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The Snow Queen (Fairy eBooks)

by Hans Christian Andersen

The Snow Queen is a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. It is his longest story and is considered by many as his best work. First published in 1844, it has inspired many artists and many times has been retold in movies and animation.

This edition features illustrations by T. Pym (the pseudonym of Clara Creed), a Victorian artist, whose sentimental style blends very well with the Andersen’s tale. Although not widely known, the Pym’s illustrations are among the best ones created for The Snow Queen.

A carefully designed ebook in the colorful fullscreen format for Kindle Fire HD. Can be viewed also on the monochrome Kindle devices (except for old models: kindle 1, kindle 2, kindle DX).

My Silly Kitty (Birthday Kitty!)

by Laura Yirak

From the creators of Puppy Come Home and Ladybug Blue:
A #1 Amazon Hot New Release!

My silly kitty is a very, very silly kitty indeed!

A little girl opens her long awaited birthday present to find something lively, something silly–a cute kitty, but she runs off!

Oh no!

This birthday party is full of surprises!

An adorable, fully illustrated eBook for ages eighteen months and up.

Legend of Herobrine’s Mansion: A Minecraft Novel (Based on True Story)

by Gamerlife Publishing

Is Herobrine’s Mansion real? Or is it just a Myth?

Steve keeps having nightmares. Nightmares of Herobrine.

After learning about the Legend, Steve goes on an epic journey to Herobrine’s Mansion.

Join Steve in this exciting adventure, as he tries to defeat Herobrine, and solve the mystery once and for all!

The Secrets of Herobrine’s Mansion are finally revealed!

**This adventure is based on a true story, with fictional elements included.

The Disneyland Quest

by Matt Ainsworth

15 year-old Dizzy Walker and his younger sister Ana are about to meet their mom’s new boyfriend, Steve, and his son, Travis, for the first time. To make the introduction go smoothly, Steve offers to pay for Dizzy and his family to meet in Disneyland; Dizzy’s favorite place in the world.
When they arrive at the theme park, they learn about a once in a lifetime treasure hunt called The Disneyland Quest. Clues are hidden throughout Disneyland, leading the quest participants to the combination of a vault set up on Main Street and the $250,000 prize inside.
Dizzy, Ana, and Travis must work together in a race against the clock, thousands of opponents, and the mysterious man in red who follows them throughout the quest. Friendship, perseverance, and trust are all put to the test in The Disneyland Quest.

Weight Loss for Kids – 73 Ways To Prevent Childhood Obesity

by Ponn Sabra

Simple Weight Loss Tips for Kids: Many are so Fast and Easy to Apply the Day You Open This Book!

Written by a mother-daughter team, 73 Ways to Prevent Childhood Obesity is derived by research (references listed at the end of this book), case studies, and/or personal experience, which were devised to counter the “22 Reasons Why Kids Are Fat” which are shared at the beginning of the book.

The 73 Tips are not meant to be an exhaustive list. It is meant to serve as a motivational tool to demonstrate proven concepts or ideas that can help your family develop a healthy, nutritious lifestyle together.

Many ideas are innovative and creative, while others are tried-and-true common-sense natural living tips seldom implemented today in the fast-paced time-crunched lifestyle of the West.

Simon The Giver

by Pisces Silvo

This is a story about giving, compassion and loving which is inherent among children who see the world with their pure hearts. When encouraged at a very young age, these values are carried through and handed over to others. This is what “Simon the Giver” is all about.

Simon is a character that the young writer, Dino Silvo, created when he was 7 years old. Simon is really a reflection of Dino – giving, compassionate, creative and always going the extra mile to do kind deeds. Journey with Simon and witness how he lived his virtues, passed them on to another and is rewarded with the best gift in his life.

Dino also illustrated the book with used crayons that he accumulated from previous years of school.

Book 2: The Land of Monsters (The Kid Emperor of Occultoria)

by Jason W Chan

12 year-old Max has never felt like he belonged at school or in his family. But one day, he is whisked away to a supernatural world where he discovers the very features that make him unique help him survive and even to claim his birthright as the Emperor of Occultoria, the government of the Supernatural World.

With his wits, some magical abilities and some friends to assist him, Max must reunite all the rebellious parts of the strife-ridden Occultorian Empire to restore the balance of and keep the peace between the Natural and Supernatural Worlds.

In Book 2, Max and his allies attempt to reconquer Monstria: The Land of Monsters, located in the notorious Bermuda Triangle, but the mighty Duke of Monstria has tricks up his sleeve. Surrounded by treacherous enemies, Max must rely on himself and his friends if he hopes to recapture Monstria, the glittering jewel in the Occultorian Empire. Meanwhile, on the home front, trouble is brewing as a sinister plot against the young Emperor reaches a fevered pitch.

