Free science fiction Kindle books for 25 Dec 13

Outside Context Problem

by Christopher Nuttall

When a UFO crashes near a top secret military base, the American Government realises that aliens have been spying on the human race for years. But even as they rush to unlock the technological secrets in the alien craft, the aliens launched the first step in their plan to invade the Earth and enslave the human race. With a giant mothership approaching the planet and the inhabitants promising peace and plenty, humanity must defeat a vastly superior foe with uncertain motives or lose its freedom forever.

On one side, a powerful alien forceâ?¦

On the other side, a divided humanityâ?¦

The battle for Earth has begun.

(Book One of a three-part series.)

Storming Heaven

by Christopher Nuttall

Cover Blurb

A thousand years ago, the enigmatic Killers destroyed Earth, leaving only a handful of humans in surviving space-based habitats to rebuild as best as they could. Now, the human race has spread through countless star systems, but remains hopelessly inferior to the Killers. The god-like aliens are systematically driving humanity to the verge of extinction.

Desperate times need desperate measures and humanity launches a crazy plan, to board and seize a Killer starship, hoping to unlock their technology. But the Killer plan to rebuild the universe from scratch is well underway, leaving humanity at the verge of total extinction. If they fail, the Killers will be the only form of life remaining in the entire universeâ?¦

Ghosts of Ophidian

by Scott McElhaney




An enormous three-mile long ship has just entered the Earth’s orbit and it’s doing absolutely nothing… except instilling fear and speculation upon the citizens below. After a few weeks, NASA gets a boarding party together to attempt to gain entry into the giant craft. Once inside the ship, they will discover over a million creatures on ice. They will also discover the reason that the ship hasn’t been doing anything beyond maintaining an orbit above the Earth – it appears that the ship has been sabotaged by whatever used to exist in three of the empty cryogenic chambers.

Their investigation leads to a lot more than a potential alien invasion. Nothing is as it seems and pretty soon, the two remaining astronauts aren’t sure who they should trust anymore.

Brought to you by the international bestselling author of the Mystic Saga, Dominion, and Erinyes. With over 175,000 books downloaded worldwide, Scott McElhaney continues to prove that a great Kindle read doesn’t have to be overpriced. Check out the sequel to Ghosts of Ophidian titled “Alastair” available now!




“McElhaney’s story telling is deft, well-paced, and with an ear for conversation” ~ Beacon Journal Book Review

“He brings something refreshing to the ’99-cent Kindle’ section of Amazon.” Associated Content Review

Given 5.0 out of 5 stars more than 100 times on Amazon from various readers of the Mystic Saga!

“[McElhaney] slipped in under the radar and firmly established himself as a fresh new voice in science fiction before anyone had a chance to react. By then it was too late and nearly every sci-fi fan who owned a Kindle had already discovered this unknown and was actively searching him out.” ~Associated Content

The Disappeared (A Silo Story): Part II

by Logan Thomas Snyder

From Hugh Howey’s World of WOOL…

Echo was warned. She was told her search would come at a terrible price. Nevertheless, she refused to turn back. She refused to give up on her friend. Now, she has become one of them…

The disappeared.

Alone, drugged and disoriented, all she knows for sure is that her old life is forever lost to her. She will never see her mother or friend again, never find love and have a family of her own. In the face of these crippling revelations, Echo resorts to the most drastic of measures, only to discover that even in the silo hope springs eternal.


by Jeanne Miller

Betty lives in a war torn dystopian world. There was no escape and hope had died. Until the day she discovered a portal to a parallel universe. One where her doppelganger lived a lush life quite different from her own. A life she wanted.  A life she will take…

Desolate 2 – Exposure

by Robert Brumm

Howard Bell gains consciousness in the unlikeliest of places. He’s surrounded by lush foliage and warm tropical air. Compared to the bitter cold of the prison camp, this place seems like paradise. There’s just one little problem. He’s strapped to a stretcher on the forest floor, unable to move, and there’s nobody else around for miles. If you don’t count the dead body a few feet away, that is. As the sun sets and the bugs start to come out, Howard realizes the fight for his life has just begun.

This is book two of the Desolate series.

This book is intended to be read by adults and may be unsuitable for children under 17. Contains indecent language and descriptions of graphic violence.

Approximately 26,000 words. Paperback version is 122 pages.

The Alexandria Initiative

by David Mueller

An ex-Navy intelligence officer takes part in an experiment to test the boundaries between universes. When a robot on the other side tells him the fate of humankind, he winds up with the toughest decision imaginable: Lose the ones he loves, or allow the progressive march of civilization to continue.

