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Marked. Part I: The missing Link

by J.M. Sevilla

Warning: This book contains violence, excessive language, and strong sexual content. It’s intended to be read by mature audiences.

Part one of a two part series.

There are three things Lily Evans immediately notices about her new neighbor, Jay Lincoln. The first is his monstrous size, the second is the malicious way he glares at her, and thirdly, but most importantly, the three scars that mark his right eye. She knows the smart thing to do is stay away, but she has never met or seen anyone like him. The more time she spends with this frightening yet captivating man, the harder it becomes. He can make her hairs stand on end but he also has a sweetness to him that tugs at her heart. Soon she finds herself merged into his world full of murder, revenge, and deceit.

Faster Deeper (Take Me…#2) (New Adult Bad Boy Racer Novel)

by Colleen Masters

Fast Cars.

Beautiful Women.

Sexy Drivers.

Pain, Lies, Deceit, Tears, Violence, Anger, Blackmail, Passion, Love, Lust…


Siena wants Harrison, needs him, more than anything in the world, but she’s falling in love with a man she can’t have–Not without losing everything and everyone she’s ever loved.

Harrison’s set his sights on Siena and nothing can stand in his way–He’s going to get her, or die trying.

Book #2 in the Take Me… Series.

A Contemporary Romance/New Adult Romance Novel.

Paranormal Realities (A Paranormal Romantic Suspense Box Set)

by Patricia Mason

Paranormal Realities: A Box Set including three tales of paranormal romantic suspense (Entanglements, The Banshee and the Linebacker, and Fated Hearts) by award-winning author Patricia Mason writing as P.R. Mason.
Praise for Entanglements

5 out of 5 stars: “Engaging and gripping… This book will delightfully knock you off your seat with its constant wicked encounters and then sweep you off your feet with the romance.” — The Bornean Bookworm

“A wonderful book… I totally fell in love with the hero…Entanglements captivated me.” — The Anipal Times

Entanglements (full-length 85,000 word Paranormal Romantic Suspense novel)– She was driven by love. He was bound by duty. Together they were swept through a vortex to a world of danger.

KIZZY TAYLOR is just hoping for an evening of fun when she joins her teen friends in a spelunking expedition through an under-city tunnel. But fun turns bizarre when Kizzy accidentally opens a vortex and her stepsister is swept through to an evil alternate dimension. The only way to rescue her stepsister is to reopen the vortex and go in after her. But is her new boyfriend, ROM CALIXO, going to help Kizzy or try to stop her? And if she can get past Rom, will she be able to get back home?

The Banshee and the Linebacker (16,500 word paranormal romantic suspense novella) — Two brothers, both on course for tragedy. A girl tormented by visions of their deaths. Changing their fate could mean sacrificing her heart.

Always the good-girl, TARA is a typical high-school cheerleader dating a nice-guy football player. She’s typical, that is, except for the fact that she’s a Banshee who gets premonitions of other people’s deaths. When Tara sees her boyfriend, LIAM’s, death in an upcoming game, Tara vows to do anything she can to save his life…even if it means cheating on him with his bad-boy twin brother, KEAGAN. Can she change Liam’s fate? And if she does, will her own change with it?

Fated Hearts (11,000 word paranormal romantic suspense story) —
A girl, afraid to take chances, now about to risk her life.
A mysteriously compelling guy who just may be her fate.
Who is he? What is he? Could loving him be her end?

EVE has always played by the rules, afraid to take chances. HOLDEN wants to change that. She’s certain they’ve never met before…or have they? Holden seems so familiar, but who is he? What is he? Yesterday her biggest challenge was trying not to bomb on her SATs. Today, paranormal forces have transformed an ordinary high school dance into a test of fate vs. free will and loving Holden could cost Eve everything.

Praise for The Banshee and the Linebacker.
“I absolutely loved this story…I want more!” – Sarah E. Garner, Book Reviewer

“Terrific story! Loved it!…Simply wonderful.” – Dafna Yee, Book Reviewer

If you enjoy the action of Hunger Games and the romance of Twilight, you’ll love this box set.

The Wedding (#7 in Finding Love~The Outsider Series: The Friessens, A Contemporary Western Romance)

by Lorhainne Eckhart

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will be FREE! If you like The Wedding you might also like these other FREE books:

The Quietest Woman in the South, Cade Trahern and an orphan.
What more could she want? By Nancy Radke.             

