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How to Hear the Voice of God

by Tanya Guerrier

Do you believe that God speaks?
Do you desire to hear God’s voice?

If so, this special e-report was written especially for you! This is a quick and easy read that you are sure to enjoy.

This report discusses:

– Who is God?
– How to listen to God
– The creative ways in which God speaks
– The power of prayer
– How to pray effectively
– The benefits of hearing God’s voice
– How to develop your intuition
– How to turn your focus inward and reap amazing rewards
– And much more!

Spiritual guidance and practical techniques will be offered to enhance your communication skills with your creator. Hear God’s voice today!

The Road Home (North Georgia Days)

by Howard Wigington

Brett Warren can’t seem to escape the memory of a failed relationship, even though fifteen years have gone by. While life in general is good, he would still like to find that special someone. Meanwhile, everything is pretty much routine. As a long haul truck driver, he spends a lot of time away from home. A few dates here and there, a few days home, and back on the road. All of that will change in a few adrenaline-packed, pulse pounding seconds on a Georgia Interstate. A totally new life is unleashed, along with changes he never saw coming in his wildest dreams.

Sherry Tatum has been divorced for five years. Her husband disappeared with a younger woman and left her with a one-bedroom apartment and a pile of unpaid bills. Only her faith in God, and her family and friends see her through. She’s about to discover that running late and being driven to distraction can turn into life changing events.

Both will discover that while things don’t always turn out as planned, sometimes, they turn out even better. One last huge suprise will leave them both struggling to adapt.

Simple Faith – How every person can experience intimacy with God

by Eddie Snipes

Two-thousand years ago, God laid the foundation of His Kingdom through twelve ill-equipped and under qualified disciples. During the most important event of Jesus’ ministry, His best leaders couldn’t keep their eyes open long enough to pray for an hour. And then they all abandoned Him and fled for their lives when they felt threatened. Yet these twelve men later turned the world upside down through the ministry God entrusted to them.

Nothing has changed. God hasn’t called you because you were qualified. Often times it is just the opposite. God calls imperfect people to accomplish His perfect plan. When you fall short, God knew beforehand. And He still called you. God didn’t call you because you were perfect, but because this faith is about His power to accomplish His will in your life – regardless of your weaknesses. Your call is to walk by faith in His calling. It’s all about intimacy with God and His ability to transform your weakness into His strength!

The Compleat Magical Path Magic Lessons

by John Cross

Magic is something that must be lived and experienced, not merely read and talked about. This short, introductory course is divided into ten parts and can be studied over a period ten weeks (minimum). It looks at some core principles and techniques and is not rooted in any particular religious, mystical, or cultural practices. This ebook edition contains the complete set of lessons, as well as introductory readings and selected readings. All articles are by John Cross of, unless otherwise credited (such as some of the selected readings, which are used with permission).

My Scripture Journal: Fearing the Lord (My Scripture Journal: Bible Reading Plans)

by Heather Bixler

The goal of “My Scripture Journal” is to help you to grow deeper in your walk with Christ by reading the Bible and memorizing scripture. The scripture memorizing technique offered in “My Scripture Journal” has been proven to help others memorize scripture out of the Bible.

When we study the Bible we learn the tools needed in order to live a life that is pleasing to the Lord. God doesn’t promise a life free from trials. However He has given us the tools we need to fight our battles through His word, the Bible. When we memorize scripture we automatically have the tools on hand that we need to get us through whatever life throws our way.

“My Scripture Journal” is designed to help you memorize scripture while also learning more about God through His word. This plan for reading and memorizing scripture is designed for those of us who have either a short attention span, or busy lives, in order to help incorporate God into our everyday life!

This scripture journal is set up where you will study one snippet of scripture per week. There will be seven different activities you will complete in order to help you memorize the scripture and get into the word, one activity per day of the week. At the end of the beginning of the next week we will move onto another scripture.


My Scripture Journal: Fearing the Lord originated as a paperback journal designed to help readers memorize scripture. This reading plan was put together for readers who prefer digital readers. The reading plan you will find in this eBook copy of My Scripture Journal: Fearing the Lord includes all scriptures studied, daily activities, and discussion questions found in the paperback version of My Scripture Journal: Fearing the Lord – the only thing that is not included is the space to journal and write your daily activities.

Psalm 91 – He Who Dwells…

by L. Velez

An in-depth study into Psalm 91, and the Promise of Protection.

We have all heard this powerful Psalm, and find comfort in its words. However, many do not realize that it is a promise of protection for all who are willing to dwell in the secret place of the Most High…

You see, God offers us many promises. Sadly, we never learn about the clauses: our part in how to obtain the promises…

In this book, the promise and the way to obtain it is revealed. The verses are broken down and explained in detail. It is an easy read and well worth the few minutes it will take to complete. The knowledge you will gain mixed with a bit of faith is sure to open the eyes of the reader to the wondrous blessing of God’s promise of protection!!

What’s Death Got To Do With Living? Discover the Other Side of Reality, Consciousness and the Afterlife (Q&A Series, Book 1)

by Nano Daemon

Discover the Answers to Life’s Greatest Questions

What is life? What is death? What is consciousness?

Discover the answers to these questions and more…

Discover the Mysteries of Life and Death and Much More

Ever wondered about the mysteries of life and death, the nature of reality, consciousness, the world of dreams and the afterlife, and how these are interrelated?

And how is it that an ant knows how to be an ant, a tree knows how to be a tree, but a human being does NOT know how to be a human being? S/He strives to become a human doing, a human having, in an effort to become a human being. S/He is geared to learn and earn.

The Q&A Book is a series of 3 books designed to unlock the mysteries of life & death, consciousness, the nature of reality, the secret of dreams and their relationship to the afterlife, offering a new and unsuspected perspective on life’s challenging questions.

Each book in the series covers 10 major questions to acquaint you with the various faculties inherently in our makeup, and designed to create a shift in perception which will provide the keys to opening up the portals to the other dimensions of reality.

Above the 5 sense of touch, seeing, hearing, taste and smell, that we humans share in common with the animal kingdom, we are all endowed with 5 higher senses, reserved for mankind, that we need to access.

These faculties, which lie dormant and need to be activated in a bid for us to become Co-Creators with the Universe, require a drastic shift in consciousness which can only take place when we dislodge ourselves from the patterns of belief that keep us locked in our current predicament, the meaning we attach to words, and our understanding of the Nature of Reality.

Discover the R/Evolutionary ANSWERS to Life’s Big QUESTIONS.

Questions in this series:


Q1 – What is the Nature of Reality?

Q2 – What is Life?

Q3 – What is Death?

Q4 – What is Consciousness?

Q5 – What is an Altered State of Consciousness?

Q6 – What is the Astral?

Q7 – What is Karma?

Q8 – What is Free Will?

Q9 – What is Conscience?

Q10 – What is Intuition?

About The Author

After running successful businesses in home renovations, the fashion industry, then the manufacture of garden fountains, ornaments and the reproduction of antiques, Nano then turned her attention to personal development and spirituality.

Daemon now focuses entirely on her passion, which is the study of the mind, exploring the nature of reality, consciousness, altered states of consciousness, astral travel and lucid dreams, as she navigates her way through life and beyond and connects with mystique and the mysterious.

Nano lives in Australia and writes from personal experience.

She is currently under contract with Balboa House (a division of Hay House) writing about the adventures, misadventures and events that conspired to make a writer out of her, leaving her wondering “Is Life predetermined?” and sending her on a wild “Search for the Clues”.

She is also in the process of publishing a Q&A Series of 3 Books, offering some R/Evolutionary ANSWERS to Life’s Big QUESTIONS, in joint venture with TCK Publishing, entitled “WHAT’S DEATH GOT TO DO WITH LIVING? Discover the Other Side of Reality, Consciousness and the Afterlife.

Treasures Of The Rockies

by Mary Eason

Standing On The Edge Of Goodbye – Book One: Matt Stevens is finished with life. Grieving the death of his son, Matt withdraws from humanity, sequestering himself in a mountain cabin far from the reaches of anything human, anything that may remind him of the life he can no longer have. That is, until Kate Alexander arrives on his doorstep and begins to strip away the bitterness he carries in his heart.

Running from an abusive ex-husband who tried to murder her, Kate Alexander’s life is turned upside-down. Learning of her grandmother’s death, the only woman who ever believed in her, is almost Kate’s complete undoing, especially when the devastating news comes from a man so lacking in human emotion he may as well be a robot. Yet, Kate is drawn to Matt Stevens in a way she never before experienced. Could
there be more to this unlikely friend of her grandmother’sâ??something beyond the cold surface he presents to the world?

A Family For Christmas – Book Two: Rachel Peters thought she’d left the past along with all of her mistakes behind in Austin after her brief marriage to childhood sweetheart Jack Bryant ended with an annulment and a broken heart.

