Free business and investing Kindle books for 27 Dec 13

Online MLM Marketing – How to Get 100+ Free MLM Leads Per Day for Massive Network Marketing Success (Online MLM Training Series)

by Rob Fore

– Do you want massive MLM marketing success?

– Are you ready to take your MLM business to the next level?

– Are you ready to claim the lifestyle you and your family deserve?

Think leads.

Lots and lots of fresh MLM leads.

Because leads are the name of the game, and you are just moments away from discovering just how easy it really can be to generate 100+ free online MLM leads per day and put your network marketing business on the fast track to creating wealth.

Leads are the lifeblood of your business. So here we will focus onâ?¦

– Automated lead generation, not MLM prospecting

– Online attraction marketing, not pestering family & friends

– High leverage systems, not MLM scripts and scriptbooks

– MLM software, tips, tricks and inside secrets.

After all, you may represent the best product, service or network marketing business opportunity in the world… but if you do not tell anyone about it… if you do not find a way to get your offer in front of a steady stream of new prospects on a daily basisâ?¦ your business is dead in the water. Belly up in the fish bowl.

* Lack of leads is one of the top reasons why most people fail in MLM.

Without leads you’ve got nothing.

* Lack of cash flow is another reason why most people fail in network marketing.

Most people never make a dime in MLM, and most people quit within the first yearâ?¦ often walking away with less money in their pocket than they had to begin with.

It’s tragic, but true. And it certainly does not need to be that way.

Since 1996, Rob Fore and his wife Lisa have built six profitable businesses working part-time in their spare time online. They have a team of over 11,000 active MLM distributors in one network marketing company and a team earning tens of thousands per month in yet another.

Buy the book because success leaves clues, and now it is your turn to generate 100+ MLM leads per day and get paid even when people do not join your team.

It’s time to build a business, not just a downline.

Let’s get started.

99 Ways To Flood Your Website With Traffic

by Jack Mitchell

If you have ever wanted a complete list of every traffic strategy you need to get massive amounts of website traffic, 99 Ways To Flood Your Website With Traffic is the book for you.

This book goes through 99 different strategies and tactics for getting visitors to your website or blog. There are 77 completely free strategies, and 22 paid traffic strategies.

Not only do you get to hear about specific websites and strategies, but you also learn how to combine certain strategies to maximize your results. When you start to put everything together into one big super traffic strategy, you are able to drive traffic to your site(s) whenever you want.

This was written to give you an overview of the different types of strategies that work well, and focuses more on coming up with the best strategy for your blog, and not just what worked on one guy’s blog years ago.

Most of these strategies are core tactics that can be used for years to come. This book was built for you to be able to pick and choose your favorite strategies, come up with your own “super list”, and start implementing these strategies starting immediately.

You will go from A to Z with all the types of traffic strategies that work online, and this book takes you through the steps to taking action.

Oh yeah, besides the 99 traffic strategies, we have included two free bonus “pocket guides” – one guide for buying traffic (and services to stay away from), and one guide for monetizing your website traffic.

Hope you enjoy the book, take a look inside!

A Non-Fiction eBook In 17 Days: 7 Steps to Writing for Kindle That Make You Money

by Chaiwat Theerasong

To authors who are going to publish a Kindle book:

How to Make Money Writing and Selling eBooks in the Next 17 Days

Publishing eBooks is a fast-growing opportunity to make money online. Never before could you be your own boss, write what you love, publish your work easily, and wait for money to come back to you.

Unfortunately, most people approach the Kindle platform the wrong way: they just produce books that have no qualities readers are seeking. So, when they don’t make any sales, they leave the field and think the business of publishing eBooks is dead.

That’s why I created a guide to help you see the right way to write for Kindle AND get the results fast.  

It’s not about quantity, but quality.  

Success with Kindle isn’t often about writing what you want as fast as possible, but instead to write the content that customers really want based on their frustrations and needs.

Matching customers’ wants and needs with the RIGHT information is the first step towards eBook publishing success.

You need a PROVEN framework that helps to get your book done fast.

It doesn’t matter how much you can write in a minute, it’s a matter of using a step-by-step strategy that helps you structure your writing process to be productive.   

And you can do this within the next 17 days.

INSIDE:: A Non-fiction eBook In 17 Days – 7 Steps To Writing For Kindle That Make You Money

Here’s what you’re going to discover inside the book.

