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The Secret Diaries of Ciara Loughlin: Trilogy

by Isabella Ford

I could hear footsteps on the old wooden staircase, one of the steps in particular made some noise. I held my breath to listen better. I could hear the footsteps coming closer, and my door creaked as it opened slowly. My heartbeat increased rapidly, and quickly I pulled the blanket over my head to hide, still holding my breath.

“Are you sleeping?” My father asked, stepping inside my room…

Catherine had no idea what her husband was doing to their daughter. How Gordon would sneak up to Ciara´s room in the middle of the night and how he played revolting games with her, games that became worse the more Ciara grew up.

Struggling throughout her childhood and growing up in a harsh, cruel and surreal environment with no one to guide her, Ciara found herself in one extreme situation after another eventually giving up the hope of ever finding true love and freedom.


Editorial note:

– This heartbreaking and sometimes gut-wrenching true story really pulls at the reader’s emotions and it proves to be a truly remarkable piece of writing that will stay with the reader long after the last page has been turned. –

Embracing Quincy, Our Journey Together

by Katie Marsh

The true story of a baby who was born to give hope and healing to
millions of people

“I received my copy of Embracing Quincy in the mail yesterday. I thought I’d read a page or two after putting the kids to bed and then head to bed myself. Wrong! This book captured my heart and spoke to my soul… Katie Marsh tore my heart open then stitched it back together in way that gives me more reverence for life and beauty both dark and light.” – ISM
“I recommend this book to be read by all women. This book shows how strong, compassionate, blessed, scared and confused a woman can feel, all at the same time… My heart was with this family the whole time I read this book. Their little Quincy is an angel.” – Debbra
“Katie, I wish I could tell you personally that I believe you are an amazing, talented author, genuine, loving and sweet and a true free spirit, connected and tapped in. Quincy knew what she was doing and who she was choosing to usher her in and usher her out of this earthly plane.” – Carole Thorpe
“It’s raw, honest, surprisingly funny, spiritual, and inevitably a Celebration of Life. Quincy was born Alive with so many odds stacked against her, but she Lived and she was Loved.” – Tahnee Cracchiola

What happens when you’re told your baby will not live? And if by some miracle she does live, she will be extremely disabled? When a high-tech ultrasound at 22 weeks revealed that Quincy may have a rare genetic disorder called trisomy 18, the Marsh family was given a choice: to terminate or to continue Embracing Quincy.
Embracing Quincy takes you on the path almost never traveled by a couple that is decidedly not religious but very spiritually oriented. It shows you a naked glimpse into their personal lives, their travels and their mystical journey with their trisomy 18 baby Quincy.
Embracing Quincy is full of stories of love, humor, psychic phenomena and mystical coincidences that will make even the most skeptical start to question their beliefs. This book will take you to far away lands as it weaves Quincy’s story in and out of the Marsh’s moves and travels and search for creating a sustainable farm on which to raise their family.
This book non-judgmentally explores issues such as “pro life” versus “pro choice” abortion decisions, karma and reincarnation, the possibility of effecting miracles through quantum physics and the law of attraction, and the power of prayer in large numbers.
Most of all, Embracing Quincy shows what a mother and father will do for the love of their unborn baby.
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A Personal Note from the Author: 10% of the gross profit from the sales of this book will go to support children and families in need, wherever they may be.

Angels, Monks, and Hormones (Changing with Grace)

by Christy Marie Kent

What happens with the Southern Baptist preacher’s son, growing up in the conservative south, wants to become a nun? Or, more precisely, a monk, because it turns out that being female is something of a requirement to be a nun?

“Angels, Monks, and Hormones” tells the story of a young man considering taking vows and living the rest of his life tending sheep in a monastery because he thinks that, if he never sees another woman, it will cure him of his gender identity problem. During the common meal with the monks, a brother reads Jesus’ words about how everyone will be genderless in heaven, like the angels. “I think I’ll like it here,” says Kent. “I’ve always wanted to be an angel.”

When he learns that monastic life won’t make him whole, however, he must learn to live in the world, first as a man, later as a woman after undergoing hormone replacement therapy and sex reassignment surgery.