Now, Rachel must face the man she still loves once again in order to save her son’s life. But can she believe Jack when he tells her he’s not the man he once was. And more importantly, can she trust him when her son’s life hangs in the balance?

Self Confidence Without All The BS: The Truth About Being Confident That Your Therapist Will Never Tell You

by Bede Draper

Confidence Isn’t Just About What You Think…

Real Self Confidence Manifests Itself In What You Do and How You Do It

You’re about to learn how to develop self-confidence in every area of your life. In this book you will learn:

How To Overcome Anxiety, Fear and Low Self Esteem

In this life-changing book, you will learn how take self-confidence from inside and make it change your life on the outside. It’s not enough to just think confident thoughts. You must take confident action. In this book, you’ll learn how to master self-confidence in your relationship with yourself, in your relationship with others, and in your relationship with work.

About The Author

Bede Draper has a Master of Applied Science in Social Ecology with major studies in critical perspectives in psychological practices. As a young man he studied for the Roman Catholic priesthood. He formally studied philosophy and various methods of psychotherapy. Bede has worked for himself for the last thirty years as well as extensively working in consulting and training in the occupational health and safety industry. His interests are philosophy, sociology, psychology, comparative religion and Traditional Vedanta.

The Last Christian On Earth

by J O’Keith

Mary, the last Christian on Earth, is handed a notebook in her cold prison cell. Her captors give her one final chance to renounce her faith – if she does not, she will be executed in the morning.

Instead, Mary chooses to chronicle the remarkable journey that led her to this prison cell. From being raised in the tunnels below America to trying to start a new Christian community on an uninhabited island, Mary tells us her story.

The Last Christian On Earth is a Christian science fiction novella that will fill its readers with inspiration, hope and most of all admiration for its remarkable hero.

The Single Christian: Your Sassy Saved Single Girl’s Guide to Sex, Dating and Relationships A series of encouragement, life lessons and pure humor. VOL 2

by Loria Hubbard

I’ve competed with the big butt club for as long as I can remember. Ever since Sir Mix-a- Lot came on the scene and started rappin’ about lovin’ big booties and not being able to lie about itâ?¦women like me have been struggling! You can’t go anywhere or watch anything on TV without a big ol’ booty sneaking in! Now don’t get it twisted, I have nothing against a woman with a big, round derriere but I feel I’ve spent most of my adult like being haunted by them. I’ve always been the kind of woman, who for the most part is satisfied with her appearance. Although I feel I’ve been trying to lose weight since I was 17, I normally on a daily basis can smile when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Don’t let that fool you into believing I think I’ve arrivedâ?¦that’s far from the truth, but overall I’m happy with meâ?¦happy in my own skin! But as I’ve hinted to, there are a few things I wish to change. Standing at only five foot four, I’d love to be one of those women who struts in the latest pair of Jimmy Choo’s showing off my long legs. I’d also love to be one of those women who have a natural arch in her eyebrows or be a woman who’s not plagued with worrisome back fat, but most of all I’d love to turn my little ol’ booty into an ample, generous booty!

**My series of mini books share the lesson’s I have learned with a little grace, tact and a teeny bit of irreverence. You will hear encouraging words, good advice and fabulous stories that just may change your outlook on things! My biggest goal is to encourage you to fall in love with God! That’s the point of everything I say! If you can fall in love with Him firstâ?¦the husband, big house, nice car, babies and whatever else you desire will fall right into place. Put Him first and you will never go wrong. So girls, tighten up those stilettos strapsâ?¦it’s going to be bumpy ride! **

Pope Bob

by Bill Dodds

When the first American-born pope, Leo XVII, wakes up on Seattle’s Skid Road he discovers that during his most recent alcoholic blackout the papal plane has been lost over the Atlantic and the world assumes he’s dead. Author Bill Dodds uses a lightâ??and at times surprisingly lightheartedâ??touch to tell this story of vices and vocations, promises and possibilities, fears and faith. He has created a cast of delightful, believable, and unforgettable characters.

Aliens, Armageddon, and The End Times

by Andrew Ferrier

First ever YouTube book with Free YouTube videos that relate to topics in the book!
Why should you read this book??? The Bible describes a soon coming 7-year time of:

*World War,
*asteroids hitting earth,
*666 mark of the beast,
*coming war between Israel and Iran,
*the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem,
*millions of people disappear all around the world on one day throwing the world into chaos,
*alien deception,
and much more. During this 7-year period, Billions of people will be killed.

This book explains how you can avoid this terrible time based on the teachings of Jesus. It also gives an overview of the 7-years along with YOUTUBE video clips specially designed to go along with this book that can be watched for free as long as you have internet access.

You will be challenged as you read this book and while you might not agree with everything in it, the end times spoken of in the Bible will be presented in a clear, concise way that will make you think.

About the Author:
Andrew Ferrier was born and raised in Michigan. He attended Word of Life Bible Inst., Tenn. Temple U. and Grand Rapids Seminary. He lived in Israel for 3 years working on a kibbutz and has been involved in teaching the Bible for over 25 years.

One thing he hears a lot after teaching is, “you make the Bible so interesting and easy to understand.”

He has tried to do the same with his book. Enjoy!

My Treasures – Four Week Mini Bible Study (Becoming Press Mini Bible Studies)

by Heather Bixler

There are plenty of Christian resources out there telling us how to manage our money. From budgeting, to couponing, to saving, to investing, (there are numerous) books, courses, and blogs available for all Christians to learn how to steward their money to better honor and glorify the Lord.

I think these resources are amazing and have often used them in my own life in order to become debt free and learn how to better manage my family’s finances. But one burning question always entered into my mind as I began to budget, coupon, and bring down my debt – what’s the point? my heart still struggled daily with greed and fear when it came to money.

In this four week mini Bible Study, we are not going to examine how to manage our money. Instead we are going to examine our heart towards money. One thing I have learned when it comes to money is this, it’s really not about HOW much money you have that will determine whether you are broke or rich, it’s WHERE your heart is towards God and towards money.

If we want to be good stewards of our money and honor God with the resources He has given us, then we need to look at our heart, not JUST our budget.

I pray this Bible Study is a blessing to you and your family!

God Bless,

Heather Bixler

Heaven’s Headache

by R. D. Knighten

Was the Prophet Jonah really swallowed by a whale? Was he the first example of racism in the Bible?

Inspired by the life of the Prophet Jonah, “Heaven’s Headache” takes a controversial look into the biblical evidence surrounding the story of the Hebrew prophet. By exploring the cultural and sociopolitical environment of this era in biblical antiquity, author R.D. Knighten discusses Jonah’s road toward tolerance and uncovers a message far more captivating than the whale-of-a-tale we know as “The Book Of Jonah.”

“Heaven’s Headache” reveals the ageless message the prophet has for us today.

Relationships: Gifts of the Spirit

by Julie Hutslar

Understand your most challenging relationships and yourself as well.

What if you could see your most difficult relationships as stepping-stones instead of stumbling blocks? This book takes coincidence out of your vocabulary and enables you to find meaning and ultimately healing from your greatest obstacles â?? the people in your life. Filled with insight, experience, and real ways to truly manage personal interactions, it will be a treasure to refer to for many relationships to come.

Tarot Cards – Go Beyond The Real World And Get Ready To Enter The Mystical World Of Tarot (Tarot Card Meaning, Tarot Reading)

by Chloe Miller

Tarot Cards – Go Beyond The Real World And Get Ready To Enter The Mystical World Of Tarot

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how you can effectively learn the history of the deck itself as well as the ways through which you can slowly but surely familiarize yourself with it’s use.

Learning the art of reading the tarot, contrary to most beliefs, is not a very difficult one. All it takes is some diligence and of course, the proper guide to help an individual get started. You will be provided with the history, basics as well as a few other information that would help you along the path to becoming better acquainted with the art itself.

A sneak peak into the book:

* Tarot History

* Tarot Card Deck Explained

* The Basics

* Science Vs. Myth

* The Major Symbols And Their Meaning

* Plus Much More!

Download your copy today!


by M. C. Zappitello

Ten years ago, Cassie was found in front of the police station with only the clothes she was wearing and the memory of her first name, her age, and her birthday.

Now, at seventeen, she still doesn’t know who she really is and maintains a tenuous hold on her sanity by doing the best she can to suppress the extreme sensitivities which make her life a constant struggle. She realizes that it isn’t normal to experience what people around her are thinking and feeling, but can’t discover how to turn it off . . . no matter how overwhelming and painful it becomes.

Until he appears, that it. Somehow, everything is so much easier when he’s near. It’s as if he can reach directly into her mind . . . and touch her heart. He seems to know more about her than she knows about herself. And his influence feels too strong for her to resist. But is he truly what he appears to be? Why is he here now? And what does he really want? Because it couldn’t possibly be her . . . .

