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The Femdom Doctor’s Shocking Prescription: ‘Wear Makeup, Become a Sissy Slut, Receive Anal Penile Penetration’

by Sarah Millward

Lenny Lossington is shocked by his treatment at the hands of the severe, seemingly unsympathetic Doctor Coldicont, when he consults her about the severe anxiety he suffers from; and even more shocked when he finds out her prescription for his problems – that he wears women’s makeup, and gets himself anally penetrated by another man, although he is a married heterosexual.

He tells his wife, Ann, about the doctor’s diagnosis, but confesses that he has always harboured strong transvestite fantasies. However, he assures her, he is not gay, but his transvestitism stems from a love of women.

Ann seems convinced by his explanation, but later, along with her commercially minded mother, Monika,she seems to reject her husband’s assurances about his sexual identity, and the two women embark on a mission to exploit what they perceive as Lenny’s, who they now refer to as Lilly, inherently sissified and gay sexuality, for their own money making ends – and which they, along with Doctor Coldicont, also see as in Lenny/Lilly’s best interests.

The deeply masochistic Lenny, does discover his true self, at least to an extent, but at the cost of his previous relationship as loving husband to Ann (who has a child from one of the young, black lovers she takes as an empowered hotwife), and his masculine identity.

Was the doctor correct in her diagnosis and prescription?

Perhaps matters are not as clear cut as they seem, but Lenny/Lilly certainly seems to find a kind of fulfilment in his new role. Though how much has he sacrificed to achieve this?

Finally, Ann proposes that Lenny, who is already taking female hormones as prescribed by Doctor Coldicont, take the final step toward full blown femininity.

Contains scenes of femdom humiliation, cuckold humiliation, transvestitism, bisexuality, gay sex and humiliation, gender transformation, gay gangbang, strap on penetration, hotwife/MILF interracial sex -including having a mixed race child, watersports, smoking and human ashtray fetish, wet and messy food/sploshing fetish, lesbianism.

FOURSOME VACATION – Two Couples, Many Positions!

by Saskia Farrow

A boyfriend/girlfriend couple on vacation get very friendly with the husband/wife couple in the room next door.

Afternoon flirtation leads to a night of swapping partners, and before long the couples are taking each other in every imaginable way.

Their passionate acts include solo, oral, tequila, double oral, leather belts, cold beer, a little romance, swapping, front seat of a car, rough group, first time anal, DP, bondage, bagels, men taking women hard, women getting their revenge, girl to girl fist, a little more romance, and enough time left over to get a tan.

What could be nicer?

The action is all heterosexual and/or woman to woman.

This is 42 pages of absolute filth, ideal for vacation reading. . . .All characters are over 18.

JUST PUBLISHED! A boxed set of the whole Foursome Vacation series – the five naughty novellas together in one volume. Check out Saskia Farrow’s author page to view.

Under The Mistletoe (Watching Her)

by Scarlett Metal

Enjoy this quick Watching Her story when Lizzie gives Brett and Christmas surprise he won’t soon forget.

*Contains adult themes. Only for adults 18+*

Rockstar Beginnings (Rockstar Erotic Romance #1) (Rockstar Erotic Romance Series)

by Anita Dobs

Part 1 of The Rock Star Erotic Romance Series:

Courtney, a beautiful twenty-one year old girl, has but one dream. To meet Shane, the rockstar lead singer of ‘Shard’, one of the worlds most famous bands. Shane’s wild and exhibitionist performances have been the stuff of her erotic fantasies since her late teens, but as all the other girls her age date boys, Courtney holds out the hope that one day she’ll be able to give one man, Shane, the one thing that she’ll then never be able to give anyone else.

Shane, a twenty eight year old wolfish and exceptionally talented singer and songwriter, revels in his fame and attractiveness to women, but begins to feel his life is missing the one thing that his rockstar lifestyle can’t bring him.

At a concert, his eye suddenly rests upon on a girl who quite literally stands out from the crowd… Courtney, and he very quickly becomes intrigued by her…

Warning: This is a work of erotic romance, and this series contains scenes only suitable for adults.

