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Piano Dream Came True – The Method that Works – My Exciting Piano Journey (My Story)

by Rosa Suen

Playing piano has been a fascinating journey for me. I used to lament about missing my opportunity to learn piano when I was a child. Who would have ever thought that one day I would become the author of many piano books? In my growing up years & adult life, something else always took a greater priority than playing piano. I never dreamed to become a piano teacher. How did all this happen? The fun & thrilling journey continues. And here is my exciting piano journey – My Piano Dream Came True!

This is my story! Many different unexpected events that happened turned into God’s message to me. I unfold this part of my life that I seldom talk about.

My Piano Dream Came True!

1. Self-taught Pianist

2. In Front of the Piano

3. A Musician Journey

4. The Method

5. Playing Others Piano

6. Piano Teachers

7. Playing For Different Occasions

8. Inside The Mind of A Performer

9. A Disastrous Performance

10. Elephant Foot

11. Playing For the Choir

12. Fulfilling a Piano Dream

13. Playing Effortlessly

14. Think in a NEW Way

15. See Simple Patterns

16. Grow In Small Steps


How to Read Music Easily in 30 Days: An actionable daily guide that will transform you from a total beginner to an advanced music reader

by Leon Harrell


Have you tried and failed many times to learn to read music on your own with countless websites and online videos?

Are you searching to fill in the “gaps” in your knowledge of reading music?

Can you only learn a piece of new music if you have a recording of it?

Can you play by ear but become paralyzed by reading sheet music?

Do you struggle to improve your music reading skills even though you have practiced countless hours?

Can you read guitar tabs or chord chart sheets but notes on the staff continue to baffle you?

Whether you play guitar, piano, bass or any other musical instrument this self-study instructional music book will teach you how to finally master the skill of reading music.


– The notes of the treble and bass clef (including the ledger lines) and how to read a staff easily using a unique teaching method.

– How to read music step-by-step beginning with simple rhythm reading (quarter notes and rests) and progressing to advanced rhythms such as triplets, duplets and combinations of all the note values with ties and syncopation.

– How rhythm and meter ACTUALLY work, allowing you to finally understand how to count music accurately and effortlessly.

– Basic music theory concepts such as scales, chords, keys, key signatures and basic musical form to allow you to see the hidden structures in printed music.


– Powerful and specific methods of sight-reading music. 

– A complete and through method of counting rhythms that works every time, no matter what kind of music you are playing.

– Score marking secrets that allow you to easily remember which notes are flat, sharp or natural throughout a piece regardless of what key its in.

– Explanations of how to read sheet music using reduction techniques that make complicated musical ideas extremely simple.


– A strategic progression from the very basics of music reading to the advanced musical concepts that you where always stumped by before.

– Online resources that reinforce the information and give you hands-on tools to practice with.

– A break down of every aspect of the music reading process that sheds light on the mysteries of written music.

– Free videos and printable downloads to further explain lesson materials.

– Exercises to teach note reading and rhythm counting so you can practice the skills to perfection.


A complete PDF edition of the book so you can access it on any device and print any section of the book for completing exercises with pencil and paper.

Testimonials from fans of the One Minute Music Lesson with Leon Harrell:

“Hi Leon, So very glad I found your website, I have decided to go back to school for music and your method is really helpful to me.” 

– Bea (August 25, 2011)

“Hi Mr. Leon, I really am surprised and so glad I found your site until this morning. I can’t leave my computer, since that moment. I have back and hip problems so I can’t sit to much but the lessons are so short and well explained. Thank you very much and keep on doing the good work.”

– Eve (October 2, 2011)

“Great job Leon!  I am a music teacher and I use your YouTube videos to teach music theory to slow-learning adults. Your contribution to music education is really amazing. More power to you. “

– Anne (October 7, 2011)


As a musician for over 25 years I have had the same struggles of learning to read music as you. It took me 20 years to understand the inner workings of music notation and I want to help you learn this in just 30 days. I guarantee you will be shocked at how easy it is to use this method. But don’t take my word for it ….

