Free fantasy Kindle books for 27 Dec 13

Destined for Harmony (Shadows of Destiny)

by Leia Shaw

Werewolf pack beta, Sorin, lives to protect the gray wolf population in Yellowstone. But his life takes on a new purpose when the sexy Harmony steps in to challenge his old-fashioned views about pack women.

When he recognizes her as his fated mate, he must adapt to her independent ways or risk losing her. As they engage in a battle of wits, a menacing presence lurks just out of reach. Can the fated pair learn to work as a team in time to save the wolves they’ve sworn to protect?

MASTER Book 1: Crimson

by Jane Bled

Raiden, a popular rock star in Japan, has led a double-life for over five years. By day, he’s an adored idol; by night, a vicious vampire. While preparing for his band’s summer tour in the States, Raiden stalks the streets for fresh blood in downtown Detroit–and tries to keep away the haunting memories of his deceased fiancée’s murder. Then, he meets Gabriel Colin, a famous TV actor who’s hatching an elaborate plan to recruit Raiden for the starring role his first movie. Though he initially tries to dismiss Gabriel, fate soon forces Raiden to change his mind. The two become inevitably intertwined after their next encounter results in bloodshed, death, and rebirth…

City of Glass

by Bard Constantine

Talan is a homeless boy who lives by his speed and wits, but what he wants more than anything is to get into the City of Glass. Beautiful and tantalizing, it beckons to his fantasies of adventure and riches.  Yet once inside he quickly learns that all that appears beautiful may hide an agenda both dark and sinister. Trapped and enslaved, he learns lessons of pain, hatred, love and leadership as he tries to free himself and the other lost children from the clutches of the denizens who dwell in the City of Glass.

Note to customers: This is a short story, approx. 55 pages

The Fairy Collection

by Val Edward Simone

Five magical stories about fairies and special young girls to warm your soul and excite that miracle-making place within your heart. If you have never believed in fairies before, you well might after reading these stories.

Through the Waterfall
A little girl discovers a doorway to a magical kingdom and her true purpose.

The Wizard of Sebastianville
When the old Royal Wizard goes suddenly missing, a young girl is brought back to the magical kingdom to solve the mystery.

Kaylee’s Secret
A little girls learns the secret of the enchanted forest, but she must keep her promise not to tell anyone.

Fairy Forgotten
Brought back from the edge of the Nothingness by the thoughts of a young girl, a fairy brightens the lives of everyone she meets in an illness treatment center.

Emily’s Wish
Emily, constantly besieged by bullies, is one day granted an exceptional wish.

Halcyon: The Bound Soul (Book 3)

by Joseph Robert Lewis

In her darkest hour, exiled princess Qhora allies herself with both strangers and enemies to find her husband’s killer and free his immortal soul from eternal bondage.
From the soaring skies of Marrakesh to the perilous streets of Alexandria, Qhora tracks the murderer to a strange temple where men forge mystical swords and where immortal youths called Anubis and Bast wield god-like powers. But she also finds two new friends: a gunslinging Spartan dwarf and a vicious harpy eagle from her homeland.
With the help of Taziri Ohana’s amazing inventions and Salvator Fabris’s deadly blade, Qhora unravels the mystery of the soul-stealing metal called aetherium and confronts the ancient cult of priests and assassins who not only want to rule the world, but also master Death itself.
The Halcyon trilogy of steampunk thrillers:
Book 1: The Burning Sky
Book 2: The Broken Sword
Book 3: The Bound Soul

Can You Hear My Heart Beating? (The Vampire’s Little Black Book)

by Victoria L. Szulc

Both the light and dark sides of Will’s character come to the fore on a Christmas Eve. Will has fallen to the seductive charms of a stripper/prostitute and is prepared to spend part of the holiday with her. But in acting as a physician to humans, Will, has sometimes been called into real human medical service. Choosing to live amongst humans proves challenging, especially when confronted with those on the verge of death.

