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Women Outside the Walls, a Novel

by Trisha Sugarek

Alma, Kitty and Hattie have one thing in common. The men they love and married are in prison.

This story focuses on three women. In a series of flash backs we explore the experiences of these women when they lived normal lives with their husbands and children. The plot explodes when Chelsea, Alma and Charlie’s daughter, disappears. One visiting day something happens that will change each of their lives forever as the visiting room erupts in violence and heartbreak.

Alma is an exotic dancer who seems, at first glance, to be a bit of a nitwit. But on closer inspection she has a street-smart wisdom and humor. Hattie is a hard working African American woman, with four children, who is trying to keep her family together. Then there is Kitty a wealthy socialite, who in spite of the shame and embarrassment when her husband refuses to see her, visits the prison doggedly every week.

Year after year, holiday after holiday they sit with their men, cheerful and supportive on the outside while dying on the inside. These families do รข??hard time’ right along with their men.

Late Century Lido

by Rae Sara Jones

This little novella is an existential fable of a girl in her early twenties who becomes so obsessed by a poem by Jorge Luis Borges that she attempts to become the actual inspiration for it.

Objective Reality

by timm todd

This work looks at facets of reality from physical reality to moral and spiritual realities, presenting various ideas for consideration and discussion in discovering objective reality.

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