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Travels of a Tender Right Breast

by Courtney Crass

Follow the travels of a tender right breast through the world of poetry. From poetry on long distance relationships to daily life, Courtney M. Crass has made a book filled with remarkably relevant poems. Experience a first love once again and a world of vibrant imagery.

A Dozen Roses

by Margie D. Casados

A Dozen Roses is a tribute to my Mother, in a dozen short poems. Each poem is accompanied by pictures I took of roses in and around my Denver home.

Requiems and Odes

by Oskar Frankfurt

This collection devoted to the hottest contemporary political issues presented in rhapsodical and satirical forms. The cycle “Requiem and Odes” opens with “Requiem for Whites”. White anxiety, the fate of Western culture and Muslim threat are addressed in this composition. “Requiem for Wars” describes pains and failures of Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan wars and 9-11 poem is devoted to fallen in the terrorist attack.” Requiem for the Century” is a painful, Cassandrian meeting between the author and a young Frenchman before First World War and a young American before Vietnam War. “Requiem for a City” is a tale of the city bombed from planes. “Ode to the Truth” praised the truth which is leaked or well-known. The rhapsodical, patriotic “Ode to America” concluders this cycle.

The cycle “Genius and Evil” devoted to burning political questions: the forces undermining the country (“The Oak and the Pigs”); the ascendance of politicians on Machiavellian ladder, the incompatibility of democracy and lobbying, the confrontation between the people who build homes and the people who throw stones. The poem “The Threat” describes the clash between Western and Muslim worlds and the fated consequences of appeasement. The poem “The History of Russian state” is a tragic chronicle of Russian history after the revolution to the present days.

Planet-Shaped Horse

by Luke Kennard

Luke Kennard’s Planet-Shaped Horse is an unhinged black-comedy poem-play from one of contemporary poetry’s most unique voices. When the (anti)-hero of the piece is enduring a somewhat â??enforced’ stay at Fouracres Halfway House, entanglements ensue. Both terrible and beautiful things happen. Hermits and doctors are not what they seem and neither Miranda nor Simon seem capable of reining in or reforming their unreliable narratorâ?¦

This pamphlet is out of print and only available new, as an eBook.

WORDPLAY: Liberation of The Spirit

by Andrew Boyd

The dangling remnants of Damnation do not represent the end, but rather a brand new beginning.

Proof of that is evident in Wordplay: Liberation of the Spirit.

In the third installment of the Wordplay series, Andrew Boyd invites the reader as a passenger on a trip full of introspection, sharing his learning, observations, and progress along the way. This work serves as testimony that letting go of the trivial and honesty with self and others are the keys to the Spirit’s true Liberation.


by Andrew Boyd

Passion, anger, love, lust, despair, & excitement! Wordplay: Poetry for the Soul overflows with the gambit of emotions exhibited by its author Andrew R. Boyd.

Andrew has persevered through incredible trials & tribulations to bring you his unabashed truth, and epitomizes that the present is truly a gift! His personal success inspires & the words that fill these pages will do nothing short of amaze those that take in his message. With heart wrenching verbiage infused with blatant honesty, Andrew Boyd takes you on a thought provoking journey into forever that will leave your sanity conversing in the corners of your mind.

Wordplay: Damnation

by Andrew Boyd

The thought provoking journey continues, only to find sanity shrouded in the blood of darkness, struggling to regain its own voice, trapped in a web of Damnation.

As Andrew Boyd attempts to celebrate the beauty of the present, manifestations of betrayal threaten to shatter its very essence. Wordplay: Damnation will leave your cerebrals churning, heart racing, and eyes pregnant with Soul tears as you journey with Andrew through his mental, emotional, and spiritual detox.

Wordplay: Damnation represents the war: an honest, heart-wrenching look at forces that threatened to snatch his Soul into darkness and hold it permanently hostage versus rising above the anarchy to become even wiser and stronger than ever.

