Free mystery and thriller Kindle books for 27 Dec 13

Racked (A Lt. Jack Daniels / Nicholas Colt mystery)

by Jude Hardin

A private investigator, a police lieutenant, and a man wearing a Bugs Bunny mask walk into a bar…

Unfortunately, it’s no joke when Bugsy rigs the barrel of a twelve-gauge pump to the back of the bartender’s neck.

Together for the first time in this explosive tale of greed, betrayal, and blood-soaked terror (not really, but it’s a fast-paced and funny mystery-thriller), Florida PI Nicholas Colt (Crosscut, Key Death) and Chicago cop Jacqueline Daniels (Whiskey Sour, Shaken) team up to stop the robber before another shotgun shell gets RACKED.

Racked is an 8000 word story, about 50 pages long. Colt and Daniels also appear together in the full length novel LADY 52, coming soon.

Schreiber’s Secret

by Roger Radford

Most Nazi sadists went to the grave with their secrets. Who was Hans Schreiber – and what was his terrible secret?
Crime reporter Mark Edwards and his colleague Danielle Green wade deep in red herrings and a twisting and turning plot as they seek to discover the terrible secret of a Nazi sadist who has continued his murdering ways in modern London. The story switches from a wartime transit camp in Czechoslovakia to contemporary Germany; from a London suburb to the Old Bailey, the world’s most famous criminal court, where two men strive to claim that the other is the real Hans Schreiber.
Schreiber’s Secret is a gripping tale of unimaginable horror and hatred revolving around a question of identity. Who is the real Hans Schreiber?


Identity Crisis (A Sam McRae Mystery)

by Debbi Mack


A simple domestic abuse case turns deadly when the alleged abuser is killed and Stephanie Ann “Sam” McRae’s client disappears. When a friend asks Sam to find Melanie Hayes, the Maryland attorney is drawn into a complex case of murder and identity theft that has her running from the Mob, breaking into a strip club and forming a shaky alliance with an offbeat private investigator to discover the truth about Melanie and her ex-boyfriend.

With her career and life on the line, Sam’s search takes her from the blue-collar Baltimore suburbs to the mansions of Gibson Island. Along the way, she learns that false identities can hide dark secrets, and those secrets can destroy lives.


“Debbi Mack has created a first-rate heroine in Sam McRae. Sam is tough, resilient, sassy and unstoppable. Good thing, too, as IDENTITY CRISIS moves at a slam-bam pace.” — Simon Wood, author of TERMINATED

“If you enjoy realistic legal thrillersâ??and dread the thought of ‘identity theft’ striking homeâ??IDENTITY CRISIS will be a genuine treat. Debbi Mack has used her own experience as an attorney to craft a twisty yet completely credible plot. And her protagonist, Stephanie Ann ‘Sam’ McRae, is a perfect example of what every client should hope for in an advocate: a professional who’s willing to take risks both inside AND outside the courtroom.” — Jeremiah Healy, Author of RESCUE, TURNABOUT and THE ONLY GOOD LAWYER

“IDENTITY CRISIS is a well-written and well-plotted mystery which introduces lawyer-sleuth Sam McRae. She’s an exciting new protagonist mystery readers will want to get to know.” — Louise Titchener, Author of MALPRACTICE, BURNED IN BALTIMORE and BURIED IN BALTIMORE

“Of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock once said, â??There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it.’ Author Debbi Mack nails that statement in this tightly written tale about a flawed Maryland attorney, â??Sam’ McRae, and her relentless search for a killer when the domestic abuse case she has been handling kicks itself up a notch: The accused is found dead and his wife has taken off. Not good. Add to that the FBI, the Mob, identity theft, and a vulnerable main character involved with a married prosecutor and you have a darn good page-turner. Debbi Mack crafts a taut narrative with crackling dialogue.” — Aimee Zuccarini, The Maryland Women’s Journal, Oct./Nov. 2009.


Debbi Mack is the New York Times ebook bestselling author of the Sam McRae mystery series. She’s also published FIVE UNEASY PIECES, a short story collection that includes her Derringer Award-nominated story “The Right to Remain Silent.” Her short stories have appeared in various other anthologies and publications.

