Free politics and current events Kindle books for 26 Dec 13

Conservatism: The Short Sharp Guide (A-level Politics)

by AP Scheuber

A clear and concise summary of conservatism, covering:

  • Traditional Conservatism 
  • One Nation Conservatism
  • The New Right and Thatcherism 
  • Conservatism’s critics
  • Conservatism today

It’s ideal for both introductory and last-minute political ideologies revision.  Also available: European Union: The Short Sharp Guide, Liberalism: The Short Sharp Guide, Socialism: The Short Sharp Guide, and Fascism: The Short Sharp Guide.   *** Alternatively buy Political Ideologies The Short Sharp Guides: Four books in one *** 

Inchoate: (Short Stories Volume I)

by Lazlo Ferran

Two short stories AND read the first chapter of both Iron I: Too Bright the Sun and Ordo Lupus and the Temple Gate for Free. Solve the Secret Codes in Ordo Lupus.

A humorous tale about the first Board Meeting in History and its single Agenda Item.

Henry’s Car
In this hilarious sci-fi story, a Time Traveler from the 16th Century develops a taste and talent for for stock-car racing.

Also available in DRM-Free formats (epub, Sony Reader – LRF, Kindle .mobi, Palm Doc PDB, PDF, RTF and Plain Text) at

tyger, tyger: a #zen tale

by Greg Karber

When the tyger traps the guru inside his own school, the guru tells a story to save his life. From the world of comes a hilarious, thought-provoking, all-lowercase story of life, death, and #zen.

Will the guru save his skin? Will the tyger save his soul? Will the Goddess solve everyone’s problems with a wave of her hand? All of these questions are answered in this #zen tale, which also features a guide to tyger meditation, a simple and fun way to heighten your senses and increase your focus.

Buy now to be the first of your friends to attain #zenlightenment so you can rub it in their faces.

Conversations with EVE: Women’s TRUE power – where it came from, how we lost it, how we can get it back!

by Barbara Cuthbertson

Let me tell you a little secretâ??men have NOT always been in charge.

Let me tell you another secret – ORDINARY PEOPLE HOLD EXTRAORDINARY POWER!

Conversations with EVE (Every Vagina on Earth) is an eye-opening, inspiring, and motivating book. It shares a fascinating account of how the “Myth of Male Superiority” took away EVE’s rights and freedoms. It gets to the heart of the matter, and tells exactly WHY –

* EVE have “traditionally” been considered subservient to men?
* abuse and mistreatment of EVE are an everyday occurrence worldwide?
* EVE are still restricted in education, employment, and civil liberties?
* millions of abortions occur each year in spite of modern medical science?

But Conversations does much more than answer those critical questions. It gives EVE simple, easy ways to use their TRUE power to change their lives and change the world. It inspires EVE to create a better today and a brighter tomorrow through a velvet (r)evolution powered by new ways to look at EVE’s past and new ways to take charge of our future.

We don’t have to change men’s minds.
We only have to change ours!

Children’s Book About Presidents: A Kids Picture Book About Presidents With Photos and Fun Facts

by Emma Jacobs

Emma Jacobs is pleased to present her new picture book for kids. This easy reading book for children contains interesting facts about United States Presidents. How are they elected? What’s a political party?

This delightful picture book is written for children ages 7 to 12. It contains a variety of information about specific presidents, and how they affected the world. Illustrated with great graphic images. It offers interesting facts, in simple language. Although the material appropriate for these ages, younger children will need some help. They will enjoy the book most by sharing it with a parent.

Students will encounter new words and concepts. They’ll read about Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F Kennedy. They’ll also learn about the Constitution and the start of the Civil Rights movement.

Most of the book’s images are colored photographs. These are most effective when read on a Kindle Fire, or the Kindle Application on a tablet device, or PC. They can be viewed clearly on black and white readers. Only the color dimension is lacking.

Children will also find answers to kid-style questions.

– Can I be president some day?

– Isn’t a president just like a king?

Teachers and home schooling parents will find this book a wonderful addition to their nonfiction libraries. It provides selected passages on historical facts, and cultural facts, all presented for the young reader. Great illustrations bring the text to life.

The Science of Living with Tolerance and Trust

by John Davidson

The Science of Living with Tolerance and Trust

Table of Contents


Tolerating Weather-Vanes and Stubborn Mindsets

Exploring Fresh Opinions

Simple Words of Praise

Bringing up Children with Trust

Tolerating the People around You

Happiness means Self-Control



Humans are fortunate, because they are spiritually inclined. Nevertheless, we succumb to our human failings, and we need lots of patience to reach that stage of evolution when we can tolerate with patience the people around us. Along with that comes the feeling of trust. Human beings are natural cynics too – our first instinct is always to see the bad in anything we see and hear unless we are so spiritually evolved, that we can immediately look for the good in everything.

The science of living takes examples from our own daily lives as well as the lives of people before us who showed qualities of greatness through tolerance, care, sympathy, and a genuine, sincere and honest interest in the beings around them. These are the ones universally loved. They knew everything about the science of living with tolerance and trust.

I do not advocate trusting everybody around you blindly. Trust comes only with the passage of time. It is said about a person who is in a position of trust and responsibility that he has to prove his worth every day through his every action, because of a feeling of self-respect and self-worth. Now this can only be done by a very brave woman and man. The Science of Living series are books which give you lessons in living, and how you can be happy while spreading happiness around you.

Remember happiness comes from within. Happiness comes in a mind which is at peace and a heart which is at rest. Have faith in you. Have faith in the people around you. Give your support and sympathy to those who deserve it. Live your life so that people miss you and remember you, even after you have gone.

I remember the saddest epitaph, I heard about someone I knew. She was a troublesome dove and loved spreading misery all around her. We were just coming back from her funeral, when her own son just brushed his hands together and said, “Well, that is done, thank God. We do not have to have anything to do with her again. Good riddance.” The implication of “bad rubbish” was there. That made me feel that perhaps the son was too harsh and intolerant about his mother’s failings, but all of us had suffered. So there was this feeling of relief that she had gone, and we would spend the next 40 years clearing up the broken relationships and bitterness she had left her behind her. Now that is not a heritage which you would want to leave behind you, would you?

The Science of Living advocates Live and Let Live. If you get some lessons on how you can make your life sublime through this book, I would consider my work well rewarded.

There is absolutely no chapter on tolerance or intolerance in matters of religion, caste, Creed, or race in this book. That is because the science of living is universal with the universal truths based on day to day life. All of these other weighty and potentially controversial matters are individual beliefs and I leave it to your conscience to follow your heart, as it thinks right.

What’s From the Heart Reaches the Heart (Conversation 1)

by Bee L. Kirk

This book is a small collection of sayings that have been passed down through the ages. Like this one, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”, I take this and several more and put them with scriptures from the Bible. I also let some my not so finer moments shine through, like the time I got caught drinking at school.

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