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by Buzz Campion

Being Combative Means There Is No Half Measure.
This book provides a sound basic guide of clear training objectives and techniques of what you need to know in simple to understand language.

It includes ideas from various sources matched with practical experience of what is the quickest and easiest moves to learn because, it’s important to master them at an early stage. The simple fighting method of Contact Close Combat is based on the hand-to hand combat methods taught to tough commandos and other elite forces around the globe.

If you want to be the best, you must learn to adapt, improvise and persevere to the bitter end, no matter what the outcome might be. But first you must train to become as fast as the wind, quite as the forest, aggressive as fire and immoveable as a mountain, all are essential if you wish to become a valiant warrior.

Summer Kicks (The Soccer Series – Book #1)

by Simon Alder

For the team? Or for the glory?

Malcolm is a star striker, who’s ready to show off his skills in the premier summer league. When he finds out the winning team gets to practice with the Major League Soccer team, DC United, and Malcolm’s hero, Dwayne De Rosario, he’s determined to take his team to the top.

But things take a downward spiral when Malcolm gets stuck on the losing-est team in the league. His coach has them running pointless drills instead of playing, he gets tricked into making a super-embarrassing bet with the league bully, and his goalie isâ?¦a girl!

Can Malcolm take his team from zeros-to-heroes in time to secure the league championship and win a once-in-a-lifetime chance to practice with his hero, or will he end up tip-toeing around the stadium in a tutu?

The Complete Beginners Guide for Self-Protection,Fitness and Health

by Buzz Campion

In the Complete Beginners Guide for Self-Protection,Fitness and Health, you will be introduced to the Combat Contact Systems super six techniques for self-protection. As well as, extensive easy to do exercises and nutritional ideas for you to follow. Workable concepts that will help build your confidence to face any attacker. This informative manual can be used by anyone to get themselves combat fit but is especially handy for those just starting out training.

Homeless to Hall of Fame

by Capt. Shane Watson

I dedicate this book to all the children of divorce, both young and old, who are searching for meaning and peace in their lives. I want to give them hope. After forty years of searching, I have finally come to peace with my own life. I now realize that God loves me, and even when I didn’t realize he was there, he was watching over me and leading me. My message to all children of divorced parents out there is: God loves you. He is protecting you and watching out for you. He has a will and purpose for your life. He will show you the way. No matter how bad things seem right now, keep breathing and keep believing. Even though your earthly mother or father may have let you down, your heavenly Father will not.

In my story, I hope you can find yourself, and that my lifetime of loss and searching will help you in your life’s walk. I wish I could have learned the lesson of Isaiah 41:10 when I was a child. It would have helped me through some very dark times. I ask you to please read this verse every day of your life and believe it, all of your days.

About the Author

Over the last thirty years Shane Watson has become one of the most respected fishing fleet operators in America. He has been featured on television and in print media around the world. His fishing reports and teachings have influenced a generation of people. Shane Watson is a devoted father, husband, mentor, and a member of First Baptist Church of Atlanta. In January, 2010, Shane Watson was inducted into “The Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame” as a Legendary Guide. A statement from the hall of fame reads, By induction to the Hall, Shane Watson’s pioneering spirit will always be remembered.

Contains violent/graphic content.

Deer Hunting Secrets

by Joe Pineland

Learn what it takes to become a legend at hunting whitetail! Let me be your guide. I have been where you are and I know where you want to go.

Growing up in a hunting family with just about everyone being a hunter and having so many diverse ideas about hunting was priceless. And over the years I have met some amazing hunters all over North America. I would like to share with you everything I’ve learned from the legends I’ve known, and of course everything from my own fantastic hunting success.

Now you can gain in a short period of time, what has taken me years to accomplish.

You can bypass the years it would take in the field and in research to accumulate this knowledge. It is like becoming a seasoned hunter overnight.

Are you interested in harvesting trophy bucks when you wish and having success beyond what you can even imagine?

Not A Sure Thing

by Joseph Fenner

Not A Sure Thing is about a young man named Nathan Brooks. Nathan grew up in the inner city of Philadelphia, PA and made it to the NFL in an unconventional way. Nathan goes through the trials & tribulations of adolescence to manhood. Nathan becomes an Academic All-American Defensive Back at Central High School in Philly and at the University of Michigian. Nathan has received many accolades for being one of the best defensive backs in high school and college. Nathan gets more out of life then what he bargains for.

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