  • The bulletproof strategies to discover your non-fiction book ideas that can make you money.
  • How to discover customers’ DEEP insight so that you have the content that readers find IRRESISTIBLE to read.
  • How to craft the outline that helps you write automatically and quickly.
  • How to organize the content, research, and references to eliminate the feeling of being overwhelmed, and have fun at writing.
  • How to develop a laser focus when you’re writing so you will write much more done than you ever have.
  • Book covers sometimes determine whether your eBook will fly off the virtual shelves or not. I will show you how to design your Kindle eBook cover so it will stand out from competitors and make readers want to check out your book.
  • How to write a great book description that works like you have a sales person working for you.
  • Important tips to know before you publish your book on Kindle.
  • And much moreâ?¦

As you can see, you will find no-fluff content in this book. You will have a COMPLETE system to show how you can write any non-fiction book in 17 days or less.

If you want to build a thriving business, and have an army of eBooks working and bringing you money automatically, then you need this book to get the results fast.

Download the guide now, and become a master of writing productive. What you will discover will transform your writing process permanently.

101 Ways to Get More Customers on the Internet in 2014 (Online Marketing Guides from Exposure Ninja)

by Tim Kitchen

The world of Internet Marketing changes fast and in 2014 businesses are competing in a very different online landscape. Companies of all sizes that want to compete for customers online have to be smart if they’re going to stand out and grab their share of the colossal opportunity open to every perceivable market.

In this book, you’ll discover 101 proven and tested ways to get more customers from the Internet. Whether you’re a small or large company; B2B or B2C; and whatever business your in… As long as your customers are humans, you’ll find enough tips inside to keep your marketing

From your website, SEO and social media to email marketing and paid advertising like Google Adwords, we’ll take a look at every component of a successful online marketing campaign. This book is the savvy business owner’s secret weapon to online domination. Learn to analyse your competitor’s marketing campaigns, spot their weaknesses and tune up your own efforts in easily digestible chunks.

Our experience at Exposure Ninja working with hundreds of businesses around the world has given us unique behind-the-scenes access to marketing campaigns, websites, strategies and audiences in dozens of different markets. The tips in this book are distilled from this experience and work for any business. From consultancies to e-commerce stores, b2b or b2c, products or services. The basics of selling to human beings never change, and these principles run through every one of the 101 tips.

Read real life case studies and get a sneak peek at what makes a difference to real businesses like yours. Pick and choose the strategies you want to apply this week and get started immediately.

WordPress: How to Make Money Online With WordPress Sites

by Meir Liraz

Here’s The Simple Strategy That Made Me an Internet Millionaire Using WordPress Sites

There is a special breed of Online-Millionaires that are making money on the internet like crazy. You’ve probably never heard of them. They keep themselves and their activities under the radar. Why? because they follow a certain simple strategy and they don’t want you or anyone else to discover it. This strategy has created more millionaires than you could ever think possible.

How do I know? I am one of those Millionaires, and I’m going to reveal to you in this special bonus guide each and every component of this incredible strategy.

My name is Meir Liraz. You may have stumble on my name on the internet, probably in relation to my activities as a writer and publisher of business guides. This is just one side of me, the visible one. There has been another side to my online presence, a concealed one, as a leading player in the internet marketing arena.

I’ve been an active internet marketer since the first days of the Internet, back then the reigning search engines where dinosaurs bearing names like Alta-Vista, Infoseek and Lycos, while Google was just a vague idea in the minds of two brilliant Stanford students.

As I don’t believe in theories and opinions, I’ve tested dozens of ways and strategies of making money online. Some proved to be successful while others bombed (and served me well as learning experiences). I must’ve been doing something right as I’ve managed to accumulate along the way a seven figure fortune. The bottom line is that I’ve come up with a simple most effective strategy of making money online, as a matter of fact this strategy made me a millionaire – in the bonus section included within this book I’ll show you exactly how it works so that you too will be able to make tons of money online.

Why reveal my methods now? Well, I’m semi retired and I’ve made enough money so that my kids do not have to work one more day in their lives (if they so desire). I’ve had my blessings and now I want to help others succeed as well, this is my way to give back.

Now look, 99% of the folks who try to make it on the Internet follow the same rout, the same set of activities. They all move in one big herd. Listen, In the highly competitive internet business arena, when you do the same things as anyone else you don’t stand a chance to succeed – you are doomed.

In order to make money online you must go off the beaten path, you need to do something different, you need a competitive edge – and that is where the strategy presented in this section bonus comes into play. This guide will give you that “unfair advantage” to boost your sales, pile up profits and leave your competitors in the dust.