Epistles to the Prodigals: For Catholics who strayed and those who stayed

by Alex Terego

To be a Catholic is to be a member of a community that believes that the Infinite met the finite just once – at the Cross. To be a Catholic is to know that if you ask for faith it will be granted. If you deviate from that faithfulness and ask once more for renewed faith, again it will be granted. Catholics don’t live in paradise. Catholics live in a vale of tears. We live for paradiseâ??the sight of God, the Beatific Vision – not for this world. But to get to our reward we must live right in this world and this means acknowledgment by all of failings, and humility.

It also means good works. Faith alone does not suffice. Catholics must practice good works. And good works only deserve merit as long as they are done in the service of God. Even if a person is far from God but performs a service in the name of God he or she will gain merit. If an opportunity to render service to another is refused then no merit can be attainedâ??in fact it warrants demerits.

So, Catholics are instructed, and obliged; To feed the hungry; To give drink to the thirsty; To clothe the naked; To shelter the homeless; To visit the sick; To ransom the captive; To bury the dead: To instruct the ignorant; To counsel the doubtful; To admonish wrongdoers; To bear wrongs patiently; To forgive offenses willingly; To comfort the afflicted; To pray for the living and the dead. This is all hard to do. But it is what Jesus of Nazareth commanded us to doâ??”I give you a new commandment, that you love one another. Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13: 34-35

Why must we follow these instructions? First and most importantly because God told us through his Son! But also these actions are a practical way of secular life and act as the lubricants of society. They perform for society what motor oil does for the internal combustion engine: they decrease friction and reduce heat and ease and even optimize lives.

If a Catholic becomes a Protestant, what exactly are they protesting? Comforting the afflicted? Feeding the hungry? Or are they simply holding a 500-year- old grudge against what the Church had become during the Renaissance? If a Catholic becomes a non-believer, do they abandon belief as a principle entirely? Or just that Catholicism, warts and all, is not worth practicing?

I have come to believe that the opposite of faith is not reason, it is alienation and isolation. The word Gospel literally means “Good news.” To practice the Gospel is faith. To spread it is what all Catholics are called to do. That is why I am writing this book.

The Least of These

by Scott Zachary

Molly Gregor was not a temperate woman.

Rash, proud, and headstrong, she has carved her way through life in turbulent seventeenth-century Ireland with a bold determination that often places her at odds with those around her. Orphaned when her parents were murdered by English soldiers, and ostracized for marrying a foreign Protestant landlord, Molly feels as if she is a stranger in her own land.

When a band of Irish Travellers come to her small town, Molly finds herself trapped between her desire to help the wayfaring strangers, and the cruel prejudices of her neighbors. Will she find the courage to defend these, the least of all people?

Devotions for Dog Lovers: Paws-ing for Time with God

by Gayle Irwin

Receive a FREE GIFT of devotions delivered to you every week! Simply visit the author’s website:

Spend a few moments a day with God, reflecting upon faith lessons taught by our canine companions. Each topical devotion features a correlating Scripture, a dog story, Biblical application to the story and topic, and life application for the reader as well as a concluding prayer. We’ll journey through thankfulness, joy, love, faithfulness, grief, acceptance, and other pathways, reflecting upon what God has to say to us through the adventures of the author’s own dogs as well as others. These short 30-day reflections are a great way for you to relate your Christian faith to your love for dogs!

Of Love and Laughter

by Janice Silkworth

Friendship is a special gift. It is sometimes so fragile that words can shatter its delicate bond. Sometimes it is so durable it can last a lifetime, without tarnish or rust.

Of Love and Laughter is the delightful and often amusing story of four women for whom the bond of friendship has lasted since their days as toddlers. It is a friendship that has endured, not because they are so much alike, but because their different personalities have blended so well. Just as a recipe blends together ingredients, friendship also blends together personalities.

Their husbands have become fishing buddies, which gives the girls a lot of time for adventures. Upon discovering a for sale sign in front of the grand old house at the summit of Stellar Slope, the house once owned by the professor of astronomy and his wife, the four are dismayed by the house’s dismal state of repair.

Soon the four friends are pondering how to come up with enough money to return the house to its once stately appearance, and they do come up with some creative solutions. They hover around the phone, as if it were the last cookie on the plate, when they call the number on the for sale sign.

It is also the story of one very generous man who trusts in the good intentions of four women he has never met. He believes in them when they tell him they want to make the house a place where love and laughter are once again shared.

As the house is scrubbed clean and given a fresh coat of paint, the four friends happily recall childhood memories of the Professor and Mrs. Lee who had once lived there. The Professor and Mrs. Lee had no children, but their house was always filled with love and laughter. Children came to peer through the professor’s telescope and marveled at what they saw far past their tiny spot on earth. The professor loved to share his knowledge, and the children were intrigued when he told them about the moon, the planets, and the stars.

It was always fun to sit in one of the white wicker chairs on the spacious front porch at “Stellar House,” as it was called, and have a glass of lemonade with Mrs. Lee. Delicious smells of pies or cookies would sneak out of her kitchen, and she would always share the delightful goodies she had baked. She taught the girls how to knit and how to play the piano, and she always had time to sit and talk.

Of Love and Laughter is a lively and often humorous story of friendship and faith.

The Characters of Christmas: God at Work in Our Lives

by Gregory A. Johnson

What am I to do when I don’t know what to do? What is God doing in the midst of my seemingly impossible situation? How do I know what God wants me to do when I have a decision to make? What is the best plan for me to execute? What is God doing in my life? These are questions many are asking today. 

Author and pastor Gregory A. Johnson takes the characters of Christmas from the Bible and brings to the reader’s attention certain themes about God that helps to answer these questions and many more like them. Although the word “Christmas” is in the title of this book, and Johnson uses the characters of Christmas throughout, the themes illuminated about God are relative during any calendar season or any season of life.

Hypnosis: Self Hypnosis Mastery

by Ryan Seager

Announcing A Breakthrough New System Guaranteed to Reveal How to Master Self-Hypnosis!

“Hypnosis: Self Hypnosis Mastery” will teach you step by step how to use hypnosis to dramatically improve your life. You will be able to use self-hypnosis safely and correctly. Includes full life-changing scripts for the following conditions:

Hypnosis for Anxiety

Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

Hypnosis for Anger Management

Hypnosis to Stop Drinking Alcohol

Hypnosis to Gain Confidence

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Hypnosis to Attract Wealth

These positive-oriented scripts have been skillfully crafted to give you maximum empowerment and results.

Your brain is the world’s most powerful computer and it can be directed to increase your wealth, health and overall happiness. Everything you learn and take from the hypnosis techniques in this book, you can use to radically improve and positively impact every area of your life.

Whether you want to attract wealth, lose weight, control anger, eliminate anxiety or any other beneficial and influential aspect of life, self-hypnosis is your ticket.

This isn’t just a superficial idea from stage magicians or some kind of parlor tricks. It’s a specific system I used myself and I’m now enjoying the life of my dreams and stress free living. And it’s the same exact system I’ll be sharing with you in this book so you can finally experience results like these yourself!

This is not an instant fix – you will have to put forth effort. This is not like in the movies where someone gets â??accidentally’ hypnotized by overhearing a hypnotherapy session in the next room. No, it takes effort; it takes consistent ongoing focused effort to re-write the bad programming that has been installed and downloaded into your brain up until today.

Most people will not tell you the value or the power that hypnosis has. Most people; even if they have had tremendous results, will be shy and not want to publicly admit that hypnosis works!

You can become a new person! Get “Hypnosis: Self Hypnosis Mastery Today” and see fast results as you propel towards success at unprecedented speed!

Adoration: Mary of Bethany – The Untold Story

by Martha Kilpatrick

Mary of Bethany stands alone in the Gospels. She was the friend of Jesus, sharer of His secrets. She abides, uninhibited and limitless, an eternal emblem of adoration of Jesus.

Mary received from Jesus what no other player in the Redemption Story received: His never-ending command that where the gospel is preached, the story of her alabaster jar is to be told. This book proclaims her memorial place with extraordinary insight and reverence, laced with the goal of following this quiet one who was the delight of Jesus into our own . . . ADORATION.

Here is a profound gaze at the very human story of two sisters and the stark contrast between what gains God and what loses Him. Martha Kilpatrick quietly and lovingly dispels the hype and reveals the secret of true worship. Now available in both print and digital formats.