The Longest Fall

by Cixin Liu

It was an idea right on the thin line between madness and genius: Penetrate the Earth and build a tunnel through its core. Using nothing beyond gravity and inertia one could now travel from the eastern to the western hemisphere in less than an hour. The future of travel was not the sky, it was deep below the earth. It all came crashing down when its inventor was accused of crimes against humanity. With its creator a monster in the eyes of the world the tunnel has fallen into disuse, but now it will be used once more …

China Galaxy Science Fiction Award of Year 2003


Liu Cixin’s writing will remind SF fans of the genre’s golden age, with its positive focus on scientific development, combined with a consistently constructive vision of China’s future role as a global superpower. It’s characteristic of an SF genre which has been embraced by Chinese culture because it is seen as representing the values of technological innovation and creativity so highly prized in a country developing more quickly than any other in the world today.
– Damien Walter, The Guardian

A science fiction tale with a Chinese touch. The Wandering Earth is filled with imaginative tech and a moving world, literally.

Liu Cixin has put his exuberant energy to good use, erecting a gallery that must be measured on a scale of light-years. Inside this gallery of his, he has stored away marvels beyond imagination produced by the science and technology of cosmic civilizations. The moment you step into Liu Cixin’s world, the rush of his enthusiasm buffets you like a particle storm – a storm of enthusiasm for science and for technology; And it is this enthusiasm that bears the heart of his world’s magnificent galaxy. We can find it reflected not only in the grand vistas he creates, but also in the fateful decisions of his characters. The stark contrast of his grand worlds against the choices of these lonely and feeble beings can be truly shocking!
– Yao Haijun, editor in chief of “Science Fiction World”

First and foremost, as a reader, I very much enjoy and find great satisfaction in Liu Cixin’s stories. The stories he tells are incredibly lucid, their language is conversant, their rhythm is tightly woven and their plots exceedingly compelling; Their imagery is unique, they have a boundless quality about them and they are brimming with powerful language; In these ways he echoes the great Taoist philosopher Chuang-tzu. What is more, I truly adore technology and industrial culture and consider them to be very exquisite, serious and atmospheric; almost holy. Liu Cixin’s stories reflect this sentiment of mine. Therefore, I at times think that he echoes Newton. Finally, there is the military side of things. One does not have to look far to see his innate passion for all things to do with weaponry. In Liu Cixin we can see a stubbornness, a heroic ideal of centuries past.
– Han Song, deputy editor of “Oriental Outlook”

Another Goddamn Novel About the Collapsing Quantum Multiverse

by Dan Conover

The author Dan Conover is having a rough month. Seems another version of himself from an alternate quantum plane of existence pissed off the wrong Wizard of Malta, and the creature’s over-zealous revenge created a trans-dimensional paradox.

Which means that a Very Large Number of alternate versions of Dan — and the people around him — are becoming aware of each other. Visiting each other. Talking to each other.

Anyway, it’s all very confusing. Put it to you this way: Because of that one Dan’s little faux pas with a minotaur in Magical New York, the quantum multiverse is collapsing in on itself. Which means the world is about to end. For EVERYBODY. Because there are rules, and when you break them, bad things happen.

Or so they say.

Put it to you another way: What kind of mood would you be in if you were minding your own miserable business in an ancient German castle 13 years after the nuclear war of 1988, and suddenly an ex-wife you didn’t even know you had shows up and starts FREAKING THE FUCK OUT in front of all your friends and subjects? Or if a leprechaun turned up at your door with a business proposition? Or another version of yourself, exiled to your plane of reality, decides to hunt you down to kill you and take your stuff?

“Another Goddamn Novel About The Collapsing Quantum Multiverse” is award-winning writer Dan Conover’s satiric romp across the boundaries of human perception, literary convention and all those annoying little details of life that probably don’t exist in the first place.

Shadow Warrior: Destiny of a Mutant

by Larry Townley

1462: In a small village in England a child named Will Essex is born. As the child grows older, it becomes apparent that he is no ordinary child; instead, he is a mutant born with the mind of a super genius, the fighting skills of a Martial Arts master, the strength of 20 men, and the ability to speak, read and write languages that he has never seen before – including the language of an alien race of intergalactic guardians that protect the known universe. The aliens become aware of Will’s birth, as he is the first child ever to be born on Earth with mutant abilities, and when he is 18, they approach him to join their ranks as a Guardian. Will is brought to their home planet where he undergoes a genetic enhancement process that has never been performed on a human before, and as a result, Will unexpectedly develops superhuman powers, including invulnerability, the power of flight, hyper-speed, immortality, and other miraculous powers! As a Guardian, he is known throughout the universe as the Shadow Warrior!
One of Will’s first assignments as a Guardian is to protect Earth, which has been visited and monitored by numerous alien civilizations for millennia, and to keep humans from learning that there is other intelligent life in the universe until they have matured enough as a race to accept this revelation.
1942: Hitler’s Nazi horde is rampaging across Europe in his bid to conquer Europe and achieve his ultimate goal of world domination, but the Allied forces have started to turn the tide in their favor and are defeating Hitler in battle after battle. However, this all changes after an alien spacecraft, that is on a peaceful scientific mission, crashes on Earth and its occupants, along with their advanced weapons, are captured. The Nazis begin using the alien’s advanced weaponry against the Allied forces and subsequently gain the upper hand!
Follow Will’s exciting adventures as he and a team of German-speaking American, British, and Australian commandos are tasked with rescuing the aliens, retrieving their devastating weapons, and stopping the Nazis before they take over the world!