Word Count: 6,772

Sunset Motel, Book One

by Mallory Love

Genre: Erotic Romance

It started with a diary…

When author Samantha Crews purchases the contents of a storage unit, she has no idea that the antique desk inside holds an old diary that will change her life. But that’s exactly what happens.

As Samantha reads through the yellowed journal and accompanying letters, she’s drawn into a sensual web woven by the erotic story of a love affair between a sheltered young woman and a jaded, scarred recluse. To Samantha’s dismay, the diary ends abruptly, with nothing resolved.

Devastated by the parallels to her own life, she sets out on a quest to find out how the story ends. Will she discover that Colleen and Leo overcame the obstacles separating them to achieve a happily-ever-after? Or were the forces pulling at them too strong, their burgeoning love too fragile to survive?

Sunset Motel, Book One, is an erotic romance intended for mature audiences only. It contains explicit descriptions of M/F sexual intimacy. Reader discretion is advised.

Breaking Him

by Folia Deux

Grace Kellan is about to complete the merger–okay, hostile takeover–that will make her career. Only one person stands in the way: Sam Blalock, the brash young lead counsel for the other side. Hot as hell and cold as ice, Sam fights hard in the boardroom. And when he shows up at Grace’s hotel room after weeks of tension, offering a sexual fling, she can’t help herself. He pushes all her buttons, and she wants to push his in ways he can’t even imagine.

Ways that will bring him to his knees.

But when their struggle for domination turns into something more, will Grace let her growing feelings for Sam destroy her career?

Caution: this story contains adult content including rough sex, light bondage, and one seriously hot pegging scene. So basically, it’s not appropriate for readers under the age of 18.

Running the Red

by Maggie Hale

Laura has been living in Los Angeles for the last four years. Not just Los Angeles, but the heart of Hollywood, where the entertainment industry is happening. She struggled and scrimped and saved and still hasn’t caught that big acting break she dreamed of when she moved there. Tonight might change all of that though. She got invited to a movie premiere, the biggest of the year and not only that she ends up making small talk with one of if not the biggest industry player in all of L.A. Los Angeles is not a city for reliable travel times though and her journey to what she hopes is her destiny gets derailed when she decides not to stop for an out of the way red light.

I really struggled with this one. I don’t know why but it took me about four days longer to write than it should have. Now that it’s done though I really really like it and I hope all of you get a mess of enjoyment out of it as well. Thanks for reading! ENJOY!

Approx 14,700 words.

Intricate Longing: A searingly hot tale of lesbian lust (Sapphic Seductions)

by Alexx Rouselle

Andrea has never told anybody she is gay, while Kate is out and proud and full of confidence. Despite their differences, when the two young women meet they cannot deny their lustful attraction to one another. The sex is mind blowing and they cannot deny their passionate attraction to one another, but it begins to look like their differences will pull them apart. Add a kinky ex-girlfriend to the mix, and watch the sparks fly. Can the women find a way to keep the flame lit, without compromising their own principles or risking too much?

ADULT-ONLY: This book is strictly for over-18s who are not offended by erotica, lesbian, LGBT or same-sex sexual relationships, adult sexuality and sexually explicit material with a sprinkling of BDSM and kink. It is a 19,643 word novella written by British erotica author Alexx Rousselle.

Confessions of a Mormon Swinger

by Jace Nelson

Jace and Chastity were eternally sealed lovers, deeply in love but they wanted more. This is their shocking true story,

They decided that there was a way to remain true to each other and still experience more.

Jace and Chastity are young, beautiful, wealthy and highly educated. They are married and the devoted parents of three exceptional children. They are a stellar example of a modern Mormon family. They seemed to have it all, yet something was missing. They both sensed it. They were deeply in love and totally devoted to each other, but yearned for something indescribable. This is the story of their search for more. It’s also a chronicle of their spiritual and sexual awakening. They have one huge secret. They’re fledgling swingers! Their real names aren’t Jace and Chastity. The real names of other people, places and things are also changed. The rest of the book is true and based on their actual experiences.. Consider this your personal Invitation to join them in their search. They’ll take you inside their world and their “heads” as they uninhibitedly navigate the “jungle” of the modern sexual landscape. Their story is a first hand intimate look at the ongoing romance between them. It’s also a spiritual and philosophical journey seen through their eyes. Join them as they work through their ever changing beliefs and motivations. The sex is explicit, intense and sometimes shocking. Their romance is heartfelt and poignant. They share the good, the bad and the ugly, giving you a vivid, first hand account of the ups and downs of their secret life.

