Free historical fiction Kindle books for 28 Dec 13

Velyaminovy – The Age of Discovery (Part Two)

by Nelly Shulman

The second part of the book 3 – Paris Commune, Arctic expeditions and the rise of radical thought in Europe, culminating in terrorist attack on emperor Alexander II.

Wings of Angels

by Pamela Nyman

There was no wonder why Randi Kraft learned to fly before she learned to put on makeup. Her widowed father knew nothing of the needs of a young girl and everything about planes. Growing up mostly alone, she learned early in life to be independent. As a social outcast, Randi had only one friend, and unfortunately, he was the most popular boy in school and her ground school student.
Randi is convinced that her bad luck is about to get much worse. Her itinerant father announces he is moving again to another town. Her fantasy boyfriend, identified by the kids at school as her only friend, is going off to college. And all too soon, Randi’s life is about to be transformed by a world at war. The days of flying hunters for wilderness hunting treks and wearing her classmates’ third round hand-me-downs are numbered.
Randi’s life does finally take a turn when she is hired by her aunt’s boyfriend. Flying shipments for his California airfreight company earns enough money to pay for college expenses that give Randi a sense of hope for the first time in her young life. Regrettably, Japanese bombs falling over Pearl Harbor shatter lives of every American, but like most, Randi doesn’t have time to worry about what might have been.
With planes grounded up and down the West Coast, Randi cannot refuse her boss’s avid plea to relocate his fleet from Sacramento to Salt Lake. For a while, it is business as usual, except that deliveries originate farther inland. Building up the airfreight business and training new pilots suits her abilities but leaves her yearning to contribute to the war effort in a more substantial way.
Military efforts ramped up overseas, open opportunities to serve on the home front. Aviatress Jackie Cochran pitches for an upstart, female flying group to fly planes throughout the United States, and Randi signs up. The women are immediately targeted to fail by an all-male Army Air Corps. Only the support at the very top allows the women to succeed. Flying as a Women’s Air Service Pilot is just the risky adventure Randi craves. Her humble background certainly would never have foretold such a vital mission for her nation.
Americans fought in a unified effort on the battlefields, but back home, a deep chasm was carved out between roles of men and women. WASP training is squarely in a man’s world and these women must learn the Army way or see the program fail. One advantage is, the women have more hours in multi-engine planes than most of their instructors.
Complain, and the program is dead, even if termite-riddled training planes are pushed through a hole in the fence. Despite the rough conditions, the first class graduates.
After graduation, her close friends scatter to all corners of the States. Starting over in an adverse working setting begin again. Carving out respect from men who wish you dead is not an easy feat. Women have to rely on sheer ability and fortitude. In time, however, after landing planes with failing engines pulls a few positive opinions from their airfield ground crews. A few more women win many men over with fancy flying while towing targets with live artillery rounds.
When Randi’s airplane takes live artillery fire as her engine fails and she is forced down, Randi has to spend time healing. As a woman pilot, she is forced to pay her own hospital bill and transportation home. Barely back from recuperation, Randi is forced down during a sandstorm in Phoenix, Arizona. Due to her severe injuries, Randi never makes it back to duty as a WASP. With stamina waning, Randi shifts her energies back to air freight and the return of her friend, now true love.
With the war ended, the world would never be the same again. Women would continue to fly for the United States Air Force, and like many women who gave their service to their country, each returned to American life a changed person.

Hole in a Helmet

by John McAdam

From a farm in the United States to the front lines of the Allied European campaign, Mike Broner and his squad of hooligans are stuck too deep behind enemy lines. To find a way home they have to head straight into the heart of the greatest war mankind has ever known.


The Qua Nie Saga: Tracking Jedediah Smith

by Dewey Dempsey

He is Qua Nie among the Cherokee.

He is Benjamin Franklin Adair as a frontier trader

He is Benjamin Franklin Goss as a California businessman

Trained as a warrior, medicine man and trader Qua Nie decides to follow the tracks of Jedediah Smith’s second visit to Californio and back through Oregon and the Rockies. This takes him through the turbulent period at the end of the Mexican-American War, the creation of the state of California and the gold rush He attracts men and women who share parts of his life and travels. The three cultures he moves between leave him confused but he perseveres. There are plenty of what he calls รข??scavengers’ who plague him from the Tennessee River to Tucson and in California and Oregon. He founds the town of Cherokee, California, among other accomplishments.

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