Mimi’s Mix, Two paranormal romances and one suspense makes up this mix! By Mimi Barbour.    

Chocolate Worth Dying For, A mystery wrapped in chocolate. By Pat Amsden.  

Thomson Twins Tales, Three entertaining YA short stories. By Lois Lavrisa.   

The Adventures of Jocker & Bivy: Saving Upworld (Book #1), Jocker and Bivy embark on a quest to Save Upworld. By T.J. Hawk.      

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Classy, sweet western entanglement of ecstasy…Amazon Reviewer - Missy

CONTEMPORARY WESTERN ROMANCE – The Wedding (#7 in the The Outsider Series)
***All books in this series can be read as stand alone, but for more reading enjoyment you may wish to read the series in order starting with the kindle bestseller, The Forgotten Child.
You loved Neil and Candy in The Unexpected Storm find out what happens next when the entire Friessen clan joins them for, THE WEDDING
A man who’s always planned everything, and a woman who’s struggled alone–The Wedding will change their lives forever.
Candy McCrae has everything she could ever want, and she’s about to marry the one man she’s always loved. He has money, he’s powerful, he’s drop-dead gorgeous, and he has a very close, attentive family with babies, nieces, and nephews running everywhere. For the first time, Candy has someone making decisions for her. So why is she so nervous?
Candy is the one woman Neil has always wanted, a woman who doesn’t care about flash and glitter and status, and he can’t get her to the altar fast enough. He has plans for his bride-to-be. He wants a family, lots of children, and for her to be a part of his world, with all its money, power, and million-dollar deals. He’ll look after her so she’ll never have to struggle again, and he’s planned and organized everything.
She goes along with it until the wedding, when she takes Neil’s hand to be his wife, and what she’s refused to share will change their lives forever….
Praise for The Outsider Series …

Eckhart is a writer who speaks from the heart, and her characters are filled with the ideals of family, love and loyalty. I am so pleased to follow her sequels, because I can never wait to read what happens next! Eckhart is an author you will love!  LVGal Amazon Reviewer

I have read every one of your books and love then all! I hope there is more to come!  Rowena, Amazon Reviewer

If you love your romances filled with passion, the ideals of family, love and loyalty then you’ll love The Wedding. The Friessen men are strong sexy alpha males, each book and short story in this series is filled with sexual tension, rough language, and passion.

  • Finding Love ~ THE OUTSIDER SERIES – Reading Order: 

Military Romantic Suspense – The Saved Series

  • SAVED: Growing up, I had dreams that one day I’d fall in love, get married and start a family. Then one night I was taken. But I survived, I escaped, and I was saved. Eric  didn’t see me as damaged. He didn’t see my baby as a monster. He protected me, he kept me safe…he saved me.
  • VANISHED: She thought her nightmare was over…

Hint of Desire (The Desire Series)

by Lavinia Kent

An Enigmatic Duke . . .

Arthur Alexander DeWolf, the eighth Duke of Westlake, lacks for nothing in life . . . except a woman who will stir his blood for longer than one night. Until fate steps in on his morning ride and he stumbles across Lily St. Aubin, Countess of Worthington.

A Desperate Young Woman . . .

It is on the worst day of her life that Lily meets the imperious duke. Helpless and unable to resist, she has no choice but to trust that this dangerously handsome man will protect her and newborn son. But, as trust begins to grow between them, danger lurks ever closer . . . danger that could destroy Lily. And their newfound love.

Saved by a Biker (Biker Erotic Romance)

by Emily Stone

Vanessa is tired. She’s tired of all bullshit in her life, she’s tired of running away, and she’s tired of constantly looking over her shoulder wondering when her psycho ex-boyfriend is going to appear in her rearview mirror.

Brody is a biker making his annual trip back to Flat Springs, Arkansas when he notices a broken down car by the side of the road. Stopping to lend a helpful hand, he finds the tired and fearful Vanessa whom he takes an interest in.

But when a wayward kiss in the heat of the moment leads to an unexpected night of passion, both Vanessa and Brody are about to discover that though they come from two different worlds, they may not be so different.