An inspirational story of growing up, belonging and believing in yourself, the Kid Emperor of Occultoria is a children’s coming-of-age series that combines elements of mystery, adventure, fantasy, thrillers, romance, magic, enchantment and the supernatural.

Short Novel: 35,000 words

ABC Come Play With Me: A Picture Alphabet Book for Young Children

by Sandie Lee

ABC Come Play With Me is a delightful book that will teach and engage your little listeners with all things alphabet. From A-Z the alliterative words will help your toddlers learn and grow and maybe even giggle along the way. The illustrations are simple enough, giving your child a bold picture of the letter and the accompanying word.

You are a Winner! Easy 1,2,3 Sweepstakes and Contests True Confessions and Inside Secrets of an Admitted Sweep-a-holic (Easy Sweeps and Contests)

by Penelope Silvers

Have you ever wondered about all these “Lucky” people you hear about always winning sweepstakes and contests? What are the secrets to what they did that made them more successful at winning than everybody else? I know I wondered about this, and I was going to figure out how to be a winner myself!

I set about learning all I could about entering sweeps and contests, and what it took to become a winner! I was determined to be a big winner myself! I won many, many small contests, but also some big ones.

Here’s a little sampling of how I did it:

1) Don’t go out there and search out the contests for yourself. There are places you can go that have 1000’s of contests listed for FREE in one big database.

2) There is special software that is also FREE that you can download that will cut your entering time by over half. You will be able to enter tons more sweepstakes and be on your way to winning!

3) There are good, better and best sweepstakes to enter, and ones just to steer clear of.

You will also hear some true confessions about what happened to me while I was striving to be a winner. I want to help you avoid the same fate.

You can be a multiple sweepstakes winner, and I want to help you be a successful. At the end of the day, if you follow my little tips and tricks, you will find yourself on a winning path in no time at all and your e-mail inbox flooded with subject lines of:

“You are a Winner!”

Extinction: Native Americans In The Age Of War

by Sean Hess


The Relentless And Sinister WHITE ROBE

In the north woods the armies of the Iroquois are moving. Carrying a fearsome new weapon called the gun, they are systematically destroying their rivals. Lead by the sinister and mysterious White Robe, these armies will stop at nothing.

Amid this maelstrom of violence, a young boy watches as the Iroquois destroy his village. Ambushed while fleeing with the remnants of his family, he is wounded and left to die along a riverbank.


Rescued by the Erie warrior Crow Feather, the boy is adopted into a new tribe and new family. Despite this, the two watch helplessly as the forces of White Robe again gather and push their new world towards extinction. Refugees in a world that is falling apart, the warrior and the boy pit their war hammers against White Robe in a thrilling climax to avenge the deaths of their loved ones.


Rich in historical detail, Extinction explores the universal themes of love, loss, death, revengeâ?¦and regret. Replete with action and heart-stopping battle scenes, the story’s relentless energy stays focused on the characters, bringing relevance to these Native American fighting games. Extinction is a kindred spirit to The Last of the Mohicans: timely yet timeless, a strong narrative that is stunningly visual.

Just scroll up, push the “buy with one click” button at the top right, and get lost in

About Extinction: Who Are These People? Why Have I Never Heard of Them?

I grew up in Ohio. I was lead to believe that state didn’t exist until Marietta was settled in its southeast corner. Native American Tribes? In Ohio? Are you kidding?

There were footnotes about Anthony Wayne, Tecumseh, and Fallen Timbersâ?¦but that wasn’t the real truth.

Conflict, Wargames, and Extinction

One day I discovered this set of old books called the Jesuit Relations in the local public library. The Relations told the amazing tales of the peoples that lived and fought and died before there ever was a Canada, a United States, or an Ohio.

The Native Americans and First Nations were playing fighting games 170 years before Anthony Wayne. The Erie, the Ouendat, the Neutral, the Tobacco, the Iroquois, and a host of other nations fought a series of desperate battles for resources that stretched from Quebec to Green Bay.

These peoples faced disease, war, and hardships that would make the hardiest American pioneer blush. Jesuit brothers from France lived with them, died with them, and recorded as much of their history as they could before the nations were wiped out.

It wasn’t the white men who killed these people off, even though smallpox imported from Europe did its share. It was other native peoples.

They especially fought and died in what later became Ohio.

And though I grew up in Ohio I never even knew they existed.

Extinction is an attempt to bring these people back to life. To let you know they lived, and loved, and suffered incredible heartbreak.

Please keep the memory of these people alive by reviewing this book. They aren’t extinct as long as you remember them.