Ë?Ë?Ë? Their romance was deep and ongoing

[book excerpt] He ran toward her, barely skimming the grass. He wept, because he loved her. The only thing he desired at that moment was to pick her up, cradle her in his arms, and wipe away her tears. She looked so small, pale, fragile and vulnerable. He scooped her up, hugged her tightly and swung her in circles. She clung to his neck with the desperation of a woman finding a life preserver just as she was going down for the last time! Jace collapsed onto the grass on his knees clutching Chastity to his chest . She was holding onto Jace vowing never to let him go. They were both sobbing. Each wondering why the other one was so emotional. They were holding and kissing each others faces like two lovers saying their last goodbyes before being separated forever.

Ë?Ë?Ë? . Their sexual experiences were exciting, intense and mind blowing..

[book excerpt] I must have a case of that fever I’ve heard so much about, Chastity thought as she locked her legs behind his back and spurred him deeper with her heels., She groaned with a deep inarticulate guttural voice as she came once more on his huge rod. Her entire insides were spasming and shuddering. She threw her head back and clasped her knees tightly to her chest.. UNNNNNGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH !!! Her legs were quaking like jello. She felt like she was melting slowly down into the bed. Soon there’d be no trace of her left except for the be,d sheets soaked with her essence.,

Ë?Ë?Ë? There’s a little philosophy too!

[book excerpt]. I suddenly wondered if civilized society is all a lie, and an attempt to conceal from ourselves, and each other, our true animal natures? What if Chastity and I had unwittingly stripped away the man made veneer of society, and seen ourselves as we really are? What if it’s really always been about feeding fighting and fucking and civilizations exists only to deceive and convince us that we’re really not like that?

Scroll up and grab a copy today.

The Billionaire’s Wish

by May Banks

What happens when you are seduced by a rugged stud, only to find that he is one of the world’s richest men?

On a normal Saturday, Nicole is seduced by the handsome Dale, smitten by his charm, confidence and strong looks.

When they see each other next, Dale invites her to a billionaire’s ball, where she turns the tables and seduces him.

After their second encounter, Dale offers her an intriguing invitation to experience a ‘wild night’, but what has she gotten herself into?

Your CUMSLUT – My First Mouthful

by Adoring Lips

This is how it all started afresh for us. After an amazing get-together fuck (the two of us having been apart for just too many days), I recount the moment I learn to properly worship your cock, and finally overcome my fears about taking your load into my mouth, after years of resisting the very idea of it. When we get to it, this act will completely transform our relationship, and make our love for each other even stronger than ever, and spark desire and need and desperate want in me (and of course pleasure in you) that I never ever thought possible. And it marks the beginning of my time as your dedicated, and always willing cumslut, who will from then on drop to her knees and open her mouth wide with just the simplest word or gesture from you, whatever time of day it is, and wherever in the world we are. Because I truly love you, and adore having your cock at my lips, and because I absolutely lustfully crave the sublime seed it is able to feed me.

And please don’t forget that this book (and any future release) has a hugely specific audience – YOU!


I explicitly recount rough sex, devotional oral sex, some masterful face fucking, a truly messy facial once you start cumming, and then to finish it all off some very grateful semen swallowing.

Spank Me

by Vanessa Estrella

Lindsey has a beautiful bottom, but it lacks one important thing: a spanking.

She seeks out Mister Valik’s Candy Shop for her wandering boyfriend and discovers the “spanking room” where she gets exactly what she needs, and more. A lot more.

No naked people were harmed in the making of this story.

The Best of Avril Yvette’s Sex Stories

by Avril Yvette

Erotic writer Avril Yvette selects her favourite stories from across all five volumes of her Sex Stories series, offering one story from each title plus a bonnus, previously-unreleased tale. If you’ve yet to experience Ms Yvette’s sexy, no-nonsense style then this is the perfect book for you.

Note that, like the rest of Avril’s work, this title contains sexually explicit material and is intended only for adults.