A Second Chance in Paradise

by Tom Winton

Long Island salesman Sonny Raines has had it. He’s sick and tired of living in a world where wrong always wins over right. Then, on his thirty-ninth birthday, when he loses his job and comes home to the most devastating shock of his life, that’s it. He’s dropping out.

With nothing left to lose, and little in his pocket, Sonny chucks it all and drives his aging van fifteen-hundred miles to the lower reaches of the Florida Keys. All he wants is to get over his recent losses and simplify his hectic life, and that’s exactly what he thinks he’s doing when he settles on a paradisiacal speck of an island known as Wrecker’s Key. While surrounded by the warm aquamarine waters of two tropical oceans, he not only falls in love with the key but also establishes a close bond with the free-spirited locals who call it home.

But all isn’t blue skies, swaying palms, and coconut oil on Wrecker’s Key. There’s trouble wafting in the warm breezes that caress the island. Although Sonny certainly isn’t looking for romance, he finds himself falling for his next door neighbor. Ex-model Julie Albright just may be the kindest, most beautiful woman to ever grace his eyes, but there’s a snag. She has a small physical flaw that, no matter how hard he tries, Sonny can’t overlook. And his feelings are no secret to Julie. She can read them, and they weigh as heavy on her heart as they do on his. Then things get even worse. One night, under the cover of darkness, danger drifts up the deep, silent currents from the lower keysâ??serious dangerâ??life and death danger. And Sonny Raines finds himself right in the middle of it.

Painting My Heart (New Adult BBW Erotic Romance)

by Emily Stone

After her parents passes away in a horrific car accident, college junior Marlena Rhodes is left with nothing but broken dreams and an ever mounting pile of debt. Desperate to make a living, she starts picking up every job offer she can find in an attempt to stay afloat.

When she picks up a random flyer from the Art department requesting models to pose for the graduate students, Marlena takes up the offer without a second thought.

Marlena soon discovers that not only will she be baring it all, she’ll be doing it for one person and one person only: Jonathan Conway, the drop-dead gorgeous painter who she’s been eyeing for all three years of college.

As their painting sessions grow longer and more personal, will Marlena finally have the courage to truly bare it all to Jonathan?


by Kristina M. Sanchez

In Lilith Callicotte’s profession, being able to indulge in a little fantasy was a plus.Not much that came out of her pretty little mouth was real, but then again, what did her rich, playboy clientele care about truth? Lilith made lying more than an art – it was her life. But as lies often go, it only took one client asking too many questions for everything to unravel.

Alpha Trio: Vol. 1 – Cats & Dogs

by Ana Vela

Volume 1 of the Alpha Trio series!

Among the hidden world of the supernatural, the secret Shifter police squad known as the Alpha Trio is renowned for their fierce expertise. Only the best fighters ever rise to join their storied ranks.

Emilian Lupei and his brothers are the best of the best. But even they need a night off to kick back and relax!

While sampling the night life at 5tM, the hottest club in the city, a gorgeous young woman stumbles into Emilian’s path and it’s just his luck that she’s being chased by a vampire.

Now he’s got to deal with the potential supernatural incident on his hands. But that’s not his only problem…

Even more importantly, will he be able to keep his hands off Cat, the luscious human woman who needs his help?

Fans of Stephenie Meyer, Bella Andre, and Kristan Higgins will love this quirky action-romance series with strong, independent women and sexy alpha heroes.

Also Available:

Alpha Trio: Vol. 2 – The New Girl

Alpha Trio: Vol. 3 – A Special Taste

Alpha Trio: The Complete Collection

Reader Reviews:

“I truly enjoyed this short read. A great start to a shifter series. A group of shifters out to protect others from harm. On the way they just might find the their other half!! Loved it!” – Lisa Z.

Finally Home

by Cerian Hebert


Despite their rocky past, Torie Barron and Alex Carmichael’s identical goals drive them in a headlong collision over the horse farm they both covet until a family tragedy puts an end to Torie’s dreams. As her life is swept down an unexpected and rocky path, she turns to the man who has been so infuriating yet intriguing. The man who stomped her heart into the ground when they were teens. Will Alex be her savior, or the one who stands in the way of all she’s ever wanted?

SHOPPING FOR MEN (Romance book 2)

by De-ann Black

SHOPPING FOR MEN is the second book in this exciting new romance series.
It is a new 21,000 word novella set in Scotland, filled with romance, fashion and handsome men.


