Free historical fiction Kindle books for 27 Dec 13

In Love and War: Where the Past Lies Part One

by Susan Speers

The scandal that founds a family dynasty begins when an American war bride lands English society’s golden princeâ?¦and then catches the eye of the king.

London 1940: Impulsive newspaper heiress Lizzy Rhinehart marries dashing pilot David Brandon only to learn he prefers hunting Nazis in the sky and ladies on the ground to marriage and babies. He uses Hitler’s bombs as an excuse to send Lizzy and their child to the country and his estranged father’s reluctant welcome.

Reclusive widower Kelville Brandon was a sculptor and Olympic equestrian until World War I shrapnel ended both careers. When his fiancée deserted him for America, he hardened his broken heart to a marriage of convenience. He retired to breed horses in the country and taught himself to paint with his left hand, but the struggle left him an angry, moody man.

Kel is startled by his son’s hasty marriage to an American bride. His rude dismissal disrupts their wedding reception. An awkward apology goes awry when he discovers Lizzy’s artistic talent and berates her neglect of it. He wants to help, but her familiar beauty haunts him.

Open hearted Lizzy is stung when David’s father rejects her, then surprised to learn he’s an artist who inspires her secret desire to paint. As World War II rages, Lizzy learns to cope with Kel’s moods while she despairs of David’s letters and visits that never come. In time, her courage and loving nature melt Kel’s frozen heart. His faithful care shames his son’s desertion.

When David wants a divorce, Lizzy buries her heartache in painting and befriends difficult, mysterious Kel, fighting a growing attraction to the man whose rude words fire her temper, but whose unfailing kindness heals her battered heart.

Till We Meet Again

by Roy Penny

Mattie will grab your heart and never let it go.
One hot summer noon in the 1890’s, a skinny young girl in a long, dingy dress came limping barefooted up a mountain road that straggled westward out of the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. In her right hand she dragged a long willow switch, and her left hand carried a sunflower blossom on a short stem.

For years Mattie had dreamed of becoming a schoolteacher like her Aunt Sis. Yet now she was leaving the safety of the Ozark Mountains for the Oklahoma Territory. She was only thirteen years old! Her father’s dream was to settle his family on 160 acres of free government land, but when they arrive, they discover all of the available land has been taken. Mattie and her family have to scramble to survive. Amidst the hardships of picking cotton and the struggles of a territory becoming a state, Mattie grows up finding love and her place in a changing world.

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