On this holiest of eves, he comes across a horrible accident and must come to the aid of its victims. But he hasn’t fed for a while and is tested to incredible limits of vampire restraint. Will he be able to help the victims without feeding? Or will he succumb to a blood lust before seeing his lady of the evening? Could Christmas be any more interesting?

A Light In The Dark (The Order)

by Michael A. Boyadjian

Marik, a traveler disenchanted with his life, stumbles upon a young woman, rescuing her from a terrible storm. But someone is hunting her, and before long, Marik is caught up in her struggle to survive. As dark secrets and magical talents reveal themselves, the pair must fight to stay ahead of their pursuers, with little certainty of who to trust, as they flee from nation to nation throughout the continent of Newland. The question is, can they run forever?

The first book of the epic fantasy series The Order.

This book is approximately 80,000 words long, uses a table of contents, and contains a map.

The Ghosts Of Walker Pines (Dragons Among Us)

by Robert Anton

They’ve been living underground for fifty-thousand years.
Now they’re returning to the surface, to reclaim the earth.
And they have the firepower to do it.

At times violent and profane, humorous and dark, this sci-fi fantasy, action-adventure series drags the stereotypes out of their dusty caves and turns the whole genre on its proverbial head.

As the first in a new series of dragon-themed novels designed for older, more mature Young Adult readers, “Dragons Among Us: The Ghosts Of Walker Pines” introduces readers to fifteen-year-old Katie Baxter who has unraveled the planet’s greatest but most hidden truth. A discovery which has come at a painful personal price for the teen whose mother died giving birth to an only child. Katie has since suffered from years of mysterious and debilitating hallucinations, visions, and nightmares that have not only threatened her relationships with others, but her very sanity itself.

On the brink of her sixteenth birthday, Katie has finally uncovered something else about herself. She may not be entirely human. When she and her family make contact with the secret, underground world of highly intelligent, shape-shifting dragons, the feisty teen endeavors to fulfill an ancient prophecy and lead the dragons back to a life on the surface, living again among humans. In the process, she must overcome her own personal demons in addition to ruthless enemies both human and dragon.

The Quick Take: Half human, half dragon hybrid Katie Baxter struggles to be sixteen, keep her sanity, and fulfill her destiny as the prophetic “One Chosen”. Fending off enemies both known and unknown, human and otherwise, action and adventure ensue as the plucky teen finds herself involved with subterranean dragons who plan to return to the surface world of present-day humans.

Now available, the second full-length novel of the series entitled “Dragons Among Us: The Lost City Of The Dead” continues the adventures of Katie Baxter who must cope with being a teenager in addition to making sense out of a world turned upside down. Accompanied as before by a quirky macaw parrot and adopted by a stray dog no less strange than her newfound dragon friends, she is surrounded by people and animals who aren’t who they appear and situations which are far different from how they seem.

Both novels are peppered with adult language and situations, including frightening scenes of intense violence; neither is a fanciful tale involving dragons as brute beasts who play second to the humans in the story. Readers are instead treated to socially advanced creatures living in cavernous kingdoms located throughout the globe. Facing slow extinction due to their prolonged underground life, the dragons are desperately racing to both find a cure and coordinate their long overdue migration back to the sunlit upperworld of the humans.

Authored by a professional artist, the two texts brim with vivid descriptions that read as though they were “painted” with words. Although each book is profusely adorned with black and white illustrations, limited edition art prints are also available and sold separately.

The Lost City Of The Dead (Dragons Among Us)

by Robert Anton

They’ve been living underground for fifty-thousand years.
Now they’re returning to the surface, to reclaim the earth.
And they have the firepower to do it.

Welcome to the second in the Dragons Among Us series, “The Lost City Of The Dead”. As with any ongoing, interconnected series, the DAU books follow a broad lineup of main characters who move from a distinct beginning and continuously progress toward an inevitable, climactic conclusion. The novels are designed for Young Adults and contain adult language, frightening imagery and some scenes of graphic violence.