Jaec Midwinter, the handsome and sexy chocolatier isn’t sure who he loves. Busy with his chocolatier shop, he hadn’t thought that there was time for romance in his life.

Meanwhile, Tay Feingold, the rich and successful entrepreneur who owns the magnificent shopping mansion in Scotland, is intrigued when a new fashion boutique owner, Sylvette, arrives to open her Paris themed shop. Mysterious and beautiful, Sylvette causes feelings of love and loyalty to be tested by Feingold and Midwinter the master chocolatier. Feingold is already busy opening his new venture – the Chateau of Dreams and Shopping in Edinburgh.

Will Sylvette’s past prevent her finding the love she longs for? And will Tay Feingold offer her more than a boutique within his mansion? And what about Montroce Wallace the owner of the new bar/restaurant in the mansion’s cellar?

And someone really needs to tell Caera, who owns the fairytale tea dress shop, not to kiss Midwinter, even if she has the perfect excuse.

If you enjoy romance, shopping and handsome men, take a peek inside the mansion where you’ll find classic clothes, high fashion, shoes, shenanigans and shopping for men.

A whole lot of romance, intrigue, gossip and scandalous behaviour happened last time at the mansion. And it’s still happening. Come on in and catch up.


A beautiful Scottish mansion has been converted into a great shopping experience, filled with boutique shops, where romance is flourishing along with high heels and fashion.

There is talk that women are shopping there in search of love, perhaps to meet the man or their dreams, and so within the gossip and chatter of the tearoom, cafe and coffee shop the saying has emerged — shopping for men.

About the Author:

De-ann Black is a bestselling author, traditionally published for over 15 years, with more than 50 books published. She’s also a scriptwriter and former newspaper journalist.

She worked as marketing editor for a glossy magazine, helped organise fashion shows and photo-shoots, trained for many years in martial arts, and was a full-time newspaper journalist. De-ann is also a fabric designer and designs her own fashions. She also loves to bake cakes.

Other books by De-ann:

The Tea Shop & Tearoom series:
Book 1 – The Christmas Tea Shop and Bakery
Book 2 – The Christmas Chocolatier
Book 3 – The Chocolate Cake Shop in New York at Christmas

The Tea Dress Shop series:
Book 1 – The Tea Dress Shop at Christmas
Book 2 – The Fairytale Tea Dress Shop in Edinburgh
Book 3 – The Vintage Tea Dress Shop in Summer

Christmas Romance in Paris
Christmas Romance in Scotland

The Bitch-Proof Suit – romance and fashion set in Dublin and New York
Oops! I’m the Paparazzi – romance in New York
The Cure For Love – set in Cornwall

New releases for 2013 & 2012 include:

And the international thriller ELECTRIC SHADOWS

Plus two new box sets:


The Bridesmaid

by Meg Gray

Meet Kate Michaels, a down-on-her-luck bridesmaid spinning a web of lies to cover the misfortunes in her life. The highly privileged women surrounding her while she prepares for her dear friend Mary’s wedding serve only as a reminder of what’s missing in her life. She begins to wonder if her luck will ever turn around when the dashing restaurant manager AJ walks into her life. What will this truck driving, boot stomping, hammer swinging country girl do when she finds out she’s not the only one leading a life of deception?

The Baroness’s Heart

by Emanuel Grigoras

The Baroness’s Heart is based on the more or less true life story of the author’s grandparents.

The barons, people with material wealth, but with impoverished souls because the baroness is unable to have children, adopt Safta.
Throughout the story, Safta grow-up and transforms from the poor girl who dreamed of the city lights and tumultuous urban life a young lady living the dream. Destiny makes her fall in love with Peter, give up the life offered by her adoptive parents and follow a man until the end of her life.

You live differently the way war affects people and become a part of a love story. There is war, social structures that disappear and there are people who lived in those times.
Of these people, some have followed their dreams by building a life just as they wanted it, ignoring history.

Misty Reigenborn Romance Boxed Set

by Misty Reigenborn

Get all of Misty Reigenborn’s romance titles in one place for one low price! The boxed set includes the complete Twist of Fate series, Girls of Gabe’s Place series and Crestview Academy series along with the stand alone romance novel Run From You, short story collection This Song Reminds Me of You, and bonus romantic short In My Dreams!