The strategy I show you in this guide is the easiest, fastest, most effective way to make money online fast. While you are reading this hundreds of people on the Internet are making money like crazy. Why not you?

It doesn’t require “brains” or education, anyone can do it! As a matter of fact I know of a high school dropout that is making tons of money with this strategy.

All you have to do is follow my easy to understand step by step instructions. Once you complete the 4 easy to grasp steps you can just sit back and see the money keeps pouring into your bank account day in, day out, for years to come.

Are you ready to make loads of money online now? just click on the “Buy” button above!

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Public Speaking – Simple Tips To Become A Confident And Successful Public Speaker For Life (Public Speaking Tips, Public Speaking Anxiety, Public Speaking Training)

by Patrick Cogen

How To Become A Confident And Successful Public Speaker

Today only, get this Kindle book for just $0.99. Regularly priced at $2.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

You’re about to discover how to feel comfortable and fully at ease with public speaking.

Many experts claim that public speaking is a dying art. This is because many people dread standing up in front of a crowd to say their piece. In fact, if they could get away not doing it at all, they probably will. This fear of public speaking breeds a counterproductive mindset that is actually more disadvantageous over the long run.

What is needed is to imbibe the right attitude needed to help you get your debilitating fear of the unknown. To enable you to become a confident and successful public speaker, you need to tell yourself that you are fully capable of overturning things around in your favor. No more hesitation or doubts. Seize your moment by putting into practice the steps outlined in this book.

Here Is A Preview Of What You Will Learn When You Download Your Copy Today:

  • Why Public Speaking Matters?
  • Getting Started with the Basics
  • Planning Your Speech
  • Gearing Up for the Actual Moment
  • Being Receptive to Feedback
  • BONUS CHAPTER from “Memory Improvement – Simple And Funny Ways To Improve Your Memory Today”
  • Much, much more!

Download Your Copy Right Now!

Take action right away to finally become a confident and successful public speaker today by downloading this book, “Public Speaking – Simple Tips To Become A Confident And Successful Public Speaker”, for a limited time discount of only $0.99!

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More Views Please – 21 Secrets For Getting Any YouTube Video To Rank #1

by Mick Michaels

More Views Please, The 21 Secrets For Getting Any YouTube Video To Rank #1 is the no-fluff guide to getting any of your YouTube videos to rank #1 for not just one keyword, but for dozens and even hundreds of keywords.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO READER: You can get this book + 3 other books by Mick Michaels + a short bonus Web Success Report in the “Web Success Book Bundle”.

Just search for “Web Success Book Bundle” or “B00BL8ESNU”. The 4 books included are: Video Idea Blueprint, Blogger’s Block, More Views Please, and Traffic Crazy (plus the short report, “How To Truly Achieve Web Success, Now AND In The Future”).

This book takes you from the thinking stages all the way to #1 on YouTube. You will be amazed at how easy these strategies are for getting video views, subscribers, and most importantly, how to rank your video #1.

I can honestly tell you that by following every single step in this book for all of your YouTube videos, you can rank any video you want for any keyword.

In many books like this, I see the same tips (sometimes word-for-word) used over and over again.

In this book, I wanted to share the most valuable content I could, the stuff “they” don’t tell you about. I also wanted to make it easy, with step-by-step directions on implementing this right away.

This is a full guide with NO filler content, just pure solid content.

I made this book specifically for the person that wants to work hard (but mostly work SMART) to pass up every other video on YouTube in the rankings.

I say this all the time (you’ll hear it in the book), but most people will fail and never get their videos ranking #1 for one reason only – because they didn’t take action.

So please, if you do end up reading the book, make sure you take each step and each strategy seriously, because when you do, you’ll be the one that took action, followed the steps, expanded on your own strategies, and got that #1 spot.

I look forward to teaching you my best strategies for ranking your videos high, thanks for reading.

The Resilient Writer: Insight & Inspiration on the Writing Life & the Business of Being an Author

by Marquita Herald

There Has Never Been a Greater Need for Authors to Master Self-Motivation

Achieving any level of success as an author has always required patience, perseverance, and the ability to deal with rejection and extended periods of isolation. Today’s reality is that the rules of the publishing game just keep changing and – regardless of how an author chooses to publish – they must now add to the mix marketing, branding and learning to think of their writing as a business.

The perspective of someone on the same journey who has learned insightful lessons can be invaluable.

