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What Stays in Vegas

by Beth Labonte

Bored administrative assistant, Tessa Golden, is trapped in a life of lousy weather, irritating bosses, and mind-numbing secretarial work. Her dreams of being an artist have rapidly deteriorated into building things out of paperclips while on hold with tech support. To make matters even worse, the love of her life has gone off and married another woman.

So when Tessa is suddenly transferred to the Las Vegas branch of her company – playing wingwoman to her freshly divorced boss, juggling a client-from-hell, and catching the eye of one very eligible coworker – will her life finally be shaken up enough to straighten itself out?

A Voice at Midnight - A Regency Romance

by Elizabeth Cole


Can two troubled souls break a ghostly curse and find true love?

Veronica Swift dreams of traveling the world, but at the insistence of her stepfather, she must leave her dreams behind in order to find a husband. She retreats to historic Wyemont Castle for the Christmas holiday. There she encounters two very different men…and her childhood memories of a ghostly woman in white.

Tristan Ryder lost everything after a terrible turn of luck during the war. Penniless and disgraced, Tristan’s last hope is to help his old friend, Elliot Bantham, find a suitable match during their holiday at the castle.

But the legendary ghosts of Wyemont Castle interrupt the festivities. It seems the spirits have their own plans for the guests. Will Veronica and Tristan unlock the secret surrounding Wyemont? Or will it draw all of them deeper into the tragedy?

The Nightlife: Las Vegas (The Nightlife Series)

by Travis Luedke

The Nightlife Series is violent, sexy, and occasionally violently sexy.

Vampires, Aaron Pilan and his master Michelle, live by one rule…

…no bloodslaves. EVER. Aaron breaks that rule when he meets Anastasia.

All Anastasia wants is to be loved and cherished, but the predatory men she’s attracted to bring her only pain and abuse. Escaping one train-wreck relationship for another, she finds happiness with Aaron and Michelle as a bloodslave, a pet.

When Aaron uses his telepathy to win thousands at the gambling tables, he attracts the deadly attention of the Colombian Cartel and Aaron and Michelle are disappeared. Addicted to the bite of her vampire lovers, Ana is desperate to find them.

But, Las Vegas isn’t ready for vampires mixing heroin, sex and vengeance.

Ana is trapped in the spiraling chaos.

Ë?Ë?Ë? “Go grab a copy before this much fun is declared illegal.”

Ë?Ë?Ë? “Mr. Luedke once again showcasing his considerable talent for crafting romantic, action-packed, supernatural thrillers that leave the reader saying “Wow!”

Ë?Ë?Ë? “A no-holds-barred, easy-to-read romp that mixes fantasy, suspense, horror and paranormal romance, and does it well.”

Find out what happens in the second paranormal romance novel of the Nightlife Series…bite into your copy today!

The Nightlife Series novels are Adult Paranormal Romance ~ Urban Fantasy Thriller:







Young Adult novels by TW Luedke (Travis Luedke)

THE SHEPHERD (YA Paranormal)


by De-ann Black

Special price promotion.

THE BITCH-PROOF BRIDE is the latest novel in THE BITCH-PROOF SUIT series.

It’s a full-length romance novel – approx 80,000 words.

With all the charm of Dublin and glamour of New York, welcome to Blue’s world, again…


Blue (Bluebell) Byrne has her engagement party and her wedding to plan.

By marrying a man considered to be a prime prize, she’s now in the spotlight of gossip and curiosity. She’ll either get fried or feted. Her wedding dress has to be fantastic. She needs to be a bitch-proof bride. It’s going to be tricky. But hell…she loves a challenge!

A whole lot of fashion fiascos, Irish cocktails and scandalous behaviour happened last time when she went to Dublin. And it’s still happening. Come on in and catch up.

About the Author:

De-ann Black is a bestselling author, traditionally published for over 15 years, with more than 50 books published. She’s also a scriptwriter and former newspaper journalist.

She worked as marketing editor for a glossy magazine, helped organise fashion shows and photo-shoots, trained for many years in martial arts, and was a full-time newspaper journalist. De-ann is also a fabric designer and designs her own fashions. And she loves to bake cakes.

