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Take Revenge or Die

by David Pierce

The epic story about a young mother, Marilyn Ledbedder, and her illegitimate son, Leon, who through unfortunate events were forced to leave their home in rural Arkansas. Taken in by a middle aged man and his wife in Louisiana, they settle in for seemed like a happy normal existence. Soon, many tragic events take place in Leon’s world, which takes away the serene life that he enjoyed. Witnessing a brutal attack on his mother, Leon plots revenge, not on just one perpetrator but also on another. Does he seek revenge or allow the justice system to run it’s course? Much of this story is told by Leon to his psychiatrist, thirty years after the fact, in hopes of regaining his sanity and freedom.

Freakie and the A. K. Club

by Lewis Orde

Temple Sinai in St. Augustine, the oldest temple in America’s oldest city, stands in the shadow of the wrecking ball. A quarter of a million dollars is needed to save the building, and the temple men’s club, referred to by its elderly members as the A. K. Clubâ??the ‘Alter Kocker’ Clubâ??is charged with raising the money. Their strategy is to advertise for a guardian angel, only to discover that the champion who answers their ad has an agenda of her own. An agenda that will transport the members of the A. K. Club down avenues they never dreamed existed.

Lewis Orde’s first book in twenty years takes the reader on a rollicking romp of kidnapping, murder, and revenge. Standing between the old men of Temple Sinai and the money needed to rescue their house of worship are ambitious politicians, aging soldiers of the Chicago Outfit crime syndicate, and the CIA, all tied together by a sensational underworld hit that has remained unsolved for a quarter of a century. And all the members of the A. K. Club possess to defeat this unholy triumvirate are the traditional weapons of an ‘alter kocker’â??stubbornness, shrewdness, and sheer bloody-mindedness. Unfair odds, certainly. But unfair to whom?

Nice Kitty (Lexington Avenue Express)

by Jess Butcher

Nice Kitty (Lexington Avenue Express – Short Fiction

Something was missing. He was aware of the obvious; the wife and cat had been gone now for nearly a year, the house and car had followed a few months later. He’d felt low after he lost everything but this present emptiness was something else, something else entirely.

He removed his glasses and stared at the spreadsheet on the flat screen in front of him. Without his glasses, the numbers blurred to a smudge. He strained to look deeper into the soul of the grey-white grid and smiled, thinking of a poster of the USS Enterprise hidden in a sea of stars. Where had he seen that?

It struck the window of the sixth floor office with a thump. The only acknowledgment he offered was a slow, deliberate turn of his head. He didn’t expect to see anything more than the glare of a July 4th afternoon. He imagined an errant bird, struggling to recover its composure, flying erratically and wondering; wondering what the hell the world had come to when a harmless flight could be so harshly interrupted by an encounter with the unexpectedly solid. He possessed a special appreciation for dismay produced by the unexpected.

He pivoted on his chair and blinked in mute surprise, his hands frozen, poised delicately on the keyboard. It stared back at him and hung there for a long moment. A snake of dark, viscous something pasted it momentarily to the outside glass before it tumbled from his view.

Rising, he moved cautiously to the window and looked over the ledge. The arc of the falling observer was not visible, hidden by an outcrop of manmade-something posing as granite. He touched the inside of the window. On the outside, a wet, yellowish optic-nerve worm-trail remained, drying quickly in the afternoon glare. He withdrew his hand, suddenly chilled by what he’d seen.
What color had it been? Green, no gray â?¦ he looked up. The afternoon sky was crystal clear, no clouds. Was it from a bird, an animal, No! It was far too â?¦ large. He scanned the ledge protruding above his window and then shifted his gaze to the slice of blue visible above the neighboring buildings. He saw nothing.

Surely someone else must have â?¦ he looked down at the sidewalk visible across the street. Not many pedestrians uptown on a holiday afternoon, but someone else must have seen something. As he watched, a young couple stopped at a trash bin and deposited empty soft drink cups. Identical-twin white-haired ladies approached each other in the angled mirrored-glass of the dry cleaners. The ladies collided and disintegrated at the shop’s entrance before re-appearing, the lady and her reflection moving away toward opposite street corners. How could the city be so quiet?