The first in the series, “The Ghosts Of Walker Pines” introduces us to fifteen-year-old Katie Baxter, a teen who will need to grow up fast in a world on the brink of cataclysmic change. A transformation not so much in terms of physical destruction, but an upheaval of reality itself. Humans were not the only creatures to evolve as sentient beings and dominate the Earth. There was another. Forgotten. Defeated in battle. And driven from both the memories of advanced peoples and from the surface upon which their ancient kingdoms rested.

After years of being drawn toward some unimaginable destiny, called-to by telepathic, inscrutable voices other than human, only-child Katie has left her therapists behind in Flagstaff and, together with her widower father, moved to the sleepy town of Walker Pines, Arizona.

The once-quiet rural community has recently awakened to an influx of scientists, all of whom have been hired by a newly completed biological research facility operated by the mysterious Florauna corporation. Katie’s father, George, is one of the new employees who has been befriended by the company’s head supervisor, Rutger. Unknown to everyone, Rutger is a highly advanced species of dragon who has lived among humans for three-hundred years. Centuries spent planning, scheming, and preparing for his kind’s imminent, triumphant return to the surface world.

In the ancient past, dragons and humans had shared the Earth together and lived in peace as brothers and sisters under scale and skin. But a great war had driven them apart and only now, as they face extinction from living too long underground, has the time arrived for them to no longer delay their return migration to the surface.

Having come of age, Katie, who is half dragon herself, is seen as the Deliverer who with Rutger’s help, will lead the dragons back to living side by side with humans. Not everyone favors the decision to be friends again with their former enemies, however, and Katie becomes increasingly entangled in a power struggle between epic, epochal forces of good and evil.

As we again join Katie with her entourage of friends and family, both animal and human, her friendship with “uncle” Rutger continues to grow more intimate and complex. Accompanied once more by her macaw parrot, a dog, cat, her grandmother Ruthie and friend Nela, her dad and his fiancé Liz, plus a host of other hybrid creatures too strange to describe here, Katie is torn between a prophesied commitment to her dragon friends and trying to live some kind of normal life as a more or less typical teenager.

Amid all the turmoil of the times, Katie has survived two assassination attempts and remains surrounded by shape-shifting dragons masquerading as both people and animals. She can never know for sure who is who or what is what.

Uncle Rutger finally takes the Baxter family on a wild ride into Arizona’s Grand Canyon. Some kind of “lost city” has caught his interest and he’s decided to investigate. What follows is an amazing adventure into the unexplored depths of the Canyon where discoveries no less incredible than the existence of real-life dragons await our brave band of explorers.

As Katie’s father and step-mother get married, leave on their honeymoon, and the story concludes, things are just beginning.

Cosmogonic Marbles (Botolf Chronicles)

by Steve Downes

Cosmogonic Marbles by Steve Downes

In the endless Cosmoses that exist in the Multi-verse (with equally endless possibilities) the adventures of two brothers, on an Earth where all myths are real and on our own dull magicless Earth, don’t amount to a hill of beans (except in the Cosmoses where they do amount to hills of beans â?¦but that’s another novel).

In this story Philip Philips, a failed businessman, and his twin brother James, are unwilling participants in a battle of Good versus Evil when a mysterious gateway is opened by a minor God from a Dark-Age twin Earth.

It should have been James Philips who was found by the Dark Stranger and transported by an inter-dimensional being in the guise of a Womble to the Dark-Age Earth filled with every magical creature imaginable. But, as Fate would have it, it’s Philip, the useless one, who ends up leading a group of misfits across Medieval England to mount rescues, battle Hobgoblins and generally save the World(s).

James Philips meanwhile is stuck on dull, magicless, Earth in his old college, Botolf-almost-Oxford, which he discovers is staffed solely by men dedicated to the protection of our Earth from the paranormal. His old mentor, now living in a video recording, introduces him to an array of strange allies, as London, England and the World face an â??alien’ invasion of swords and sorcery.

Others are caught up in the events of the inter-cosmic connection between two Earths; Vortigern the King has been bred for conquest and now his eyes are on our world. He brings with his armies many wizards, who themselves have gained an eye for the throne.

