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The Australian Travel Guide: A Well-Traveled Author’s Amazing Guide to Australia’s Best Kangaroo County Safari, Choice Hotels and the Great Barrier Reef

by Xavier Zimms

“This Australian Travel Guide helped me appreciate the unbelievable and extraordinary combination of dramatic outback vistas, gorgeous beaches, unique and rare flora and fauna and of course the glistering cosmopolitan cities.” (James, L.)

“This Australian Travel Guide provided the tools and enticements for the best travel experience of my lifetime in one of the most bewitching countries of the world and sparkling jewel of the great Southern Hemisphere, Australia.” (Sarah, K.)

Discover Australia, Land of countless personalities! With two distinct climates in one single country, and flora and fauna found nowhere else on earth, Australia is a destination everyone should sojourn to at least once in their lifetimes. The travelogue you now hold will serve as your conclusive conductor to a country that is inhabited, but has never been tamed. Written in a friendly, engaging style, the author imparts destination information useful to travelers and natives of Australia alike. That’s right, this guide is so well researched that even native Australians are utilizing it! What are you waiting for? Discover Australia today!

New Tales of the South Pacific – No Place for Dreamers

by Graeme Kennedy

The eagerly awaited Volume Two of Graeme Kennedy’s best-selling New Tales of the South Pacific offers another collection of beautifully written short stories based on characters and their triumphant and tragic experiences in a region many believe to be Paradise.
But there is another, gritty side to the Pacific Kennedy has come to know well – a side away from the five-star resorts, where the reality of life makes dreams fragile
Beginning with the life story of the Queen of the South Seas, the legendary Aggie Grey, who was thought to have been Michener’s model for his outrageous character Bloody Mary; New Tales includes stories of black humour, despair in the happiest of Pacific Islands, and the bittersweet ends of two lives of persons who, like Robert Louis Stevenson, go to Samoa to die.
Reminiscent of the great Louis Becke, New Tales of the South Pacific – Volume Two is Kennedy at his best.

Cheap European Days – Budget Travel Tips for Museums, Shopping, Food and More in Paris, London, Madrid, Berlin and Amsterdam

by Nola Chesworth

Europe is an exciting place – full of culture, history, great food and entertainment. There is a common misconception that European Cities – particularly the capitals – are expensive. Of course, if you stay in 4 star hotels, eat at the finest restaurants and shop in designer boutiques then the bill does add up quickly.

Traveling Europe on a shoestring budget is much easier if you know where to go and when to do it, and you don’t have to skimp on the fun.

Whether you are backpacking around Europe, or just spending a weekend in one of Europe’s capitals, I’m going to show you how to do it on a budget, without compromising your experience. Knowing what days you can access museums for free, where to grab restaurant worthy food from street vendors, and where to pick up a locally made souvenir for a bargain price can make traveling on a budget feel luxurious.

If you are visiting a city for the first time, or returning to a place you already love, you are sure to discover something new in this guide. I’ve handpicked popular tourist destinations (after all, they are tourist attractions for a reason) as well as some local hang-outs, haunts and lesser known places that will interest the inquisitive and money-conscious traveler.

Cities included in this book:

Paris, France

London, England

Madrid, Spain

Berlin, Germany

Amsterdam, Netherlands

If it’s Saturday, this must be Russia

by Barry French

This is a diary written on-board the P&O cruise liner, Oriana, on a voyage from Southampton to St. Petersburg. The aim of the book is to give the reader an insight into life on-board and the places that we saw. Most people only get the chance to cruise once – or so it was thought.

Cruising is frequently advertised as a very relaxing way to see the world. Many people say that if they won the lottery that they would sail around the world in a luxury cruise liner. Was cruising all that it is cracked up to be? This is a candid insight.

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