Love COMMITTEE (Novella 1) (Love COMMITTEE Series)

by Celeste King

Do you like to ponder about just how the Angels accomplish their Earthly missons? What about Heavenâ?¦how does it look and feel? Ever wonder why some of us get help with our problems faster than others? Well, here’s your chance to peak behind the Heavenly Veil just a bit to discover what goes on in the day-to-day life of our Angelic Friends! Experience the journey Bethany takes to recover from the life-shattering event of losing her beloved husband, Andy, very suddenly. Hear the dialogue of the Angels as they gather to answer Bethany’s urgent prayers for she and her young daughter. The breathtaking suspense will keep you on the edge of your seat, and you will find yourself cheering on the Heavenly Protectors who fight against the evil mafia members out to murder Bethany’s family. Will she ever be able to survive and have a normal life with her daughter again? Will she ever find love again? Who in Heaven can help her when she needs it most? You’ll be surprised to learn the identity of Bethany’s greatest Friend in the Angelic Love COMMITTEE! Come along on this spectacular trip through the Heavenly realmsâ?¦ it is a journey you’ll never forget!

Holiness Revealed

by L. Velez

But just as He Who called you is holy, so be holy in all your conduct and manner of living; for it is written: “Be holy, because I am holy.” – 1 Peter 1:15-16

The word “holy” seems to be completely insane and utterly unattainable at first glance. It can also make many cringe at the mere mention of it. In today’s culture, the words: “holiness” and “holy” sound like something out of the dark ages–or at the very least, words spoken by some overzealous religious lunatic.

Thankfully, being holy is not crazy, “old fashioned thinking” or unattainable! It is what we are called to, and if God calls us to it, then He will make a way for us to walk in it!

Positive Affirmations for Atheists, Agnostics, and Secular Humanists

by I. M. Probulos

This is a positive affirmation book for those who hate positive affirmation books. My version is different from most other positive affirmation books because it assumes a non-religious, non-spiritual, scientific mindset.

The concept behind this book is simple: It is a collection of self-help, success, and positive attitude quotations without the usual religious and “woo woo” references such as the Law of Attraction, the universe loves you or that God intends for you to be happy. This book assumes you live in a scientific, deterministic world and don’t believe “everything happens for a reason” or you can pray for divine intervention when you’re in a jam.

There is no reference to God, a soul, destiny, angels, the devil or any other supernatural agent controlling your destiny. You’re it. That fact that free-thinkers and non-believers favor science, reason and rationality does not mean that we cannot dream big, aim high and have flights of fancy of success, fame, and fortune. My goal, ever since the introduction of The 12 Unthinkable Horrors of Human Existence, The Statistical Theory of Everything, and How to Speak Fluent Atheist, Agnostic, and Secular Humanist is to help those without faith or have recently lost their faith flourish and prosper in a world without religion and the supernatural.

Therefore many of the quotes in this book are the same ones you have seen before, with a few novel ones thrown in. The fact that a particular author is included does not mean they are a non-believer, just that their quote was memorable and devoid of any supernatural inferences. The main difference in this collection is what is not included.

Quote lists are readily available from a number of sources. My goal is to save the reader time and effort weeding out the chaff from the wheat, the very memorable from the easily forgotten and a unique list for my intended audience.

My favorite two categories, in true Probulos fashion, are the “anti-cliché” positive affirmations where the quote definitely had an edge and the funny quotes I included in the Appendix.

In addition to having this collection on your Kindle to read anytime, you can download this book to your personal computer, Android phone or iPad. I do occasionally update my quote books, so check the version number and date in the very front of the book. Amazon only sends out notices where there is a major change so currently updating your book is a manual process.

If you know of a great quote that I’ve missed, please visit my website: and send me a note. In addition, we encourage you to purchase the complete books from the authors quoted in this resource book.

I hope you enjoy this E-book and if so, please share it with your friends. You can help support my work by purchasing my other Kindle books on and providing positive feedback. You can also follow me on Twitter @improbulos.

I. M. Probulos

Letters To Young Preachers

by Brent Lewis

Letters written by experienced preachers for younger men, along with several “how to” sections of instruction.

A Catfish Moon

by Gerald Sumner

The Story of Job Smyth, a young boy whose search for peace brings him adventures in the river bottoms of the Withlacoochee River in Southern Georgia.


by Casandra Nightengale

Jessie Traynor, burned out and disillusioned with life, asks her spirit guides for direction. Entering a shamanic journey trance, she is taken to a cavern of black crystal. There she meets the portal guardian who sends her back in time to an alternate reality and into an encounter that transforms her forever.

Christian Clichés {Bible Study}

by L. Velez

A Bible Study to Help Us Overcome this Selfish Disease in the Church

Come Follow Go: Getting back to the simple mission of following Jesus.

by John Overholt

This book has great insights and inspiration for anyone considering the call to world missions: the simple mission of following Jesus. It is a true story of transformation.

The author, John Overholt, became a missionary because missionaries came to him. His journey from magician to missionary is unconventional. He did not attend church. He did not read the bible. He did not hang out with Christians. He was totally against God and would verbally challenge people, “Where is God? Who is God? Prove to me there is a God!” John writes, “I had no intention of becoming a missionary. I was, actually voted least likely to become a Christian in University. Well educated in the theory of evolution and a confessed atheist, my philosophy in life was, “Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you die.” I sang along with Mick Jagger from the Rolling Stones, “I can’t get no satisfaction!” And I triedâ?¦and I triedâ?¦”

In his defiance and rebellion, God, the ultimate missionary, came looking for him.

The transformation started as three visitors came to his Trick and Joke shop.

The first was a man with a black book. The second was Lion Serpent Son, head Satanist priest of Victoria, BC Canada, at the time. The third was a teenage girl who came in, pointed her finger at him and boldly proclaimed, “Mister, you are going to hell if you don’t stop living the way you are living!” He said, “Excuse me! What did you say?” He could not believe what he had just heard! He had never seen this person in his life. As she looked him in the eyes again and delivered this incredible word, he felt as though a sword had penetrated deep into his soul. As she proceeded out the door, anger rose within him as he spewed out, “Who the hell do you think you are coming in here like that?” His ranting seemed to have no impact. She was gone but the sword remained intact. He could not get away from the deep down conviction that she was right. “That is ridiculous!” He not so convincingly reminded himself. “I do not believe in heaven or hell, God or the devil. When I die, life is over; I am buried and that is it.”

As you read this story he continues to describe how an encounter with God took him from the Trick and Joke shop into the mission field, first on short term mission trips with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) and then with Foursquare missions through the Foursquare Church of Canada into Central America.

“Come Follow Go” has taken many years to write. We can teach a lot of things but we can only impart what we have lived. This book has been lived and has much to impart.

There is nothing up his sleeve.

New Testament Forgiveness – A Small Guide on the Dynamics of Forgiveness Under the New Covenant

by Peter Smythe

Forgiveness is a big issue for believers because, well, the Bible exhorts us to forgive “just as the Lord has forgiven you.”   But what does that mean? Why should we forgive? And how exactly are we supposed to do it?

The church has come up with all kinds of answers. One school of thought says that we need to forgive or God won’t let us into heaven. Another school says that we need to forgive because it does us good. In other words, forgiveness is not about the trespasser, but the victim. And the church generally teaches that forgiveness is an act of the will. 

But what saith the scriptures? This little book (not every Christian book needs to be an encyclopedia) examines what the Bible says about new testament forgiveness. You can’t say that it’s breaking new ground because it is, after all, construing the Bible, but you’ll be surprised at just what forgiveness is all about and how exactly you’re supposed to do it.

Click ThroughAs with all of Peter Smythe’s books, scripture is the centerpiece. Click on the book cover to read the table of contents and the first few pages to get a feel for just how this book is structured. 

The Parable of the Shrewd Manager (Short Bible Study Series)

by Phin Hall

Despite its prime location in the heart of Luke’s Gospel, the parable of the Shrewd Manager is not popular – in fact many Christians are only even vaguely aware of its existence. While it is certainly not an easy parable to understand, it is certainly worth the effort as Jesus’ teaching here is absolutely vital for anyone who considers themselves to be one of His followers.

This short Bible study seeks to work through this complex passage draw out the problem Jesus is addressing together with His solution, incentive for putting it into practice, and the real issue behind His teaching.

The Two Deaths of Christ (Refelections of Pastor Tom)

by Tom Cavanaugh

This very short book might better be called an essay or monograph. But it is short because it contains no fluff. Rather, it addresses the core value of Christianity. Pastor Tom writes in a clear way that explains this message in a way that the reader will understand and want to share with family members and friends.

EVOLVING INTO SELF; FROM THE PUPPET TO THE MASTER – My Evolution from the Cradle to the Grid

by Chessie Roberts

EVOLVING INTO SELF; FROM THE PUPPET TO THE MASTER – My Evolution from the Cradle to the Grid is my story of my personal evolution from the darkness of ignorance and unawareness. How, through my personal vibration with frequencies of music, I was able to raise myself into sobriety, atonement, forgiveness and become entrained with the frequencies of growth, healing and enlightenment.

This has lead me to a most unexpected level of spiritual practice that facilitated a wonderful metamorphosis into being a Master Level Healer in both Usui and Karuna Reiki disciplines, Master Level in my own Dilo Energy Healingâ?¢ and my work with and the creation and sharing of the Get on the Life Energyâ?¢ Program that has brought about the writing of this book.