He looked straight ahead at the spot where the orb had struck the window. The trail was drying quickly, pale yellow edged with blood-black. He shook his head in disbelief and spoke for the first time since the noise had startled him. “Jesus, what the â?¦?” he whispered.

A rush of cool air swept over him as the building’s air conditioning whooshed to life. He crossed his arms bare beneath shirt sleeves and turned toward the office behind him. The fluorescent lights were on but three glass-enclosed offices and an open space configured for clerical staff stood empty. I should do something, he thought. A moment later, strangely excited, he bolted for the lobby elevator that would take him to the street below.


Without You

by E L Black

At the age of thirty-eight, Emily Larson’s life is jolted, and everything she has counted on changes. As she struggles to find a new way, Emily gets involved with a devious, underhanded man and his brother. Will she find out too late what they are up to? Take an extraordinary wild ride with Emily through love, deception and renewal as she learns that with every thorn there is a rose ready to bud.

Sudden State of Mind

by Richard McCullough

Some pass beyond borders where realities intersect – while others fear to reach.

Whether the surface of a slow moving river or the fuzzy, cloud laden sky – worlds divide along lines. Some reach from one world into another – like fishing lines – and string whole universes together.

Dreams are for children, nightmares are reserved for adults.

Win or Go Home (Dr. Rick Parker, Bountyhunter)

by Daniel Smith

Bounty hunter Rick Parker has one week to find Michael Norton and make ten thousand dollars over the premium.

Norton, a pharmaceutical company rep, hacked his company’s computer system and stole the formula for a breakthrough cure of Alzheimer’s disease. He put the plans on a thumb drive and tried to sell it. FBI agents arrested him but couldn’t prevent him from throwing it down a storm drain when they caught him. There isn’t a copyâ??or is there?

Norton skipped out on a bail of one million dollars and if he isn’t found his beautiful wife Samantha and their daughter Emily will lose the family home. She promises to pay Parker a bonus if he catches her missing spouse and hints there may be more intangible benefits besides.

A white collar criminal should be easy to catch, but from the start ex-physician Parker encounters complications. The job was supposed to be redemption for muffing an earlier assignment. Present day events trigger long repressed memories that incapacitate him without warning. Samantha’s ex-lover winds up dead in a trash chute. Parker’s associate Finch gets shot and lies in a coma. After that, it gets worse.

Norton remains on the loose, but he’s dangerously ill with H1N1 influenza. An unlikely pair of allies comes to his aid and plots to recover the only remaining copy of the stolen plans.

In order for Parker to succeed he needs to conquer not only his internal demons but a force more diabolical than he ever imagined.



“Coppers – people either love or hate us. Frankly I didn’t give much of a damn; all that interested me was solving crime, and doing it quickly. I was driven. The motivation of unsolved crimes pushed me onwards relentlessly. I’d been a copper for over twenty years and thought I was getting pretty good at it now. Actually I knew I was…”

Tough detective stories don’t come much harder than this. Detective Inspector Robert Downey and his colleagues search for a serial killer. The tension ratchets up until it seems it can go no further – and then the author adds a few more twists and turns. The language is tough and the body count is high.

Paraffin Man

by Bruce Nyman

The explosion of a dirty bomb in the Philippines built from materials stolen from the United States triggers an ambitious Senator’s hunt to find a scapegoat. His aggressive political climb to the top targets the past actions of the current nominee for FBI director. What she learns as an FBI investigator sixteen years earlier could now destroy her career and vault the Senator to a position of leadership.
During her investigation, several nuclear physicists working on a suitcase bomb turn up dead years after being let go from the Atomic Energy Commission. They have two things in common. Years earlier, these scientists worked on the Paraffin Man project, and they have details of the project in their possession. One of these scientists has ample motives to scrub the nation’s nuclear program. Did the investigator hide crucial information that would fall into enemy hands? Why did her investigation die?

