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I Love My Rescue Dog – Stories That Will Warm Your Heart and Lift Your Spirit

by Terry Washington

This e-book is a compilation of heart-touching stories of courage, friendship, love, loyalty, and bravery of man’s best friend. Dogs are more than just pets, they are companions that will comfort you during heartbreak and at the same time will protect you if need be. They will love you fiercely as their own family.

These stories talk about that bond and respect that we as humans share with them.

1. This e-book covers touching true stories of how stray dogs were given a home rather than euthanized.

2. This e-book also contains facts and figures about stray dogs in America.

Whether or not you are a dog person, you surely will fall in love with these stories that will make you laugh, cry, cheer, and fall helplessly in love with these torch-bearers of warmth, love, and loyalty.

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Release Your Kid’s Dormant Genius In Just 10 Minutes a Day. Parenting Your Smart Underachiever With Consistency and Love (How to Change Your Life in 10 Minutes a Day)

by Michal Stawicki

Let your kid achieve great results by following simple daily disciplines

“It doesn’t take textbooks on Physics or hours of music or any other kind of force to teach something effectively to children. It just takes one thing – it takes patience.”

– Jim Rohn

In other words it takes time.

And it doesn’t take the long intervals of teaching, but rather the teaching spread over the long interval of time.

Has your bright kid the grades below his potential? Are you too busy to do something with it? Then this book is for you.

In the second half of October 2012 I started teaching my 10 yr son to save him from the mediocre grades. In June 2013 he finished the school year with honors.

It may be the story of your kid in the next June.

You don’t need to buy expansive program or additional textbooks to make that happen. All you need is your serious commitment and 10 minutes a day.

This book will rob you from the excuses, especially from the “I’m too busy” one.

My son’s story is a proof that consistency is always fruitful, so it will help you to sustain your perseverance.

Remember – don’t expect the miracles.

This book is a guideline, not the magic gimmick. You need to put your own “blood and sweat” into teaching your kid to get the results.

Inside the book you will find:

– How to get a fix on the weak spots of your child

– The tactics I have used

– 7 tips on how to create your “10 minute” teaching program

– And a true story

all in just 10 000 words

Interested in helping out your child?

Get started immediately.

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The Adventure Dads 10 Day Challenge

by James J. Hunt II

The Adventure Dads 10 Day Challenge is designed to be fun… but also challenge you as a father to aspire to be more intentional in the lives of your children. Use this short challenge to begin thinking and acting in ways that will move you beyond wanting to do something for your children… to taking action to be who our families need us to be.

Use the The Adventure Dads 10 Day Challenge for 10 days in a row… or for 10 weeks; individually… or with a small group for accountability. The point is… use it! This is a tool to encourage you to take action.

Be. Do. Live.

Be who you were created to be. Whether you planned it or not… whether you feel ready or not… whether you want to be or not… there is no getting around it. YOU are a father, a man, a dad, maybe even a grandfather. It is no accident that you are in the position of parenting your child… God designed it that way. You are not alone in this calling either, we are all in the same boat – ready or not. But maybe it is time to be who you were created to be.

Do what you were made to do. Understanding that we are made to be fathers to our children… it’s time for action. Sure we can sit back and just let things fall as they may – but, you were made for this. Step up, take the reigns, get control and take action. Maybe it’s time to do what you were made to do.

Live the adventure. Life is an adventure, and life in Christ is the craziest, most amazing adventure out there. Being a parent is right up there with the most insane! Fatherhood is awesome… it is only for a short time with each child – don’t let it pass you by. Maybe it’s time to live the adventure!

The Adventure Dads 10 Day Challenge was created to help you move from having intentions to being intentional. Have fun – and enjoy your kids!