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How to Photograph the Night Sky like a Pro (How to Photograph Anything like a Pro)

by Steve Rutherford

Do you struggle to take great photos of the stars and night sky?

In the latest book “How to Photograph the Night Sky like a Pro” another book in the best selling “How to Photograph Anything like a Pro” photography book series. You’ll discover the secrets the pro’s use to get amazing photos of star trails, planets and even deep space!

Here is what is covered in this complete guide to Photographing the Night Sky like a Pro by Award Winning Professional Photographer and Best Selling Author Steve Rutherford.

– Beginners buying guide to telescopes and how to use them with cameras.

– Dozens of astrophotography techniques, tips and tricks.

– Equipment needed to capture star field planetary and celestial objects.

– Specialised telescopic equipment studies.

– all the resources to find processing software for astrophotography.

A Quick Guide To-Photography Lighting Tips-A Treasury Of Lighting Photography Tips

by Mary Foster

A Treasury of Photography Lighting Tips to help you enhance your pictures and connect your viewers by using light to create desired moods or emotions. Your images will no longer be just another picture. It will be a special picture that will convey your unique vision.

SEXUALã??TREATMENT (nudegraph)

Nude Photograph series NUDEGRAPH of a photographer KanoKimio.

36 Japanese girls’ nude photo. SEXUAL TREATMENTsets the heart free.



Corrupted 5 : Hot Women – A sexy photo book

This is the latest in the Corrupted series, and features loads of hot women getting undressed for your viewing pleasure!

Mr. Bones (Mr. Good Cop)

by Timothy Brachna

This is the first book in the Mr. Good Cop series. Mr. Bones gives you a glance into right and wrong, and the difference between good and evil. From a crooked priest to an evil far worse than one can imagine.

How To Read Violin Sheet Music… (How to Play The Violin)

by Aaron Chase

Have you ever wanted to learn how to read sheet music for the violin? Well now you can! Learn How to Read Sheet Music for the Violin… Today

The Legend of the Cherry Blossoms

by Randy Shorts

This is a short children’s book that entails the legend behind the existence of the cherry blossom and the hard choices made by an old fisherman and his catch. This fantastic tale was spun by the imaginative mind of Andrew Marcinkowska to teach one of the basic principles of life from a combination of the Eastern Buddhist perspective and Western Theology as it covers the passing of life and the beauty of recreation, or simply said as the cycle of life. The Illustrations are pulled from the influence of ancient Japanese and Chinese artistic styles combined with the vibrant colors and vivid imagination of that of a child, and careful to give due credit to each. A fantastic read for those who like a tale that emphasizes wisdom and acceptance as a ultimate value for everyone to have, and a value that every child should know.

::From The Author::

A short children’s picture book of a magical origin story for cherry blossoms told from an Eastern perspective.

The story was first a hand written love letter to the author’s then fiance, living in Taiwan. It is all very Zen.

Ukulele Song Book V – 20 More Popular Songs With Lyrics and Chord Tabs (Ukulele Songs)

by Rosa Suen

This is Ukulele Song Book V with 20 More Popular Songs. These are the 20 popular songs that people often make request to play. The songs are in the keys of the vocal range so that the song book can be used for singalongs in gatherings and parties.The ukulele chord tabs & charts are shown at the beginning of each song.

Here are 20 More Popular Songs that everyone loves to sing at home and parties:

1. All I Have To Do Is Dream

2. And I Love Her

3. Are You Lonesome Tonight?

4. Body and Soul

5. Close To You

6. Hello Dolly

7. A Hard Day’s Night

8. Hello Young Lovers

9. My Foolish Heart

10. My Favorite Things

11. My Melancholy Baby

12. My Romance

13. Night and Day

14. The Shadow of Your Smile

15. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

16. Nearness of You

17. Once In A While

18. On The Sunny Side of the Street

19. Seal it With A Kiss

20. Sentimental Journey

Have fun!


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