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One New Habit To Fix Your Marriage – 10 Simple Steps To Put The Joy And Intimacy Back In Your Marriage

by Grace Stevens

If you are in a relationship, you need to read this book!

Is your relationship falling victim to the 80/20 rule?

Is 80 % of your emotional energy focused on the 20% of your partner’s behavior that isn’t perfect?

While this book was designed specifically for struggling couples who are looking for relationship help to fix their marriage, the practical, simple steps that Grace Stevens outlines are good relationship habits for every couple.

In this short, practical guide the author lays out 10 simple steps that you can immediately implement to improve the “tone” of your marriage.

Specific strategies focus on:

– reigniting passion

– learning to “fight fair”

– reconnecting in a way that makes you feel treasured and appreciated

– focusing on the behavior you do want from your spouse

– having fun (how long since your relationship has really been fun?)

– being happier in yourself, regardless of the state of your marriage (spoiler alert! Your marriage can only benefit from this!)

Many people have found these simple, powerful tools have empowered them to take back control of their marriage and help them feel reconnected with their spouse in a way that has been missing for a long time.

This book is quick and easy to read, and none of the strategies require a lot of time or money.

What are you waiting for?

Start using the simple strategies to help your relationship not only survive, but thrive by tonight!

On Having a Baby: One Woman’s Journey through Pregnancy and the First Year

by Crystal Rowe

I had no idea what to expect when I got pregnant. I read books, watched movies, talked to other people who had been pregnant before. People told me that my life would change once I had a baby – but no one told me that I would change.

None of the prior research I did prepared me for the transformation that would happen inside my own heart. As I went on a journey through 42 weeks of pregnancy and the first year of my daughter’s life, I discovered I had changed. Significantly.

As I compiled these essays, I remember how scared I was when I saw the positive test. I remember how lonely I felt – as if no one in my life could help guide me through the journey I was about to embark on. And I realize, as I look back on it, that God provided for me in ways I didn’t even know at the time. God held my hand with every step I took.

Most of these essays were originally published at Soul Munchies, but there are several that you won’t find anywhere else. There’s also an Appendix that has my favorite cloth diapering tips as well as my top five books for new parents.

This is my story. The story of one woman – of one family. As you’ll discover, I am an avid supporter of breastfeeding, babywearing, co-sleeping and cloth diapering. But, most importantly, I’m a proponent of finding what works for you. For your baby. For your family.

A dear friend of mine once told me that it’s most important for my baby to have a happy and healthy mama. Whether you breastfeed or bottle feed, whether you wear your baby or push her in a stroller, whether you sleep with him next to you or in the other room – my prayer, as you read this book, is that you see a glimpse of God in the journey I traveled.

Your story may be similar in some ways, but it will also be different. No matter what, it will be your story. As you travel along your own journey, may you know you are never alone – that God is with you every step of the way.

Character Building: Problem Stories for Family Discussions

by Jean Tracy

INSIDE: Download FREE Bonuses for Character Building: Problem Stories for Family Discussions!

– 15 car topics for those long vacation drives or short rides to the store
– 18 ways to spark your family discussions for building character
– 51 family conversations starters

That’s right – download this kindle book and get instant access to 3 powerful FREE bonuses!

– “This book has opened up good discussions with my two boys, ages 10 and 8.”
– “The stories used in this book have been carefully scripted to get all family members thinking more deeply about life’s dilemmas.”
– “Parents who put this guide to use will build family communication skills that will benefit all.”
-“What a gift this is to all parents!”

Must Have Parenting Guide!

Would you like to build character while having fun with your children? This character building kindle book will help you do just that.

– Read the family discussion stories about homework, fighting, chores, and more.
– Let Lindsey, Daniel, Madison, and others tell their stories to get your children thinking in ways that build character.
– Each child’s problem story with its 5 key questions promotes empathy, social awareness, and problem solving. They build character the easy way.
– Children love giving their opinions. When you listen to your kids, they’ll be receiving exactly what they crave, your positive attention, acceptance, and appreciation.

Instead of lecturing your kids to do their chores, read Lindsey’s story. When her mother asked her to walk Rover, she whined, “Why do I have to do it? That’s what moms are for.”

This powerful e-book helps your children access their own wisdom, decide how to handle Lindsey’s problem, and give her their best advice.

Character Building: Problem Stories for Family Discussion deepens your family bond and makes your home a center for peace, love, and character.

The Dust Beneath Her Feet (The Purana Qila Stories)

by Shaheen Ashraf-Ahmed

Safiyah’s husband Aarif has worked as a servant, first for the British and then for the wealthy family living at Purana Qila. After a robbery leaves him under a cloud of suspicion, Aarif moves to north India to find work, leaving his wife behind with their two young daughters and no money. It is 1947: the British are leaving and Partition is looming, as tensions between Sikhs, Muslims and Hindus break out all across the country. Political riots escalate to mass murder, making neighbors distrust one another and travel perilous. The division of India and Pakistan places a border between husband and wife, just as Safiyah hears some gossip about Aarif that makes her question whether her family will ever be whole again. She has a difficult decision to make: whether she will allow a rumor to tear her family apart or risk embarking on a journey from which she may never return.

Divorce From Kids Perspectives

by Michele L. Gaddis

The Divorce Prevention Manual with its workbook was written to help prevent couples from making bad choices where kids are concerned. It is a collection of bold and unedited comments from kids who are suffering because they love people who do not know how to love each other. It is written to create awareness of how children experience and perceive troubled marriages in their own home. This is the book I wish I had been given before I made the mistakes that I made. It may not prevent divorces but hopefully it will increase your compassion for the kids caught in the cross fire.

STARSTRUCK: The most SHOCKING child abuse true story you’ll EVER read! (Child Abuse True Stories)

by Joey Alvarez

Hi there, my name is Joey. Today I’m just another thirty-something-year-old guy, living the suburban dream in southern California. But there’s something my neighbours don’t know about me. Something you’d never guess about me. Something, that up until these past couple of weeks, I’d never dream about telling you. Something you wouldn’t believe.

I was, in the most horrific of manners, and by the most unlikely of people, sexually abused as a child.

Not shocked? Well, wait until you hear the full storyâ?¦

WARNING: This book is based upon a true story of child abuse, and as such contains passages that some readers may find disturbing.

Ivory Heart

by Wendell Charles NeSmith

Divine Tragedy transfigures our modern day world into that of gods, goddesses, heroes, and heroines. The films adapt the original messages to be receptively understood within our current cultural practices. The objective of Divine Tragedy is to pass on living mythology through to current and future generations. When we pass along stories that help us become better human beings, we integrate wisdom into our society. Divine Tragedy is the modern day bard.

Wendell takes one special little girl on a journey through his nation’s heart while teaching her how to save the world.

Pygmalion’s heart has been shattered by the vicious spirits of the cruel women that exist within his world. Time after time he pushes himself to trust again but without fail it always backfires. As a result, he retreats into a life of solitude and begins the process of the creation of his highest conception of a woman. At first the project appears childish, but as his ideal develops the more life manifests within her. The woman he piecemeals together from magazine clippings develops into the only reality that he could ever accept. As he picks up the shattered pieces of his heart off the ground, he reconstructs them to form into a mirror before him. As the puzzle begins to take form, his reflection begins to breathe…

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