Why quotations? It’s amazing the impact that a simple string of words can have, and the undeniable truth is that sometimes a certain quotation hits us in such a way that it provides a magical spark, setting in motion thoughts, ideas, and feelings that can lead to life-changing revelations. The challenge is finding that perfect string of words, which is why every day tens of thousands of people search for “inspirational quotations” on every subject under the sun.

The Resilient Writer represents nearly 2 years work gathering hundreds of insightful observations on the writing life and the business of being an author. In addition to motivation and encouragement, it contains a wealth of convenient snippets of advice on the writing process, marketing and the business of being an author by writers on the front line of publishing. This book isn’t something to be quickly read and set aside, but rather kept close at hand and referred to time and time again.

99 Blogging Tips, Strategies, And Must Haves – How To Have A Successful Blog

by Jack Mitchell

Do you want a successful blog? Of course you do.

Jack Mitchell’s first BEST SELLER book (99 Ways To Flood Your Website With Traffic) was all about website traffic, and now this book is all about THE BLOG. This book is here to take you from A to Z on what you need to do now AND in the future in order to make sure your blog stays ahead of the pack, and always moving forward.

In Jack Mitchell’s book, 99 Blogging Tips, Strategies, And Must Haves – How To Have A Successful Blog, you will get a detailed look at all of things you should be thinking about when creating a blog. This book covers traffic and promotion strategies, tools and blog necessities, the type of content you SHOULD be creating (if you want to make money), monetizing your blog, creating a product, and 90+ more gold nuggets of successful blogging information.

Take a look, here is just SOME of what is revealed in this book:

– Buying and setting up your domain name(s) the easiest way possible.
– The different blogging services, and the BEST one to use for maximum success.
– CTAs (or call-to-actions), and where to put them to increase visitors as well as revenue.
– Content submission and automation (secret leverage techniques).
– Blog themes and design, as well as navigation.
– Using email, and why it is important to have an email list and autoresponder.
– How to effectively monetize your blog to get the most out of it while still adding loads of value to your visitors and customers.
– How to market your blog in order to bring loads of traffic into your site, and some useful websites and services that do the promotion for you.
– Making your blog go viral (YouTube videos aren’t the only thing that can go viral!).
– Splash pages, sidebars, opt-in pages and forms.
– Knowing EXACTLY what your next step is for your blog and your business.
– The right and wrong way to schedule your posts (also known as “drip posting).

This is just a brief overview of what’s inside this book. You will have the “secrets” of blogging revealed to you, and there’s no way your blog can’t be a success when you use these tips, techniques and strategies.

What this all comes down to is hard work and consistent action. This blogging tips book gives you the know how AND the how to, and you just need to DO IT.

Think of this book as a COMPLETE arsenal of tips, strategies, and necessities for your blog and your online business. This blogging book works great for beginners as well as experienced blogging professionals.

Besides the tips and strategies, you are also taught and shown how to think of your blog as a business, and how to go beyond blogging to really have success. You’ll find out that blogging isn’t just about content – no no no – it’s much more than that, and you’ll find out exactly what you can do and how easy it can be in this book.

Find out what to do, what not to do, and most importantly, what to do NOW that is going to really get your blog moving up in the rankings and making you a boat load of money in the process.

Traffic Crazy – Get 20,000 Visitors By The End Of The Day

by Mick Michaels

You are struggling to get instant traffic to your blog or website (or video, or any page for that matter), and you want to know how to get loads of traffic to your website.

In “Traffic Crazy – Get 20,000 Visitors By The End Of The Day”, you are taught the easiest and fastest way of generating lots of traffic to your website or blog. If you follow all of the steps in the book, you are guaranteed to have 20,000 visitors to your website by the end of today (that is of course if you follow the steps accordingly).

IMPORTANT NOTE TO READER: You can get this book + 3 other books by Mick Michaels + a short bonus Web Success Report in the “Web Success Book Bundle”.

Just search for “Web Success Book Bundle” or “B00BL8ESNU”. The 4 books included are: Video Idea Blueprint, Blogger’s Block, More Views Please, and Traffic Crazy (plus the short report, “How To Truly Achieve Web Success, Now AND In The Future”).

And although instant traffic is good, I also teach you extra steps in ensuring long-term traffic, as well as ways of putting your traffic on auto-pilot.

Once you are done reading this book, you will have the knowledge, tools, and inspiration to start driving hundreds of thousands (and soon millions) of visitors to any site you wish.

This book doesn’t promote any specific products, and I don’t make money from any of the sites or free services that are mentioned in this book. The only thing you will find is solid content providing you the details of getting started with your traffic strategy today.