Are We Going Now

by Johnny Goldsmith

Are We Going NOw “Should be on George Stroumboulopoulos”

This is a large, contemporary collection of narrative poetry that reads like short stories. If you are looking for a thoughtful experience that is full of emotion and variety, this is it. In these selections you will find a new idea on every page. Current social, political

and religious subjects will challenge or support your critical views. A constant flow of controversial positions: capture the moment, search the past or reveal the future. Climb

aboard for a ride thru a searching, individual mind that deserves to be appointed to

the Canadian Senate. ‘Are We Going’ contains previous published material that has been organized under its original source. PLUS, Two New Books Are Included. **** – Wasaga, Glen Eaton Review. (2010 – 2014)

Book Titles: Once Or Twice, Only When, Or Are We, So You Say, There Is Something, Delray Decision, Winterhaven.

Reflections of the Heart

by James Carie

From a small, historical town in southern Indiana, James R. Carie started his adult life in the Vietnam war as battalion welder and followed the trade throughout his life. Born with a calling to teach at age 28, he began to learn the Bible. He spent several years pursuing that ministry and has spoken many times to a wide range of audiences. During his travels he discovered the gift of rhymes.

In this lovely compilation of Spiritual, Folk and Homily poems, Carie has created a treasure of reflections from his heart.

The Book of Madness

by Jolie Bonnette

A collection of art, poetry and song lyrics by award winning artist and author, Jolie E. Bonnette. The first book released with any of the author’s original art in it.

There Is Something

by Johnny Goldsmith

Searching for love, for kindness, for peace? Here is where you need to be:

‘Along The Shore Of The Great Lake,’ and in ‘Catch The Eye Of Women.’ On the soft lap of the water along the bay, there is something. You will enjoy an interview with MM and a rant on the Maple Leafs in, ‘The Greatest Defeat Ever.’ . “You draw the comparison in ‘I Always Look Around.’ However, life is quickly stripped down to its real form. ‘In My Cave,’ address “husband abuse and male despondency.” “Is this the cross-over or just the damming details?” When we get to heaven, ‘Will There Be Toys?’ “Don’t become a child of God on the road to Woodstock.” Reminiscent love dominates in ‘On Back Roads And Pine Tables.’ On Top Of The Berlin Wall’ life is formed from a distance. “The Challenge is to make the most out of ordinary time on earth.” ‘The Runing Of The Bulls’ tells us how to do it. End of log 000000. ****Glen-Eaton Review

What Are You

by Johnny Goldsmith

‘What Are You’ is set in winter. The influence of Al Purdy can be felt thru these selections. However, J.G. skirts around the edges of social connections. He is never the point man. He looses his wallet in the corner in ‘As I Write Down.” He expects there should be light by now but the loose ends have not come together. In’ Her Legs Wrap The Stool’ there is a reminisce of failed love or is it because of winter. ‘The Selfish Guitar’ is an apology but also a beginning. There is some interesting word play in ‘The Machine Is Chilling’ … make love not war to virgins. ‘The Sound Of Pages’ is the closest J.G. comes to being a famous guy. If you can relate there are positive messages to improve everyone’s’ life, especially in ‘This Is Christmas.’ ‘Unaccounted Souls’ is a twisted tale thru the forest. These poems end with ‘Wishful Logic’ that is a fitting parody about Len and Jess. Put yourself in the moment and take the advantage to imagine and read on! **** Wasaga, Glen-Eaton Review.

Romance In Air (Romantic Quotes)

by Akshay Srivastava

This literature eloquently defines the relation between the author and his beautiful childhood companion. Author has shown a beautiful description of his childhood companion, when they used to play together having hands in hands, expressing a cute and sweet smile; which was unknown to the sorrowful world. A beautiful thought of selfless love between the author and the snow white girl is dedicated in each and every verses of the holy rhyme of â??Romance in Air’. Love is the only way to attain salvation. It is the only weapon that can kill lust, and can easily convert a cruel beast into a divine angel. Love is the art of seeing the almighty in everyone. Similarly, author has described his sweetheart as the beautiful gift of Nature; visualizing the only almighty as her soul. Author has also presented the pains and sufferings of separation that took place as the game of fate between them. Though finding themselves happy as one thing is common in them – Shelter under the vast sky. Indeed their soul and love was like the same sky; that was only appearing in two dimples or wells filled with common water.

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