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Against A Dark Shore

by Christopher Kenworthy

The hard-fought Anglo-American War of 1812 has ended.

And in its bitter aftermath, the merchant adventurer Matthew Milburn, born English but forced by circumstances to become an American, is desperately trying to repair his fortunes.

But fate is against him.

A chance remark at a Governor’s reception makes an enemy out of the influential Commander Anthony Craig.

Fleeing from Craig, Matthew runs into the first flaring of a slave uprising among the plantations of the Bahamas.

It needs only the challenge of the treacherous agitator de Gonaives, a Haitian bent on driving the British from the Bahamas, to involve Matthew and his crew in a desperate struggle to save an entrancing young girl and her family from a terrible fate.

And this beautiful haven is about to become a cold-blooded death trap.

Written against the sultry background of early 19th-century Caribbean, this is the fourth novel in the continuing story of Matthew and Son, the Savannah shippers.

‘Against A Dark Shore’ is the action-packed sequel to ‘In The Dark Of The Moon’ and ‘Ride The Dark Tide’: an enthralling adventure story set against the violent backdrop of 19th-century warfare and piracy.

It is perfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell, Alexander Kent, and CS Forrester.

“I could taste the salt and smell the wind on every page. A brilliant read.’ – Tom Kasey, best-selling author of ‘The Dante Code’.

Christopher Kenworthy was a journalist and novelist.

Endeavour Press is the UK’s leading independent digital publisher.

The Quietest Woman in the South (The Traherns western pioneer series)

by Nancy Radke

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  • He’s got him a mule and he’s headed back to Tennessee.
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Look Up, Tidewater Virginia! Walking Tours of 3 Towns In The Old Dominion (Look Up, America!)

by Doug Gelbert

There is no better way to see Tidewater Virginia towns than on foot. And there is no better way to appreciate what you are looking at than with a self-guided walking tour. A walking tour can be many things. Interested in heritage tourism? Looking for an educational day trip for the kids? Need a fun exercise plan? Want to find subjects to take great pictures? Whether you are visiting a new town or just out to look at your own town in a new way, a Tidewater Virginia walking tour from is ready to explore when you are.

Each of the 3 walking tours in LOOK UP, TIDEWATER VIRGINIA! describes a mix of historical, architectural, cultural and ecclesiastical landmarks. Street addresses and step-by-step directions lead the way. A quick primer on identifying architectural styles seen on Tidewater Virginia streets is included. And so are pictures.So look both ways before crossing the street and LOOK UP, TIDEWATER VIRGINIA!

Tours Included:


Jailbreak out of History: the re-biography of Harriet Tubman

by Butch Lee

Crucial revisionist herstory, firmly rerooting Harriet Tubman in the context of patriarchy, race, class, and armed struggle. A fascinating, and much needed examination of the woman and her times. Her juxtaposition vis a vis the pro-American patriarch John Brown in particular is a great read. At a time when violence against women of color is at the center of world politics, uncovering the censored story of one Amazon points to answers that have nothing to do with government programs, police, or patriarchal politics.

The Integration of Estonian Immigrants into the United States of America

by Vincent Teetsov

In this initial essay, Teetsov explores his paternal family’s history, the integration and impact of Estonian Immigrants to the United States of America. Take a glimpse at one of the lesser-known stories of the Second World War, from the Baltic States to the American continent.

Special thanks and credit due to Priit Vesilind for his assistance in this book. Check out his book “When the Noise Had Ended–Geislingen’s DP Children Remember” at Lakeshore Press.

With Further Consequences: A Collection of Poetry

by Vincent Teetsov

In this sequel to his first collection of poetry, Teetsov gives further observation and criticism of consumerism, perspectives of self-worth in our culture, the news, and also attempts to shed light on how people who lived before him are much more similar to people now than some may think. “History does not repeat itself, it never stopped.” (extract from Lovat River)

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