Other books by De-ann:

The Tea Shop & Tearoom series:
Book 1 – The Christmas Tea Shop & Bakery
Book 2 – The Christmas Chocolatier
Book 3 – The Chocolate Cake Shop in New York at Christmas

The Tea Dress Shop series:
Book 1 – The Tea Dress Shop at Christmas
Book 2 – The Fairytale Tea Dress Shop in Edinburgh
Book 3 – The Vintage Tea Dress Shop in Summer

And – Christmas Romance in Paris
Christmas Romance in Scotland

The Bitch-Proof Suit – fashion and romance set in Dublin and New York
Oops! I’m the Paparazzi – romance in New York
The Cure For Love – set in Cornwall

New releases for 2013 & 2012 include:

And the international thriller ELECTRIC SHADOWS

Plus two new box sets:


IceFlight (The Iron Altar Trilogy)

by Casey Lea

Darsey Ice never thought her first trip past Jupiter would claim the lives of her crew. But then she hadn’t expected to become the first person to make contact with aliens either.

Kidnapped, enslaved and lost on the Outer Rim of a mighty civilization light-years from Earth, the only person she can turn to is her enigmatic new owner. A dishonored outcast, he is just as alone as Darsey. Exiled by his people and struggling to survive, the last thing he wants is a rebellious primitive as a slave. She complicates his efforts to hide a dangerous secret and to complete a quest that is likely to claim both their lives. They will only survive if they can find enough trust to forge an unwanted alliance.

Defiance at Werewolf Keep (Werewolf Keep Trilogy)

by Nhys Glover

“Perfect for readers who enjoy love stories with substance and a classical supernatural touch.”

A werewolf who has found his mate is a very dangerous creature!

Having the werewolf contagion has advantages Lily, a terminally ill invalid, discovers when she is infected by a beast in the walled garden of her home. However, along with renewed health and strength come challenges. She must leave her home and loved ones to move to an ancient Keep in Yorkshire, spend three nights a month locked in a dungeon and, most challenging of all, deal with the unexpected attentions of an attractive man whose wolf is determined to claim hers as its mate.

Will, the tough Scottish enforcer of Breckenhill Keep has always found his werewolf side easy to bear. But when he meets the fragile Lily, his angry, closed-off way of life is turned upside down. His wolf wants hers, and though he knows he’s not good enough for the young, innocent woman, he must convince her to accept him. His only other alternative is to have his best friend put a bullet in his brain.

Because a thwarted werewolf who has found his mate is a very dangerous creature.

Ë?Ë?Ë? What Goodreaders are saying about Werewolf Keep:

‘The story and plot was very realistic for a paranormal romance… I would recommend this to readers who love historical romances with a paranormal twist.’Ciara1973

‘This author’s writing ability is exceptional and is quite elegant while delivering a work of fiction with an incredible impact.’ Christina

‘It was cool it was ‘classic’ werewolf, in that one scratch and they’re a werewolf, along with they only turn on the full moon and are not in control of their wolf. Very gothic with the era and the surroundings.’ Grumpyoldbird

‘I loved the solitary feel of the moor and the utterly fantastic way that Glover brings the residents and the Keep, its self, alive. It is a very unique experience. Though readers meet the Keep and the residents by way of Phil’s initial presumptions, Glover makes sure that the way the residents view themselves and their predicament are equally explored. Because this information is so intricately layered throughout the book, the entire storyline is richer. I honestly enjoyed all of the characters and look forward to Glover’s spin-off story about Jasper. (But I have to say that my favorite character is Charlotte. :)’ Blake


Ë?Ë?Ë? .


Scroll up and explore Werewolf Keep today!

Binder Full of Women (Billionaire Binder Series)

by Kathleen Miles

In this light romance novella you will experience the fabulous feeling of love in this short, easy to read romance.

Do you live for happily ever after? Rachel does, Trent doesn’t.

After making the huge mistake of telling a vital business partner that he was married, billionaire Trent needs to find a wife to save his family business. More importantly he needs to fulfill the promise he made his grandfather, to whom he owed all. The promise was simply to carry on that business.

Marriage was something he vowed to always avoid. From his childhood, he knew that loving someone could lead to great depths of pain. He will make a marriage of convenience, a business deal on both ends, with a woman that his best friend, Rachel, helps pick for him from binders full of women.

Rachel is disgusted with the idea of helping Trent choose a wife from a binder of all things. Recently burned by a man she loved she won’t give up on the idea that there is a true love meant for all. She is not pleased with Trent’s decision, but will do anything to help her friend.

When the first woman selected nearly agrees to the situation and then runs off with another man, Trent is in an even tighter time crunch. Trent reluctantly agrees to let Rachel pose as his wife for his vital business trip that will ensure the continuation of his company and his promise to his grandfather.

When they are walking down a beach there are decisions they must face. Will they risk their friendship for love?

This is a short novella that will bring you a great escape. It’s a quick read that will only take about 40 to 50 minutes to enjoy in one sitting. It is also broken into chapters if you prefer to spread your reading out over more than one day. Read it today and indulge yourself in that delicious feeling of happily ever after that every series romance brings.

