Free literary fiction Kindle books for 27 Dec 13

Lord of the Trash

by Sarah MacManus

When spinster Army nurse Dana Bailey inherits her slightly odd teenage brother, Sam, she wonders if she’s up to raising him. But when the man who broke Sam’s heart, the magnetically handsome Sean Gordon appears out of the blue, Dana finds that it’s Sam who can teach her a thing or two.

A bittersweet tale of love and independence.


by Stephen Loveless

Through seeing historic film of the horror of the A-Bomb attack on Hiroshima an Anglo-Japanese schoolgirl at a British school finds her identity and strength to face daily physical bullying as a Hibakusha, the name given to the survivors of the nuclear attack. To overcome the ever-increasing violence against her Shey takes vengeance against the bully in the only way she can.

Sometimes the only weapon we have to fight with is our imaginations. For Shey, the fantasy of becoming a Hibakusha gives her both an identity and the strength to endure. But as the violence escalates she turns her illusion into destructive vengeance.

Years later Shey emotionally and mentally torn apart, arrives in a coastal town to confront that past and try and free herself of its grip and the ghosts of the Hibakusha that still haunt her.

Hi-Tech Blues (Joshua)

by C.R. Stevens

Hi-Tech Blues is the first short story in a series of 9 character driven dramas, written by a budding author of contemporary short fiction, C.R. Stevens. Enjoy the experiences and challenges of his protagonist Joshua Turner.

Joshua Turner – Could never be called uneducated, uncultured, unaffiliated, or unseemly. Still, even the most sophisticated man might not be able to erase his roots entirely; not that he hadn’t taken all the right steps. He was an engineering graduate, employed in corporate middle management, living in an upscale apartment in San Francisco where simply telling people his address was enough. He knew everything there was to know about the best wines, the subtleties of gourmet coffee, the most stylish cuts in clothing, and the dating etiquette that would guarantee him the company of a beautiful classy woman.
This was the life he’d always intended to lead. He felt certain of his superiority and very prepared to remain aloof from his Louisiana family he loved and considered stuck in mediocrity. He had a feeling that he had indeed “arrived” in life. But, as if attached to a rubber-band, the feeling that he had truly arrived is sub-planted by a new twinge of uncertainty in his life. He returns home with something to conceal as he walks in old and familiar shoes.

The Shakers

by James Ross

Intense, fragmented and evocative, this is contemporary urban literary fiction at its best.

From the UK’s most important short-form writer, The Shakers resonates with passion, humour, and an almost wistful disconnection.

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