You will also learn the secret strategies that are used by the most popular bloggers, internet marketers, video creators, and entrepreneurs online. I’m giving you an inside look on how the traffic game works.

Make sure you look over every strategy, and implement all of these tips into your ultimate traffic system immediately after you finish the book.

Let me say that again, make SURE you implement these strategies after you finish the book!

It’s sad to sayâ?¦ but most people who learn strategies like this fail within days, and only because of one thing: because they didn’t take action.

So I will tell you this, make SURE you take action, continue implementing these steps over and over, and once you start seeing how this traffic game really works, and you have millions of visitors flowing into your sites, you can start to implement new tactics and strategies and channel the traffic in to all of your new sites.

Thanks so much for reading, see you on the inside.

The 10 Principles of ENDLESS WEALTH – How to generate more money than you can spend in a lifetime


Packed with powerful advice gained from the experiences of self made millionaires!

Financial advisor and author of the best selling POWER PROFITS series Dan Howe has advised some of the wealthiest people in America for well over a decade and has distilled their knowledge into 10 core principles that the top 1% of America’s earners use to build and maintain their vast fortunes in good times and bad.

If you are looking for the answer to what’s holding you back in your financial life this book will open your eyes to the opportunities that surround you on a daily basis and it will show you how to approach them the way the Rockefellers, Buffets and other titans of finance do – starting with what you have today!

Topics covered: motivation, inspiration, leadership, personal investment, investment, wealth, real estate, stock market

Web Success Book Bundle – 4 Books In 1

by Mick Michaels

Web Success Book Bundle is the perfect bundle of books for online entrepreneurs and people with online businesses and websites. This bundle works especially well for bloggers, internet marketers, video creators, and anyone with a website that wants to be seen by millions of people.

Mick Michaels is the author of 4 books related to the website/blog/video niches, and strives to help out the internet community in any way possible. This book bundle is one of those ways of being helpful, because you are getting a super deal here.

Here’s what’s included in your book bundle:

– BONUS REPORT: How To Truly Achieve Web Success, Now AND In The Future

– Blogger’s Block: Writer’s Block For Bloggers – How To Get Rid Of It Now!

– – Blogger’s Block Mini-Bonus Report: 10 Blogging Ideas That NEVER Fail

– Video Idea Blueprint: 10 Steps To An Overflow Of Video Ideas

– – Video Idea Blueprint Bonus #1 – Idea-Generating Tools

– – Video Idea Blueprint Bonus #2 – Blogging to Video

– – Video Idea Blueprint Bonus #3 – 20 Quick Tips List

– Traffic Crazy – Get 20,000 Visitors To Your Website By The End Of The Day

– More Views Please! – 21 Secrets To Rank #1 On YouTube

– – More Views Please Bonus #1 – Subscribe Button

– – More Views Please Bonus #2 – Interaction

– – More Views Please Bonus #3 – Show Up More

– – More Views Please: The Secret Video Ranking Checklist

This book bundle works great if you are an online entrepreneur, and works out even better if you have a blog and post videos online. Although I will admit, the people who will get the most out of this book bundle are the ACTION TAKERS. The people who take action will be the serious success stories.

Don’t look at this book bundle as a “business in a box” sort of thing. Think of this book bundle as a serious addition to the arsenal of strategies and tips and thoughts and books you have about growing an online business.

Details for each book in the Web Success Book Bundle can be found below.

– Blogger’s Block: Writer’s Block For Bloggers – How To Get Rid Of It Now!

The book “Blogger’s Block – Get Rid Of It Now!” takes on the challenge of coming up with fresh blog post ideas, and completely demolishes any doubt of finding ideas and getting content on your blog. This book starts from the beginning stages of coming up with core ideas, and micro-categorizing your ideas for maximum blogging results. It then takes you much deeper into tools, website, techniques, strategies, and SECRETS for coming up with 1,000s of blog post ideas that you can use right away.

– Video Idea Blueprint: 10 Steps To An Overflow Of Video Ideas

“Video Idea Blueprint – 10 Steps To An Overflow Of Video Ideas” takes you through the stages of coming up with your own ideas, getting ideas from others, and making your ideas stand out (making them better than your competitor). Besides showing you how to get basic ideas that can be used once, I also teach you a step by step strategy for generating core ideas that can be used over and over. This works well for video series, video shows, and also helps with branding yourself online.