Taken by Bikers

by Vanessa Estrella

Lindsey gets the ride of her life when a gang of Harley riders, and their women, take her back to their remote cabin. There she meets Nurse Becky – the lactation bitch and others who are intent on seeing who can take her places she has never gone before.

Lesbian / Lactation / Strap On / Oral / Motorcycle
(also known as “Lactation Bitch”, “Nasti’s Beauty Salon”)

Perfect Tits – 1

by Vanessa Estrella

Perfect tits are some of my most delicious pleasures! Please enjoy 20 of my favorites from my personal collection. Book 1.

more erotic titles can be found at

Almost Chance

by Noé Bodé

Almost Chance is a tale of erotic exploration and submission. Jen is off to spend the weekend with her friend Kelly, but then meets a seductive stranger on a train. Finding herself compelled to follow the intoxicating Mistress, Jen discovers a whole new world filled with the pleasures and pains of submission.

Jen soon discovers her true submissive nature…but is it merely chance that has brought these two together?

Reviews from the literotica website call it “the most beautiful and extremely erotic story I have ever read”, “perfect” and say it “truly captures the submissive soul”.
Almost Chance is a 30,000 word erotic novella.

Witchy Woman’s Weekend (PARAnormal Press Presents a Quick One)

by D. Walters

Witchy Woman’s Weekend (A PARAnormal Erotica Quick One #2)

Now that the sexy witch Danielle and her roommate Mandy are involved with the hunky Ben and his mysterious girlfriend Emily, Danielle wonders who has manipulated whom. She thought she was the one whose sex magick had ensnared Ben, but now she thinks Emily’s the one who ensnared them all.

When Ben invites Danielle and Mandy to the Hamptons for a wild weekend of unabashed sex, along with his friend Ron, it may not be as innocent as it seems. Someone wants them there, in that house, pairing off into twosomes, threesomes and group sex.

But who? And why?

Danielle and Mandy love the fast and loose lifestyle of free love, but a dark force has entered their lives. They’re just not quite aware of it yet. But this person has power, and she has a grudge, and she has all the time in the world to weave her evil web.

In the meantime, though, the sex is raw and hot and sexy.

Witchy Woman’s Weekend is another stop in the journey that will take Danielle and Mandy beyond anything they’ve ever experienced.

Will they survive? Will they enjoy the sex?

You decide.

The Specifics
Witchy Woman’s Weekend is an erotic novella over 11,000 words in length. Included: an excerpt from the first Danielle and Mandy adventure, Witchy Woman, and two excerpts from PARAnormal Erotica Volumes 1 and 2.

Please note, this is for adult readers only. Contains explicit sexual descriptions of happy straight/bi twosomes, threesomes, foursomes, with oral and anal sex.

Brought to you by the folks who published PARAnormal Erotica Volumes 1 and 2. Edited by D. Walters.

PARAnormal Erotica, by PARAnormal Press.

Welcome to another PARAnormal Press Presents: A Quick One, a new direction in adult adventures of the naughty kind. PARAnormal Press presents a mix of encounter tales, some of which are exotic, futuristic, or even mysterious and occult, while others might remind you of your friends and neighbors if you could peek behind their curtains. Some tales will tantalize you with the supernatural, the dangerously criminal, and the fantastic. Exotic or normal, supernatural or dangerous, you can be sure the tales have one common element – they are hot. We’re scouring the world for writers who know what turns you on, and we hope they’ll succeed. Quick Ones is a series of self-contained short stories that run longer than average and present a more compact reading experience, and we hope a more intense one. Your editor, D. Walters, welcomes you to the second Quick One. Enjoy!

I’ve Been a Bad Girl #3

by Vanessa Estrella

Book 3 in an ongoing series
Lindsey discovers her true power over her own sexuality, and that of others through a mastery of subservience. Her adventures and the people she meets, women and men, all play right into her hands as she gives up control.