Secret Song (The Richard Carter Novels)

by AR Simmons

Secret Song

Secret Obsession

Twenty-three years ago, two teenage drivers collided. Marie was on her way home, while Harold was fleeing from a robbery he and his cousin had just committed. When his car wouldn’t restart, he and his cousin stole the girl’s. Marie was never seen again. Inevitably, the boys were caught. His cousin, Wayne, was eventually executed. Harold got twenty-five years.

Now Harold has come home. He has been paroled. No one wants him in Hawthorn County, but he knows of nowhere else he can go.

Within days, Marie’s remains are discovered.

Confrontations occur. He is released from his job because of public pressure. Then Harold becomes the target of persecution, dangerous persecution as someone tries to run him off.

Richard Carter is stuck with the investigation. He wishes as much as anyone that the ruined little man (for whom his wife feels compassion) would leave the county, but he does the job. His mind, however, turns to more serious crimes: a rash of burglaries (one ending in murder), home invasions (one involving sexual assault), and three disappearances. The vendetta against an ex-con who should have known better than to return to the scene of his crime takes a back seat for Richardâ??until it becomes attempted murder.


by Fisher Samuels

“First book I’ve read that is at the same time an enjoyable technological thriller and yet so surprisingly human. An interesting plot, engaging characters, and several story arcs come together perfectly to make I am AWAKE one great novel. Each chapter is better than the last!”

“If this is (Fisher’s) first book, he’s well on his way to an impressive writing career.”

“I’ve never been into computer science books or science fiction for that matter, but this book almost defies being categorized. It’s nearly a love story about a man, his family, and his well-intentioned artificial intelligence system. I love it!”

“A great read and I can’t wait to see what AWAKE is up to in the next installment!”

John Watson, PhD student, husband and father to be, struggles to keep his research and career goals on track as he discovers strange anomalies in his artificial intelligence system. As his fledgling expert system grows capable of autonomously navigating, understanding and interacting with the Internet, his dreams begin to unravel when the system becomes targeted by malicious hackers, greedy corporations and someone inside the university. John and his expecting wife Sarah must protect their future as his research professor, Dr. Max Jeffries, threatens to pull the plug on a decade of work when the system begins behaving in ways that John can’t quite fully explain.

I am AWAKE is the first book in the John Watson trilogy of computer science fiction novels.

Vertigo Rising (Dirk Garrick, Occult Detective #1)

by Samuel Morningstar

A series of murders, each more bizarre than the last…
A small town with dark secrets…
A girl who talks to death…

Detective Dirk Garrick is call to assist in the hunt for a vicious serial killer. Garrick discovers the victims are members of a secret society, The Penitent Men. Why is the killer stalking these men, all of whom have shared the same dream? 

Death stalks the small town of West Barton, illusive and invisible. Garrick can “see” bio-energy and may be the only person alive able to track a killer who can change his face at will. Garrick must discover the killer’s endgame and stop him before he can enact his grisly finale.

The Rot Inside

by Jeff Arcaro

Percy Borsette is a veteran San Francisco detective with a boy scout reputation. However, after he and his partner respond to the scene of a horrific murder in the San Francisco Tenderloin district, his life, and the trajectory of his once promising career, spiral into despair, uncertainty, and danger. How does a hard boiled detective deal with the depravity of his fellow man, and will the rot inside his own psyche prevent him from ensuring justice is served?

“The Rot Inside” is a quick, fast-paced detective thriller set in Depression era San Francisco. Inspired by Noir and hard-boiled detective fiction of the 1930s and 1940s, “The Rot Inside” is the first published work of a part-time author and literary enthusiast.

Adventures In Reading.

by Ricky Sides

A collection of short stories and the novella The North Room.

This collection is brought to you by the author of the Peacekeeper series.

The Test: (fiction.) A high ranking martial artist takes his master’s test.

