Free poetry Kindle books for 28 Dec 13

Tiffany, pls. (The Adventures of an obnoxious barmaid)

by Ashli Hollister

Tiffany is a hot, damn mess. Every bad decision she has ever made seems to weigh heavily on her mind, she can’t fit into her favourite jeans, and she still hasn’t done anything with the creative writing degree that her mother paid for.

Not content to simply drown her troubles in the usual solution of vodka and ice cream, she sits down at her desk and begins to recount her life, in the only way she knows how, poetry.

Dip into Tiffany’s secret diary and experience her first heartbreak, the confusion of childhood, the pain of death, and the angst of motherhood.

Wings Were Meant To Fly (Quotes from A Little Birdie Told Me)

by Kallista Walker

Words in their purest form are engaging, uplifting, joyful and healing. We use words daily and often without thought to communicate many different messages to the world around us. Within these pages, it is my hope that these words will be music for your soul. So grab a cup of hot tea or coffee, get comfortable, and allow Wings Were Meant To Fly (Quotes from A Little Birdie Told Me) transport you to a place that lovingly reminds you that “Divinely Inspired Dreams Have No Expiration Date.”

Pocket Full of Moths

by Nishidhe Delahaye

A collection of poetry written over a decade. It is filled with memories, daydreams, odes and longing.

The Knife Collector

by Jesse Breite

The Knife Collector features a speaker who cannot escape weighing each present moment and image against the parallel narratives of his youth and his family in Arkansas. While traveling through time and space, these poems explore the physical, emotional, and spiritual landscape that is the speaker’s youth and negotiate a path to his fledgling adult life in Atlanta, Georgia.

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