Legacy: Bloodborn pt. 2

by Max Cooper

What would you give for peace? Your life? Your wealth? Your family? Your crown?

The Guild King has tipped the scales of power to his favor through war and treachery. He rules all that he desires- or does he? Forces unseen since the formation of the world are gathering in the darkness. The once strong Guilds have become weak from years of peace and prosperity. The Prophets no longer seek after the Divines and the Guild King’s hair turns greyer and greyer. The kingdom is weak and none but a strange girl from the south can stop it.

Legacy of the Bloodborn is a full length, full force, fantasy adventure in the Galsag universe.

ABBA, my Father

by Aleda J Marshall

An Intimate Lord’s Prayer. ABBA, my Father is a book fashioned by the Lord’s Prayer. Poetically styled with the prose from the Word of God and a few sacred songs of old, this innermost prayer makes ready our hearts to receive our Father’s embrace. Through the expanded application of God’s Word throughout the Lord’s Prayer, the writer, as well as the petitioner, reverently Hallows our Father’s Name; Recognizes His Kingdom Come and His Will Be Done; Thankfully requests Daily Bread; Seeks Forgiveness for Sins and Forgives others their Shortcomings. In addition, the anointed appeal implores ABBA’s Protection from Temptation and Deliverance from Evil; acknowledging that these requests are only possible through ABBA, our Father; His Kingdom, and His Power, and His Glory, Forever and Ever. Amen.

Paranormal Activity – What Are YOU Dealing With?

by Geralyn St Joseph

How do I know if my house is haunted? How can I tell what it is haunted by? Is it dangerous? What should I do? Paranormal Activity – What are you dealing with? What might be around you, what to do about it and more will be answered. You are not alone!

Every night at 3am you wake up to the sound of music, followed by the sounds of a heated argument. The first half dozen times you flew out of bed, checked the house, yelled at the neighbors, only to realize that the sound was coming fromâ?¦where? You might be able to see it, or just catch glimpses from the corner of your eye. What are you dealing with?!?

It seems like every time you have an argument with your teen, something breaks. It’s not that they throw stuff or do anything you can put your finger on, but something always breaks. Pictures fly off the wall, their stereo [do these even exist anymore?] starts to go crazy, a glass is crackedâ?¦inside the cabinet! What are you dealing with?!?

You keep feeling like someone is watching you, seeing something out of the corner of your eye and suddenly you feel really sad, but there’s no reason for it. It seems that the lights keep flickering when you enter the room, but you checked them all. They aren’t loose and there is no electrical problem. What are you dealing with?!?

Your child keeps telling you family history they should not know. You ask them who told them and they tell you about meeting their grandparent. They describe in vivid detail what they look like and what they said. But their grandparent is dead. There’s no way this could happen, right? What are you dealing with?!?

Every time you are alone the TV changes channels or turns on and off. Your pictures fly off your dresser, like someone angrily knocked them down. You feel like someone is watching you. You feel angry for no reason. What are you dealing with?!?

You feel uneasy when you are home, like someone is watching you and wants to hurt you. You have severe headaches that seem to dissipate as soon as you leave the house. You had the house checked for environmental causes, but there’s no mold, or fumes the inspector can find to explain your pain or illness. Things seem to move, you keep finding your wedding pictures on the floor. Then you wake up with 3 deep scratches on you. Now it’s time to worry. What are you dealing with?!?

You feel indestructible and engage in risky behavior. You start craving things you never wanted before and saying things that seem to just jump out of your mouth. You find yourself being confronted by friends and family for things you don’t remember doing. Your appearance undergoes subtle changes. You feel out of control. What’s going on here?!?

You believe that anyone who is not the same faith as you is lost and deluded. You judge others harshly, yet make excuses for your own bad behavior. You take lessons and quotes from the Bible [or other sacred texts] without looking at the context to make your point. You think everyone who is spiritual is wrong. What are you doing?

You read a book and now you are ready to summon your angels. So you sit down and go through the process. You don’t get a name right away, but you keep trying. Eventually you can really feel them and things are looking up. Your angels speak to you consistently. You get what you want, but then things seem to go awry. What are you dealing with?

If ANY of this sounds familiar you need this book!

Entering Light

by Chris Vuille

Entering Light was written as a result of a single moment, during which the author, a physicist, perceived the world and himself as it truly is: an undivided whole. In this book the spiritual experiences of the East and West are accurately described, including samadhi and the deep insight that conveys direct understanding of the nature of consciousness and nonduality. That insight is key to understanding love. A practical treatise, the author shares his personal experience, understanding, and practices with the hope of helping others find their way to a happier, healthier and more vital life. Essays address the human condition, the nature of consciousness, understanding unhappiness,prejudice, love, the varieties of religious experience, meditation and transcendence. Also included is an essay on practical spiritual living, with a short primer on yoga. As related in this book, everyone can discover understanding for themselves.

Nomma Man

by Lee Timotheos

When a young college student named Caleb wins big on a contest hosted by a large candy company, it seems all his wildest dreams are about to come true; or are they? His world is shaken up when a mysterious visitor arrives at his party dressed in a bizarre costume. The visitor continues coming back to his house, still in costume, and Caleb fears the worst. Is this mysterious new “friend” a harmless prankster, a dangerous psychopath – or something else? When things go from weird to horrifying, Caleb begins to understand that a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of things that he possesses. Nomma Man is a comedy suspense story with a Christian message in regard to materialism.

28 Pro-Choice Lies Exposed

by Clarence Fell

Cut quickly through the pro-choice maze and go straight to the heart of pro-choice lies. Arm yourself to defend life.

Words of Encouragement From God’s Heart To Yours

by Donna Jennifer Ross

You are about to be encouraged as you daily read “Words of Encouragement” to help you with your day-to-day challenges. God does not want you to stay in a place called stuck so daily He seeks to encourage your heart so you can go from glory to glory and all others to see the Christ in You. Join the author daily and be encouraged. You will see the difference in your life.

The Book of Monkeyminders (Spirituality, Daily Affirmations, Affirmations that work, women affirmations)

by Margaret Clay

The writings in this book are excerpts from my spiritual dialogues. They were written for my benefit, my comfort, my direction. If anyone else finds value in them, it simply confirms for me the Spirit that connects all of us.
The name Monkeyminders came as a shower thoughtâ??one of the places for some of my best ideas. The following phrase came in a subsequent shower: loving thoughts to still the monkey in your mind. Initially, Monkeyminders took the form of little cards, each with a different message. For over ten years, I have handed them out to friends and strangers. More often than not, the response has been something like, “How did you know? This was just what I needed today!”

I am grateful for the Presence of God in my life and the Voice that speaks to me. I am aware that this Voice is available to all who find the time to be still and listenâ??really listen. This practice has not come naturally to me; thankfully, God is proving to be a patient Presence.

Having come to a belief that the God who spoke to Moses from a burning bush was self-proclaimed beyond name or definition (hence the phrase “I AM THAT I AM”), I have chosen to use more general references for God in attempts to make room for Love in Its Purest Essence with the intention of tripping as few emotional wires as possibleâ??mine or anyone else’s. I make no attempt to define or defend anyone else’s beliefs. I trust the reader will take what is useful in these pages and leave the rest.

Some of these Monkeyminders are Spirit’s message to me; some are my prayers to Spirit. As you read this book, I invite you to enjoy your own conversation with the Divine. My hope in sharing these words is to encourage you to cultivate your inner dialogue and reconnection to your deepest Truth. I have experienced that when I become aware of Truth, it does in fact bring a sense of freedom and clarity.

There is no real order to this book. Because each Monkeyminder is an excerpt from a larger text, I have chosen to list them alphabetically by title. Consider the possibility that “less is best” as you savor these little nuggets. There is no hurry, no real beginning, no end. Imagine the repetition of whatever feels most loving to be as drops of water on a dry sponge. Allow that energy to “satisfy your desire in scorched places” that you might be “like a watered garden, and like a spring of water whose waters do not fail” (Isaiah 58:11).

I have left extra room around each Monkeyminder for you to document your own inspirations and responses. But why stop there? Read, stop, enjoy, savor, listen, record, and know that “Love is always closer than your next breath.”

Order in Chaos

by Y V Chawla

Fundamental question is framed within you, arises within you-when you are stuck up and are not able to cover up or find a logical, rational, satisfactory explanation in respect of â??what is happening’ or â??what is troubling you’.
Unless fundamental question arises within one, one is simply adjusting to the situations only by explanations and waiting for a complacent state.
Psychological self-sufficiency develops when one is not carried away by any relief promised against one’s unsatisfactory state or when one does not complain, blame, explain away any discomfort. Psychological self-sufficiency is concentration of total energy, is one’s connection to the ‘whole’.