B Cubed Book One: Born

by Jenna McCormick

Born: Natural born humans are precious few and dwell in darkness.

Bred: Genetically engineered slaves who are the protectors of the Born.

Borg: The cybernetically enhanced enclave that split from the Born humans.

B Cubed: These three factions are all that remains of the human race after the world stopped turning. Scavenging in the darkness for what little is left, the war between them rages on though few know why. It begins with a child’s prophesy and can only end when they unite.

Or die.

B Cubed Book One: Born

From the moment he spies her silhouette cast by the bonfire, Cormack understands what it is to yearn for something he will never possess. Breds are made to provide for the natural born humans, dig their homes deep beneath the surface of the earth and to protect them from the ever-present cyborg threat. A Bred who reaches beyond his station will be recycled immediately, yet Cormack cannot get her visage out of his mind. Until he unearths a box, buried long before the earth stopped spinning.

Task Mistress Allora has no wish to brutalize the Bred worker she finds hoarding treasure, but as a servant of the colony that raised her from infancy, she is duty bound to report anything unusual to the Overlord, even if it costs the blue-eyed man his life. Yet something about the way Cormack watches her forces Allora to reevaluate her understanding of right and wrong. For this genetically engineered soldier is her only protection against the cyborgs who seek what they have discovered, a journal written by the prophetess Cassandra and a way to end the warring between the factions forever.

What She Didn’t Know (Vapid Vixens)

by I. Ronik

Cassie had been looking out for her sister Jessica what felt like her

whole life. So when Jess starts dating a man whom Cassie believes poses a

threat to her sister’s safety, she steps in, insisting on meeting him. The

last thing she expected to happen was that she would fall for the man’s

cousin–who just so happens to be Cassie’s boss! And she certainly wasn’t

expecting him to reveal the deep, dark secrets he’d been hiding from her

for years. Can their love survive, or will Cassie run away from the

opportunity in front of her?

“What She Didn’t Know” is an erotic romance parody short story intended

for mature audiences only. Length – approximately 11,000 words.

A Sheik’s Spell

by Eboni Snoe

The setting is hypnotic Egypt, where love and passion burn as fiercely as the heat between Felicia, an American research scientist and Na’im, the son of an Egyptian Sheik. Attraction is a natural between them, but they discover their thirst for each other defies their diverse heritages and makes them struggle for a life together in a land of mysticism. “A Sheik Spell” is a provocative and sensuous story of contemporary versus traditional values.

For Christmas’ Sake: Nice Edition

by Tyffani Clark Kemp

**Nice Edition**

Rozaline doesn’t know it, but her pet shelter is in trouble. Her benefactor is ready to pull out, but instead of telling her, he’s orchestrated one last hurrah to give her enough money to last through the next year. That’s where super famous celebrity Charles Roulette comes in. His fans will pay to go on a date with him, in turn, the money he raises will go to Rozaline’s shelter.

But there’s a catch.

Because she owns the shelter, Rozaline can’t enter to win. Mina, Rozaline’s roommate and best friend and the daughter of the man ready to cut her loose, can. Her father pays to get Mina four dates with Charles.

The price of betrayal? One hundred thousand dollars.

Charles, however, only has eyes for one woman. Are years of friendship enough to transcend the betrayal of a lifetime? Who get’s the man? And, for Christmas’ sake, what happens to the puppies?

The Wilde Flower Saga: A Contrary Wind (Historical Adventure Series)

by Marilyn M Schulz

France, Gibraltar & North Africa, 1795

Caught between countries and accusations, will Kate Senlis, an American sea-going healer, find her way home when everyone she meets wants to arrest her for spying, sell her to a harem or kill her for something she can’t even remember?

When Katie was six, marauders attacked their family settlement on the frontier of the New York colony. They kidnapped her older brothers and killed everyone else, including her mother. Katie was hiding then, the only survivor, but she doesn’t remember that day.

Her father was at sea at the time, but took her with him ever after. Kate grew up around the world learning about people and customs. From reading her mother’s journals, she now has the woman’s way with herbal healing tooâ??almost. But when she gets a rap to the head by French Republicans who think she might be a danger to them for some reason they didn’t care to share, Kate starts remember again.

With the troubled waters of war swirling around Europe, she wants to go home to America, but that is more easily dreamt of than done these days. But sometimes home is where the heart isâ??that sounded like one of her mother’s sayings. Now if she can just get that captain of the Royal Navy to realize the same thing. Wonder if her mother wrote down anything about love potions . . .

