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Goddess Grove

by Kristin Jones

When divorcée Muira Brennan moved her kids to the suburbs, she wasn’t expecting to encounter the magic of Goddess Grove. Can there be hope after loss? Can love break a curse? As Muira juggles her floral business, her children, and her new love interest, Aaron, she is unprepared to add magical abilities to the list. She can’t help but be drawn into her family’s witchcraft, especially when Aaron’s life may depend on it. The mysteries of a family curse, a town ghost, and haunting visions become more manageable as Muira finds help from Aviva, the enchanted young chef and Zoraida, the wise professor. To save their loved ones, the maiden, mother, and crone must end the town’s curse in the enchantment of Goddess Grove.

The Whaler

by Steve Roach

The Whaler.

“It’s common knowledge that the Captains of whaling ships are a breed of men more deranged than most, but Grice was the worst these parts have ever known. He was a stone-hearted bastard, full of hate for the world and everything in it, but he had a special kind of hate for whales. He exalted in their murder.”

In 1852 the whaling ship Nautilus leaves New Bedford and embarks upon a route to the South Pacific, a journey that will lead them to the hunting grounds of the magnificent sperm whales.

Once there, they set about their business of killing whales, a task that Captain Grice relishes beyond any other Earthly pleasure. After the harpooners have done their job, Grice lances each whale until it is almost dead, and then climbs out onto the great body to attack it with his favourite axe.

But one of the whales they hunt is different.

Sick, already dying, the men attack it and find something inside, something rotten and dangerous and alive. It’s a thing that will bring about the destruction of the Nautilus, and bring doom to Grice and the crew. It appears that Grice is not the most formidable hunter these waters have ever seen – something else is out there, hunting whales, and it has been this way for centuries…….

The Whaler harks back to the good old days of the short horror story, where the world was not yet conquered and still held mystery.

Amazon.Com Review:
This is a gem floating among the flotsam of self published stories on Amazon. The author grabs the attention of the reader early with a dark yarn told over a cold brew in worn down pub by the sea. What better place to hear a frightening tale of the black depths? Overtones of Poe can be felt throughout and the story didn’t falter once as the horror continued to build. Well depicted characters and a creepy central idea make this a keeper that will stick in the mind after it’s been read and put down. The only thing I would add is the author could have expanded more on the idea, basically it could have been longer. With a little more plot it would make an excellent novel. I would recommend this story to anyone who loves a quick scary read! I appreciate the author’s talent, it makes searching through the many badly written works worthwhile when you find something like this! Well worth the money!

Bathed in Blood: The Transfiguration of Ruxandra cel Rau

by Alex O’Connell

Set in sixteenth-century Transylvania, Bathed in Blood: The Transfiguration of Ruxandra cel RÄ?u tells the story of the flight of Mihnea, son of Vlad Tepes, the Impaler, to Sibiu and the fate he and his family meet at the hands of the vampire Dimitrije Iaxici. It’s not just the monster that would become Jack the Ripper that is unleased upon the world but someone, something, far, far worseâ?¦ his daughter, Ruxandra cel RÄ?u. Bathed in Blood is a short story (circa 15,000 words) prequel to O’Connell’s full length novel The Whitechapel Vampire.

Doll: A Short Story

by Elissa Drake

Doll: A Short Story is an eerie tale of the supernatural.

Many years ago, a little girl was tragically killed while holding onto her doll.
Now the doll has found a new owner…

Karen Parker comes home one afternoon to find an old, creepy doll staring at her with cold, evil eyes. She finds out that her young daughter, Kyla, brought it home from a field trip to a museum. What Karen doesn’t know is that the doll chose her daughter and as disturbing incidents occur, it becomes clear that this doll is more than just a toy.

Pohon Setan.

by Ben Brown

Chelsea Brown dreamt of being a journalist her whole life. Now, that dream was about to come true. She and her two friends, graduated university together, and were about to embark on their first assignment.
Under the guidance of veteran reporter, and alcoholic, Bill Redcliff, the group head to Java to investigate tales of disturbing animal cruelty. However, what they find is far more horrific, and Chelsea’s dream quickly turns into a nightmare.

Bradley Munroe, ex S.A.S, had made a lucrative living rescuing hostages from dangerous situations. The biggest challenge of his career now lay in Indonesia.
Munroe would need to face something he’d never encountered before. It would push him to the limits of his formidable skills.

Pohon Setan is a fast-paced super-natural horror book from sci-fi author, Ben Brown. The story moves quickly, leaving you gasping for breath, right to the last page.

Included free with this purchase, is Ben Brown’s award winning story, Rescue Unit 867a.
This story, set in the near future, revolves around one man, whose life is thrown into turmoil when his family is killed in a devastating tsunami.
The prestigious Science Fiction Novelists’ website awarded Rescue Unit 867a third place in the 2011 short story contest.

The Farda

by Steve Roach

A lonely fat man discovers an unwanted visitor in his stack of bananas – a spider the size of a man’s fist. Instead of killing it, or throwing it out, he takes pity on the beast and lets it stay for a while. It is the beginning of a magnificent friendship….