Bittersweet Homecoming (New Adult BBW Erotic Romance)

by Emily Stone

Holly must go back home to North Dakota to tend to her family’s ranch when her father passes away, forcing her to give up her dreams of New York City in exchange for the boring little town she grew up in.

When she gets there, she finds that oil companies are out to steal away her inheritance. Luckily, her old friend Aaron is there to help her along every step of the way to fight off the sharks in the water.

What Holly doesn’t know is Aaron hasn’t forgotten her over the years and her sudden reappearance at the ranch is kindling newfound flames of passion inside of him. When an unexpected kiss under the summer rain leads to a night of passion, Holly must figure out how to best deal with the storm in her heart even as she deals with the encroaching oil companies. Will she be able to juggle love, family, and her duty all at once? Or will everything overwhelm her?

Motohuma the Firehead

by Jennifer Munro

Motohuma the Firehead is the story of a white child growing up in a black country (Rhodesia/ Zimbabwe) ,as it goes through traumatic changes and a savage bush war. Three love stories across two generations are intertwined, but perhaps the greatest love story of all is the one the author tells about the country she’s lost.

Poppet, the heroine, knows there is a dark secret about her birth, but she never suspects the truth! She dreams of a house fire, and lives with unexplained scars on her body. Her real name is never used, and she does not look like anyone else in her family. Something happened to her long ago, in the years before her memory was formed, but nobody on the remote farm where she lives will tell her what it was. The same secret literally drives her father to drink, but she won’t share what he knows with her. Poppet’s mother is dead; killed in a terrorist attack on the farm, her brother is confused, and the farm workers are determined to mind their own business.

Poppet sets out to uncover the secret, beginning a journey that takes her to London, and brings her back to her African home where the truth and her worst fears lie. She has to deal with murder, rape, snakes, crocodiles and depression, and overcome them all before she finally arrives at the end of the secret. This is a romantic coming-of-age story, set in a wild and dangerous, but beautiful country. Poppet is a courageous, flame-haired heroine with a lot to learn, not least how to love the man who loves her so passionately.

â??Every Paradise has its Serpent, and every Eden its exiles.’

“Adrian swore, ‘I will never leave Africa.I was born here and I love Africa.’
The reply came: ‘It doesn’t matter how much you love Africa if Africa does not love you.”

I hope you enjoy it! It was written from my soul. Jennifer Munro

“This book will make you laugh and make you cry. If it doesn’t touch your heart, you haven’t got one.”

“This book was absolutely beautiful. It is an engaging book that is impossible to put down from start to finish. You really come to care about Poppet. This book was truly a great find! “

“Quite simply put; I loved this book! It’s beautifully written, the descriptions bring the Africa I remember to life, the characters are people that feel familiar, people that you can connect with and it’s definitely a page turner.I would definitely recommend this book!”

“The best book I have read this year! The Characters are vivid and alive. The scenery is so real. If I hadn’t read the Authors web site, I would have thought the story was autobiographical – it is so life like.”

Miss Lacey’s Love Letters

by Caylen McQueen

Apart from tatty drapes and a broken pianoforte, confirmed spinster Valeria Woll has little to appreciate about her new home. As they search their dilapidated abode, Valeria and her Aunt Lydia uncover a mystery: dozens of scandalous love letters written to a woman named Abigail Lacey. Who was “Miss Lacey” and why did she leave her letters behind?

As the mystery unravels, Valeria and Lydia find themselves in the company of the letters’ author. Rugged Noah Worthington is nothing like the dashing romantic of his youth. Time and tragedy have turned him into a cold man. The man who wrote the love letters is gone, replaced by a callous recluse.

What happened to Abigail Lacey? And could it be possible to reawaken Noah’s wounded heart?

Sensuality Level: Sweet
Word Count: 20,000 (novella)

A Touch Of Mistletoe (Mrs. Brentley’s Girls)

by Lindsay Kiernan

Winnie Brentley has always hated her older brother’s best friend, Lord Kent. Hated his casual attitude, his sarcastic remarks, the way he teases her mercilessly. She hates everything about him, especially how much she is attracted to the handsome young lord.

Now it’s Christmas time at the Brentley’s and in between decorating the tree and sleigh rides, Winnie is going through the motions of finding a husband when the man she both wants and can’t stand is right next to her.

