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Christmas from The Bad Idea Catalog

by Mel Odious

It’s the gift-giving season and all the headlines are about things you can choke on, but I have not seen any warnings anywhere about the dangerous things I ordered from a novelty catalog out of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Please consider this a holiday heads-up to all my friends in Kindleland.

Merry Christmas!


Smart Mouth Waitress (Romantic Comedy) (Life in Saltwater City)

by Dalya Moon

Perry makes a strong first impression, from her white-girl dreadlocks to her uncensored opinions.
When she combs out her dreads on a whim, she catches the eye of a cute guy who’s a regular at The Whistle, the diner where she works as a waitress. He mistakes Perry for someone completely different: the girl of his dreams.

Perry tries to become that girl.

But it’s so hard to be normal.

And eyebrow piercings are so cute.


With her mother down in LA recording her comeback album, Perry’s in charge of the family household, and things are going to change. She starts with paint colors and moves on to doling out retributive punishments for her fifteen-year-old brother.

What Perry really wants, though, is her first boyfriend. She’s eighteen, and it’s about time!

Boyfriend candidates include: the cute but quiet restaurant regular, the all-too-willing coworker, or the outgoing artist who’s eager to whip off his clothes and model. One of these guys loves Perry exactly how she is, but how can she tell which one?

Full of young people behaving awkwardly, Smart Mouth Waitress, A Romantic Comedy, is a light-hearted, giggle-inducing read. 

*New Adult Romance *
For: NA (New Adult) or YA for older teens to adults (some mature content)Please note: the main character is 18 years old
Length: 90,000 words or 287 pages
Kindle DRM-free for your convenience; may be converted for other digital devices.

Each Life in Saltwater City book is a stand-alone novel.

If you enjoy a quirky, fast-paced book with heart and humor, you’ll love Smart Mouth Waitress.

Thomson Twins Tales Box Set (Three Young Adult Short Stories) (Spin-off to CHUBBY CHICKS CLUB)

by Lois Lavrisa

Free ParTay Super FreeFriday! For One Day Only, Dec. 27th,Thomson
Twins Tales
will be FREE! If you like Thomson Twins Tales you might also like these other FREE books:

Sweet,Sweet, Sweet Barefeet! A Joyful Rap, Childhood fun on acarefree day in toe-tappin’ lyrical verse. ByFlo Barnett.             

TheAdventures of Jocker & Bivy: Saving Upworld (Book #1), Jocker and Bivyembark on a quest to Save Upworld. ByT.J. Hawk.      

ChocolateWorth Dying For, A mystery wrapped in chocolate. By Pat Amsden.  

Mimi’sMix, Two paranormal romances and one suspense makes upthis mix! By Mimi Barbour.    

TheQuietest Woman in the South, Cade Trahern and an orphan.What more could she want? By NancyRadke.

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SPECIAL OFFER: Now you can get all three (3) YA short stories for the price of one(1) in the box set THOMSON TWIN TALES.

 From Best Selling, Award Winning author Lois Lavrisa-THOMSON TWINS TALES Three Young Adult short tales. Companion spin off stories to her bestselling #1 Cozy Mystery series CHUBBY CHICKS CLUB, book #1 DYING FOR DINNER ROLLS

“She loves me? She loves me not?” Find out in the 7,000word YA Mystery/Romance short story PICTURE NOT PERFECT.

“Can a vampire and a superhero save a young couple’s relationship?” Find out in the 4,000 word YA Romantic short story TURNABOUT TWIST.

“It’s a game of Cat and Mouse in TREAT OR TRICK” a 3,000 word YA Suspense Short story.

After Home

by Carrie Crafton

Beth had always planned on buying that house with the big porch; the one where she and Jack would sit back and watch the world go by. But when she finds herself there on her own, it’s not the life she imagined. Instead of settling down, her porch, and the small town she found it in, open her life up in ways she’d thought she’d given up on.


by R.S. Novelle

Graham had a simple life: A job he enjoyed, a wife that he loved, and a young son that kept each and every day full of surprises. But when his father passed away unexpectedly, he inherited a family heirloom that would begin to…complicate matters.

A mirror that had been in his family for generations, Graham quickly found that its reflections were out of the ordinary, and that it had prophetic powers beyond his comprehension. Giving him just a momentary glance at souls who were on the knife’s edge of life and death, it was up to him to try to save them as they were thrust unknowingly into his path.