“True courage is like a kite; a contrary wind raises it higher.”

John Petit-Senn (1792-1870)

Historical Facts: Europe, 1795

French Republicans are locked in a bloody counter-revolution with a persistent, but unorganized Royalist resistance in a time there called the White Terror.

The French Revolutionaries have declared war on England as well, and the powerful British Royal Navy is now blockading Europe.

To replenish their war-torn navy, the British are known to stop merchant vessels of any flag, forcibly conscripting anyone born in Britain, even if they call themselves American now.

Pirates from North Africa and the Middle East are ravaging trade vessels in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.

In response to the growing threats to their merchants and even their sovereignty, the USA has formed a small, but impressive, navy. American frigates are said to be so formidable, a standing order has been issued: Do not engage a US frigate alone.

Mythe: A Fairy Tale

by P.J. Gordon

When wunderkind graphic designer Amanda Jensen is asked to work with brothers Richard and Joshua Raines, she’s both thrilled and nervous. After all, the two men are like a pair of Prince Charmings ripped from the pages of a fairy taleâ??rich, famous, and handsomeâ??while she has always been the terminally uncool overachiever. But her new clients are much more than the two-dimensional sex-symbols that most people see, and Manda’s real-life fairy tale veers sharply into the surreal when Manda discovers that her new clients are also much more than human. Manda never expected to find herself tangled in their life of secrecy, lived under the constant glare of the media spotlight. She certainly never expected to fall in love with one of the brothers, or suspected that Happily Ever After would be so hard to come by. She also never suspected that she would lose her life, but Manda had forgotten one fundamental truth: Fairy tales always have a dark side.

A Ransomed Heart

by Alex Taylor Wolfe

This is a Clean Historical Fiction.  There is no sexual content in this book.

Annabelle Casey hasn’t met Robert Seiver yet, but their engagement saves her entire family from destitution. This isn’t the fairytale wedding she had dreamed of, but a marriage of convenience seems to be her only choice. When her trip to the Seiver Ranch is interrupted by a band of outlaws, she may find that her overturned stagecoach in the barren Wyoming badlands is where her future really begins.

Logan Bailey has plans for revenge, but the fiery young redhead he kidnaps for ransom is changing them all. Years of anger have hardened him, but Robert Seiver’s fiancé is giving him second thoughts, and not just about money. Can he put away a lifetime of hate for a girl he hardly knows? Can Annabelle marry Mr. Seiver and save her family, or will she choose Logan, the man who holds her heart for ransom?

Governing His Heart

by Melanie Schertz

When her father dies, Mr Gerald Darcy hires Elizabeth Bennet to be the governess for his young daughter, Georgiana. Will love blossom between the young governess and Gerald’s son, Fitzwilliam?

Big Temptation: Vol. 4 – In The End

by Aubrey Skye

Volume 4 of the Big Temptation series!

Tara is a big, beautiful teacher living in a small town, and is engaged to a hot fireman named Aidan. The problem: He has secrets hidden behind his perfect hero image, and she starts to question whether he really is The One. To make matters worse, she has found comfort in the arms of Rob, a man who treats her in ways that nobody else ever has.

Tara finally gets the text she has been dreading and she knows she is out of time. She has to tell Aidan the truth about her and Rob before the anonymous person gets a chance to ruin everything for her.

Little does Tara know that Aidan has more than a few secrets of his own to share…

Will Tara be able to recover from so many secrets? Will she end up with the right man for her?

Read Vol. 4 – In The End to discover all the answers!

Yours Again (River City Series)

by Dee Burks

Samantha James is on the run from Boston, fleeing a possible killer in the form of John Lawson, her aunt’s investment advisor. John has made it clear that Samantha will marry him and give him complete control over her future inheritance immediately or else. With the rumors and suspicions surrounding the recent death of John’s father, Samantha knows he will stop at nothing to get what he wants – even murder.

Samantha’s only option for refuge is her childhood home halfway across the country in the New Mexico Territory where she hopes the ruggedly handsome Taos Williams she remembers will agree to keep her safe until John is brought to justice. Upon arrival in River City, Samantha finds that the compassionate, caring hero from her memory no longer exists.

Taos Williams has changed in the nine years since Samantha has been gone. After a disastrous marriage that left him branded a wife beater, he views all women with suspicion. When Samantha arrives unannounced, he is tempted by her beauty but wary of her intentions. No matter how hard Taos fights his attraction to Samantha, sparks of passion ignite a firestorm so sensual it threatens to destroy everything they both hold dear.