Sam, a young boy from West London has been sent through the gateway to the dark world of magic where he meets Snodrod and the children of an enslaved village, their only wish to get back to their homes; but they face enormous challenges â?¦ not least, Dragon-shaped ones.

The story, as told here in the first Chronicle of Botolf, takes place simultaneously in both Earths, where the connection between worlds has a strange echoing effect on every character.

Will the world be saved? Can the Wrong man do the job? Is this a rhetorical question?

All will be answered in this comedy/fantasy/mock-u-history tale.

Steve Downes

p.s. There’s also a sarcastic Oak Tree in there somewhere.

The Hope For Zargahn (Dragonia: Tales Of The Golden Talon)

by Robert Anton

Children’s fables aren’t just for kids anymore.

The third and final episode of the Dragonia Trilogy continues to blaze new trails for readers of fine fantasy fictionâ??of all ages.

Despite its long title and three volumes, Dragonia: Tales Of The Golden Talon has followed only thirteen critical days in the life of princess Boja, the royal heir destined to reign as queen of all Dragonia.

Though in some ways quaint and traditional, the core qualities of the Dragonia Trilogy are as new and bold as today’s most impressive, most ambitious fantasy fiction. In a dedicated pursuit of developing their own special brand of uncommon dragons, artist and author Robert Anton and co-writer Madeline Marie have created an extraordinary vision of a strange, exotic world whose animal residents grow more alive with each turn of every page. For readers in search of something fresh amid bookshelves lined with fantasy themes that can seem all too alike, they need look no further than the Dragonia series. A surprising break from the routine tales of heroic human warriors doing battle with countless varieties of powerful, malevolent villains.

With its strong focus on vocabulary skills, the Dragonia Trilogy challenges younger readers to not only tackle today’s longer, larger novels, but to enjoy the colorful miscellany of English prose itself. All readers will appreciate the intelligent, mature presentation of an “old fashioned” fairy tale filled with an assortment of unusual animal characters coping with contemporary, very human challenges.

The Quick Take: In Dragonia, the worst has passed, but much work remains undone, much business still unfinished, scores unsettled and injustices unavenged. Finally restored to power, queen Boja is faced with grave decisions of life and death as she struggles to amend the hatred and dishonor of the deposed tyrant, Dragragon. Surprises abound at every turn, with the appearance of the unlikeliest of heroes and the most cowardly of villains. In the end, a final spark of life breaks forth and sets fire to the best laid plans of everyone. Unknown to all, even the father, the exiled former king has a son who will be raised by his adopted motherâ??the queen herself.

Drifting into much needed sleep, Boja recalls the many startling events that have set the stage for the dawn of an uncertain but hopeful future. For a Dragonia both renewed and reborn. The new sovereign wonders if it all was just another dream. Home, she decides, is not defined by where someone has been, but more by where one chooses to live.

Atlas Cloud and the Amulet of Thieves (Atlas Cloud Saga)

by L M J Rayner

-Book 1-

‘I waited there in silence, watching as the veins in my arm bulged. The scratching and clawing at the door had stopped. They were inside. I sat towards the door, watching it without blinking, without losing concentration. Knowing that at any minute they would find me. If I am going to die, I am going down kicking and screamingâ?¦’

Atlas Cloud, a teenage boy in way over his head, discovers that magic is real. There exists another world far beyond his imagination and he crosses over, leaving behind his normal life for one filled with magic and monsters. Unbeknown to him, in this new world lives a dark and evil presence; a man fuelled by rage and malice. A man who threatens everything Atlas knows and loves. Atlas must face an adventure that challenges him to his very core.

Can he face the darkness?

Or will he unravel in the madness?

Ursa Kane

by Stacy Bender

When her plane crashed in the Bermuda Triangle, Danielle Kane thought she was lucky to be alive, but that all changed when she became a virtual prisoner of a brutal aristocratic society hidden from the rest of the world. She made her escape after being sold into slavery, and found herself the hero of a mounting revolution as well as the guardian of a Quetzalcoatl who accompanies her into battle.

Ursa Kane is a story of adventure and bravery, but it’s more. As Danielle Kane’s quest continues, she questions societal conventions, class systems, and the meaning of freedom.