Netless (Nightfliers- A Fantasy Romance)

by B.A. Hamilton

You can see how many people used to live here by how widely their ruins spread. Farther than the decrepit remains of the oldest towers; as though there had once been a time before nets. The oldest towers, those mangled pieces of abandoned metal, made a massive circle. Inside that was another abandoned circle of towers then another and another forming an immense bulls-eye with a small target of struggling humanity at its center. The towers supported the nets, deadly criss-crossing strings of light that arched over the town at night protecting the town.

Dell’s life is undergoing a big change. After years of resigned apathy, her town is taking action and banishing Dell and her son. Now homeless, angry, betrayed they’re going to . . . going to . . . well, she doesn’t know what they’re going to do. Die? Horribly? Old Gerris is the only one with a plan. A crazy, impossible scheme. He’s suggesting they kiss their dust-filled life goodbye and go through the gate.

Diary of a Department Store Girl

by Charlotte Evans

Having just received a promotion in Heaven 17, the department store where she worked, Emily was feeling on top of the world. But Greg, her boyfriend, who should’ve been there the most to celebrate with her was always disappearing…leaving her to wonder if she really knew the supposed ‘man of her dreams’. In this short story and prequel to Sailing on Neptune, find out what drives Emily and her best friend Cally to get away from it all in search of sun and fun on a Caribbean cruise…

From the Middle (Moss Bayou)

by GiGi Duvall

He’s only sure of one thing…he wants her…has to have her. But
what about his brother?



A surprise
letter from his years-absent brother quickly throws Brody Jensen into the role
of protector. Easy-going Brody suddenly finds his world turned upside down thanks
to her. Immediately and overwhelmingly drawn to the beautiful woman his brother
wants safe, Brody faces a forbidden temptation. As the middle child, he is used
to playing peacekeeper  but to protect
Hope from the man who wants her dead may lead him into a battle that he can’t
smooth over…with his brother.

She saw the
murderer standing over the dead body and now Hope Greenwell is the target of a
man who will do anything to keep his secrets hidden. Running scared, she agrees
to flee and soon finds more than protection in Moss Bayou.  She finds sexy Brody Jensen and the powerful
heat he ignites. Hiding from a man careening over the edge leads to a passion
that burns white hot. Can she protect her heart from Brody who may be the
sexiest danger of all?

Tarnished Persuasion (Endless Horizon Pirate Stories, Book 2)

by Cristi Taijeron

Ye ever heard of a pirate fallin’ in love?

Confounding as it sounds, it happens, and believe it or not, it happened to me. But don’t go thinkin’ I be some soft-hearted scallywag. That bewitching little vixen, Charlotte Wetherby, must’ve cast a spell upon me soul. I tried me damnedest to resist it, knowin’ that loving her would hinder me freedom, but in doing so, me own brazen stupidity chased her into another man’s arms.

With the wicked accord conspiring between that man and meself, it seemed thar’d be no way to get her back, nor did she show any signs of wanting to return. Even if she did, I for a certainty had no idea what the hell I was gonna do with her afterwards. So this be me blimey love story. After readin’ it, ye can see if me own style of persuasion, and ye may very well call it a tarnished persuasion, was enough to keep her as me own.

Sterling Bentley

Secrets of the Stream (Copper Creek Series)

by Elizabeth A. Miller

Copper Creek Series Book One

Before the summer of 1880, Jane Randolph would never have guessed how many secrets were hidden in Copper Creek; secrets of greed, secrets of revenge, and secrets of forbidden love. But the most dangerous secret surrounded rumors of a rich copper deposit in the area. Like most residents, Jane had dismissed the legend as gossip. Yet, it was that foolish disregard which threatened to destroy the entire community.

Orphaned as a child, Jane had come to love everything about Copper Creek and had settled contentedly into the role of assistant clerk at her uncle’s store. Her quiet, well-ordered mind was ideally suited to her simple, routine existence; an existence both suddenly and irrevocably complicated by two strangers.

Thomas Mason’s unwelcome arrival sparked the first whisper of trouble. Shrouded in mystery, his true purpose in coming to Copper Creek seemed just as inscrutable as his personality. Likewise, Jane’s encounters with the town’s new minister, Henry Kohl, raised questions in her mind about his past and his palpable animosity toward her uncle.

