Free horror Kindle books for 26 Dec 13

Dear Suzanna

by Oliver Clarke

What if the world ended and you didn’t even notice?

Frank has retreated to an isolated rural cottage to get over the break up of his relationship. While he hides himself away from the world sinister and terrifying events are destroying the society he is avoiding. Before long the aftershocks of these events start to invade his isolation.

‘Dear Suzanna’ is terrifying short story from the author of the 4.5* rated novel ‘Sunliner’ that explores human despair and loss against the backdrop of a horrific apocalypse.

Ruination: A Short Story

by Michael S. Gardner

Everything is not what it seems, especially when the dead rise and stalk the living.

When a depressed and lonely survivor stumbles across a desperate man in need of saving, he finds out that he is in for more than he expected. Sometimes life throws a curveball, and sometimes it’s actually for the better.

But nothing lasts forever.

What once was will never be again, and it all begins with a knock on the door.


by Thom Young

A psycho killer is on the loose and terrorizing an upscale neighborhood in Dallas. He has a thirst for blood and the bodies are stacking up. When he lures a detective’s daughter to his house things get even more bloody and now he must face reality. A slasher tale with a modern day twist. Blood. Killing. Teenagers. The perfect storm.

Blood is not Aluminium: Comedy Horror Shorty

by Rudy Namtel

Cruel murder in Vampyre City! Inspector Sanghetti investigates- But what a surprise when he finds the murderer! Sanghetti trembles â?¦
In this humorous story Rudy Namtel really takes the vampires for a ride. Does he know what he is doing?
Although not being the first story about Sanghetti’s adventures chronologically, the reader should start with this adventure.
â??Namtel seems to be a writing genius. Funny play on words â?¦”
“â?¦ brilliant constructed word buildungs â?¦”
“â?¦ leads to permanent laughing â?¦”
â??â?¦ great dialogs â?¦”

(estimated 3500 words)


by David Buck

â??So you think it is safe to stand at the water’s edge? â?¦think againâ?¦.’

Set in the fictional small seaside town of Rossel Inlet in Western Australia, Nikukaiju begins with the return of Paul Lang to the town after many years away in the army. Paul is not keen to return, but after his parents pass away he comes back to his home town to sort out unfinished business.

Paul’s return is tinged with an old sadness as he passes a roadside cross on the way to building a new life in his old home town. His task will not be easy as the town is now controlled by the man that stole from his parents and his unpleasant sidekicks.

Professor Miranda Watanabe is visiting the town with her mentor after they get an anonymous tip off. A confrontation follows and Miranda meets Paul after he comes to her aid before she leaves town.

Miranda soon returns to Rossel Inlet for another reason, as a strange and dangerous discovery is made near the town from the mysterious Southern Ocean. Australian waters can be lethal but now even the beaches themselves are a deadly trap.

Words: 78,200 approx

Recommended price: $3.99

Hellscape (Book Three: The Becoming)

by Duane Ratswander

With Matt’s help, Aleck sets off into this nightmare world, determined to stop the Kid from unleashing further madness. But even as he does the threat of war looms, and the bloodshed begins…

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