Free poetry Kindle books for 27 Dec 13

A Chronicle of Amends : A spiritual journey for discovering life’s true purpose

by Tariq Saleim

This book is for everyone who has dared to question his / her purpose of existence and endeavoured to find the answers.

From Inside Volume 2

by Simon London

Welcome to The Pilgrimage of Meaning which is the second in the FROM INSIDE series of original poetry by Simon London. Volume 2 contains 70 poems and concludes with a short story called “A Footballer’s Nightmare” which really is a must read especially if you are fascinated by dreams. The poetic theme of this volume centres on some of the bigger questions often asked as we embark on our journey through life.

Love, Loss and Longing

by Kelli Lawler

Poetry for the heart. Poetry that is about love, loss and longing for that soul, that mate, that love that you have, had, or long for.

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