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Deadly Wands

by Brent Reilly

Completely rewritten for 2014, this action-packed epic fantasy tells the remarkable adventures of an orphan boy with incredible powers who grows up in the Dark Ages during a brutal world war fought with non-magical wands that shoot fireballs and enable flight. A tactical genius, he leads his friends in epic air battles to destroy the genocidal monster that killed his family. Mature content makes this story unsuitable for little kids looking for the next Harry Potter.

Dame of Owls

by A.M. Belrose

Obsidian, Dame of Owls, is a knight of the Winter Court. She is used to grand battles, hardships, and is very skilled in general dragon slaying. What she’s not used to is playing kidnapper and delivery woman for the Winter Queen’s whims, but what Her Majesty says is law. Irritating, boring, troublesome law.

Chris just got out of prison, which would be more impressive if he’d even been arrested for a good reason. All he wants is to live a quiet life, keep his head down, and shelve books. Beautiful women marching into his store is a plus, certainly, but not a requirement.

The pissed off, violent Summer Knight that follows her is not on Chris’s agenda at any point.

Enlightened (Love and Light Series)

by Melissa Lummis

Book One in the Love and Light Series

Loti Dupree’s meager healing abilities have been more a curse than
a blessing.  What’s the point of magical gifts if they can’t save the one
you love? And what’s worse than feeling helpless to save your husband?
 Harboring an unforgivable secret.
Loti swears she will take it to her grave, only she didn’t expect to be
facing it so soon.


Ominous nightmares and psychic attacks have Loti running for her
life and desperately seeking answers.  Who’s after her? And why?
 And does the sexy, broody vampire who has her in his thrall have anything
to do with it?

Check out Samskaras, Book Two in the Love and Light Series also available on Amazon

Second Chance Series 1: BEGINNINGS

by Paul Green

What would it be like to get a Second Chance at life?

Find out when an old, embittered hermit gets to go back and do it all over again. A wonderfully fun tale with just the right mixture of romantic comedy and suspense, this fast-paced adventure fantasy will leave you satisfied yet yearning to know more about the delightful characters, an ancient nemesis, and their mysterious benefactor.

Come aboard for an amazing ride into the world of the Second Chance.
About the Series

The style of this series is light and fun, adventure/fantasy, filled with wonder and just a dash of romance. It is first and foremost character driven and as such, there will oftentimes be considerable dialogue as opposed to descriptive imagery. Requirements for reading will be a sense of adventure and a sense of humor, a willingness to laugh and cry, and you must be one who enjoys getting to know memorable characters. If you are the type who likes to kick back and enjoy a warm, feel-good read and a sense of wonder, then this series will be right up your alley.

Second Chance Series
Fantasy/Adventure with a dash of romantic comedy.

Part One (2010)

Part Two (2011)
Book 6: AVALON – Part 1
Book 6: AVALON – Part 2

Part Three (2012)
Book 7: TRIBE
Book 8: SEED
Due to the unique subject matter, this series will appeal to a very broad audience: teen to elderly, male and female. Although some parts may be considered to be too intense for pre-teen or younger readers. Ages 13 and up recommended.

The Second Half of Life

by Sionna Cailey

Tequila, magic and rock and roll set the stage for midlife rebellion when the Committee for the Disaffected decides that the ancient art of witchcraft is the only way to rev up their boring small-town lives. Aidan, Kathy and Diana soon discover they’re not the only witches in town, and the local coven holds the secret to a cursed stone, inhabited by a demon that will grant your heart’s desire. This demon is a sultry succubus that wants to know what’s in it for her, and she doesn’t give you what you wish for; she gives you what she thinks you deserve.

Aidan desires the attentions of a handsome young musician, only to discover that he was already in love – with his bandmate. Kathy longs for financial security, but when fortune strikes, it reveals her husband’s true nature. Longing to be a respected author, Diana becomes an overnight success – but it’s her kinky erotica that everyone wants, and her humiliated husband decides to put his foot down.

Magical wishes always come with a high price tag – and they’re just not sure they can afford it.

Pixilated (A Garrison Love Story)

by Jane Atchley

At age six half-pixie, Kayseri Bruin, fell in love with a young garrison captain and vowed she would have no other. Now in adult stasis, she returns to Qets Garrison determined to win the love of the one man her heart recognizes. She will do whatever it takes to gain his notice even work a bit of pixie mischief, but mischief has unintended consequences.