A former attorney, Debbi has also worked as a journalist, librarian, and freelance writer/researcher. She enjoys walking, cats, travel and movies. Debbi is currently working on the fourth book in the series and planning other projects, including screenplays and possible film projects.

A New Dawn Rising

by Michael Joseph

Haunted by the loss of his wife and young daughter, reclusive ex-cop Sam Carlisle is offered a job working for wealthy businessman Carl Renshaw. An opportunity to move on and make a fresh start. But when Carl is murdered, the police suspect Sam is responsible, forcing him to hunt down the real killer himself. 
Only someone doesn’t want Sam Carlisle finding out the truth…

The Great Game

by D.R. Bell

Chickens came home to roost in September of 2019. After years of patient preparation, a China-led block of countries stages an overnight financial coup to unseat the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Fortunes are made and lost in a matter of hours. But some have more far-ranging plans than financial gain.

Computer engineer David Ferguson has no idea that a chance meeting with a friendly stranger in the airport will change everything. Suddenly, he is running for his life, without knowing why or from whom. In trying to evade his pursuers, David accidentally involves Maggie Sappin, a graduate student and a transplant from Kiev. To save themselves, they have to uncover the mystery behind a financial crisis and political upheaval that followed. From Los Angeles to Texas, Kiev, Moscow, New York and Hawaii, the body count mounts along with the layers of deception in a global conspiracy as two innocent people become key players inâ??The Great Game.

A Christmas Mystery

by Lamar Anderson

What is the second most important thing to celebrate at Christmas time? A question Detective Ramal avoid asking herself for nearly four years now after walking out of her family on a gay issue. ‘If they didn’t respect her opinion, why should she respect theirs. At least, that was her ideology until she is called out on a abandoned child case in the dead of winter and feet of snow. ‘Who would do such a thing?’ was her original thought, that is until a new secret about the baby is revealed. Follow Detective Ramal on this trail of struggles of finding who abandon this child while dealing with her own demons of betrayal and separation at Christmas time.

The Cold Room

by Jason LaVelle

Fate brought Karen and Joel together, and they seemed like a perfect fit. But when an unexpected event forces Karen to move in with Joel, things start to go wrong.

Karen soon realizes that she and Joel are not the only ones inhabiting his house. There is something very dark living there, and it wants her gone. As Karen is stalked through the night by an ancient assailant, her focus starts to shift from unraveling the house’s mysteries to just making it out alive.

Inspired by chilling real events, The Cold Room is a frightening thriller. You may want to sleep with the lights on after reading this.

Hacked (The Liv Paxton Series)

by Geri Hosier


A dead hack, a private eye on the run, a sinister billionaire. It’s front page news.

Liv Paxton, whipcrack smart chief of London’s biggest murder squad, is hunting the men who slaughtered the reporter at the very heart of the celebrity hacking scandal. As the killers claim another victim, Liv discovers the reporter had been tortured by professional interrogators before he died. What secret story was so dangerous that it cost him his life?

Liv quickly finds herself of up against powerful and implacable enemies – on both sides of the law. Enlisting the help of her best friend, newspaper boss Louise Brighouse, Liv enters the world of a mysterious Tartar oligarch and crosses swords with a psychotic underworld kingpin who vows vengeance on her. Her own life is on the line as she peels back layers of deceit and treachery to unveil the most terrifying criminal conspiracy London has ever seen.

Hacked is the first in the series of Liv Paxton crime novels.

Nothing’s Shocking

by E.L. Black

Raised in Philadelphia, best friends and fraternal twins Amber and Nicole are a year away from graduating college when their lives are abruptly turned inside out because of a secret their mother is keeping. Amber, already emotionally fragile, turns destructive and sets out to destroy everything in her path. Nicole tries to save her sister, but soon her own world begins to slowly fall apart. Journey with two sisters through the perils of mental illness, lies, deceit, and drug abuse.

Calculated (Discovered Series)

by R.S. Novelle

An investigative journalist gets an unlikely tip from a mysterious informant. Dismissing it as impossible, she disregards the information and drops the story. Until the informant turns up dead, as predicted.

Plunged into the murky waters of a seedy underground prostitution ring, this psychological thriller provides twist upon dark twist in a story that would ultimately pin the church and several government officials in the largest murder cover-up the city has ever witnessed.