– Traffic Crazy – Get 20,000 Visitors To Your Website By The End Of The Day

In “Traffic Crazy – Get 20,000 Visitors By The End Of The Day”, you are taught the easiest and fastest way of generating lots of traffic to your website or blog. If you follow all of the steps in the book, you are guaranteed to have 20,000 visitors to your website by the end of today. I also teach you extra steps in ensuring long-term traffic, as well as ways of putting your traffic on auto-pilot.

– More Views Please!: 21 Secrets To Rank #1 On YouTube

More Views Please, The 21 Secrets For Getting Any YouTube Video To Rank #1 is the no-fluff guide to getting any of your YouTube videos to rank #1 for not just one keyword, but for dozens and even hundreds of keywords. I can honestly tell you that by following every single step in this book for all of your YouTube videos, you can r

Real Estate Property Investing: A Guide to the Methods to Avoid Property Investing Risks (Real Estate Investing For You)

by Paul Smith

This is the first book in a series of real estate books. This book looks into the risks associated with residential property investment. It clearly outliens what are the major risks with any real estate investment and provides guidelines and suggestions on ways to minimise the risks.

There are a lot of risks in real estate property investment which are not obvious and this book is the definitive guide for a beginner or seasoned real estate investor. Its techniques for minimising the risk are original but common sense.

Let’s Get Personal – Book 1 of Online Business Chronicles

by Kyle McGuigan

My name is Kyle McGuigan, and you are about to read the first book in the Online Business Chronicles series. This first book is titled “Let’s Get Personal”.

I don’t claim to be an expert or a guru, but I’ve definitely been around the online business world for years, and have had thousands of successes, failures, and experiences throughout my life time.

I’m learning every single day, as well as teaching and coaching every single day, and my prime motive in this world is to provide massive value to people, massive value to YOU.

I wanted to start this first online business book with what I believe to be the most important aspect of online business – getting personal.

If you really want to be successful online, AND still have that success in 5, 10, 20 years, you MUST start getting personal with your fans, followers, friends, and audience. Most online businesses fail, and I believe a lack of personality and interaction have a lot to do with it.

In this book, you will go from finding out if you are hiding behind your computer screen, as well as how to come out of your shell and stop hiding. You will be introduced to some powerfully personal people who are making millions online each year. You will learn from both my own successes and failures, and how to get more personal starting today.

I believe the people who really want to make a difference in the world and really have success with online business will understand the value that comes with these books.

The books in this series are meant to be short, and meant to be read in one sitting. I believe that I don’t have to write 200 page of filler content to get you to where you want to be.

If you are ready to get more personal, and you are ready to take action today in your online business, read this book right now. Read it, think about it, then TAKE ACTION TODAY.

There’s no better day than today. Take action, keep reaching toward your dreams and goals, grab life by the balls, and secure your future of freedom.

WWWordsmith: Forging a living from online writing

by Kay McMahon

Everyone’s supposed to have a book in them, aren’t they? That piece of folk wisdom underlies the dream that many people have of making a living online through writing. This book is here to explain how, if they’re good enough, they can make that dream a reality.

Authors Kay McMahon and Theodore Koukouvitis have teamed up again to write about the ins and outs of making money online from writing. Each of them brings their own particular perspective to bear on the online writing industry. In building his career as a successful freelance writer, Koukouvitis has run the full gamut of job-seeking platforms and has amassed rich experience of the methods required to compete successfully for commissions in a fiercely competitive marketplace. McMahon has been running a business based on websites – for which she’s supplied much of the writing – for well over a decade.

The result is a book that covers all aspects of earning a living online through writing. First, a brief introduction looks at the practical benefits of an online writing career, and sets the scene for the discussion of the two basic ways of making a living online through writing: writing as a job (freelancing), and writing as a business (self-publishing). There follows a look at what makes people willing to pay for writing – the needs that the writer must satisfy in order to succeed.

The first half of the main body of the book examines writing as a job – the various types of writing commission to be found, where to find them, and what you’ll need to equip yourself for the task. The self-management aspects of freelancing are given due prominence – after all, even a freelancer needs some business skills – as is the important matter of building up and maintaining a reputation as a reliable producer of high-quality writing. Pitfalls and blunders also get a mention, as it’s very easy to be ripped off – and to fall into the trap of trying to rip clients off!

The second half takes us into the world of self-publishing. Here the focus is on the skills needed to place content online, attract visitors, and make your website generate money. Various types of website (eg blogs, forums, content sites) and their respective plus and minus points are examined, as are the ways of getting them noticed and several monetising models. A chapter on eBook publishing looks at this increasingly popular writing activity, as well as the ways of making money from it – of which royalties are only one! Finally, the authors extend an invitation to the reader to get in touch if they want any further help with their writing career or business.