What is a sane man to do when his best friend’s suddenly delectable daughter kisses him? Run! Run fast! However, words like run and sane are not a part Kree Fawr’s psychological makeup. So when Kayseri and the horse Kree gave her, goes missing the garrison’s audacious captain sees his missionâ??pursue and retrieve.

But pursuit becomes a dangerous chase that drives the unlikely couple deep into elfin intrigue, and to the very brink of war. With life and death balanced on a sword’s edge, will Kayseri’s mischief tear them apart or bind them together forever?

God of the Game (Dreamstate)

by Kit Yan

Set in the afterlife, past the second coming, beyond singularity, life now is a conglomerate of videogames. Join our nameless hero as he effortlessly traverses dimensions, jumping from multiverses to metaverses, pursuing a mindless selection of violent, sexual vocations. Existence here is a hedonistic pit. With unlimited choice and eternity at his disposal, life should be meaningful. But it is not. Poor fool is stuck in his human past, continuously digs up the grave of his mortal time on Earth. Unresolved desires, ex-girlfriends and aimless addictions, the makings of a flawed deity; one that pisses on everything he creates, screws everyone he makes. No rules, and purely anarchic, so meet a motley crew of divine characters ever ready to crush the fragile egg of sanity.

Dear reader, pray your faith saves, for your convictions of infinity, of heaven and hell, may never be the same after this.

Avangar (The Third Age of the Red Dragons Trilogy)

by B.E. Crittenden

In a world of sorcerers and dragons, Eriana and Torva are two young princesses with great magical powers. Their kingdom of Galdaya is far away from the endless wars of Mastadonia. However, evil has no borders and darkness threatens to take over the entire planet of Avangar. They must put aside their childhoods and face their destinies. Only they can keep the darkness from consuming their world.

(Extended description)

Eriana and Torva have spent their childhoods enjoying the luxuries that royalty provides. Eriana is nine years old and Torva is ten.

Torva’s greatest joy is to go hunting with her father and giving the bounty from their hunt to the grateful people in the small villages. She is a master of the crossbow and the throwing dagger. She has the heart of a warrior, just like her father.

Eriana would never think of taking a life, even a beast. She is a white sorceress and a protector, just like her mother. She spends her days reading and loves a great story in which everyone lives happily ever after. But little does she realize, her and Torva’s story… will be the greatest of them all.

The Story of Evil – Volume I: Heroes of the Siege

by Tony Johnson

The Story of Evil – Volume I follows Stephen Brightflame, Tyrus Canard, and Kari Quinn during an entertaining jousting tournament when everything turns to chaos. Steve, Ty, and Kari’s city is unexpectedly attacked by a ruthless enemy known only as the Hooded Phantom and his massive army of monsters. The three young adults try to survive as their family and friends are carelessly slaughtered and the city they call home is destroyed.

Steve, Ty, and Kari each decide to stand up and fight back against the insurmountable army of evil, despite knowing their slim chances of survival. Through their bravery and courage they become the inspiration and hope of a fallen city. They become Heroes of the Siege.

Heroes of the Siege is the first volume in an exciting new series called The Story of Evil. For fans of classic fantasy, this book features intense battles, surprising twists, and shocking revelations as heroes battle villains in an epic tale of good vs. evil.

Ages 12 and up.
No Profanity.

Dragon World: Dragon Magic (The Dragon World Series)

by George Jackson

Dragon World: Dragon Magic is a cross between a fast paced fantasy adventure and a lusty romance novel! It’s jammed packed with Dragonriders, Dragons, Barbarians, Warriors and Wizards. It is set on the wild and rugged world of Rupar, where fiesty, independent women and brave, hardy men struggle to carve out their lives. Explore the vast deserts, towering mountains, teaming cities and massive fortresses. Their fierce, intense passions boil over into massive battles, lusty sexual encounters and the intense relationship between Dragons and humans. Good battles evil as the inhabitants of Rupar love, laugh, fight and relate with each other. There’s tongue-in-cheek humor, furious action, and bawdy encounters. Science fiction, fantasy and romance smash together in the beautiful, brawling world of Rupar!