Act Now! A Daily Action Log for Achieving Your Goals in 90 Days

by Peter D. Winiarski

The ultimate how-to guide for changing the course of your results for the better – right now, this collection of instructional content and daily action log is the ultimate game-changer for anyone who would like to boost their productivity in any–or every–facet of their life. Complete with guidance and a daily action log that provides simple actions to take every day to help you achieve your dreams, Peter D. Winiarski’s guidebook is geared to producing results in just ninety days. To maximize your personal productivity, wouldn’t it be great to have your own personal coach there to give you a jump-start every day so that you start each day off with a positive frame of mind and course of action? Of course it would! No one wakes up and says, “I’m going to be ineffective and as pitiful as I can be today.” We all want to be the best, but sometimes we just don’t know where to start. Thanks to Act Now!, we know where, and know how. Including instructional content as well as ninety days of daily action log sheets, this how-to book gives you the tools to start changing your life today. Everyone from business leaders in Corporate America who want their companies to get better results; to managers who want better results from themselves and their employees; to entrepreneurs seeking increased productivity, success, and goal achievement will benefit from the knowledge and positive direction within these pages. Describing the three types of action you can take and how they differ, it provides a framework to enable you to take action today and every day going forward. Insightful, moving, and easy to use, Winiarski’s profoundly actionable and accessible guide is a breath of fresh air in a genre too often loaded down with suppositions, advice, and potentiality. Focused and driven by action, he provides the foundation upon which the building of success is built. Full of positivity and support, Act Now! A Daily Action Log for Achieving Your Goals will change your life forever–starting today.

Social Anxiety – My Story On How To Overcome It

by Jimmy Warren

Jimmy Warren shares his personal battle with social anxiety and how he overcame it to become

someone who now gives speeches and presentations to large groups.

12 Precious Anecdotes From Life

by Payal Roy

When fate propels Anita to cross her path with twelve of her friends in twelve different situations, little does she expect what lies in store for her. Anita, who is an ordinary working girl, comes across twelve extraordinary tales from her friends…tales of aspiration, breaking through invisible barriers which hold one back, tales of courage and fortitude and tales of helping people and following one’s heart.

What does Anita learn from these stories? What signs does life put forth before her? How do Anita’s friends confront such fateful situations? Written in the first person narrative from the viewpoint of Anita’s friends, this short story collection has exciting tales of various adventures experienced by the leading characters in each story.

Sploring with Papa: A fun Story of a Grandson and Grandpa Exploring (sploring) Rail Road Tracks and an Old Barn, as told by Trinity (Children’s Fun Learning Series)

by James Olah

Sploring with Papa is a children’s book to encourage them to develop their curiosity. It is also a designed to promote grandparents and their grandchildren to do some of those interesting things in life together. Adventures don’t have to be high tech, but just showing them some of those simple things in life. They provide great teaching opportunities.

I tell this story through my granddaughter, Trinity, because she likes to tell stories. I want to encourage the involvement of grandchildren with their grandparents. They certainly hold a special place in our hearts.

I trust your children or grandchildren will enjoy this little adventure.


by Carl A. Peters

Solo is NOT your mother’s “Christian Romance Novel!”

Solo is a fast-paced look at contemporary women and their relationships with men — single men, husbands, fathers — as seen from the perspective of an old-fashioned dad. Our hero, fifty-year-old Paul Wagner, is a widower of three years who is still wrestling with the untimely death of his wife and sweetheart of 25 years. In an attempt to fulfill a dream they shared, he moves to Ft. Lauderdale, determined to live quietly on a sailboat and finish a book he is writing about his wife.

Through a turn of fate, this conservative gentleman finds himself thrown overboard into strained relationships with what seems an ocean of younger mostly-mid-twenties women. Paul’s traditional convictions have always been as black-and-white to him as speed-limit signs but he now wakes up to find he is in the real world. Grandpa Brady … meet Virginia Slim!

