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Moments of Stark Terror!

Flying in a B-52 is hours and hours of pure boredom, followed by moments of stark terror!
If you are not interested in the peacetime alert or the non-flying tales of B-52 crewmembers and are only interested in the edge-of-the-seat, fingernail-biting stories of men under extreme pressure, then this book is the one you want to read.
*** D I S C L A I M E R ***
All the stories in this book have previously been published in Volumes 1-6 of the “We Were Crewdogs” series. This book is a collection of only the stories that involved inflight emergencies, ejections, crashes, and combat momemts that involved a sense of danger and the rapid responses needed to control the situation.
It includes the complete story of the Red Cell mid-air out of Guam. It also includes the shootdown of a B-52 over New Mexico by a F-100 fighter. There are multiple stories of ejections and survival, both in combat and peacetime environments. One story is told by a crewmembers who ejected from a B-52 and survived , even after riding his ejection seat to the ground without a parachute. There are stories from the first crew to be shot down over Hanoi and the last B-52 shot down in the Vietnam War.

All the stories are about the mighty BUFF, the B-52 Stratofortress and the men who flew it, and their moments of stark terror.

The Global Tragedy & Triumph: 1939-1945

by Bill Brady

The Global Tragedy & Triumph: 1939-1945 is about twelve key events in the Second World War, and how they influenced the decisions and campaigns that followed them. Combining vivid character portraits with subtle, often highly revisionist, analysis of the unfolding crises. Bill Brady addresses events, and identifies precisely how significant these battles really were.

This work answers the ‘when’ and ‘why’ questions that so often arise in discussions about the Second World War. It can also be read as a compact survey of the six fascinating,complicated years that have made the world what it is today. The range of this book is global and each country or region is given thorough treatment. It opens with the Nazi Revolution, the rise of Hitler and the reaction to his ambition of world domination, and ends with Germany’s unconditional surrender.

The author approaches this subject on several levels: grand strategy, the difficulties of coalition warfare, the personalities of the generals (some of whom disliked each other more than they did the enemy) and analysis of the major global battles. Recognising that wars in the last analysis are decided by ordinary soldiers, he describes the characteristics and fighting power of the combatants.

This is a penetrating study and an essential contribution to the understanding of the nature of warfare and an invaluable work of reference for the whole family.

A Montessori Exploration of Thought on a Quest for Change: Words of Wisdom Based on The Qualitative Research of Humility, Interpersonal Skills, Nature vs Nurture & Human Development

by Xavier Zimms

“This book is a very interesting read. I highly recommend this book.” (Ashley T.)

“This is a great book that my entire book club enjoyed!” (Molly K.)

This book is an Introspective look at the development of Humanity. In this book, you will find the Montessori perspective of multiple real-life applications, including:

– Humanity-over nature (character)

– Ecological worldview

– Cosmic education

– Attentiveness

If learning about the social development of humans is of interest to you then this is the book for you.

The Fugitive Society (Anglezarke Trilogy)

by Alex Terego

The â??War to End All Wars’ (1914 – 1918) radically transfigured the landscape of Europe. Empires fell. Industry and innovation flourished. Ten million perished. Society was turned inside out. Britain went from being the largest creditor nation the world has ever seen to the being the biggest debtor nation ever. The burden of the war was felt by all levels of the ever-fascinating British class system.

The stories of the transformative experiences of English families during the Great War are told in Book One of the Anglezarke Trilogy through the eyes of an aristocrat, enlisted men, a nurse, two young officers, a Sergeant-major and a Catholic chaplain on the Western Front, and their families on the Home Front.

The setting for Book Two of the Anglezarke Trilogy is the Roaring Twenties. The same characters tell their stories of romance and marriage, economic difficulties and political and cultural change.

The 1920s saw an unprecedented acceleration of social, political and economic shifts. Warriors returning to the promised â??Land Fit for Heroes’ were treated cynically. Huge transfers of wealth took place; from the aristocracy to the emerging merchant classes. Trades Unions demanded justice. Women did too. Art incorporated the old and the new in the Art Deco Movement, fashion moved hemlines up and women began wearing the pants. Men of all stations in life had to make adjustments to new realities.

If you enjoy Downton Abbey, then you’ll love the Anglezarke Trilogy!

The Terrors

by Tom Chivers

The Terrors is a sequence of imagined emails; poetic missives from the start of the 21st century to inmates at London’s notorious Newgate Prison. Mimicking the tone of its primary source, The Newgate Calendar, The Terrors tacks from horror to humour, from moral disgust to the casual chit-chat of the digital generation, all the time delineating London’s violent urban undercurrent in bold, energetic and sometimes shocking language.

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