Before she transitions from male to female, Kent’s father tells her that she would have a tough row to hoe. Why? Because he saw a drag queen once on Jerry Springer, and the audience hooted and howled in laughter.

But here’s the thing. Everyone sees the flamboyant drag queens because they stand out. They work hard to stand out. They’re entertainers.

For most of transgender people, however, the “trans lifestyle” means going to church, working long hours, raising their kids to be responsible young people, and trying to balance their budgets. In other words, they’re just like you, except that they have a unique understanding of the different life experience of men and women, because, unlike you, they have lived both. Regardless of her gender, Kent remains a spiritual person seeking wisdom anywhere that she can find itâ??even from the sheep in a monastery atop a cold, windswept mountain in western New York.

This special edition also contains the script to Kent’s live storytelling show, “Changing with Grace: When Daddy Becomes Mama Christy,” which premiered at the 2013 Minnesota Fringe Festival in Minneapolis to reviews such as “undeniably beautiful, graceful, and honest” and “a fascinating tale told by an endearing and eloquent teller.”

Several of the stories have won performance awards at Twin Cities performances, including:

“Pokemon, Gender, and You,” excerpted from “My Transition My Family’s Transition,” won first place at the St. Paul Moth Story Slam in June, 2013.

“Chat Room” was the first story ever to be judged a perfect 30 out of 30 at the SlamMN! story slam in Minneapolis in February, 2013.

“Finding My Voice” was a finalist at the Twin Cities Literary Death Match in May, 2013.

Stories in “Changing with Grace”:

Whatever your interest, the stories in “Angels, Monks, and Hormones” and “When Daddy Becomes Mama Christy” extract powerful life lessons for everyoneâ??regardless of gender identityâ??from our daily transgender experience. Don’t miss this special edition that contains both.

The Crucifixion Murders

by Dan Sprague

A vicious serial killer is on the loose in Vermont’s Green Mountains, but Trooper Samuels’ prime suspect, a nasty priest, appears to be too clever for him until a tip and a surprise tactic catch the killer right in the act of murdering his next victim.

Rumors of abuse at the hands of clergy make news today, but in 1960 even knowledge of it raised very few eyebrows. That’s because stern discipline was commonplace then and often encouraged; especially at religious institutions. So much so that no one in the small community of Mountain View Vermont was even a little surprised to learn yet another camper had run away from Crescent Lake; a religious summer camp catering to troubled boys with rich parents. Even the police weren’t overly concerned and only conducted token searches for runaway campers; any not found were assumed living in a commune, or on the streets of a big city. Then the skeletal remains of five victims were discovered, all runaways from that camp and killed in a manner that left no doubt in anyone’s mind; a twisted killer was on the loose. But Trooper Samuels’ prime suspect, the camp’s nasty director Father Leo, appears to be much too cleaver for the police. Then a tip from a camp employee, a hunch and a surprise maneuver catch the killer in the act of murdering his next victim.

Calvin and Me vol. 1

by Steven Rugel

Calvin College, I know thee well. Too well, perhaps, as readers of these true stories may find out for themselves. Volume 1 contains an ode to old first floor boer hall and my friends from the 1980s, as well as true stories from the theater department. Warning, adult language and themes. These are not your oliebollen, edam eatin’ grandpater’s calvin college memories, they are mine. And I have no delusions and few warm fuzzies about calvin college.


by Shana Hammaker

Words are puzzles. Words are lies. Words are power. Words are hope.

HIEROGLYPHS is a dark and unique coming-of-age story.
Shana Hammaker was the second of three girls born to young and ill-equipped parents. She and her sisters grew up under some of the most harrowing conditions you’re likely to encounter in print.

Shana spent her formative years dueling against a drug-addicted mother, an uncaring father and a cruel stepmother. She lost her virginity to a trusted family friend before she could ride a bike. And she was ultimately abandoned by her family and the child welfare system. At seventeen Shana’s childhood ended on the street.

Through it all Shana found strength and comfort in words. Words are everything. Words can uplift and they can condemn. Words can name you and give you strength. Words are puzzles. Words are power. Words are lies. Sometimes words create. Other times they destroy.