Mina’s Eyes

by JT Kalnay

Love and danger collide on idyllic Sardinia. Martina has retired from the ballet after a career ending injury. Kane is volunteering at a free medical clinic deep in the island’s poverty ravaged interior. They meet, and together they try to resolve her pain, and his. Hers, over the loss of her career, her husband, and her twin girls. His, over the loss of his long-suffering wife. Set in the limestone crags and seaside beaches, they try to come together, but every time they are ready to connect, either nature or the mysterious Fabrizzio interrupt. Come along as Martina and Kane try to discover whether their love can ever truly be.


by Cassie Dee

What happens when you meet your past on a hot day? You find yourself tied to a bed.

Meagan finds herself face to face with her past and learns that a mouth full of sugar and a set of handcuffs is all it takes to make one hot as hell day turn into a hot as hell interlude…where she becomes captive to more than just her heart.

BONUS STORY: Rock the Boat

Please note: This is a short Novella with a bonus short story.


by SQ Eads

Christine Travers wants no man. So what is she doing on her knees, proposing to a stranger? A stranger who accepts with a heart-stopping smile, while unbeknownst to her, harbors vengeance in his mind. Her plans — avoid him at all costs. His plans — pursue her to the ends of the earth. God’s plans will win out — He will say When Love Is wRight.

What Readers Are Saying:
“Love is wRight, alright! But, love is not always easy. How neat to read how one heart overcame the fear and pain associated with loving and losing the ones she loved. Ultimately, love wins out because God can heal a wounded heart! The twists and turns make this book hard to put down! This reads like a movie that you hate to see end! I can’t wait to read SQ Eads’ next book!”

“WHEN LOVE IS wRIGHT is a great read. It combines strong characters in unusual professions with lots of laughs and adventure. I especially enjoyed the “zoo” experience. Chris and Kirk, the heroine and hero, resolved some issues and committed to love one another unconditionally. Knowing that life is full of problems, they plan to work through them with the Lord’s help. Tender moments blend with excitement and fun.”

The Armchair Bride

by Mo Fanning

Lisa Doyle knows time is running out. She’s in danger of becoming the sort of woman who talks to strangers on the bus, wears fur boots and collects cats. She’s fast approaching 40 and, as her best friend Andy points out, single. But so is her best friend. Until one day, an invite arrives and Lisa makes the sort of split-second decision that can only lead to trouble.

The Armchair Bride is funny, bittersweet and frequently downright dark. A sassy, classy love story for the Facebook generation.

The Sands of Carsaig

by Samantha J Wright

The Sands of Carsaig [Night Chorus – the follow up is now available}

Raised on the Isle of Mull in the middle of the nineteenth century, Lorna McFadden is surrounded by change. Not only is the wild and beautiful coastline subject to constant variation, the economic climate is vastly unstable.

At the age of sixteen her pattern of life seems set on an unalterable course of hardship and poverty with no hope of anything better. Then one tragedy after another strikes, robbing Lorna of her beloved grandfather and threatening her family’s livelihood.

Against the backdrop of famine and the highland clearances Lorna battles the odds, seeking love and a new life elsewhere. They say that every cloud has a silver lining, but for Lorna it seems that tragedy may lead to something infinitely more valuable.

This is a powerful debut novel from Samantha J Wright, a heart wrenching story about a love lost and found, about one couple’s battle against the odds.

Playing for Julia

by Annie Carroll

“”One part very sexy romance, one part chick-lit. A kissin’ cousin to ‘Sex and the City’ set in San Francisco 1969”

Julia is bouncing around San Francisco trying to find work as a graphic artist when she encounters Mike, a freelancer in the offices Rolling Stone Magazine. And what an encounter it is! She storms out of the building, angry, then embarrassed, but it leads her to something better, or so she thinks. And Mike isn’t the only new man in her new life. She keeps running into a rock music lyricist, Austen. She asks herself: Is this coincidence or fate? She finds her self attracted to him, even though she doesn’t think much of the rock music world. But trying to ignore him doesn’t work. Austen is relentless and she finds herself being lured into his tumultuous world despite her secret fear is that she might end up being used and discarded. What lies ahead for Julia in this very sexy novel? The answer will surprise you!

Twenty-One (Vegas Fantasy)

by Jessica Shaw

Tori Rourke, princess to the Kingston Empire, is set to inherit her family’s gaming fortune in just a few short days on her twenty-first birthday. What she doesn’t know is that her parents put an unusual clause in their will that has Tori having to make a difficult decision to either marry by her birthday or controlling power of her trust will be turned over to the reigns of her alcoholic uncle until she turns twenty-five. Charlie Rourke is the same drunk uncle who she ran away from at the age of fifteen. She knows all too well just how responsible he is and what he can do to her fortune in a few years.