Take a look inside by scrolling up, pressing the “Look Inside” feature at the top left, or simply push the “buy with one click” button on the top right, and get lost in

Historical and Action Categories:

Literature & Fiction > Genre Fiction > Historical

Literature & Fiction > United States > Native American

Teen & Young Adult > Historical Fiction > United States

Teen & Young Adult > Literature & Fiction > Action & Adventure

Children’s book The Hippy HippoHow to Raise hyperactive Hippo- The Animal Tales Collection Bedtime & Dreams Adventure & Education (children’s ebook)

by Sigal Adler

How to Raise hyperactive Hippo

The Animal Tales Collection Bedtime & Dreams




Hippy the Hippo kept his Mom super busy.

Running around after him made her quite dizzy.

Hippy grew older.  He was calmer than before.

I wonder what surprises the future has in store?



The challenging behavior of young children often leads them and the adults around them to assume that “being bad” is a sentence for life.  This story provides entertaining reassurance that as life continues a lot can change, with nice surprises along the way. Enjoy!


Other books From Sigal Adler :




The Frog swallows the moon. Children’s stories from Laos

by Martina Sylvia Khamphasith

Children’s stories from Laos with color illustrations by Wolfgang Farin

Why did elephants lose their wings?
Why did a frog swallow the moon?

Martina Khamphasith’s contemporary fairy tales answer these questions and more.

The Shadow of Camelot (Shadows from the Past)

by Wendy Leighton-Porter

Did the legendary King Arthur really exist? Joe and Jemima Lancelot uncover the truth behind the myth when they find themselves in Camelot, as they continue the quest to find their missing parents.
Together with friend Charlie and their endearing cat Max, they are plunged into yet another life-threatening adventure. Luckily they have Lancelot, who is convinced the twins must be distant relatives, to protect them when danger looms.
Meanwhile, Max has a mystery of his own to solve. Will he finally discover why Midnight has been haunting his dreams?

Mr. John Chameleon

by Anne Karen Rasch

Mr. John Chameleon

Mr. John is a chameleon. A rather bad tempered chameleon. Mr. John hasn’t left his home for years, and every day you can hear him grumbling. But then one morning his neighbours are quite sick of himâ?¦
A jungle story about frustration, colours and the joy of life!
(age 4 +)

A whale of a tale – An adventure in the 0cean

by Tanja Börner

Charly and her brother Fred were invited to spend their holidays in the countryside with their aunt – but she has evil intentions: she wants to keep them both captive in an unknown location until their father hands over the plans for his top secret and highly profitable new invention. In the middle of the wilderness, there is not a single person who can help then. On the lakeshore of her aunt’s plot, Charly is suddenly transported into the middle of a magical underwater world. She experiences unbelievable adventures with fantastic creatures. Will she find a solution to her problem there?

Tanja Börner, a social worker and media designer, evokes an enchanting new world into the fantasies of children. With humour and amusing ideas, she has created a wonderful and endearing fairy tale. Although there are many exceptional children’s books, this sea adventure sets itself apart from the rest.

This books is suitable for children 8 years and older.

Alicia and Little Star

by Dragos Ionel

“Alicia and Little Star” is a simple tale of a girl discovering her inner spirit and the purpose of her life.

With every life on this Earth an opportunity to learn and grow, Alicia discovers that her trip this time is all about reaching out to others and becoming connected.

It is a story of love and the realization of the true Self.

It is a book to be shared, for children and adults alike.

The Wizard of Oz [Illustrated]

by L. Frank Baum

This Seedbox Classics edition of the Wizard of Oz includes illustrations.

The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum is a popular story that follows the adventures of a young girl named Dorothy in the wonderful Land of Oz. After a storm swept away her Kansas farm, Dorothy and her dog Toto come in contact with the Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, Cowardly Lion, and other fascinating characters as Dorothy attempts to return home.

Wow! It’s Silk! How Silk is Made From Worm to Yarn

by Jeyanthi Manokaran

Meet the people of South India, who are busy growing silkworms at home. These silkworms spin cocoons that are processed to make silk cloth.

Children’s EBook: GERALD MCGILLIGOG’S DOG (Happy Children’s Series – Book 9 — Funny, Whimsical, Rhyming, Bedtime Story/Picture Book about Choosing to be Happy, ages 2-8)

by Sally Huss

When the desires of a dog and a frog coincide, they decide to trade places. Fortunately for them, the dog’s owner, Gerald McGilligog, never wears his glasses. The family of McGilligogs is also remiss about their eyesight, and the frog, posing as a dog, finds a new home.

— The whimsical art of Sally Huss bounces along with rhyming tongue-twisting words as the story unfolds.

–Your child will be delighted with this story again and again. Parents and grandparents are even known to giggle while reading this book.

Children who love the rhyming, nonsensical books of Dr. Seuss will love this book. Those who are fans of the books by Mo Willems, the Berenstains, Sandra Boynton, Felicia Bond, Laura Numeroff, and P.D. Eastman will also love GERALD MCGILLIGOG’S DOG. Age range: 2-8.