Is this guy’s value system still workable among modern-day women? Does he have relevant answers to the painful, often-complicated questions of divorce, abortion, incest, and a young single mother raising her out-of-wedlock daughter? Happily we find that love and eternal values win out. As an older, now-single man, Paul is forced to sound the depths of his own emotions and, in the process, he learns to relate to these younger women as a surrogate dad, offering them fatherly friendship, love, and advice. The last few chapters hold a surprising yet wonderfully gratifying conclusion.

Solo is not your typical “romance novel” but it contains more true love and romance than a library aisle full of “paperbacks.” The book is most certainly for the woman — whatever her age — who has found herself emotionally bruised and vulnerable, disillusioned and disoriented after suffering the loneliness, heartbreak, and loss of self worth that follows separation from the man she loved, whether that separation came through the break up of a close friendship, divorce, death, or worse.

Solo is for any woman who enjoys being whisked away by a warm and cozy love story once in a while and for all you men who need to renew a strong yet tender love for your sweetheart. Think of Solo as a love-letter from Dad.

Solo is unique among women’s contemporary novels in that it offers the reader a fresh glimpse at some more conservative lifestyle choices, as held up against the views embraced by most modern-day novelists. And it performs this magic from the sideshow of a tear-jerking, side-splitting, face-blushing, home-spun-advice-and-cotton-candy, father-daughter adventure. Get ready to have your buttons pushed to the max!

Charm Your Prince

by Steven Harris

This book teaches women how to successfully have men crawling to them. It also includes tips, tricks, and methods that will make this possible.

– The right mindset

-What to wear

– Your attributes

– Things that are annoying

I cover each of these topics in detail throughout the e-book. Your whole mindset will change and you may even discover something about yourself. The content in this book is intended to help women understand what they are doing and how to fix that problem. This is the only way you can “CHARM YOUR PRINCE”. My utmost goal was to help women meet their soul-mate.

Get Your EX Back FAST: The Psychological Ninja Method (Getting your EX Back Series: Win your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Back)

by Sampson Sharpe

Learn proven Ninja Tactics to Get your EX Back FAST

How would you like to stop worrying about getting your ex back and actually learn proven psychological triggers that will allow you to get back in a relationship with your former love?

Getting your EX back is easy when you know the rules. The rules of persuasion, psychology, and seduction that is. These essential rules have remained unchanged for hundreds of years and in order to [b]win back your EX[/b] you’ll need to know exactly how to deploy these tactics.

[i]This award winning book will show you EXACTLY what to do[/i]

Today only, get this best selling book for just $2.99. Before the price shoots back up to $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet, or Kindle

I’ve done the research and most books on getting your ex back only focus on why they left you. My book takes a proactive approach that allows you to focus on getting your ex back as well as keeping them in your life. We all know that losing someone is hard, but what if there were things you were doing in the past that were absolute relationship killers? I show you exactly how to avoid falling into those traps and how to thrive in relationships.

This book is filled with pure actionable content that will have you back in the loving embrace of your EX before you know it.

A Preview of Get your EX back FAST: The Psychological Ninja Method

* Why most breaks happen

* The art of cold reading (body language)

* How to WIN back trust and affection

* Common mistakes and how to avoid them

* The MAGIC of Laughter

* Secrets on Reigniting the Spark

* How to Keep your EX once you win them back

* Tipping points that wreck relationships

* Psychological tips that work on men and women

* Much more!

I will get you across the finish lineThis book is straight and to the point. I focus on providing FAST, EASY, and most importantly EFFECTIVE methods that will allow you to get your ex back!

Why you NEED your EX BACK

* Reignite the lost flame

* Start fresh and new

* Plan your future together

* Go to all the places you used to go

* Share your old inside jokes

* Enjoy each others company once again

* Start a family

If you have read this far you obviously are looking to get your life back on track and win back your EX.

What are you waiting for?

Grab the bull by the horns and take control of your destiny!

Scroll up and click the buy button to instantly download Get your EX back FAST: The Psychological Ninja Method.

You’ll be glad you did!

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