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Lose Fat and Gain Muscle: 111 Super Charged Strategies on How to Lose Body Fat and Gain Muscle (Gain Lean Muscle – Lose Weight Fast)

by Jason Bracht

111 Hacks to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle

Are you ready to get rid of stubborn body fat and start packing on rock solid muscle! This book is chock full of 111 scientifically proven techniques that will cut through the BS and get you laser focused on your fat loss goals!!!

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So many books on the market today are filled with nothing but theory and complicated nonsense. Not this book! I’ve laid out easy to follow fat loss and muscle building tips that make getting the body of your dreams a cinch. Have you heard of Occam’s Razor? It’s the principle that states the simplest and most succinct answer is usually the best. There are 111 SIMPLE and EASY to follow tips contained within this book.

Preview How to Lose Body Fat and Gain Muscle

* The TOP Fat burning drink

* Use these two exercises to pack on muscle

* Eat this miracle food to incinerate fat

* The exact foods and ingredients to avoid

* The ONE thing you may not know that could be sabotaging your fat loss

* How to combat sugar cravings

* The importance of keeping a food journal

* Perfect your core with this simple exercise

Let this be the book that gets you the body you’ve always wanted Fat loss and muscle building go hand and hand. I’ve taken a scientific approach in combining 111 tips that go hand and hand towards getting you in the best shape of our life.

More Fat Loss and Muscle Building Benefits

* Improves athletic performance

* Prolongs your overall life span

* Improves your sleeping habits

* Play better at your chosen sport

* Improve your sex drive

* Makes you feel happier and more alert

* The more muscle you build the more fat you lose

* Reduces the risk of life threatening diseases

* Fine tunes your immune system

If you are still reading this you obviously are interested in shedding your excess body fat and getting the muscular body of your dreams.

What are you waiting for?

Take action and start living the AMAZING life you were destined to live!

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Mini-missions for Simplicity

by Courtney Carver

When you start to simplify your life and even when you are years into the process, some things take longer than you anticipate and it can feel like you are taking one step forward, and two steps back. Instead of getting frustrated or giving up, try a mini-mission.

Mini-Missions are assignments or challenges that you can implement immediately, so you can benefit from some immediate gratification during this adventure and make your simple life more enjoyable and sustainable.

Mini-missions are often one step actions that you can do to improve your health, relationships, bank account or wardrobe.

Table of Contents

Section One: Clutter

One is Enough

Hide Your Stuff

Stop the Inflow by Mike Burns | The Other Side of Complexity

Pass it On

Shoot Your Stuff

The Digital Dip by Joel Zaslofsky | Value of Simple

Break it Off

Sell Something You Don’t Want by Betsy & Warren Talbot | Married with Luggage

33 Items or Less

Section Two: Productivity

Make Time

Habit Stack

Single Task by Brooke McAlary | Slow Your Home

Say No So You Can Say Yes

Sleep Well

Track Every Penny You Spend

Section Three: Relationships

Make Moments

Give Freely

Help No One by Britt Reints | In Pursuit of Happiness

Love More Deeply

Feed Someone

Judge Less

Send a Care Package by Tammy Strobel | Rowdy Kittens

Section Four: Life

Drive Less

Go Cameraless by Paul Jarvis |

Banish Doubt

Take Brave Baby Steps by Jolie Guillebeau |

Speak Up by Leslie Webster | A Simple Life Afloat


Section Five: Health & Happiness

Smile by Valentina Thörner | ValDeOro

Sit Still

Calm Down

Grow Something

Floss Every Day

Feel Your Pain

Stand up for Your Health

Eat Real Food

Putting these mini-missions into action will help you reduce stress and discover what really makes you healthy and happy.

Making Herbal Remedies (Herbology At Home)

by Anke Bialas

“I think it’s the perfect starter book for anyone who is keen to try making their own herbal remedies.”

“The information is clear, concise to the point and easy!!!”

“A ready reference with sound advice right at my fingertips! I am in love!”

“I’ve been disappointed so many times before by books that claim

herbal remedies, only they never quite tell you everything, always something is missing. This is the missing link, thank you!”

So you know that rosemary and sage are good for dark hair and that fair hair benefits from chamomile, mullein and marigold and you want to make an infusion to add to your shampoo base or to use as a hair rinse.

How much herb do you use?

How much water?

How long do you let it infuse for?

