Free parenting and families Kindle books for 28 Dec 13

Scars of My Teenage Life

by Steph Sullivan

Writing became a release for me to get away from my chaotic life. I went through all kinds of abuse, relocating fairly often, and other various trials of life. Without my poems, my faith in God, and myself holding onto some small hope I may not have survived these horrible teenage years. These poems are a look into the days that almost took my life. While some may have a happy tone, most are very dark, and sad. The main message is that it all gets better someday. Just hold onto hope, no matter how you have to do it. It is all possible.

The Very Best Toy

by Gary Rinker

What is the very best toy? Playing with Dad! See how, through a child’s imagination, a dad becomes a swing, a horse, a slide, a trampoline and more. This beautifully illustrated book shows the special bond between a dad and his children. Perfect for Father’s Day or Any Day!

The English Therapist’s Guide to a Happier Marriage

by Sandra Brickman-Horne

This book offers 18 Tips on how to improve your relationship with your partner and to avoid divorce. It also offer guidelines to help you improve your personal level of happiness. Society sells us the fairy-tale story of marrying someone and living happily ever after, without offering any information on how to achieve this.

This EBook offers some areas to explore and reflect upon, the overall hope is to increase your emotional intelligence. the tips are easy to read and understand and you will be able to start applying them immediately in your marriage.You can create a happy marriage if you believe that you deserve a happy marriage, read the tips, absorb the tips and apply the tips today.

The Secret to Lifetime Love: Speaking and Hearing Truth

by Devra Wooten

Roy and Devra have held over 100 marriage seminars and retreats. This book is a tool for the two of you to use together. It will help you find a way to successfully say what you need to say. The struggle in communication in which you find yourself is probably like well-worn ruts in a road. Your efforts to try and drive out of the ruts or keep from falling back into them will be frustrating. Learning new things always creates some initial discomfort but eventually, with practice, we learn to do it without much effort. Learning a new way of talking to each other is difficult as well, but just as rewarding. Read through this book and commit to Speaking and Hearing Truth with each other as a team.

A Blank Piece of Paper

by Daniel Biscup

A blank piece of paper can be anything that you like. Follow along in this adventure of a piece of paper and everything he can be.

Surviving My OWN Infidelity: The Effects of My Emotional & Physical Affairs on My Marriage (Evelyn’s Chapter of the Anthology)

by Evelyn Jacobs

I never, ever thought of myself as someone who would have an affair. Ever. Six years into my marriage, I remember standing around with friends at a cocktail party. A newlywed couple stood next to each other basically joined at the hip. My husband Tom and I stood next to each other, comfortably and companionably close. Another couple, married for 12 years, stood on opposite sides of the circle. I remember remarking about this to Tom later. We decided we never wanted to be “that” couple. I always pictured us growing old together. So did he.

Truth be told, I was not entirely happy in my marriage from the time my son was born in 1990, but I was one of those women who was gutting it out, living my own life inside an increasingly passionless marriage. By the time this story begins, Tom and I had drifted apart to the point where I felt we were leading separate lives outside of the kids. I was starting to think about a future without my husband. Waiting รข??til the kids were grown seemed like a natural time to move on, when the kids could cope and understand.

At least, that was the plan in my head…

This story chronicles one woman’s emotional affairs with two men, one of which turned into a long-term physical affair. Since both she and her lover were married, it gravely impacted two marriages.

Come with me now – as this is a story of love, upheaval and coming to terms. It is a useful real-life example that will serve as a reality check for anyone considering having EITHER an emotional or physical affair.

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