Secret Dreams

by Vanessa Estrella

I dreamt of meeting her at a club. She was working the door…
Vanessa dreams of a new way to keep a secret…
A blind girlfriend will never see her blush…

SECRET DREAMS by Vanessa Estrella
~ Some secrets are best kept in your panties


The Slut Next Door, Scene 1

by Vanessa Estrella

Morning Exercies

(illustrated with 3D art by the author)
What would you do if you caught your beautiful neighbor caressing herself on her deck, next door? Would you watch? Would you mimic her movements?
What if you caught you watching? Vanessa tells all in a series of “scenes”.


99 Cents Hot Date #5

by Vanessa Estrella

Fast and Cheap!

The “99 cents Hot Date” series gives you what you need at the moment.


His Tantalizing Touch!

by Tonya M. Tucker

Cindy Collins, sexy real estate mogul thought she had already experienced her all-time best sexual encounter with a football heart throb when she was 18. Never in her wildest dreams did she think she would ever feel as totally satisfied as she did that night so long ago when Keith taught her what real love making was all about. That is until on one hot and humid mid-summer afternoon when she showed a local estate to a very rich, very hot and sexy Mr. Frank Blight.

He had something far better than real estate to show her.

My Secret Blind, Lesbian Girlfriend

by Vanessa Estrella

I met her at a club. She was working the door…
Vanessa discovers a new way to keep a secret…
A blind girlfriend will never see her blush…

~ Some secrets are best kept in your panties


99 Cents Hot Date #2

by Vanessa Estrella

Fast and Cheap!

The “99 cents Hot Date” series gives you just what you need at the moment.


The Ashbury Heights Lactation Club

by Vanessa Estrella

San Francisco ‘sex workers’ Becky and Jimilei are just a couple of young ladies trying to make a living on the high end, but when they get invited to a meeting of the Ashbury Heights Lactation Club, their careers really take off.

In my mind the entire scene was a little difficult to grasp. Becky had told me wild stories of how she had met up with two different lactation clubs, one of which we had just visited. Stories about how these rich, young women needed special attention to continue lactating. Organic lifestyles of the rich and famous.
Why, though, would they require the services of a Milk Maid? I had to laugh just saying the words to myself. I suppose if they really believed that lactation prevented pregnancy, and they didn’t want to: abstain from sex, use pills, or barriers then induced lactation sounded good. And, being all organic and such, if they didn’t want to use pumps or drugs to keep the lactation then someone had to do some sucking. Regularly. Boyfriends, husbands, girlfriends couldn’t be depended on all the time to meet the needs….thus the Milk Maid trade was born!

(*also published as “The Milk Maid Diaries”)

Breakfast For Two (Hardcore Hookups)

by Jennifer Key

**Intended For Mature Audiences. Over 18 only

Breakfast For Two

A woman’s thoughts get the best of her as she finds herself having cum-filled fantasies about her male roommate. Little does she know, some aspects of a fantasy can come true, if her desires are strong enough. Regardless, her day off promises to be her best day off ever, as her deepest desires leave her tingling in a state of bliss.

The Tails of the Fox God

by Dawn South

Cybil was just walking in the Japanese Gardens when an unusual path took her to an unfamiliar pavilion…and a mysterious stranger, who insists her curvy body is just what he needs to restore his people. But this handsome man is not everything he seems….

This fantastical 4,500 word story features a brief, hot encounter between a big, beautiful woman and a mysterious fox spirit.

A Fish Tale

by Tully Krater

Deep in the Bermuda Triangle, two couples on a sailboat meet an exotic and beautiful creature who claims to be a mermaid scientist tasked with studying human sexuality. The mermaid offers a choice: either become another mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, or help with her research. Being an experimental subject turns out to be unexpectedly . . . fun.

An erotic short story by award-winning erotica author Tully Krater

The Billionaire’s Limo (A Billionaire Movie Star Erotic Romance Novelette)

by Tabatha Moon

The Billionaire’s Limo…
A BDSM erotic romance novelette of 9000 + words or about 35 pages.

Join Becca, a naive young woman who accidently runs into Devein Crest, a billionaire movie star on a cold, dark, deserted road out in the middle of nowhere. Freezing cold, Becca agrees to discuss the accident in the backseat of Devein’s limo. As she begins to inspect his backseat he begins to explore her backdoor as Frank, the limo driver, joins in to help Devein every step of the way. A hot and exciting ride that will surely give a whole new definition to the term…

‘backseat drive-her’ :-0

Bite the Pillow: Six on Sex

by Phillip Mackenzie Jr.

