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Christmas Lights

by Travis Thrasher

Arthur Duncan has had enough. It’s the end of an exhausting Christmas Day and he has one goal in mind: to go to the local pub and get shnockered. Yes, he’s been sober for four years seven months and three days. But right now he doesn’t care about that. He doesn’t care about anything, in fact.

Arthur’s wife, Linda, has other ideas, however. But will it be enough to talk reason to her husband? Maybe there will be a special Christmas miracle that needs to take place.

From the author of PAPER ANGELS and TIME FOR ME TO COME HOME comes a sweet little Christmas tale about faith, hope and love.

Rent (minus) Control

by R Winters

An episodic adventure of life in the confines of “the city.” The reality of renting, dating and mingling with eight million others takes place in Rent (minus) Control. This narrative follows our main character to Brooklyn and back in search of a new beginning after learning that things aren’t always as perfect as they appear and that sometimes you need to let life take control.

Love and Betrayal 2

by Coco J

After Je’leese finds out that her best friend Daivon has been sleeping with the love of her life, What will she do? Will Katherine find out that her husband also slept with Daivon? Will Jasmine leave Michigan,or will she cause more havoc in Detroit?

Love and Betrayal

by Coco J

In the city of Detroit Michigan there’s a lot of lying and betraying going on. Je’leese and Katherine never thought they’d be lied to and betrayed by people they loved. Daivon is in it by herself and wants other people to feel her pain. Giovanni and Chris are trying to keep their secrets under wraps before their women find out about them and Jasmine is just a gold digger looking for a man with deep pockets.

The Awakening [Illustrated]

by Kate Chopin

This Seedbox Classics edition of The Awakening includes an illustration gallery.

The Awakening by Kate Chopin is a novel set in New Orleans and the Louisiana coast at the end of the nineteenth century. The story centers around Edna Pontellier and her struggle to reconcile her unorthodox views on femininity and motherhood with the prevailing social attitudes of the South.


by M.J. Winn

Lured is a thrilling tale of a novice diver who gets trapped inside a massive, submerged shipwreck.

The Secret

by Hollie Bowrie

The Secret by Hollie Bowrie

At fifty years old and being the â??kingpin’ of the family she adores, Susan’s life seems pretty well ordered and content; well, almost. There is however one thing troubling her; her son, Danny.

Convinced that Danny has a secret he is not sharing with her and certain that she knows what it is he is not telling her, the time has come for Susan to decide whether she is willing to confront her son head-on â?¦ and in so doing, perhaps risk losing him forever should Danny react badly to his mother’s probing. On the other hand, Susan feels she only has half of her son now â?¦

A chance meeting on a cliff top with the young and affable Cal is sufficient for Susan to make up her mind; after all, isn’t it possible that this mountain which she thinks is separating her from Danny, could in reality turn out to be little more than a molehill?

And as Cal says, whatever happens, at least Danny will know that his mother loved him enough to take the gamble, regardless of which way the dice might fall.

Hollie Bowrie’s debut novella – The Secret

Part One of my next story has just been published, ‘When The Bough Breaks Part One – Spring’. Look for it in the Kindle Store and in paperback.

Hollie Bowrie

[email protected]


by Nia Love

Come and explore the beginning of Ashes in this prequel. See how and why serenity life of self destruction even exist. Will Serenity be able to survive the inhumane acts that was done to her. Will she ever be able to love herself…


by Rex Kusler

Life can be a game of Russian roulette with the Grim Reaper where timing and luck may play a major role in determining fate. Johnny Buck doesn’t understand this. He’s an impetuous kid with a suicidal father who suddenly wants Johnny and his mother dead.

Throughout his life Johnny makes a lot of bad choices based on impulsive behavior and wishful thinking. He finds himself involved with the wrong women while the promising ones seem to slip away. Coincidentallyâ??all of them except one are named Angela.