Dramala the Blood Queen (Turik Saga)

by Jonas Lau

Turik must square off against a new enemy, one more powerful than he has yet seen. Even worse is the news that she is waiting for him inside the City of Eternal Night, a place rumored to be riddled with blood sucking, lifeless creatures. Turik must call upon his remaining friends and possibly an old enemy to stand a chance at defeating Dramala, and bringing peace once again to the council.
Along Turik’s journey, he finds a lost friend, resurrects another, and meets new allies. But with every problem Turik solves, more seem to rise around him. With every friend he saves, one seems to fall into peril. Will he be able to protect everyone he loves?

The Abode of Devils

by David James Morton

In the autumn of 1940, Andrew Meek is forced to work down a coal mine as he doesn’t wish to fight in the War.

During a shift, Andrew believes he can hear a “heartbeat” under the rock but before he can investigate, the seam collapses, killing several people, among them his two brothers.

Sixty years on, Andrew still broods about that tragic day and the effect it has had upon him. Instead of a stellar career in science he’s led a humdrum life and never amounted to much.

Yet just as he’s resigned himself to die ignorant, the “heartbeat” starts again. Now, Andrew must choose whether to leave this phenomenon alone or to explore itâ?¦

Thrust into an amazing journey, Andrew heads back to his own origins while discovering shocking revelations about the Earth, and the location and nature of Hell itself…

Legend of the Glaive- Part 1: Frerick’s Journey

by Christopher Kragel

This action fantasy short novel introduces the reader to the quiet land of Nobleton, a peaceful human land until one day a rogue Elf lord opens a portal, summoning an army from a distant realm to destroy everything in its path.The Lurkers, a violent breed bent on destruction, are released to overwhelm the land.

News of this event reaches Frerick, a veteran tracker now retired farmer, whose wish to stay out of the fight is overcome by the need to defend his homeland. Along with his companion Nadya, a sorceress, they set off across the land in search of a mystical orb capable of summoning a force strong enough to defeat any army. Together they battle across lands and harsh terrains in pursuit of this magical orb that may be their only hope of defending Nobleton against an otherwise unstoppable attacker.

This is part 1 of 3, the other volumes coming soon…

The main portion of these volumes will be centered around the Glaive, an enchanted place that is barely introduced at the end of the first novel.

The Touch of Night

by A.L. Kessler

Prequel to In the Light of the Moon.

As a government hired investigator, Mae is no stranger to the supernatural world. When a man named Josh appears in both her dreams and in her current case, things get complicated.

I, Target (Part 1)

by Bruce Rousseau

My name is Marko Santana and I have been killed many times.

You see, each time I am killed, my mind jumps into the killer’s body and I take over. It’s weird but simple: if someone kills me, I get their body.

So does that make me the ultimate crime-fighter? Maybe a cool body-snatcher kind of guy? Or nothing but a freakin’ brain parasite? Personally, I prefer to think of myself as the ultimate survivorâ??with a serious personality disorder.

I am not your father’s punch and run superhero. I am a problem in motionâ??and for better or worse, I am on the road to being seriously mental.

Join me on my quest for purpose and sanity as I journey through life in other people’s bodies. For these are the chronicles of one who feeds on killersâ??my killers. These are the chronicles of Marko Santana.

Born in Texas. Died all over.

I, Target is a 5-part ebook serial and each part must be read in order. Each part is approximately 100 pages. I, Target will also be released in its entirety as a 500+ page trade paperback novel and as a complete ebook.

Warning: I, Target contains no cool graphics. But it does have humor, adult language, and starting in part 2 it contains some unexpected sexual situations. So don’t say you weren’t warned.

The Racing Angelettes

by Roland Cheney

Ten year old Nicole loses her way, and finally kneels on a forest path, closes her eyes, and tearfully prays to God for her Guardian Angel to help her. Then she beholds a young man coming her way. But when bat-winged demons surround the little tent in the night, the Racing Angelettes, six winged luminous children, come to the rescue of Nicole and Luke, the virtuous young hiker who finds her in the deep dark woods by the sea, as he tries to help her through a sweeping mountain wilderness to the safety of her parents and civilization.

Who are the Racing Angelettes?
Six children of different racial backgrounds, who have died at different times throughout history since the birth of Christ, come to Heaven where they are given wings by God, and who join together in a mutual pact, just the six of them, to become members in Heaven not of the Good children, and not of the Better children, and not of the Best children, but of their own special little group, the ‘little angels who like to race’, the Racing Angelettes!