This edition includes a bonus excerpt from Reid Minnich’s science fiction novel, Koinobi.

A Portal In The Storm (Dragonia: Tales Of The Golden Talon)

by Robert Anton

Dragonia: Tales Of The Golden Talon is a fantasy fable in three parts, that follows the lives of its two heroes as they depart from Earth, return to their home world of Dragonia, and defeat the fierce tyrant who forced them into exile.

Despite its long title and three volumes, Dragonia: Tales Of The Golden Talon follows only thirteen critical days in the life of princess Boja, the royal heir destined to reign as queen of all Dragonia.

In the tradition of the magical journeys and search for justice found in Richard Adams’ “Watership Down”, and the strong, intelligent characters followed in “The Secret of N.I.M.H.” by Robert O’Brien, Tales Of The Golden Talon breathes new fire into the sometimes staid genre of mythic heroes, dragons, and evil villains intermixed with incredible creatures of every imaginable description. Culled from timeless themes, but replete with fresh and exciting characters, both endearing and heinous, filled with humor, tragedy, thrills, and numerous, lavish illustrations, this saga of sacrifice and love, courage and perseverance, blazes forth as an original, universal saga for modern times.

Set in the present, the story relates the hardships and triumphs of a banished princess and her guardian as they endeavor to restore the rightful heir to power. Book one, “A Portal In The Storm” takes readers, both young and old, on a series of adventurous quests that begin on Earth, move to Dragonia and in search of the young ruler’s family, travel the land above and below, from one end to the other.

Princess Boja, inexperienced successor to the seized sovereignty, is equal parts eagle and dragon. She is a hybrid creature known as a “dragle”. Her companion and protector, a “dragurtle” named Shelldon, is half turtle and half dragon. As with all residents of Dragonia, both possess wings and can breathe fire.

To save the life of the hatchling empress, Shelldon is appointed as guardian over the royal newborn. Having escaped with her through an inter-dimensional portal, he fled Dragonia and arrived on Earth, where different but equally hazardous circumstances threaten the fugitives. Several seasons later, upon their return home, the grown princess and her guardian must surmount a variety of dangerous challenges as they race against time to avert an imminent confrontation between the despotic king, and those he has oppressed during their long absence.

Boja, however, is ill-prepared for the responsibilities she has inherited by virtue of the lustrous Golden Talon on one of her feet. She is reluctant to reign as queen of a land that seems foreign to her. With no time left to argue, Shelldon has convinced his charge of their need to depart for Dragonia. Where the fate of an entire world hangs in the balance. Where, for the princess, only victory or death awaits herself.

Once home, the princess and Shelldon meet a multitude of other Dragonians who help them wage battles of will and fire against the powerful Dragragon, a huge, pure-blooded super-dragon known as a “Trueblood”.

Ablaze with intense, dramatic flare, this first leg of the Dragonia Trilogy begins a timeless journey that bridges the gap between typical children’s fables and the more sophisticated themes enjoyed by older age groups. Readers of all ages should prepare for the unexpected as they embark upon a fast-paced, smile-per-minute voyage filled with magic and charm, endearing, unusual dragons, plus all the action, suspense, and intrigue of a modern cliffhanger.

Each book in the DRAGONIA series is a full length, fully illuminated novel, both written and illustrated by Robert Anton. Bob is also the author and artist responsible for the Dragons Among Us series: “The Ghosts Of Walker Pines” and “The Lost City Of The Dead.”

Flames Of Fortune (Dragonia: Tales Of The Golden Talon)

by Robert Anton

Dragon Fare With Flare! In this, the second leg of the Dragonia Trilogy, the pace quickens and the danger heightens as princess Boja and her guardian Shelldon, continue along their desperate quest to rid the realm of its merciless despot, Dragragon.

As Boja and Shelldon struggle to reinstate the young, untested queen to power, they and their friends must brace themselves for the ultimate, climactic clash of fire, fang, and claw. Each must somehow survive a fateful duel whose outcome will, in its awesome wake, forever change everythingâ??and everyone.

