Free world literature Kindle books for 26 Dec 13

Ghetto Girl – A Holocaust Story

by Estelle Chasen

Ghetto Girl is a gripping and moving novel for teenagers and adults portraying life in the Kovno ghetto of Lithuania during the Second World War. As we follow Esther Rosen and her family from their comfortable city existence into the extraordinary, tragic horror of Jewish ghetto life during the Shoah, we gain an understanding of the suffering endured, and are amazed at the strength and fortitude of a persecuted and tortured people. Readers who are moved by this book may also like to read Chava’s Story, tracing the life of Esther’s friend, Chava Bernstein, whose family decide to run deeper into Russsian territory to escape the Nazi onslaught.

Woman Undone (Lana)

by Wendy Hunt

Woman Undone is the first short story in a series of 9 character driven dramas, written by a budding author of contemporary short fiction, Wendy Hunt. Enjoy the experiences and challenges of her protagonist, Lana Lewis.

Lana Lewis – If it looks like the rug has been pulled out from under you, and it feels like the rug has been pulled out from under you, then you might as well face it: you’re face down on a bare floor. That’s where Boomer babe, Lana, finds herself as she nears fifty. Perched pitifully on her new coach’s armchair, she has to admit it’s divorce, and not just a peri-menopausal crying jag. She’s more than attractive, with wild dark curls and Gypsy eyes. She’s also an accomplished artist, on the verge of her first big one-woman show. But from the moment a stranger’s hand reaches through the window of her Santa Monica “pied a terre” to hand her divorce papers, her sense of who she is and what she’s supposed to be doing, goes on tilt. Single again, Lana has to reinvent her life while facing the wrinkles in the mirror and secretly wondering: Is it too late? Thank God she can count on the loyal girls of the Ruby Tuesday gang รข?? they’ve stuck together since art school, laughing (and crying) through love affairs, marriages, careers, and the loss of one of the four. If anybody can field the curve-ball her husband threw her when her ran off with the dental hygienist, Lana can. She might even hit it out of the park.

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