Confused by both men’s intentions toward her, Jane’s life becomes a morass of complicated emotions and startling revelations. In order to save her home and her heart, Jane must unravel the mystery of the town’s hidden fortune and stop the carefully crafted crime to seize it, before it’s too late.

Deadly Rumors

by Jeanne Foguth

Rumors surrounding a southern political campaign turn deadly when the incumbent falls behind in the polls. When Kellsey MacLennan tries to hold the campaign together, to give everyone better representation, she becomes the target.

Love Potion (Monterey Shorts)

by Shaheen Schmidt

“If your nest isn’t ready, your love bird can’t come home to roost.”

In Shaheen Schmidt’s short story “Love Potion,” Betty realizes that her relationship with Al is on the rocks, so she goes to her wise neighbor, Donya, for help. The recipe for love that Donya shares may be just what Al and Betty need to rekindle their romance.

Waves Crash

by Diane Allen-Fox

Single mother Millie has no time or patience for a relationship and is perfectly content on raising her daughter alone, thank you. That is, until handsome blue eyed lawyer Jon Crosby chances upon the small town diner and is immediately smitten by the beautiful waitress. Despite their obvious differences, they could not help but pursue each other and the courtship begins.

But the past holds secrets and their love is tested. Can two people from different backgrounds survive? Does forgiveness lead to a foundation of hope?

The Fantasy Factory Collection

by Chantal LaVoie

The Fantasy Factory Collection comprises three stand-alone erotic stories, and offers substantial savings over the cost of buying them individually. THIS BOOK IS INTENDED FOR ADULTS, and contains sexually explicit scenes and language. If you find this type of content offensive, then this book probably isn’t for you.

Never Too Late
Happily married to Stephen, Erica is puzzled when he’s no longer able to satisfy her sexually. Stephen suggests that they visit the Fantasy Factory, an exclusive Sex Club where the clientele fulfil their fantasies. At first, she’s shocked when he asks her to have sex with another man while he watches, but if it will help her marriage, she’s willing to try. Join Erica and Stephen on their journey of discovery as they learn what really turns them on.
This novella-length story is just under 10,000 words and is the first in The Fantasy Factory series. The second is entitled Unleashed.

After eighteen years of married life, Matt’s sex life has him beginning to wonder if he’s lost his mojo. Desperate to revive that lovin’ feeling, he decides to spend one night at the famous Fantasy Factory, where sexual dreams come true… most of the time. What happens when he meets a sensual woman whose needs are equal to his own? The results are surprising! This novella is slightly over 8,000 words.

Picture This
Kevin Halloran’s professional life has come to a crossroads. A skilled photographer, he agrees to spend the summer on his boat, shooting on the west coast of British Columbia. But in the weeks before his departure, love blossoms between Kevin and Lily, daughter of a Chinese restaurant owner. Too late, he finds that she has been promised in marriage to a much older man.
Kevin is shocked when Lily asks him to make love to her. She wants her first time to be with someone she loves.
Unexpectedly, Kevin refuses and pours out his frustrations to his friend Graham, who surprises him with the gift of admission to the famous Fantasy Factory, where sexual pleasure is the only goal.
But will Kevin’s visit to the Fantasy Factory cure him of his passion for Lily?

Mayhem (Triple Trouble)

by Naomi Royal

In Book 2 of the Triple Trouble Series, Lightfoot triplet, Maddy, finds herself attracted to Noah, one of the hunky Braxton brothers. A hot and steamy romp in the barn leaves her wanting more when the time comes for her to leave the Montana ranch and return to California. But make no mistake��Maddy knows how to make more happen, even if she leaves a trail of mayhem along the way.


by Eileen Thornton

Despite their different personalities,
Connie, Sadie, Jenny, and Lucy
have been friends for years.

Frustrated that they may never find â??Mr Right’, these
four, thirty-something, divorced women
decide to set up an online dating agency with a difference:
it’s for divorcees only. But will this be the answer
to their problems?
Or the beginning of a whole lot more?

And with so many delicious men to choose from,
Who will be the first to find their â??Mr Right’.

Braggot Park

by Catherine E. Chapman

Eliza, lady-in-waiting to Lady Jane Braggot, is sent, ostensibly to work in the household of the noblewoman’s brother-in-law, Sir Richard, but really to spy on him. Lady Jane suspects that Sir Richard is involved in a treason plot.