Move over humans and hobbits, make room for dragons who take center stage and tell their own story from within a world inhabited exclusively by dragons and other, dragon-related creatures.

Boja and Shelldon are the two dragon-like heroes of “Dragonia: Tales Of The Golden Talon” where flights of fantasy abound in this epic fable filled with fireworks galore, thrills, chills, and laugh-out-loud humor. Travel with the princess and her devoted guardian Shelldon, as they struggle to defeat the mad tyrant, Dragragon, who has prevented her from assuming her reign as the rightful queen of Dragonia.

Set against a backdrop of action and intrigue, populated by original, colorful characters, and sprawling with spectacular landscapes, TOTGT brims with nonstop adventure while following the trials and heartaches of youth and innocence. Of a fateful journey for the princess as she comes of age and confronts a nightmarish world of unimagined perils. A forsaken land of fire and terror where everything began. Where all will end unless she can somehow triumph over impossible odds, invincible enemies, and over her own reluctance to fulfill the destiny that fate has thrust upon her. Racing to avert a final showdown, Boja and Shelldon pursue a desperate plot to save Dragonia from total destruction.

In an ageless tale of honor and loyalty, love and courage, this meticulously rendered realm of wondrous splendors and unforgettable inhabitants is designed to rank high among the better fantasy stories of our time. Gigantic, fire-breathing super-dragons, plus wholly unique breeds of others, battle amid volleys of both exploding flames and passions. At a smile-per-minute pace, sparks fly and suspense runs fever-pitch in an allegorical tale that culls new energy from traditional themes of morality and sacrifice. Forget your musty notions about dragons, ancient lore, magic and mythology, for TOTGT strives to set new standards of excellence in its fresh, unorthodox brands of gothic monsters, shining knights, and damsels-in-distress.

In describing the story, words like funny, fast-paced, frightening and thrilling are not just more of the same superlatives so common to the promotion of an author’s work. For TOTGT, such terms define this modern parable. Full of whimsy, surprises, and unlikely heroes, the trilogy spins an “old fashioned” yarn for readers of all ages that wants to change forever our stale concepts of cutesy animal characters acting predictably human. As a result, the three-volume set forges an eclectic mix of modern philosophy, humor, pathos, and medieval melodrama.

Not just another epic saga that blazes forth with unforgettable characters, edge-of-your-seat thrills, humor, pathos, and exciting battles between virtuous heroes and ruthless villains. Okay, so it is.

Atlas Cloud and the Witch of the West (Atlas Cloud Saga)

by L.M.J Rayner

-Book 2-

‘Miracles don’t happen to me, I just fall deeper into the world of trouble, barely holding on to the walls as I fall. I am always falling.’

‘It was so cold; it embraced me and invaded my clothes and body. As I took another breath, I mistimed it with the waves and my new grave managed to get in my mouth. I coughed and spluttered, but still tried to hold my breath. The water coerced itself down my throat, I was drowning and I was alone. I would have rather died at the hand of Legion and their monsters. Everything became murky and blurred, my hand reached out for help. I put the other hand in my jacket and held onto the photo. I’ll see you soon…’

Trapped back home, Atlas Cloud, a young magician is stuck in the human world. Disconnected from the Apostles and his friend Eli, their task to stop the armies of Legion crossing over worlds. He must find a way back before Legion and their master Cain wreak havoc on the magical realm. Little does he know that a creature far worse than Legion lurks in the dark. A creature damned by the Elders themselves and it will test Atlas and the Apostles to the very edge of their resolve.

Can Atlas reunite with his friend Eli and stop Legion from destroying the ones he cares about the most?

Or will he return home and leave behind a life of magic and monsters?



Joe, Lucinda’s friend, has disappeared when his attempt at time travel went wrong. Where did he go? Can Lucinda, a powerful psychic, energy intuitive and a veteran of time travel, find him and return him safely to the present? The Ninth Master discovers who killed his parents when he was four years old and the secret they held for which they were murdered. This leads him on to search for two Crucifixion nails, relics of great power, held by the Fallen Lords of the Paths of Darkness. Lucinda joins him in the search which takes them to an unexpected location. Meanwhile, the world is approaching over closer to apocalyptic disaster after the Great Lord, Anzu, makes an appearance.