Simon O’Connell became the guardian of a young runaway when he himself was barely out of his teen years. He took his responsibility seriously, so seriously that he pushed away his feelings and growing love for Tori for years. He managed to hide his feelings from himself so well that he almost missed out on the chance at happiness.

Given the unbelievable opportunity to marry the man she has always been in love with seems too good to be true. Not only has she dreamed of the day when Simon O’Connell would be her husband, but their marriage would solve all of her inheritance problems. A very carefully guarded secret though, has the power to destroy it all. Will their love be enough to conquer all of the obstacles in their way or will a deadly secret be their undoing?

Once Upon A Time (The Fairy Tale Elvis Weddings)

by Mo Goodlin

“Once Upon A Time” is a collection of six of Mo Goodlin’s “The Fairy Tale Elvis Weddings” short stories which have previously been published as individual editions.

So drop on by the Angelic Hearts and Valentines Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, and allow minister Elvis to bend your ear, as he recalls some of the fairy tales behind the wedding ceremonies.

These are light hearted short tales about love and life, retold in a romantic pulp fiction style. Stories told by girls with an attitude, about the paths they walked that led them to their very own Prince Charming and their nuptials at the chapel.

“Over in Seven Hills, Not So Far Away” – Young Crystal was living the quiet life, at peace with nature and her seven little friends. Dreaming of meeting her romantic prince. Yeah, maybe someday. But her world is turned upside down, the day her long absent mother turns up on her doorstep. Will Crystal survive her mother’s visit and win the heart of the prince of her dreams too?

“So Who’s Afraid” – There’s a storm brewing on the horizon, the day Little Red goes for a hike in the hills outside Vegas. So when she meets Mr. Wolf there, well, is he the dashing hero of her dreams? Or her very own worst personal nightmare?

“The Magic Lamp” – Young Ting-ting is sorely in need of some love, tenderness and respect, the day she stumbles upon an old Aladdin oil lamp. But can the lamp really make Ting-ting’s dreams and wishes come true?

“The Magic Stiletto Heels” – Cindie is poor but happy, the evening she meets the handsome stranger of her dreams. But as midnight strikes, it’s time for Cindie to not only leave the ball, but to leave the United States too. So how can a pair of stiletto shoes help the couple to ever find each other again?

“The Girl In The Tower” – Leticia sure is feeling lonesome and isolated at nights, up there in the tower. But things seem to get even worse, the night she lets her hair down. Will Leticia ever find the love and happiness she truly yearns for?

“Sleeping Wide Awake” – It’s been a sleepless night for Elvis. Which leads John Wayne impersonator and minister Big John to recall Carol’s tale of the Princess and the Pea. Which reminds Liberace impersonator and minister Archie about Natashia’s tale of the Sleeping Beauty. Seems like sometimes it’s not just attitude, but another point of view too, that is needed in order to relate to life’s real fairy tales.

The Summer House

by Lee Moore

Caroline’s only goal in life was to escape her parents, even after graduating college, she can’t break away. Still a virgin at 25, being crushed under the weight of her parents religious beliefs, she escapes to their summer house to decompress from another argument that threatens her relationship with her parents.

It’d had been almost a decade since she’d last visited the summer house, and is surprised and delighted to find her childhood friends and crushes still living there.

She is swept away with emotion, trying to break out of her shell and vows to make a change. Do something she never would have done in her old life.

This is a story of a woman drastically changing her life, and learning to live life on her own terms. 24,000 Words, and may contain themes suitable for those 18 + in age.

Prequel to the Fantasy Inc. # 3 novella Witch Hunt.

The Overlap

by Lynn Costa

Lindsey Barnes meets “Hot L.A. Guy” Zack Buchanan at happy hour in a trendy Beverly Hills bar one Thursday night after work. Leaving the bar together after talking for several hours, Zack asks Lindsey to have dinner with him that Saturday night.

There’s one complication, though, and it’s a big one: Lindsey’s almost-year-long relationship with Dustin Pearson. But after hesitating to give Zack an answer and even confessing to him that she has a boyfriend, Lindsey abruptly agrees to the dinner date. The reason she is able to go out with Zack this first time with minimal complications is because Dustin has been working 2,000 miles away in Chicago for the past two weeks straight, and that’s where he will “conveniently” be stuck once again this coming weekend.

The date with Zack goes fantastically, and Lindsey finds herself totally into him as their relationship gets underway. But her boyfriend Dustin is far from out of the picture, as Lindsey will soon find out.