This book doesn’t make unrealistic promises to improve your writing skills. To do that requires personal guidance, whereas a book can only offer generalised pointers. But if you know you have what it takes to write well, yet face the frustration of not knowing how to earn from what you’ve written, the decades of experience contained in this book will surely help you start to make money from your writing.

Start A Yard Care Business

by Anthony Nelson

In “Start A Yard Care Business” you will learn how to grow your yard care company by focusing on seniors and baby boomers. The trend in senior care services will continue to experience an upward spiral in demand as baby boomers age. In 2001, the first of the baby boom generation reached what used to be known as retirement age. For the next 18 years, boomers will turn 65 at a rate of about 8000 a day. As this unique generation grows older, they will transform the government institutions and businesses that serve them. “Start A yard Care Business” will give you the knowledge and tools to take advantage of this demographic trend. “Start A Yard Care Business” gives you the most comprehensive guide on how to start a yard care company that focuses on seniors and baby boomers.

With “Start A Yard Care Business” you will learn the secrets to marketing your business to seniors and baby-boomers! This outstanding “how to” book will provide you with what you need to start a part-time or full-time Yard care business from home or from an office! If you already own a lawn mowing business “Start A Yard Care Business “will provide you with many alternative services that very few companies provide and will help your yard care business stand out from the competition. These alternative senior yard services will provide your business with substantial additional profit!

If you are serious about starting a yard care business or want to grow your existing lawn mowing business, don’t go another day without “Start A Yard Care Business “!

The Mark Unmasked

by D T Pollard

If you think recent mass data thefts of credit and debit card information is shocking, it isn’t, because it has been coming for a long time and foretold in the Bible itself!

“And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.”

Author D T Pollard solves the ages’ long mystery surrounding the mark of the beast, 666, from the Book of Revelation in the Christian Bible. It is explained in such a blunt and straightforward manner that some readers will be stunned at the answer.

The mark is here and is being utilized daily.

10 Easy Steps to Set Up Your Online Business

by Jerry Wilkins

The main goal of mostly everyone is to have more free time and more money, which is a bit of a conundrum for those of us in the workforce. For the majority of the population, less work equals less pay, making free time a bit less enjoyable. The key to finding a happy medium between work and free time and balancing the budget lies within the Internet and your ability to capitalize on the needs of others, as well as the skills and abilities you possess. When you start a business, you become the business; so prepare yourself for a great learning experience that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

This book is a comprehensive guide that shows how someone just like YOU can start up your online business in 10 Easy Steps.

Discover How To Recover Your Loss Using Take-Profit Techniques

by Phemmy Adexy

This is not a trading system but a gathered – together salient, vital, unpopular and mostly overlooked strategies over the years due to my experiences which have worked over and over again for me and those that heed its directions.

The reason it is working could not be far fetched but can only be traced to the strange but accurate definition of “FOREX” as majority of the traders in the world have not discovered or understood yet. It was clearly defined in this ebook even though the whole book is just a few pages, concise for fast and easy understanding.

This e-book can be used by the newbies, intermediates and professional traders as well.

Applies to all manner of situations, trades and traders, instruments or whatever have you in the financial market.

-No matter the level of your experiences in the financial market – newbies, intermediates or professionals

– No matter the size of your trading account balance or portfolio – from as little as $10 up to any amount your capacity can manage.

– No matter the kind of trading tools you have put together to make up your trading system.

– No matter the level of your fear or boldness to take upon the market, emotions and psychological controls.

– No matter your preferred Broker, Instruments of trading e. t. c

– No restriction to any currency, commodity, stocks or whatever your traded instruments are.

– 10 Reasons why you are losing your trades.

And many more you’ll discover as you read through this e-book.

“May be you don’t have to throw away that trading system of yours that you have considered useless, there is no HOLY GRAIL trading system anywhere!

â?¦With just a few tweaks, experimentation and concentrations, you can get yours right.

Energy Suckers-How To Deal With Bullies in the Workplace

by Barbara Bartlein

The work world is full of bullies who criticize, blame, intimidate, and humiliate others. In a study of U.S. workers, 41% reported experiencing psychological aggression at work in the last year. Bullying occurs in every industry and every profession. It is estimates that more than two million professionals and managers are pushed out of their jobs each year by bullying. This comes at a cost to employers of $64 billion a year. Decreased productivity, absenteeism, low morale and teamwork are all outcomes of a toxic work culture.