But is it true, or has the journalist merely been used as a pawn in a greater scheme? And how many people is she willing to sacrifice trying to figure it out?

The Son

by Brent Coffey

The Adelaide Family wants your money, and the Family will kill you for it. Enter Boston’s underworld! Mafia Kingpin Victor Adelaide has built an armed empire out of drug trafficking, prostitution, and protection racketeering, and his son, Gabe, will one day inherit the Family’s business. But, while on trial, Gabe encounters an orphan in Massachusetts’ foster care program with an innocence so compelling that he questions the underworld’s code of ethicsâ?¦ and Gabe’s uncertainty about the Family’s ethics enrages the Godfather! Bodies pile up, as a bloody turf war between rival Mafia Families splits Boston’s red-light district in half, and Gabe must decide if he’ll fight for the Adelaide Family or risk his position of future Kingpin to help a needy kid.

The Son is a suspenseful Mafia thriller, exploring ethics from a mobster’s perspective and the consequences those ethics have for one of Boston’s most vulnerable citizens. (76,000 words.)

Survival of the Unfittest (The Undead Diaries)

by Brandon Wright

When a paralegal named Jacob becomes violently ill after a business trip to New York. He quickly finds that he contracted a virus that mutates his DNA to only allow him to eat raw meats. It’s not too bad until the meat industry is on it’s knees from lack of meat, and Jacob runs out. He finds himself having vivid dreams of attacking people, and eating them like an animal. When he wakes up, he finds out the dream wasn’t just a dream.
This recollection of Jacob’s journey to survive will guide you through the adventures, and mis-adventures of Jacob’s survival. Constantly on the run from a Anti-Mutation group called The Control Group, and fighting his inner-demons to not kill, but knowing to survive he must be willing to do anything.
All goes well until his city runs out of meat, and all the butchers are closing shop. He starts to go hungry, and starts having these vivid dreams about attacking people, and eating their flesh and muscle.

His supervisor has also contracted the mutation, and eyes one of the new girls as someone he may be interested in. Jacob has to find a balance between survival and compassion towards other humans.

How will he survive as a anti-zombie group gives chase after him, and his infected friends?

The Gospel of the Font

by Joe Naff

Archaeologist Faith Meade has always held belief in science, not God. However, when her team journeys to a mysterious cavern in the Egyptian desert, she’ll make a discovery that changes her entire life, and the fate of the world. The unearthing of a mysterious book, seemingly written by Lucifer, becomes the catalyst for Armageddon, as heaven and hell wage war to control its power. Faith also learns that Lucifer has chosen her for a very important task. She is to tempt mankind once again with the fruit of Eden as the antichrist, a role that proves to be very different than anyone could ever have imagined.

Hunted Lyon (Lyon’s Roar)

by C Wilson

The hunt begins, and Ms. Lyon is the prey…

Stacy Lyon is happy with her life. She has her twins, her boarding stable, and is well on her way to achieving her dream of becoming a large animal vet. Other than her relationship with her boyfriend, Stacy’s life is going exactly the way she planned.

Unwittingly, she’s drawn into a twisted social experiment that tests her physical and emotional strength.

Her life will never be the same.

Driven (Discovered Series)

by R.S. Novelle

There are always two sides to every story.

If you liked Calculated, you’re going to love Driven, book #2 in the Discovered series!

Using a mirrored plot technique, this fast paced, page-turning story goes behind the scenes in book #1 to show everything as it happened from the antagonists point of view. The mysteries are revealed as readers discover who the true allies were, and who ultimately fell into the trap of blackmail and deception. Friends betray friends, law enforcement switches sides, and the characters begin to realize that not everything is as it originally seemed – especially Mara Winsor…

Mara, who portrayed herself as a victim in the massive murder cover-up scheme in book one, reemerges in Driven as a woman bent on revenge. When everything was taken away from her at such a young age – her family, her friends, her inheritance, her faith – she began devising a plan that would avenge her circumstances and punish everyone who had a hand in destroying her life. Now in a position to see that plan come to fruition, she skillfully maneuvers all the pawns on her chessboard with twist after dark twist to feed her drive for retribution.