Over the course of the next couple weeks her highs and lows with both Zack and Dustin – as well as with her prized job at a big-time management consulting firm – will send Lindsey’s entire world on wild swings of ups and downs that she never could have imagined only a year earlier when she moved to L.A. after graduating from college.

Strap yourself in alongside Lindsey Barnes for an intense roller-coaster ride of wild swings in emotions – and life itself – in The Overlap.

The Point

by JT Kalnay

Second Edition: A slightly different ending. Some edits and formatting changes.

Master Chief Ginetti has recently passed away. He willed his boat, the Undine, and its logs, to his son, Charles Ginetti. Charles is a Silicon Valley icon, who started a GPS company and built it from the ground up. The Chief’s will specifies that Charles should go out on the Undine and read the logs.

Sierra Marney is a fourth generation lighthouse keeper. Her family has been tending the Pigeon Point lighthouse since 1872. Sierra is intimately familiar with the legions of wrecks, and the terrible loss of life that has happened at The Point.

Charles decides to sail the Undine from Santa Cruz to San Francisco to see his daughter. But Charles’ ambition is greater than his nautical skill. When he wrecks at the lighthouse, perhaps only Sierra will be able to save him.

Lazy Days

by Verna Clay

Readers can now “try out” a series by reading the first book in that series. There are four complete stories included in Lazy Days sampler.

Cry of the West: Hallie (Finding Home Series)
Abby: Mail Order Bride (Unconventional Series)
Roth: Protector (Shapeling Trilogy)
Dream Kisses (Romance on the Ranch Series)

Praise for Finding Home Series:
Delightful fast paced reading. –Amazon Reviewer (5 stars)

Praise for Unconventional Series:
Verna Clay has such a wonderful way of telling a tale that I was swept away. –Amazon Reviewer (5 stars)

Praise for Shapeling Trilogy:
I was spellbound from start to finish! –Amazon Reviewer (5 stars)

Praise for Romance on the Ranch Series (Books 1 – 3 Collection):
O M G. These books are so wonderful !!!!!! –Amazon Reviewer (5 stars)

Additional Reviews can be read by going to each series’ Collection or individual books.

The Trade

by JT Kalnay

Wall Street or the CIA? This is the choice for brilliant computer scientist Jay Calloway. But is there really a choice? Beautiful and mysterious Tonia Taggert first captivates and then confuses the young programmer while MacKenzie Lazarus CEO Angus MacKenzie throws both gold and lead in his path. Only the help of long time friend Rick Hewlett can help Jay extricate himself from the tangled web that is weaved all around Jay.

If you liked The Firm and if you liked Wall Street, then you’ll love this fast-paced techno-thriller romance.

The Trade is the latest release of long-time author JT Kalnay who is now publishing under his own name. Follow along with Jay and Tonia as they struggle to find love in a fairy tale gone very wrong.

Under Caribbean Skies

by Aisha Banks

“Under Caribbean Skies,” by Aisha Banks, is a rich story of intricate relationships that are neatly woven together with quick dialog and vivid images.

Faith and Lisa are childhood friends who have given up on the glamour and allure of Los Angeles and gone to the Virgin Islands in search of real men and true love. This time they plan to manage their relationships God’s way.

It’s not long before they find themselves working, entrenched in the island lifestyle, and being pursued by charming young men. They think they’re living a fairy tale until a sad chain of events threatens to disrupt their hopes and dreams.

Will they find enchantment or disaster Under Caribbean Skies?

Brother Willy’s Traveling Salvation Show

by W. Scott Mitchell

The fact that Scott and Michelle were in love, would soon be married, and then live happily ever after was obvious to everyone, except Scott and Michelle. Bringing the young lovers together became the mission of Brother Willy’s Traveling Salvation Show with a carefully crafted plan designed to unite the happy, if not somewhat dysfunctional, couple.

Scott’s past and Michelle’s future are on a collision course that will unleash a chain of events challenging their relationship with each other and their interpretation of reality. Scott’s almost obsessive need to fix all the “broken girls” leads Michelle, Scott and Beth beyond a zone where the impossible becomes a new reality.

A Just Exchange… (Monksbridge Trilogy)

by Matthew Olson

A Just Exchange is a story set in two time periods. What possible connection could there be between Joseph Dashper, a college professor in the 23rd Century and Sister Miriam, a mystic nun, living in the 16th Century? It turns out there are several; Lord de Ashpere, one of Joseph’s ancestors is the patron of the nun and the abbey where she lives lies in ruins on Joseph’s property. An unexpected side effect of a scientific experiment increases their connection and as the connection is exploited by Joseph and others, unintended consequences appear for all concerned. Joseph is anxious to obtain historical material to strengthen his position at the university and the scientists are more interested in turning a profit from their discovery. Soon lives are threatened and lives are lost. A novel of Romance, Science Fiction and Fantasy which is better suited for adult readers.