SOLLOG – Prophet – Mystic – Seer – Sage – Oracle – Psychic

by Sollog Adoni

SOLLOG. Considered by many to be the greatest Prophet since Nostradamus. The Sollog Prophecies are world famous. If you read this book and relocated to the Sollog SAFE ZONES, it may be that this book SAVES YOUR LIFE!

Now you can see the exact Prophecies of Sollog hyperlinked to time-stamped archives by companies such as Google, so there is no doubt Sollog warned of many recent events before they occurred, earning him the title of the New Nostradamus and the Greatest Prophet as well as the Greatest Psychic ever.

The hair on your neck will raise as you read the Sollog Prophecies that had exact hits on 911, hurricanes Katrina and Sandy and great earthquakes in Haiti and China

See the Sollog Diana Prophecy and JFK Jr Prophecy that warned of their deaths.

The rash of school shootings in the USA have struck locations Sollog gave to the US Federal government in a court record.

The Prophecies of Sollog are WORLD FAMOUS.

Now you can read how Sollog has warned that a major asteroid impact is coming after 2020.

Are you ready to survive?

Sollog reveals where the SAFE ZONES are in this amazing book, for those that wish to survive.

Myrtle Beach Murder (The Pastors)

by Perry Comer

Evil has a face, a face not seen; a face not human.

Someone is murdering the members of Second Baptist Church in Myrtle Beach. Pastor David Mitchell has felt the presence of evil, seen it’s handiwork and is certain the intent is to destroy his ministry, his family and ultimately take his life.

David is the last person to see each of the victims alive. “A Wolf Among Lambs” is the banner headline in newspapers throughout the country. The city police chief and the DA are scoring political points at Reverend Mitchell’s expense. His only hope is to escape Myrtle Beach and find the person so filled with evil and hate that he might be cleared of capital murder charges.

Myrtle Beach Murder is a unique story of one man’s struggle against evil. The faces are human but the power behind those faces is the Evil One.

A Westminster Catechism

by Martin Murphy

Systematic theology for laymen in the form of a catechism is the format of this book. It is properly titled, A Westminster Catechism. It is a search for divine truth and theological integrity. More importantly, it is an explanation of the Christian faith.

John Calvin said, “When Divine Truth is avowedly attacked, we must not tolerate the adulteration of one single iota of it. It is certainly not a trivial matter to see God’s light extinguished by the devil’s darkness; and besides, this matter is of greater moment than many suppose. Nor is it true, as they allege, that he who does not acquiesce in the errors of others, shows deadly hate by dissenting from them.” Calvin’s principle argument is as true today as it has been throughout the history of the church. Calvin was far more ambitious than we might anticipate in the church today. Theological integrity is as important today as it was five centuries ago.

Theological integrity may be summarized by a belief system that works out consistently based on the Word of God. If your creedal statement is the result of your understanding of the “full counsel of God” then your theological integrity will be demonstrated in human experience. It was theological integrity that brought Jesus to the point of a deadly confrontation with the right winged conservative religious leaders of his day. This book is a summary of Christian doctrine based on the doctrine of the full counsel of God.

Sollog the New Nostradamus Quatrains Book I 300 Sollog Prophecies

by Sollog Adoni

Sollog aka the New Nostradamus has amazed fans of his famous Prophecies for almost two decades. This is Book I of the Sollog Quatrains that were written by Sollog to honor Nostradamus. The quatrains are written in four line verses that use rhyming poetry.

Sollog’s normal prophecies are not in Quatrains, so these are a unique part of the Sollog Prophecy phenomena. Sollog is known for accurately predicting details of 911, hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, the Fukushima Nuke Plant Disaster as well as the Great Haiti Earthquake.

This Quatrains will forever link Sollog the New Nostradamus to the Great Nostrdamus.

40 Christian Arrow Prayers (Salvation)

by D. Duane Engler

Arrow prayers are great for anyone, any time, anywhere.

They are quick shots to God for help, grace, perseverance, strength, forgiveness. Anything.

Remember Philippians 4:6 “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”

Pfeil Gebete sind für jedermann, jederzeit und überall.

Sie sind schnelle Schüsse zu Gott um Hilfe, Gnade, Ausdauer, Kraft, Vergebung. Alles.

Denken Sie daran, Philipper 4,6 “Sei nicht besorgt über alles sein, aber in allem durch Gebet und Flehen mit Danksagung eure Anliegen vor Gott kund werden.            




Flecha oraciones son grandes para cualquier persona, en cualquier momento y en cualquier lugar.

Son tiros rápidos a Dios por ayuda, la gracia, la perseverancia, la fuerza, el perdón. Cualquier cosa.

Recuerde Filipenses 4:06 No se inquieten por nada; más bien, en toda oración y ruego, con acción de gracias, sean dadas a conocer vuestras peticiones delante de Dios.

All Have Sinned

by Mark Back

The work continues, the knowledge now lost must be found again. A short story.

Bible Study #61 (Bible Study With John Ogwyn)

by John Ogwyn

‘Life and Letters of Paul Seriesâ??1 Corinthians

We are getting into the book of 1 Corinthians

this evening. I would like to comment by way

of background on 1 Corinthians, particularly

the background of the city of Corinth. Corinth

was a city in Greece. It was, really, the

commercial capital of Greece. It was a major

port and it had all the major problems of ports.

In some ways, it was the “New Orleans” of its

day, perhaps in more ways than one. Corinth, at

the time of the Apostle Paul, had a population of

about 400,000, just a little bit smaller than the

city of New Orleans. It was a very major world

city in that day. There were only three cities that

had a larger population than Corinth at the time

of Paul: the cities of Rome (Italy), Alexander

(Egypt) and Antioch (Syria). The population was

mainly Greek, but there were others there

because Corinth was a very cosmopolitan city.

As a result of being a very busy seaport, the

wealth and the life of Corinth were really

proverbial in the ancient world.

The temple of Aphrodite, the patron deity, sat on

a large hill that overlooked the city of Corinth. ” Read More!!

Bold Faith Rich Rewards

by Andrew Peter Cartwright

Bold Faith Rich Rewards is a collection of 145 highly encouraging Bible verses. Each one has been carefully chosen from sixteen different Bible translations. When you think on and speak these inspiring Bible quotes daily-you discover powerful faith building in you. There’s a tangible feeling of excitement as these verses draw you closer to God and you find supernatural strength to change any circumstances. God has great things in store for you-these scripture confessions can help position you to receive them.

The Book of Yes

by Whitney Moore

I didn’t invent the word Yes. I didn’t invent the concept of affirmations and this book is not here to tell you what they are. What I have done and will always do is allow saying “Yes” to change my life. I believe you are here because you know exactly what you need and want from your life. You know that the word “Yes” carries some of the greatest power in the universe. Saying yes to yourself is the first step in taking action on your goals.

Can’t Cripple My God: No How or No Way

by Linda Wright

Can’t Cripple My God: No How or No Way

Uplifting story of a daughter observing her mother dealing with a crippling disease. And showing us all that walking by faith and not by sight is a beautiful reality of how a person can have a crippling disease on the outside but be leaping for joy and praising God on the inside.

I apologize for my grammar errors (I am a technical novice)–they will be corrected in the upcoming paperback version of this book, but the essence and reality of this book still holds true.

Daily Inspirational Messages 2014 – A Quote a Day for You!

by Victoria J. Brown

Daily Inspirational Messages 2014 provides you with an inspirational message a day, every single day of the year!

Detours, Discipleship and Dangling Participles (A Truck Driver’s Stories, Poems and Songs)

by Richard P. Ware

Then the master said to the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled (Luke 23:14)

“A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do!” I made that statement to my mother over 30 years ago. It was one of those times when I had a better idea to do a project I was working on. My mother who was watching as the intelligence light bulb flickered asked me why I was doing it that way. That’s when I uttered those words. Of course once I finished the project and it didn’t end up as I had planned, mom repeated those words back to meâ?¦ “Well I guess a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.” For the rest of her life when I would stumble down the road or end up stuck in the ditch of life, mom reminded me with those remarks so many years ago. Moms have such a remarkable sense of humor!

Being a truck driver, I often make detours from a planned route and end up on a street filled with ruts and potholes. The same goes for my life’s journey! I often wonder how many times my Lord and Savior watches me with His arms folded across His chest and wonder why I got off track. And there are times when I think He watches me mess up my life and I think maybe He speaks with the Father and says, “Father, look what Richard is doing now! I guess a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.”

Detours, Discipleship and Dangling Participles are stories, poems, and songs of my life’s journey. Some will make you cry, some will make you laugh and some will have you smiling through your tears.

Ain’t it fun to be human?

About the Author

Richard Ware was raised on a small family farm in North-central Missouri. As a youth he attended a small Baptist church on a semi-regular basis. Upon graduation from Bucklin R-II High School, Bucklin, Missouri in 1972 he enlisted in the US Army and headed for Basic Training in October of that same year. He served a 3-year tour of duty: Two years in Germany and he finished his enlistment at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Since those youthful years, he has also served in the Air National Guard, Great Falls, Montana, and the Army National Guard in Macon, Missouri.

