Free war Kindle books for 25 Dec 13

Ho B-52

by Edward Carpenter

Short fiction linking the Vietnam War to the present. A B-52 tail-gunner, a pair of young Vietnamese, and two jaded expatriates in Hanoi are connected by a curious relic… Fear, boredom, life and death in the Land of the Blue Dragon.

Not Another Gold Star

by Angela Abderhalden

Derek Doellman tensed as he held the enemy, knife at his throat, ready to kill. But the enemy was his German cousin.

As a sixteen year old, Derek yearned to enter the war. Craved the honor and valor. The excitement. It drove him to steal his brother’s birth certificate and illegally enlist. In 1944 during World War II, it wasn’t hard to do. However, the excitement, honor and valor that he dreamt of didn’t materialize. It was kill or be killed. And nothing else. The game was to stay alive and not allow another gold star to be sent home to his mother.

At that tense moment holding his German cousin’s life in his hands, Derek had to make a choice. Kill or be killed. Or were the bonds of blood strong enough to overcome hate?

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