“And God pressed the dead child to His heart,
and wings were given him so that he could fly…”
Hans Christian Anderson; The Angel.

Back to the Beginning

by Peter Chapman



It is 1917. Tom and Rosetta, fighting for their lives, are taken back to England. The Guardians visit their dreams and reveal their true nature. They need to replace the wheel of time, and want Tom and Rosetta to help.

They explore the grandeur of the Universe, and are warned of the invasion of earth by the Dark Souls.

A perilous sea voyage to Egypt takes them back to the Tomb of Hatshepsut at Luxor. The Ottoman Empire collapses, but Britain fights on against Germany for a nebulous domination of the world.

The Dark Souls attack They are led by an old enemy who refuses to die.

The final battle unfolds in the darkness of the Tomb.






You can buy all 6 books through Amazon for about US $10 or £7 sterling.


Extraordinary #1

by Derek O’Gorman

It is late in the summer of 2010 in Toronto, and Catherine Combs is entering the most exciting time of her life. She has just celebrated her engagement to her fiancée with a big party with all their family and friends. But joy turns to uneasiness, as a dark figure from Catherine’s past returns to cast a shadow on her future, and bloody hell follows with him.

The first issue of “Extraordinary”, featuring Part One of “Cat’s Tale”, with almost twenty-three thousand words, at an economical price.

Freak Away! (Athalinda and the Dragon’s Pearl)

by May Koliander

Happiness is a journey and the wise endeavour to enjoy every moment along the way.

For the unfortunate, happiness is something one remembers.

Our choices reveal us to ourselvesâ?¦

Ivan, the man Athalinda loves, has vanished without even a good-bye. Heartbroken, she sets out to seek him in the Carpathian Mountains. Eugene offers to assist her find the Dark Castle they believe Ivan is headed for. Can she trust Ivan’s brother in arms to help her claim her lover back or does he too have a secret agenda ? And what has come over Anghel since falling for Sasha ?

Meanwhile, back home, the dwindling Nufreak community is rejoicing as new blood lines have been found and babies are on the way, but that is before the mysterious plague brought back from the Thar desert breaks out, threatening the whole community.

Upon her return, Athalinda finds herself once again in the eye of the hurricane, having to face yet another adversary who covets the Pearl. Crucial decisions loom as the world around her changes. Which way will her choices lead her ? Will she be wise enough to realise that her journey has already begun ?

Lemurian Medium (A Rachel Blackstone Paranormal Mystery Series)

by G G Collins

When a friend vanishes into a painting at a posh Santa Fe gallery, reporter Rachel Blackstone travels the astral plane in search of her. But first she must meet her most frightening nemesis and defend herself on the Terror of the Threshold. Will it be the Mesoamerican deity who enjoys human snacks or the evil spirit she crossed paths with before? What she doesn’t expect is to land in an ancient civilization intent on keeping herâ??and her unproven powers. Part of this territory is inhabited by gentle people, flora and fauna that communicate telepathically. But the other residents are decidedly ruthless. Legend says the lost continent sank eons ago. Rachel’s visit must be brief or she could be caught up in the cataclysm. She employs crystal power to help her communicate with friend Chloe back home in New Mexico and to defend herself from cosmological attacks.

In Santa Fe, Chloe and soul navigator F Dominic Magellan search frantically for the body of their friend in its altered state. They must return it to the art gallery so she can reclaim it. That proves difficult when they run across someone, or something, who will do anything to stop them.

Meanwhile back on the astral plane, Rachel is dodging Dracs and learning to ride a dragon by the seat of her pants. She has to multitask, coping with earthquakes and volcanoes as the end of the long-lost culture is set in motion, all while staging the rescue of her friend. Catching the red-eye home to the 21st century could prove difficult as she desperately looks for a way to escape a violent reptilian society. They must find and reattach Rachel’s silver cord or they cannot return.

Can Rachel become a successful astral-naut? Or will she be forever lost in the cosmos?

Extras: Christmas Eve Canyon Road Farolito Walk, a ghost hunting assignment.

Contains: mild horror effects, profanity, humor.