Cinema 13 (The Time Portal)

by Owen Baillie

Fraser is a sixteen year old with things to do on his school holidays: chase girls, play video games, and skateboard with his mates.  But when his mother asks him to go to the movies with his grumpy grandfather, Fraser thinks his day can’t get any worse. 

Nothing prepares him for the amazing series of events that will unfold after he and the other patrons step into Cinema 13.  His character will be tested as he learns about himself, his grandfather, and his friends, as the unimaginable turns into reality. 

In a race against time, Fraser battles his way towards a thrilling climax against an infamous foe.

Fate’s Haven

by Daniel Dennis

Haven. Believed to be the savior of mankind; a place meant to salvage the human race in the event of world annihilation; a desolate crypt for all hope to die without access to resources from the planet’s surface.

Gabriel, a teenage boy living within Haven’s walls, has no hope of ever stepping foot on the Earth’s surface, feeling the wind in his hair, or bearing witness to a sunrise. He, like his friends, believe a lie perpetuated by their elders; that he and everyone else are doomed to live and die aboard a massive, derelict space vessel.

Bitter at his captain for the job he has been assigned to perform and jealous because his rival has begun dating Sara, his best friend, Gabriel struggles to cope with his hopeless situation and wishes he could make a difference. When Sara’s father is accused of a murder he didn’t commit, Gabriel begins uncovering Haven’s dark secrets, learning the truth some of the elders have killed to protect, and ultimately answering the age-old question: “Why doesn’t the ship move?”

With the truth uncovered and those perpetuating the lies exposed, Gabriel, Sara, and their friends are forced to venture to the surface in search of food and water to replenish Haven’s depleted supplies. During their search, they discover a world plagued by war and chaos, people who suffer from a world-wide genetic disorder hampering human reproduction, and an on-going struggle for survival that ultimately brings them face to face with an evil threatening the lives of everyone they love.


by Gareth L. Powell


In an age where interstellar travel is dangerous and unpredictable, and no-one knows exactly where they’ll end up, Avril Bradley is a Communications officer onboard a ship sent to re-contact as many of these lost souls as possible. But a mysterious explosion strands her in a world of political intrigue, espionage and subterfuge; a world of retired cops, digital ghosts and corporate assassins who fight for possession of computer data lain undisturbed for almost a century. . .

GARETH L. POWELL. Born and brought up in the West of England, Gareth L. Powell studied Humanities and Creative Writing at the University of Glamorgan. He has since given guest lectures on creative writing at Bath Spa University, and has written a series of non-fiction articles on science fiction for The Irish Times. He is the author of the novels The Recollection and Silversands, both of which were favourably reviewed in The Guardian, and the short story collection The Last Reef, which was described by Morpheus Tales as “One of the finest collections of SF short stories I have had the privilege of reading” Gareth lives near Bristol with his family.

Junk Voyage – 2389 CE (A Malo Kemp Assignment)

by Andrew J Chamberlain

Malo Kemp gets an urgent call from an old and desperate friend. Vern Fisher, one of the oldest Junkmen in the business is reaching out to the only person who can help him.

What starts as an errand of mercy puts Malo on a collision course with ghosts from the past and the Supervisors of the CLS. Meanwhile Vern spends what might be his last hours contemplating the secret he will take to the grave.

ICEBERG COWBOYS and the Voyage of the ICE PIRATE

by Mark Parsons

In the not too distant future the oceans have risen ten feet and the only clean ice and water is found in the Antarctic. Ride along with the ICEBERG COWBOYS aboard the ICE PIRATE as they fight off pirates, typhoons, below freezing weather, and competitors in an effort to capture and sell the best water still available on the planet.

For a Daughter’s Love (The American Kingdom)

by Patrick Wojnarek

Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornados, volcanic activity, and a cosmic anomaly caused five billion six hundred million fatalities to world population on August 11, 2015. Historians had argued the cause of the worldwide devastation along the lines of their professional discipline. Religious leaders argued that the hand of God touched the Earth on that day to have the meek inherit the Earth. Earth worshipers, such as the Hopi Indians, believed the Earth underwent a normal cycle of renewal. Other Earth worshipers supposed Mother Earth was just fed up with its mistreatment and abuse and rebelled. Astrophysicist had considered a cosmic anomaly that swept through the Earth during its galactic orbit that caused the Earth’s extreme devastation to itself. Whatever the cause of the destruction, historians agreed to commemorate that day and called it Koyaanisqatsi Day, the day the Earth moved from the old to the new.