Ultimately, it’s left for the readers to decide if Mara is merely a sympathetic victim of circumstance, or truly a psychotic elitist.

Human Resources (HR)

by Michael A. Boyadjian

Celine LeClair is a young woman laboring to maintain her very modest life in a high-tech, raised city. When the FBI arrive at her apartment with a difficult choice and the opportunity to solve her financial burdens, Celine finds herself on the edge of the law with a handful of other, desperate yet talented individuals. Together, they encounter–frequently violent–resistance during their mission from a dedicated group of corporate agents pursuing the small team of misfits at every turn. Doubts and deception chip away at the team’s resolve as Celine struggles to make it through the increasingly difficult ordeal alive.

This book is approximately 53,000 words long and uses a table of contents.

The Somali Deception Episode I (A Cameron Kincaid Serial)

by Daniel Arthur Smith

From the author of The Cathari Treasure – Kindle’s #1 International Best Selling Men’s Adventure!The Somali Deception - Kindle’s #1 International Best Selling Pulp Thriller!Episode I of IV
Featuring Former Super Légionnaire Cameron Kincaid

* * * * *

When Cameron Kincaid is asked to rescue a former lover from aboard a hijacked yacht he discovers that the true Somali Pirates live in the London luxury suites of The May Fair Hotel, wear tailored Savile Row suits, and deal high stakes in the lounges of Paris, Ibiza, and Dubai. From explosive incursions to clandestine infiltrations, the action is nonstop and the deceptions are many.

* * * * *

THE SOMALI DECEPTION is an adventure thriller that features the Somali Pirates and the Rex Mundi, two groups from the pages of history and mystery now gaining global popularity.


by M. J. HATCH

MURDER MOST BLONDE (a Detective Jake Swanson Murder Mystery)
In this first of the Murder Most series, the reader dives into the wealthy Southern California city of NEWPORT BEACH, the home of senior detective JAKE SWANSON. Unwilling to work too hard when there are waves to surf, and bars to cruise, Jake’s comfortable life is turned upside down when his city is rocked by two murders in less than 24 hours. Other than the color of their hair, the victims apparently have nothing in common–one is a returning socialite trailing scandal everywhere she goes, and the other is a child-like teenager just looking for a party. Unfortunately for Jake, he had contact with both victims just prior to their deaths. When two of Jake’s known associates fall under suspicion complicity begins to flow heavily in his direction.  He is forced to partner with the newly-minted detective, Melissa Sanchez, a former drug enforcement officer, who is not only hot the trail of a shipment of drugs from Venezuela, but disdains Jake and the decadent lifestyle he embraces. Derision and sparks fly between Jake and his new partner as he comes to terms with his age, her youth, and the unsolved murders that point heavily in the direction of Jake’s landlord and close friend, endangering his luxurious life-style.

The Rules

by Mark Troy

Personal Protection specialist Ava Rome follows three rules: A professional never calls attention to herself or her principal; a professional never leaves her principal; and, the most important rule, a professional never gets involved with her principal. To break the rules is to die.

Paul, her principal, comes from a powerful family with many enemies. Murder and kidnapping are just means of business in Paul’s family. Ava believes he is not like the rest of them. Good looking, intelligent, he has everything women want. And many women want him, which makes Ava’s job harder. Does she want him too? She recognizes that the greatest threat comes not from the outside, but from her own growing desire. In order to save them both, Ava must leave Paul, against his wishes and in violation of one of her rules.

Ava was wrong. A greater threat lurks outside Paul’s secure compound. Two threats, in fact. One human and the other a hurricane. Ava focuses on the hurricane. She and Paul make preparations to ride out the storm. It arrives and so does the intruder. Now Ava is in a fight for her life as nature’s fury assaults the house from the outside and a serial rapist stalks her on the inside.

Dead Bunny

by Cary Watson

Quentin Winchester is a private detective. The tattered, yellowy piece of paper in his wallet says he is. He’s never used his licence, but it’s there…just in case he wants to step away from his career as a jobber, a dealer in secondhand goods. Opportunity knocks when his brother, a lawyer, asks him to locate the missing daughter of a woman who’s just won big in the lottery. The fee is 10k, and it looks like the easiest money Quentin will ever earn, but the missing girl is not to be found. The trail leads through the lives of some of Toronto’s wealthiest citizens, and ends with the discovery of a frozen body behind a dumpster. And then the real detective work has to begin. Too bad Quentin has never actually done any.