In his late twenties Johnny finds himself becoming attracted to the spellbinding writing of a mysterious novelist using the pen name Samantha Sommers. He conjures up a stunning image of her to match her prose. Becoming infatuated with her, Johnny decides to write her a long letter expressing his attraction to her captivating writing style and fascinating characters. He reveals his desire to meet her. She replies with a brief letter stating bluntly that it wouldn’t be a good idea. Still he wonders who she is.

Through a course of events that seem to be guided by fateâ??he’s about to find out.


by Dean P. Johnson

Kirah, just home from her freshman year at college, contemplates the strange lamp and the unfamiliar mirror in her bedroom, at least what used to be her bedroom, what used to be her sanctuary. But things are not what they used to be. Even her best friends seem to be different, especially Ramon who suddenly has more than a friendly interest in her.

Fortunately, Kirah’s mother and stepfather make good on their offer of a month at a New Jersey shore beach house in exchange for an appearance on the dean’s list each semester. A little distance from Ramon, parents, “her” bedroom, is just the distraction she needs.

Along with a couple of friends who still appear somewhat normal, Kirah heads down to the shore.

Bryan had been working at the Auto Center for the past year after dropping out of college midway through his sophomore year. While he has grand ideas about his future, his actions do not match his ambitions. Searching for direction, Bryan clings to anything that comes his way, including a girl with two friends in a car with a flat tire.

To Bryan Kirah is everything he needs to be. To Kirah Bryan is the distraction from all the change she is longing for. Through each other they find what they were looking for, only it wasn’t what they thought it was at all.

Real Men Don’t Wax

by Stacy Bender

Jamie and Alex live in the same building but both are busy leading their separate lives. Alex is overwhelmed trying to maintain the aging but quaint apartment building while Jamie’s days are filled with her career, friends, and family.

In steps Mephistopheles the cat, known by his vet as The Prince of Darkness, to bring the two together. He knows something, and it’s up to him to see that Alex and Jamie know it too. He gets their attention by stealing underwear, popping up in odd places and becoming the link that brings the two together. But Mephistopheles always goes just a little too far.

The modern fairytale has updated twists and turns that you won’t find in Snow White. Real Men Don’t Wax has all the fun of a girls’ night out mixed with a little magic and a classic storyline. The plot is fresh and fun, familiar but completely new.

Stacy Bender, acclaimed science-fiction/adventure writer, is stepping out of her comfort zone with Real Men Don’t Wax, a contemporary romantic comedy. This fun novella underscores Bender’s versatility and ability to entertain across the board as she weaves a lighthearted story about a man, a woman, and . . . a cat.

This edition contains bonus chapters from Stacy Bender’s action/adventure book Ursa Kane and a discount code for any of Word Branch Publishing’s books.

Untogether Lives (short stories)

by Andy P. Jones

Untogether Lives is a collection of fourteen stories that peek through the curtains of an eclectic cast, struggling to keep mind, body and the world around them together. From an amputee shoe thief, to an unlikely arsonist, to a sexually frustrated quadriplegic.

Predominantly dark and occasionally disturbing, these stories are not for the faint-hearted, but neither are they without humour. Not everyone in Untogether Lives gets a happy ending, and not everyone survives – but, hey, that’s life for you.


“Your language, style, and voice are all humming and well

developed, self-assured and natural as hell.”

Noir Author, Will Christopher Baer

“A contemporaneous voice … has particular wit, punch and zest.”

The Literary Consultancy

“Funny, fast moving. Superb writing.”

Amazon Reviewer

“Well written, witty at times. Rather splendid.”

Amazon Reviewer

“Full to the brim with colourful and vibrant characters.”

Amazon Reviewer

“Andy P. Jones skill lies in a relaxed narrative under-pinned by diligent observation.”

Amazon Reviewer

“Mr Jones’ use of language is a real pleasure to behold, economical but playful. There’s a confidence in his prose that knows exactly what he wants, and as a reader, that assurance is always nice.”

Amazon Reviewer

“The characters, story and writing were flawless. I loved the human, real qualities of each person and London. This is a must read.”

