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Enigma: A Far From Home Novel (Far From Home 13)

by Tony Healey

The sequel to the smash hit scifi adventure series!
A year has passed since the crew of the Defiant were thrown far from home.Now they face a new mission of exploration and discovery. A vast alien object has been discovered in uninhabited space, and Captain Jessica King is tasked with determining what the object is, and whether or not it poses a threat to the Terran Union. But there is more to this enigma than any of them could possibly imagine . . .

The Far From Home series has been an international bestselling sensation since its release. This novel length sequel continues the adventures of Captain Jessica King and the crew of the Defiant. If you enjoyed Far From Home: The Complete Series, then Enigma is just what you’ve been waiting for!

Colony Z: First Days (Vol. 3)

by Luke Shephard

Volume 3 of the Colony Z series!

Before they became the Albion Tribe, they were just normal people. Sons and daughters, Moms and Dads, families young and old. Living their lives, blissfully unaware of the shocking events that would soon shake them all. But now the threat is here…

Follow each of them as they struggle to adapt to this new world, and all of the dangers that lurk around every corner…

When the Undead have taken over America, one group of survivors find safety by escaping to a remote, unsettled island.

Will they survive long enough to discover it?

This is their story of their beginning. This is their journey.

Also available:

Colony Z: The Island (Vol. 1)

Colony Z: The Complete Collection

Praise for Colony Z:

“Civilization is coming to an end. This story follows some of the survivors that managed to somehow stay alive. The Zombies have taken up residences in houses that are not occupied. And, they are in groups called nests…This story is the beginning of a colony being formed with the rescued survivors. Where will they go for refuge? Who will be their leader?…Interesting read and many miles to go, am sure.” – A Navy Vet (Top 1000 Reviewer)

The Puppet Record

by ML Candelario

In the distant future, humans have spread to multiple planets and have discovered a conscious alien race. Yawmkind and humankind exist peacefully under a joint government called the Bastion, but this unity is tested when groups of human children simultaneously vanish on every human settlement. Stowed away on the ship sent out to investigate the disappearances, Joey Omaha must battle his addictions or risk ruining the mission.

The Troubleshooter: Red-Eyed Killer

by Bard Constantine

In the prequel novella to New Haven Blues, Mick Trubble is a partial amnesiac who barters favors in order to survive. His deals place him at The Luzzatti, an apartment complex where he works for the owner and eventually befriends the family. In short time his search for answers is distracted by taking cases and by his conflicted feelings for Natasha, Mr. Luzzatti’s daughter.

But Mick’s peace is short-lived, because Mr. Luzzatti is caught in a business deal gone sour, resulting in murderous loan sharks looking to rub him out along with his family. Mick has to quickly gather his wits and resources in able to protect the Luzzattis before they become the next victims of New Haven’s most notorious hitman: the Red-Eyed Killer.

The Guns of Terra 10

by Don Pendleton

Don Pendleton’s The Guns of Terra 10, available again.

Earth is being invaded by treacherous aliens and the gunship Terra 10, the earth’s only hope, is in the enemy’s power!

Zach Whaleman, the Gunner of Terra 10, was moving fast, out into the darkness. A long-dormant instinct had arisen in response to his urgent need, a very human and entirely “natural” response of a life-mechanism in a survival situation. He had a weapon now! Let them catch him. Let them. He would kill them! He would do everything he had to do to save the super-secrets of Terra 10.

Originally published in 1970 by Don Pendleton, the creator of the long-running action/adventure series, The Executioner: Mack Bolan.

The Fourth Civilization (Legacy)

by Brett Albright

Formatting issues fixed, thank you for your feedback. Faster than light travel is finally a reality for the Veran civilization and under the guidance of Captain Drake Crisdal, the first ship of its kind, the Carnas, is uncovering the secrets of unsettled worlds at an amazing pace. But, out in the infinite depths of the unknown, something no one has ever imagined is waiting, and when they find it, nothing will ever be the same.

Beyond Asimios – 6

by Martin Fossum

“Just when I imagine that I might transcend my destitute predicament here on this dusty hell, Phobos emerges to remind me that my thoughts are pure fantasy. Day after day after day, that cursed eye traverses my consciousness, a cold reminder of everything lost. If I could wipe out this mocking stone, wave my hand and make it disappear, then, perhaps, our collective misery would be reduced by half.”

-Abloss Flekc, Martian satirist and cultural critic.

The Troubleshooter

by Bard Constantine

The Troubleshooter takes the grit, slang, vibe and look of the 30s pulp and hardboiled detective stories and drops it in a dystopian setting. Fedoras and trench coats mix with flying cars and android policeman in this introductory short story that introduces the character of Mick Trubble: a hard drinking, chain smoking charmer who bites off more than he can chew… and then chews it.

Note: This story appears in the Dieselpunk ePulp showcase under the title The Wise Man Says. So you might want to pick up that book and score three more noir/pulp stories completely free:

Messiah’s Shard

by Mark W. Bonnett

Beyond the universe you know, evil lies waiting…

John Harley never thought he’d be the one who’d have to save the universe; exactly how can one little man from the world’s most insular village, a man not even brave enough to tell the woman he loves that he does, in fact, love her, be expected to save everyone, and everything, from a fate where they’d wish they were merely dead?

So many questions vie for attention in his mind, as he faces up to a galaxy that’s bigger, and scarier, than he could have ever imagined. Why can he feel what other people feel? Why is an Egyptian goddess completely fixated on him? Why is there a nagging feeling, in his head, that he’s not a complete person? Who are those blue people, and why are their knees on backwards?

And why are the yellow eyes, the ones that haunt his dreams, and whose voice calls out to those poor souls unlucky enough to hear, so intent on turning the galaxy into a perfect reproduction of hell?

The Awakening: The Chronicles of the Dragons of the Magi

by Frank A. Herda

A prequel short story for The Chronicles of the Dragons of the Magi.

This is the beginning story that gives a lot of background information for the series.

The Non-Random Dog

by Mark W. Bonnett

In the aftermath of the Abyssal War, humanity has finally taken its place among the stars. The dream of the Cynos Union, a dream of disparate races finally coming together for the common good, a dream of a galaxy that finally knows peace, has come true.

And yet, there are still adventures to be had, as the crew of the human freighter Diomedes are about to find out. There’s something a little bit unusual about their new passenger.

Although that might be because she’s a dog in a spacesuit…

Captain Jacob Green, “Bulldog” Rymack and the rest of the crew are about to embark upon an adventure that will take them across two star systems and right into the heart of obsession, as they race to uncover the secret of THE NON-RANDOM DOG!

The Politics of Illusion

by Jane McCaa

The Delians are the ones who stand for honour and doing the right thing – everyone knows that – so when sister planet Chios accuses the Delians of stealing energy resources, the galaxy is rocked. The Delians are rocked too, and desperate, because all the evidence they can find seems to prove the Chians right. As war breaks out, Zoë Arete is plucked from her studies to be sent out into the field for the first time to find the answers that will save Delos before it is left in ruins. She was chosen for her heritage and training, but the mission will take all her courage and strength. She will have to face more than she could possibly have imagined as her search leads her to a desolate moon and an enemy planet. How much will be lost before she discovers the cruel truth?

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