Koyaanisqatsi day had earthquakes that devastated all land formations that lay on top of the ring of fire tectonic fault line. The earthquakes triggered tsunamis and volcanic activity forever changing the landscape of the Pacific coastal regions. Earthquakes also occurred in prone areas such as Asia, Asia Minor, and parts of Eastern Africa that generated death and chaos throughout their major metropolitans. Volcanic activity in Iceland, Chili, and the Indonesian Islands killed everything that was in the way of its lava rivers and it darkened the Asian, European, and South American skies. Violent thunderstorms and tornados produced a wide path of destruction throughout the United States east of The Rocky Mountains that traveled to the east. The violent path of thunderstorms and tornados repeated itself as it made a rare appearance in Europe and obliterated all the cities in its path. Tropical storms flooded Central Africa as it fed the hurricanes that formed in the Atlantic Ocean. These hurricanes unleashed their anger up and down the eastern coasts of the western hemisphere destroying every major city on the coast line. Throughout this death, destruction and despair emerged unlikely heroes and villains.

Their tale of triumph, tragedy and survival begins hereâ?¦.â??

The Mediator (Neuro)

by Michael Abayomi

A lawyer’s search for truth and justice makes him a victim of the very same criminal prosecution system he has sworn to serve.

It started with a simple phone call. Next thing John knew, he was meeting with a reporter who claimed to have the information he needed to prove his client’s innocence. But John could not foresee that its pursuit would lead him to the body of the informant, placing him at the scene of the crime and also making him the sole suspect. Now, with a presiding judge who seems dead-set on making an example out of him, John must first prove his own innocence, before he is sentenced to erasure, a form of capital punishment wherein the convict’s memories are completely erased.

Blackhope Hidden Pathways

by Maya Winters

Blackhope is the name of a series of four novels, which will take the reader on a journey to a future universe. Hidden Pathways is the first of these.

This novel begins the story of Aki Sosanna, who is determined on a career in scientific exploration and research. Defying her father, she leaves home and embarks on her chosen path. At the academy she works hard, at the same time gaining popularity among her fellow trainees for her quirky sense of humour. After graduation, she’s assigned to the Archangel, an exploration cruiser. Her choice of career turns out to be far more dangerous and complex than she could possibly imagine.

The story transports the reader to an alien world, with its all-too-human traits of ferocious conflict, power seeking and betrayal, as well as comradeship and loyalty.

Naked Neanderthal (Punk Tectonics)

by McCamy Taylor

What do Leonardo Da Vinci, a 40,000 year old frozen Neanderthal corpse and Mycroft, the world’s smartest Artificial Intelligence have in common? They are all characters in the first volume of McCamy Taylor’s new science fiction series, “Punk Tectonics”.

The novella, “Naked Neanderthal” is the first volume of Punk Tectonics. Set in the near future, it tells the story of a modern day Neanderthal clone. Adam has always known that he was different. But, when his father dies, he learns the truth about his origins. His struggle for recognition as a human being leads him to Mycroft, the first AI to be awarded United States citizenship. His efforts to unlock the mystery of his past and future brings him to the attention of Leo Cloudbreaker, the first of many clones of Leonardo da Vinci. Leo has made a name for himself in the modern world as the creator of designer hallucinogens. His greatest creation, Beaut, holds the key to the mystery of why the Neanderthal race vanished from the earth.

The character of Mycroft has appeared before in McCamy Taylor’s stories. “A Study in Silicon and Other Tales of Mycroft, A.I.” is available on Kindle.

Empress Fallen: Through Darkness: 1

by Bethan-Ann Scott

Does love have the power to overcome evil? It is the year 7056. In a solar system hundreds of light years from Earth, the broken and weary human race has lost its path, tainted by millennia of suffering and oppression. The corrupt Empress has utterly succumbed to the dark seductions of greed and now hides a deadly secret, one that could bring about the annihilation of humanity. Will the greatest conspiracy of all time go undiscovered? But revolution is stirring. Slave girl Aliya Soter and rebel pilot Miriam Ferox are embroiled in a daring race against time as a mysterious anomaly hurtles towards the solar system. The slave colonies are revolting, the stock markets are poised on the brink of collapse, and overhanging everything are the forbidden rumours of a mysterious resistance force . . . Can they bring down the Empire once and for all? But all is not as it seems. And with this simple realisation it becomes clear, this is just the beginning of something far greater . . . The first instalment in the Through Darkness trilogy, Bethan-Ann Scott’s debut propels the reader through an epic space opera adventure, raising profound questions of morality and man’s inhumanity to man. She tests all the assumptions society makes of the purity and benevolence of the human spirit, exposing the true fragility of the mind when it succumbs to oppression and just how fatal authoritarianism can be. This is a story of Shakespearean magnitude, and twists and cliffhangers unfold relentlessly throughout the book, entertaining the reader at every turn. This is a must-read for all fans of Suzanne Collins, Peter F. Hamilton, Star Trek or Star Wars!