“Once among the family of McGilligogs, a-gogs, with moms and dads and lads and lasses,

None of them wearing glasses,

The frog was given a juicy bone.

He smiled and said, ‘I’ve found my home.

This is the life for me.

I’m no longer in a bog a bog

Sitting on a log, a log.’

He decided he’d be a dog, a dog

And was as happy as could be.”

If this sounds like something you’d like to explore further, click on the cover of the book to look “Inside the Book.”

From the Author:

I write children’s books to help brighten the lives of children and add a little dollop of wisdom in the process. Children need good habits, handy skills, and a good sense of humor to keep them moving forward in a happy, healthy, and productive manner. As a King Features syndicated author, I have been creating positive and inspirational messages, called “Happy Musings” for newspapers in the U.S. and Canada for many years. This has led to my writing and illustrating a great number of uplifting books for both adults and children. Along with my writing and illustrating, I have created collections of wallpaper for children baby bibs, t-shirts and a vast number of prints and original art for children’s rooms.

As you can see from the title of this book, it is the ninth in a line of books titled Happy Children’s Series.

Other books in this line include:

*THE MERMAID TEA PARTY (about Kindness and Manners)


*THE SECRET (Manners and Saying “Please”)


*THANKSGIVING DINNER (About Thankfulness and Friendship)

*THE TREE-WITHIN-THE-TREE (About Friendship and Appreciation)

*DID YOU EVER SAY THANK YOU? (About Blessings)

*LULU LILLY GETS SMART (About Learning from Mistakes)

and more…

The Elephant That Lost Her Stocking

by Anne Quekett

This very short children’s story was written for a radio broadcast more than 60 years ago. It tells the story of a little elephant who has no Christmas stocking to hang up.

The Reluctantly Told Tales of Egg-Boy: The Inadvertent Bully (hilarious misadventure for ages 7-12)

by Pat Mallon

You wouldn’t think a kid everyone calls “egg-boy” would be behind one of the worst bullying incidents in Pinewood. But it turns out, I was. Now my teacher is making me write all about the event, even though there is a perfectly logical reason behind it.

My name is Ben Montgomery and this is my reluctantly told story. I hope you read it so someone out there will understand my point of view.

The Golden Ones (The Waiting Room)

by Jan Collis

Now that Clare has lost her hearing she has to create a new way of life for herself. Alex her long time friend and now newly acquired boyfriend helps her to adjust to her silent world. Things are going really well when back into her life comes Thomas the trainee angel who needs her help again. Will she be willing to help him again?

The Cat That Forgot How To Hunt (Illustrated Children’s Stories)

by Isabelle Ngin

Cats are adorable, fun and they are great teaching tool for reading, and is specially geared towards rhymes so that your child can pick it up from a young age! With colorful illustrations, rhyme and simple poetry, it is the perfect bedtime story for junior readers.

Gwyneth’s Sins (The chosen ones)

by Victor Sanchez

Gwyneth has just turned 18 and instead of celebrating her coming of age she is thrown into a whirlwind of life or death situations. Little does she know that its her existence that is in jeopardy.

The Ladies of Minston Hall

by Alan Bateman

The Ladies of Minston Hall is six short children’s stories of Grand lady mice, they run a large estate with a dairy producing the finest cheeses, the dairy is run by a very capable Teddington mouse who has his hands full with the mischievous kitten dairy workers.

Learning My 123s with Holly & Jolly – The Christmas Chameleons (TM)

by J. KindHeart

Learning My 123s with Holly & Jolly – The Christmas Chameleonsâ?¢ teaches girls and boys to count numbers from 1 to 10 in a fun way. Colorful pictures of holiday backgrounds are used to teach counting by requiring children to find and count specific items found in each picture. The book is also challenging in that children’s attention to detail is required, as they will have fun trying to find Holly or Jolly, or both, on each book page, since the chameleons can change colors depending on their surroundings. This book has 27 pages of colorful holiday pictures, and is intended for beginner or intermediate readers. I hope you and your children will enjoy! Professor J. KindHeart

Holly & Jolly – The Christmas Chameleonsâ?¢ Books:

a). Learning My ABCs,

b). Learning My 123s, and

c). Learning My Colors.

Luna and the Murder of Charles Darwin (Luna books)

by Luna Challis

At nine years old, Charlie had fallen through the cracks in society but had hit the ground running. Charlie’s father is The Bad Man, Wilberforce Darwin.

After the arrest of his father for acts to endanger life, Charlie had moved back into his late mother’s house, and continued his mother’s scientific work. But then his father is charged with Charlie’s murder. Charlie is faced with a moral dilemma; should he risk being put back onto the stimulant drugs he hated, or allow his father to be convicted of a crime he did not commit?

Trouble in Trootloch

by Chris Hadland

Beneath the deceptively smooth surface of Trootloch, something fishy’s going on….

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