Finding a way to balance his daily life with this newfound responsibility was proving arduous enough, but when the mirror begins showing him reflections of his own family, Graham finds his world irretrievably changed. Will he be able to save them, or will he be forced to live with the same regret that so many have suffered before him?

The Unstoppable Titans Saga (4-book set)

by Jerry Hart

Follow the epic adventures of several young monster hunters as they defend the world from the most dangerous evil imaginable: their own creator.

From their humble beginnings to their final battle, laugh and cry with these extraordinary young adults as they discover who and what they are in a world of chaos.

A Likely Story

by Amy Mull Fremgen

A charming collection of 44 very short (coffee break) stories that will make you smile or think, or perhaps both in less than 5 minutes. The reader travels from England to Paris to Moscow to China, laughs at the antics of cats, dogs, and small children, and warms to new found love and long, steadfast devotion. Read what went wrong with the special Latkes and Grandma Jean’s famous soup and how ice cream foiled a robbery. Find out who won The Baby Raffle and if the apple tree in the Cotswold really was haunted. This is a book everyone in the family will enjoy.

Good Men Don’t Do Nothing (Mike Edington Adventures #1)

by P W Jordan

Since leaving the British Army, Mike Edington had spent twenty five years quietly building up his little property empire. A confirmed batchelor, he was fast approaching his fiftieth birthday and his thoughts should have been turning towards relaxing a little and enjoying the fruits of his labours, but a phone call from an old mentor was to turn his life upside down. He unexpectedly found himself at the head of a shadowy group of individuals who’d taken it upon themselves to bring some much needed accountability to the increasingly corrupt political and ruling classes. After incarcerating one particularly odious member of the European Commission, they discovered that he was the keeper of a very dangerous secret. Deadly enough to put Mike’s entire organisation at risk when the Security Services on both sides of the Atlantic were mobilised in an attempt to keep the secret under lock and key. Mike would need to call on skills he’d long since consigned to the attic of his mind in his battle to save himself and his compatriots from the tainted forces of law and order.

The Highland Six Pack’s Cat (The Highland Six Pack Series)

by R Oatman

BOOK FOUR: Cat had never been one to hold back her adventurous and free-wheeling spirit. Coming from a bohemian liberal, strict Catholic mother and living through step-fathers and multiple resulting siblings leaves Cat in search of who she is. Answers come through frantic exploration of anything in her path, leading to a desire to save the world, and ultimately through Rocky, her seemingly strange match, who shows her the beauty of life amidst the ugly. Cat’s ever evolving spiritual beliefs take on new growth after meeting him, then fail her when life does the unthinkable. Her former college roommates from Highland Street are at a loss for how to help her until they rely on her personality to be the key. Cat has to decide how to proceed, and blindly mixing in some detective work as a distraction is her inimitable way.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

by Elizabeth Fields

Fed up with the small town day to day in Farber, Texas, high school graduates, L and her best friend, Leah, have made a vow to make this summer the best summer of their lives. With little direction and no real plan, the summer, unfortunately, seems to be shaping up like any other. That is until their favorite band of all time, Brick Party Sundae, announces the Texas leg of their tour. L and Leah decide there couldn’t be a more epic way to spend the summer than by following BPS around Texas. As they search for the best time of their lives, they find much more than they bargained for along the way. Join L and Leah on their journey as they take a walk on the wild side, discover life outside of Farber, learn about themselves, and meet new sides of each other they’ve never seen before. Can their friendship withstand the most epic summer of all time? No matter what happens, they’ll never forget how they spent their summer vacation.

The Highland Six Pack’s Maggie (The Highland Six Pack Series)

by R Oatman

BOOK TWO: Shy Maggie loves Evan and has depended on him since they were childhood neighbors. He began as her playmate, her pseudo brother, and when they were old enough to have sex he became her Prince Charming. She wants nothing more than to marry him, and goes away to college clinging to that ideal. Even her best friends and roommates on Highland Street can’t persuade her to try on anyone else. After graduating, while Evan establishes himself as an attorney, Maggie still holds hope, living a solitary life in a little apartment, at times wavering, questioning the wisdom of waiting, but when he proposes with a huge diamond she happily accepts the timing as right. Not until events soon bring a temporary move back home with her mother does she see her life, her choices, her ingrained desires for what they are, forcing her to find a place for Evan to fit.