Chatterton Reef

by McCamy Taylor

A science fiction novella set in 1000 A.F.—After the Flood. The Earth’s seas have risen. The dominant life forms on the planet are genetically engineered humans adapted for life in the ocean. Light Sea and Dark Sea have just ended a long, bloody war. Captain Selkirk Sandros, the child of a Light Sea mother and a Dark Sea father has been sent to teach at the ARC Military Academy. His pupils are Dark Sea child soldiers taken prisoner during the war. His job is to civilize them.

Selkirk is trying to forget his past. During the war, he single handedly slaughtered an entire squad of Dark Sea child soldiers who had been terrorizing Light Sea communities. Though a hero in the eyes of his own countrymen, he is wracked by guilt. When he discovers that his superiors have sent him to the military academy to assassinate his pupils rather than teach them, he suffers a crisis of conscience that leads him to question his loyalty to his mother’s people.

Determined to atone for the slaughter at Chatterton Reef, Selkirk embarks upon a mission to help one of his charges, the Shadow Hunter prince Kilydd regain his Dark Sea throne. In the process, the two warriors will discover that they have more in common than either of them can imagine.

“Chatterton Reef is a fantastic novel. It’s absolutely incredible how Ms. Taylor has taken one of the most alien and inhospitable ecospheres on the planet and made it â??home.’ The complex societies are as real as any I’ve ever seen created.” ( online review)

“I think what impressed me most was the work that went into the cultures and religions of all the characters. This goes such a long way to making the whole thing ‘real.’ Consistency and continuity are perfect. Characters are also very complex and interesting. Excellent plotting, with sub-plots that keep the reader wondering about the outcome.The setting is impressive as well; with all the details of the various undersea ecologies and types of environments.Altogether an amazing piece of work.” (online review)

Jonah’s Story – Part 1

by Chris Webster

Jonah is a man struggling with his morality, mortality, and humanity. The world he lived in ended, and those living in it continued. Life was not the same, but it never is when humans interfere. Whether it is war, reform, creating or destroying, building civilization or disbanding nations, humanity is in a constant state of flux. The world ended, and we caused it.

His story is not unlike many that you have read, a person trying to be more than they are, trying to change the world, wanting to be remembered.

How far will Jonah go, to see himself in the history books? How many times will he ignore his heart and push forward with his desire to leave his mark on the planet? What will he leave behind in his march towards the future?

Jonah was a hero to many, but every hero has a shadow. His accomplishments were great, but his casualties were catastrophic. He has a story to tell and played a part in the end of the world. And when humanity felt time slip through like sand in a sieve, it fought to continue. Sacrifices were made … but to understand how we reached the end, we must understand the beginning and the journey.

To understand how the villain came to be, we must understand the hero before the fall. Who was Jonah? What drove him to change the world? He worked at Akerue, Inc, but how deep in the rabbit hole did his involvement go?

Jonah’s Story is a 10 piece prequel leading to a novel that tells the story of a world after humanity’s mistakes caught up with it. It is written as a series of letters or journal entries, to tell a little about the man who seems central to the pivotal changes that wrought untold damage on the world. Part 1 is the first five entries, seeking to begin the narrative, and to establish a framework around the enigmatic Jonah.

Fans of Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’, Justin Cronin’s ‘The Passage’, and similar future dystopian / apocalyptic wasteland style novels such as Veronica Roth’s ‘Divergent’ or James Dashner’s ‘The Maze Runner’ will likely enjoy this prequel, and the forthcoming novel set in a world on the brink of collapse.

Sanctuary Tales Volume 1: The Bride of Blood

by John Hennigan

In a world ruled by vampires, Corrine is sheriff of Sanctuary, one of the last outposts of humanity. When a man seeks her aid in locating his missing daughter, Corrine must challenge her beliefs in the nature of good and evil. Can she stop a young woman from making a terrible mistake? Or will the creatures of the night come one step closer to total supremacy?

The Gulf of Eden

by McCamy Taylor

Isaac son of Ethan is coming home after three years of exile. His people, the galaxy’s premiere cyberized warriors have been rewarded for their military service with their own planet, which they call Paradise. However, Isaac’s homecoming is not what he hoped for. His father informs him that he is to be sent to the Others as a hostage. The Others are squatters who illegally occupied Paradise years ago, and their refusal to leave has led to war. Though Isaac’s warrior clan is undefeated, they face a dangerous enemy in the Others, whom the planet has given supernatural powers and immortality in exchange for sterility. Isaac does not realize it yet, but he is an important pawn for all sides of the conflict. The galaxy’s rulers hope that he can end the war. His father intends to use him as a weapon against his enemies. And the Keeper of the Crossroads, seer of the Others has plans of his own for the boy who is destined to be the planet’s savior.


The pier was almost deserted, except for a single figure at the far end, shrouded in blue cloth almost the same shade as the light cast by the moss which grew in carefully tended clumps spaced evenly along the quay. The cloaked stranger blended so well with the dim light and the surrounding shadows that it could have been a ghost. Was that why I hesitated?