In February of 1973, he married a young lady from Marceline, Missouri, and from that marriage four children were born: Shane, Brandie, Robert, and Kevin. All are grown now with their own families, and actually in spite of their dad, all have grown into really cool people.

After leaving home in 1972, he turned away from God and walked the more travelled roads for about 27 years. Actually, he ran down the hammer lanes of life as fast as he could run. He thought, as many men do, that he was the “big dog in the puppy pen” and preceded full steam ahead just having a lot of fun. In reality, he had so much fun; it led to bankruptcy in the mid 1980’s and divorce at the end of that same decade. As a note, that’s where the fast lane of life takes most men!

In 1999, he re-dedicated his life to Jesus and shifted lanes. Now he walks in the “right” or “slow” lane – the path less travelled which leads to the narrow gate where his Lord and Savior will be waiting at his journey’s end. Richard admits, “Though I am flawed, I am forgiven. And though I still mess up and fall down from time to time â?¦ my heavenly Father picks me up, dusts me off, and with a gentle swat on the backside He tells me to get back out there and do a little better.”

The Full of Grace: The Blue Angel.

by Lamb Books

Through Caeser, the will of God is realised and the Saviour is born in Bethlehem in a cave transformed at midnight into a spiritual palace. His Birth is attended on by the two princes, in the presence of the Holy Trinity Itself, in a feast of spiritual lights, incense and dazzle beyond all human imagination!

Glorious Christmas! Adoration! Adoration! Adoration! Gloria in excelsis Deo!

â??The Blue Angel’ is the Christmas Story uncut!

How many doors did Joseph knock on? What was the stable really like? Who assisted at the birth of Christ? At what time was He born?

How many shepherds were there? Where did the wise men really come from?

How many angels were in the personal guard of the God-Man?

��And the truth about that famous star�

Merry Christmas!

Herbs for Health: Liz Earle’s Quick Guides

by Liz Earle

Recently updated, this handy pocket guide is a great introduction to the magical healing properties of herbs by best-selling British wellbeing and beauty writer Liz Earle. It includes an A-Z of herbs and their different medicinal uses, together with advice on how to grow them on your kitchen windowsill or in your garden, when to harvest, tips on cooking with herbs, and how to make your very own aromatic herbal remedies. There is also a handy remedy finder to guide you to the most effective natural health boosters for many common ailments.

About the Author

Liz Earle MBE is the best-selling author of more than thirty books on a wide range of beauty, health and wellbeing topics. Her early works in the 1980s focused on the importance of nutrition for wellbeing, being some of the first to promote the importance of antioxidants and plant oils in our diet.

In 1991, Liz hosted the first network programme on beauty and wellbeing, Beautywise, on BBC1, before moving on to become a familiar face on daytime television with Liz Earle’s Lifestyle, on the ITV Network.

In 1995 she co-founded the multi award-winning Liz Earle Beauty Co., where she remains a brand ambassador. She continues to be a regular contributor to television and radio on a range of food and wellbeing issues. A tireless campaigner for ethical sourcing and provenance, Liz is an ambassador for The Sustainable Food Trust and the Soil Association. Her work with The Prince’s Trust and other charitable organisations led her to found LiveTwice, a charity providing opportunity for the disadvantaged in the UK and overseas.

She was awarded an honorary doctorate by Portsmouth University in 2010.

Liz Earle lives on an organic farm in the West Country with her film-maker husband and five children.

How to Find the BEST in the Good, the Bad and the Ugly in Life!

by Alexa Keating

â??How to Find the Bestâ?¦’ is a three book special offering that combines â??Bridge Across Tomorrow; Surviving the Game of Life,’ and ‘Mundane to Magnificent.

â??Bridge Across Tomorrow’ takes a close up and personal look at the best and the worst of life and the challenges and choices we are all faced with at some point. It provides insights, ideas and solutions to the good, the bad and the ugly in our society.

This book runs the gauntlet from child abuse, bullying, domestic violence and loss to rebuilding the best of ourselves and regaining the things that matter. It speaks to children and adults, victims and perpetrators.

Somehow, it helps us to delve down deep within and find the things we may have forgotten that make us better than we used to be. And then, shows us how to use them.

â??Living the Dream,’ How does it happen that babies are born into our world filled with all the hope and promise the gift of life can bring including supreme innocence, and then fall into patterns of behavior that are guaranteed to be self destructive?

Placed under the debilitating circumstance of being manipulated and controlled by someone who has fallen into a path of fear and perhaps even evil; we rarely achieve all that we brought with us in our life blueprint. We may be pretty or handsome, we may be strong in many other ways; but our growth and true potential has been limited by someone else’s vision or lack of it.

If so, the ideas offered in â??Living the Dream’ may jog your memory to get back to the blueprint; to bolster the blueprint by remembering the truth!

And, â??Mundane to Magnificent!’ We have all heard the axiom that the longest journey begins with the first step; I believe it is begins before that.

I believe that when something matters to us a lot, we harbor a dream, so dare to dream. The dream fans a tiny flame, a pilot light that ignites hope. Hope springs to life when we begin to believe that there might be a way to accomplish the dream. Once we believe in the dream, we begin to realize that dream.

“You can start with nothing. And out of nothing, and out of no way, a way will be made”

– Michael Beckwith

This is a three book special that helps us deal with all the good, the bad and the ugly in our day to day lives!

It’s a God Thing (The Powerful Results of Ministry Evangelism)

by Charles L. Roesel

He who has two tunics, let him give to him who has none; and he who has food, let him do likewise (Luke 3:11 NKJV).

A bold leader decided to follow Jesus’ teachings, resulting in a powerful ministry that has every member in his congregation serving the poor, the downcast, and the naked. Through this obedience to Scripture, his church grew from a small fifty-member congregation to a thriving, life-filled body of Christ-followers that is active in an astounding seventy ministries today.

Learn how your church can follow Jesus today, no matter your budget or how stale your current ministry “programs,” and in spite of opposition. Dr. Roesel overcame the overwhelming odds and proved that Jesus’ teachings are still valid today.

In this book:

– Dr. Roesel’s ministry – an incredible testimony of Ministry Evangelism

– Importance of discipleship – Jesus knew how to build a good foundation

– Leadership first – leaders must be pioneers, examples, and overcomers

– Money matters – how to avoid letting finances trip you up

– Getting started – ministry ideas that take off

About the Author

Dr. Roesel’s rich past includes being the recipient of the Southern Baptist Distinguished Service Award. In addition to all other ministries, Dr. Roesel had a television ministry reaching out to four million homes each week. In 1973, he was chosen as Florida’s Urban Pastor of the Year by Stetson University.

First Baptist Church of Leesburg, Florida, thrived under Dr. Roesel’s thirty-year leadership and is now considered the model for Ministry Evangelism. In a town of 15,000 with over ninety churches, the church grew by transformation, baptizing over 7,000 people.

First Baptist Church of Leesburg, Florida, now has over seventy separate ministries including The Men’s Residence, Women’s Care Center, Children’s Shelter, Benevolence Center, Furniture Barn, Food Pantry, Teen Shelter, Pregnancy Care Center, Medical Center, Counseling Center, Preschool, First Academy Leesburg (K-12th Grade), School of Fine Arts, Rape Crisis Center, AIDS Clinic, Mentoring Program, Children-at-Risk Program, Mentally Challenged, People Helpers (Counseling), Signing Ministry, a Home Ministry sharing with over four hundred home-bound persons each week, and more.

It’s Just My Opinion

by Mohinder Goomar M.D.

It’s extremely hard to describe this book as it touches multiple aspects of human life as it exists on this planet. This book is extensively based on Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder. What makes this book unique is in its explanation of this disorder. It clearly tries to connect the multiple personalities or the alters as nothing less than the spirits of the dead beings. How these beings living at those subtle planes that are invisible to the human senses create havoc in patients suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder.

The author is not postulating anything unusual. The latest DSM-5 (2013) published by American Psychiatric Association recognizes possession-form as a distinct form of the Dissociative Identity Disorder based upon ones culture or religion but it fails to recognize as a true causative factor. DSM-5 just accepts the reality of some religious and cultural practices that believe in possession.

But in author’s opinion that is based on his lifelong battle with Multiple Personality Disorder for at least 50 years. He gives keen insights into why almost all of the Multiple Personality Disorders are possession-form and they need not be related to any religious practices.