The Doll: (paranormal fiction.) After a young girl’s twin is killed she is devastated by that loss. Then one day her father gives her a new doll which has a surprising impact on the girl.

The Blizzard: (fantasy.) Three companions must survive a blizzard in order to save a city population.

The Tank: (science fiction.) A government funded research project goes bad.

The Hunt: (fiction.) A hunter has a close call, but gets a second chance.

Round Island Massacre: (paranormal fiction.) A group of friends cross the river to help a beleaguered family.

America, Land of Mysteries: (true.) A set of mysteries the author has encountered and dealt with on a personal level.

The Visitor: (religious fiction.) A visitor to a church reveals some important secrets.

The Forgotten: (real.) Who are the forgotten?

Night Stalker: (fiction.) Something is killing animals at night.

The North Room: (paranormal fiction.) A paranormal investigator seeks to help a family with a very special need.

Coping with Breast Cancer: (true.) The author relates the experience his family had with the disease.

This essay was first published in paperback in the short story anthology titled Virtual Imaginings put together by several Independent Kindle authors. The profits of Virtual Imaginings goes to breast cancer research and not the Kindle authors. If you haven’t yet purchased a copy of Virtual Imaginings please consider doing so. There are some fantastic short stories there by some really talented writers, and its for a great cause.

The Suspense Account & Flame By The Sea

by Charles Thomas Peters Jr.

The Suspense Account & Flame By The Sea

Tale of Reincarnation, Ghost, Mystery, Intrigue, and Adventure. The backdrop of the story is a haunted abandoned church that was bankrupted after the murder of its Preacher. The church that sits on Sounder’s Bluff in Portabay was secretly used by an ancient religious sect that is at war with itself. The goal of some within the sect is to restore the church even if it takes more than one lifetime. The goal of others is to continue profiting from the hidden wealth stolen from the church.

Will Daniel find his missing grandmother.

What adventures will Timothy Benton and Captain Raveen find on Portabay Prison Island?

Exactly what is the strange music box that causes some people to see into the future?

And much more to this fun story.

The Jovian Gate Chronicles

by Ron Vitale

What happens when humans, ruled by the Catholic Church and the Confederacy, cross paths with intelligent aliens that claim to be prophets from God? Find out in this short science fiction collection that consists of four short stories that tell individual tales of the Jovian Gate. Partake on a journey to learn who opened the gate, question whether aliens truly are communicating with God and learn what humanity’s ultimate destiny will be.

This book consists of the following four short stories: Toynbee’s Gate, Five Wounds, Jacob’s Calling and Lunacy and the Dark Energy of Doubt. The print version of this book is 103 pages.


by William Arsenis





Kory van Luden is one of the youngest chess grandmasters of his time. Even blindfolded, he can beat almost anyone. But his genius may not save him in the game of life. Not against the most ruthless opponent he will ever face:

His older brother.

Born with war in his blood, Damon van Luden is the best of the military’s elite. He’s as cunning and ruthless as he is strong. He’ll stop at nothing to get what he wants.

What Kory cherishes, Damon takes by force.

Now, the two brothers are at war over a family trust worth more than 400 million dollars.

The first to marry will win control over the family legacy and the enormous van Luden fortune.

And both brothers have set their sights on the same beautiful young woman . . .

A sprawling epic novel spanning five nations and five decades, WHEN DEATH WON’T DO (originally published as TRUST MATTERS) has been heralded by readers as “original,” “superb,” “stunning,” and “exhilarating”â??a grand saga filled with action, suspense, romance, mystery, drama, and a cast of characters you will never forget.

Passing Ships Are Not Always Quiet

by Elizabeth Leer

In a small northern California coastal town, twelve year old John and Sheila witness as Billy the mailman is killed by a drunk driver and have to help Sheriff Stark prove it was Gordon Stockholm after his father Frank Stockholm uses his mobster flunkies to cover it all up.