Words can turn a rape victim into a whore.

But words are also HOPE.

HIEROGLYPHS is author Shana Hammaker’s second memoir. Her first memoir, THE COOKIE DUMPSTER, is also available for the Kindle.

Approximately 18,000 words or 72 pages

My Life with Tom, Living With Autism. The Blogs, Volume One

by J M Worgan

I am a mother to a five year old little boy who has Autistic Spectrum Disorder. This book is a collection of the first six months of my blog about him, my family, thoughts and feelings. Why did I decide to publish my blogs as a book? I suppose there are two reasons why I decided to do so. The first reason was because I received so many wonderful and supportive comments about how enjoyable they were to read and that they gave an insight into what life was like in living with a child on the autistic spectrum. This is something that I very much forget as living with Tom, for us, is our normality, there is nothing extraordinary from our point of view, but I suppose if you have never encountered ‘autism’ in your life then the blogs that I write would give you a glimpse into that world. I received comments from people who had no knowledge about autism and for whom this was their first introduction into ‘autistic life’ so to speak as well as receiving comments from parents of autistic children who gave me support and shared with me how much they enjoyed reading about my family. The general consensus from these parents and carers was that they did not feel so alone. There was someone out there who was going through pretty much the same daily ups and downs as they were. So for this reason I thought it would be lovely to have all the blogs together, under one umbrella, as a book.

The second reason for wanting to publish my book is purely a personal one. I wanted a book that I could hold and which I could place on my bookshelf and show my boys when they are older. To tell them that this is what life was like but that we had fun and that I loved them very much.

I started to write my blogs in October 2012. I had just finished writing my early years journey about Tom entitled, â??Life on the Spectrum. The Preschool Years. Getting the Help and Support You Need’, which documented all of the help, support and information that we received from various professionals, agencies and parents. This was published in the September. After I had finished writing it I rather felt lost as I had been writing every day and I still wanted to continue writing about Tom and our daily highs and lows and luckily at this particular moment in my life just happened to coincide with being invited by Glipho, a blogging social network, to blog with them, and so I did. I find writing about our family life very cathartic and it is most certainly cheaper than therapy. I simply have to write every day and keeping a blog helps me to accomplish this.

The blogs in this book start in October 2012 and finish at the end of March 2013, so a full six months. When I started to write the blogs Tom had just started in a mainstream primary school, where Stephen attends, but was only able to manage two hours there with one to one support. This was a particularly difficult time for our family. When the book ends in March you will find that myself, Tom, Andrew and Stephen are in a more settled and happy place in our lives because of Tom’s placement in a specialist ASD school.

The blogs have been published in chronological order and have not been edited as I wanted them to be read as I had originally intended. They are simply my thoughts and feelings about everyday life, with my husband and two lovely boys, one of whom just happens to be autistic. I hope that you enjoy reading them

The Glenside Kid

by Ted Taylor

A Poignant, humorous tale of growing up in the author’s beloved hometown in the middle of the 20th Century

By the time Ted Taylor reached the age of ten he had met Connie Mack, attended an NFL Championship game and had met Roy Roger’s singing sidekicks “The Sons of the Pioneers”.

As the Glenside Kid, Ted inhabited a world that was safer than today and, some would say, a heck of a lot more fun.

The Glenside Kid was influenced by the nostalgic prose of author Jean Shepherd who had a fine eye for the absurdity, madness and idiocy that shapes us all.

Not counting his two textbooks, this is Teds Taylor’s seventh book. A popular newspaper columnist for many years, his nostalgia pieces about growing up in Glenside were always reader favorites. At the urging of his family and friends, he has turned his life story, at least the first 18 years of it, into this book. Excelsior!

The Christmas Attack ( – In the Slipstream, a day in the life)

by Carla Dix

Carla Dix resurfaces after a sustained black out period to relay her latest day in the life. Light energy, cross fit, and Corn Ritual themes all preceed a violent attack later in the day. Carla finds strength from her earlier pleasant experience at a museum featuring paintings from New Mexico to confront the abuser. Truly the Christmas attack.