Your favourite women’s magazine told you that a comfrey ointment is great for back pain and sprains, but they didn’t give the recipe of how to make an ointment?

When you already know what herbs you want to use and what herbal product you want to make you need a resource that covers the base formulas. Something that provides you with the ratios and the method of how to make your desired remedy.

That’s where Herbology At Home: Making Herbal remedies comes in. All your base formulas in one place, easy to read and small enough to keep on hand in the kitchen.

Learn the age old methods of making herbal tea, tinctures, ointments, oils and much more. Assemble a herbal first aid kit and prepare natural, chemical free products for health and home.

Herbology at Home: Making Herbal Remedies is a convenient, easy-to-follow guide to preparing natural, chemical free herbal remedies. With a common sense approach to safety and working herbal health into a busy, modern lifestyle this small, value packed Herbology manual is a BIG investment in your family’s natural health.

12 Most Healthy Juice recipes. Juice recipes for weight loss, Cholesterol control, Glowing skin etc

by L Reena

12 Healthy Juice Recipes – extremely tasty, simple, and easy-to-make healthy juice recipes with common fruits available which will TRANSFORM your life. These recipes are in no way supposed to do some miracle cure to your ailments. But hundreds of men and women attested to improving their health after sticking with these juices consistently. All the Juicing recipes in this article are 100% healthy and made from natural fruits and vegetables. As the name of this book suggests, this book does not have hundreds of juice recipe which you might never try. Instead, I have just 12 recipes for which lot of my blog readers have attested saying the recipes made a positive impact on their life.

The book has three sections
1. 12 Most healthy juice recipes
2. Common fruits and their nutrition chart (So that you can watch what you intake. This will help you if you are on a diet and would like to count your calories). You will not find this in any other book.
3. Unbiased juicer recommendations which has proved to provide the best juicing experience.

Lose Weight, The Psychology / Easy Way To Lose Weight (How To Survive As A Woman (Trilogy))

by Julie S. Ross

What is the easy way to lose weight? What is the best way to lose weight safer? Possibly the most discussed about, the most worried about, and the most advertised about, are the concerns about being fat or being overweight. In today’s society, to be fat is considered by many as the “leprosy” of the twenty first century.
The negative emotions and opinions on actually being “fat” can be best demonstrated by the statement of several current female celebrities who said:
“I would rather be dead than fat.”
Now this book is NOT about selling you any miracle diet or diet pill, and it is not about some new age exercise video program. It is also not about any specialized miracle drug weight loss package, or “lose weight” in five days.
In fact, regarding such programs, we are moved to admonish everyone at this time, with these familiar words: “Before starting any weight loss program, see and consult with your physician.”
This book is about helping you identify the Psychology of being fat, and assist you in overcoming the reasons that might be keeping you from reaching your goals.
Psychology is your mental disposition and process, your mental focus that drives you or keeps you prisoner in the realm of disagreeable circumstances.
This book will help you see the importance of maintaining a continuous awareness on your mental dispositions and thinking focus. Review your true desires and your current progress. Are you attaining those dreams or settling for less?
In this book, you will find that changing your life is not simply a matter of eating right and exercising right; it is really a matter of THINKING right.

Herbs That Cure – Bronchitis

by Prayank

Bronchitis is inflammation of the airways that allow airflow into the lungs. It is characterized by the development of a cough, with or without the production of sputum. It often occurs during the course of an acute viral illness such as the common cold or influenza. Recurrent injury to the airways caused by inhaled irritants such as cigarette smoking, air pollution and occupational exposure to irritants may aggravate the cough in a person.
In this book, you will find brief details of herbs and some common food items that can be used to cure bronchitis. It also gives you an option to choose the herb that is easily available in your locality. These herbal remedies are designed for optimum beneficial use and tested innumerable times in actual practice.

Diets Don’t Work : an alternative guide to weight loss

by Peter Nuttall B.Sc.

Have you tried every possible diet and had no success? Have you managed to lose weight and then put it all back on again? Are you sick of fad diets that feel like nothing but hard work? Then you need â??Diets Don’t Work : an alternative guide to weight loss’ which outlines the simple yet effective â??I’m not on a diet – diet’. Sports Therapist Peter Nuttall B.Sc. explains what food is, why you need it and how your body uses it so you’ll have a full understanding of how to change your lifestyle and eating habits to lose weight without compromising on the foods you enjoy.