“Don’t be afraid,” Blades whispered in my ear.

The blue shrouded figure moved forward. The cloth fell away, revealing sunburnt skin, tangled golden hair, pale blue-grey eyes—familiar to me, because I had dreamt them just a few hours ago. One tanned arm slipped around Senechal Cassandre’s waist. She nuzzled his neck. The other arm, he held forward, beckoning me. His eyes were fixed on my face. His smile was warm, his voice deep and rich—-and familiar.

“Welcome, Isaac of Ethan. I’ve been expecting you.”


by Jason K. Melby

On a distant planet, in a distant time, the humans have abandoned the surface of their world for safety below.

A machine embarks on a journey to find its creator and it soon finds itself caught in the middle of the battle between these two groups.

As it finds its place among the people, it finds itself on an unexpected journey of discovery as it learns what it means to be alive.

A Study in Silicon and Other Tales of Mycroft, A.I.

by McCamy Taylor

Sherlock Holmes had his Dr. Watson, and Mycroft, the 21st century artificial intelligence has his Dr. Susan Wier. Famed scientist and inventor Sakomotyo Hero designed Mycroft, the most brilliant computer in the U.S. Sakomoto also designed the artificial cerebral cortex which allowed the infant Susan Wier to overcome severe brain damage and grow to become a successful doctor. Due to the compatibility of their hardware, Mycroft and Susan are able to share thoughts and experiences, allowing the AI to become more human and the doctor to become something more than human. Together, they solve mysteries involving clones, artificial beings and other entities which stretch the definition of “human being.”

Includes an older story, from 2001 called “Kansas”, a futuristic retelling of the Wizard of Oz about robots, genetically engineered humans, clones and AIs.

The Hookie-Pookie Man

by Ray Holland

His mother was from Earth. His father was from another planet. He doesn’t fit in anywhere. But he knows a woman of similar origin is out there, somewhere. She’s his soul mate, and he’s determined to find her. And so it is that Dwight Arnold Toshman, also known as The Hookie-Pookie Man, wanders the country in search of love, occasionally performing wacky stunts like walking on his hands across a construction site or painting lines on downtown sidewalks to divide them into lanes–and at other times becoming so frustrated he has to stop and scream himself sick. Join Dwight in his quest to find the Hookie-Pookie Woman. Follow Dr. Herman Schnauzer’s adventures as he tries to help. The Hookie-Pookie Man is an interplanetary story of hope, love and outsider-ness.

Warzone: The Beginning of the End

by Melissa Wheeler

This novel received the Editor’s Choice award from the Text-Novel team. This story follows a brave heroine named Teramezu Suzuki in the year 2121. When Meridia went the dogs, her uncle purposely left the princess behind in the wasteland so he could take the throne. But, the princess wasn’t going to accept that, not without a fight. In this novel nineteen year old Teramezu Suzuki experiences betrayal, love and hatred. But at the same time, she begins to learn more about herself and where she comes from. She gets her bloody revenge in this graphic, vulgar, violent, gun slinging and post apocalyptic story.

**This is part one of a three part series**

Orb of Paz

by EM Aguilar

Archibald Wolfstone, an elite Red Wizard Guard, is accused of killing the mystical Council of Ten. As a fugitive, he has to team up with the enemy, the Dark Conclave, to find out who murdered the council members. Archibald unearths a conspiracy which has world shattering consequences.

Aaron: A brief story on ideals and corruption

by Crichton Lei

Aaron is a short story of fiction. A hacker wants to shut down the entire world nuclear arsenal. But he will make a mistake.

Why is our Justice sometimes so tough on guys that break the law for a cause, and so gentle with the guys that play the system to their own interest?


by John A. Karr

Xeria’s home planet of Iegaké had nearly been purged of life by demons with greater technology and firepower. Their spaceships hold hostage not only the paltry number of survivors — including her father — but the entire solar system. If Xeria does not return from a neighboring planet with the Drayden Dust that allows demons to dream, Mizk will destroy the entire planet, and prey upon the next ….

Becoming Faith-bot (The Water Planet Trilogy)

by K Trenlin Hubbert

Who is this bot? Where did It get that silly name? Tripping with Al-x, swimming with the Leevihopee, exploring a new planet…. The future is large. Becoming Faith-bot takes you on an unexpected journey, delivering magic to the final word.


by Olsen J. Nelson

This title contains a collection of five unrelated, short, near-future SF stories: â??Biohack,’ â??Drones,’ â??Biosphere,’ â??Regenerator,’ and â??Nomadic City.’ (Total approx. 55.2K)

BIOHACK (Approx. 12.1K)

Paige, a prominent Internet biohacker living in an undesirable near-future, experiments with an innovative biohack that has the potential of dramatically transforming humanity and the world system.