Upon arrival at Braggot Park, Eliza encounters Sir Richard’s son, Lorenzo, and swiftly falls under his spell.

With time, Eliza learns that all is not as it seems at Braggot Park and, when her liaison with Lorenzo is discovered by Lady Jane, she faces a dilemma: should she obey Lorenzo’s wish that she keep his secret or redeem herself by telling Sir Richard the truth about the goings on at Braggot Park?

An adult, Medieval romance, set in Elizabethan England.

Stolen by the Alpha (Paranormal Werewolf Shifter Romance)

by Emily Stone

Molly is a thief, and a damned good thief at that. But that’s before she finds herself caught red-handed by Darryl Flint after a supposedly perfect heist goes wrong.

Darryl Flint is more than just a rich man, he is a werewolf. When he catches the feisty Molly, he realizes that there is more to her than meets the eye.

Molly feels an inexplicable pull to Darryl. When an unexpected kiss meets her lips, she’ll find that sometimes, the thief may be the one who is stolen.

Thirty-two Tin Cans (Thirty-two Tin Cans (Part 1))

by J.G. Rothberg

(Suggested For Mature Readers) Thirty-two Tin Cans the new novel by J. G. Rothberg, is the erotically charged story of Anna K. and her lovers, Zeke and Ethan, set against a backdrop of Andy Warhol, his art and his entourage. Anna is a romantic who, as she tells it, grew up with Warhol in Pittsburgh Pa, went to elementary and high school with the artist and lived two doors away.

Anna and Andy had not see each other once she became pregnant at sixteen. When she gave birth, the baby was sold for adoption by Anna’s parents. With this life event gnawing at her every turn as an adult, she nevertheless brims with excited anticipation as the book opens with a Warhol art exhibit of his famous Campbell Soup Can paintings.

But blissful anticipation morphs into betrayal, drugs and gratuitous sex. Andy Warhol shuns her, never to publicly recognize her. Lustful and vengeful, Anna adopts the look and personae of the deceased Marilyn Monroe. Anna the enigmatic young woman as Marilyn descends slowly into an abyss, as tragedy waits.

The story of Anna K. begins during the Camelot years of the JFK presidency, and ends with his assassination.Thirty-two Tin Cans the Novel by J. G. Rothberg is about sexual desire and the unpredictability of life forces.

About the Author:

Jerry, Gerry, Gerald, J.G. Rothberg founded Circus Magazine, the ever popular rock and roll publication and had been its editor and publisher for more than thirty-five years. Rothberg had also published and edited MGF, Men’s Guide to Fashion and Sports Mirror magazines during this time. J.G. Rothberg is also the author of two suspense thrillers novels: Love Song for Montana Greene and The Esau Swindle.

Yielding to the Alpha (Paranormal Werewolf Shifter Romance)

by Emily Stone

Sharon has always been a reserved introvert and college life becomes one of the most shocking experiences in her life when she is goaded by her dorm-mates into attending a frat party.

But when she meets Jerome, a handsome frat brother who is like none of the others,Sharon isn’t quite sure what to think. As the night wears on, she finds herself drawing closer and closer to Jerome. But Jerome reveals his secret: that he’s a werewolf and Sharon is faced with a dilemma.

She wants to give herself to Jerome but cannot wrap her mind around the concept. As Jerome’s beast blood is getting more and more aroused by the scent of Sharon’s desire, it may be harder and harder for either one to resist.

Double the Love

by Molly Taggart

Double the Love collects two two tender tales to cuddle up with on a winter afternoon. These novellas are narratives of second chances, married love, friendship, and healing.

“Out of Rhythm”

After years of feeling out of rhythm with the world, country songwriter Jeb Anderson has finally found a way to harmonize with someone else. When his new bride learns an old secret, however, the past threatens to topple his present happiness.

“The Caterer’s Husband”

High school soccer coach Aaron Mitchell has grown comfortable with his role in his largely traditional marriage. So when his wife starts her own successful catering business and begins to talk of a return to college, he fears being left behind. They’ve recently moved from their home state, and she’s his only friend. Maybe he needs a buddy of his own, a bromance to bring the romance back to his own marriage. This romantic novella is a light and tender story of married love, male friendship, and comic misunderstandings.

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