In Energy Suckers, Barbara Bartlein gives you the tools to address workplace bullying in your organizations and Energy Suckers in your life. She shows you how to take charge with:

– The seven types of bullies and how you can handle them.

– How you can defuse and prevent bullying from happening.

– What you can do to protect yourself from becoming a target.

– How to create a high performing workplace based on respect and civility.

Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products

by Nir Eyal

Why do some products capture our attention, while others flop?

What makes us engage with certain products out of habit?

Is there be a pattern underlying how technologies hook us?

This book introduces readers to the “Hook Model,” a four steps process companies use to build customer habits. Through consecutive hook cycles, successful products reach their ultimate goal of bringing users back repeatedly — without depending on costly advertising or aggressive messaging.

Hooked is a guide to building products people can’t put down. Written for product managers, designers, marketers, startup founders, and people eager to learn more about the things that control our behaviors, this book gives readers:

– Practical insights to create user habits that stick.

– Actionable steps for building products people love.

– Behavioral techniques used by Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other habit-forming products.

Nir Eyal distilled years of research, consulting and practical experience to write a manual for creating habit-forming products. Nir has taught at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and Hasso Plattner Institute of Design. His writing on technology, psychology and business appears in the Harvard Business Review, The Atlantic, TechCrunch, and Psychology Today.

“You’ll read this. Then you’ll hope your competition isn’t reading this. It’s that good.”

– Stephen P. Anderson, Author of “Seductive Interaction Design”

“Nir’s work is an essential crib sheet for any startup looking to understand user psychology.”

– Dave McClure, Founder 500 Startups

“”When it comes to driving engagement and building habits, Hooked is an excellent guide into the mind of the user.”

– Andrew Chen, Technology Writer and Investor.

“I’ve learned a great deal from Nir, and you will too. He’ll help you design habits to benefit your users, and your company.”

– Dr. Stephen Wendel, author Designing for Behavior Change

The Kindle Publishing Secret The Gurus Don’t Want You To Know

by JJ Bedford

Gurus will tell you that the opportunities to make money on the Kindle Platform are limitless. They are probably right.

Not since the printing press was invented has their been such a revolution in the publishing world. The ability for anyone to be able to write and publish their work in a matter of minutes completely levels the playing field.

So how do you go about making real money with Kindle? Money that you can actually live on? This book will unlock the secret that the guru’s of Kindle publishing simply aren’t telling you.

In this book you will :

Learn how an American cracked the code to Kindle success back in the 1920’s and sold over 100 million books.

Learn how you can replicate his success in the new digital age.

How the gurus are diverting your attention away from the facts so they can sell expensive courses and products.

How to accept the realities of Kindle Publishing and improve your chances of success.

How to switch away from time wasting activities and prioritize the one thing that actually matters.


by Phil Staples

It is a well known fact that every one of us is unique. We are all different with our different ways and thoughts and attitudes. Unfortunately, there is no scale of uniqueness because if there was, Phil Staples would be almost off that scale. He is as motivational, positive, charismatic and highly likeable a character as you are likely to encounter in life.

And, in this book you have the opportunity of having it proved to you almost first hand. Because, with characteristic eccentricity melded with a smidgeon of genius, Phil takes the simple analogy of the honeybee and illustrates how each and every one of us can succeed in life, both personal and business.

Imagine this situation:

No Money .

No High School Education.

No Confidence.

No Stock.

No Reason to Succeed.

This was Phil’s situation but he was bursting with enthusiasm when asked by a client, â??Why are you still trading? It doesn’t make sense, there are bigger shops with more stock and more choice.’

Phil’s metaphor was about the amazing insect called the â??Honeybee’.

Its body is too big, its wings are too small, it should not fly, but here’s the â??eureka’ moment, â??Nobody Told The Bee!’ so it goes right ahead and flies anyway.

So that’s what Phil did. Phil, a shy, nervous boy from a small market town in England went on to run the number one retail cycle outlet, gaining goodwill and respect from the local population.

You can follow his exciting motivational book which is certain to change your outlook on life.

Phil’s early inspiration came from a book his Mum had given to him by Dale Carnegie, ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’.

This, his own book, with over twenty-four motivationally packed chapters will come as a refreshing tonic from the so-called â??realists’ and â??experts’ and â??gurus’.

It will explain how to overcome negativity with a good boost of enthusiasm and motivation. Give yourself a lift, get on your road to success, (if you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you!)

Put faith and belief into action, read the book, use Phil’s â??Bee Philosophy’ and follow your exciting dream to success.

Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.