The Family History Fun Factor: How to Gather and Preserve Family Folklore

by Marcha Fox

The Family History Fun Factor is a guide to discovering, identifying and collecting family folklore. It includes a description of which genres are included, examples, a checklist and resource list. Family histories are often boring compilations of pedigree charts and dry narratives. Family folklore opens the door to everyday experiences and emotions that bring those involved alive. It’s also an excellent way to get children involved in the process and started early on compiling their own personal history.

Fletcher Christian – The Portrait

by Jerry Gordon

Until January 1994, no one knew what the infamous mutineer, Fletcher Christian, looked like. There were some written descriptions of him noted in Captain Bligh’s log-book; nevertheless, Fletcher’s looks escaped the general imagination. I stayed as a guest of Fletcher’s descendants for 3 months on the Bounty Island as a part of an overall 5-month expedition to the South Seas in 1993. I would make an image of Fletcher. Then, in January 1994, with the help of Merseyside Police identikit computer, and filmed by the BBC, we created a computerised image of Fletcher, a world first. I fed the computer with my research of his ancestors and merged with the images of some of his descendants. I mixed in the living spirit of Pitcairn.

It has been my privilege to have then created a drawing of Fletcher Christian – the first to do so since he became infamous at the end of the 18th Century. There have been several follow-on’s, and claims of others of getting to make a â??portrait’ first, but the record books will be evidence based on my visit to the Island, work with the BBC, and Merseyside Police. I nevertheless respect, acknowledge later claims of other’s who have made studio images of Fletcher. Art is free. I defend every artist’s right to be creative, and so I support those who have built upon my expedition to Pitcairn in 1993 and my work to build a portrait of Fletcher in 1994. I too have sat on the shoulders of everyone linked to this story in order to make this project. I am in deep gratitude to Fletcher Christian and everyone, past and present, involved in the saga. We all have a contribution to make for posterity.

The later duplicates demonstrate that there seems to be an enduring interest in the wish to record images of deceased celebs such as Fletcher Christian. For example, the Daily Mail newspaper contacted me in 1994 to enquire whether I would construct an image of Queen Bodicea. I declined that opportunity at the time as I was immersed in other arts projects. Clearly there is much scope for artists in this field and I for one salute all artists who make a contribution in this field.

My time spent researching Fletcher Christian, including a visit to Pitcairn Island in 1993 to meet his descendants seems not to have been wasted, but rather and humbly, it is my contribution, as suggested, to the overall saga. It is my privilege to present the world’s first recorded image of Fletcher Christian.

“I presume, sir, in painting your beautiful portrait, you took your idea of me from my principles, and not from my person”……Abraham Lincoln

Cleopatra: The Beautiful Daughter of the Nile – Egypt – Egyptian Queens, Egyptian History, World History, Education Books, Cleopatra Book, eBooks, Historical Romance, Cleopatra A Life, Education

by Anthony Beckham

Cleopatra – Cleopatra Biography, Cleopatra Books – Education – Nonfiction:

Are you a fan of Cleopatra?

Are you interested in Ancient Egypt?

Plus would you like to read the best Biographies & Memoirs?

Discover the great events that took place which enabled Cleopatra to take the throne from her brother, also find out why Julius Caesar was so captivated by her beautiful looks. Also learn about Cleopatra and Julius Caesars romance and the lie that would ultimately cause the both of them to die.

When you put a woman with hunger for power, looks to die for and a love seeking powerful leader together, you get a concoction of power struggles, war, love and romance and heart break.

This is a great biographical account of Cleopatra’s life and is suitable for all ages. It is also good as an educational guide on Ancient Egypt’s rulers.

The Idiocy of my Odyssey – Doings and Diversions

by Alex Terego

Excerpts and explorations of one man’s adventures, family, faith, education, and experiences.

“I have lived about half my life in each of the two freest societies on earth, and they could not be more different. My life in each has, however, had two constants: change and a proclivity towards making the idiotic choice wherever possible. The results are funny and tragic; sometimes odd and occasionally conventional. One example is prefaced as follows: â??This is the story of my transition from working-class boy to teacher to salesman; a profession my mother regularly compared either to Gypsy peddlers…

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