Unfortunately author expresses his opinion towards the highly sinister nature of this disorder is not only related to the patient but it goes much beyond that involving all the religions, major nations, any focused groups that are currently present or existed in the past. All of these are basically involved in the many disturbing events be that terrorists attacks, civil wars, wars among the nations, invasions of other countries, religious warfare, unexplainable events in one’s personal life, relationship destructions, financial catastrophes, diseases, accidents. In author’s personal opinion even the BP’s oil rig disaster was the product of these errant personalities with a vendetta that goes beyond any sense and logic to say the least.

Madhurashtakam in English and Gujarati (Mantra, Karma and Legends Series)

by Preeti Desai

The Madhurashtakam is an octet or a devotional hymn (stuti or prayer) composed by the great Shri Vallabha Acharyaji praising the divine essence of Shrinathji or Shri Krishna;

Shri Vallabha Acharyaji (1479-1531), a famous sage and philosopher born in the 16th century, an ardent devotee of Shri Krishna. Shri Vallabh Acharyaji was born as the second son of Lakshman Bhatt and Yallammagaru into a noble Telugu Brahmin family in South of India, now known as Andhra Pradesh.

Madhurashtakam was originally written in Sanskrit and one word, Madhuram celebrates Shri Krishna’s beautiful divine sweet form or his sundara swaroop or the very essence of Shri Krishna.

Meditate with Mandalas: Draw Inspiration from the Quotes of Great Thinkers

by Lenard Martini

We all feel down and in need of inspiration at times. This book showcases 16 images I created specifically to generate inspiration and facilitate meditation among readers. Each image is associated with a quotation by a great thinker.

I propose a simple mind-clearing and motivational technique using images to connect with the power of your subconscious mind, allowing you to balance the energies within your mind and soul. The images included depict circular and radial abstract configurations inspired by the typical “Mandala” used in the Buddhist practice as a tool of meditation.

Practicing this meditation technique over the next 16 days will result in a host of benefits, including a renewed motivation to take action, an increased self-esteem, a new confidence with which to overcome fear, an invigorated inner strength, and a revitalized ability to enjoy life.

Sollog the New Nostradamus Quatrains Book II 314 Sollog Prophecies

by Sollog Adoni

Sollog aka the New Nostradamus has amazed fans of his famous Prophecies for almost two decades. This is Book II of the Sollog Quatrains that were written by Sollog to honor Nostradamus. The quatrains are written in four line verses that use rhyming poetry.

‘Spiritual Lexis: The Poetics of Spirit Arts.’

by Stephanie Lynne Thorburn

Special limited edition Kindle enabled text on spiritual healing arts. This short, reflective etude on Reiki holistic healing is augmented with spiritual art illustrations inspired by classic Greek mythology: titles include-  ‘Cultured Lothario’, ‘Dragon Hunt Tales’ & ‘Feline Essences’. Below the angelic artwork, there is a succinct, second prose passage titled ‘Primordial Essences’ exploring the genre of Spiritual Graphic Arts. The eBook offers a vignette of work by author & artist Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.

Truth Notes: Be Wise – Daily Readings From Proverbs

by Tim Swanson

In Truth Notes, you’ll find incredible facts about God, you, and your purpose on this planet. This devotional is written so that you can know how to be friends with God and be wise in your daily life. You have some very powerful enemies who don’t want you to know this information. Now that you’ve picked up this book, what you do with it could mean the difference between life and death.

TryForce – Tips of Civilization

by Erick Alexander Cruz

What do we live for if not Peace, Love, and Freedom??

Critical Information Update

by Donna Ross

Have you had days in your life when you have been hit with a curve ball or felt like you have been blinded sided? Days went the mental attacks of the enemy have bombarded your mind. Then Critical Information Update is the book for you. It gives you a synopsis of the vain imaginations that filter into your mind and then gives you scriptures to combat it with. Do not allow the enemy to continue to bombard your mind. STAND and having done all, STAND upon the promises that God has placed in His word for you.

Thou Remainest (Understanding Christianity)

by John Wilson Smith

“That pen is made of gold which writes of Him; the ministry which has the all-sufficiency of the Lord Jesus Christ, whether as Saviour, Lord, or Head of His body, for its primary theme is assuredly the ministry of the Spirit of God” – so wrote John Wilson Smith in an article entitled The All-sufficient One for Scripture Truth magazine in 1919.

This book, first published in 1920, contains a selection of that and other papers “setting forth the excellency and sufficiency of the Lord Jesus Christ” which he contributed to Scripture Truth magazine between 1909 and 1919. Such ministry is as valuable to Christians in the 21st Century as it was when it was first written – what greater Subject can there be?

From the foreword:

As John Thomas Mawson, editor of Scripture Truth from 1909 to 1943, says in his foreword: “He writes, not worn-out platitudes, nor of untried theories, but of a Person, well-known, out of the fullness of a heart that finds its joy in the Lord. Yes, the servants of the Lord come and go; the ruthless hand of time changes everything beneath the sun; the world itself grows old, but Christ abides; and He is sufficient for all the vast needs of His saints on earth until He comes again; and then shall He still abide, the all-satisfying and eternally glorious object of the heart of His church – the Lamb’s wife. And this I know well is the present joy and certain hope of the author.”

About the author:

John Wilson Smith (1842-1922) of Cumledge in the Scottish Borders, commenced a career in the army, but soon after conversion in his late teens, he left to devote himself to a lifetime of evangelism – that others might know and love Christ as he did. Of private means, he preached and taught at home and abroad, associating with such as John Nelson Darby on a visit to Canada, where he met his future wife. An author and poet, he regularly contributed articles and poetry to Scripture Truth magazine from its commencement in 1909 until shortly before his death.

Beware of Strange Fire

by Clayt Sonmore

The first half of this book is primarily designed to take an in depth look at the most recent Charismatic entity, and its demise, that precipitated international attention and following during 2008. That was the “Strange Fire” offered in the Lakeland, Florida, visitation and its endorsement by Peter Wagner and his more than 500 appointed apostles within their Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders (ACPE). The most important segment within this portion of this book is Chapter 1 which outlines 47 entities that have changed the face of Pentecost, often negatively, from 1948 to the present time.

The most important theme presented in this book, however, is found in the last half of the book, excerpted chapters from the author’s first four books. Therein the author offers a valuable resource of material to help God’s people to get back to the central theme consistent with the court of Pentecost from 1948 to 1956. And that is to once again make Christ alone our Master and Controller. It is only within that framework of spirituality, a place beyond Pentecost, beyond near omnipresent dominion theology within man’s order, that we find true “discerning of spirits” functioning within God’s true body of Christ.

About Clayt

Clayt Sonmore describes himself as a watchman/historian/author. A very close friend, Erskine Holt (whom Sonmore calls a primary teacher-prophet of the great “latter rain” visitation during the middle of the past century) said some years ago: “Clayt and Jeanne have had many broad and unusual experiences in many Pentecostal streams, including much involvement with the â??latter rain visitation’ which commenced in Canada in 1948. Hence, his books and other writings are an invaluable and valid record, as well as an accurate historical resource describing the â??latter rain visitation’ that shook the whole world of Pentecost during the middle of this past century.”

The Silent Wind

by Michael DeMarais

This book is of enlightenment and Love to find the divine. It is a work in progress. I hope you will join me in this progression.

THE GOD FRAUD: A Tour Of The Planet Of The Dunces

by Dov Ivry

From the Introduction.

What I do is very similar to what ice cream manufacturers do. I produce the same product again and again with essentially the same ingredients but with different flavors.

The flavor of this month is atheism.

The approach will be somewhat different. Atheism is more of a state of mind than an organized swindle as is reli-gion, my usual target. Nonetheless atheists have stuck their noses into the god fraud business and they themselves are not above criticism.

At least atheists got something right which is more than you can say of the religions. There is no such thing as “god” on 99 per cent of this planet.

It’s like the old adage in reverse: if the first button on the shirt is not in the right hole, none of the rest will be. If the first button is, voila!

That’s all “god” is, the first button. You can’t stop there.

Religions in their perfect mix of arrogance and ignorance have been impacting on human behavior for a very long time. We see the results. Some examples. The Muslims are responsible for the murder of 100 million black Africans, mostly boys, adolescents, and females slaughtered during 12 centuries of slave-trading, and 80 million Hindus, who simply wanted to be left alone. The Christians don’t quite match those numbers in their heist of the Americas and introducing never-ending butcheries into Europe.

What are the atheists’ numbers? Just taking the Soviet Union, Red China, Cambodia, and North Korea, I would never have guessed that they too weren’t led by prelates.

There’s the rub.

The second button is your social program.


1/ The Name Of The God Is Greek Generic

2/ Girls Just Want To Have Fun

3/ 2001: A Space Odyssey

4/ The Fail-Safe Of Kali

5/ All Hate Crimes Are Equal But Some…

6/ Somewhere Over The Rainbow

7/ From Hippocrates To Abracadabra

8/ Dual-Track Evolution

9/ The Essence According To Shakespeare

10/ The Armenian Genocide

11/ The Feminine Way To World Revolution

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