DRONES (Approx. 7.5K)

In a rapidly emerging, high-tech near future, Kacey, a remote robot operator working for a department of the Regional Remote-Security Division, has been confronted by her past on a daily basis for years â?¦ but never more so than now.

BIOSPHERE (Approx. 9.8K)

Sarra, a scientist living in an isolated biosphere, discovers problems with the integrity of the facility, which has unexpected results for the lives of all its inhabitants.

REGENERATOR (Approx. 13.6K)

Lana, a natural scientist, discovers rapidly emerging, worldwide ecosystem degeneration that, to her and her team, demands immediate, concerted attention if there’s to be any hope of finding a remedy before it’s too late.

NOMADIC CITY (Approx. 12.2K)

When twins, Renata and Ryan, see something they shouldn’t in the distance, their entire world is turned upside down with far-reaching consequences for everyone.

In the Shade of the Ishtar Trees: A Tale of the First Venus War (a steampunk short story)

by J.P. Medved

Venus in 1887 is no paradise. Hardy colonists eke out a meager living cultivating blue Kosh root to ship back to Earth via aether transit, and traders and explorers brave the deadly foliage and even deadlier fauna of the Aphrodite continent’s inner forests in search of riches.

Lieutenant Albo Collins has just come to Venus straight from graduating West Point, and the young officer craves more to do than cleaning drunks off the streets of New Philadelphia. When the governor orders the First Venusian Colonial Infantry to the northern border of the colony Collins gets his wish, but as he marches into the unexplored wilderness hot on the trail of Federalist raiders, he has little idea what horrors await him, in the shade of the Ishtar trees.

In the Shade of the Ishtar Trees is a 10,000 word (40 pages) steampunk novella.

Moth Girl versus The Bats

by Michael Wombat

This short steampunky adventure with a flavour of thirties movie serials was inspired by a Twitter conversation the author had with singer Thea Gilmore in early 2013, and then by her song “Start As We Mean To Go On”. As the story progressed, other Thea songs lent their titles easily to the remaining three episodes, and more song titles found their way into the text. Fans should see how many they can spot. The name â??Moth Girl’ came out of an anagram of Thea’s name – in fact Ratporchrico’s opening phrase in this story is that very anagram.

Also includes sample chapters of other Michael Wombat books, and a preview of the forthcoming full-length medieval saga, 1322.


by L. Bartrich

Act One: It’s Complicated

Casey Umbra, Tim Lassar and May Lianda all live in orbit around the gas-giant planet, Epimetheus. They’re all connected through the Lassar family business. However, their personal relationships are intertwined with a possible oncoming war. Sufficed to say: It’s complicated.

The EPI books are a series of short illustrated novels, akin to a TV series or comic book. Each book moves the story along incrementally in a bite-sized manner. Each book contains illustrations of key moments from the story. The books are sold individually. They are meant to be short, cheap and fun. Like candy.


by Matthew Drury

“What is an android’s dream?”

The Fury. An ancient force so vast and illusive that most believe it to be a fairy tale of space. Hibernating for billions of years, it is something that has returned countless times…

Luna, an android, is the sole survivor of the Fury’s last feeding cycle. She has drifted across space for millions of years, haunted by dreams and fragments of memory from a time long passed.

Now, with the Fury returning once again, Luna must join forces with the human crew of the UAAC Harlequin to further investigate the ancient cataclysm, in an attempt to understand it, and survive it again.

But can the humans really trust this android? And what use can their efforts really be against the forces of a primal monster that gave birth to the stars at the beginning of time, as it has done for countless eons…?

End of Places

by Harry J. Bentham

Post-apocalyptic and horror stories. For some, there could be life after planet Earth.


by Rainer Jude

All stories have beginnings. All things end. These ten short stories take the beginnings for granted, for the most part, playing on ideas which have defined our humanity for thousands of years – existence, love, knowledge, wisdom, fear, faith, addiction, inhumanity, individuality, desire, betrayal and the quest for youth. Yet these stories care little for their beginnings, just how things end, for that is far more interesting and telling. The denouement, the outcome – that’s what we want to discover.

Each story moves towards an inexorable ending, which the players may or may not influence; they may even realise too late what they have set in motion. What would you do if you had the key to total ecstasy in your hands? How could you dare to seek the answer to the greatest question of all without knowing the consequences of asking that question? Why might you reject the very person who you know is the only one for you? What is the most irresistible and pervasive force in the universe?

The only thing that matters to these stories is the manner of their endings. These ten tales are imaginings of what might be. And when they end, there is no going back. The ending is final. Are you ready to discover your ending?

Food for No Thought

by Andrew M. Bartlett

The Earl of Grey fights to save Organica. Natalie is lost. Jerry Baldwin swings his smiley. Cicelia wields the bread knives. Outside the walk-in door they’re waiting…

From the author:

I am writing myself into these stories. I am moving toward finality. By the time I write the final story, me as a character and me as a writer will be dead. I will more than likely end it myself. But are those two things any different?