Amazon Reviewer

Six Short Tales: New Beginnings

by Rosa Turner Boschen

SIX SHORT TALES: NEW BEGINNINGS Everybody wants to start over sometime and the characters from Six Short Tales: New Beginnings are no different. From a murderous female flautist to an overwrought fiction writer and an unfaithful young wife, each protagonist has reached the point where something’s gotta give…

Six distinct characters risk everything to start over:

One: La Flautista Bandita – Esperanza can’t bear repeating mistakes. Tomorrow is going to be different.

Two: Lost Horizon – A struggling fiction writer puts himself into his work–and it pays.

Three: Regret Me Not – Katherine Kramer finally takes a leap of faith.

Four: Extinction – An aging trooper tracks a new endangered species along Highway Twenty-Nine.

Five: Homeward Bound – An abused young wife battles her fears in crossing the Chickahominy River Bridge.

Six: My Mother’s Daughter – A woman discovers she’s more like her estranged mom than she’s imagined.

Credits: “La Flautista Bandita” first appeared in Calliope, official publication of American Mensa Ltd. (Summer 2010). “Lost Horizon” previously published in Inkburns Interactive Literary Journal (December 2002). Edited by Martha Trachtenberg. Cover Image by Dar Albert.

Styrofoam Throne

by David Bone

Coastal California, 1984â?¦with school season just ending, sixteen-year-old Donovan wants nothing more than to work inside Castle Dunes, the seaside haunted attraction that his mom wishes him nowhere near. When Donovan finally lands his dream job, he unknowingly finds himself in a web of love and mischief amid the house of comedic horrorsâ??creating a summer he will never forget. Bursting with a cast of unusual characters, David Bone’s debut novel takes the reader back in time to the long lost days of misspent youth in this epic coming-of-age. Styrofoam Throne is a growing-up-monster tale unlike any other.

David Bone is an Author, Emmy Nominated Writer/Producer, and Songwriter/Musician. He graduated with honors from NYU with a major in English.

Single @ Large (Brandy)

by Sadie Augustine

Single @ Large is the first short story in a series of 9 character driven dramas, written by a budding author of contemporary short fiction, Sadie Augustine. Enjoy the experiences and challenges her protagonist, Brandy Coal, encounters as a mid-western transplant living single and professional in the San Francisco bay area.

Brandy Coal – People told Brandy all the time she was beautiful â?? tall, dark, with a body like an Olympic skater, and the fine-etched face of a Somalian princess. She sort of believed it â?? but it wouldn’t be the thing that made her what she was determined to be â?? high powered, well heeled â?? and married. The latter had sure changed though, after a couple of serious “love affairs” with guys who turned out to be way less than she expected â?? or needed. So for now, she was going to live Yuppie, date picky, and let everybody see how sophisticated she was in spite of her FICO score. And it worked â?? except for those times when her Detroit street sensibilities came out and got the best of her â?? or saved her ass â?¦

Never Assume! and other stories

by C G Penne

These short stories were written as ‘literary snacks’ for people who enjoy reading but haven’t much time!

Never Assume! – A gathering of friends are so consumed with their particular situations in life that they fail to recognise what is staring them in the face!

Who, When, Why? – A chilling tale of a woman whose present life shadows a past life sixty years ago resulting in the same dramatic conclusion.

The Circles of Life – Tells the story of positively turning around the all-too- recognisable modern day, distressing and disheartening situation of redundancy in an unconventional way.

Transience – Arguably your worst nightmare when you love your family!

Escape from Death – How many times have you heard “When your number’s up!” There might be some truth in it!

Because Life’s Far Too Short – Forget about tradition and conventions – don’t just think about retirement!

The Mystery Shopper – Natasha gets more than she bargained for!

A Double Mistake – Four girls enjoy an idyllic day in the long, lazy school holidays; what happens next will change their lives forever….

Time to Go? – Barry, Linda, Julian and Sally all face the same devastating choice with very different outcomes…..

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