This story is part of the ‘Sunburn and Ruin’ collection, available now on Amazon in a large format (8.5″ x 11″) deluxe edition.

Bram Stoker and the Vampires of Moytura

by Brendan Breathnach

Vampires of Moytura is an account of Bram Stoker’s travels through the West of Ireland in 1876 while struggling to write his first book – The Duties of Clerks of Petty Sessions in Ireland. The story is told through the eyes of an inept local civil servant who claims to have worked with Stoker on his research project. It details an encounter with an enchantress that the eventual author of Dracula met on the hills of Connemara. The author soon discovers that her love is the perfect cure for his severe writer’s block. But he also discovers that the more he writes, the more he wastes away. In a land of rural superstition and political strife, the author finds himself embroiled in a world of bloodthirsty vampires, too. Delving into Celtic myth and the political climate of late 19th century Ireland, Vampires of Moytura unearths some of the Irish origins – both political and supernatural – behind the legends of the undead.

The Moonshiner

by Ronnie Jeffires

When a group of friends go on a road trip and break down in the middle of nowhere they find a cabin and decide to spend the night their decission quickly turns into a bloody twisted fight for survival.

The Necromancer (From Beyond)

by Janet E Capstick

The Necromancer is the last in trilogy FROM BEYOND and follows the unnerving events surrounding the medium Jasmin Hanson as she uses her gift to help a young Doctor fulfil his fathers wishes from beyond the grave. Loyalty, Lust, fear and violent death combine as she matches her powers against those more potent than her own.

Jasmin is in hospital having suffered a breakdown under pressure from an angry spirit and is assumed to be Schizophrenic. when young Psychiatrist Doctor Ptolemy Keppel takes her as his first patient she is startled to discover his dead father wants her help. Jasmin hates being incarcerated and decides to accept contact with the late Richard Keppel who was an Egyptologist and soon discovers his determination to see his son Ptolemy retrieve ancient artefacts he himself died to claim.

So begins the Necromancing between the enigmatic medium and deceased Egyptologist in a bid to secure the glory of discovering the priceless treasure for the young doctor. Jasmin begins to enjoy her part and when the intrepid Gabriel Sweptmore is engaged to assist the doctor she soon becomes obsessed with her desire for him. Before long Gabriel is mesmerised with Jasmin and cannot resist but be enslaved by her sexual prowess. Meanwhile, Gemma Pickering has tired of the attentions of Brian Marchington and once introduced to Ptolemy falls hopelessly in love with him. ~Tragedy follows their plans as Jasmin together with help from the spirit world ruthlessly and violently removes any who dare to stand in their way.

The determined group set off for Egypt in a daring expedition to succeed where those before them have failed and died in their efforts.

Road Trip

by Michelle Krupp

In this short story, Vanessa is accidently left behind when the bus leaves from experiencing mechanical problems. She is beckoned by the woods, where she is savagely bitten. She undergoes a transformation. Then she tries to escape by hitchhiking. On her travels she finds love unexpectedly, and ends up in the most unlikely place she expected.

Under The Full Moon

by Michelle Krupp

In this short story Whitedove is tormented with vivid, nightly, horrific nightmares; she and her Dad don’t know why. Whitedove and Rocky live on the Native American Indian Zuni Tribe Reservation. They met at the local school. Will Whitedove’s love withstand Rocky’s curse? Will she come between the “pack”?


by David Willis

“Horumon” is a novella, depicting a few bizarre and macabre days in the life of a supermarket employee living in a small Japanese city. Kazutoshi butchers meat by day and hides away in his bedroom by night, putting distance between himself, his strange family and the city’s inhabitants. After sighting a young woman on a grimy street, his visions, nightmares and demons take over, pushing him along an unpredictable spiral of terror, isolation and despair.


by Richard Norman

There are menacing prankster dark spirits that wander the earth hunting for the fearful type who jump at the slightest sounds that go bump in the night. If they see that you are scared, it is a promise of fun for them and torment for you. It starts with a slight sound that you think you heard, but it turns into a whisper and if you call out to it in the dark, who’s there? you will be sorry. So if you believe you hear someone whispering behind you don’t ask is there anybody there, because it may be that something is and you will not like what you see.

Alone in the Woods

by Kevin Rivera

For his entire life, Jeremy has been struggling with these â??feelings’. Feelings he knows he shouldn’t have, but ones that gnaw at him daily, begging for him to satiate them. Therefore, Jeremy has to act on these feelings, if only to stop them for a little while, to obtain a reprieve and a sense of peace. Sometimes Jeremy doesn’t have these feelings for months, even years; but sometimes they are incessant, sometimes he must take action only days or weeks after they disappear. This is how Jeremy has lived his life for as long as he can remember. He doesn’t want to do the things he must do, he knows they are bad, but he’d rather live with those memories seared into his brain than to go more than a day or two with the gut wrenching feelings he gets.

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