Pure Justice

by Linda L Barton

Someone you care for is murdered and those guilty beat the system…what would you do? Trained in the art of killing, Ted Braxton has made it his mission to see that those who escape justice for their heinous crimes pay for them in blood. Ted ensures the guilty feels the same fear and pain as their victims. He knows how to kill. He is good at it. He enjoys it.
This is the story of two men on opposite sides of the law with the same goal – Pure Justice. 

**Warning** Contains graphic violence.

Enormity (Part One)

by Nick Milligan

*Part One of Three*

Jack is the most famous rockstar in the worldâ?¦ he’s just not from this planet.

Before joining NASA’s space programme, Jack had dreams of a career as a professional musician. When a deep space mission goes awry, he crashes on an alien planet. Jack discovers that his new world is inhabited by a race of humans that have evolved in parallel to those on Earth. He picks up a guitar and performs the most wondrous rock songs of his home planet. Neil Young. Leonard Cohen. Bob Dylan. Superstardom beckons as audiences around the globe revere Jack and his apparent songwriting abilities. He basks in the boundless glow of a hedonistic dream world. But Jack soon learns that his lie will have sinister consequences.

This remarkable debut novel, released in three parts by renowned Australian entertainment journalist Nick Milligan, is a thrilling ride through a nightmarish, darkly comical and highly original tale that combines elements of horror, science fiction, music industry satire and erotica.

Enormity will weave a dark magic over you – even beyond its shocking conclusion.

Fractured Persona

by Harry Krebs

Structural engineer, Richard Fornek, awakens from a coma in a North Carolina hospital in full possession of a lifetime of memories-but not in possession of his body. A glimpse in a mirror and the evidence of a driver’s license prove that Fornek is trapped in the body of warehouse worker Daniel Curtis. Terrified, he insists that he’s Richard Fornek, but when faced with the prospect of admittance to a psychiatric hospital, he is forced to assume a new role to buy time to figure out what’s going on. Alone and confused, things go from bad to worse as he struggles to regain control of his life. A little romance, a little murder, and a whole lot of hair-raising suspense unfold as he scrambles to stay one step ahead of the mayhem.

The Body (Streeter)

by Lou Kern

The Body is the first short story in a series of 9 character driven dramas, written by a budding author of contemporary short fiction, Lou Kern. Enjoy the experiences and challenges of his protagonist, Joe Streeter, as he solves urban crimes and dangerous mysteries.

Joe Streeter – Is never off duty. Trouble finds him â?? so as a private investigator he is never short of work. Small crime, big crime, adultery and damsels to be rescued provide him with an endless line of clients. Haunted by the ‘ghosts of war’, Joe goes about his business relentlessly â?? finding an occasional reprieve listening to the waves lap against his sail boat, catching a glimpse of sunset over the bay, or at the bottom of a whiskey glass.

Reaching Alice

by Richard Van Gramberg

This book deals with adult themes & emotions.

Michael Morris is a twenty-nine-year-old man whose life was perfect up until his heart was brutally shattered by the shocking and tragic summer of 2011.

A summer which has caused him to question his existence and his faith – which was a big part of his family life – and push everyone he should care about away.

Haunted by the events of that summer, a deep fear constantly terrifies his mind, and because of it he faces the risk of losing his high school sweetheart, his wife, Alice.

It’s almost Christmas and a journey home from work stirs up deep emotions from that dark summer in 2011, memories locked away are forced to resurface when Michael meets a mysterious stranger – who has a habit of preaching on buses – much to Michael’s dislike.

But all is not what it seems with this happy smiling preacher woman, who has a message for Michael.

Alley of Destiny

by Jason E. Felts

“The will to live will always outweigh the ability to die.”

What is a promise? Is it just a guarantee…or a commitment? Or, is it a way of life…or perhaps a bond of two friends that is kept regardless of what life throws at them.

15 year old Allison Cordova is on the fast track to an Ivy League education and the life she’s has always dreamed…until her new neighbors arrive. After a death in the family, Allison turns to Nicole for support, compassion and the one thing neither girl ever had…a friend.