Desire and fulfillment collide in these six erotically driven stories, beginning with the non-fiction confessional, Litany of Desire, which sets the stage for the fictional accounts it inspires. Vividly expressed, with explosive erotic content, Bite the Pillow also recognizes that sex itself is sometimes a means, not always an end, and is often, usually, about something much more.

Cursed Changed & Creamed Collection

by Eliza DeGaulle

Seeing the other side of the coin is odd – odder still is quickly finding you prefer it.
Men who breech trust, throw one night stands cruelly to the curb, and leave them with nothing more than the threat of pregnancy to remember them by. These are the scumbags that are targeted by the witch Hazel, who uses her power to make these men see what it’s like to be on the receiving end. It turns out, it’s not as bad as they think, and how fast their world changes is simply magical.
Cursed, Changed, & Creamed
A man obsessed with making notches on the bedpost finds himself becoming one of those notches…
Caring only about his next lay, Troy finds himself infatuated with a supernaturally beautiful woman – a woman who isn’t buying his usual tricks for conning her into bed. Holding her hot enough to be worth it, he plays along with her claims that she’s going to turn him into a woman, so that he can know what life’s like on the other side of the coin.

He wakes up the next morning and finds that he’s missing a very much beloved body part, and in its place is a set of burning passions that leaves him – or her – with an insatiable lust for pleasure and everything that a man can deliver, from the touch of their strong, firm bodies to their hard rods and the cream that she so wants them to fill her with.

The first chapter of the ‘Cursed, Changed, & Creamed’ series. 7,800 words.

Cursed, Changed, & Creamed 2: Double Serving 
An unrepentant womanizer faces his comeuppance… and learns to more than love his feminine side. 
Randy’s reckless ways have finally caught up with him. When Trisha reveals her pregnancy to him, he’s off and running, and looking for anyway possible to escape her wrath.

Enter the enigmatic Hazel. She offers Randy a way out of his predicament, one that’ll may very well force Randy – or is it Rita? – to have a taste of their own medicine.

Coping with her new womanly lusts, Rita may realize while he certainly doesn’t want to be a father, she’s just right for motherhood.

The second chapter of the ‘Cursed, Changed, & Creamed’ series. 10,100 words.

Cursed, Changed, & Creamed 3: Filthy Party 
One man’s curse is another man’s blessing.
Scotty and Jack are heterosexual lifemates, living the high life and enjoying tag-teaming all the women they could ever want. Their ways of breaking hearts and breaking trusts though, is starting to catch up with them, and Scotty isn’t sure how much longer he can keep it up. No matter how much he secretly loves Jack as more than a bro.

When they encounter the witch Hazel, their worlds get turned upside down, and their lives will never be the same. Faced with throwing a big party and the fact they Scotty and Jack are now Scarlet and Janie, they will learn a new world of lust, as the now feminine duo take on an entire party that is ready and willing to give them all the lusts that a woman can enjoy.

Scarlet, though looks at it though as an opportunity to tell the man – woman? – he loves how he really feels, as the resulting flurry of unprotected passion and pleasure leaves the new women new mothers as well.
The third book in the Cursed, Changed, & Creamed series. 13,000 words. 

All three stories are 31,000 words combined.

Doctor’s Touch

by oliver grimont

He couldn’t help himself. Every time he felt so much as a twinge, he tried to stop himself, but he couldn’t- he’d ring the clinic, and make an appointment with Dr. Rice. Annie Rice. She was gorgeous, even if she was usually covered up with a lab coat. Infectious smile, long, dark hair which was usually tied back in a ponytail, and he was helpless to resist.

Emotion in Motion: An Erotic Anthology

by Kristen Thomas

Erotic stories

The Erotic Case Files of Sherlock Holmes (Erotica Arcanus)

by E.E. Wellington

Recently, several manuscripts were discovered hidden in a vault, titled The Erotic Case Files of Sherlock Holmes. These pages had been sealed away long ago by Holmes’ biographer, Dr. John H. Watson. Watson ordered the writings to remain unpublished until one hundred years after his death, due to their inflammatory, explicit nature.