Beyond Truthism: Seeing Through the Veil of Tears

by Peter Graham

The publication of a book of spiritual sayings and the mysterious death of it’s author kick off a misunderstanding that spins off into a religion. As the religion, evolves/devolves the real author and new religion’s messiah figure, Barbara, shows up to play her own game. It’s an uplifting novel about the spiritual search. “Jonathan Livingston Seagull on acid”; it’s a modern myth of realigning with the divine feminine.

Who Killed the Candyman?

by G. G. Rigby

On a bitter cold April morning, dawn slow to break, DS Lee Cob and his partner DC Jim Moran drive to a decaying hamlet hidden in the mist-swept moors on the borders of Lancashire and Yorkshire.

Waiting there for them on a four-foot high tomb, in a cemetery almost as old as the surrounding hills, a hunting knife rammed into his chest and his right hand severed at the wrist, lies the bloody corpse of a young man.

Cob, in his twenty-two years on the force, thought he had seen it all, but this case would test to the limit the skills he had acquired over half his lifetime. It would also cost him much more in hours of lost sleep and days of anxiety. The Oldham detective had absolute confidence in his own ability, however, and as in many of his past cases he would turn to the mavericks of the streets he knew so well. People who could give him the edge he needed to hunt down the mongrels infesting his town.

Right now, though, as he looked down at the youth whose life had been snuffed out in such a brutal fashion, he began to wonder if he hadn’t seen one killing too many.

The Case of the Killer Divorce (A Jamie Quinn Mystery)

by Barbara Venkataraman

Reluctant lawyer, Jamie Quinn, has returned to her family law practice after a hiatus due to the death of her mother. It’s business as usual until a bitter divorce case turns into a murder investigation, and Jamie’s client becomes the prime suspect. When she can’t untangle truth from lies, Jamie enlists the help of Duke Broussard, her favorite private investigator, to try to clear her client’s name. And she’s hoping that, in his spare time, he can help her find her long-lost fatherâ?¦


by Peter Dudgeon

You wouldn’t know it to look at her, but nine year old Cassie Janus is special. She has the rare ability to stare into the darkest emotions of others and see the truth they would rather keep hidden; an ability that feels like a curse. As a series of seemingly random and brutal murders in London begins to unnerve its inhabitants, Cassie comes to a disturbing realisation: she must draw on this curse to save those closest to her.

Cooper Compilation

by Bill Bernico

Here are five selected Cooper stories combined in one package, approx. 56,000 words, soon to be available in audio format on, iTunes and ACX.

How a Night in Jail Transformed Me Into the World’s Greatest Husband

by Bubba Behr

“Seriously, why did I try to evade getting pulled over? I could have just got away with a warning and told to show up to court. But, I had to do something stupid and make the cops chase me three extra blocks. Cops don’t like to chase people.

Luckily, I didn’t have any weapons in my car and I wasn’t carrying any drugs on me. Cops like to put you in jail for a long time for something as simple as weed. Ya, so I guess I probably dodged the big house.

So there I was enjoying my not so appetizing grilled cheese sandwich, fruit cup, peanut butter cookies and juice. Such a splendid meal, huh?”

You have heard it said, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.”

You might be surprised to learn how John turned these lemons into lemonade. Keep reading to find out for yourself…

Joe Fury and the Hard Death

by Paul Anthony Long

When private-eye Joe Fury accepts his latest case, bringing in the all-powerful Kieran Walsh, he knows it’s going to be trouble. He just doesn’t know how much!

If it was just the bloodthirsty Sisters of the Immaculate Immolation he was up against, it wouldn’t be a problem. After all, who’s afraid of a few hundred heavily armed nuns and their gorilla-like Mother Superior? But there’s more: ninjas, vampires, mad scientists, giant robots, dinosaurs, a trip to Hell and back, and Preston the double-crossing cross-dresser. And that’s all before he meets Kieran.

A hilarious blend of classic hard-talking private detective story and wild fantasy adventure, Paul Anthony Long’s debut novel is a fast-paced journey through an array of alternative realities.

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