“A diet is a regime, a quick fix, a program which can work for a short while but is not sustainable. Once the diet is broken, old habits creep back in and your weight begins to increase once more until you catch sight of yourself in the mirror and decide that the chocolate éclair you’re currently munching on will be your last whilst saying, “I’ll start my diet tomorrow”. If you’ve uttered that sentence more than twice in the last few weeks then this is the book for you. Weight loss can feel like a distant unachievable dream for a lot of people who seem to be on an endless treadmill of different fad diets, abstinence, hunger and unhappiness; but it doesn’t have to be that way. â??Diets Don’t Work : an alternative guide to weight loss’ will explain how to lose weight healthily by making small changes to your lifestyle without compromising on the foods you enjoy. All of the advice in this book relates to making simple changes your lifestyle and diet for the rest of your life.”

Training Your Dog to be Home Alone

by Sharon Delarose

Training Your Dog to be Home Alone is excerpted from the book “Bad Dog to Best Friend”.  It’s a step-by-step guide to weaning your dog from a crate and teaching him to stay home alone with full run of the house and includes the chapters on potty training a problem dog and dealing with dog chewing problems.

This booklet was inspired by the true story of a semi-adult shelter dog who used the house as her own personal potty and chew toy. If she can be taught to stay home alone without chewing or potty in the house, there’s hope for your dog, too.

The Winning Team

by Peter K. Tyson

With the collapse of the euro, the inner city riots, the suicide bombs on the trains and the national public service strikes, the Olympic Games have been transferred from Europe to a safer and more stable venue — South Africa. Exiled in America, Kirsty, Scotland’s only representative, is reunited with Arsenal and England striker Suzie in Team GB, which fortunately has not been drawn in the same group as Killer Kev’s Fiji (who have already scalped New Zealand in the qualifiers). Other characters from the earlier books reappear too in this final book of the series: the D-list soap star Pandora is filming a caring advert for African orphans; Davo has been appointed a tournament referee; Adriano is commentating for Radio 5.5 and Zoe and Meaty (accompanied by Meaty Junior) are enjoying a belated honeymoon. The crucial question is: just who will be the winning team?

How to Stop Nail Biting

by Stubbs NoMore

To quit nail biting permanently, you need to know how to avoid relapsing. In order to make the desired change in your routine nail biting habit, you need to learn:
* Effective techniques to you can use anywhere anytime to arrest, distract and refocus your nail biting urges.
* New ways to become aware of and then alter your near subconscious routines that stimulate and trigger your nail biting habits.
* Useful methods to make maintaining your nails an easily accomplished long term beneficial habit.
* How to create a positive mental attitude about your long term success.

Nearly any system or product can help you stop nail biting for a short time. But, the only way to quit nail biting for good is to confidently and consistently prevent relapsing into a biting session weeks or months later.

To permanently reverse your nail biting habit, you need a complete solution. One that gives you proven ways to quit biting your nails now and useful methods to help you maintain your new non-biting habit long term.

It would be an insult to your intelligence to claim you can stop nail biting just by reading this book, or any other book for that matter. You instinctively know to successfully break your nail biting habit requires more than willpower or quick fix gimmicks.True success comes by permanently conquering your bad habits. To conquer nail biting requires your sincere dedication to steadily work a system you fully embrace.

The simple truth is to attain success your desire to stop nail biting has to be greater than the underlying comfort you get from it. You have to be willing to work hard at altering long-time habits.

Achieving your success is much easier when you utilize a believable achievable program specifically designed to provide practical ways to stop your nail biting permanently. You will use methods you learn in the book as your personal Habit Reversal Training program and as the basis for your ultimate success.

Most nail biters don’t have anyone to talk with about their problem. I wrote the book because I wanted to help others learn they don’t have to suffer with this problem. My methods have helped many others quit for good. Give these proven suggestions an honest and devoted try and they will help you quit your nail biting once and for all.

Perfect Fit: Weekly Wisdom and Workouts for Women of Faith and Fitness

by Diana Anderson-Tyler

As ungodly depictions of beauty and carnal portraits of wellness saturate our society, young women are falling prey to secular notions of health and fitness by failing to view and treat their bodies from a Christ-centered perspective. Perfect Fit reveals and elucidates relevant biblical truths, presents powerful, heartfelt testimonies, and demonstrates fun, effective workouts that inspire women to embrace and exemplify God’s best for our bodies.

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