased costs (transportation, healthcare, regulation)
  • Monetary policies (quantitative easing and other programs)
  • Crop and production failures

What can the average person do to combat food price inflation?

People can buy food and save it for future use OR learn how to produce food for a future less dependent on big agribusiness and food trucked in from thousands of miles away. Backyard family gardening can be a fruitful and enriching activity for the entire family that will give you healthy, locally grown food. A family garden can be a way to serve your family organic, GMO free food.

Government Corruption

by Robert Smith

This book provides information about government corruption in the United States.

Table of Contents-

1. The Electoral College-You Don’t Elect the President

2. Government and Politicians Are Corrupt

3. Government Causes More Problems

4. Ridiculous Taxes and Unfair Laws

5. Uneven Distribution of Wealth

6. Occupy Wall Street

7. Government Stops Protests

8. Politics Today and the Obama Problem

9. Wealthy Politicians and Their Ignorance of Those Who Are Struggling Financially

10. Conclusion


by Burt Webb

Mindfields is a catalog of cognitive biases which are quirks of the human mind that distort our thinking. Brief descriptions are given for each bias along with notes on how they are respected or abused in politics, business and everyday life. Each entry ends with advice on how you can deal with these biases in your own life.

Still Catholic After All These Years – Complete Version

by Alex Terego

Many Catholics, probably including many of the 10% of Americans who self-identify as former Catholics, find themselves in complex relationships with Church leadership and teachings and are looking for answers.

I too was in a crisis and needed to come to terms with my cradle faith, but I was not willing to give up without an effort. I soon discovered that the reading and research necessary for a full examination of Catholicism is not simple, and probably not for everyone. Much of the writing that describes and defines Church belief is Latinate, theological, philosophical and legalistic. I went ahead anyway since I have been blessed with an inquisitive, diligent and tenacious nature.

I looked at the Catholic Church from four vantage points: Church history, the Catholicization of philosophy, the mystical tradition of the Church and its sacramental nature. I then did my best to explain them plainly and concisely.

My answer to the question “Should I remain a Catholic?” is contained in the abridged and complete versions of “Still Catholic After All These Years,” which I sincerely wish someone had written for me when I was in doubt. I hope reading either version will help others in their struggle; writing them helped me with mine.

Autumn Trinity

by Darren Knight

Leaving her home and guardian Henry, who has provided nourishment of spirit and mind over the last twelve years since she was orphaned to his care, Clover sets off on her journey south, to Carafel, where the truth of her own destiny and that of the world is forced upon her

In the first of a new series, we meet Clover, a young female protagonist, discovering that adulthood holds more than its share of responsibility.

AUTUMN TRINITY is a bold allegoric tale that questions faith and destiny and confronts the oldest of human philosophies, determinism and creationism, in this a modern and thoughtful thriller, weaving a coming of age story with a provoking and unique style

Website –

Chapter teasers


‘astonished am I in the lack of imagination to court the idea of truth when so lacking are the minds of these jesters. So little charm do I find and so lacking are they in the craft of truth that their sorcery breathes heavy like a dying beast gasping at my door. If patience was a gift to embrace then I would do so willingly if I thought that mirth may follow as for too long have they stifled my joy in pursuit of an end that has none. An eternity exists for all that can see the evolution of themselves


‘the tall arms of trees brushed over the roofline leaving the pupating larvae blotched on its outer skin, the heartbeat in genesis pulsed heavily, thousands of death moths erupting into new life from there crisp film, dazed and wild, deep in paradox as the pain of the bright blue poison filtering through its blood met with the new breath of life battling in animation for survival. Only quickening the end’

Chapter 5 – SKIN DEEP

‘eyes to the heavens void of pupils, mouth aghast, filled with noise of the deafening loneliness and regret leaking from his features. As Clover closed in on her fixation, the detail of the chart came through. Aldrich had exaggerated the outer limits of the landmarks to create the figures aspects and as close as she now was they did nothing to alleviate her admiration. The level of detail was almost bizarre, and for a moment it felt as if she was floating high above looking down on a land in torrid blood red conflict’


‘the portrayal of a woman dancing in the celestial scorch like a god in rapture, beckoning to her witnesses to join her in a freedom so pure only death could match its shelter, but here that same death posed no fear, as here there was neither end nor beginnings, only the dream of love that staid the winding path of conflict and despair that haunted the sanity of madmen’

Chapter 11 – WAKE UP

‘to be chosen is a rare gift indeed. Will is immaterial. Acceptance is everything. It is acceptance that will give you strength. It is acceptance that will give you focus. Clarity will come once you lose yourself to it. Throw your fears and your petty longings to the weak to feed on as they fumble in the darkness for crumbs of purpose. The world is full of ignorant fools mad enough to thank obscurity for a moment of content. Let them choke on our scraps, for right now I offer you your truth and your truth is your path’


by Stephen C. Rose

Tweets for Thought is dedicated to the more 125K Twitter friends from around the world. All original, all expressing a point of view that seeks to articulate an ethical philosophy for this pivotal century. Tweets for Thought is also a resource for folk on Twitter and elsewhere who seek timely messages to share with friends and followers.

A Short Introduction to Arthur Schopenhauer

by Bill Wyatt

A beautifully written short introduction to the famous philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer. Illustrated to enhance the reading experience, this eBook is a great addition for beginning students of philosophy or for those more advanced on the path of wondering.

Farewell Darth Vader: A Philosopher’s Simple Introduction to Basic Principles of 12 Step Recovery

by Kevin Vader

What are the underlying principles of 12 step recovery? Drawing from key texts and practices, this book clarifies some of the basic principles, shows how they relate to one another, and how they provide a rich framework for living that can benefit anyone — even those who are not suffering from addiction or do not believe in God. This book is an inspiring testimony from the author’s own journey through recovery, as well as a philosophical interpretation of the principles underlying recovery. It is simple enough to be read by those with no previous background in recovery or philosophy. It can be enjoyed in about an hour, but invites you to a lifetime of learning and reflection.

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