Finding Anna (Monterey Shorts)

by Byron Merritt

‘I’ve been digging up these folks forever!”

Byron Merritt provides a different look at Fate and Destiny through Terry’s point of view. And as a biker/fairy who’s duty it is to dig up fresh graves, Terry has a whole different point of view.

Heart Blossom

by Colin Lalley

Nathan has one chance to rescue the woman he loves – the fabled heart blossom. He must brave the witches and swamp men who prowl the bog and take one life to save another. But is he willing to pay the price for that sacrifice?

A Place to Heal (Monterey Shorts)

by Shaheen Schmidt

“A scavenger of time, Steven felt as though each moment was just out or reach.”

In Shaheen Schmidt’s “A Place to Heal,” Steven abandons his high paced LA life to find a place to heal on the Central Coast of California. His heart and mind are renewed when he slows down and smells the honeysuckle and sage of the Big Sur coast.

Night Wounds Time (Monterey Shorts)

by Chris Kemp

“Seems the Chancellor of Chance is craving attention.”

Chris Kemp delves into time travel in his short story “Night Wounds Time.” after starting out on a foggy night in the 21st century, his characters find their selves back in the time of “Flower Power” dancing to the beat of the first Monterey Jazz Festival. By the time they get back, they are ready to stay.


Map Legends

by Colin Lalley

While in search of the treasure of the Dragon’s Belly, the King of Men enlists the aid of a skilled Mapmaker. With the help of the Mapmaker’s compatriots, against the likes of cursed princes and river queens, they unravel the legend behind the world’s greatest treasure.

Ellis and the Eclipse

by Colin Lalley

Ellis was born in the small village of Barstone and lived in Barstone and, he feared, would die in Barstone. No one ever left and nothing ever happened – except for the Festival of the Eclipse. Twice a year the citizens of Barstone gathered to watch the Sun and the Moon come together, and there were games and feasts and cheers. This year was no different…until the Sun and the Moon disappeared. Now Ellis must protect the secret of the Eclipse from Barstone and embark on a storybook adventure to restore the Sun and the Moon to their rightful place before more devious forces have their way with them.

The Adventures of Frio: The League of Extraordinary Rascals

by David Scott

A dimwitted monk, naive spy, and arrogant talking cat are faced with the challenge of recovering their missing memories while the entire Jondurian Empire pursues them. Fortunately, they have Frio the mighty orc, and his enchanted greatsword to aid them.

It will soon become apparent that sinister forces have a stake in the outcome, with consequences far greater than any of the companions could have foreseen. Will Frio ultimately choose to protect his own skin, or will he rise to meet the heroic status the Fates have built for him?

26,000 word novella


by Roland Yeomans

In a land just beyond your mirror lies a realm few discover. It is a magical, dangerous dimension. There lurks your darkest nightmares and your fondest hopes.

For nearly two thousand winters there, the seasons have flowed inevitably one into another. Life is as it always has been. The Huron war with the Iroquois, the Commanche with the Lakota, and the Apache with everyone.

Across the great waters, the Mongul storm the great wall of Chin. The samurai of Nippon invade Indus. And the vast Collisium lies in ruins, overgrown with vines and olive trees.

The deer and bear roam the deserted villages of Gaul. And the lonely wind whispers through the towering monoliths of Stonehenge. The race called Whyte is not even a memory. Except to Estanatlehi, The Turquoise Woman, once named Gaia, Goddess of the Earth, by the People she alone remembers.

All of which means exactly nothing to the young bear Hibbs. For as long as he can remember, he has been raised by The Turquoise Woman, whom he simply calls GrandMother.

Trained by her, hunted by the Lakota, accompanied by the strange hawk, Little Brother, Hibbs has happily ambled from mountain to desert to forest, even sometimes across the great waters.