The Highland Six Pack’s Cherry (The Highland Six Pack Series)

by R Oatmaan

BOOK FIVE: Life for Cherry has always been a struggle. She could be popular, and halfway is as a high school cheerleader, but her scruples and fear of germs and of disobeying her parents keeps her in a private hell that stifles her. In college, being accepted by her five roommates in the Highland Street rental frees her to loosen until loosening leads to pregnancy before graduation. Cherry sees that as a just punishment, and locks the truth of the baby’s father, along with the return of her fears, deep into her being. As much as she loves the baby and two more as she settles into family life, she remains haunted, and unwittingly transfers that onto her family, especially the first hapless child. Breaking her lifelong, self-imposed exile from all that would bring her happiness requires her to change the direction of her convictions, a feat scarier than all of her fears combined.

The Lola Diaries Drama Jerk

by Lulubelle Love

Let’s face it: Turning eleven can be
difficult, especially when you still wear
diapers to bed. This is a secret that Lola
Swanson wants to keep under wraps. But secrets
always have a way of coming out when
Hannah Thompson (a.k.a. Captain Evil) is involved.

And then there’s the other little problem â?¦ Lola and Hannah are both in love with the same boy.

Snakeskin Jacket (Monterey Shorts)

by Mark Angel

It was hard yet soft, smooth yet scaly, sensual…

In Mark Angel’s short story “Snakeskin Jacket” (27 pages, first published in 2003 in the Monterey Shorts anthology) Al, a sanitation engineer (garbage truck driver) on California’s Monterey Peninsula, learns about himself and his relationship with his wife Betty, while going through a mid-life crisis and having an affair. These events are precipitated by finding and growing into a snake skin jacket that had been left in someone’s trash.

Hope Defined (Dinah Dynamo)

by Shannon Humphrey

The torture began in sixth grade. Hope should never have told the other kids in Opal Lake that she has weird dreams. Or that these dreams inspire her to invent objects that fly. Now in eighth grade, she’s the outsider nobody wants. Things get worse when Hope takes the top grade in science. She becomes a threat to eighth grade queen Caitlin Crawford and her privileged clique for the school’s highest award, the prestigious Sky Honors.

Caitlin preys on Hope’s loneliness and concocts a scheme. As Hope’s life spirals, the dreams won’t stop. Why does the girl in them look like a perfect version of her?

Perfection is the only way of life the Scions know. In Tavos, they exist in peace, traveling through the galaxies, creating planets and manipulating stars. The standard of achievement is nothing less than excellence. Until the hard voices awaken Dinah. Deep punches pierce her. And the desperate eyes pull at her insides. A mysterious force begins to crack the perfect equilibrium of their world. Neither King Aleph nor Dinah’s father gives her the answers she seeks. Who is the withering young female in those horrible visions? What does it mean toâ?¦ suffer?

Dinah is bold enough to pursue her own truth. But is she strong enough to handle Hope’s?


by Jane M. Handel

Beset by amorous Frenchmen, a young English woman struggles to control her unruly eyes.

As light and amusing as Champagne, Jane M Handel’s short story gives a new twist to a classic expat experience only too familiar to attractive young women in Paris.


“I chose ‘The Way You Look at Me’ for its graceful writing and general subject -our differing points of view- and for its powers of observation, and astute cross-cultural detail.” — Diane Johnson, author of Le Divorce, Le Mariage and L’Affaire

The Highland Six Pack’s Sadie (The Highland Six Pack Series)

by R Oatman

BOOK SIX: Petite and talented Sadie is a bundle of unbridled energy and optimism as she navigates college. She loves life, she loves the world for all it offers, and she loves musician Rick like he’s the only guy on earth. When her dreams of a happy future with him shatter, Sadie does too. Classmate Bear, a striving country western singer, is there to pick up the pieces. Her roomies on Highland Street aren’t thoroughly convinced he’s the answer for the Lennon/Dylan loving Sadie, but support her when she marries him. As Bear’s career soars, giving her a pampered lifestyle, Sadie struggles to find her own goals and to keep a hold on her sense of self. The return of Rick sends her mind spinning and a stranger adds to the whirl, unwittingly bringing her life, her goals, and the Highland Six Pack into altered focus.


by MJ Preston

FBI Agents Perron and Webster are waiting John Lamb to arrive. Fitting name for a man intent on intent on starting the Armageddon.

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