A bidding war ensued that shook the foundations of the publishing industry, and luckily for you, dear reader, Erotica Arcanus fought for the right to bring you these uncensored, unexpurgated stories that will shock the world.

Never before have readers seen Sherlock Holmes solve crimes of such astoundingly frank and intimate nature, nor have they been offered a glimpse into Watson’s shocking exploits a variety of women, including the lonely and randy Mrs. Hudson. As for the cases themselves, you will be amazed at the level of debauchery reported by their client, the Countess Barrymore, and horrified at the sexual deviance of the wicked Professor Moriarty.

Take a walk down the slippery cobblestones of Victorian England into a world of secret delights. Sit back by the fire, warm yourself a cup of tea, and prepare to see a new side of the Consulting Detective and his assistant from Baker Street that no one has ever seen before.

Contains Adult Content.

A Somers Dream

by Patricia Isabel

Penelope Dawson had the world and New York at her fingertips. A great job, great friends, a great future. All she was missing was someone to share it with. After countless of dates, Penny tries the ever popular computer dating and after countless hours of searching and profiling, she comes across one that may just be what she’s looking for.

After a failed engagement and numerous failed dates, Shane Somers comes across a profile that takes his breath away. Hoping she is what he’s looking for, Shane invites her to his ‘out of the way’ home in Colorado where he hopes to get to know her mentally and physically. But with an ex-fiancé determined to get him back, can they overcome the difficulties and find a way to be together.

Spun Gold: Three Erotic BBW Stories

by Stormy Drake

Three Hot Stories…none of which are appropriate for children….they contain graphic descriptions of sex.

#1 In 1969 Eastern Europe, a young American hippie finds a Gypsy caravan. Inside is Issabella, in her 40’s with a body that won’t quit. Its a groovy ride…

2# In Spun Gold, a hard working single mom meets the man she would never let herself dream about…a rain storm presents new opportunities for them to make their relationship last.

#3, a farcical story about a picnic nap where a bbw woman meets the man of her dreams…who is blue…and from outer space…and well hung…

All three stories are a combined 17,000 or so words.

Tess A Woman’s Adventures

by Tess Jones

Three short, very sexy, stories, featuring Tess Jones, the heroine of the books Tess, A Woman’s Awakening, and Tess, A Woman Captured.

Join Tess as with her husband, David, she helps her lover, Alice celebrate her birthday in a way that brings joy to Alice’s heart and a flush to her cheeks..!

See how Tess and David spend a not-so-lazy-Sunday afternoon at home. And it doesn’t involve reading the sunday newspapers!

And discover what happens when Tess, caught in the rain, interrupts a shopping trip for a quiet coffee, and meets a young couple determined to show her the best possible way to round off a trip to the shops.

She’s sexy and she’s funny, and she knows when not to take life too seriously. You’ll just love Tess Jones!

The Virgin Chronicles, Volume 3: Santa Comes Early

by R. LeBeaux

From the erotic anthology, â??The Virgin Chronicles,’ â??Santa Comes Early’ tells the story of Annie and Tim, two sexual novices who meet during Christmas vacation at the beach in Ft. Meyers, Florida. Their chance meeting leads, first to a bottle of tequila, then to the bedroom, where together they learn the nuances of sex in a passionate, halting encounter that culminates in a mutual loss of virginity.

Sharing a mysterious bond neither of them expected, Annie and Tim find in each other that “something special” casual lovers seldom experience, though physical incompatibility makes their first experiments difficult for Annie to endure. In the end, however, Tim’s patience and willingness to comply with Annie’s curious instructions, result in a tender, intimate coupling of both body and soul.

R. LeBeaux is author of the novels, â??Barbara: A Novel of First-Time Intimate Sexual Adventure’; â??Lessons – The Sexual Education of Phillip’; and â??Cute: The Sexual Perils of Growing Up Cute.’ All available from Amazon in trade paperback and for the Kindle.

Erotic Memories

by David Kaye

David Kaye shares a series of short, sweet, and sexy vignettes from his slightly decadent past. Recollections of fun and games with various lovers are related in a nicely erotic style by the author of Memories of 1970s Wife Swapping.

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