Journal of a Starship Captain

by Andrew M. Bartlett

When she saw the mushrooms growing from his eyes she knew that he was dead. May the contagious fungus take us all, she thought. Why was she searching for a new world anyway?

From the author:

When I think of people who are cruel to animals- the dog fighters, the game hunters, and more than anything the way we negligently and uncaringly hit animals with our stupid cars- I am ashamed to be a human. It makes me so angry. But I am no better. I am just as guilty. In my opinion no one deserves a second chance.

The Taste of Marbles

by Kris Austen Radcliffe

Some people see the march of time. Some don’t. Me? I taste the salty flatness of the pastâ??until the future demands a new sense.

Willa swallowed the marble. It happened fifty years ago, or maybe five, I don’t know. It might yet happen. Time isn’t something I see anymore. Changes don’t register in my eyes. It makes picking up fresh milk difficult….

The Voice: A Mythological Guide to Mankind’s Ascension

by Maurice Turmel

Lightworkers everywhere are meeting online and gathering in groups to share the latest on their emerging life purpose and personal development efforts. You need not be a lightworker to enjoy the full benefits of The Voice. Personal growth enthusiasts of all types will appreciate the exploits of these characters whose sci-fi adventure requires them to deal with psychological and spiritual issues as part of their training for service on Earth in this new millennium.

For lightworkers, this story relates to their promise to actualize their life mission at this point in mankind’s evolution and help us all return to the Sacred. For those who identify with this mythical story, they will find a tale of personal development that reveals how being true to one’s inner nature is necessary to actualize one’s full potential. The Voice is both a guidebook and training manual for lightworkers and personal growth enthusiasts of all stripes. Ascension Earth is what’s at stake in mankind’s next evolutionary step, and The Voice teaches that the path to true inner freedom is engaged through Conscious Evolution.

The Water Thief

by M. H. Tardiff

Two soldiers have a strange and fateful encounter during the final days of 1944…

The World Turned Upside Down

by J. D. Buchanan

The World Turned Upside Down is a gritty crime thriller wrapped within a dystopian version of history where the Russians won the cold war.

In this alternate reality tale, Buchanan creates a compelling and fast paced who-done-it set in a grimy, post capitalist Los Angeles, California of the Pan Pacific Soviet.

Christmas Ketchup – Packets 1 – 10 – The Furai Compilation; Anthology.

by Richard Skeet

This is a special edition anthology, available for a limited time. Includes packets 1-10 which retail separately for around $30. If you like sci-fi, horror, and or magic you will dig these short stories:

Sex Majik – Packet 1.

Alien Death Match – Packet 2.

Paradise Prison – Packet 3.

Lotus Corporation – Packet 4.

Power Trip – Packet 5.

Novel Roadkill – Packet 6.

Novel Roadkill 2 – Packet 7.

Descend – Packet 8.

The Gates – Packet 9.

Novel Roadkill 3 – Packet 10

If you’ve missed the special pricing or giveaways on ANY of these packets, this is your chance to CATCH UP.

Get it? Christmas CATCH UP? Packets?

Like “Jeopardy smart.”

Merry Christmas!


Mongrel: Inside & Out

by Beth Finchler

Raised on the planet Altimara by a religious group that eschews any form of technology, Mongrel, the only survivor of an alien ship crash, leaves at the age of 12, knowing outcasts may not return. Circumstances change when she is summoned back by a desperate plea for help from her childhood best friend, accused of a cruel crime. Despite a cold welcome, Mongrel pursues the truth, using only her brains and familiarity with the People of the Manifestation. As she gets closer to her goal, she discovers the most vicious, elusive criminal organization in the galaxy is stealing the People’s one export to the outside world â?? and could be involved in the crime she is investigating. Mongrel, heading straight into life-threatening danger to protect her former home and set her friend free, comes face-to-face with the most wanted man in the known universe.

The Preacher (Angry Edenites)

by David J. Rollins

Small churches in small towns generally do not like new preachers. The small church in Wonderville is no different, particularly when the new preacher has a protrusively large Adam’s apple that distractingly bobs up and down during sermons. After many delicious poisoned pies and other attempts on their new preacher’s life, the members of the little church are forced to take more drastic steps. They hire a killer deacon.

Requiem is fairly well-educated and certainly well-protected. He is a preacher after all, and being so ordained, he is immune from things like unnatural deaths. The attempts do still hurt though. He understands what is going on. He understands that his church will not appreciate him until he proves himself. He just doesn’t feel like the church is worth his one last miracle. When he became a preacher, he was given two miracles. He used one some time ago to make his shirt collars fit.

Instead, Requiem enlists in help from the Broken Throated Advocators, a group of like-necked vigilantes who joined together to fight the persecution of men with extremely large Adam’s apples.

Neither Requiem nor his little church will ever be the same.

The Preacher is the first novella in the Angry Edenites series, which is about four people who go looking for the Garden of Eden. Luckily, they have a map.

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