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Buff on a Budget: AN AFFORDABLE WAY TO BUILD MUSCLE FAST (how to build muscle, build muscle mass, build muscle lose fat, muscle and fitness, muscle building, bodybuilding)

by Chris Ranjit

Discover How to Build Muscle Fast and on A Budget

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You’re about to discover how to build muscle fast and do it without costing you a fortune! This ebook features everything from different workout routines to eating plans. Included are great and easy to follow sample workouts that are laid out for you rep by rep with pictures and videos that can get you on your way to that awesome body. Also, I will break down the cost of each food item and provide you with an easy to follow grocery list that all you have to do is print it out and go pick them up! Can’t cook? Don’t worry I got that covered too! I provide some easy to prepare meals that will keep your stomach, muscles, and wallet happy. .

Watching my favorite bodybuilders on Youtube, such as Kai Greene and Ronnie Coleman, I get this instant motivation to run to the gym and “lift that heavy ass weight!” But we all know the real truth. Which is, we could lift weights until we’re blue in the face and pass out, but if our diet is not in check, then we will not put on an ounce of muscle. In fact, if we don’t get enough calories or protein we might end up losing weight or even the worst thing possible, BURNING MUSCLE!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • How to save tons of $ each month
  • Newest and Best FREE Workout plans available with video and pictures for each exercise
  • Cheapest place to buy supplements and protein powder to save your hard earned $
  • A few Easy to follow Recipes that cost very little, are loaded with protein, and take less than 5 minutes to prepare
  • Encouragement and Motivation, something everyone could use!
  • Much, much more!

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“A very simple and quick to read book regarding how to shop and eat for bodybuilding on a budget.

It doesn’t get anymore basic and straight forward then this approach. Chris has put together a perfect ” Bodybuilding Nutrition for Dummies” guide that actually helps! I already saved 7x the cost of his guide by following his protein supplement advice. I found the product at the store he recommended and at the exact price quoted. Saved $15. Thanks Chris!”

“This book makes it clear that you don’t need an expensive diet to build muscles, just good planning and dedication. A good read for any one on a tight budget.”

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The 10 Sins of Turkey Hunting with Preston Pittman

by John E. Phillips

If you don’t commit one of the 10 sins of turkey hunting, your chances of bagging a gobbler go up by at least 500 percent. If you go back and replay all the turkey hunts you’ve been on and failed to bag a bird that you’ve heard gobble, more than likely you’ll be able to identify one of these 10 sins that has caused you not to be successful. “The 10 Sins of Turkey Hunting” is just one of the chapters from “How to Hunt Turkeys With World Champion Preston Pittman,” where Preston shares more of his knowledge and wisdom from hunting turkeys, winning calling contests and being a turkey call manufacturer for many years.

The John E. Phillips Sampler: Hunting, Fishing and More

by John E. Phillips

In this book, award-winning author John E. Phillips gives you an opportunity to look inside eight of his newest outdoor books. In:

– Chapter 1, you’ll meet deer hunter Michael Ahlfeldt, who teaches you how to find and take the buck of a lifetime with your bow;

– Chapter 2, you’ll not only read bass pro Kevin VanDam’s secrets for consistency in bass fishing, you’ll actually get to click on a video to see and hear him talk about how he consistently wins bass tournaments year after year;

– Chapter 3, Greg Miller, one of the nation’s best-known whitetail hunters, will tell you how he hunts and takes PhD whitetails – some of the smartest hunter-dodgers in the world;

– Chapter 4, Wayne Carlton, one of the nation’s best-known elk hunters and elk callers, will teach you how to find a big bull elk;

– Chapter 5 you’ll learn how to hand-grab catfish and see videos of guys and girls catching big flatheads in Mississippi;

– Chapter 6, you’ll not only learn how to set-up on gobblers, but be able to view videos with Harold Knight, co-founder of Knight and Hale Game Calls and a man who’s spent his entire life hunting turkeys;

– Chapter 7, you’ll learn tactics for catching speckled trout from public reefs anywhere;

– Chapter 8, Scot Hollonbeck will show you the true meaning of courage – how to find it, and what to do once you’ve gained it.

This sampler enables you to take a brief look into the outdoor world of John E. Phillips and some of the celebrities and top-notch outdoorsmen he’s met, interviewed, learned from and written about for more than 40 years. This sampler tells their stories to help you have more success in hunting, fishing and the world of the outdoors.

England’s Greatest All Rounder

by Roderick Easdale

The genuine all-rounder can be worth twice as much as any other player on a cricket pitch.

But he also has to be twice as good as any other player if he is to match the specialist batsmen in their skills and, simultaneously, the specialist bowlers in theirs. Thus the genuine all-rounder is a rare thing indeed, deeply prized and greatly revered.

So who is England’s Greatest All Rounder?

In this thought-provoking essay Roderick Easdale closely examines the careers of four legendary cricketers – Trevor Bailey, Tony Greig, Ian Botham and Andrew Flintoff – to judge who was the finest.

Will it be Trevor Bailey, the odd one out of the group, a man who was more of a restrained operator than a crowd pleaser?

Or Tony Greig, arguably one of the most underrated test players of all time, and a man who still divides opinion.

What about Ian Botham, a player whose range of skill turned many matches, and most famously the ‘Botham’s Ashes’ of 1981?

Or even Andew Flintoff, whose contribution to the Ashes series of 2005 turned him into one of the legends of the English game?

In ‘England’s Greatest All Rounder’, Roderick Easdale combines anecdote, analysis, narrative and the opinions of the players’ team-mates and opponents to dissect the achievements and abilities of England’s four best post-war all-rounders. In the process, he provides engaging portraits of a quartet of quite exceptional cricketers.

It is essential reading for any cricket fan.

Praise for Roderick Easdale:

‘Roderick Easdale is a natural writer. He makes an impact where other’s don’t. This excellent book defies convention’ (Cricket Lore)

‘This book is a winner’ (The Cricketer)

‘Much time and research has gone into this fascinating study’ (The Independent)

‘An extremely interesting book and a rattling good read’ (Northants Evening Telegraph)

‘Preposterously entertaining’ (Press Association)

Roderick Easdale is Yorkshire supporter who lives within walking distance of Lord’s. An erratic and ferocious fast bowler in his youth, he decided it was time to retire from playing when his sole wicket one season was a stumping. He now plays golf instead. He is the author of several books including England’s One Test Wonders, Wally Hammond: Gentleman & Player and The Don: Beyond Boundaries.

Endeavour Press is the UK’s leading independent publisher of digital books.

HOW TO BREAK 90 – CHINESE Version 1 – A guide to consistently lowering your scores & enjoying golf more without changing your swing. Be the Chinese Hogan and get rid of your big miss.

by Andy Chao

For the first time, the best-selling 4 Keys Golf – How to Break 90 has been translated to Chinese.

For Chinese readers, end your frustrations with golf now. This is a fast, fun, and easy way to break 90. Focus on 4 important keys that will help you shoot lower scores quickly!

Written by a former competitive golfer who competed against Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson who has an MBA from The Wharton School and is business and efficiency minded, this is an approximately 100 page book with 30,000 words of great advice to help you break 90 faster than you thought possible.

This book is entirely in CHINESE. Please purchase the English version is you are not able to read Chinese.

The Mini Cricket Quiz Book

by Anindya Mozumdar

This is a short book comprising 100 quiz questions on cricket. It follows a very simple format – 10 sets of 10 questions each. The answers for a set are provided before the next set of questions.

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