Free computers and the internet Kindle books for 27 Dec 13

Learning HTML & XHTML Basics

by Santonu Dhar

This is the first edition of Learning HTML and XHTML Basics. This is a workbook which will help any developers to learn basics of HTML and XHTML. This book covers all basic information of web developing with necessary examples and screen shots.

Snake Oil! How ‘Make Money Online’ scams work …and how to avoid them

by Kay McMahon

Would you like to make money online?

There are literally thousands of products which promise to help you do just that. But did you know that most of them are nothing more than snake oil? Scams, in other words. Useless schemes and products which promise to cure all ills, but in reality don’t achieve anything other than to make money for the snake oil salesman.

There’s a big murky industry involved in teaching people how to make money online. And people get scammed every day. Instead of becoming rich, these victims become poorer as they fall into the traps cunningly laid for them by highly skilled con artists, and find themselves in a downward spiral which is ever tougher to break free from.

In the “make money online” (MMO) industry, there are gurus with cult followings, syndicates, cartels and ruthless people whose sole purpose in life is to part victims from their cash. Yet these gurus are respected, admired, and revered by their followers, because – as is the case with any good conman – they can be very convincing and likeable.

In this book, authors Kay McMahon and Theodore Koukouvitis explore the reality of the “make money online” industry, the scams, the lies and the dirty tricks. This book sets out to cut through the hype of the snake oil salesmen and explains how these scams work, how to identify them, and guides you through a process to help you avoid getting snared in these traps in the first place. It explains the jargon, the secrets, the recipes, and the blueprints which promise to make you rich. And more importantly, it explains why they don’t work. Both authors have extensive experience of the realities of earning a living online, in an environment where so many scams abound.

This book will help you to avoid the traps and forewarn you about the scams. If you’re hoping to earn a living online, or even just make a bit of extra cash, then you should read this book before you spend your hard-earned money on any secret recipe which promises to make you wealthy.

The Essential Minecraft House Building Guide!

by Dave Robinson

A guide on how to build houses on Minecraft , This book contains tutorials and step by step guides to building unique houses! Turn that cube of planks into something worth living in! This book will get you on the road to building bigger and better creations in Minecraft, it is essential if you aren’t a great builder, or even if you are a good builder you may find the designs in this book to be very interesting!

Kindle Fire HDX User Guide: Master Your Device In No time!

by JSmith Publishing

Amazon’s best is yet to comeâ?¦

Kindle Fire HDX launched by Amazon not only is a magnificent piece of hardware, but you can also reap the benefits of a tablet if you’re fully involved with this Amazon creation. A great deal of excitement surrounded the launch of Kindle Fire HDX especially when the tablet was just about to be unveiled.

Amazon as you know loves to experiment and there are great reasons you should grab an HDX in a 7″ or 8.9″ model. A number of key hardware and software makes this Amazon product slightly better than its older versions.

In short Kindle Fire HDX is looking fairly impressive this time around. Amazon has successfully incorporated a few more exciting features from all dimensions so read on to find out how you can start using Kindle Fire HDX and be more creative and productive.

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