The Romantic Misadventures of a Modern Woman

by Jessica Brown

Nita was heartbroken. She just lost what she thought was the love of her life. Her friend, Hannah, helps her out of her depression by giving her opportunities to talk about her problems and meet new friends. They begin reading and discussing a book on Christian dating that helps them begin to see how valuable they are. They are inspired to require others to value them more highly. Together, they try some of the modern methods people use, in the 21st century, to find romance, and meet some very interesting characters along the way. They find some wise and often eye-opening advice from each other, a concerned neighbor and a caring church community

Set in the town of Karberry, a community that could be situated on the outskirts of any American city, the women in “The Romantic Misadventures of a Modern Woman”, struggle with the limits that their faith leads them to place on themselves when it comes to dating and relationships. They discover how to enjoy spending time with men without compromising their convictions.

Shock Collar (Trauma Baby Book 2)

by Darren Van Gramberg

Book II

The repercussions of a confrontation has led David to enter the world of Manrazor.

Can he overcome the fate he’s been condemned to…

Soundtracks of a Life

by Carina Lupo

At the tender age of 14, Lorelai, suffers the traumatic loss of both parents in a fatal airplane disaster only to be met four years later with the sudden death of her sister. It is only her love of music which keeps her from being swallowed up by her deep depression.

During her college sophomore year, her life takes a turn for the better when she decides to start a band filled with other extremely talented musicians and rather cute classmates.

Quickly gaining notoriety and building a loyal following, the band is approached by a hot shot manager but being under the wing of the powerful Susan Carmichael comes with a catch – Absolutely no relationships between the band members! Unfortunately, Lorelai is already helplessly in love with a fellow band mate.

Still fighting the demons of her tragic past, these new feelings of love and a sickening fear of possible loss, Lorelai is caught up in a downward spiral that eventually puts her life at great risk and drives a wedge between her and the love of her life.

Now, In order to win him back she must prove that she is fully committed to life.

Become your own fan of Lorelai and the band as you revel in the amazing growth and transformation of these powerful but vulnerable souls in their search for meaning and fulfillment. Experience Lorelai’s personal journey as she battles her own demons, discovers a brand new family through the friends that she finds, and ultimately through love finds a new reason for living.

By referencing actual songs notated throughout the book, the author creates a rich and unique emotional journey for the reader of “Soundtracks of a Life,” providing an enhanced experience of musical and literary discovery.

Tears Fall at Night-The Blessed One Box Set (Praise Him Anyhow and Blessed and Highly Favored Series)

by Vanessa Miller

Enjoy these two 5-Star rated ebooks in the Praise Him Anyhow and Blessed and Highly Favored Series

Tears Fall at Night

Life was good, God was blessing and the Marshall family was riding high, until Carmella Marshall’s husband, Nelson asks for a divorce and then moves in with his girlfriendâ??who also happens to be her twenty-three-year-old daughter’s best friendâ??her son gets arrested, her daughter drops out of college, the bills go unpaid, and then Carmella has a nervous breakdown.

The Marshalls have ups and downs like any other family. However, Carmella always thought that God would see them through anything. But when Nelson left and her life fell apart, she realized just how weak she could become, without the strength of God guiding her way. Through prayer, praise, and a love that bonds families together, Carmella renews her trust in the Lord and discovers a way to turn her life around.

In TEARS FALL AT NIGHT, the Marshalls discover that even when everything goes wrong, they can still lift their hands and praise God anyhow.

The Blessed One

Joel Morrison proved his love for God when he lost all of his children in the 1952 Kern County earthquake. He weathered those hard times, and God blessed him with five more children. But now that his children are grown and living their own lives, Joel worries that the devourer has once again set his sights on the family that God has blessed.

For the most part, Joel’s children are successful and rich yet very unhappy. Joel realizes that giving his children more money will not make them happy, nor will it secure a place in heaven for them, when their hearts and souls are not fully committed to Christ. So, Joel Morrison decides to change his will in an attempt to teach his children a lesson in giving. He invites his children on a family vacation in the Bahamas to tell them that he will be giving most of his money away to charity. However, Joel’s declaration is not the biggest surprise of their vacation.

Shockwaves are sent throughout the Morrison family, the likes of which they may never recover from.

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