Often he has asked GrandMother why she has led him to so many different lands. The answer has always been : Because a moving target is harder to hit.

He thinks it is a joke. It is not. He is hunted by more than the Lakota. He is being hunted by a being now known as the Gray Bear, though that has not always been his name.

Hibbs is the unknowing key to rescuing the race once called Whyte from oblivion. For that very purpose the Turquoise Woman has raised and trained him. But now she repents of her actions.

She has grown to love the young bear. And for the Whyte race to live, Hibbs must die.

So she has hidden him in the ancient land of Eire, home of all manner of strange beasts and wonders, ruled by the stag-being Cernunnos. Here she hopes she can cause Hibbs to be lost among so many fearsome creatures.

It is a vain hope.

Hibbs, large of heart, bold of spirit, cannot see pain without trying to help. He has become a healer. And heal he will do no matter how much Cernunnos protests.

And protest the tyrant does — with his vast army of Darklings. To survive, Hibbs and Little Brother must escape, using a mysterious construct called a Sidhe Mound.

Estanatlehi sees her plan to save Hibbs further unravel as the bear and hawk find themselves in Avalon, now being bloodied by an eon-long civil war.

There, in the crystal and gold palace of Caer Wydr, Hibbs interrupts the dark ritual, Diatheke, setting the race called Whyte a step closer to their destiny and himself into a desperate struggle of spirit with the Gray Bear.

An Account of the Collection Formerly Owned by Linus Cleveland Booker

by Colin Lalley

Linus Cleveland Booker is the world’s greatest collector, and he’s finally got his hands on his most prized possession – a twister. But will this find tear apart the rest of his collection and, worse, his marriage? [Short Story]

The Wondrous Life of a Long-Ago Man

by Val Edward Simone

In 1830, Thomas Bartholomew Cantfield is shipwrecked on a small uncharted island in the South Pacific. Alone and fearing that he may never be rescued, Thomas begins journalizing his time marooned on the island.

Experiencing devastating loneliness, ferocious pirate attacks, and the unexpected appearance of other people, he begins to question the very foundation of his sanity. With the arrival of a seemingly magical bird, he comes to suspect that the island is a wondrous and miraculous place that exists solely to take care of him.

His incredible story unfolds to tell a tale of adventure, mystery, and survivalâ??and of an indomitable will to persevere in the face of his most trying challenge ever.

Join Thomas in the wondrous account of a man determined to be more than he was ever meant to be.

The Emerald Thief (Hyperion)

by Milly Jane Ayre

Princess Shamone was the only daughter to Prince Tylox and Princess Opia. She lived in a fancy castle and could have pretty much anything she desired. What she desired however was to explore her kingdom without an entourage of chaperons and guards.

Uncaring of the restrictions that were forced upon her, Shamone enlisted Ilengor, one of her father’s ex soldier’s, to teach her the art of Shenshu, the art of two swords. Ilengor’s wife Mageena, had, until recently been Shamone’s tutor and guardian at the castle. Sabian, one of her father’s young personal aides, had conspired to have Mageena replaced by new tutors.

Shamone has sworn to make Sabian pay for this traitorous act, but Sabian was not so easily thwarted. Much to Shamone chagrin, he strived to catch her out every time she left the castle without permission. Undeterred, Shamone dressed in a disguise and armed with her twin blades she sought to discover what adventures awaited beyond her castle walls.

Larna (Daughter of the Gods)


Larna fights for survival against a race of Mallors who destroyed her home. She has no idea why they’ve decided to attack but she has only one option. Escape. Despite being found she somehow manages to survive, only to go into a world that she never thought was real, let alone possible. Larna learns secrets along her fast-paced journey and eventually starts to understand what her new purpose in life is.

Albatron is a Guard of Takna, sworn to follow it’s law and uphold the law. Having sworn Larna’s protection, he seeks to protect her alongside his friends Bartho and Shena. But even though he’s grown up with the difficulties of the lower-class society, he suddenly starts to understand that keeping Larna safe is one of the hardest missions he’s ever had. Larna will test his skills and exactly how far he’s willing to go to protect her.

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