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AUTHOR BIO: Walking several beats, reporter G G Collins racked up a lot of column inches, a few awards and a writing fellowship at Duke University. She never met a story she didn’t like.

There was another side lurking. This side of her personality is fond of the strange, the frightening, the paranormal. When she graduated from children’s books at about 12, she began her adult reading career with Shirley Jackson’s “We Have Always Lived in the Castle.” Wow! She wasn’t expecting that ending.

The day she discovered the Hopi ceremony to call back the dead, she just had to ask the question: What would happen if the wrong spirit returned? “Reluctant Medium” resulted and a new series was born.

FORTHCOMING: Atomic Medium

A Moment in Time: Change

by Alan Huckerby

In 1815, Tara and her husband take over the family import/export business at a time when dramatic changes are taking place throughout Europe and the Americas. They reconstruct the business to improve its sustainability within the changing world around them. Through all this change, Tara and her family’s main focus is to move down to the ancient farm and associated co-operative. Through many adventures, Tara and her family achieve their objectives and end their days in the land of Tara’s ancestors. The land of a young girl who against the odds not only survives through the first tumultuous years of Norman occupation of her Saxon homeland in the first century AD but becomes a leader who shows her people how to adapt to a changing world while still remaining linked their heritage and lands. Tara’s ancestor laid a path from which she cannot deviate even if she knew what the path was throughout her youth, adulthood, and old age; the mystic pathway of Tara’s inheritance. But as always, the family returns to the land to which they are inexplicably linked but which has also taken care of them through the centuries.

Sun Tzu and the Maiden Army

by Bill W.Y. Cain

After much time and toil, Sun Tzu completes his profound manuscript, the Art of War. However, before it is to become the legendary and renowned work of strategy, tactics, and human relations, Sun Tzu must find a powerful patron to recognize its value and utilize it for the betterment of the common people.

When Sun Tzu brings his scrolls to the royal palace in the State of Wu, he finds that he must prove his prowess as a warrior by dueling the realm’s greatest swordsman. And on top of that, he must put his life on the line to meet a deadly challenge from the king. Ultimately, the day will end in bloodshed.

World Without Light (Reawakening Saga)

by Jay Chastain

For fans of mind-bending fiction, comes an all new voice in Urban Fantasy and a new saga for voracious readers…

Are you ready to awaken a world?


It was supposed to be a fun, exciting night of experimenting with a mysterious hallucinogenic brew called ayahuasca.

And it was…until Marshallâ??under the spell of the brewâ??comes into contact with a being that reveals his true destiny, his terrible fate.

Soon, Marshall begins to understand the truth about himself (with the help from the love of his life), what he is, and what supernatural traits he has been burdened with. Soon, Marshall begins to understand that he is just the first step in an ancient war between the God of the material realm, and the beings who dwell in the Beyond.

Before it is all over, Marshall will rip apart the veil that bars every human being in an artificial prison. Through his own suffering, he will begin the final liberation of a world.

Change is coming.

NOTE: This story was originally published under the title, The Colour of the Soul in late 2012, and has since been completely revised and updated with new content.

A Fateful Dream (Love and Fate)

by Christopher Coons-Moore

Fate does exist, and she’s quite a handful. This is the story of William Lovelace, and his attempt to defy the lovely Fate. Or is it?

Spearwood Academy-Episode Three (The Spearwood Academy Series)

by A.S. Oren

Avalon is the first female of her kind in centuries. She is a dragon shapeshifter, who is painfully cursed to turn into her dragon form every night. Spearwood Academy has the answers to her questions, but there is just one problem, up until she came along it was an all boy school. How ever will this Harry Potter geek, Whovian and Nerdfigher wade through the waters of testosterone, greed and even love?

In episode three Avalon must confront Lusk Mirren. More eccentric characters are introduced to her, and she must figure out who are the friends and who are the foes. An unexpected proposal is thrown her way. Will she take the offer, that may seem to good to be true?


by Cyma Rizwaan Khan

Meet Antaeus, vampire extraordinaire and revealer of truths.

You’ll never see vampires the same way again.

If you thought Lestat and Eric Northman were the only vampires you need to know, think again. There’s a new dead guy in town.

And he doesn’t sparkle.

Miss Lilylight

by Peter Fifield

Robert Wheeler and his faithful dog Bartholomew save a young woman from her fantasy worlt which she created by the use of magic.

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