Nicole is dropped into Allison’s world…and she has a secret. A secret strong enough that will have Allison considering her entire life a lie.

While rummaging through old belongings, the girls find something that doesn’t belong to them…and the owner wants it back. The Morella crime family also wants something neither of the girls know exists.

The girls soon find themselves running for their lives and fighting for their freedom as the Mafia hunts them. They must be willing to go when no one else can.

Allison if forced to fight for herself and her family.

Can their promise withstand the secrets? Will Allison be able to forgive her family and break free from a world of chaos?

How far would you go for your best friend…telling a lie…telling the truth…or even murder?

Dead in Bed, Part 1: Fifty Shades of Gangrene

by Bailey Simms

The talented and very young Bailey Simms delivers a tour-de-force series that’s as emotionally incisive as it is shockingly sexy, as heartbreaking as it is hilarious, and as hard to put down as books by writers three times her age.

Dead in Bed follows Ashley, a vivacious young woman who’s stuck in an unsatisfying marriage and a dead-end job. But when a sexually-transmitted plague breaks out in her small town, slowly transforming everyone infected into sex-crazed zombies, everything about her life changes.

Facing quarantine, National Guard barricades, the onset of winter, and a rapidly-spreading plague, Ashley, her family, her friends, and everyone else in her small Colorado town find their true feelings for one another surfacingâ??both amorously and violently.

When everyone begins taking comfort in one another’s arms, no one really knows who’s infected with the plague and who’s not. And because the disease perpetuates itself as an aphrodisiac, sex, the very thing that offers comfort, only contributes to spreading the plague.

In a crumbling world with little to lose, however, Ashley begins to discover a desire to live she didn’t know she possessed and opportunities she’s never had. Her newly-acquired agency may come at a price, however, when Ashley ultimately must choose between her own survival and the people she loves.

The Girl Who Danced in a Blood Soaked Dress

by Craig Campbell

A mixed up mystery centered on a young woman who’s found distraught and disoriented on the streets of New York City. Journalist, Phillip Johnston, just back from a foreign assignment stumbles upon her and then tries to break through her wall of amnesia. Over time, her minds starts to open up revealing an even larger mystery involving the disappearance of her friend and a family torn apart by the lust for gold. Along the way, he reluctantly finds himself falling in love with the girl.

When Innocence Falls (Wills Creek Series, Book One)

by Donna Marie Lanheady

A Psychological Thriller:

In 1948, when a child dies in the idyllic mountain town of Wills Creek, no one ever speaks of him again. Is their reticence motivated by guilt or grief, and can a curious summer resident unravel the mystery surrounding the child’s death sixty-five years later?

When Innocence Falls introduces the sleepy mountain town of Wills Creek and its captivating mix of townspeople as they grapple with whether to share their pristine corner of Colorado’s Front Range with tourists or preserve it for themselves. When Lainey McGinn arrives in town for a summer internship, she is smitten with its rustic charm and small town idiosyncrasies until she becomes entwined in its underlying web of secrets.

A psychological thriller, When Innocence Falls is Book One of the Wills Creek Series.

Learn more about Lainey McGinn’s family in my previous novel, Whoever You Are.

Dylan’s Detective Agency: A Cartridge of Air (The Fourth Grade)

by B. M. Theodore

After solving their first mystery as a group, the group gets hired by their friend Hank. The mystery plays out smoothly, and Tori thinks she’s found a way to prove herself to her friends.

Raw (Penn’s Landing Saga)

by Miles Boyd

Five stories, Several different lives, One City. Philadelphia is home to water ice, cheese steaks and countless other tourist attractions, but beneath the surface lies a city filled with secrets,lies, murder, greed and betrayal. Dive into the lives of these Philadelphians as they take you into a world of pain and suffering. Get to know a psychopath, a forgotten child, a pathological liar, two couples who will always be interconnected whether they like it or not and a set of kids from the neighborhood who simply value money and power over EVERYONE else’s lives. This is Philadelphia……The Real Philadelphia…’s Raw.

How to kill yourself

by Elia Sarti

A contorted, allegoric, brain-bending trip into the consciousness of the self.

The book presents a short story, narrated in the form of a disorganized diary.

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